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Guido Ritz

My have list only represents the few items I am willing to give away and is way out of date. I'm currently in the process of adding everything everything I don't need anymore to discogs. Look for buzzkill.xvx

Yes my want list is long but it's still missing one or the other item

A lot of my wants cannot be met by what I have for trade. I'm aware of that. But once in a while I have the funds to buy one of the big guns. So if you're looking to sell let me know.

If the pressing for an item is not explicitly described it means I am either looking for all the different pressings or just any pressing.

I won't jump at every opportunity to get any of the items on my wantlist. Yes I do want to have all of those but there's quite a priority slide in there.

Everything on my Have list is up for trade and some are also up for sale. If you want something shoot me an offer.

I get in touch. I send first. .....xxx.... You get in touch. You send first.

Solid dudes: Thomas Sch�fer, Willem Jan Kneepkens, Jan Hoppe, Mario Hauf, Nico Welmer, Marcus Kr�ger, Kyle Hughes, Daniel Frankowski, Henry Apel, Adam Harazim, Florian Bach, Tom Rackow, Stefan K�rkemeier, Enrico Potzelt, Boris Mesaric, Sebastian xvxguerilla, Jeff Smith, Jeff Sims, Ferry Krop, Bradley Smith, Andras Josi

Bad dudes:
- Phillip Jacquez. Lefty960 on ebay. sold me an original pressing The Lewd - kill yourself 7" with a photocopied cover without mentioning it wasn't the original cover and when i told him he said he had paid considerably more for it!?!? accepted return but tried to avoid the proper channels on ebay. had to call ebay to get my money back 2 weeks after record was delivered back to him. A lot of hassle and I even ended up paying about 10� on return postage.

- Frank Mohr. I bought a couple of records from him through Facebook. I specifically asked about condition and if all the inserts were included. Reply about condition was misleading and actually only referred to the vinyl but not the covers and wasn't even that correct. Threw the 7"es in with the one LP without extra protection which led to another seamsplit. Mostly though 2 of the 7"es did not have the inserts which he explicitly stated as being complete. Agreed to take those two records back but demanded me to pay for postage. Why should I pay for that? He lied about the inserts and send the records anyway although i would not have taken them if he had answered honestly to my question wether all the records come with the according lyric inserts. Currently (June 13th '16) trying to get a part of my money back through paypal. Also he tried to pass of a 4th press SOIA 7" on REV as a 1st press but I realised that before he sent the records. At that time I considered it an honest mistake. 


        Confront - payday 7" INSERT ONLY
        Government Warning - Paranoid Mess LP COVER ONLY
        Mouthpiece - what was said LP Cover & insert. NO VINYL
        No Tolerance - No Tolerance, No Remorse + Demo LP COVER ONLY
        Punch - push/pull LP on Assault Records COVER ONLY
        Turning Point - s/t 7" 1st press picture insert, unfolded, rolled in tube
        Turning Point - s/t 7" 3rd press insert, unfolded, rolled in tube
        Turning Point - s/t 7" 4th press insert
        V/A - NYC HC The Way It Is - both 1st press INSERTS ONLY



        all 7"es I have for sale or trade are up on discogs now. Can't bother to keep that list up to date on here. so check my discogs profile: https://www.discogs.com/user/buzzkill.xvx


	Isis - the red sea (2nd press mint green /183) Second Nature SN014 



        Coalesce - 002 / a safe place (green marble vinyl) Second Nature Records
        Integrity - humanity is the devil (red vinyl) Victory Records
	Pulling Teeth - vicious skin (2nd press, clear vinyl, gatefold /850) A 389 A389-013



        Die Aeronauten - jetzt Musik - Tom 34 Records
	Alpha & Omega � life swallower (red /400, incl. Devil's Bed 7� tracks as Bonus) Reality RR031 

        Annihilator - never neverland - Roadrunner Records
        AYS - wreck my soul (1st press orange vinyl) Cobra Records
        AYS - wreck my soul (1st press clear purple w/ white splatter vinyl 42/150, promo poster, promo flyer) Cobra Records
        AYS - wreck my soul (1st press orange w/ white splatter vinyl 16/75, promo poster, promo flyer) Cobra Records
	Battery � we won't fall / let the past go (picture vinyl) Lost & Found LF255 
        Battle Ruins - s/t (black vinyl) Rock'n'Roll Disgrace RRD 015
        Biohazard - s/t - Maze Records
        The Black Heart Procession - amore del tropico - Touch & Go Records
        Black SS - foreign object (white vinyl, band color /100) Reaper No.06 / Organized Crime No.12
        Bleed Into One - birth. struggle. death. - Dead Serious / New Morality Records 
	Blood For Blood � spit my last breath (black) Open handed / Lost Disciple OH02 

	Blue Monday � rewritten (2nd press, picture vinyl, from euro tour w/ poster (has gaffa tape on edges)) 

	Born Against � the rebel sound of shit and failure (1st press) Vermiform VMFM20 

	Bracewar � juggernaut (white /252) 1917 19r010 

        Brotherhood - till death (seahawks vinyl) Southernlord Records
        Brotherhood - till death (true blue vinyl) Southernlord Records
	Brutal Knights � feast of shame (clear green /100) Deranged DY94 

	Brutal Knights � feast of shame (gray silkscreened cover /338) P.Trash full trash 21 

	Brutal Knights � feast of shame (ltd. amber vinyl) Deranged DY94 

	Burial � never give up... never give in (black /700) Hate03 / MUS17 / ISG08 
        Carbonas - s/t - Raw Deluxe DLUX004
	Cave In � until your heart stops (A/B on clear orange, C/D on clear blue /304) Hydra Head HH666-031 

	Coalesce � functioning on impatience (1st press mint green /110) Second Nature SN-010 

        Coldburn - the harsh fangs of life (clear vinyl, 1st press) Cobra CR-055
	Cold World � dedicated to babies who came feet first (grey marble /780) Deathwish DWI65 

	Converge � when forever comes crashing (1st press black) Equal Vision EVR41 

	Converge � when forever comes crashing (1st press white /300) Equal Vision EVR41 

        The Crimson Curse - both feet in the grave (1st press, one sided clear vinyl with screen printed B-Side) Goldenrod Records
        Dahlia Seed - survived by - Trouble Man Unlimited Records
        Dangers - anger (white vinyl) Vitriol Records
        Danzig - lucifuge (2002 Bootleg)
	Dead Hearts � bitter verses (orange marble /500) Round 2 RTR006 

        The Dickies - the incredible shrinking... (1986 US press) A&M Records SP-4742
	Die Hard � looking out for #1 (black) Conversion CR007 
        Eddie And The Hotrods - teenage depression - Island ILPS-9457
        Empathy - under the lost smile (test press) CTW007
        Faith - subject to change - Dischord DIS11 - 3rd press pink vinyl
        Faith - subject to change - Dischord DIS11 - 5th press black vinyl
        Fear - more beer (1985 dutch first press) Enigma Records�
        The First Step - what we know - Not Just Words NJW-018 - 1st press black vinyl
        Fucked Up - year of the pig (stamped labels, on mention of matador records) What's Your Rupture Records
        Fucked Up - year of the tiger - Matador Records
        Fucked Up - year of the dog (white labels, first press) Blocks Recording Club
        The Gun Club - two sides of the beast - Castle Communications Ltd. DOJO LP 8
        Headfirst - the enemy (white vinyl) Workshed WSR-006
        The Housemartins - now that's what i call quite good - Go! Discs Ltd. AGOLP-11
        Integrity - those who fear tomorrow (2nd OCR press, tan vinyl /400) Organised Crime Records
        Integrity - those who fear tomorrow (2nd OCR press, clear purple vinyl, #44/101 on dustsleeve) Organised Crime Records
        Integrity - systems overload A2/Orr mix (still sealed, WH in marker on shrink probably to denote white vinyl) Organized Crime
	Integrity � palm sunday (grey /325, still sealed, RSD 2012) Organized Crime OCR047 

        Into Another - s/t (clear green RSD 2012 pressing /553) Revelation Records
        Into Another - s/t (gold vinyl 2012 pressing) Revelation Records
        Iron Maiden - can i play with madness / the evil that men do (2x12") EMI 198-7-94001 1
        Jenny Piccolo - information battle to denounce the genocide - 31g Records
        Judge - bringing it down (black vinyl, 25th anniversary pressing) REV
        Justice - escapades - Reflections RFL087 / Powered PR06 - black vinyl /350 
        Justice - escapades - Reflections RFL087 / Powered PR06 - baby blue vinyl /250
        Justice - live and learn (last show edition) Powered Records
        Kilara - s/t - Rhetoric Records
	Lewd Acts � black eye blues (blue / brown vinyl /300) Deathwish DWI93 

	Los Crudos � los primeros gritos 1991-1995 (euro version) Don't Belong Vol.6 

	Lose The Life � the end of conformity (black vinyl) Ugly And Proud U&P010 

        Loud And Clear - s/t - Powered Records
        Madball - hold it down - Epitaph Records
        Martys AD - the human condition in twelve fractions - Ferret / Life Force Records
        Merauder - master killer (white vinyl /50) Dead Serious Records 
        Mine - tetanus - The Great American Steak Religion / Common Cause Records
	Minutes - narrations about the god of dogs (Testpress /10) Good Intentions HC GIHC.001 
        Nails - unsilent death (2nd press, gatefold cover) Southern Lord Records
        Nothing In Common - leaving without moving - Killer Release / Riot Rock Records
        No Tolerance - you walk alone (blue vinyl) Quality Control HQ
        Pick Your Side - let me show you how democracy works - A389-092
        Prisoner Abuse - s/t (clear vinyl) PKR-041
	The Promise Ring � 30� everywhere (white) Jade Tree JT1026 

	Pulling Teeth � martyr immortal (white vinyl) A 389 A389-020 

        Rearranged - new forms - Anger Battery ABR001 - black vinyl /300
        Regulations - s/t - Kick N' Punch 15.5 / Ny Vag 1
        Regulations - electric guitar - Havoc HC1230
        Rise And Fall - into oblivion (2nd press, white/silver vinyl) Deathwish Records DWI50
	Rocket From The Crypt � group sounds (euro tour / RSD 2012 press /500 still sealed) Vagrant VR377 

	Rocket From The Crypt � live from camp x-ray (euro tour / RSD 2012 press /500 still sealed) Vagrant VR377 

        Rollins, Henry - hot animal machine (missing insert) Texas Hotel TH-2
        Rotzkotz - lebesfroh + farbenfroh - No Fun NF 08/15
	Sectarian Violence � upward hostility (black /200) Carry The Weight CTW030 

        Sense Field - s/t (red vinyl RSD pressing) Revelation Records
        Sense Field - killed for less (yellow vinyl RSD 2012 /556) Revelation Records
        Sense Field - killed for less (green vinyl 2012 pressing) Revelation Records
        Sense Field - building (red vinyl RSD 2014) Revelation Records
	Sheer Terror - thanks fer nuthin' - Blackout! BLK-16LP 

        SFA - so what (green vinyl) Wreck Age WAR003
        Sick Of It All - scratch the surface - EastWest Records 7567-92422-1
        Sick Of It All - based on a true story (still sealed ltd Green Hell edition #094/200, w/ additional promo poster outside the sealed record) Century Media 
	Simpletones � simpletology (testpress /100, never properly released) Cupcake CC006 
        Slayer - god hates us all (red vinyl, 1st press) American Recording 586-394-1
        Some Kind Of Hate - undisputed (white vinyl) Bridge Nine
        Sonic Youth - bad moon rising - Torso Records 40011
        Sonic Youth - sister (italian pressing w/ uncensored cover) Torso 33040
        Stella - soundtrack to shortcoming - L'age D'or Records
        Die Sterne - trrrmmer - L'age D'or / Epic Records
        Stop And Think - both demos (ltd. Straight Ahead sleeve)
	Take Offense � tables will turn (dirty orange pre-order /240) Reaper RR35 

	Take Offense � under the same shadow (black /400) Reaper RR49 

	Take Offense � under the same shadow (clear /950) Reaper RR49 

	Terror � the damned, the shamed (ltd. edition incl. bonus track & CD) Century Media 9977941
        Total Fury - 13 songs (purple marbled vinyl) Gloom Records
        Triple Threat - into the darkness (clear vinyl /300) Bridge Nine B9R76
	True Colors � focus on the light (yellow 1st press embossed cover /200) Powered PR05 

	Uniform Choice � screaming for change (solid green marble, 2011 rev press) Wishingwell 

        Up Front - spirit (clear red vinyl RSD 2014, Mint in opened shrink) Smorgasbord
        James White and The Blacks - off white (picture vinyl) Ze Records
        Wolf Down - stray from the path (swirl vinyl /200) Start A Fire / Power Trip
        Wolf Down - stray from the path (splatter vinyl /300) Start A Fire / Power Trip
        Wolf Down - stray from the path (grey vinyl /500) Start A Fire / Power Trip

	X - los angeles (1980 UK 1st press) Slash Records SR-104 


Comp. 12�

	V/A � It's for life � feat. Unbroken, Mouthpiece, Strife, Lifetime, Mean Season, Ressurection, Flagman, Reveal (black vinyl) Victory Distribution VD 01 LP 

        V/A - nothing's quiet on the eastern front (feat. Assfactor 4, Brutal Truth, Devoid Of Faith, Drop Dead, Monster X, etc.) Reservoir Records
	V/A - Trojan Dub Box Set ... 50 tracks on 3 LPs (feat. Sly & the Revolutionaries, King Tubby, The Upsetters, The Aggrovators, Roots Radics Band, etc.) Trojan Records TRBLP002 



	Abusive Action � unbreakable 2004 (Discontent Records) 

	April � proberaum Tape 

	Awake � s.e.paration 

	Back-Stroke � leben nach �303 StGB verboten (#60) 

	Backside � harmony (Uprising #6) 

	Bad Seed � demo II 

	Biohazard � uncivilization (SPV / Mystic Productions) 

        Bj�rk - debut - Polygram Polska
	Black Friday '29 � demo (Bloody Sunday Records 004) 

	Black Haven � demo (throwback demo tapes) 

        The Blinds - busy with business - No Way Records NW-02
	The Burning Flames - ...a question of sincerity (Blue Sky Recordings � BSR001) 

	Cagy � a demo 

	Citizens Patrol � demo 

	Constraint � soulgrind 

	Counter - demo 2012 (black cover, red tape) GIHC.002 

	Down For The Count � reflections 

	Downslide � demo 2003 (Decline Records � DEC-REC-002) 

	Earthquake � demo 

	Everything Counts � demo 

	The Ice � MMVII (Deadsoil Records) 

	Jaws � demo 2005 

        Life's Munition - modern trap 2015 - Criminal Rights Records
	Mad Risk � demo 

	Mainstrike � demo (Commitment Records) 

        Mark Of The Devil - eurynome
        Nations On Fire - strike the match - X-Mist Records / Warehouse Records
	Nitad � demo 06 

	One Step Beyond � insomnia 

        Post Pran Dials - helljazz
	Press Gang � demo (Shock & Awe Records) 

	Right Here � the demo 

        Ringworm - live in germany '95 and demo
	Room 13 � demo 

	The Rumble � demo (55/88) 

	Rush 'n' Attack � demo (Crucial Attack Records) 

	Sinking Ships � demo 2004 

	Soblevel � xenomorphs wife (Spiritual Recordz) 

	Stack � demo 

	Stale � demo 

	Stalemate � demo 

	Strike 1st � demo 2003 

	Subside Aces � Proberaum Aufnahmen 2002 

	Sudden Death � demo (Animal Instinct Records) 

	Sundance � ironcage 

        Sunofearth - glisten / zero - Game Two Records
	The Target � null problemo demo 2006 

	Trash Talk � demo (Sell Our Souls � Soul#0.4) 

	True Colors � 2 song promo 

        Twin Peaks Soundtrack
	Watergate � third view of the sculpture (No Looking Back Records MC004) 

	What's Wrong � vlokasamotiva 


Split Tapes

	Ageing / Mindless Collision � experience 

	Avail / Sick Of It All � Promo Tape (probably from 2000, Fat Wreck Chords) 

	Propagandhi / Sick Of It All � Promo Tape (probably late 2000 early 2001, Fat Wreck Chords) 

Email: Guido Ritz -- Ebay Name: buzzkill.xvx -- Last Updated: 12/11/2020
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Looking for OG INSERTS ONLY for the following:

        Converge - halo in a haystack LP insert
        False Prophets - s/t LP 
        Killing Time - happy hour LP - Blackout Records
        No Trend - teen love 7" inserts
        V/A - Underground Hits LP innersleeve
        Violators - gangland 7" - No Future



	Adicts - lunch with The Adicts 
(w/ insert) Dining Out TUX 1
	Adicts - viva la revolution - Fallout Records fall002
	Adicts - chinese takeaway - Razor Records RZS 101
	Adicts - bad boy - Razor Records RZS 104
	Adrenalin OD - let's barbeque (red lettering on frontcover and spelling mistake on backcover) Buy Our Records 

	Adverts - gary gilmore's eyes / bored teenagers 
- Anchor Records ANC 1043
        Adverts - one chord wonders / quick step (solid center) Stiff Records BUY 13
	Agent Orange - s/t (white labels w/ black print) Agent Orange Records 

	Alan Milman Sect - punk rock christmas 

	Angelic Upstarts - i'm an upstart 

	Angelic Upstarts - the murder of little towers 

        Attack - today's generation
	Authorities - soundtrack for trouble 

	Avengers - we are the one (1st press, crucifixion sleeve) Dangerhouse 
	Beastie Boys - polly wog stew - Rat Cage Records MOTR 21 

	Bikini Kill / Team Dresch - split 

	Black Flag - nervous breakdown (1st press) SST-001 

        Botch ‎- Faction (green vinyl) World Of Hurt / Threshold Records
        Botch ‎- Faction (1997 tour edition) World Of Hurt / Threshold Records
        Botch ‎- The John Birch Conspiracy Theory (yellow vinyl) Phyte Records
        Botch / Nineironspitfire ‎- Split (clear vinyl) Indecision Records
	The Boys - brickfield nights - NEMS NES 116
	The Boys - i don't care - NEMS NES 102
	The Boys - kamikaze - Safari Records SAFE 21
	Briefs - poor and weird 

	Brotherhood - no tolerance for ignorance 
(tattoo cover)
       Buzzcocks - spiral scratch (1st press w/o Howard Devoto mention on front cover) New Hormones Records
	Buzzcocks - orgasm addict (UK press) UP36316 United Artists Records
	Buzzcocks - ever fallen in love (UK press) UP36455 United Artists Records
	C.I.A. - god, guts, guns - Shmegma Records 

	Channel - s/t (blue cover) Stillborn SB 002 

	Channel 3 - indian summer / seperate peace - Posh Boy PBS 38 

	Chiefs - s/t 

	Coalesce - 002 - Earache 7 MOSH 140 

	Cock Sparrer - runnin' riot 

	Cock Sparrer - we love you / chip on my shoulder 

	Cockney Rejects - i'm forever blowing bubbles 

	Cockney Rejects - i'm not a fool 

	Cockney Rejects - on the streets again 

	Cockney Rejects - we are the firm 

	Cockney Rejects - we can do anything 

	Common Cause - statement of purpose (grey vinyl) Powered 

	Confront - payday (blue vinyl) Dark Empire 

	Confront - payday (color cover) Dark Empire 

	Controllers - neutron bomb - What Records 4 

	Controllers - slow boy - Siamese Records PM003SR 

	The Cramps 
- fever / garbageman (withdrawn collage cover) Illegal Records ILS 0017
	The Cramps 
- fever / garbageman (regular cover) Illegal Records ILS 0017
	The Cramps 
- drug train - Illegal Records ILS 0017
	The Cramps 
- goo goo muck - IRS Records IR 9021
	The Cramps 
- I ain't nuthin' but a gorehound (gold logo cover) New Rose Records NEW 33
	The Cramps 
- faster pussycat/ you got good taste (1st press, picture vinyl) New Rose Records NEW 28.P
	The Cramps 
- can your pussy do the dog (gatefold cover, green vinyl) New Rose Records NEW 66
	The Cramps 
- can your pussy do the dog - New Rose Records NEW 66
	The Cramps 
- what's inside a girl? - Big Beat Records NS 115
	The Cramps 
- creature from the black leather lagoon - Enigma Records ENV 22
	The Cramps 
- eyeball in my martini - Big Beat Records NS 135
	The Cramps 
- ultra twist - Medicine Label 7-17976
	The Cramps 
- ultra twist - Creation Record CRE 180
	The Cramps 
- naked girl falling down the stairs / confessions of a psycho cat - Medicine Label 7-17932
	The Cramps 
- naked girl falling down the stairs - Creation Record CRE 196
	The Cramps 
- like a bad girl should - Epitaph 6527-7
	The Cramps 
- big black witchcraft rock - Vengeance 676
	Crucifix - 1984 

	Cure - 1st demo 

	Dead Boys - sonic seducer 

        Dead Hearts 
	Dennis C. Lee & The Living Daylights - dada-pop 

	Descendents - fat 

	Descendents - ride the wild / it's a hectic world 

	Discharge - ignorance - Clay 43 

	Discharge - the more i see - Clay 34 

	Double-O - s/t 

	Dow Jones & The Industrials - let's go steady 

	Earth Crisis - all out war (blue vinyl, green labels) Conviction 

	Earth Crisis - all out war (color cover) Conviction 

	Earth Crisis - all out war (green vinyl, blue labels) Conviction 

	Earth Crisis - firestorm (blue vinyl) Victory VR012 

	Earth Crisis - firestorm (green vinyl) Victory VR012 

	Fear - I love livin' in the city - Criminal Records 

	Feederz - jesus 

	The Festival Of Dead Deer - s/t 

	The Fix - jan's rooms 

	The Fix - vengeance 

	Flipper - flipper twist (black) Matador / Def American 

	Flipper - ha ha ha / love canal - Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 8 

        Flipper - sexbomb / brainwash (cover variations) Subterranean Records       
	Flipper - sexbomb remix - Fear And Loathing RCRPA-06 

	Flipper - some day / distant illusion (color variations) Subterranean 

	Freeze - i hate tourists - rebel records 

	Gasoline - sally 

	Gehenna - birth of vengeance (red cover) Revolutionairy Power Tools RPT-006 

	Gehenna / Apartment 213 - split (Manila envelope sleeve w/ silkscreened acetate front) Area 51 
	Gehenna / Apartment 213 - split (Photocopied cover w/ 7-headed serpent on back) 

	Gehenna / Apartment 213 - split (regular cover, red ink on insert) Area 51 

	Germs - forming - What Records 01 
	H2O - demo 

	Headfirst - back in control (red vinyl) Workshed WS-2 

	Heart Attack - god is dead 

	Hollywood Squares - hillside strangler 

	Honor Role - it bled like a stuck pig 

        HorrorShow both 7"es
	Icemen - buried alive 

	Icon A.D. - don't feed US shit
        Instilled - unfinished business
	Integrity - in contrast of sin (blue cover, black vinyl) Victory VR03 

	Integrity / Hatebreed - split (grey) Stillborn 

	Integrity / Kids Of Whitney High - split (w/ Blood Book) 

	Integrity / Mayday - split (purple) Game Two GT-01 

	Integrity / Mayday - split (white) Endgame 2 
	Into Another - poison fingers (purple) REV42 

	Judge - ny crew (2nd press) Schism 2 

	Judge - ny crew (3rd press) Schism 2 

	Judge - the storm (clear yellow) REV20 

	Kaos - product of a sick mind 

	Klan - pushin' too hard - Posh Boy PBS5 

	Kraut - kill for cash (w/ inserts) Cabbage Records K-0001 

	Los Microwaves - I don't want to hold you / forever 

	Los Microwaves - time to get up / tv in my eye - Posh Boy PBS10 

	Los Nuns - the beat / media control 

	Lou Miami & The Kozmetix - fascist lover 

	Lou Reed - don't talk to me about work 

	Lou Reed - rock and roll heart 

	Lou Reed - walk on the wild side / perfect day 

	The Mad - eyeball / i hate music 

        The Mad - fried egg
        Major Conflict - s/t - Silent Scream Records 10-4-1313
	Majority Of One - one man (color live cover, black vinyl) DOG006
	Marionetz - wir sind die marionetz 

	Mayday - the underdark (color vinyl) 

	Mayday - the underdark (blue cover) 

	MC5 - ramblin' rose 

	Meatmen - crippled children suck - touch & go 8 

	Meatmen - bloodsausage - Touch & Go 6 

	Mecht Mensch - acceptance 

	Men In Black - s&m bar 

	Mentally Ill - gacy's place 

	Minor Threat - in my eyes (1st press,red vinyl) Dischord 5 

	Minor Threat - s/t (1st press, red cover) Dischord 3 

	Minor Threat - first demo tape (3rd press, copyright 2009, made in usa) Dischord
	Minor Threat - salad days (1st press, sleeve printed in france, thumb tack in back cover, matrix not crossed out) Dischord
	Minor Threat - salad days (later press, sleeve printed in usa) Dischord
	Misfits - night of the living dead 

	The Mob - upset the system 
(black cover)
	The Mob - step forward 
(red vinyl)
        Mouthpiece  - st. (Purple Vinyl, GREEN Middlesex cover /6) New Age Records
        Mouthpiece  - st. (Purple Vinyl, PURPLE Middlesex cover /50) New Age Records
        Mouthpiece  - st. (Purple Vinyl,   Ltd.  PIG-MAN  Cover /10) New Age Records
        Mouthpiece  - st. (Gold Vinyl , Lim. Red Reunion Skater Cover /150) New Age Records
        Mouthpiece  - st. (black vinyl, purple labels w/ smooth edge and thinner printed year) New Age Records
	Mutants - new dark ages 

	Naked Raygun - flammable solid 

	Necros - conquest for death - touch & go 9 

	Necros - sex drive - touch & go 1 

	Necros - IQ32 (1st press, green labels) Touch & Go 3 / Dischord 4.5 

	Necros - IQ32 (1st press, green labels, skate park sleeve) Touch & Go 3 / Dischord 4.5 

	Negative Approach - s/t (1st press) Touch & Go 7 

	Neglect / Hatebreed -split (clear red) Stillborn 

	Nipple Erectors - king of the bop 

	Nips - all the time in the world 

	No For An Answer - you laugh (2nd press w/ I spy sleeve) Revelation REV6
	No For An Answer - you laugh (2nd press w/ live sleeve) Revelation REV6
	The Nuns - world war 3 / cock in my pocket 

	The Nuns - s/t - 415 Records SUB 1 

	The Nuns - wild 

        Outspoken - survival (yellow center labels) New Age/ Conversion
	Pagans - not now no way 

	Pagans - six & change 

	Patti Smith - gloria 

	Patti Smith - hey joe - piss factory 

	Pittbull - 1990
	The Plugz - move - Slash Records Scam 102 

	Pohgoh - guiche & geek 

	Pohgoh - look out 

	Pohgoh / Braid - split 

	Project X - s e revenge (w/ stamped labels) Schism 1 

	The Promise - my true love (clear) Deathwish DW 07 

	The Promise - my true love (white) Deathwish DW 07 

	Queen - princes of the universe (picture sleeve) 

	The Queers - kicked out of the webelos - Doheny Records 

	The Queers - love me - Doheny Records 

	Ramones - baby, i love you 

	Ramones - blitzkrieg bop 

	Ramones - danny says 

	Ramones - do you wanna dance 

	Ramones - i believe in miracles 

	Ramones - i remember you 

	Ramones - i wanna be your boyfriend 

	Ramones - i wanna live 

	Ramones - pet semetary 

	Ramones - psycho therapy 

	Ramones - r'n'r high school 

	Ramones - rockaway beach 

	Ramones - sheena is a punk rocker 
(pic sleeve) Sire SA746

	Ramones - the kkk took my baby away 

	Ramones - time has come / psycho therapy 

	Ramones / New York Dolls - split - Musical Tragedies MT-509 

	The Rattlers - what keeps yr heart beating 

	Red Alert - There's A Guitar Burning! - No Future
	Red Alert - City Invasion- No Future 

	Richard Hell & The Voidoids - blank generation 

	Richard Hell & The Voidoids / Neon Boys - split 

	Richard Hell - 3 new songs 

	Richard Hell - another world 

	Rise & Fall - clawing (b&w cover pink vinyl) Deathwish DW61 

	The Saints - (i'm) stranded 

	Sense Field - overstand / shady day 

	Sense Field / Farside - split (6" flexi) 

	Sense Field / Jimmy Eat World / Mineral - split 
(except grey and pink vinyl)
        The Samples - dead hero
	SFA - new york 
- Noo Yawk Rehkids
	Sham 69 - i don't wanna (
pic sleeve, red/green/yellow/ black paper labels, "Red London" wrongly mentioned on A-Side Label (not on both Labels)) Step Forward SF4
	Sham 69 - song of the streets
	Sheer Terror - spite (release show cover) Reaper RR45 

	Shotmaker - s/t 

	Simpletones - california / i like drugs 

	Slapshot - firewalker - Taang! 36
	Slapshot - firewalker (white) Taang! 36
	Slapshot - firewalker (clear yellow) Taang! 36
	Slapshot - same mistake (blue) Taang! 21 

	Slime - wir wollen keine bullenschweine 

	SOA - no policy (1st press green vinyl) Dischord 2 

	Social Distortion - 1945 (red/ yellow center labels) 13th Floor Records SD-4501 

	Social Distortion - bad luck / bye bye baby 
(company sleeve) Epic 34-74229
	Social Distortion - cold feelings / bad luck 
(pic sleeve) Epic ES7 4568
	Social Distortion - i was wrong 
(red vinyl) 550 Music 663955 7
	Spasms - it never happens like it does on the telly 

        Split Lip - s/t aka soul kill (purple cover with other vinyl color than white) Doghouse DOG 09
	Split Lip - s/t aka soul kill (white cover, white vinyl) Doghouse DOG 09 

	Split Lip - s/t aka soul kill (yellow cover) Doghouse DOG 09 

	Split Lip - s/t aka soul kill (alternate cover) Doghouse DOG 09 

	Stooges - 1969 / real cool time 

	Stooges - i wanna be yr dog 

	Subhumans - death to the sickoids 

	Subhumans - firing squad / no productivity 

	Supertouch - lost my way (RSD 2012) Reaper RR40 

	Swing Kids - s/t (black vinyl, white border cover, large centerhole, black labels) 
	Swing Kids - s/t (grey) 31g02 
	Swing Kids - s/t (white) 31g02 

        Sworn In
	Teen Idles - minor disturbance (1st press, cardstock cover) Dischord 1 

	Tension - in our time - First Street Records FS 02 

	Tom Waits - (looking for) the heart of saturday night 

	Tom Waits - 16 shells from a thirty-ought-six 

	Tom Waits - blue skies / new coat of paint 

	Tom Waits - goin' out west 

	Tom Waits - ol' '55 

	Tom Waits - step right up 

	Tranzmitors - sunday morning 

	TSOL - weathered statues - Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 10 

	Turning Point / No Escape - split (clear yellow) Temperance 2
	Unbroken (wedding edition of the live in dagenham single) 

	Unbroken - and / fall on proverb (white cover with 'pattern' print) 31G Records 

        Unbroken - and / fall on proverb (white cover with sticker) 31G Records 

        Unbroken - and / fall on proverb (white cover, pink vinyl, red star stamps) 31G Records 

        Unbroken - and / fall on proverb (black cover, pink vinyl, NOT numbered) 31G Records 

        Unbroken - and / fall on proverb (black cover, black vinyl without 'three.one.g' mentioned on the left side of the center label) 31G Records 
        Unbroken - and / fall on proverb (white cover with ufo stamp) 31G Records 

        Unbroken - and / fall on proverb (multiple logos) 31G Records 

        Unbroken - and / fall on proverb (white cover w/ blue logo) 31G Records
	Unbroken - and / fall on proverb (other cover variations) 31G Records
        Unbroken / Groundwork - split (cover variations)
	Undead - never say die 

	Undead - nine toes later 

	Undead - verbal abuse 

	Undertones - here comes the summer 

	Undertones - teenage kicks - Good Vibrations GOT 4 

	Undertow - the edge of quarrel - Overkill OKR 004 

        Undertow / Resolution - split 7"
        Undertow / Struggle - split (cover variations)
        Uniform Choice - demo 2x7" (blue vinyl) Nemesis Records
	Unity - you are one (2nd press black vinyl, die hard insert) Wishing Well WW1 

	Unity - you are one (blue vinyl) Wishing Well WW1 

	Users - kicks in style 

	Users - sick of you (1st press, not numbered) Raw Records RAW 1 

	V/A - a generation of hope (purple vinyl) Which Way Records WWR-1 

	V/A - a generation of hope (clear yellow vinyl) Which Way Records WWR-1 

	V/A - bringing it back vol.3 (test press of this never properly released comp. feat. an Unbroken track) Ammunition Records 

	V/A - it's a florida thing, you wouldn't understand - Toybox Records TBX001 

	V/A - nuke your dink - Positive Force Records 1 

	V/A - nyc hardcore 1987 together (1st press black vinyl) REV2 

        V/A - only the strong (green cover, two white labels) Victory
	V/A - squirrel (clear vinyl) Level Records LVL 005 

	V/A - words to live by, words to die for (2nd press clear vinyl) New Age Records NAR 07 

	V/A - process of elimination (1st press) Touch & Go 4 

	Varukers - the varukers ep 

	Vicious Visions - i beat you / no no's 
(bootleg has to do)
	Violators - gangland / the fugitive (insert) No Future Oi 9 

        Weirdos ‎- It Means Nothing - Punk Vault ‎� PV-4
        Weirdos - destroy all music (different cover) Bomp 112 

        Weirdos - destroy all music (foldover sleeve, green vinyl) Bomp 112 

        Weirdos - destroy all music (white labels w/ recorded 8.16.77 A-Side matrix etching in glue pocket sleeve) Bomp 112 

	Wipers - better off dead (red, yellow, black sleeve) Trap Records 

	The Worst - s/t - Mutha Records 001 

	YDI - a place in the sun - Blood Bubble No.1 



	Coalesce - last call for the living 

	Integrity - humanity is the devil (black vinyl 1st press) Victory VR-34 



        999 - 999 (printed inner) United Artists UAG30199
        Adolescents - s/t (1st press, brutus matrix etching) Frontier Records FLP 1003
	Angelic Upstarts - we gotta get out of this place 
- Warner Bros. Records ‎K 56806
	Bad Religion - how could hell be any worse (1st press, no barcode on back cover) Epitaph EPI-BRLP1 

	Battalion Of Saints - fighting boys 
	Big Boys - lullabies help the brain grow - Moment Productions BB 002 

	Big Boys - where's my towel - Wasted Talent Records JWT-3405 

	Bikini Kill - pussy whipped 

	Black Market Baby - senseless offerings 

	Bonesaw - written in stone (color vinyl) Nemesis NEM-049 

        Botch - we are the romans (1st press any color) Hydra Head 
        Botch - unifying themes redux - Garden Of Eden Records
        The Boys - to hell with the boys (incl. booklet & printed inner) Safari Records ‎SAFARI1-2-BOYS
	Business - saturday heroes - Harry May Record Company SE 13
	Buzzcocks - another music in a different kitchen (w/ plastic bag) United Artists UAG-30159 
	C.I.A. - s/t - Incas Records 007 

	Chain & The Gang - down with liberty... Up with chains - K Records KLP-203 

	Child Molesters - legendary brown album 

        Child Molesters - 1978 Hound Dog Recordings
	Cock Sparrer - runnin' riot - Syndicate Records SYN LP 7 

	Cock Sparrer - s/t - Decca TXS-3103 

        The Clash - london calling (die cut printed inners, no barcode) S CBS Clash 3 (on labels) CBS CLASH 3 (on spine)
        The Cramps - songs the lord taught us (white text, rainbow labels) I.R.S. Records sp007
        The Cramps - psychedelic jungle (orange inner sleeve, merch insert, no barcode) I.R.S. Records sp70016
        The Cramps - smell of female (no barcode) Enigma 21
        The Cramps - stay sick (not sure which it came with insert or inner sleeve) Enigma
        The Cramps - look mom no head (inner sleeve) Big Beat Records wikad101
        The Cramps - Frank Furter And The Hot Dogs Recorded Live At CBGB's, Friday, Jan. 13,1978 - Medicine Label PRO-A-6736
        The Cramps - flamejob - Epitaph
        The Cramps - big beat from badsville - Epitaph
        The Cramps - gravest hits (UK 1. press, skull label) Illegal ils12013
        The Cramps - the crusher - I.R.S. Records pfsx1008
        The Cramps - creature from the black leather lagoon - Enigma
        The Cramps - creature from the black leather lagoon (picture vinyl in clear, screenprinted sleeve) Enigma
        The Cramps - bikini girls (w/poster) Enigma
        The Cramps - she said - RCA
        The Cramps - ultra twist - Creation Records cre180t
        The Cramps - de lux box (5 x 12" + T-Shirt)
        The Cramps - bad music for bad people (OG pressing w/ silver labels and additional matrix etching) I.R.S. Records sp70042
	Dead Boys - night of the living dead boys - Bomp BLP-4017 

	Dead Boys - we have come for your children - Sire SRK-6054 

	Dead Boys - young, loud and snotty (US 1st press) Sire SR-6038 

        Devo - freedom of choice (w/ poster) Virgin ‎V 2162
        Devo - oh no! it's devo (w/ printed inner) Virgin 205 135-320
        Dickies - incredible shrinking dickies (large A&M on labels, no barcode, thick cardboard sleeve) A&M Records SP-4742
        Dickies - dawn of the dickies (NO "1988 August" on interior of the jacket, barcode on bc) A&M Records SP-4796
	DYS - s/t - Modern Method MM-023 

	Effigies - for ever grounded 

	Effigies - haunted town 

	Effigies - we're da machine 

	Fear - the record (merch insert) Slash SR-111 

	Feederz - ever feel like killing yr boss - Flaming Banker STEAL 1 

	Feederz - teachers in space - Flaming Banker STEAL 2 

        Flipper - album generic flipper (US 1st press with Tip-On cover) Subterranean Records ‎– SUB 25
	The Freeze - land of the lost - Modern Method Records ‎– MM 021
        Gears - rocking at ground zero 

	Germs - (GI) - Slash SR-103 

	Heart Attack - keep your distance 

	Hollywood Squares - hillside strangler 

        Infa Riot - still out of order - Secret SEC7
	Integrity - and for those who still fear tomorrow (variations) Toybox TBX-012 

	Integrity - systems overload (clear) Victory VR-23 

	Into Another - s/t (purple) REV 24 

	Judge - bringing it down (green) REV15 

	Kaos - product of a sick mind - What Records W12-1216 

	L7 - bricks are heavy (incl. poster ) Slash ‎� 828 307-1, London Records ‎� 828 307-1 

	The Lewd - american wino - ICI Sanoblast cf 2000 

	Los Reactors - dead in the suburbs 

	The Mad - the 1978 ep - Brain Transplant BTX-11 

	The Make-Up - save yourself - K Records KLP-105 

	The Make-Up - after dark - Dischord DIS-105V 

	Man Or Astro-Man? - destroy all astro-men 

	Man Or Astro-Man? - made from technetium 

	Man Or Astro-Man? - project infinity 

	Minor Threat - s/t (1st press, red cover, UK matrix: Dischord 12 A 1 UK , SILVER TYPE on backcover) Dischord 12 

	Minutemen - 3 way tie for last 

	Minutemen - project mersh 

	Minutemen - what makes a man start fires 

	Naked Raygun - all rise 

	Naked Raygun - basement screams 

	Naked Raygun - Raygun... Naked Raygun 

	Nausea - extinction 

	Necros - conquest for death - Touch & Go T&G-LP-02 

	Negative Approach - tied down (1st press) Touch & Go T&G-LP-03 

	Neglect - 4 years of hate 
(grey vinyl)
	Neglect - 4 years of fate 
(mispressed cover)
	Nick Cave 
& The Bad Seeds - your funeral my trial (2x12" w/ printed inners) Mute Records stumm34
	Nick Cave 
& The Bad Seeds - kicking against the pricks (printed inner)
	Nick Cave 
& The Bad Seeds - tender prey (printed inner, incl. bonus 12") Mute Records stumm52
	Nick Cave 
& The Bad Seeds - let love in (black vinyl w/printed inner) Mute Records stumm123
	Nick Cave 
& The Bad Seeds - the boatman's call (w/ printed innersleeve) Mute Records stumm142
	Nick Cave 
& The Bad Seeds - nocturama (w/ printed inners) Mute Records stumm207
	Nihilistics - s/t - Brain Eater Records EATER 1 

	No Trend - too many humans 

	Pagans - s/t - Terminal Records TERM-007 

	Peter & The Test Tube Babies - The Mating Sounds Of South American Frogs (w/ printed inner) Trapper Records ‎– CHIN 1
	PJ Harvey - rid of me 

	The Plugz - electrify me 

	Poison Idea - war all the time 

	Radio Birdman - radios appear 
(1st press)
	Reason To Believe - when reason sleeps demons dance - Nemesis NEM-9 

	Red Cross - born innocent - Smoke Seven Records SMK7-103 

	Richard Hell - R.I.P. - Danceteria DAN LP 040 

	RKL - reactivate - Epitaph 86423-2 

	RKL - riches to rags - Epitaph 86445-1 

	Saccharine Trust - paganicons 

        Slapshot - sudden death overtime (yellow labels w/o hockey clubs) TAANG! 
	Slickee Boys - separated vegetables - Dacoit 1001 

	Social Distortion - live at the roxy 

        Social Distortion - somewhere between heaven and hell - Epic E-47978 

	Social Distortion - white light white heat white trash - 550 Music B-64380 

	Sonic Youth - dirty - DGC-24485 

	Sonic Youth - evol - SST-059 

	Sonic Youth - experimental jet-set trash and no star - DGC-24632 

	Sonic Youth - goo - DGC-24297 

	Sonic Youth - kill yr idols (1st press) Zensor 10 

	Sonic Youth - made in USA - Rhino Records R1 71591 

	Sonic Youth - nyc ghosts and flowers - Geffen Records 069490650 1 

	SSD - get it away - X-claim X-3 

	SSD - the kids will have their say - X-claim X-1 / Dischord 7.5 

	Starkweather - croatoan - Hypertension Records
	Tom Waits - black rider (OG pressing) Island 

	Turning Point - it's always darkest... (bright blue stripe, tan labels, letter sized one sided lyricsheet) New Age 4
	Two Line Filler / Pezz - split 
        Unbroken - ritual (light grey vinyl) New Age Records 
	Underdog - demos (blue) REV28 

	Uniform Choice - screaming for change (2nd press color vinyl) WW-3 

	Users - kicks in style: 1976 - 1979 

	V/A - :30 over DC - LIMP-1001 

	V/A - big city's one big crowd - Big City Records BCR-7 

	V/A - P.E.A.C.E. 

	V/A - rodney on the roq vol. 2 (yellow labels, incl. zine) Posh Boy PBS-123 

	Vandals - peace thru vandalism 

	Verbal Abuse - just an american band - Fowl Records #5 

        Wipers - land of the lost - Restless Records ‎– 72094-1
	The Worst - expect the worst - MUTHA 005 

	Youth Of Today - break down the walls - We Bite Records WB 053 

	Zero Boys - the heimlich maneuver (incl. 7") Skyclad Records BOYS-121 

	Zero Boys - vicious circle - Nimrod Records NIM-001 



	7 Seconds - socially fucked up - Viscious Scam Tapes VS-001 

	86 Mentality - total hate demo 

        Ashes - serenade (demo)
	Blitz - time bomb demo 

	Bloodlet - s/t - Smorgasbord Records #8
	Bloody Hammer - pogo rock 

        Integrity - grace of the unholy - Progression Records
        Integrity - harder they fall
	NJ Bloodline - be afraid 

	Ouburst - the demo 

	Overcast - demo 

	Unbroken - demo 

        Up Front - demo
	Verbal Assault - demo 

	Verbal Assault - the masses