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 Duane Harris
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 25 ta Life - "Strength Through Unity" 10inch

 25 ta Life/Morning Again 7” (clear)

 3 Out Of 4 - "3 out of 4"- 7inch

 3 Out Of 4 - "Old school in dog years" 7inch

 3rd Bass - “Derelicts Of Dialect” LP

 7 Seconds - “Blast From The Past” (1990, Pazzafist Repress)

 7 Seconds - “Committed For Life” (Black Cover/Blue Vinyl, Pazzafist Repress)

 7 Seconds - “The Crew” LP (2021 Reissue, red)

 7 Seconds - “Walk Together E.P.” 7” (green, Trust Records bonus 7”)

 7 Seconds - “Walk Together Rock Together” LP (Green, Trust 2023 Reissue)

 97A - "Better Off Dead" 7inch (#433, black)


 Abandoncy / Norse - Split 10”

 Adorable - “Against Perfection” LP (2018 repress)

 AFI - "a fire inside" 7inch

 AFI / Swingin Utters - Split 7inch

 Agnostic Front- "Victim In Pain" 12inch (relativity records,1986)

 Alcatraz / Final Prayer split 7inch (grey)

 Allegiance "demo" 7inch (Rivalry bonus record, black)

 Allegiance s/t 7inch(gold)

 Allegiance s/t 7inch (white)

 Allegiance s/t 7inch (black)

 Allegiance s/t 7inch (test press, #10/16)

 Allegiance s/t 7inch (rejected test press, #7/16)

 Allegiance, Internal Affairs split 7inch (black)

 Allegiance, Internal Affairs split 7inch (black, double IA labels)

 Allegiance, Internal Affairs split 7inch (gold)

 Allegiance, Internal Affairs split 7inch (test press, #17/20)

 Allegiance, Internal Affairs split 7inch (posi #'s cover, #33/_)

 Allegiance "Overlooked" LP (yellow, black swirl)

 Allegiance "Overlooked" LP (orange)

 Allegiance "Overlooked" LP (yellow, red splatter)

 Allegiance "Overlooked" LP (test press, #6/15)

 Allegiance “Overlooked” LP (orange & black, II press)

 Allegiance "demo 2002" 7inch (last show stamp, band members & family only, 18 stamped)

 Allegiance "demo 2002" 7inch (black)

 Allegiance "demo 2002" 7inch (pink)

 Allegiance "demo 2002" 7inch (red, #11/12)

 Allegiance "demo 2002" 7inch (test press, #9/14)

 Allegiance "Out Of My Blood" 7inch (black)

 Allegiance "Out Of My Blood" 7inch (S&F silk screen)

 Allegiance "Out Of My Blood" 7inch (w/SF stamp & #/100)

 Allegiance "Out Of My Blood" 7inch (pre-order white/black swirl)

 Allegiance "Out Of My Blood" 7inch (Test Press)

 Allegiance "Out Of My Blood" 7inch (last show stamp, 56 stamped)

 Allegiance "Desperation" LP (gold vinyl)

 Allegiance "Desperation" LP (tour vinyl, white w/gold swirl)

 Allegiance "Desperation" LP (pre-order, black w/gold)

 Allegiance "Desperation" LP (s&f fest, orange)

 Allegiance "Desperation" LP (Test press)

 All Bets Off-"Roshambo Deathmatch" (1000 made)

 Almighty Watching - “Doubtless” 7inch (black)

 Alone In A Crowd 7inch (contrast records repress)

 American Nightmare - "The sun isn't getting any brighter" 7inch (white   label,350)

 American Nightmare- "demo" 7inch (green)

 Anger Regiment- "Aces And Eights" 7inch (red)

 Antidote - "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7inch (B9, Red)

 Applewhite - 7imch (green)

 Applewhite - “New Bohemia” LP (pink)

 Apeface - S/T LP

 Archers Of Loaf - Icky Mettle LP (Re-Issue blue vinyl)

 Archers Of Loaf - The Loaf’s Revenge” 7inch

 At The Gates - “Slaughter Of The Soul” LP (2021 Earache Reissue)
 Atari-"too tired to drive home home" 7inch

 Avail- "4 A.M. Friday" 12inch (Lookout)

 Avail - "Dixie" (Re-issue, clear)

 Avail - "4am Friday" (Re-issue, grey)

 Avail - “Over The James” LP (Lookout Records, black)

 Avail - "Over The James"  (Re-Issue, brown)

 Avail - "Attempt To Regress" 7inch 

 Avail - "Live at the head inn" 10inch

 Avail - "Satiate" LP (Old Glory Records)

 Avail - Split with Young Pioneers 7inch

 Avail - "Who's to say what stays the same" 7inch (Blue cover, black vinyl)

 Avail - “Front Porch Stories” LP (Lookout)

 Avail - “One Wrench” LP (Lookout)

 Avail - “Dixie” LP (Lookout)
 Avail - “Tuning” 7” Flexi(New Noise Magazine Flexi Collection, clear)


 Bad Brains "Live at Iguanas" 7inch (bootleg, peach)

 Bad Brains "Pay To Cum" 7inch (caroline, red vinyl)

 Bad Brains - S/T ROIR LP (re-release)

 Bad Brains - “Quickness” LP (Caroline Records)

 the Ballantynes - “The Message/Railrown Abbey” 7inch

 the Ballantynes - “Misery/Stay” 7inch

 the Bananas- "The Peel Sessions" 7inch

 Bane/Adamantium- split 7inch (gray)

 Baseball - The Glory Of Their Times (1966) 12inch

 Baseball -  San Diego Padres - “1984 Sounds of Success” 12inch

 Baseball - San Diego Padres – “A Dedicated Season 1984” 12inch

 Baseball - Oakland Athletics - “Finley’s Heroes” LP

 Baseball - “The Ballad of Roberto Clemente” 7inch

 Baseball - “Ernie Banks: Theory Of Hitting” LP (1972)

 Baseball - “The First 100 Years” LP (1969)

 Baseball - Baseball Trilogy - SF Seals 7inch

 Beach Slang - “Cheap Thrills On A Dead Street” 7inch

 Beach Slang - “Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?” 7inch

 Beach Slang - “Broken Thrills” LP (blue & clear)

 Beach Slang - “The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us” LP (clear)

 Beach Slang - “A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings” LP (turquoise)

 Beach Slang - “We Were babies & We Were Dirtbags” 7inch (pink/purp)

 Beastie Boys- License To Ill 12inch

 Beastie Boys - “Check Your Head” - double LP

 Beastie Boys - “She’s On It” 12inch single

 Beastie Boys - “Paul’s Boutique” 12inch

 Beastie Boys - “Aglio E Olio” LP

 Beastie Boys - “Ill Communication” LP

 Beastie Boys - “Some Old Bullshit” LP

 Beastie Boys - “Hello Nasty” LP

 Beastie Boys - “The Mix-Up” LP

 Beastie Boys - “To The 5 Boroughs” LP

 Beastie Boys - “B-Boys In The Cut/Pop Your Balloon” 7inch (white vinyl)

 Beastie Boys - “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two” double LP (white vinyl)

 Beastie Boys - “The In Sound From Way Out!” LP

 Beastie Boys - “Love American Style EP” 12inch

 Beastie Boys - “Solid Gold Hits” LP

 Beastie Boys - “Polly Wog Stew” EP (12inch reissue)

 Beastie Boys - “The Def Jam Master Demos” LP (Boot)

 Beastie Boys - “Get It Together” 12inch Single

 Beastie Boys - “Root Down” EP 12”

 Beatles-"Meet The Beatles" 12inch

 Beatles -"1962-1666" double 12inch (red cover)

 Beatles -"1967-1970" double 12inch (blue cover)

 Beatles -"Yellow Submarine/Elenor Rigby" 45rpm 7inch

 Beatles - “Abbey Road” LP

 Ben Nichols - "The Last Pale Light in the West" LP

 Bent Blue - “Where Do Ripples Go?” LP (True Blue, 100)

 Berthold City - “When Words Are Not Enough” LP (orange)

 Betrayed- “Substance” LP (white, II press)

 Betrayed - "Suffering" 7inch

 Better Than a Thousand- "Self Worth" 7inch (Japanese press on start today)

 Better Than A Thousand - “Just One” LP (Red, 2015 RSD)

 Better Than A Thousand - “Value Driven” LP (green, 2018 Youth Crew Records)

 Beyond - “No Longer At Ease” LP (Revelation Records, 2016, grey)

 Big Rig- "Expansive Heart" 7inch

 Billy Idol- "rebel yell" 12inch
 Bill Withers – Menagerie LP

 Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars Soundtrack - LP

 Bitter End - "Climate of Fear" LP (tour cover, #269/328)

 Bitter End - "Bitter End" 7inch (white)

 Bitter End - "Mind In Chains" 7inch (black/red)

 Blacklisted - demo 7inch (white)

 Blacklisted/First Blood - Split 7inch (purple)

 Blacklisted – “Live from Nowhere USA” (blue)

 Blacklisted “The Beat Goes On” LP (blue)

 Blacklisted "No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me" LP

 Blacklisted - "Eccentrichine" 7inch (Dark red)

 Blacklisted - “When People Grow, People Go.” LP (white)

 Blacklisted - “Dry Shaving b/w Please Go Away” 7inch (#151/300)

 Blacklisted - “Slow Moments b/w I Should Have Been A Murderer” 7inch (yellow)

 Black Breath - "Heavy Breathing" LP 

 Black Flag- "nervous breakdown" 7inch

 Black Flag -"Damaged" 12inch

 Black Flag-"Everything Went Black" double12inch (poster and sticker)

 Blondie - “Parallel Lines” LP

 Blood For Blood- "Spit My Last Breath" (red, 300 )

 Blood For Blood- "Enemy" 7inch

 Bloom - “Rise” 7inch (blue)

 Blue Monday- "War Wounds" 7inch (blue)

 Blue Monday- "Rewritten" LP (purple)

 Bones Brigade - “Focused” LP (Gray splatter)

 Breaker Breaker- demo 7inch (black)

 Breaker Breaker- demo 7inch (red)

 Breaker Breaker- demo 7inch (san diego fest cover, 14/30)

 Brother's Keeper- "Sweet Revenge" 7inch (gray vinyl, w/ patch, 350)

 Bruce Springsteen - “Nebraska” LP
 Buried Alive/ Reach The Sky- split 7inch

 Buried Alive - “Watchmen Session (demo 98) (Red vinyl)

 Buried Alive - “Death Will Find You” (Yellow, RevHQ Pre-Order)

 Burden-"Strength Of Conviction" 7inch (red vinyl, 100)

 Burn 7inch (green)

 Busted Outlook - “Spitting Wind” 7inch


 California - s/t LP (blue marble)

 Carry On -"The Line is Drawn" 7inch (yellow cover, black vinyl)

 Carry On -"The Line is Drawn" 7inch (red cover, gold vinyl, 1st press 250)

 Carry On - "Roll With The Punches" 7inch

 Carry On - "Roll With The Punches" 7inch (blue)

 Carry On - “It’s All Our Blood” LP (Black, React/Youngblood)

 Carry On - “A Life Less Plagued” LP (Clear)

 Carry On - “Stabbed In The Face” 7inch

 the Cars - Self Titled 12inch

 the Cars - "Heartbeat City" 12inch

 the Cars - “Greatest Hits 12inch

 Cast Aside- "Overcome" 7inch (summer tour 04 cover, #186/250)

 Chain Reaction - “Hangman” 7inch (White pre-order, #41/107)

 Chain Reaction & Spark Split 7inch (blue)

 Chain Reaction - “Figurehead” LP (purple)

 Ceremony - “Violence, Violence” LP (red/white vinyl)
 Ceremony - “The L-Shaped Man” LP (turquoise) 

 Chagrin - “Ground Scores” (yellow/red splatter)

 Chain Of Strength - “The Thing That Still Holds True” LP

 Chain of Strength - “What Holds Us Apart” 7inch (Mindpower Yellow Cover, 800)

 The Chamber Brothers - “The Time Has Come” LP

 Champion - "come out swinging" 7inch (clear, phyte)

 Champion - "come out swinging" 7inch (green, b9)

 Champion - "Count Our Numbers" 7inch (blue)

 Champion - "glue" 7inch (bridge 9 bonus 7inch, 500 made)

 Champion - “promises kept” Tour LP (blue marble)

 Champion - “promises kept” LP (last show/brown vinyl)

 Champion - Live in Australia B9 bonus 7inch

 Champion / Betrayed split 7inch (brown & orange)

 Change - “Closer Still” LP (Yellow, RevHQ pre-order)

 Change - “Closer Still” LP (green, Indecision Repress)

 Charger - Charger 12inch (Green)

 Charles Bradley - “No Time For Dreaming” LP

 Charles Bradley - “Victim Of Love” LP

 Charles Bradley - “Changes” LP

 Charles Bronson/Unanswered- 7inch

 Charles Bronson- "demo" 7inch (1000)

 Charles Bronson- 7inch (4th pressing)

 Charles Bronson- "Youth Attack" 10inch

 The Chisel - Retaliation LP

 The Chisel / Mess - Split 7”
 Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - s/t LP (green marble)

 Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves / Drag The River Split 7inch 
 Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - "Anybody Else" 7inch (purple)

 Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - “Aliens” 7inch (green)

 Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - “Canyons” LP (coke-bottle clear)

 Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - “No Anchor” LP

 Chris Wollard & Addison Burns - Split 7inch (white, 1000 made)

 Chuck Ragan - “Feast Or Famine” LP (green)

 Cinderblock - “Breathe The Fire” 12” (glow in the dark)

 Citizen Fish- "Disposable Dream, Flesh and Blood II" 7inch

 Circle Jerks - “Group Sex” LP (2021 repress, white/blue/yellow splatter)

 Circle Jerks - “Wild In The Streets” (2022 repress, orange/blue/pink)
 CIV - “Set Your Goals” LP (black)

 CIV - “Social Climber” 7”

 CIV - “Can’t Wait One Minute More” 7”

 CIV - “All Twisted” 7”

 CIV - “Secondhand Superstar” 7”

 The Clash s/t LP

 The Clash - "Give 'Em Enough Rope" LP

 The Clash - "Combat Rock" LP

 The Clash - “Sandinista” LP

 The Clash - “London Calling” LP

 Cloak Dagger 7inch (white)

 Coalition 7inch (stagnant records)

 Cock Sparrer - "Shock Troops" LP (Pirates Press, Blue/Red)

 Cock Sparrer - “Forever” LP

 Cock Sparrer - “In My Town” Flexi Disk

 Cocktails - “Hypocondriac” LP

 Cocktails - “Adult Life” LP (orange/white)

 Cocktails - “Castastrophoc Entertainment” LP (green)

 Code Orange - “Forever” LP

 Cold Cave - Cherish The Light Years LP

 Cold Cave - “Full Cold Moon” LP

 Cold Cave - “You & Me & Infinity” 10inch

 Cold Cave - “Fate In Seven Lessons” LP (yellow, 100)

 Cold World- 7inch

 Cold World & Sean Price - “How The Gods Chill” LP (Black, w/3D Glasses)

 Committed - The Pride We Share 7inch

 Conquest For Death – 7inch

 Converge/Coalesce- "Among The Dead We Pray For Light" 7inch (orange)

 Count Me Out- "110" 12inch (yellow,330)

 Count Me Out - "Permanent" LP 

 Count Me Out - “Permanent” LP (brown  out of 300, 2019 reissue)

 Count me Out - ""What We Built" 7inch ("The Godfathers cover)

 Count Me Out - “110 Demo” 7inch (2018, gold)

 The Criminals - “Never Been Caught” LP (Lookout)

 Criminal Damage - "No Solution" LP
 Criminal Damage – “Call Of Death” LP

 Crimpshrine - “Quit Talkin’ Claude” 7”

 Crimpshrine - “Sleep, What’s That? (yellow cover)

 Crippled Youth - “Join The Fight” 7” (2018 Revelation Pressing, grey)

 Creep Division 12inch (blue,329)

 Cro-Mags – “Best Wishes” LP

 Cro-Mags - “Age Of Quarrel” LP (Brasscity re-issue, orange/black)

 Cro-Mags - “Near Death Experience” LP (2015 reissue)

 Crucified - "Coldest Winter; Darkest Reaches Of The Mind" LP (grey)

 Cruel Hand - “Never Be Whole” 7”

 Cruel Hand - 7inch (green)

 Cruel Hand - "Without A Pulse" LP (orange/blue)

 Cruel Hand - Lock & Key LP (green)
 Cruel Hand – “Born Into Debt” 7inch (baby blue with red splatter)

 Cruel Hand - “The Negatives” LP (Red/Yellow splatter)

 Cruel Hand - Your World Won’t Listen” LP (red)

 Cruel Hand - “Dark Side Of The Cage” 12inch (yellow/black)

 Crushed On You - This Is When The Party Starts” 12” (green, 200)

 Curbside - Curbside 7inch (green “puke” splatter)

 Curbside & SPS - Split 7inch (multi-colored splatter)

 Cymbals - “The Age Of Fracture” LP (pink)


 Dag Nasty - “Can I Say” LP

 Dag Nasty - “Cold Heart” 7inch

 Damage - "Final" 7inch (white and clear)

 the Damage Done s/t 7inch (red)

 the Damage Done - "Never Wash Away" 7inch (record release cover,orange vinyl)

 the Damage Done - "Never Wash Away" (blue)

 the Damage Done – “City Of Hope” 7inch (blue)

 Damnation A.D. - “Pornography” LP (white, #158/213)

 Danzig S/T LP (blue)

 Dazy - “Out Of Body” LP (coke bottle clear)

 Dead Fucking Last - S/T 7inch

 Dead Heavens - “Whatever Witch You Are” LP (black)

 Dead Stop - s/t 7inch

 Dead Stop - Live For Nothing LP 

 Dead Stop - "Done With You" LP

 Deadweight - “NWHC” 7inch
 Death By Stereo - 7inch (green)

 Death By Stereo/Ensign split 7inch (brown,550)

 Death By Stereo - "Days of the Death" 12inch (clear aqua blue,557)

 Death Threat - "Peace and Security"12inch (blue)

 Death Wish Kids- "demo" 7inch (red silk screened graphic)

 Dee Cracks - “Be My Valentine” (Flexi Disc)

 De La Soul - “3 Feet High And Rising” LP

 Descendents - “Hypercaffium Spazzinate” LP

 Devotion - "Bastard Son of Affluence Blues" LP

 Devotion - “Headspace Astronaut” LP (purple)
 Diehard youth/ Flame Still Burns split 7inch (purple)

 Digable Planets - “Blowout Comb” (double LP, repress)

 Digable Planets - “Reachin’ (a new refutation of time & space” LP

 Digable Planets - “9th Wonder (Blackitolism)” 12 inch single

 Digital Underground - “Kiss You Back” Single (12inch)

 the Distance 7inch (blue)

 the Distance- “your closest enemies” 7inch (clear)

 Disfear / Doomriders - split 7inch (beer/cream)

 DMA’s - 12inch EP (white vinyl) 
 Dominant Legs - “Invitation” LP

 Donnybrook- "theres no love for the insincere" 7inch

 Donnybrook/ Piece By Piece split 7inch (yellow)

 Dopecharge - “Kill Cops Dead” EP (red w/black splatter)

 Down To Nothing- “Higher Learning” 7inch (orange)

 Down To Nothing - "The Most" LP (maroon)

 Down To Nothing - "All My Sons" 7inch
 Down To Nothing - “Life On The James” LP (green)
 The Draft - "Devil In The Shade" 7inch (purple)

 The Draft - "Self Titled" 7inch (purple)

 The Draft - "Stop Wastin' My Time" 7inch (purple)
 Dropkick Murphys- "Do or Die" 12inch

 Drug Test- “Needle in your Neck” 7inch (green)

 Duckhunt / Hammertime split 7inch


 Earth Crisis - “Destroy The Machines” LP

 Earth Crisis - “Gomorrah’s Season Ends” LP (Record Store Day Repress, yellow)

 Eazy-E- "Str8 off tha Streetz of..." 12inch

 Egg Hunt - 7inch

 Elmer- "Hillbilly Punk Rock" 7inch
 Embrace - S/T LP

 Embrace Today - "F.Y.I.E" 7inch

 Empire Strikes Back- double 12inch movie soundtrack

 Enforced - “At The Walls” LP (Bone Splatter, 200)

 Ensign- "For What it's Worth" 7inch (grey)

 E-Town Concrete - "FTW" 7inch

 Everything Went Black/Last Man Standing- 7inch (orange)

 The Explosion- "Flash Flash Flash" 12inch (orange,500)

 The Explosion- "Steal This" 7inch (dark red, 100)

 The Explosion / The Tonsils - Split 7”

 Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic Lp


 F-Minus - "sweating blood" 7inch (blood splatter on clear)

 Fade - “Identity” 7inch

 Faith / Void - Split LP

 Fatigue - Warthog Speak 7inch (Record Release cover #32/#50)

 Fatigue - “SCAB” EP

 Fatigue - “demo” 7inch

 Far From Breaking - "Identity" 7inch (orange)

 Fiddlehead - “Get My Mind Right” 7inch (pink)

 Fiddlehead - “Between The Richness” LP (red/white)

 Fiddlehead - “Springtime And Blind” LP (clear/blue/white)

 Fifteen - “Ooze” 7” (Lookout)

 Fifteen - “Ain’t Life A Drag” 7”

 Fields Of Shit -  S/T 10inch (grey marble)

 Filth / Blatz - “Shit Split” LP
 Filth - “Live The Chaos” 7”

 the Final Plan - "dead end nights" 7inch (green)

 FireBurn - “Don’t Stop The Youth” - LP (green)
 FireBurn - Shine & The Controller” 7inch (aqua blue)

 Fired Up - When The Lights Go Out" 7inch

 the First Step – “What We Know” Lp (blue vinyl, west coast tour cover)
 the First Step - "Connection" EP (orange)
 Floorpunch - "New Jersey" Double LP (orange black)

 Floorpunch - “Twin Killing” LP (Six Feet Under repress, blue)

 Floorpunch - “Fast Times At The Jersey Show” Six Feet Under repress, grey)
 Force Of Change - "The Bond We Share" 7inch (green)

 Force Of Change - "The Fire Still Burns" LP (clear/grey)

 Foo Fighters - “Sonic Highways” LP

 Foo Fighters - “Wasting Light” LP (Double LP Gatefold)

 Foo Fighters - Self-Titled LP

 forgive/forget - “Leave With What You Came for” 7” (blue/white)

 Frank Turner - “Song For Josh” 7inch

 Free - “Ex Tenebris” 7inch (grey)

 Fuel - “Take Effect” 7inch (clear(

 Fugazi - "Margin Walker" LP

 Fugazi - "Self Titled" EP (12 inch)


 Get The Most - "Common Goals" 7inch

 Get The Most - "Core Values" 7inch (red)

 Give Up The Ghost - “Year One” double 7inch (clear, orange)

 G.L.O.S.S. - “Girls Living Outside Society's Shit” 7inch

 G.L.O.S.S. - “Trans Day of Revenge” 7inch

 Government Warning - "Paranoid Mess" LP

 Go It Alone - "Vancouver gold" 7inch (gold)

 Go It Alone - 7inch Single (clear w/silk screen)

 Go It Alone /Blue Monday split 7inch (blue&orange)

 Go It Alone - "Histories" LP (red)

 Go It Alone - "Histories" single 7inch (green)

 Godspeed - “Swimmer’s Ear” LP (pink, 2017 reissue - out of 200)

 Go Time - s/t 7inch (192/285 preorder,blue)

 Gorilla Biscuits - “Start Today” LP (Glow In The Dark Vinyl)

 Gorilla Biscuits - S/T 7inch

 Gorilla Biscuits - “At The Matinee” 7” (grey)

 Government Issue "Paranoid Mess" LP

 Government Warning - “No Moderation” LP

 Green Day- "Minority" 7inch (green)

 Green Day - “Dookie” LP (2009 Repress, black)

 Green Day - “Insomniac” LP (2021 Reissue, black)

 Green Day - “Slappy EP” 7”
 Green Day - “1,000 Hours” 7”

 Grey Area  - “Fanbelt Algebra” LP (Record Store Day, white)

 Guns n Roses – “Appetite for Destruction" 12inch (banned cover!)

 Guns Up! – “Outlive” 7inch (#271/500)

 Guns Up! – “Outlive” LP (reflections; blue/white swirl)


 H2O - "F.T.T.W" 12inch (white)

 H2O - "Old School Recess" 7inch (white)

 H2O -"it was a good day/i want more" 7inch (blue)
 Hallraker - "Sessions" 7inch (limited cover out of 45)

 Handplant- "Keepin' it Rad" 7inch

 Hands Tied - 7inch

 Hatebreed- "Under the Knife" 7inch

 Heavy Is The Head - “High Pressure” 7” (gold/black splatter)

 High-Vis - “No Sense No Feeling” LP (Yellow & Red Splatter)

 High Vis - “Blending” LP (Orange/Black splatter pre-order)

 Holding On/ the Real Enemy- split 7inch

 Holding On- s/t 7inch

 Holding On / Coalition split 7inch (green)

 Hoods- "New Blood" 12inch

 Hoods- "Once Again 1996" 7inch (red)

 Hoods/Lockjaw- split 7inch (clear)

 the Hope Conspiracy 12inch "Code Blue"

 the Hope Conspiracy 7inch(brown etched vinyl)

 the Hope Conspiracy “Death knows your name” LP (brown)

 Huey Lewis and The News - “Sports” LP


 Ignite - “Our Darkest Days” LP (clear)

 Innerside Burning- "Stay The Patient Course" 7inch (green)

 Inner Strength- "time for reality" 7inch

 In Control- 7inch (tour 7inch, 4/69)

 In Control- "plays the hits" 7inch (green)

 In Control- 12inch "Another Year" (Blue)

 In Control- "yesterday" 7inch (record release #89, red vinyl)

 In My Eyes- "demo" 7inch (blue)

 In My Eyes - live in philly 7inch

 In My Eyes - “Nothing To Hide” LP (grey marble repress)

 In My Eyes - “The Difference Between” LP (clear purple repress)
 Inside Out - 7inch (Connecticut Rev Address)

 Insurance Risk – “how much more” 7inch (green)

 Integrity - “Humanity Is The Devil” (2016 RSD copy, red vinyl)

 Internal Affairs demo 2003 7inch (clear)

 Internal Affairs "casualty of the core" 7inch (record release cover, white)

 Internal Affairs "casualty of the core" 7inch (blue)

 Internal Affairs "casualty of the core" 7inch (white)

 Internal Affairs / Last Nerve split 7inch (green)

 Internal Affairs- “This Is For You…” 12inch (malfunction distro release      #54/100)

 Internal Affairs/NTB/NA – split 7inch (clear)

 Internal Affairs - "deadly visions" 7inch (yellow, #116/230)

 Internal Affairs - “No Way Out” Double LP (blue/pink)

 Isocracy - 7inch

 In Your Face- "the time for talk is over" 7inch

 Iron Age - "The Way Is Narrow" 7inch

 Iron Age - "The Sleeping Eye" LP

 Iron Chic - "Not Like This" LP

 Iron Chic - "The Constant One" LP (baby blue)

 Iron Chic - “You Can’t Stay Here” LP (black & red splatter)


 J Dilla - “Donuts” (double lp)

 J. Geils Band - "Freeze Frame" 12inch

 J. Geils Band - “Flashback - The Best Of” LP

 James Brown - "The Payback" LP

 James Brown - “Living in America” 12inch Single

 Jawbreaker - “24 Hour Revenge Therapy” LP (Blackball reissue, pink vinyl)

 Jawbreaker - "Unfun" LP (Blackball reissue, green vinyl)

 Jawbreaker - “Chesterfield King” LP (Blackball reissue)

 Jawbreaker - ETC. Double LP

 Jawbreaker - Dear You LP (Blackball reissue)

 The Jesus And Mary Chain - “Psychocandy” LP

 John Coltrane - “A Love Supreme” LP

 John Coltrane - “Giant Steps” LP

 John Fogerty - “Centerfield” LP

 John Lennon - “Plastic Ono Band” LP

 John Lennon - “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band” LP

 John Mellencamp - “Nothin Matters And What If It Did” LP

 John Mellencamp - “Big Daddy” LP

 John Mellencamp - “The Lonesome Jubilee” LP

 John Mellencamp - “American Fool” LP

 John Mellencamp - “Scarecrow” LP

 John Mellencamp - “Uh-Huh” LP

 John Mellencamp - “John Cougar” LP
 Josh Small - “Tall” LP (double LP, light green)

 Josh Small - “Juke” LP (light blue)

 Joy Division - “Unknown Pleasures” LP

 Joy Division - “Closer” LP

 Judge - “Bringin It Down” LP (Purple, embossed, 25th anniversary press)

 Judge - “New York Crew” 7inch (CT address, black vinyl)

 Judge - “There Will Be Quiet After The Storm” 7inch


 Kid Dynamite/88 Fingers- 10inch (red, 300)

 Kill Your Idols/ Full Speed Ahead- 7inch

 Kill Your Idols/ Voorhees- split 7inch (purple,500)

 Kill Your Idols/ Good Riddance split 7inch (white vinyl)

 Knife Fight – s/t 7inch

 Know Secrets - LP (brown)


 Lab Rats/Scissorhands split 12inch (record release cover, red vinyl)

 Lars & The Bastards - LP

 Leeway - “Born To Expire” LP (Reality repress, black)

 Leeway - “Desperate Measures” LP (Reality repress, black)

 Leeway - “Open Mouth Kiss” LP (Reality repress, red/black)

 Left For Dead/Chokehold- 12inch (w/cover, 100)

 Left For Dead/Acrid- "Hacked To Pieces" buzz saw 12inch (red, 2nd press)

 Left For Dead/Ochre- 7inch (1st press red vinyl, red letters, 200)

 Left For Dead/Ochre- 7inch (1st press black vinyl, red letters, 800)

 Left For Dead/Ochre- 7inch ( 2nd press, black vinyl and letters, 1000)

 Left With Nothing- 7inch (white vinyl, pre-order cover)

 Let Down - Crossed Off 7inch (clear)

 Lifetime- "Jersey's Best Dancers" 12inch

 Lights Out- "Overload" LP (record release cover)

 Lights Out- "Get Out" 7inch (green)

 Lights Out- "Get Out" 7inch (record release, #23/115)

 Lights Out- "Get Out" 7inch (posi #'s cover, #22/170)

 Limp Wrist - self titled 7inch

 Living Eyes - “Starve For Agony” 7inch (clear)

 The Locust - s/t LP (Turquoise/Purple Swirl)
 Look Back And Laugh - s/t LP

 Look Back And laugh – “Street Terrorism” 7inch

 Los Huevos- "The Rebel Kind" 7inch

 Los Huevos- lp

 Luke Scott Macmaster - 310-602-7616 LP

 Luke Scott Macmaster - “Water” LP (Clear)


 Mac Miller - “Circles” 2xLP (clear)

 Madball - "Been There, Done that" 7inch (red)

 Madball- "NYHC" 7inch (white)

 Madball - “Look My Way” LP (Gold, BBRxRoadrunner Pressing)

 Madball - “Hold It Down” LP

 Magnus - "nothing means more" 7inch

 Marvin Gaye- “What’s Going On” LP

 Masterpiece Machine - Rotting Fruit / Letting You In On A Secret LP (Yellow  with Blue, Red, Orange Splatter, 200)

 Mean Jesus - “Noble Amitions” 7”

 Meltdown - "Demolition" 7inch (pink/green)

 Memorial - "The Creative Process/Berlin" LP (white)

 Memorial - "Mile High City" LP (brown)

 Memorial Day - “A Song With Evil Meaning” LP (blue)
 Mental - "and you know this" 7inch

 Mental- "get an oxygen tank!" 7inch (posi-numbers press 90/250)

 Mental- "YO!" 7inch (pink)

 Mental- “Planet Mental” LP

 Method of Doubt - “Staring At Patterns” LP (clear w/splatter)

 Michael Jackson- "Thriller" 12inch

 Mike V & The Rats 7inch (blue vinyl)

 Miles Away - B9 bonus 7inch

 Miles Davis - “Kind of Blue” LP 

 Miles Davis - “Greatest Hits” LP

 Militarie Gun - All Roads Lead To The Gun (red, Alternative Label repressing)

 Militarie Gun - All Roads Lead To The Gun II (clear, second press)

 Militarie Gun - “My Life Is Over” 7” (blue marble, Convulse Recs Pressing 

 Mindless Mutant- 7inch

 Mind - “Strange Loop” 7”

 Mindset - “Nothing Less” 7inch (coke bottle clear)

 Mindset - “Leave No Doubt” LP (white/blue)

 Minor Threat- "Live at Buff Hall" 7inch

 Minor Threat - demo 7inch (puprle vinyl)

 Minor Threat - “Salad Days” 7inch (modern press)

 Minor Threat - “Out Of Step” LP (modern press)

 Minor Threat - “Minor Threat” LP (modern press)

 Modern Life Is War- 7inch

 Monster X- " To The Positive Youth" 7inch (grey)

 Moral Crux- "Victim of hype" 7inch (orange)

 More To Pride - “This is Life” 7inch (blue)

 Motorhead - “Ace Of Spades” LP

 Murder City Devils/Gluecifier- 7inch (aqua clear)

 Murder Weapon - "nervous weapon" 7inch (white)


 Nails - "Unsilent Death" LP

 Nails - "Obscene Humanity" LP

 Nails - “You Will Never Be One Of Us” LP (Pink)
 Nails - Split 7inch w/Full of Hell (gold)

 Neil Young - “Harvest” LP

 Nerve Agents- "The Butterfly Collection" 12inch

 Nerve Agents/Kill Your Idols- 7inch (purple, 300)

 Never Healed - LP

 Never Healed - ep (record release cover, #6/26) 

 Nightmares For A Week / Banquets - Split LP (blue)

 Nine Inch Nails - “Pretty Hate Machine” LP

 No For An Answer - “You Laugh” 7” (red, revelation re-issue)

 No Plan - S/T 12”

 Nodz - “I Don’t Wanna” 7inch

 Not A Chance- demo 7inch (purple)

 No Justice-"Still Fighting" 7inch (mailorder cover, 100)

 No Reply 7inch (red)

 No Reply / Life’s Halt 7” (black)

 Nothington - "Roads, Bridges, Ruins" LP

 Nothington - "All In" LP (purple)

 Nothington - “In The End” LP

 Nothington - “Borrowed Time” LP (Brown)

 Nothington - “Cobblestones” 7” (white)

 Nothington - “More Than Obvious” 7”

 Nothingtown - “Live In Germany” 7” (clear)
 No Reality - Fake/Kill Yourself ( Clear, Flexi dis

 No Warning - “Torture Culture” LP (maroon)

 No Warning - s/t 7inch 

 No Warning - s/t 7inch (2021 re-release, orange)

 No Warning - "ill blood" 12inch (shit/blood)

 No Warning - “Resurrection Of The Wolf” 7inch

 No Warning - “Friends In High Places” (Clear Flexi Disc)

 No Warning - “Suffer, Survive” LP (orange/brown splatter)

 N.W.A - "Alwayz Into Somethin" LP 


 Oasis - "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" 12inch Single

 Oasis - “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory” LP (2014, reissue)

 Oasis - “Be Here Now” LP

 Oasis - “Don't Believe The Truth” LP

 Oasis - “Definitely Maybe” LP

 Oasis - “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants” LP

 Oasis - “Heathen Chemistry” LP

 Oasis - “The Masterplan” LP

 Oasis - “Dig Out Your Soul”  LP 

 the Oath - 7inch

 the Oath - 7inch (madball ripoff cover, europe tour)

 the Oath - 9/10 inch? (has the blow-up doll on it and penis pump, etc)

 Off With Their Heads - "From The Bottom" LP (purple)

 Off With Their Heads - "In Desolation" LP

 Old Firm Casuals - Self Titled 7inch

 Old Firm Casuals - A Butchers Banquet” LP (white & red splatter)

 Old Firm Casuals - “Eternal City” Flexi Disc 7inch

 One King Down - “Bloodlust Revenge” LP (2017 reissue, orange/white, #300)

 One Step Closer - “This Place You Know” LP (white)

 One Truth- 7inch

 One Up - “Many Miles Long: 2002-2005” LP (red/white/blue splatter)

 Operation Ivy- "hectic" 7inch

 Operation Ivy- "Lint: The King Of Ska" 7inch

 Operation Ivy - "6-4-88 Live At Gilman St." 7inch

 Operation Ivy - "Plea For Peace" 7inch

 Operation Ivy - "69 Newport" 7inch

 Operation Ivy - “Energy” LP (Hellcat)

 Operation Ivy - “Yellin’ In My Ear” LP (bootleg)

 Operation Ivy - “Bring Me Back” 12” (live bootleg)
 Operation Ivy - “1988 Energy Demo” 12” (bootleg)

 Operation Ivy - “Learn To Dance The Geek With The…” LP (bootleg)

 Operation Ivy - “Ramones EP” 12” (red, bootleg #216/300)

 Our Turn- demo 7inch (gold)

 Our Turn- “catch your breath” 7inch (posi numbers press,clear)

 Out Of Body - “Voiceless” LP (Black)

 Out of Spite - “Out of Spite” 7inch (Red Vinyl)

 Outbreak- "you make us sick" 7inch (red)

 Outbreak- “failure” LP (green)

 Over My Dead Body/Swindle- split 7inch (white,100)

 Over My Dead Body- "No Runners" 7inch (blue,440)

 Over My Dead Body/TimeX- split 7inch (gilman tour press, 25/50)

 Over My Dead Body - "Broken..." 12inch (purple)

 Over My Dead Body / Death Threat split 7inch (yellow)

 Over My Dead Body - “No Runners” 12inch (20th-anniversary press, grey/200)


 Panic- "Dying for it" 7inch (black)

 Panic- “Circles” LP (black)

 Pantera & Poison Idea - Split 7inch (Record Store Day, Purple)
 Peter and the Wolf- Disney soundtracks, 12inch and 7inch

 Pegasus - 7inch (red/black vinyl)

 Piece by Piece - "Written in Blood" 7inch ( record release cover, white vinyl)

 Piece by Piece - "Written in Blood" 7inch (reg cover, white vinyl)

 Piece by Piece - "We've Lost Our Minds" 7inch (posi #'s cover, 53/200)

 Pinhead Gunpowder - “Jump Salty” 12inch (2021 reissue, orange/red splatter)

 Pinhead Gunpowder - “Trundle & Spring EP” 7inch (2021 reissue, white)

 Pinhead Gunpowder - “West Side Highway” 7inch (dark purple)

 Pinhead Gunpowder - “8 Chords, 328 Words” 7” (1234Go Reissue, pink/black)

 Pinhead Gunpowder - “Goodbye Ellston Avenue” 12” (1234Go Reissue, blue)

 Pinhead Gunpowder - “Fahizah” 7” (black/yellow, 1234Go Reissue)

 Pinhead Gunpowder - “At Your Funeral” 7” (orange, 1234Go Reissue)

 Pinhead Gunpowder - “Shoot The Moon” LP (blue, 1234Go Reissue)

 Pinhead Gunpowder - “Carry The Banner” LP (white/black, 1234Go Reissue)

 Pinhead Gunpowder - “Compulsive Disclosure” LP (1234Go Reissue)

 Pitboss 2000/Empire Falls-split 7inch (blue)

 The Pose - “Dig An Endless Grave” 7”

 Positive State- "Label Me" 7inch

 Powerhouse- "Pandemonium" 7inch (red)

 Powerhouse - “Demo ‘93” 7inch (#247/#500)

 Powerhouse - “Renegades” 12” (purple)

 Powerhouse - “No Regrets” LP (2022 Pressing, Red Splatter)

 Power Trip - “Nightmare Logic” LP (grey marble)

 Praise - 7inch (transparent pink)

 Praise - “Two Songs” 7inch (white)

 Praise - “Leave It All Behind” LP (purple)

 Praise - “All In A Dream” LP (blue, Hard Times press /250)

 Pretty Girls Make Graves - “Good Health” LP

 Pretty Girls Make Graves - S/T 7”

 Prince and the Revolution - “Purple Rain” LP

 Project X – 7inch (bridge 9 release)

 The Promise - "my true love" 7inch

 The Promise - “Believer” LP (2022 pressing, purple)

 The Promise Ring - “The Horse Latitudes” LP (2019 reissue)

 The Promise Ring - “Very Emergency” LP (2018 reissue)

 The Promise Ring - “30 Degrees Everywhere” LP (Reissue, clear)

 The Promise Ring - “Falsetto Keeps Time” 7”

 The Promise Rinf - “Nothing Feels Good” LP (2022 Repress, blue)

 Puig Destroyer - 7inch

 Puig Destroyer - “Puig Destroyer” LP (RSD white w/red splatter, 700)

 Quicksand - 7inch (Revelation, green)

 Quicksand - 7inch (2 song Polydor promo for “Slip)

 Quicksand - “Divorce” 7inch
 Quicksand / Stanford Prison Experiment - Split 7inch (red, #3819)

 Quicksand - “Interiors” LP

 Quicksand - “Triptych Continuum” 12inch

 Quicksand - “Manic Compression” LP (black, promotional copy)

 Quicksand - “Slip” LP (Black, 1993 Polygram)

 Quicksand - 4 Song Promo 12” 

 Quicksand - “Distant Populations” LP (purple splatter)

 Queen - “News Of The World” LP


 Rad - "Dialed" 7inch (clear, 2nd press)

 Radioactivity - LP

 Radioactivity - “Silent Kills” LP (Clear)

 Ramallah- “But a Whisper” double 7inch (orange)

 Ramallah / Sinners And Saints Split LP (Red #69/107)

 Ramones – “End Of The Century” LP

 Ramones – “Too Tough To Die” LP

 Ramones – “Road To Ruin” LP

 Ramones - “Pleasant Dreams” LP

 Ramones - “Rocket To Russia” LP

 Ramones - “Ramones” LP (2018)

 Ramones - “Leave Home” LP (2018 remaster, red)

 Ramones - “Brain Drain” LP (Mad Kangaroo Pressing, Australia) 

 Rancid- "Life Won't Wait" double 12inch (orange)

 Rancid - "Let's Go" double 10inch (white)

 Rancid - “time bomb” 7inch

 Rancid – s/t 7inch (lookout records)

 Rancid – “radio radio radio” 7inch

 Rancid - “B sides and C sides” double LP (yellow vinyl, “Oakland A’s” layout)

 Rancid - “Trouble Maker” LP (orange)

 Rancid - “Rancid” LP (1993)

 Rancid - “Rancid” LP (2000)

 Rancid & Murphy’s Law - SPlit 7inch (Red & Black Splatter)

 Rancid - “We Arrived Right On Time” 7inch

 Rancid - “And Out Come The Wolves” LP (2015 reissue)

 Ray & Porcell-7inch (58/100, limited edition final press)

 Razz - S/T 7inch

 Razz - “Time Frames” LP 

 The Receivers - “Drop Out: 7inch
 Redemption 87- "Spidey Sessions" 7inch (pink 432/500)

 Redemption 87- "Spidey Sessions" 7inch (blue 36/1000)

 Redemption 87 - “All Guns Poolside” LP (2022 Vinyl Reissue - Splatter)

 Redemption 87 - S/T LP (2022 New Age Repress - pink/white pre-order)

 Red Handed – 7inch (yellow)

 Regulations - “Regulations” LP

 Reign Supreme - "Fuck The Weak" 7inch (green)

 Renee Heartfelt - 7inch (#59, black vinyl)

 Renee Heartfelt - Discography LP (clear)

 Reserve 34- 7inch (white, 100)

 Reserve 34- final 7inch (#394/400)

 Retaliate - “IV” LP (Blue)

 Return Of The Jedi- double 12inch soundtrack (still in plastic wrap)

 Richard Pryor - "That Nigger's Crazy" 12inch

 Richard Pryor - “Richard & Willie” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Are You Serious???” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Outrageous” LP

 Richard Pryor – Live On The Sunset Strip 12inch

 Richard Pryor - “Who Me? I’m Not Him” 12inch

 Richard Pryor - “..is it something i said?” 12inch

 Richard Pryor - “Wanted - Live In Concert” 12inch

 Richard Pryor - “Bicentennial Nigger” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Here and Now” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Richard Pryor’s Greatest Hits” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Insane” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Down And Dirty, w/Red Foxx” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Craps” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Holy Smoke!” LP

 Richard Pryor - “The Wizard of Comedy” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Rev. Durite” LP

 Richard Pryor - “L.A. Jail” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Holy Smoke” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Black Ben The Blacksmith” LP

 Richard Pryor (and others) - “Hooked On Comedy”
 Richard Pryor - “Supernigger” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Showbiz” LP

 Richard Pryor - “Live” LP

 Right On- “No Joke ep” 7inch (pink cover, aqua vinyl)

 Right On- “No Joke ep” 7inch (green cover, black vinyl)

 Right On- “No Joke ep” 7inch (green cover, pink vinyl-2nd press)

 Right On- “No Joke ep” 7inch (green cover, black vinyl, pink label)

 Right On- “No Joke ep” 7inch (Sink With Cali "straight ahead" cover, 48/50)

 Right On- “Reality Vacation” 7inch (clear vinyl)

 Right On- “Reality Vacation” 7inch (white vinyl)

 Right On- “Reality Vacation” 7inch (orange vinyl)

 Right On- “Reality Vacation” 7inch (Sound & Fury Cover #90/150, clear vinyl)

 Right Brigade 7inch (white, 1000)

 Right Brigade/a Poor Excuse- split 7inch (clear, 250)

 Right Brigade 12inch (red)

 Ringworm - “The Promise” LP (A389/Deathwish Repress)

 Ringworm - “Hammer of the Witch” LP 

 Riot Stares - “Sounds of Acceleration” LP (green/black splatter)

 Rise and Fall - 7inch (blue & pink)

 Rise and Fall - “Into Oblivion” LP

 Rise and Fall - “Deceiver” 7inch (white)

 Rise and Fall - “Our Circle Is Vicious” LP (bronze)

 Rise and Fall - “Faith” LP (turquoise)

 Rise and Fall - “Hellmouth” LP (Deathwish, orange)
 Rise and Fall - “Demo 2003” 7inch

 Rolling Stones - “Let It Bleed” LP

 Rival Schools - “Pedals” LP (2021 repress, red)

 Rival Schools - “United By Fate” LP (blue/white, 2022 RFC reissue)

 Rival Schools - “Found” LP (green/clear)

 Ruination - "dead horse ep" 7inch (red)

 Run The Jewels - “3” LP (gold)

 Rushmore - “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP

 Ryan Adams - “Ryan Adams” LP

 Ryan Adams - “Demolition” LP

 Ryan Adams - “1984” 7inch (yellow)

 Ryan Adams - “Burn In The Night” 7inch

 Ryan Adams - “I Do Not Feel Like Being Good” 7inch

 Ryan Adams - “Willow Lane” 7inch

 Ryan Adams - “Jacksonville” 7inch

 Ryan Adams - “Vampires” 7inch

 Ryan Adams - “Come Pick Me Up” 7inch (record store day)

 Ryan Adams - “Gimme Something Good” 7inch

 Ryan Adams - “Do You Laugh When You Die?”

 Ryan Adams - “Blue Light” 7inch

 Ryan Adams - “No Shadow” 7inch

 Ryan Adams - “1989” LP

 Ryan Adams - “Prisoner” LP (red)

 Ryan Adams - “Baby I Love You” (pink)

 Say Goodbye - "anti-social" EP (yellow)

 Scream - “Still Screaming” LP
 Screeching Weasel - “Bark Like A Dog” LP
 Screw 32- "Unresolved Childhood Issues" 12inch

 Screw 32- 7inch

 Screw 32- "Why are we so fucked up all the time?" 7inch (green)

 Screw 32/Fury 66- split 7inch

 Screw 32/Youth Brigade- "Spies For Life" split 7inch

 Seablite - “Grass Stains and Novocaine” LP (maroon & clear splatter)

 Second Coming - 7inch

 Secret People - s/t 7inch (clear)

 Secret People - s/7 7inch (TEST PRESS, #9/9)

 Secret People & Sacred Love - Split 7” (#61/100)

 Sect - s/t LP (red)

 Sense Field - “Building LP (red, RSD press)

 Set It Straight /Where Eagles Dare split 7inch (yellow & red swirl)

 Set It Straight /Where Eagles Dare split 7inch (Record Release Cover #17/50)

 Set It Straight- “Live Your Heart And Never Follow” LP (purple)

 Set It Straight /Crucial Unicorn split 7inch (green/white)

 Set To Explode - 7inch (red)

 Sex Pistols - "Never Mind The Bollocks" LP

 Sex Pistols - “The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle” LP
 Shabazz Palaces - “Black Up” LP

 Shabazz Palaces - “Live At KEXP” LP
 Shabazz Palaces - “Of Light” LP (green)
 Shabazz Palaces - Self-Titled LP (red)

 Shabazz Palaces - “Lese Majesty” double LP

 Shabazz Palaces - “Palace Slide” 7inch

 Shabazz Palaces - “Live At Third Man Records” LP

 Shabazz Palaces - “Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines” LP (maroon swirl)

 Shabazz Palaces - “Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star” LP (clear/white marble)

 Shelter - “Perfection of Desire” LP (Revelation 2022 Reissue, peach vinyl)

 Shelter - “Message Of The Bhagavat” 7” 

 Sheer Mag - Compilation LP

 Sheer Mag - “Need To Feel Your Love” LP

 Short Fuse - "Fruitless Efforts" 7inch

 Show Of Hands- 7inch

 Shark Attack - "Blood In The Water" 7inch (black, B9 version)

 Sharp Knife- lp

 Sick Of It All - "Relentless" B9 7inch (red white split)

 Sick Of It All - “Death To Tyrants” LP (clear)

 Sick of it All - 7inch (green)

 Sinners & Saints - “The Sky Is Falling” LP (white/black marble)

 Skankin’ Pickle - “Sing Along With” LP (orange & purple)

 Slayer / TSOL split 7inch

 Slipnot - 7” (Dark Green, Revelation Records 2021 reissue)

 Sly & The Family Stone - "Greatest Hits" LP

 the Smiths - "The Queen Is Dead" LP
 Smoke Of Fire = "Above the City" LP
 Snake Eyes - Hellbent EP (s&f cover, #/100)

 the Snobs- "control ep" 7inch (summer tour 2002 press)

 S.O.A - 12/29/80 First Demo ep (red)

 Social Distortion- "live heat" lp (bootleg)
 Somali Pirates – “Greatest Hits” EP

 Some Girls - "The Rains" (grey marble)

 Some Kind Of Hate 7inch (red)

 Some Still Believe- s/t 7inch (test press, 15 made)

 Some Still Believe- s/t 7inch (san diego fest cover, blue vinyl, 88/100)

 Some Still Believe- s/t 7inch (grey pre-order, 200 made)

 Some Still Believe- s/t 7inch (black)

 Some Still Believe- s/t 7inch (black, last show cover 5/50, w/cd)

 Soul Control / I Rise split 7inch

 Soul Control - "Involution" LP (red & yellow)

 Soul Control 7inch (green yellow swirl)

 Speedway - “Paradise” 7” (orange)

 Spice - S/T LP (Clear, 900)

 Spice - “A Better Treatment” 7inch (clear/black splatter)

 Spice - “Viv” LP (neon yellow)

 Spirit Possession - LP

 Spiritual Cramp - “Here Comes More Bad News” 7inch (red)

 Splitting Headache- 7inch

 Stanford Prison Experiment - “Take It & Slip” 7inch

 Star Wars- double 12inch soundtrack

 Star Wars, Episode 1- double 12inch soundtrack (from England)

 Star Wars- "Galactic Funk" 12inch (disco covers of star wars songs, funny)

 Staticlone - “Cabotinage/…Of Light” Flexi 7” (red)

 Stay Gold- “Caught Up In The Moment” 7inch (orange)

 Stay Gold - S/T 7inch (gold)

 Stay Gold - “Another Time” LP (Gold, #87/#300)

 Stay Gold - “Pills And Advice” LP (2022 Repress, orange/white)

 Sterilized - “Zero Sum Game” 7”

 Stockholm Syndrome - “Death Watch” LP (Red)

 Stone Roses - Self-Titled LP

 Strife - "Grey 7inch"

 Strife - “In This Defiance” LP (Record Store Day Repress, white)

 Striking Distance - "The Fuse is Lit" 7inch

 Struggle Buggies- 7inch (blue)

 the Suicide File s/t 7inch

 Sunnyside - “Welcome to San Diego” LP

 Supercrush - “I Don’t Want To Be Sad Anymore” 7inch

 Supercrush - “Lifted” 7inch

 Supercrush - “I’ve Been Around” 7inch (orange)

 Supercrush - “Never Let You Drift Away” LP (purple)

 Supercrush - “I Can’t Lie” 7inch

 Supercrush - “Sodo Pop” LP (purple)

 Supercrush - “Melody Maker” 12” (green)

 Supercrush - “Parallel Lines” Flexi 7” (blue)

 Supercrush - “I didn't know (we were saying goodbye) Flexi 7” (orange)

 Supercrush - “Be Kind To Me” Flexi 7” (red)

 Supercrush - “Trophy” Flexi 7” (green)

 Supercrush - “Melody Maker” 12” (green)

 Supersleuth - "The Hate Divides" 7inch

 Swarm-"Old Blue Eyes is Dead" 7inch (red out of 1000)

 Swarm / Force Fed Glass- "Self Destruct EP" 7inch (pic disk)

 Swarm-"Parasitic Skies" 10inch (clear)

 Swingin Utters- "I need feedback" 7inch

 Swingin Utters - “Scared” 10inch (black & white splatter)

 Sworn In s/t 7inch (yellow)

 Sydney Ducks - “Stray Dogs” 7inch (red)
 Sydney Ducks - “Espirit De Corps” 7inch (white)


 Talking Heads - “Speaking In Tongues” LP

 Tear It Up- s/t 7inch (purple marble)

 Tear It Up- "nothing to nothing" lp

 Technotronic - “Pump Up The Jam - The Album” LP

 Teen Idles - 1980 Demo 7inch

 Terror- 7inch (clear)

 Terror- "live and death" 7inch 236/500

 Terror- "lowest of the low" 12inch (b9, yellow vinyl)

 Terror/Ringworm split 7inch (white vinyl)

 Terror - “The Walls Will Fall” 7inch (orange)

 Terror - “Pain Into Power” LP (blue, clear, orange splatter)

 Ten Yard Fight Demo 7inch (yellow sleeve, 500)

 Ten Yard Fight- "Hardcore Pride" 7inch

 Ten Yard Fight- "The Only Way" 7inch (red)

 Ten Yard Fight/Fastbreak- "vs." 7inch (blue)

 Terry Malts - “I’m Neurotic” 7inch

 Terry Malts/Dead Angle Split 7inch

 Terry Malts - “Killing Time” LP (clear)

 Terry Malts - “Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere” LP

 Terry Malts - “Insides EP” 7inch

 Terry Malts - Lost At The Party” LP (pink/white)

 This Is My Fist! - “I Don’t Want To Startle You But They Are Going Going To Kill Most Of Us” 7inch

 This Means War! - Use It Up (Flexi Disc)

 Throwdown- 7inch (red, 300)

 Throwdown- "Drive Me Dead" 7inch (pink vinyl)

 Throwdown- "You dont have to be blood to be family" 12inch (red,500)

 Throwdown- “Haymaker” LP (red)

 Till Death- 7inch (blue)

 Tim Armstrong - “A Poet’s Life” LP (Clear)
 Tim Barry - "Manchester" LP (brown)

 Tim Barry - "Rivanna Junction" LP (green)
 Tim Barry - "Laurel Street Demo 2005" LP (clear)
 Tim Barry - "Live at Munford Elementary" 7inch (white)

 Tim Barry / Frank Turner split 7inch (blue)

 Tim Barry - "28th & Stonewall" LP (Black w/white marble)

 Tim Barry - “40 Miler” LP (olive green)

 Time Flies - “Can't Change The Past E.P.”

 TouchxDown - "Reach For The Top" 7inch

 the Tonsils - LP

 Tony Molina - “Confront The Truth”

 Tony Molina - “Songs From San Mateo” LP 

 Tragedy - “Vengeance” LP (Red Words)

 Transplants - Diamonds and guns 7inch (pic disk)

 Transplants - "Dj Dj" 7inch (pic disk)

 Trash Talk / Steel Trap split 7inch

 Trash Talk - "Plagues" 7inch (record release envelope)

 Trial- 10inch

 A Tribe Called Quest - “Midnight Marauders” LP

 The Trouble - "Nobody Laughs Anymore" LP (Red, Painkiller)
 The Trouble - “Shadows On The Street” LP (clear)

 True Blue-"the ice" 7inch

 Try Harder - 7inch (grey)

 TSOL - "Dance With Me" LP

 TSOL - "Thoughts Of Yesterday 1981-1982" LP

 Turnedown- 7inch

 Turning Point- “It's Always Darkest…” LP

 Turning Point- “It's Always Darkest…” LP (Revelation Repress, smokey grey)

 Turning Point “1998-1991” LP (2015 repress, yellow-1000 w/demo 7inch)

 Turning Point “1998-1991” LP (2015 repress, blue-500 w/demo 7inch)

 Turning Point / No Escape split 7inch (red)

 Turning Point 7” (Revelation repress, black)

 Turnstile - “Step 2 Rhythm” 7inch (green)

 Turnstile - “Pressure To Succeed” 7inch (purple)

 Turnstile - “Nonstop Feeling” LP (purple/yellow splatter)

 Turnstile - “Move Thru Me” 7inch (pink)

 Turnstile - “Glow On” LP (brown)


 Unbroken – “circa ‘77” 7inch (clear, repress)

 Unbroken - And/Fall On Proverb” 7inch (gold, 20th Anniversary Pressing)

 Unbroken - "Re-Issue, Re-Package, Re-Evaluate The Songs" (Clear)

 Unbroken - “Life. Love. Regret.” LP (RSD, brown/black)

 Unbroken - “Life. Love. Regret.” LP (New Age Records, black vinyl)

 Unbroken - “Ritual” LP

 Unbroken - “You Won’t Be Back” 7inch

 Unbroken & Groundwork - Split 7inch

 Underdog - 7inch (red, B9 Re-issue)

 Uniform Choice-"Straight and Alert" 12inch (pic disk)

 Uniform Choice - “Screaming For Change” (Southern Lord repress)

 Unit Pride/Cornerstone- split 7inch (green)

 Unit Pride - discography 12inch (red)

 Urban Sprawl - Concrete Altar 7inch (green)

 Urban Sprawl - Demo 7inch (orange)


 Vacant State - “Chains E.P.” 7”

 Van Halen - “1984” LP

 Vanishing Life - “Surveillance” LP (white)

 Venus Beads - Day Of Nightmares/Heartless 7inch

 Verse "Four Songs" 7inch

 Verse “From Anger and Rage” LP (red & white, II press)

 Violation - "possessed" 7inch (blue)

 Violation - "Devoured" LP (orange/red)

 Violent Minds - “Eyes Of Death” LP
 Violent Minds 7inch

 Violent Minds "Riot" ep 7inch

 Violent Minds / Never Healed split 7inch (black, red, yellow)

 Vitamin X- "We came here for fun" 7inch (spring tour press, orange)

 Vows, the - 7inch (red/clear)


 Walter Schreifels - “Overjoyed” 7inch (green/clear splatter)

 Walter Schreifels - “An Open Letter To The Scene” LP (green/clear splatter)
 War - "The World Is a Ghetto" LP

 the Warriors - "family matters" 7inch (#107)

 Warzone - “Don’t Forget The Struggle” LP (Rev reissue, blue)

 Warzone - “Open Your Eyes” LP (Rev reissue, blue)

 Warzone - “The Victory Years” LP (RD 2017, Black cover, clear vinyl)

 Wasted Time s/t 7inch

 Wasted Time - No Shore EP 7inch

 Wasted Time - "Futility" LP

 What Feeds The Fire - "set me free" 7inch

 What Happens Next? - "Brutiful Fearing" 6inch

 When Tigers Fight - 7inch (white/black/blue)

 Where Fear and Weapons Meet- "The Weapon" 12inch (orange, 222)

 The Whiffs - “Another Whiff” LP

 White Jazz - “Modern Living” 7inch (yellow)

 White Jazz & Lies - Split 7inch (white)

 With or Without You / The Warriors split 7inch (Bust! Cover, red vinyl)

 World Be Free - “The Anti-Circle” LP (green)

 Worldsmasher - “Bighead” 7inch (red)

 Wrong Man - “Who Are You” LP (Black)

 The Wrong Side - “The Wrong Side Of The Grave” LP (teal)


 XO Skeletons – “asthmagasm” 7inch (pink)


 Yahmos- "off your parents" 7inch (grey)
 Yahmos – “Right On” 7inch

 Young Offenders - s/t 7inch

 Young Offenders - Art Of The Underground 7inch (#77/#250)

 Youth Brigade - “First Demo Summer ‘81” 7inch (orange)
 Youth Code - “Keep Falling Apart” 7inch (olive, #247/320)

 Youth Code - LP (red, 400)
 Youth Code - Youth Code - “A Place to Stand” LP (grey)

 Youth Code - “Anagnorisis” ep (yellow)

 Youth Code - “Commitment to Complications” LP (pink)

 Youth Of Today - "Live In Amsterdam" 7inch

 Youth of Today - “Disengage” 7inch (RSD 2011, 1350 Pressed on Red)

 Youth of Today - “Break Down The Walls” LP (repress w/original layout, green)

 Youth of Today - “One Night Stand” 7inch (RSD 2019, black vinyl)

 Youth of Today - “Can’t Close My Eyes” LP (red, reissue)

 Youth of Today - “We’re Not In This Alone” LP (white, reissue)

 ZZ Top - Eliminator LP


 "After The Storm" (Judge tribute)- 7inch w/hoods, pitboss2000, and more.(purple,100)

 “America’s Hardcore - Volume 4” LP (Red)

 “Angus” Soundtrack LP (2015 repress on blue, feat. Green Day, Weezer, Riverdales, etc.

 "Bay Area Thrash Demolition vol. 4" - w/lab rats, scholastic deth, and more.

 "Bay Area Thrash Demolition vol. 6 (double 7inch) " - w/ Lights Out, Our Turn, etc.

“California Hardcore: A Call To Arms” LP feat. AFI, Redemption 87, Model American, Hoods, Second Coming, Hoods, and more

“CB4 Soundtrack” - w/Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, MC Ren , etc.

 "Coastal Flooding", west coast vol.1 7inch w/ Champion, Allegiance, Find Him and Kill Him, Blue Monday, The Miracle Mile, and Where Eagles Dare (green)

 "Coastal Flooding", west coast vol.1 7inch w/ Champion, Allegiance, Find Him and Kill Him, Blue Monday, The Miracle Mile, and Where Eagles Dare (white vinyl, posi numbers pressing #57/200))

 "Coastal Flooding", west coast vol.1 7inch (TEST PRESS, #18/25) w/ Champion, Allegiance, Find Him and Kill Him, Blue Monday, The Miracle Mile, and Where Eagles Dare

“Deathwish Singles Collection” #1 w/The Hope Conspiracy & Suicide File Split/Some Girls-“The Rains”/Horror Show – “Our Design” 7inch #327

 "Departure..." 7inch Compilation (feat. AVAIL, Freak Beans, 1.6 Band, Spoke)
 "Devil’s Night" 7inch w/ Ensign, Eyelid, Adamantium, Missing 23rd, Death By Stereo.(Orange/black,1000)

 "East vs. West" 7inch w/Blood For Blood, The Trouble, Powerhouse, Pressure Point (red)

 “Epilouge Vol 1 - Tribute To Kill Your Idols 7” (feat. Bullet Treatment, Offsides, Backtrack, Rust Belt, Seasick, and Violent Society

 “FLEX YOUR HEAD XXX” - Dischord Records (red vinyl)

 “Four Old Seven Inches On A Twelve Inch” LP (aka. The Year In 7inchs by Dischord)

“Gilman Street Block Party” - Double 7inch w/Operation Ivy, Green Day, Rancid, Crimpshrine, Neurosis, Isocracy and Stikky

“God’s Chosen People” LP - w/Avail, Iconoclast, Born Against and more

 "Growing Stronger"- 7inch w/ floorpunch, ensign, atari, 97a, r.o.t.p, and pushed too far (blue letters)

 "I Stand Alone #5"- 7inch w/kid dynamite, elliott, and sunday evening dinner club.

 "Look Out Below" 7inch w/Rosary, The Answer, Blue Monday, Go It Alone

 “Loud & Clear: A Hardcore Compilation” 7inch (yellow) w/Terror, Forced Order,   No Warning, World Collapse, Risk It!, Wisdom In Chains

 “National Lampoon’s Vacation” Soundtrack LP

 “New York City Hardcore - The Way It Is” LP (Red, Reissue)

 “New York Thrash” LP w/Beastie Boys, Bad Brains, Kraut, Adrenalin O.D. and more. (2002 ROIR)

 "No Borders"- 12inch w/grey area, kid dynamite, soia, fury66, indecision, snapcase,shutdown, and much more.

 “Rebuilding” - 7” Hardcore Sampler w/No Escape, Gorilla Biscuits, Turning Point, Burn

 "Rebirth Of Hardcore"- 12inch w/ in my eyes, ten yard fight, wfawm, committed, saves the day, fastbreak, good clean fun, shelter, bt1k, battery, and more.

 “The Search For Animal Chin” Soundtrack (2018 Record Store Day, yellow vinyl)

 "Stab and Kill vol. 1" double 7inch w/ some kind of hate, knife fight, mental and alot more

 "Sweet Vision- Lockin Out Records Presents" 7inch w/Righteous Jams, The Wrong Side, Mental, Jaguarz, SOS, Get Real, and Say No More (green)

 "The Thing That Floyd Ate" Lookout Records Compilation (X2 LP, pink cover)
 "The Time Is Now"- 7inch w/ Floorpunch, Ten Yard Fight, Hands Tied, Rain of the Parade, and Rancor.

 "This Is Berkeley Not West Bay” - Feat. AFI, Black Fork, Dead And Gone, Screw 32

 "This Is Soul" LP - Feat. Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Ray Charles, The Drifters, and many more.

 “Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk” LP (Blue)

 “Maximum Rock N Roll Presents ‘Turn It Around’” 7inch - feat Operation Ivy, Isocracy, NUFAN, Crimpshrine, and more. 

 "Under The Influence"- 7inch w/ committed, ten yard fight, kill your idols,fasttimes, time flies,where fear and weapons meet. Special Cover 41/100 blue            

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I am open to suggestions as my music tastes are all over the place, so feel free to offer anything if you find a record that you dig. 

As far as what REALLY interests me, look below:       

- ANY classic era Revelation Records releases
- ANYTHING by BEASTIE BOYS (bootlegs or official)
- ANYTHING by TURNING POINT or other classic youth crew records
- Anything by NIRVANA
- Anything by QUICKSAND
- Any old Hip-Hop (Golden Age Era)
- Any old Bay Area old Gilman/Lookout Records era stuff 
- "Can Of Pork" Compilation
- Lots of early to mid-2000 hardcore bands (ie. AN, CMO, & IME)