Email: Rob Alexander -- Ebay Name: cemeteryspit -- Last Updated: 10/14/2020
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Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander

I'll try and update this from time to time; If you're interested in trades or either selling me merch from any of the bands I already have merch from feel free to send me an e-mail! I would be willing to sell some of these as well given the right offer of course.

You can find me on Facebook under the name I have listed above, feel free to message me so I can accept any friend requests faster! 

I also have pictures of some of the items on my TShirtSlayer account which needs a little updating. [https://tshirtslayer.com/user/bleachtemple]

-------------SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRTS--------------

American Nightmare - "Building" OG (Black, Fruit of the Loom XL)
As Cities Burn - "Stabber" OG (Black, Fruit of the Loom XL)
Between the Buried and Me - "La Mort de Marat" OG (Black, XL)
Citizen - "2013 Tour Live Shot" (Black, Alstyle XL)
Coheed and Cambria - "Dragonfly" OG (Black, Fruit of the Loom XL)
Cold World - "Feet First" (Black, Gildan Hammer XL)
Converge - "Destroyer" OG (Black, Fruit of the Loom XL)
Distaste - "None Innocent" (Black, Alstyle XL)
Elegy - "Day of Suffering Rip" (Black, Gildan XL)
Elegy - "Miracle Man" (Black, Gildan XL)
Endpoint - "Domestic Abuse" OG (Cream, Fruit of the Loom 2XL)
Full of Hell - "Numb Your Mind" (Black, XL)
Hell of Self - "First Show Shirt" (Black, Gildan 2XL)
Knocked Loose - "First Shirt" OG (Black, Gildan 2XL)
KillTheSlaveMaster - "Statue" OG (Black, XL)
Love Lost But Not Forgotten - "Anatomy" Bootleg (Black, Gildan XL)
Mat Kerekes - "Samurai" (White, Gildan XL)
Mil-Spec - "All Against All" (Yellow, Gildan XL)
My Chemical Romance " Pistol" Bootleg (Black, Gildan XL)
Never Ending Game - "Live Shot" (Black, Comfort Colors L)
Old Wounds - "New Jersey Metalcore" (Black, Gildan XL)
Poison The Well - "Businessmen" OG (Black, Anvil XL)
Razel Got Her Wings - " Your Parents Hate Us" (White, Gildan XL)
Reaction Skateboards - "Straight Edge" (Black, Hanes XL)
Saosin - "Pistols" OG (Black, M&O Knits XL)
Slow Fire Pistol - "Heart of Discernment" (Black, Gildan XL)
Suicidal Tendencies - "Obey Collaboration" (Black, XL)
Tourniquet - "Six Shooter" (Black, Gildan XL)
Vamachara - "Neon Genesis Evangelion" (Black, Gildan XL)
Vamachara - "Kickback Rip" (Black, Gildan XL)
Vamachara - "Little Devil Rip" (White, Alstyle 2XL)
Vamachara - "Texas Chainsaw" (Black, Alstyle XL)
Vamachara - "Torment" (Black, Gildan XL)
Vein - "Ripple" (Cream, Gildan XL)
Vein - "Alphabet" (Black, Gildan XL)
Vein - "Mary Benefit" (White, Gildan XL)
War Hungry - "Hungry by Nature" (Gray, Hanes XL)
Wild Side - "Felix the Cat" (Gray, Gildan XL)
WristMeetRazor - "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" (Black, Gildan XL)
WristMeetRazor - "Serial Experiments Lain" (Black, Gildan XL)
WristMeetRazor - "Usurp Synapse Rip" (Black, Gildan XL)
WristMeetRazor - "Fashion Before Passion" (Black, Gildan XL)
WristMeetRazor - "Scene Bullshit" (Black, Gildan XL)
WristMeetRazor - "Dangerous Woman" (Black, Gildan XL)
WristMeetRazor - "Pindoll Girl" (Black, Gildan XL)
WristMeetRazor - "Hand of Blood" (Black, Gildan 2XL)
WristMeetRazor - "Eye Gouge" (Black, Gildan XL)
Year of the Knife - "Anime Dissection" (Tan, Hanes XL)

-------------LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRTS--------------- 

Bad Seed - "6131" OG (Navy, Gildan XL)
Candy - My Bloody Valentine Rip" (Gray, Gildan XL)
Dare - "OCSXE Sign Language" (Black, Gildan XL)
Mayhem - "Dawn of the Black Hearts" Bootleg (Black, Yazbek XL)
Never Ending Game - "Detroit Hardcore" (Navy, Comfort Colors XL)
Tourniquet - Never Find My Way" (Black, Gildan XL)
Turnover - "Peripheral Vision Artwork" (Black, Gildan XL)
Turnstile - "Time & Space Tour" (Black, Gildan XL)
Vein - "Doomtech" - (Black, Gildan XL)
Vein - "NERV Rip" (Black, Gildan XL)

-------HOODIES & CREWNECKS & Windbreakers--------

Basement - "Aquasun" (Black, Beimar L)
Cold World - "Bape" (Gray, Jerzees L)
Deadguy - "Death to False Metal" OG (Black, Fruit of the Loom 2XL)
Deftones - "Sacramento" (Black, Auburn Sportswear L)
Glassjaw - "Machine Gun" (Orange, Jerzees XL)
God's Hate - "Punisher" (Gray, Champion XL)
Kaonashi - "Angel" (Black, Gildan XL)
Kharma - "Fuck 12" (Gray, Champion XL)
Linkin Park - "Reanimation" (Navy, Giant XL)
Movements - "Skateboard Cat" (Gray, Champion XL)
Power Trip - "Lockin' Out" OG (Black, Gildan XL)
Sanction - "Sunoco Fuel" (Black, XL)
Tourniquet - "Vampire" (Black, Jerzees XL)
Turnstile - "Time & Space" (Orange, Champion XL)
Vamachara - "Crosshair Quarter Zip-UP" (Black, Champion XL)
Vamachara - "Unmatched Force" (Gray, Champion XL)
Vamachara - "Kickback RIP" (Black, XL)
Vamachara - "College Logo" (Gray, Champion XL)
Vamachara - "Drive the Blade" (Black, Champion XL)
Vein - "Ripple" (Black, Gildan XL)
Vein - "Errorzone" (Black, Champion XL)
Vein - "Errorzone" (White, Champion XL)
Vein - "Ring Rip" (Gray, Gildan XL & L) [2X]
Vein - "Ring Rip" (Black, Gildan XL)
Vein - "Friends Only Windbreaker" (Black, Independent L)
WristMeetRazor - "Melting Man" (Black, Gildan XL)
WristMeetRazor - "XOXO" (Black, Gildan XL)
Email: Rob Alexander -- Ebay Name: cemeteryspit -- Last Updated: 10/14/2020
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I would gladly trade for or buy for any of these bands, but I'm more inclined towards older items


7 Angels 7 Plagues
Prayer For Cleansing
Red Roses For a Blue Lady
On Broken Wings
Shai Hulud
I Have Dreams
Earth Crisis
Morning Again