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Jesse (Kelvin) Mclaughlin (Rottrevore)

7 “EPs: 

Angelkill ‎– Lady Cadaver 
Lemegethon ‎– Demonic Hellhounds
Master / Excision Split EP
Multiplex / Hellchild Split EP
Napalm Death – live in 1986 
Rottrevore – Copulation Of The Virtuous & Vicious


ASSASSIN - The Upcoming Terror 
At War ‎– Retaliatory Strike (Rock Brigade Records ‎)
CENTAUR - Mob Rules The World (No Remorse Records, 1990)
CROSSED OUT – discografia 1990 – 1993 ( White Wax- orig.)
DISINCARNATE - Dreams Of The Carrion Kind LP 93
Extra Hot Sauce - Tacco Of Death
EXUMER - Possessed By Fire
EXUMER - Rising From The Sea
GOATPENIS - Anesthetic Vapor
INDESTROY - Senseless Theories
IRON MAIDEN - aces high – 
GOATPENIS - Inhumanization ‎(LP Picture)
IMHA TARIKAT – Kenoboros
Intende Mutilation - Safe Sex
IRON MAIDEN – powerslave
KREATOR - endless pain
MASTER - master
LYMPHATIC PHLEGM ‎– Pathogenesis Infest Phlegmsepsia 
MAYHEM - live In Leipzig - Obscure Plasma Records, Hellion Records, 1994
Metal Duck  / Lawnmower Deth split LP
MOTORHEAD - Beerdrinkers and Hellraisers  (Big Beat Records, 1980)
NAPALM DEATH – from enslavement to obliteration 
NUNSLAUGHTER – Hells Unholy Fire LP H.H. Records Ltd Beer / Black vinyl- Gatefold + Poster 
OVERDOSE‎– You're Really Big! ( Cogumelo Records) 
PUNGENT STENCH – for god your soul..
R.U. DEAD? ‎– Dead But Alive 2 x LP 
THE EJECTED – spirit of rebellion 
SLAYER - decade of aggression live – Double LP
SLAYER - show no mercy
TAURUS – trapped in lies 
THE ENDOPARASITES – Iconoclasty Of Flesh (Cogumelo Records, 1993)
THE RAVENOUS - Three On A Meathook 10”LP (Banda com os caras do Autopsy, Nuclear Assault, Abcess, etc…)
Vírus 27 ‎– Parasitas Obrigatórios (orig.)
Various - Edge Of Painfull Sensation LP
Vírus 27 ‎– Caso Sério !!! (orig.)
VULCANO - Who Are The True? Orig.

    Aggressive Dogs – Truth & News! Media!! (Arise records, 1990)
Alien Sex Fiend – Acid Bath (Anagram Records, 1988)  
Asia – Aqua (Warner Music Japan, 1992) 
Black Flag – The First Four Years (SST Records) 
Carcass – The Gore Gallery Of Demos 
Cause For Effect - Fast Material 
Chaotic Dischord - fuck poiliticians… (Toy's Factory, 1991 )
    Concrete Sox – Another Time (Weasel Records, 1992)
Corrosion of Conformity - blind
Corrosion Of Conformity – Eye For An Eye Plus Six Songs With Mike Singing (Caroline Records, 1989)
D.O.A.– The Dawning Of A New Error (Alternative Tentacles, 1992) 
DFL ((Dead Fucking Last ‎)–  My Crazy Life  (Grand Royal Records, 1994), 
DFL (Dead Fucking Last ‎)– Proud To Be  (Epitaph  Records, 1995)
Disorder – perdition EP (Toy's Factory ‎, 1991)
Eu´s Arse Sdrondenade Arco
Exploited – live in japan (Toy's Factory ‎, 1991)
Gang Green ‎– King Of Bands (Far East Metal Syndicate, 1992)
Garage Fuzz ‎– Relax In Your Favorite Chair (Roadrunner Records)
Government Issue Complete History Volume One - Cd Duplo
Government Issue Complete History Volume Two Cd Duplo
Government Issue Strange Wine : Live At Cbgb August
Icons Of Filthy - Onward Christian Soldiers
Infectious Grooves ‎– The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move (epic – ed. Japonsesa)
Insted ‎– What We Believe ( epitaph records, 1990)
Jawbreaker - Dear You (Geffen Records, 1995)
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts ‎– Notorious (Blackheart Records, 1991 – Ed. Japonesa)
Lard ‎– The Last Temptation Of Reid (Toy's Factory  Records,1990)
MR Big – live 
Os Cabeloduro ‎– Com Todo Amor E Carinho 
Punk´s not dread CD ( Toy Factory, 1990)
Rebelie II. - Hardcore CD  coletânea com antigas bandas da Czechoslovakia: Serious Music, Director, M.O.R., Czechcore S.R.K., Divnej Pach, Bilharze, Sebastian, Subverted, Hassmann a jeho Nebeští Jezdci. Monotor record, 1990
Scorn ‎– Vae Solis (toy factorys records, 1992)
Screeching Weasel - Bark like a dog
Screeching Weasel ‎– How To Make Enemies And Irritate People (Lookout! Records) ‎
Sex Pistols ‎– Live And Loud!! (Link Records, 1991)
Slapshot ‎– Back On The Map (Taang! Records, 2003)
SNFU ‎– ... And No One Else Wanted To Play (Better Youth Organization, 1999) 100,00
Soothsayer – Have A Good Time (Restless Records /Colossal Records, 1989 original)
Strife ‎– One Truth  (Victory Records, 1994  )
Sub pop 200 (Sub Pop, 1991) 
the 4 skins ‎ the wonderful world of the 4 skins (link records, 1991 – ed. Japonesa)
The Clash ‎– Super Black Market Clash – (Epic Records, 1993 - Edição Japonesa)
The Queers - Beat Off – ( Lookout! Records, 1994)
The Queers ‎– Don't Back Down – (Lookout! Records , 1996)
The Southern Death Cult ‎– The Southern Death Cult ( Beggars Banquet Records, 1988)
Toy Dolls ‎- Fat Bob's Feet - ( Toy Factory /Ed. Japonesa, 1991)
Toy Dolls ‎– High Spirits – (Toy Factory /Ed. Japonesa, 1990)
Toy Dolls – Wakey Wakey! (Receiver Records Limited ‎ Records, 1990 ( Edição japonesa)
Toy Dollz - Orcastrated(Receiver Records Limited, 1995)
UK Subs ‎– Europe Calling (The London - Paris - Vienna Recordings (Released Emotions Records, 1991)
UK/DK (The Original Soundtrack) Coletânea com: –The Exploited, Chaos UK, Disorder, The Bussiness, Varukers, Adicts, Vice Squad, Blitz, One Way System, The Vibrators, Anti-Pasti, Anti-Nowhere League, Angelic Upstarts, Broken Bones, Urban Dogs. 	(Toy's Factory ‎, 1991 - Edição Japonesa)) 135,00
Unbroken ‎– Life. Love. Regret. ( New Age Records, 1994 original )
Uncurbed A Nightmare In Daylight
Warzone - Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets / Open Your Eyes (original)
X Japan -Jealousy - Siren Song records. 1991 (Ed Japonesa) 
Youth Brigade – Sink With Kalifornija ( Better Youth Organization, 1994)

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Abhorrence - Abhorrence EP
Abhorrence - Completely Vulgar double LP
Abhoth - The Tide 
Abruptum – Evil 
Acheron - Deprived Of Afterlife 
Agathocles / Nasum - Who Shares The Guilt? / Blind World (Poserslaughter Records - PSR-WIMP 011)
Anal Cunt – live EP
Anguish ‎– Ground Absorbs
Anti cimex "scandinavian jawbreaker" LP  (orig. or repress)
Anti cimex “fucked in finland’
Appendix  “tops of the pops"  LP (orig. or repress)
Bastards " jarjeton maailma" LP  (orig. or repress)
Blasphemy – fallen angel of doom  LP 
Blue Vomit - Discografia 98/983 ‎LP
Bombafall"asiktsfrihet"  (orig. or repress)
Carcass – Pathologic EP
Carnage” live 4//89 ” EP 
Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales (orig. or repress)
Convulse ‎– World Without God LP (orig. or repress)
Cruel Maniax / No security 
Dead infection - Surgical Disembowelment  LP
Deche – Charge / Mizuko
Deche-Charge / The Earwigs – Split
Disastrous Murmur - Rhapsodies in Red (orig. or repress)
Disfear – soul scars LP
Disgrace- Debts Of Gods 
Disgust - Brutality Of War LP
Disorder”mental disorder” EP
Disperazione “ sempre immutat fede “
Disrupt - Unrest LP 
Dissection   ‎– Into Infinite Obscurity (SWE)
English Dogs - Mad Punx & English Dogs LP (orig.)
Filth / General Surgery
General Surgery - Erosive Offals, Pestisferous Anthropophagia, Internecine Prurience x EP
General Surgery / Filthy
Goreaphobia - Omen Of Masochism (Relapse Records - RR-015) 
Goreaphobia ‎– Morbidious Pathology
Gorement - Into Shadows (Poserslaughter Records - PSR007) 
Gorement - Obsequies.... (After World Records - AWR005)
Grave - Anatomia Corporis Humani LP
Grave ‎– Tremendous Pain EP 
Grave / Devolution split LP
Headclearners (swe) early  EPs
Histeria / Masacre Split EP
Huvudvatt / Piknic boys Split EP
Impact / Eu´s arse  Split EP
Impetigo - Buio Omega
Impetigo – Faceless
Impetigo / Transgressor 
Incantation - Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies  
Incantation - Entrantment Of Evil 
Indigesti / Wretched (original or repress)
Infester - Darkness Unveiled 
Interment – life here after EP 
Krisiun / Harmony Dies
Lama  early  EPs ( original or repress)
Lama "ei já mikkan" LP
Larm/ Stanx split LP
Marionetti ‎– Finnish Hardcore 98-983 LP
Masacre 8 / Histeria Split EP
Masacre 8 / Histeria Split PIC LP
MASSACRE" s/t" (rock o rama) LP
Megaslaughter ‎– Calls From The Beyond
Megaslaughter ‎– demos LP
Mellakka" itsenaisyyspaiva  EP
Mellakka"ei... EP
Mortem - slow death EP (orig)
Mortician - House By The Cemetery
Mortician - Mortal Massacre
Mortician first LP
Nasum – LPs & EPs ( I don’t have)
Necrony – Pathological Performances Lp
Nihilist - LPs
Nihilist - Radiation Sickness
No Security - 4-Talisterna
No Security - In This Country That I Call Fucking Home LP
No Security / Crocodileskink
No Security / Cruel Maniax 
Nyctophobic “neglected….” EP
Regurgitate - Effortless Regurgitation Of Bright Red Blood
Regurgitate / Atrocity 
Regurgitate / Entrails Massacre
Regurgitate / Gore Beyond Necropsy
Regurgitate / Intestinal Infection 
Regurgitate / Suppository –
Regurgitate Carnivorous Erection
Regurgitate/Psychotic Noise – Split 
Rip cord - harvest hardcore  EP
Rippikoulu - Musta Seremonia
Seven minute of nausea “ the rose… 
Seven Minutes of Nausea / Deca Debilane split  
Seven Minutes of Nausea / Strichnin split  
Seven Minutes of Nausea ‘Your Father Was a Poser’  (first press)
Seven minutes of nausea/Noise waste splt  
Stengte Dører / Proces Split EP
Terrorizer – darks days ahead orig.
Totalitar " snabb livsglade" EP
Totalitar "allting ar pa latsa"  EP
Totalitar"dom lurar oss’  EP
Totalitar"multinationla mordare"   EP orig
Totalitar"vand dig inte om" EP 
Trojne - Varför Krig EP  
Underage"africani"  EP
Unicef"kakimassaa" EP ( original or repress)
V/a:Propaganda HC 83 LP (green)
V/a:Russia bombs finland orig LP
Varaus" tuomittu elamaan  EP(983)
Vomitory - 1989-1999 (", Pic, Ltd)
Vomitory - Opus Mortis VIII LP
Vomitory - Primal Massacre
Vomitory - Raped In Their Own Blood LP
Vomitory - Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize
Vomitory/Murder corporation  
W.B.I. first EP
Warsore / Egrogsid*
Warsore / Gore Beyond Necropsy
Warsore / Nee!
Warsore / Soil Of Ignorance
Warsore; Autoritar 10 LP
Xysma – falat morgana

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