How To Use The Record Swap

a. How to Submit a list:
Go to The Record Swap page and click on the link "Submit a List". This page has two major fields. Trade list and Want list. In the trade list please type (or paste from an existing list) all the records you have for trade in the format given in section B of this document. Please also add any contact information (IM, references ...). The second field is the want list. In here you will fill in all your wants in the same format as the trades. The remaining fields are for Full Names (first name, family/last name), self chosen password and your current email address.
Note: Your email address is automatically added to your list in a spam proof way. Also if you do not use your Full Name, your list will be deleted.

Further Notes: Do not post CDs. No one cares. I will delete lists posted with CDs listed, unless they are some impossibly rare or hard to find CDs (which I can't think of even one).

b. How to format your list:
Every item on your lists, must be line by line statistically complete. Like the following example:

American Nightmare - s/t Bridge 9 -blue tour #29/300
American Nightmare - s/t Bridge 9 -mosh camp

Otherwise, the search engine will not properly display all matching results, as shown in the following example. If someone was to search for "American Nightmare mosh camp", the following list would not be matched.

American Nightmare - s/t Bridge 9 -blue tour #29/300
-mosh camp

c. How to search for an item:
Say you are looking for judge bringin it down on green vinyl, but you aren't sure whether someone spelled "bringin" with an ending 'g' or not. All you need to do is search for "judge green", and any judge gear that is green will be brought up, including any green shirts, if they exist.

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