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name: Craig Arms

DISCOGS:  http://www.discogs.com/user/PowerAbuse

Check Discogs for my most current trade/want list.  Also buy some records from me!

I have way more shit that is not listed here because I'm lazy.  Send a want list and there is a chance I may have it.

GOOD TRADERS:  Justin Briggs (CA), Chris Minicucci aka COOCH (MA), Kurt Wilson (MA),Bob Belmonte (NH/MA), Kyle Hughes (AZ/IL), Sebastiaan D'hertoge (Belgium), Colin Tappe (CA), Chris Corry (MA), Jon Gallagher (UK),
Charly Wiesauer (Austria), Jerry Crago (MI), Daniel Leverett (FL),
Luke Dedeus (MA), Tino Karnath, Daniel Martinez, Christian Mulvey,
Justin Malone, Phil Salfity, Danny Veldhuizen 2x(Netherlands), Isaac Menge, Florian Messenzehl (GER)

RIPOFFS:  Paolo Gaiarsa aka HeadXOn(ITALY - I won an Antidote 7" on ebay, then got sketchy emails, he sent me a refund instead of the record.  FUCK this dude!  Keep selling your bootleg Token Entry shirts on ebay bro!)

-Ernie Martelo (vadermask on bridge 9, got a tape after a years wait.  still waiting for the rest of my shit)

-Derek Madden (Maine, flat-out deadbeat trader)

-Derek Neuland (xbackstabberx@gmail.com)

1)  If we don't know each other, you send first.  Don't worry...I've never ripped anyone off.  Ask around. 
2)  I expect YOU to package records in cardboard mailers or some other kind of STURDY packaging.
This goes out to the guy who sent me a Jerry's Kids LP wrapped in a paper bag.
Mark packages "do not bend" and "fragile", so my postman doesn't stuff them in my mailbox!


Skate Decks 
Murphy's Law "Cavity Creeps" old school deck, hand numbered out of 50
Real Pushead "remix" hand numbered out of 500

I have a lot of demos and other cassettes.  Until I list them, feel free to ask if there is anything you think I may have.

Alien Blood Transfusion
Crossed Out/Dropdead


13 Ghosts
3 Way Cum - Battle of Opinions
7 Seconds - Blasts from the Past - Pazzafist
86 Mentality - s/t - red
86 Mentality - s/t - red cover
86 Mentality - on the loose - 126/314
9 shocks terror - earth, wind & the sheik throwing fire
9 shocks terror - mobile terror unit - gold (1st press of 500)
97a - better off dead 
97a - its in our power

Abused, The - Loud and Clear - Abused Music
Accomplice - Over The Edge - Stinger Record
Adolescents - welcome to reality - red
Against The Wall - Identify Me - grey
Age - The Spider Rules Your Emotions - Black Water recs
Agnostic Front - United Blood - original w/insert
Agnostic Front - United Blood - Official Repress (1989, Blue/500)
Agnostic Front - United Blood - Official Repress (1989, Red/500)
Alien Blood Transfusion
Amdi Petersens Arme - blod ser mere virkeligt ud da film 
Amdi Petersens Arme - s/t - grey
American Nightmare - s/t - blue #83/300
Annihilation Time - bad reputation - purple
Annihilation Time - Cosmic Unconsciousness - blue, Tank Crimes
Antidote - Thou Shall Not Kill (antidote records w/ insert)
Apartment 213 - Vacancy - Dark Empire
A-Team - sewer rats
A-Team - sewer rats - red
A-Team - clusterfuck - blue/100
A-Team - clusterfuck - orange w/ stamp
A-Team - clusterfuck - "harshing mellows" cover, 109/150

Bl'ast! - school's out - red
Bastard - controled in the frame - original on Bastard records
Battalion of Saints - a.d. 
Blank Stare - suicide/violence/cowards
Blank Stare - "white" (third party, white wax)
Bombanfall - �siktsfrihet - w/ insert
Born Against - s/t - Vermiform
Born Without A Face - Worship
Bound - s/t (90's MA HC x 2)
Brainwashed Youth - testing british accents - noncommercial
Breakdown - hangin at wrsu 
Breakdown - Demo - Noiseville/Blackout
Burn - s/t

Calvary - the will of the way - clear
Cancer Kids - Boston Cream - 1-sided, screened, Clean Plate records limited to 150
Cardiac Arrest - Life's a Dead End - grave mistake
Career Suicide - sars
Career Suicide - signals
Carry Nation - face the nation - clear
Catatonics - hunted down - anorexic nympho
Cause For Alarm - original
Caustic Christ - s/t 
Chain of Strength - True Til Death (1st press, green)
Chaos U.K. - headfuck 
Chopping Block - Grizzly Fetish - Blood Soaked Records
Cider - they are the enemy - pkr
Citizens Arrest - a light in the darkness - Wardance, red wax
Clay, The - Middle East Combat Area - Dogma
Close Call - too close 
Close Call - too close - red
Close Call - too close - yellow, godzilla cover
Close Call - too close - red, necros sleeve
Close Call - miller sessions - yellow, 1 side screened
Close Call - miller sessions - green, 1 side screened
Close Call - someone talked - spring tour #53/120, blue
Close Call - someone talked - blue
Code - japanese title - ?
Confront - Payday - Dutch East
Confrontation - 1989 - Draw Blank, purple wax/100
Cops and Robbers - execution style 
Cops and Robbers - face to face with hate
Crime Desire - In Lucifer's Grip - Life's A Rape
Crippled Youth - Join The Fight - New Beginning, clear
Crossed Out - s/t - Slap A Ham
Crunky Kids - Theories of Hate and Time

Darvocets - Do The Crop Circle
Death Side - All Is Here Now
Death Side - The Will Never Die
Deathreat - s/t - yellow
Deathreat - reason to live 
Despise You - s/t - pessimiser theologian
Dive - force five - reissue
Dive - force five - figure 4
Descendents - it sux being single 
Desperate Measures - its on your hands
The Dogs - slash your face 
Dry Rot - This is a Forest b/w Lumber Yard - Deer Healer
DSB - no fight no get - red, deranged repress
DSB - pure cultivation 
Dynamo - police state

Easy Action - do or die 
Easy Action - do it cuz i can
Episode - s/t - screened sleeve
Eye For An Eye - omega drone 
Eye For An Eye - who
Failure Face - all pain no gain (tour sleeve/209)
Failure Face - s/t (numbered/500)
Fit For Abuse - mindless violence (2x)
Forward - act then decide - pink
Forward - feel the core of self 
Forward - fast nail
Fucked Up - dance of death
Fucked Up - Generation
Fucked Up - police
Fucked Up - no pasaran
Fucked Up - baiting the public (large print w/ stamp)
Fucked Up - Litany - white
Fucked Up - Triumph Of Life - Vice
Fury - resurrection
Full Speed Ahead - born and bred
Funebrarum - dormant hallucination - red

Gatecrashers - loud at any volume
Get Down - s/t - record release stamped/numbered #25/100
Glory Fades - love, expulsion, revolution
Government Issue - make an effort - reflex boot
Gut Instinct - Disturbing the Peace - Original with spelling error on cover

Hail of Rage - fucking pissed - fetus records
Hail of Rage - fucking pissed - repress on dayglow yellow
Half Off - Shoot Guns... - red
Half Years - Power!
H100's - texas death match
H100's - dismantle
H100's - distort cleveland
Headfirst - back in control - workshed, purple w/ poster insert
Headfirst - back in control - workshed, clear w/ poster insert
Heartwork - dewa records
Holier Than Thou? - s/t 

Inepsy - see you in hell - ineptik records
Infest - not over yet - grey
Infest - Machismo aka s/t 7" - original w/insert
Infest - s/t "mankind" - original, Draw Blank "500 Press" on sleeve
Inmates - Government Crimes - blue/Bloodclot
In My Eyes - demo - blue
Integrity - In Contrast of Sin - Dark Empire
Integrity - septic death karaoke - white
Intent to Injure - keep us strong (black, blue)
Intent to Injure - reinforcement (Nemesis rex)
Intent to Injure - Habit of Thought - SFT
Inside Out (NY) - Above All (blue)
Insurance Risk - how much more 
Insurance Risk - no pity 
Iron Age - 1-sided 7" - Next Level
Into Another - herbivore 
Iron Boots - easy green
Iron Boots - demo 04 - yellow
Iron Boots - weight of the world (white, black)

Jud Jud - no tolerance for instruments - clear
Judge - ny crew - orange cover
Judgement - Haunt in the Dark
Judgement - Process
Judgement - No Reason Why
Judgement - Night Brings
Justice - look alive - green

Kieltolaki - ep - Moo Cow
Knife Fight - s/t - black w/ stamped tour sleeve
Knife Fight - burning bridges
Krakdown - s/t - Common Cause records x2

Last Bomb - Retro Firing - Selfish
Last in Line - congested - purple
Last in Line - crosswalk - deranged
Last in Line - crosswalk - Use Your Head
Last Rights - chunks/so ends our night - Taang
Life's Blood - defiance - combined effort
Lifes Halt - we sold our souls 

Madball - ball of destruction - in effect
Madball - droppin many suckers - wreck-age
Make It Last - next in line
Malefice - Overboard - DSI, 2nd press on blue vinyl w/extra track
Masterbleed - s/t - Bloodwrench / Invention
Mental - yo - yellow
Mental - get an oxygen tank - yellow
Mental - and you know this - blue
Mental - and you know this - clear
Mental - and you know this - clear, record release #18/100
Mess - Get Into A Mess flexi - King's World
Midnight - white hot fire b/w endless slut
Mind Eraser - World Unfolds/BBTL - 1-sided bootleg w/ sticker cover
Mind Eraser - Prodigal Son Bring Death - all versions/tests
Minor Threat - first demo - purple
The Mob - Upset The System - Mob Style
The Mob - Step Forward - Mob Style
Moment of Youth - keep my rights - clear

Neanderthal - Fighting Music - Slap A Ham w/ inserts (black)
Neanderthal - Fighting Music - Slap A Ham (purple)
Negative Approach - s/t - Touch & Go (red labels w/ insert)
Nightmare - footprints of the wind
Nightmare - Ikasama - Selfish
No Comment - Downsided - clear
No Comment - Downsided - pink, 20 made?
No Comment - Downsided - blue, 20 made?
No For An Answer - you laugh 
No Hope For The Kids - das reich/secret police - backwards masking/white
No Justice - still fighting - mailorder test press, blank labels
No Parade - nightstick justice 
No Time Left - zero effort solution 
NYC Mayhem - "we stand 13 song 7"

Oath - s/t - "deluxe ghetto rush job edition $143/200"
Opposition - 6-song 7" - clear, Figure Four
Our War - traditions demo 
Out Cold - lost cause - blue
Out Cold - no eye contact
Out Cold - planned accidents
Outo - No Way Out
Outo - Half Wit Life
Outburst - miles to go 

Paintbox - Cry Of The Sheeps
Paintbox - Burn Your Weak Mind and Fly High
Pinkeye - School Shooter - Slasher, pink
Pinkeye - School Shooter - Slasher, white
Plague, The - Unresting Place
Poison Arts - High Energy/Absolutery Hungly - Slice
Poison Idea - Official Bootleg 2x7" TEST PRESSING
Poison Idea - Filthkick (og on Shitfool w/ sticker)
Police Beat - time for coffee - red
Project X - Straight Edge Revenge - (original Schism #1, stamped A-side in BLACK ink "Project X Side A", stamped B-side in RED ink "Schism 1", 100 copies made)
The Prowl - what are you doing? - orange
The Prowl - first room on the left - pink
Punch In The Face - s/t 
Punch In The Face - dumb hardcore
Puncture Wound - Lee Oswald - bloodclot

Rad - dialed - clear
Rampage - heads in a vice - white, red, test
Ready to Fight - s/t
Reflex From Pain - checkered future - flexi
Rest In Pieces - original on Incas records (no cover sleeve)
Riff Raff - low lifer - blue
RNR - your rules b/w i've had it - cadmium sick
RNR - your rules b/w i've had it - deadalive, clear
RNR - thank you
Rock Goggle Fantasy - society of the spectacles
Rollins Band - liar/disconnect w/ poster (warped)
Rotten Cadaver - clear vinyl
Rotters - sink the whales buy japanes goods - orange, boot
Ruiners, The - Blank Your Life - Non-Commercial
Running For Cover - Human Ruins

Say Goodbye - anti-social - all versions/tests
Say Goodbye - Misanthropy - all versions/tests
Scapegoat - s/t - Painkiller (all versions/tests)
Septic Death - Kichigai w/ sticker
Sex Vid - Tania - Dom America
Set To Explode - s/t - grave mistake
Shark Attack - blood in the water - my war, black
Shipwrecked - s/t - Anger Management Recs
Shot Dead - s/t - record release #12/50
Sick of it All - We Stand Alone - InEffect
Siege - Drop Dead - Off The Disk Records (#164/300, red, 20 made?)
Slipknot - s/t - Revelation, Red Vinyl
Snobs - schools out - george bush cover
Snobs - control 
SOA - No Policy - 1st press, green vinyl
Social Circkle - Static Eyes - No Way (Record Release)
Soul Swallower - collapse
Spazm 151 - sworn to fun loyal to none 
Speak 714 - scum also rises 
State - no illusions - havoc
Step Forward - record release - pkr
Straight Ahead - spirit of youth - purple
Straight to Hell - s/t
The Strikers - no escape
The Strikers - Vulture Rock Records
Stupid Babies Go Mad - kichigai and knife
Systematic Death -Step (gig only)
Systematic Death - Flashback (no outer bag otherwise minty)

Talk is Poison - "straight to hell"
Tarpit - wake up - white
Tarpit - checkmate - blank label
Teen Idles - Minor Disturbance (dischord 2nd press with insert)
Tetsu Arrey - rocket b/w core
Tetsu Arrey - Force - HG Fact w/ sticker
Think I Care - s/t - blue, stamped, #15/25
Think I Care - draw the lines - green
Tragedy - can we call this life?
Trip 6 - No Defeat, No Submission (2nd press)
The Trouble - Crime and Punishment - GMM (blue)
The Trust - s/t - bridge 9 (gold)

Underdog - blue
Uniform Choice - demos 2x7" - nemesis
United Mutation - Fugitive Family (dsi/dischord)
Upstab - "thunderbird"
Upstab - Stabbing The Church
Upstab - w/report
Urban Blight - deranged
Urban Waste - s/t - black, boot

Verbal Assault - tiny giants
Violent Minds - s/t
Visual Discrimination - serial killers (blue/300, purple/300, purple w/ blank labels/300, black)
Void - Condensed Flesh - Eye95 Records, blue vinyl

Walls - the crawl/hands and knees - iron lung records (stamped/numbered)
Warhead - Cry of Truth - 1st press
Warhead - Lost Self and Beating Heart
Warhead - Drive It In Your Head
Warhead - Acceleration
Waste Management - GYMR - Painkiller (all versions/tests)
Waste Management - Power Abuse - Painkiller (all versions/tests)
Wasted Time - s/t - brain grenade/white
Weirdos - We Got The Neutron Bomb b/w Solitary Confinement - Dangerhouse
Where The Sidewalk Ends - keep our beaches clean - green
Windpipe - Non-Commercial Recs/300
Wishful Thinking - Rise To Surprise (Community Chest, red sleeve, blue sleeve)
Wound Up - PKR

XFilesX - nbc mayhem - tour cover and wooden cover
XFilesX - beaten straight - red
X-Ray Spex - germ free adolescents b/w age
x-ray spex - identity b/w lets submerge

YDI - a place in the sun - Blood Bubble w/insert, super clean
Young Wasteners 7"
Youth Korps - '82 - crucial response, green wax

Zone - The First Blow Is Half The Battle (HG Fact)
Zone - Win Back To Sanity

Split 7"s
9 Shocks Terror/Devoid of Faith - grey
9 Shocks Terror/Killers - green
13 Ghosts/Alien Blood Transfusion
Apartment 213/Forced Expression (purple)
Apartment 213/Dahmer (pink vinyl)
Crossed Out/Man Is The Bastard (blue cover)
Deathreat/Talk is Poison 
Failure Face/Ulcer
Fucked Up/Haymaker (black and grey)
Life's Blood/Sticks and Stones
Out Cold/No Side
Ringworm/Cold As Life - blue
RNR/Suicide File 
RNR/A-Team - posi numbers
RNR/A-Team - west coast tour
RNR/A-Team - rnr/say goodbye tour cover
Straight to Hell/Balance of Terror
Tarpit/Victim - black, spraypainted cover #75/100
Tarpit/Victim - reg version
Tear It Up/DIF - "limited to 50 so fuck you", green
Voorhees/Insult - DYS covers - clear/black/red
XFilesX/Self Defense

Comp 7"s
Anger Management session 1 - w/ Close Call, KYI, Holding On, etc - green
Apocalyptic Convulsions 7" (Psycho, The Scam, etc)
Boston Hardcore - in memory of.. w/ ITI, Dive, CHilmark - black
Brick Records (x2) - Respect Due - ITI, Times Expired, Lockdown, Temperance - black
End The Warzone - straight ahead, l'a'rm, attitude adjustment, pillsbury hc - red, boot
Forever comp - citizens arrest, burn, turning point, rorshach, born against
Growing Stronger - yellow cover w/ 97a, floorpunch, rotp etc
Human Stench Vol 1 w/ Close Call, GSMF, Last in Line, No Side, etc
Murders Among Us - Life's Blood, Absolution, Nausea, Born Against - Vermiform
No Bullshit Vol. 2
Process Of Elimination (NA, Necros, The Fix, etc OG on Touch & Go)
Reality (spazz, mitb, lack of interest, despise you, crom, excruciating terror)
Reagan Regime Review - Fix, Meatmen, Negative Approach, Toxic Reasons, McDonald's
Recess w/ Verbal Assault, Two Guys and Another Guy, Uber Alles
Town of Hardcore - stamped w/zine (have an extra 7" only)
Suburban Voice - Verbal Assault, Daltonic, Shattered Silence
Sweet Vision - lockin out - teal

Citizens Arrest Flexi (both versions)
Cro-Mags - Age of Quarrel - red letters
Gordon Solie Motherfuckers - powerbomb anthems
Infest - Mankind - draw blank/deep six (white)
Our War - if you're not now...
No Time Left
The Prowl - misery
Think I Care - Mongrel - pre-order spray painted cover


76% Uncertain - Estimated Monkey Time (tan cover)

Acid - Shock Troop - Selfish
Acid - Gray EArth
Adolescents - s/t 
Adolescents - complete demos
Adrenaline O.D. - The Wacky Hi-Jinks Of... (1st press)
Age - Four Wings - Tribal War
Age - Exploding Insanity
Age - Scar of Lead
Rikk Agnew - all by myself 
Agent Orange - living in darkness - posh boy, with insert
Agnostic Front - Cause For Alarm - Combat
Annihilation Time - II - six weeks, 1st press
Annihilation Time - II - six weeks, orange vinyl 2nd press
A-Team - d is for diaco - record release sleeve, camo vinyl 12/100
A-Team - a is for asshole 
Attitude Adjustment - American Paranoia - Pusmort w/ poster

Bad Brains - Rock For Light - !st press/mix on PVC
Bad Brains - I Against I - SST
Bad Brains - s/t - ROIR
Bad Brains - black dots 
Bastard - Wind Of Pain - Original on Bastard/Bloodsucker
Beyond - No Longer At Ease - Combined Effort
BGK - a dutch feast
Black Flag - jealous again - sst
Black Flag - loose nut - sst
Black Flag - my war - sst (with original insert/zine)
Black Flag - slip it in - sst
Bl'ast! - Power of Expression - Wishingwell w/insert 
Bl'ast! - Take The Manic Ride - SST (test press)
Blitz - singles collection 
Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum
Braineaters - 116/150 US tour press
Breakdown - Blacklisted - Clear
Brotherhood - words run as thick as blood
Bugout Society - Yo Baby Sup!?

California Love - Reaping The Whirlwind - purple
California Love - s/t - blue
Calvary - outnumbered is outflanked - blue
Cheifs - hollywest crisis - 227/300 el represso
Citizens Arrest - colossus - wardance/vermiform with poster, black
Citizens Arrest - colossus - wardance, red
Citizens Arrest - a light in the distance - clear
Cold Sweat - Blinded - Manic Ride
Cold Sweat - 1st LP - Rock and Roleplay
Comes, The - No Side - Dogma
Corrosion of Conformity - eye for an eye - bootleg
Corrosion of Conformity - Animosity - Death
Crime Desire - Id Music to Combat the Superego - Life's A Rape
Criminal Damage - st - feral ward, red
Criminal Damage - 2nd LP - Test Press
Cro-Mags - Age of Quarrel - uncensored
Crow - Bloody Tear - Prank
Crude - immortality -  deranged

Dag Nasty - wig out at denko's
Damage - Live at CBGB'S
Damage - Sins of our Fathers
Darvocets - Your Planet Sucks - Painkiller (dark green, light green, screened cover #/80)
Dead Kennedy's - fresh fruit for rotting vegetables 
Dead Kennedy's - in god we trust, inc. - new rose records
Dead Stop - done with you - deranged
Dead Stop - live for nothing - havoc, gatefold
Death - Scream Bloody Gore - Combat
Death Side - Wasted Dream - Selfish w/ insert
Death Side - Bet on the Possibility - Selfish w/ insert
Descendents - milo goes to college - new alliance
Desperate Measures - never enough time - clear
Desperate Measures - never enough time - record release
Devoid of Faith - "commodified people" 12" - crust records
Dinosaur (aka dinosaur jr.) - s/t - homestead
Discharge - hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing - earmark repress
Double Negative - the wonderful and frightening world of - No Way
DRI - Dirty Rotten LP - R-Radical in shrink
DSB - wings continue to strive with unchanged mind - bloodsucker
DYS - Brotherhood - X-Claim! w/ insert
DYS - s/t

Easy Action - s/t - blue
Entombed - Left Hand Path - Earache (orange)
Eric B and Rakim - paid in full
Extreme Noise Terror - Holocaust In Your Head - Distortion
Extreme Noise Terror - Phonophobia - Vinyl Japan
Eye for an Eye - 100% unnatural - taang

Final Conflict - ashes to ashes - pusmort w/ booklet
The Fix - At The Speed of Twisted Thought - Touch & Go
Flipper - Generic - Subterranean, first press
Forward - fucked up - HG Fact/Ugly Pop
Forward - burn down the corrupted justice - HG Fact/PIC
Framtid - Under The Ashes - Black Water
The Freeze - rabid reaction - modern method
Fucked Up - Hidden World
Fucked Up - looking for gold
Fucked Up - Let Likes Be Cured By Likes - Slasher, blue/black split
Fucked Up - Let Likes Be Cured By Likes - Slasher, blue/orange split
Fucked Up - Generation - Slasher
Fucked Up - Litany - Test Pattern, poster sleeve
F.U.'s - Kill For Christ - X-Claim!
F.U.'s - My America - X-Claim!
F.U.'s - my america/kill for christ - reflex 
Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go - og

Gauze - Fuckheads - ADK records w/inserts
Gauze - Equalizing Distort - Selfish w/insert
Gauze - Genkai Wa Doko Da - Selfish w/ inserts
Gauze - Kao O Aratte Denaoshite Koi - XXX w/insert and sticker
Gauze - Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte - Prank
GISM - Detestation - "Dogma" white wax
Guilt Lust - Fun With Smack, rec release/75

Hatchet Face - Vol. II (1st press)
Hatchet Face - Vol. II (blue, #30/250)
Holy Ghost - 12" (Human Furnace artwork, 58/100 signed)
Husker Du - zen arcade - sst
Husker Du - new day rising - sst

Infest - Slave - Draw Blank, grey/100 with sticker cover
Infest - Slave - OTD (blue/toothpaste split)
Infest - Slave - OTD (blue)
Infest - No Mans Slave - Deepsix (blue, black)
Infest - live on kxlu - Deepsix
Infest - Complete 1987 demo - (bootleg, cool poster sleeve with flyers and lyrics)
Inmates - Assholes Unanimous Presents... - Human Stench
Inmates - Assholes Unanimous Presents...- PKR (black, pink)
In My Eyes - nothing to hide - blue
Into Another - creepy eepy - red
Into Another - seemless - clear
Into Another - ignaurus
Iron Maiden - out of the silent planet - picture disc
Iron Maiden- the wicker man - picture disc
Iron Maiden - seventh son of a seventh son

The Jam - in the city - polydor
Jerry's Kids - is this my world? - X-CLAIM!

Killing Joke - s/t (1980)
Knife Fight - Crisis - Lengua Armada (clear)
Kraut - an adjustment to society - new red archives

Lack of Interest - take another step (gold)
Lack of Interest - take another step (black)
Lack of Interest - trapped inside - slap a ham
Last Bomb - s/t - Selfish
Last In Line - l'esercito del morto - green, #29/100
Led Zeppelin - s/t
Lip Cream - s/t 4th LP - Selfish

Mess - Ship of Death - Selfish
Midnight - total fucking midnight 2xLP - diehard edition
Midnight - Live in Cleveland
Midnight - Satanic Royalty
Mind Eraser - Cave - Painkiller (all versions)
Mind Eraser - Glacial Reign (all versions)
Mind Eraser - Conscious/Unconscious (all versions)
Misfits - Earth A.D. (plan 9/caroline)
Murder-Suicide Pact - s/t - black
Murphy's Law - Back with a Bong - sealed/autographed 
Murphy's Law - Back With A Bong - clear
Murphy's Law - Back With a Bong - test and promo
Murphy's Law - s/t - (BLACK)
Murphy's Law - s/t - (green)
Murphy's Law - Sit Home and Rot b/w I Got A Right 12" single w/ sample artwork 

Napalm Death - Scum - 1st press w/ reddish cover
Negative Approach - Tied Down - Touch and Go (purple cover)
Negative Approach - pressure (live set) - recollect
Negative Approach - Ready To Fight (demos, live, unreleased) 2xLP grey vinyl/100
Negative FX - s/t - Taang!
New York Dolls- s/t - mercury
Nig-Heist - s/t - thermidor
Nightmare - Give Notice of... - Selfish
Nihilistics - s/t - mad at the world
Nine Shocks Terror - zen and the art of beating your ass - 1st press on devour, red
Nine Shocks Terror - paying ohmage - sound pollution, black
Nirvana - bleach - sub pop
No Hope For The Kids - s/t - kick n punch

Out Cold - will attack if provoked - deranged
Out Cold - s/t - orig on Lowell (sealed) x2
Out Cold - Permanent Twilight World
Out Cold - warped sense of right and wrong - kangaroo
Out Cold - live in amsterdam - kangaroo
Outo - japanese title - orig on Selfish with sticker
Opposition - better days and bad advice - Push Pull, Test Pressing

Paindriver - s/t - 1st press
Paintbox - singing, shouting, crying - HG Fact/Ugly Pop and Prank versions
Paintbox - Earthball Sports Tournament - (white vinyl)
Pinkeye - worldwide columbine - slasher/clear(300)
Pissed Jeans - Hope For Men - SubPop, color vinyl
Poison Idea - Kings of Punk - Taang (purple marbled)
Poison Idea - Latest Will and Testament - Farewell Records
The Police - synchronicity - a&m
Punch In The Face - At War With Everybody - Lengua Armada, green/#ed

R'n'R - infamous and notorious - tour press #149/200
R'n'R - infamous and notorious - manic ride, black
Ramones - s/t
Rattus - LP on Ratcage
Religious War - cracked system - grey
Repulsion - Horrified - 1st press on Necrosis
Repurcussions - 11 song EP - 540 Records
Rest In Pieces - My Rage - One Step Ahead
Righteous Jams - rage of discipline - red
Righteous Jams - rage of discipline - gold
Ringworm - The Promise - Incision - black
Ringworm - Birth Is Pain - Victory (first press, not the record store day version.  this was only available in Australia or something weird when this album first came out)
Ripcord - Defiance of Power - Manic Ears
Rollins Band - lifetime - texas hotel

Sacrilege - Behind The Realms Of Madness - Core
Say Goodbye - record release, green, black
Scream - This Side Up - Dischord, 1st press
Selfish - cry for love, cry for death - deadalive
Septic Death - attention - bootleg
Septic Death - Now That I Have The Attention, What Do I Do With It? - Pusmort
Sewer Zombies - Reach out and... - Subversive, 1st press
Side By Side - you're only young once
Siege - "discography" 12" - deepsix/gold vinyl
Skitkids - onna for pleasure
SlapShot - sudden death overtime - taang
Snake Apartment - Paint The Walls - Parts Unknown, green w/ screened cover
SNFU - ...and no one else wanted to play - BYO
SOB - Don't Be Swindle - Selfish
Spazm 151 - s/t - mind control
SS Decontrol - Get It Away - X-CLAIM! w/insert
SS Decontrol - The Kids Will Have Their Say - X-CLAIM! w/insert
SS Decontrol - the kids... - ex-claim!/discord (aka the "revelation boot" from the 80's, not the recent bootleg) i have 2 of these
The Stalin - Trash original
The Stalin - Stop Jap w/ flexi
Stooges - raw power - columbia
Stop and Think - both demos - black
Stop and Think - both demos - SA ripoff
Straight Ahead - Breakaway - irisk (2nd press)
Straight Ahead/NYC Mayhem - kill for christ records
Straw Dogs - we are not amused - restless
Swiz - s/t - Sammich
Swiz - Hell Yes I Cheated
Systematic Death - Final Insider/Lucky Time - Selfish
Systematic Death - Discog parts 1 and 2 on Partners in Crime

Terrorizer - world downfall - earache, green wax
Terrorizer - world downfall - earache, red wax
Tetsu Arrey - I original
Tetsu Arrey - II - HG Fact
Tetsu Arrey - III
Think I care - s/t - red
Token Entry - Jaybird - Hawker
Token Entry - FBTS
Total Fury - 13 songs - purpleish gray marble
Tragedy - nerve damage
Tragedy - vengeance
the Trouble - nobody laughs anymore - pkr, screened cover

Underdog - vanishing point - red, go-kart
Underdog - demos - rev

Verbal Assault - Learn - positive force
Verbal Assault - on - groove
Verbal Assault - trial - giant
Violent Minds - Eyes of Death - Parts Unknown, grey
Visual Discrimination - in vain - nemesis
Visual Discrimination - step back and listen
Voices Forming Weapons - s/t - one leaf

Warcry - maniacs on pedastals - feral ward
Warhead - Ugly Pop
WarZone - DFTSDFTS - Fist/Caroline
Wrecking Crew - Balance of Terror - Hawker
Wrong Side - of the grave - lockin out

X - Los Angeles - Slash
X-Ray Spex - germfree adolescents - emi
XfilesX - excruciation - record release, one sided #10
XfilesX - excruciation + 7"s - green

Young Wasteners - we got ways - kick n punch
Youth of Today - BDTW - 1st press, Revelation
Youth of Today - BDTW - Wishingwell w/inserts
Youth Of Today - we're not in this alone - black
Youth Of Today - can't close my eyes - black

Zone, The - Boston Powerpop 12"

Split 12"s
Failure Face/EBS
The Faith/Void w/ poster
Career Suicide/Jed Whitey
Tear It Up/ETA
Life's Halt/WHN?
Out Cold/Voorhees

Comp 10/12"s
A Farewell To Arms - Selfish
Apocalyptic Convulsions Comp 10" on grey w/ bonus 7" (1st press 500)
Battle of the Worst Bands (Cider, Darvocets, Ruiners, Brainwashed Youth) - Non-Commercial Records (clear)
Eye of The Thrash Guerilla
Flip Side Fanzine volume 1
Free For All - Rest in Pieces, NFAA, Token Entry, Wrecking Crew - Hawker
Game of Death
Hangover Heartattack - poison idea covers by paintbox and others, cool booklet
Look At All The Children Now
Message From America w/ Agnostic Front, Mental Abuse, Seizure, etc
MRR presents:  Not So Quiet On The Western Front 2xlp 
MRR "public safety" on RED, limited to 150
NYHC:  The Way It Is (best comp ever.  blue vinyl.)
P.E.A.C.E. (2xlp, with booklet)
Posessed to Skate
Shodoku Gig (Sterilization Gig) - Selfish
Starving Dog Eats Master (death side, warhead junk, cruck, kathabuta, nightmare)
Thrash Til Death (selfish) (systematic death, lip cream, gauze, outo)
v/a Outsider comp original on City Rocker (Gauze, GISM, Madame Edwarda, Masturbation, etc..)
YES L.A. (Dangerhouse, 1978)

send me your want list.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
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WANTS (If you have any of this stuff, get in touch with your want lists!  I am not afraid to do some serious trades)
2019 Top Wants:
Anti-Cimex - Raped Ass
Anti-Septic - First-Last
Chicken Bowels - Keep Our Fire Burning
Crow - Last Chaos
Daston - plow through 7”
Deathwish - Tailgate
Deep Wound - s/t
Disclose - Tragedy
Dr. Know - Plug-in Jesus
The Execute - flexi
The Fix - Jans Rooms
The Fix - Vengeance
Ghoul - Jerusalem
GISM - Detestation
GISM - MAN w/ poster
Infest - 7”s on color
Lip Cream - Lonely Rock
Lip Cream - Night Rider More Than Fight
Mental Abuse - Streets of Filth
Minor Threat - Filler
Outo - Many Question Poison Answer
Outo - Discography lp with big poster
Poison (Arts) - Mystery Temptation
Poison Idea - Pick Your King
Poison Idea - Kings of Punk (portland edition or regular with poster)
SOB -Suck Up Brain flexi
SOB - Thrash Night
So What - Bloodwash The Dead City
Varukers - Another Religion Another War
Vile - Solution
White Pigs 7”
Wrecking Crew - 7” on clear
Youth Brigade - Possible
Zadkiel - Hell’s Bomber
Zouo - The Final Agony
VA - Hardcore Unlawful Assembly
VA- Hold Up Omnibus
VA - My Meats Your Poison
Warhead Junk / Gudon split

Old list, might as well leave it here:
New York area wants
The Abused "new york hardcore" 7" boot
Agnostic Front - Victim In Pain (Must be first press/ No Important logo/ CLEAN)
Urban Waste 7" on Mob Style
V/A Together comp any version
Murphy's Law promo and test presses of 1st LP
Side By Side 7" (any pressing)
Big City comps

Boston area wants
**Deathwish "tailgate" 7" on Amory Arms**
**Deep Wound
Siege demo tape
A spotless copy of This Is Boston, Not LA

DEATH SIDE/CHAOS UK split (CD or 12", prob won't trade much for the bootleg)
BASTARD - 7" with tour sleeve
GISM - Detestation original
OUTO - Many Questions Poison Answers 7"
V/A Hardcore Unlawful Assembly
V/A Hang The Sucker vol 1
V/A My Meat's Your Poison
V/A Smashing Odds Ness
V/A Go Ahead Make My Day - Smashing Odds Ness vol 2
any cool Selfish Records releases i don't have, CRUCK comp appearances, other cool comps, you get the picture.  

Infest "Slave" on Off The Disk Records (splits, blue, orange, pink)
Infest "no mans slave" on DeepSix (yellow vinyl or blue/yellow swirls? does this exist?)
Infest "machismo" 7" on Draw Blank (clear, purple)
Infest "mankind" 7" on Draw Blank (2nd press/1500, clear, purple, limited covers)
Infest/PHC split on blue

Anti-Cimex "raped ass"
Anti-Cimex "victims of a bomb raid"
Black Flag "Nervous Breakdown" 7" original
Born Without A Face "unbecoming"
Deathwish - Tailgate
Minor Threat "filler" 7" dischord recs
Minor Threat "in my eyes" 7" Dischord recs
Neanderthal "undisputed fighting music" 7" test press
Nig Heist "walking down the street" single
No Comment "Downsided" test pressing, black vinyl (no reissues)
Poison Idea - Pick Your King (Fatal Erection, any pressing)
Shitlickers "cracked cop skulls"
Sound of Disaster - s/t 
Youth Brigade - Possible (dischord)

Angry Samoans "Back From Samoa"
Anti-Cimex "Criminal Trap"
Anti-Cimex "Scandinavian Jawbreaker"
Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales
Deadline 12" on Peterbilt
Mental Abuse "Streets of Filth" 
Napalm Death - From Enslavement to Obliteration
Poison Idea - Kings Of Punk (Pusmort)
Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness (American Leather)
Poison Idea - Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes (Fatal Erection)
Poison Idea - We Must Burn
Poison Idea - Blank Blackout Vacant
Trouble - The Skull
Trouble - s/t
Trouble - Run to the Light
v/a Cleanse The Bacteria comp (orange vinyl w/ bonus 12")

Santa Cruz Skateboards poster with the dude launching over BL'AST!

Shirts (any shirts/hats/etc from bands i'm into)
Black Flag (tour shirts...My War, Loose Nut, Slip It In, In My Head)
Infest 4-sided