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kyle cherry
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Good Dudes: Graham Hopper, Taylor Paredes, Thomas Bogner, Joe Gunner, Nate Warrall,
Spencer Chamberlain, Ewald De Schryver, Andrew Jackson, Brian Conners, Matthew Jordan, Keith Freeman, Eric Hall, Scott Roseberry, 
Jimmie Harvey, Adam Conde, Dustin McDonald, Marlon Moreno, Clayton Silva, Mike Fontaine, Evan Morgan, 
Wade Rice, Andrew Bourne, John Hamilton, Kyle Whitlow, Evan Morgan, Mike Puffer   + tons more.

Diego Ib��ez Rogazy-I made a trade sometime in 2010 and he kept saying it sent, returned, had me talk to some post office friend of his, blah blah, etc.  Clearly, he just didn't have intentions of completing the trade to begin with.  Dude sucks.

Tyler Kennedy-Dude from Kingston PA.  He rips people off.  Don't buy from him.

On the way:



5" records

Knapsack/The Edsel Auctioneer-Symmetry/Stuntman-5"-Alias Records-Black

7" records

Abuse Of Power-Demo 7"-New Age Records-Clear Pink
Abuse Of Power-When Then Becomes Now-Triple B Records-Black /100
Ajax-Bleach For Breakfast 7"-Even Worse Records-Clear Pink
Ajax-S/T 7"-Katorga Works-Black
Ajax-2nd S/T 7"-Beach Impediment Records-Black
Alert-Demo-Life To Live Records-Red-Up Front Cover #33/100
Alert-Demo-Life To Live Records-Clear /200
Alert-Demo-Life To Live Records-Black /200
Alert-Demo-Life To Live Records-2nd Press Black #9/100
Alert-Find Your Way-Six Feet Under Records-Record Release-#15/50
Alert-Find Your Way-Six Feet Under Records-Black
Ambitions-No Limits-Surprise Attack Records-White
Ancient Heads-It Can�t Rain Forever-React! Records-Red /150
Another Mistake-Lies For Lust-Like Glue Records-Record Release-White #35/75(35 copies on white, 40 on red)
Another Mistake/Overlooked-Split-Twelve Gauge Records-Grey/Green /100
Anxiety Hammer-What Stands Between Us-Curtain Fire Records-Black
Approach-S/T 7"-Amendment Records-Black
Approach-Demo 7"-Amendment Records-Clear #49/50
At All Costs-Direction EP-Clear/Orange Splatter /100
Atari-Too Tired To Drive Home-Broken Man Records-Red
Axis-Rites Of Passage-Nothing In Vain Records-Clear
Bang Bros-Group Therapy-I Drink Milk Records-Black w/ Spraypainted Cover #70/85
Beach Slang-Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?-Dead Broke Records-Blue /100
Beach Slang-Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street-Tiny Engines-Solid Blue
Beware-Won't Get The Best Of Me-Back To Back Records-Purple
Bib-Moshpit-Pop Wig Records-Black
Billingsgate-Reach Out-Victory Records-Black Vinyl w/ Red Labels/Black Text-Blue Letterd Cover /200
Birds Of A Feather-Chapter 5-Commitment Records-Black 
Bitter End-Mind In Chains-Clear w/ Red/Black Splatter
Bitter End-Self Titled-Deathwish Inc-Red /330
Bitter End-Self Titled-Deathwish Inc-Brown
Bitter End-Self Titled-Deathwish Inc-White
Black Mark-Wrecked EP Red #45/100 
Bloodkrow Butcher-Anti War-Side Two Records-Black
Bloodkrow Butcher-Self Titled-Total Fucker Records-Black
Blood Pressure-Blood Pressure-Even Worse Records-Clear Light Pink
Bloom-Rise 7"-Photobooth Records-Blue
Bold-Bold-Revelation Records-Black
Brain Slug-Distort New York-Hardware Records-Black
Brotherhood-No Tolerance 7"-Skate Edge Records-Blue /500
Building-In time We'll Grow-Orange
Carry Nation-Face The Nation Ep-(1989)-Workshed Records-Clear 
Choices Made-We Have Only Came So Far-Fat Sandwich Records-Black-#49/200
Chris Wollard/Addison Burns-Lil Bitta-No Idea Records-White
Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves-"How Much Shit Can You Take?/Aliens"- 7"
Chuck Ragan/Astronautalis-Asbestos Records Double Exposure Vol. 3-White
Chuck Ragan/Austin Lucas-Don't Cry/Oakland Skyline-Hometown Caravan-Black /500 
Chuck Ragan-Break Our Bread-Hometown Caravan Records-Black /1000
Chuck Ragan/Brian Fallon-Gospel Songs-Side One Dummy Records- Gold /300
Chuck Ragan-Rotterdam 7"-Picture Disc /1000 
Chuck Ragan/Loved Ones-Split-Blue /500
Chuck Ragan-Ole Diesel-1st Press-Beer Color  /450
Chuck Ragan/Muff Potter-#'d 790/2000
Chuck Ragan/Nagel-Clear  
Chuck Ragan-Between The Lines / Dream Of A Miner's Child #502/600-Signed
Chuck Ragan-The Boat / For Broken Ears 7"-No Idea Records-Greyish w/ slight green
Chuck Ragan-It's What You Will / Symmetry 7"-No Idea Records-Baby Blue
Chuck Ragan-Valentine / Do What You Do 7"-No Idea Records-Dark Purple
Chuck Ragan-Do You Pray / Congratulations Joe 7"-No Idea Records-Grey
Chuck Ragan-The Grove / Above The Flames 7"-No Idea Records-Grey
Chuck Ragan-Open Up & Wail / Sound Of A Gun 7"-No Idea Records-Grey
Chuck Ragan-Trenchfoot / Done And Dones 7"-No Idea Records-Grey
Chuck Ragan-Sawblade 7"-Side One Dummy-White
Chuck Ragan & the Refugio Kids & Friends-Open The Roads 7"-Uncle M Records-Black
Circle Storm-Spirit-Ambassador Records-Clear Yellow
Civic Duty-Burden Of Hate-Triple B Records-Clear Blue /100
Civilized-Dust and Blood-Youth Attack-First Press-Clear w/ Red /200
Civilized-Dust and Blood-Youth Attack-Test Press
Clean Shirts-Marginal-Kids Of The Lughole Records-Black /300
Clear-Demo 7"-Triple B Records-Clear
XclearX-The Sickness Must End...-Life Sentence Records-Black
Common Cause-Statement Of Purpose-Powered Records-Grey
Common Cause-S/T 7"-React! Records-Red /200
Common Cause-S/T 7"-React! Records-White /300
Common Cause-S/T 7"-React! Records-Black
Common Cause-S/T 7"-React! Records-Transition /28
Common Cause-S/T 7"-React! Records-Test Press #5/24
Concealed Blade-Demo 2015-Beach Impediment Records-Clear
Consolation Prize-S/T-Lockin Out Records-Black
Consolation Prize-S/T-Lockin Out Records-Gold
Count Me Out-Few And Far Between-Malfunction Records-Cali Tour Cover #64/100
Criminal Instinct-Demo 7"-Black
The Criminal World-Seeing Double-Farewell Records-Black /200
The Criminal World-Blood Money-Lathe 7"-#10/25
Damage Control-The Losing End-Cycle Records-Black
Daysgone-Gold EP-Drawn And Quartered Records 
Dead Stop-Self Titled-Six Feet Under Records-Red
Deathbed/Douglas-Split-Speedowax Records-Orange #13/25
Deathbed-For The Few-Upside Down Records-Black
Deathbed-Oppression-Nothing In Vain Records-Black
Deathbed-Reduced To Nothing-Catalyst Records-Pink
Depths Of Reality-S/T-Xpressions Records-Red /100
Desperate Measures-It's On Your Hands-Youngblood Records-1st Press-posi Numbers 02-White /125
DiE-S/T-Sonic Terror Discs-Black
DiE-Vexed-Sonic Terror Discs-Black 
Discourse-S/T-Bitter Melody Records-Clear-Preorder #20/50
Disengage-Disengage-Youngblood Records--White-This Is Hardcore 2015 Edition #93/165
Disengage-Look Back EP-Back To Back Records-Blue /100
Drab Majesty-Oak Wood-Dais Records-Blue
Edgewise-Silent Rage-Smorgasbord Records-1st Press-Green Cover-Black w/ Blue Labels
Edgewise-Silent Rage-Smorgasbord Records-1st Press-Green Cover-Green /200
Edgewise-Silent Rage-Smorgasbord Records-1st Press-Green Cover-Green /200 (Promo Copy)
Edgewise-Silent Rage-Smorgasbord Records-2nd Press-Green Cover-Clear w/ Purple Labels
Edgewise-Silent Rage-Smorgasbord Records-2nd Press-Purple Cover-Black w/ Purple Labels
Edgewise-Silent Rage-Smorgasbord Records-2nd Press-Purple Cover-Clear w/ Purple Labels
Edgewise-Silent Rage-Smorgasbord Records-2nd Press-Black/White Cover-1990 Tour Edition-Red vinyl
The Effort-Wear Your Heart 3rd Press Black w/ Big Hole /100
The Effort-From Our Mistakes-1st Press-Red w/ Fire Cover /225 
The Effort-Demo Sessions-Panic Records-Black
Election Day-Demo Secret Jams Records RED /??
Eleven Thirty-Four-Dying-New Age Records-Black Wax
Eleven Thirty-Four-Dying New Age Solid Purple Wax 
Eleven Thirty-Four-Idle Regression EP Livewire Records-Blue-#130/200
Eleven Thirty-Four-Nothing-Ammunition Records-Clear Orange
Eleven Thirty-Four-Nothing-Ammunition Records-Clear
Eleven Thirty-Four-Nothing-Ammunition Records-Black
Eleven Thirty-Four-Nothing-Ammunition Records-Test Pressing
Enough-When You Don't Think You Can-Pink /85
Expired youth-Where We Stand-Blue/White 180gram
Expired youth-Where We Stand-Black
Face Reality-Positive Change-Dead End Records-Friends Press /28 (i think there is only 1 of these technically)
Face Reality-Positive Change-Dead End Records-Preorder #55/75
Face Reality-Self Titled-Youngblood Records-Pre-Cover-Red #46/75
Face Reality-Strong Survive-Back To Back Records-TIHC Cover #21/100
Failure(s)-S/T-Painkiller Records-Black
Far From Breaking-Made My Choice Spring Break Tour '02 #87/200 Third Party Records
Far From Breaking-Made My Choice-Third Party Records-White
Far From Breaking-Made My Choice-Third Party Records-Black
Far From Breaking-Made My Choice-Third Party Records-2nd Press-Blue /500
Far From Breaking-The Identity-Youngblood Records-Blue /350
Far From Breaking-The Identity-Youngblood Records-Clear Record Release /138
Far From Breaking-The Identity-Youngblood Records-Clear Yellow
Far From Breaking-The Identity-Youngblood Records-2nd Press-White /500
Faze-In Silence-Triple B Records-Beer/Black
Fiddlehead-Out Of The Bloom-Lockin' Out Records-Coke Bottle Green
Fired Up-Doomed To Repeat EP-Youngblood Records-1st Press-White /150
Fired Up-Doomed To Repeat EP-Youngblood Records-1st Press-Blue/White /350
Fired Up-Doomed To Repeat EP-Youngblood Records-1st Press-Youngblood Showcase Edition-Clear Yellow #43/100
Fired Up-When The Lights Go Out 1st Press Clear /200
Fired Up-When The Lights Go Out 1st Press Blue /250
Fired Up-When The Lights Go Out 1st Press Black /400
Fired Up-When The Lights Go Out 1st Press Clear Tour Press #28/150
Fired Up-When The Lights Go Out 2nd Press Youngblood 10th Anniversary Clear Green #28/200
Fired Up-When The Lights Go Out 2nd Press Red /300
Fired Up-When The Lights Go Out 3rd Press Yellow w/red labels /100
Fired Up-When The Lights Go Out 3rd Press Purple
Fired Up-When The Lights Go Out 3rd Press Tan cover #39/110
The First Step-Demo 2001-Livewire Records-Light Blue-Black Footprint Cover /200
The First Step-Demo 2001-Livewire Records-Red-Black Footprint Cover /200
The First Step-Demo 2001-Livewire Records-Posi Numbers-Red Footprint Cover #10/25
The First Step-Connection EP-Waking The Dead Records-Test Press #14/20
The First Step-Connection EP-Waking The Dead Records-Pre-Order-Red #22/50
The First Step-Connection EP-Waking The Dead Records-1st Press-Clear /150
The First Step-Connection EP-Waking The Dead Records-1st Press-Red
The First Step-Connection EP-Rivalry Records-Test Press 4/20 
The First Step-Connection EP-Rivarly Records-Black
The First Step-Connection EP-Rivarly Records-1st Pressing-Red
The First Step-Connection EP-Rivarly Records-2nd Pressing-Red /270
The First Step-Connection EP-Rivarly Records-2nd Pressing-Blue /1270
The First Step-Connection EP-React! Records-TFS CREW cover /70
The First Step-Connection EP-Rivalry Records-Showcase Press-Orange /170 
The First Step-Connection EP-Rivalry Records-White /270 
The First Step-Open Hearts and Clear Minds 7"-Livewire Records-Clear(w/ one black line)-Posi Numbers 2002 Edition-#71/100
The First Step-Open Hearts and Clear Minds 7"-Livewire Records-Photocopied Cover /50
The First Step-Open Hearts and Clear Minds 7"-Livewire Records-Clear
The First Step-Open Hearts and Clear Minds 7"-Livewire Records-White/Grey /300
The First Step-What We Know Sessions-Bottled Up Records-Alt Cover-Blue #8/8
The First Step-What We Know Sessions-Bottled Up Records-White
The First Step-What We Know Sessions-Bottled Up Records-White w/ Alt Sleeve /15
The First Step-What We Know Sessions-Bottled Up Records-Black 54/100
The First Step-What We Know Sessions-Bottled Up Records-Blue /150
The First Step-What We Know Sessions-Bottled Up Records-2nd Press-Blue #16/110
Flaccid-Flaccid-Nothing is Real Records-Black
The Flex-Don't Bother With The Outside World-Lockin Out Records-Red
The Flex-Flexual Healing Vol 5: Do You Think I'm Flexi-Flexi Disc-Milk Run Records-Red
The Flex-Scum On The Run-Video Disease/Milk Run-Red
Floorpunch-Division One Champs-1st Press-Black /900
Force Fed-5 Song EP 7"-Minty Green w/ Black
Foundation-At Your Mercy 7"-Bridge Nine Records-Blue
Foundation-Hang Your Head 7"-Six Feet Under Records-Record Release-Red/White/Blue #22/100
Foundation/Meantime-Split-Ghetto Josh Records-Clear Red /350
Foundation-Never Stops Raining-Clear Blue W/Pink Haze /100 
Foundation-Never Stops Raining-Record Release /50 
Foundation-S/T-Eightfold Path Records-Record Release-Green #11/31
Four Walls Falling-European Release 7"-Black
Four Walls Falling-Burn It 7"-Solid Mint Green 
Four Walls Falling-Burn It 7"-Clear Green
Four Walls Falling-S/T-Action Packed Records-Black #508/1000
Freedom-Pay The Price-Back to Back Records-Red
Freedom-United States Of Mind Demo-Lost Time Records-Black
Free Spirit-Free Yourself-Triple B Records/Lockin Out Records-Clear /300
Function-S/T-Crisis Records-Black
Fried Egg-Back And Forth-Beach Impediment-Clear Yellow /70
Friend Or Foe-Demo 7"-Solid Bond Records/Reaper Records-Black
Friend Or Foe-Outsider-Triple B Records-Red/Black/White Marble /100
Gas Rag-Human Rights 7"-Beach Impediment Records-Black
Gas Rag-6 Song EP-No Normal Tapes-Black
Get The Most-Common Goals-Crucial Response-First Press-Green /270
Get The Most-Core Values-React! Records-Red Cover-Red Vinyl /200 
Get The Most-Moment in Time-Crucial Response-Yellow /226 
G.L.O.S.S.-Demo 7"-Nervous Nelly Records-Black
Glue-Glue-Katorga Works-Black
Gone But Not Forgotten-Seattle Crew 7" EP-Red w/ Alt. Sleeve /100
Gone But Not Forgotten-Seattle Crew 7" EP-White /200
Gone But Not Forgotten-Seattle Crew 7" EP-Blue(w/ Black streaks) /?
Gone But Not Forgotten-Seattle Crew 7" EP-Black /400
Green Beret-The Cult Of State-Side Two Records-Black
Gypsy-Self Titled-Six Feet Under Records-Black/White Mix /50
Handsome-Swimming-Sub Pop Records-Black
Handsome-Waiting-Full City Blend Records-Black
Hands Tied-S/T-Equal Vision Records-Black
Hands Tied-Through The Wreckage-Livewire Records-Orange
Haram-شو بتشوف؟-Toxic State Records-Black
Have Heart-Live At Sound And Fury-Bridge 9 Records-Black
Have Heart-What Counts-Pink/Redish-1st press
Have Heart-Demo 2003-Bottled Up Records-Black
Hard Stripes-Self Titled-Grave Mistake Records-White
Hard Strips-2nd 7"-Triple B Records-Clear /300
Harvest-Incision 7"-Trustkill Records-Black
Harvest-One Step Closer Than The Last-Trustkill Records-Grey Marble-#88/100
Hooton 3 Car-Drone-Out Of Step Records-Black
Hooton 3 Car-Carpet Burn-Damaged Goods Records-Black
Horror Show-The Holiday-Deathwish Inc-Clear
Horror Show-Our Design-Deathwish Inc-Pink
Hostage Calm-Demo 7� Gold w/ Regular Cover /30ish
Hot Water Music-Drag My Body 7"-Rise/Uncle M Records-#294/400
Hot Water Music/The Casket Lottery-Split 7"-Sound Nature Recordings-1st Press-Peach /302
Hot Water Music-Alachua 7"-No Idea Records-1st Press-Grey /1250
Hot Water Music/Rydell-Split-1st Press-Color Cover-Black
Hot Water Music/Screaming Fat Rat-Snuffy Smile Records-1st Press-Black
Hot Water Music-The Fire, The Steel, The Tread-No Idea Records-1st Press-Electric Blue /200 
Hot Water Music/Six Going On Seven-Split 7"-Some Records-1st Press-Black
Hot Water Music-Live In Chicago Vol 1 7"-No Idea Records-1st Press-Blue
Hot Water Music-Live In Chicago Vol 2 7"-No Idea Records-1st Press-Red
Hot Water Music-Live In Chicago Vol 3 7"-No Idea Records-1st Press-Gold
Hot Water Music-Live In Chicago Vol 4 7"-No Idea Records-1st Press-Green
Hot Water Music-Live In Chicago Vol 5 7"-No Idea Records-1st Press-Clear Purple
Hot Water Music-Live In Chicago Vol 6 6"-No Idea Records-1st Press-White
Hot Water Music-You Can Take The Boy Out Of Bradenton 7"-Schematics Records-1st Press-Gatefold Cover-Black
Hot Water Music-Where We Belong/Moonpies For Misfits-No Idea Records-1st Press-Purple /1100
Hot Water Music-Eating The Filler-Toybox Records-1st Press-White /500
Hot Water Music-Eating The Filler Bonus 7"-No Idea Records-Black w/blue labels /200
Hot Water Music-Moments Pass-No Idea Records-1st Press-Purple
Hot Water Music/Bouncing Souls-Split-Chunksaah Records-1st Press-Black/Grey /500
Hot Water Music/Swivel Stick-Split 7"-Tuesday Morning Records-Black /500
Hot Water Music/Muff Potter-Ten Year Anniversary Freebie 7"-Green Hell Records-Black
Hot Water Music-I Was On A Mountain-Epitaph Europe Records-Pic-Disc 7" /1000
Hounds Of Hate-No Redemption-Katorga Works-Black
Hum-Comin' Home 7"-RCA Records-Black
Hum-Hello Kitty-Twelve Inch Records-Black
Hum-The Pod-Dedicated Records-Black
Hum-Sundress 7"-Mud Records-Black
Hum-Stars 7"-Dedicated Records-Green
Human Leather-Sunday Light-Dais Records-Salmon /100
In Between-So Steady-Toxic Pop Records-Baby Blue
Indecision/Shutdown-Youth Crew 1995 Black 
Insight-Standing Strong-Soul Force Records-Black
Insight-Standing Strong-Soul Force Records-Orange
Insight-What Will It Take?-Victory Records-Yellow/Orange Fade Labels-1st Press-Purple
Insight-What Will It Take?-Victory Records-Yellow/Orange Fade Labels-1st Press-Black
Insight-What Will It Take?-Victory Records-Gold Labels-2nd Press-Black Vinyl
Insight-What Will It Take?-Victory Records-Yellow Labels-3rd Press-Black Vinyl /500
Insight-What Will It Take?-Victory Records-White Labels-4th Press-Black Vinyl-Yellow Letters On Cover
Insight-What Will It Take?-Victory Records-White Labels-4th Press-Black Vinyl-White Letters On Cover
Insist-Here & Now-React! Records-Clear
Insist-S/T-Powered Records/New Instinct Records-White
Insted-We'll Make The Difference-Yellow Letters-Yellow Vinyl
Insted-We'll Make The Difference-Yellow Letters-Black Vinyl
Insted-We'll Make The Difference-Yellow Letters-Red Vinyl
Insted-We'll Make The Difference-Red Letters-Red Vinyl
Intent(NY)-Demons Within-Last Stand Records-Black
Iron Boots-Demo 04-Grave Mistake Records-Grey
Iron Boots-Weight Of The World-Black 
I Was Afraid-Lonely Frontier-Sunday Drive Records-Pink /50
Jawbox-Tongues/Ones & Zeros-Discord Records-Black
Jawbox/Crackerbash-Split-Simple Machines Records-Black
Judge-New York Crew-Revelation Records-Yellow Cover-2nd Press-Black
Justice-Look Alive-Black
Keep It Clear-S/T 7"-North American Version-Clear /100
Kicked In-In Session-Thick Skin Records-Black
Kill Your Idols-Something Started Here 7" box set /1500
Knapsack/Stuntman-Split-Alias Records-Black
Knapsack-True To Form-Alias Records-Black
Knapsack-Trainwrecker-Goldenrod Records-Clear
Krimewatch-Demo-Lockin Out Records-Black /700
Leather-Sterile-Jade Tree Records-Black
Leather-Wretch-Fan Death Records-Black
Let Down-Crossed Off-Dead By 23 Records-Red/Orange/Black Cover-Green Vinyl
Lights Out-Get Out-Youngblood Records-Black
Mad Existence-Mad Existence-Vinyl Conflict-Black
Mainstrike/Devoid Of Faith-Live Split-Black
Mainstrike-Self Titled-Crucial Response-Black
Mainstrike-Times Still Here-Crucial Response Records-Black
Maintain-Searching For Balance-Words Of War Records-Clear Blue /177
Me And Him Call It Us/The Blue Letter-Split-Guevara Entertainment-Blue/ Brown
Mental-And You Know This-Lockin Out Records-Black
Mindset-Nothing Less-React! Records-Test Press #22/24
Mindset-Nothing Less-React! Records-CSR RSD Cover-Clear #16/50
Mindset-Nothing Less-React! Records-Red /150
Mindset-Nothing Less-React! Records-Brown /350
Mindset-Nothing Less-React! Records-Clear /500
Mindset-Nothing Less-React! Records-Black /1000
Mindset-Nothing Less-React! Records-2nd Press-Gold /250
Mindset-Nothing Less-React! Records-2nd Press-Black
Mindset-Real Power EP-React! Records-Test Press #23/25
Mindset-Real Power EP-React! Records-Record Release #77/78 
Mindset-Real Power EP-React! Records-Black & White Winter 09 Tour Cover
Mindset-Real Power EP-React! Records-Red /200
Mindset-Real Power EP-React! Records-White /300
Mindset-Real Power EP-React! Records-Black /500 
Mindset-Real Power EP-React! Records-Red/White Transition /45
Mindset-Real Power EP-React! Records-2nd Press-Clear /150
Mindset-Real Power EP-React! Records-2nd Press-Clear W/ First Press Labels /30
Mindset-Real Power EP-React! Records-2nd Press-Black /850
Mindset-Time & Pressure-React! Records-Test Press #8/24
Mindset-Time & Pressure-React! Records-Record Release-Yellow /100
Mindset-Time & Pressure-React! Records-White /200
Mindset-Time & Pressure-React! Records-Red /400
Mindset-Time & Pressure-React! Records-Black /900
Mindset-Time & Pressure-React! Records-RSD Cover-#30/40
Mindset-Time & Pressure-React! Records-2nd Press-Carolina Blue /200
Mindset-Time & Pressure-React! Records-2nd Press-Black /300
Mindset-Time & Pressure-React! Records-2nd Press-Light Blue/Black Transition
Miserable-Halloween Dream-The Native Sound Records-First Press-Ultra Clear W/ Gold Haze #166/300
Mob Mentality-7"-Trash King Productions-Black /300
Mouthpiece-Face Tomorrow-New Age Records-Black
Mouthpiece-S/T-New Age Records-First Press-Black
The National-Bloodbuzz Ohio-4AD Records-Black
The National-Mistaken For Strangers-Beggars Banquet Records-US Edition-Black
The National-The System Dreams In Total Darkness/Guilty Party-4AD-Blue
Newmoon-Invitation To Hold 7"-Secret Voice Records-Pink
Nightstick Justice-Claustrophobic-Black 
No Justice-Still Fighting-Tour Press-Black/White Cover-Black Vinyl
Nosferatu-Sounds of Hardcore-Lumpy Records-Black
No Tolerance-Boston Straight Edge Demo 7"-540 Records-Black
No Tolerance-No Remorse, No Tolerance-Youngblood Records-Gold
Not Afraid-Be Yourself EP-Control Records-Green #21/100
Not Sorry-Moving On 7"-Lifeline Records-Clear
Not Sorry-Our Choices EP-React! Records-Yellow /300
Nurse-Nurse-Scavenger Of Death Records-Black
Nurse-EP II-Scavenger Of Death Records-Black
Omegas-NY Terminator-Painkiller Records-Black
Omegas-S/T 7"-Powered Records-Preorder-Black/Purple-#61/110
On-Control EP-White w/ Legitimate Bros Stamp
One Foot In The Grave-S/T 7"-Third Party Records-Black
One Voice-Break Free-Black-Crucial Response Records
Out Crowd-Split/Demo 7"-Stomp Records-Red #9/100
Out Crowd-Just Us-Reaper Records-Record Release #36/50
Out Crowd/Written Off-Split-Iron Mind Crew/Like Glue Records-Record Release
Our Side-Back To Reality-Triple B Records-Clear /100
Our Turn-Catch Your Breath-Youngblood Records-Clear
Our Turn-Catch your Breath-Youngblood Records-Posi Numbers 2004-Clear 
Our Turn-Catch Your Breath-Youngblood Records-Black
Our Turn-Catch Your Breath-Youngblood Records-Blue
Our Turn-Step Aside EP-Our Turn Music-Clear Gold /150
Our Turn-Step Aside EP-Our Turn Music-Black #8/50
Outlast-New Jersey Straight Edge 7"-Life To Live Records-Clear /125 
Outspoken-The Current-New Age Records-Clear 
Outspoken-Look Beyond 7"-Temperance Records-Black
Outspoken-Survival-New Age Records-Burnt Orange /207
Panic-S/T-Bridge 9 Records-Clear
Peace-Self Titled-React! Records-Black /400
Peace-Self Titled-React! Records-RSD cover #24/40
Perspex Flesh-Ona 7"-Video Disease Records-Black/White Mix
Pony Express-Transparent With Blue Eyes-Velvet Blue Music-Clear Blue
Pony Express-Under The Gun-Velvet Blue Music-Clear Blue 
Praise-Growing.Changing.Healing-React! Records-Pink /100
Praise-Two Songs EP-React! Records-White /200
The Promise Ring-Falsetto Keeps Time-Jade Tree-Black
Protester-S/T-Trash King Productions-Gold /300
Q-Q-Lumpy Records-Black
Quicksand-Dine Alone/Can Opener-Polydor Reccords-Black
Quicksand-Divorce-Island Records-Black
Quicksand/Stanford Prison Experiment Promo-Island Records-Red
Quicksand-S/T-Revelation Records-1st Press-Black
Quicksand-S/T-Revelation Records-1st Press-White
Quicksand-S/T-Revelation Records-Green
Quicksand-S/T-Revelation Records-Record Store Day-Blue
Quicksand-S/T-Revelation Records-Red /1000
Rancor-Flip the Switch-Youngblood Records-Black
Rancor-Never Hold Back-Youngblood Records-Black
Rectify-How We Feel-Crucial Response Records-Black
Release-The Pain Inside-Axtion Packed Records-Black #41/1000
Remains To Be Seen-Defined Identity-Amendment Records-2nd Press-Red
Remission-Demo 7"-Admendment Records-Black
Remission-Pain Understood-Admendment Records-White
Remission/Police & Thieves- Split 7″-Amendment Records-Black
Remission/Police & Thieves- Split 7″-Amendment Records-Blue
Remission/Police & Thieves- Split 7″-Amendment Records-Grey
Remission-Winds Of Promise EP-React! Records-Clear
Resolve-S/T 7"-Committment Records-Black /520
Response-There's No Choice EP-Xpressions Records-Orange
Response-Stand Strong-Triple B Records-Clear /150
Reveal The Truth/Outlast-Split-Dead End Records-#17/50
Right Brigade-S/T-Stillborn Records-White /800
Right Idea-Demo 7"-Refuse Records-White /520
Right Idea-Right Way-Refuse Records-Yellow /100
Risky Business-Demo 04-Good News Records-Gold Cover-Black
Rival Mob-Bitter Rivals Demo-Black
Rival Mob-Hardcore For Hardcore-Six Feet Under Records-Black Splatter /150
Rumbleseat-California Burritos-No Idea Records-1st Press-Brown
Rumbleseat-Saturn In Crosshairs-No Idea Records-1st Press-Root Beer 
Rumbleseat-Picker-No Idea Records-1st Press-Root Beer 
Rumbleseat-Trestles/Restless-No Idea Records-1st Press-Root Beer
Sectarian Violence-S/T 7"-Grave Mistake Records-Black
Secret People-Self Titled-Downsided Records-Clear /150
Secret People-Self Titled-Downsided Records-Black /350
S.H.I.T.-I EP-La Vida Es Un Mus-Black
Shitty Life-S/L-Spastic Fantastic Records/No Front Teeth/Crapoulet/Surfin KI Records-Red Cover /66
Shore-Little Death 7"-Painter Man Records-Black
Sick Of It All-S/T-Revelation Records-Black-Standard Press
Side By Side-You're Only Young Once-Revelation Records-First Press
Snake Handler-Enjoy The View-Victimized Records-Alt Cover /25
Snapcase/Boysetsfire-Split 2x7"-Equal Vision Records-Orange/Green
Snapcase-Comatose-Victory Records-Pink Art-Black
Snapcase-Comatose-Victory Records-Yellow Art-Black
Snapcase-Steps-Victory Records-Clear
Social Damage-Both Demos 7"-Straight and Alert Records-Black
Social Damage-Eye For An Eye-Life To Live Records-Red Preorder 86/100
Society Abuse-S/T 7"-Mind Rot Records-First Press-White /104
Soft Kill/Asylum Party-Cercle Social Records-Maroon
Soft Kill-Five Point/Full Moon-Weyrd Son Records-Black /100
Soft Kill-Texas Killing Fields-Black
Soft Kill-Selfish Love-Funeral Party Records-White /100
Soft Kill-Seven Hundred-Handmade Birds-Gold
Somerset Thrower-Falling Swingers-Dead Broke Records-black
Sorry Excuse-Listen With Prejudice-Tour Cover /100
Sorry Excuse-S/T-Lifeline Records-Brown
Speak 714-The Scum Also Rises EP Black
Spine/The Repos-Split-Bad Teeth Recordings-Grey Mix
Stab-Blindness & Lies-High Quality HC-Black
Stab-Blindness & Lies-High Quality HC-North American Tour Strip
Stab-Nation Rising  7"-Painkiller Records-Black
Stand Off-Demo 7"-Youngblood Records-Pre-Release #53/75
Starflyer 59-Goodbyes Are Sad-Tooth And Nail Records-Blue
Step Forward-10 Song EP-Painkiller Records-Clear
Step Forward-S/t 7"-Painkiller Records-Clear
Striking Distance-The Fuse Is Lit-Bridge Nine-Black
Striking Distance-Striking Distance-Vicious Circle Records-Clear w/ Alt Cover
Substance-Hardpoint-Total Core Records-Yellow /100
Suburbanite-Suburbanite-Youth Attack Records-White
Supercrush-I Don't Want To Be Sad Anymore-Painterman Records-Black
Supercrush-Lifted b​/​w Melt Into You (Drift Away)-Bedside Records-7"
Supercrush‎–I've Been Around b/w Brutal Honesty-Debt Offensive/Painter Man Records-Orange
Survival-Forged In Iron-Powered/New Instinct Records-Black
Sweet Jesus-Box-Triple-B Records-White
Swirlies/Kudgel-Red Fish Dreams-Split-Cinderblock/Nervous Records-Black
Tear It Up-Tear It Up-Havoc Records-Purple Marble
Tenement/Used Kids split 7"-Gold
Ten Yard Fight-Demo 1995-SOA Records-Yellow Cover-Black
Ten Yard Fight-Hardcore Pride-Equal Vision Records-Black
Ten Yard Fight/Fastbreak-Split-Contention Records-Black
Texas Is The Reason-Self Titled-Revelation Records-Tan
Texas Is The Reason-Self Titled-Revelation Records-Orange /500
Texas Is The Reason/Samuel-Simba Recordings-Black
That Was Then-It's All Been Said Before (red) 
That Was Then-It's All Been Said Before-Record Release #31/100
That Was Then/Cut The Tension-Clear w/ Memphis Grizzles Record Release Cover /30(I Think)
That Was Then/Cut The Tension-Black /300
That Was Then/Cut the Tension-Knuck if you Buck Fest�06(#4/24)(black)
Think Ahead-Intro-Triple B Records-Clear Flexi disc
This Day Forward-The Transient Effects Of Light On Water 3x7"-War Machine Records-Clear
Thought Crusade-Common Man-Organized Crime Records-Red /100
Thought Crusade-Common Man-Organized Crime Records-black /400
Thought Crusade-It's Our War-Triple B Records-Clear /100
Tiebreak-Stand Hard 1998-Crucial Response Records-Black
Time Flies-Can't Change The Past-Teamwork Records-Clear
Time Flies-Can't Change The Past-Farewell Show Cover-Blue #5/25
Time Flies-Can't Change The Past-Summer Tour 2001 Stamp-Blue /250
Time Flies-Cant Change The Past-Swirly Blue w/ White Labels/No Stamps /??
Time Flies-S/T-Invasion Records-Black /300
Time Flies-S/T-Malfunction Records-Time Flies Crew Cover-Light Green #16/25 (really #'d 241/250, This makes it #16 of these)
Time Flies-S/T-Malfunction Records-Last Show Cover /200
Time Flies-S/T-Malfunction Records-Skull Cover-Green /100
Time Flies-S/T-Malfunction Records-Misfits Fiend Club Cover-#13/138-Green
Title Fight-Flood Of '72-Side One Dummy-Clear
Title Fight-Secret Society-Side One Dummy-Blue
Title Fight-Spring Songs-Revelation Records-Orange
True Blue-The Ice-Black(gold/red/black insert /2895)-Crucial Response
True Colors-Consider It Done 7"-Control Records-White #47/100
True Colors-Consider It Done 7"-Control Records-Black /300
True Colors-Get Em' Demo 7"-I Drink Milk Records-Blue /104
True Colors-Perspective-Powered Records-Record Release Sleeve w/ Promo Pic #169/200
True Colors-s/t White /315 Regular Sleeve
True Identity-Demo '15-React! Records-Orange /250
True Love-Floral Note-Mayfly Records-Orange
True Vision-Against The Grain-Painkiller Records-Gold /110
Turning Point-S/T-Hi Impact Records-First Press-Black #483/800
Underdog-S/T-Bridge 9-Red
Unit Pride-Then And Now-Point Blank Records-Gold #393/1000
Until Today-In The Distance-Third Party Records-Black
Up Front-Changes-Striving For Togetherness Records-Black /1000 
Up Front-Daybreak-New Age Records-Black/White Cover-Black
Up Front-Doin' It Live On WNYU 7"-Black
Up Front-What Fire Does Grey Mix Vinyl /?? Smorgasboard Records
Up Front/Building-Split-Sobermind Records-Black /800
U-Nix-Self Titled-Lumpy Records-Black 
V/A-More Than A Piece Of Mind Comp (In Time/ INJ/SYS / Caught In A Crowd/Razor Fade/No Heroes/Truth Inside/Written Off)-Test Press #38/38
V/A-Only The Strong 7"-Victory Records-(Life Cycle, Face Value, Insight, Confront, Meanstreak, Integrity)-Red Cover-Blue/Green Labels-Black 
V/A-REACT! Records Boxset #90/94-5X7"(Mindset, Praise, Gone But Not Forgotten, Damages)
V/A-Read Army Faction Comp 7"-Hot Water Musc/Avail/Discount/The Weakerthans-No Idea Records-1st Press-Green
V/A-Words To Live By, Words To Die For-(Mouthpiece, Drift Again, Turning Point, Outspoken, Counter Punch, Undertow)-Black
V/A-X Marks The Spot Comp-(Up Front, Wide Awake, Pressure Release)-Smorgasbord Records
Verbal Assault-Tiny Giants-Giant Records-Red
Violence To Fade-Tug Of War-Life To Live Records-Test Press #11/25
Violence To Fade-Tug Of War-Life To Live Records-Pink
Violence To Fade-Tug Of War-Life To Live Records-Seafoam Green
Violence To Fade-Tug Of War-Life To Live Records-Black/White Splatter
Violent Reaction-Dead End 7"-Painkiller Records-green/yellow mix marble
Violent Reaction-S/T-6131/Mind Rot-White
Violent Side-Self Titled-Reaper Records-Black /148
Vogue-Vogue-Self Released-Black
Wardogs-Outcast Behaviour EP-Carry The Weight Records-White Cover-Yellow
Warthog-Exterminate Me-Katorga Works-Black
Warthog-S/T-Beach Impediment Records-Opaque Cream /200
Waste Management-Get Your Mind Right EP-Painkiller Records-Black /707
Waste Management-Get Your Mind Right EP-Painkiller Records-Green /245 
Waste Management-Get Your Mind Right EP-Painkiller Records-Test Press #17/20
Waste Management-Power Abuse-Painkiller Records-Black
Waste Management-Power Abuse-Painkiller Records-Blue
Where Fear And Weapons Meet-S/T 7"-Revelation Records-Black
Wide Awake-CT Hardcore 7"-Schism Records-1st Press-Red Labels-Black
Wide Awake-CT Hardcore 7"-Schism Records-2nd Press-Silver Labels-Black
Wide Awake-CT Hardcore 7"-Schism Records-2nd Press-Silver Labels-Sammy Cover-Black
Wide Awake-Hold True Demo-Maroon Cover-Contrast Records-Black /200
Wide Awake-Hold True Demo-Lighter Blue Cover-Black w/ Blue Labels
Wide Awake-Hold True Demo-Yellow Cover-Black
Wide Awake-Hold True Demo-Green Cover-Black
Wide Awake-Hold True Demo-Blue Cover-Black
Wide Awake-Hold True Demo-Red Cover-Black
Wide Awake-Hold True Demo-Blue Reversed Cover-Black
Wide Awake-The End-Mondo Gillippie Records-Black
Wildhoney-Seventeen Forever-Photobooth Records-Orange
With Honor-Demo 2003-Teishu Records-Clear
Word On The Street-Street Spirit EP-Sewerside Records-Black /340
Worn Thin-Remnants Of What Could Have Been 7"-Youngblood Records-Red
Worn Thin-s/t-Malfunction Records-Orange /840
Written Off-Demo 2011-Iron Mind Crew-White /61
Xylitol-...is toxic to pigs EP-Total Negativity Records-Black
Youth Of Today-S/T-Revelation Records-Red

Hot Water Music/Clairmel-Split 8.5"-No Idea Records-1st Press-Dark Brown

Chuck Ragan/Anderson Family Bluegrass-Split 9"-Stowaway Sound-Clear Pale Green/Silver /350

10" Recs
Chuck Ragan-Live from Rock Island: The Daytrotter Sessions 10"-Side One Dummy Records-White /500 
Chuck Ragan/Rocky Votolato-Split-Side One Dummy Records-White W/ Black/Red Splatter
Edgewise-Silent Rage-Gain Ground Records-Orange
Hot Water Music/Tomorrow-Split 10"-No Idea Records-1st Press-Grey /668 
The National-Cherry Tree-Shake It Records-Red
Starflyer 59-Plugged-Velvet Blue Music-Black
Up Front-Keeping The Spirit Alive-Vacation House Records-Live Pic disc 10" /1000 

12" Movie OST/Soundtrack
Keegan DeWitt–Queen of Earth-Waxwork Records-Green Swirl with Gold Splatter

12 inch records
7 Generations-To See The End-New Age Records-Brown /500
Absolute Power-Self Titled LP-Youth Attack Records-Cloudy Clear/Black /200
Achilles-Hospice-Farewell Party Records-Tan /114
Alvvays-Antisocialites-Polyvinyl Records-180-Gram Dark Blue/Light Blue Starburst /1500
American Gods-Chariot The Ghost-Withdrawal Records-Orange
Axis-Show You Greed-First Press-Beer w/ Oxblood /200
Backlash-Inside LP-Break Even Point Records-Black
Backlash-Through Different Eyes 2XLP-1124 Records-Orange /50
Balance And Composure-Separation-Run For Cover Records-1st Press-Black
Balance And Composure-The Things We Think We're Missing-No Sleep Records-1st Press-Red /750
Basement-Colourmeinkindness-Run For Cover Records-Mustard /500
Basement-Promise Everything-Run For Cover Records-Solid Orange/Transparent Orange /1000
Battery-For The Rejected By The Rejected-#73/200
Battery-Whatever It Takes-Revelation Records-Pink /217
Beach House-Depression Cherry-Sub Pop-Clear
Beach Slang-The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us-Polyvinyl Records-Tour Exclusive-White /500
Beloved-Failure On-Broken Circles Records-Dark Grey/Dark Green/Dark Gold Marble /105
Beyond-No Longer At Ease-Combined Effort Records-Black
Big Contest-Time Will Tell-Moshers Delight-Clear
Billingsgate-No Apologies LP-Nemesis-Red Vinyl
Bitter End-Climate of Fear-Six Feet Under Records-First Press-Brown/Blue Swirl /208
Bitter End-Guilty As Charged-Deathwish Inc Records-Coke Bottle Blue/Black
Bitter End-Guilty As Charged-Deathwish Inc Records-Maroon
Bitter End-Guilty As Charged-Deathwish Inc Records-Grey/Maroon
Bitter End-Illusions Of Dominance-Deathwish Records-Gold
Black Marble-A Different Arrangement-Hardly Art-Black
Black Marble-It's Immaterial-Ghostly International-Powder Blue
Blood Pressure-Need To Control-Beach Impediment-Coke Bottle Clear Green /100
Boston Strangler-Fire LP-Fun With Smack Records-Black
Boston Strangler-Primitive LP-Fun With Smack Records-Black
Boy Harsher-Country Girl-Ascetic House-Black
Brotherhood-Words Run... As Thick As Blood LP-Crucial Response Records-Black
Bugg-Bugg-Pop Wig Records-Blue
Built To Spill-Perfect From Now On-Up Records-Black
Buzz Kull-Chroma-Burning Rose Records-Black
Carry On-It's All Our Blood LP-React!/Youngblood Records-Red /250
Catherine Wheel-Chrome-Music On Vinyl-180 gram Silver #'d/1500
Catherine Wheel-Ferment-Fontana Records-1st Press-Black
Chain Of Flowers-S/T-Alter Records-Black
Chain Rank-Up Against The Wall-Self Released-Clear
Charly Bliss-Guppy-Barsuk Records-Black
Choir Boy-Passive With Desire-Team Love Records-Creamy Clear w/ Pink /300
Christie Front Drive-Self Titled-Freewill Records-Gray
Chris Wollard and The Ship Thieves-Canyons-No Idea Records-Baby Blue
Chris Wollard and The Ship Thieves-Self Titled-No Idea Records-1st Press-Red
Chuck Ragan/Austin Lucas-Bristle Ridge LP-Ten Four Records-Clear
Chuck Ragan-Covering Ground-Side One Dummy-White
Chuck Ragan-Feast Or Famine-No Idea Records-1st Press-Orange /700
Chuck Ragan-The Flame In The Flood-Ten Four Records-Sea Blue w/ Opaque Baby Blue
Chuck Ragan-Gold Country-Ten Four Records-Clear w/ Gold Splatter /300
Chuck Ragan-Live At Hafenkneipe Zurich-Splatter /1000
Chuck Ragan-Live At Skaters Palace 2xLP-Blue
Chuck Ragan-Los Feliz-No Idea Records-1st Press-Grey
Chuck Ragan-Chuck Plays Frankfurt 2xLP-Black #115/300
Chuck Ragan-Till Midnight-Side One Dummy Records-1st Press-Black
Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry, Ben Nichols-Revival Road-Ten Four Records-White w/ Black Paper /1000
Chuck Ragan/Jimmy Islip/Sam Russo/Helen Chambers-Split LP-Specialist Subject Records-Black
Cigarettes After Sex-Cigarettes After Sex-Partisan Records-Grey
Circle Storm-Character Assassian-Ambassador Records-White
Civilized-Chopping Block-Youth Attack Records-Clear Blue /200
Civilized-Chopping Block-Youth Attack Records-Test Press /33
Cloakroom-Further Out-Run For Cover Records-2XLP-Clear /300
Cloakroom-Time Well-Relapse Records-First Press-Electric Blue and Deep Purple Half 'n Half with Black and White Splatter /200
Common Cause-The Power To Change-Powered Records-Test Press #9/12
Common Cause-The Power To Change-Powered Records-Clear Preorder #155/180
Common Cause-The Power To Change-Powered Records-Tour DJ Sleeve /200
Common Cause-Statement Of Purpose LP-React! Records-Clear Gold /100
Common Cause-Statement Of Purpose LP-React! Records-Red Marble /200
Common Cause-Statement Of Purpose LP-React! Records-Blue Marble /300
Common Cause-Statement Of Purpose LP-React! Records-Black /400
Concealed Blade-S/T LP-Beach Impediment Records-Green /100
Count Me Out-Permanent-Indecision Records-Clear
Creem-Self Titled-Katorga Works/Deranged Records-Black
Creepoid-Creepoid-No Idea Records-Pink
Creepoid-Cemetery Highrise Slum-Collect Records-Clear W/ Silver/Gold Splatter /400
Creepoid-Horse Heaven-Ian Records-Black
Cro-Mags-Age Of Quarrel-Profile Records-Black
Crumbsuckers-Life Of Dreams-Combat Core/Relativity Records-Black
Culture Abuse-Peach-6131 Records-Pink /300
Culture Shock-Culture Shock-Youth Attack Records-Clear/Black /200
Dag Nasty-Can I Say-Dischord Records-Original Pressing-Black
Damage Control-What It Takes LP-Dead & Gone Records-Red Vinyl #10/100
Daylight-Jar-Run For Cover Records-Black /100
Dead Horse One-Without Love We Perish-A Quick One Records-Black
Dead Horse One-Heavenly Choir Of Jet Engines-Cranes Records-Black /200
Dead Stop-Live For Nothing-Havoc Records-Black
Death Bells-Standing At The Edge Of The World-Funeral Party Records-Delux /50
Descendents-Everything Sucks-Epitaph Records-White /500
Desperate Measures-Never Enough Time-Youngblood Records-1st Press-Blue /275
Disengage-Expressions LP-Back To Back Records-White /120
Disolve-S/T 12" EP-Painterman Records-Black
Dreamdecay-Y�-Iron Lung Records-Green /200
Drive Like Jehu-Drive Like Jehu-Headhunter Records-Clear
DYS-Wolf Pack LP-Taang Records-Black
The Effort-Iconoclasm Newsletter Subscriber w/ silkscreened cover(blue)#15/50 
Eleven Thirty-Four-Reality Filter-New Age Records-Black
Embrace-Self Titled-Dischord Records-Black
Enough-Common Visions-Assault Records-Baby Blue #42/98
Everyone Everywhere-Everyone Everywhere-Tiny Engines Records-2nd Press-180 Gram-Black /200
Exit Order-Seed Of Hysteria-Side Two Records-Black
Face The Enemy-These Two Words-Defiance Records-Black
Face The Enemy/Never Surrender Split LP-Defiance Records-Black
Failure-Comfort-ORG Music-Black
Failure-Fantastic Planet-Slash/Warner Bros Records-120 Gram Black
Failure-The Heart Is A Monster-Failure Records-180 Gram Black 2XLP
Failure-Magnified-ORG Music-Black /1000
Failure(s)-Decline And Fall-Youth Attack-First Press-White /200
Far-Water & Solutions-SRC Vinyl-First Press-Coke Bottle Clear
Farside-The Monroe Doctrine-Revelation Records-Black
Fearing-Black Sand-Funeral Party-Black
The First Step-Open Hearts And Clear Minds LP-Livewire Records-Clear
The First Step-Open Hearts And Clear Minds LP-Livewire Records-Black
The First Step-Open Hearts And Clear Minds LP-Livewire Records-Blue
The First Step-Open Hearts And Clear Minds LP-Livewire Records-Misprint Cover /50
The First Step-What We Know-Rivalry Records-Pre-Cover /250
The First Step-What We Know-Rivalry Records-S&F-1st Press-Red/White Splatter /135
The First Step-What We Know-Rivalry Records-1st Press-Blue /605
The First Step-What We Know-Rivalry Records-1st Press-Pink /235
The First Step-What We Know-Rivarly Records-2nd Press-Blue
The First Step-What We Know-Rivalry Records-2nd Press-Blue/Black Swirl /215
The First Step-What We Know-Not Just Words Records-Test Press 3/20
The First Step-What We Know-Not Just Words Records-1st Press-Alt Cover-Grey /270
The First Step-What We Know-Not Just Words Records-White 
The First Step-What We Know-Not Just Words Records-Grey
The Flex-Wild Stab In The Dark-Video Disease/Milk Run Records-Red
Floorpunch-New Jersey 2XLP-Six Feet Under Records-Euro Tour Cover /150
Foundation-Turncoat-Jawk Records-purple/pink /100
Foundation-When The Smoke Clears Lp-Bridge 9 Records-Grey w/ Blue/Red Splatter
Four Walls Falling-Culture Shock-Jade Tree Records-White 
Freedom-USA Hardcore-Triple B Records-Red/Black Swirl /300
Frontier(s)-There Will Be No Miracles Here-No Sleep Records-White 
Fury-Paramount-Triple B Records-180 Gram Black
Gag-America's Greatest Hits-Iron Lung Records-Orange /300
The Gaslight Anthem-Handwritten-Mercury Records-Blue
Gas Rag-Beats Off-Beach Impediment Records-Black
Get The Most-Self Titled LP-React! Records-Orange /100
Get The Most-Together-React! Records-Clear /200
Glory-The 12"-Triple B Records-Green /100
Glue-S/T MLP-Glue Records-Clear
Green Beret-Standing At The Mouth Of Hell-Side Two Records-Clear /100
Green Beret-Violence Is Their Currency-Side Two Records-Black
Grinning Death's Head-Blood War-Youth Attack Records-Gold /200
Gypsy-Giant's Despair-Six Feet Under Records-White
Handsome-Self Titled-6131 Records-Silver /400
Haram-When You Have Won, You Have Lost-Toxic State-Black
Have Heart-10.17.09 LP-Bridge 9 Records-Clear
Have Heart-The Things We Carry-Bridge Nine Records-4th Press-Red Vinyl
Hooton 3 Car-Cramp Like A Fox-Out Of Step Records-Black
Hooton 3 Car-Spot Daylight-Rumblestrip Records-Black
Horror Show-Notes From The Night That Never Ended-Deathwish Inc-White
Hostage Calm-Lens-Redscroll Records Blue/Gold /100
Hostage Calm-Self Titled-Run For Cover Records-Black
Hostage Calm-Please Remain Calm-Run For Cover Records-Blue/Green /300
Hot Water Music-20th Anniversary Collection 4XLP-Red/Orange/Cream-Marble/Light Greenish-Marble
Hot Water Music-Fuel For The Hate Game-No Idea-1st Press-Holstein Cow-Spotted /100
Hot Water Music-Fuel For The Hate Game-No Idea-1st Press-Orange /330
Hot Water Music-Fuel For The Hate Game-No Idea Records-2XLP 180 Gram Reissue-Alt Cover-Black #81/500 
Hot Water Music-Finding The Rhythms-No Idea Records-1st Press-Black
Hot Water Music-Forever And Counting-Doghouse Records-1st Press-Black
Hot Water Music/Alkaline Trio-Split Picture Disc-1st Press
Hot Water Music/Leatherface-BYO Split Series Vol 1-BYO Records-1st Press-Black
Hot Water Music-Caution-No Idea Records-1st Press-Red/Yellow /330
Hot Water Music-Exister-Rise Records-1st Press-Opaque Brown/Baby Blue /500
Hot Water Music-A Flight & A Crash-No Idea Records-1st Press-Red /600
Hot Water Music-The New What Next-No Idea Records-1st Press-Clear /500
Hot Water Music-Til The Wheels Fall Off 2xLP-No Idea Records-1st Press-Green /625
Hot Water Music-Never Ender-No Idea Records-1st Press-Yellow
Hot Water Music-No Division-Some Records-1st Press-Black
Hot Water Music-Light It Up-Rise Records-Bone
Hot Water Music-Live At The Hardback-No Idea Records-1st Press-Yellow
Hot Water Music-Live In Chicago 3XLP-No Idea Records-Fest Edition /250
Hounds Of Hate-Hate Springs Eternal-Orange
Hounds Of Hate-Self Titled-Painkiller Records-Black
Hum-Downward Is Heavenward-Martians Go Home Records-Blue
Hum-Electra 2000-Twelve Inch Records/Cargo-Black
Hum-You'd Prefer An Astronaut-Twelve Inch Records-Green
Hum-You'd Prefer An Astronaut-Twelve Inch Records-Ltd Screened Cover-Black
Human Leather-Lazy Karaoke-Cercle Social Records-Sun Yellow
Impalers-Cellar Dweller-540 Records-White
In My Eyes-The Difference Between-Revelation Records-Black
In My Eyes-Nothing To Hide-Revelation Records-Black-Final Press /150
Insted-Bonds Of Friendship-Wishingwell Records-Tour Press-White
Insted-Bonds Of Friendship-Wishingwell Records-Black
Insted-What We Believe-Epitaph Records-Black
Jawbox-For You Own Special Sweetheart-DeSoto Records-Black
Jawbreaker-24 Hour Revenge Therapy-Tupelo Recording Company/Communion/Rough Trade Records-First Pressing-Black
Jawbreaker-Bivouac-Tupelo Recording Company/Communion/Rough Trade Records-First Pressing-Black
Judge-What It Meant Discography 2xlp-Revelation Records-Black
Justice-Elephant Skin-Lockin out Records-Black
Justice-Look Alive-Lockin Out Records-Green
Keep It Clear-A Lesson That You're Gonna Learn-React! Records-Clear w/ Black Smoke /100
Kid Dynamite-Shorter, Faster, Louder/Self Titled 2XLP-Jade Tree Records-Black Cover #182/300
Killing Time-Brightside-In-Effect Records-Black
Kindling-Galaxies-No Idea Records-Clear Blue
Kindling-Everywhere Else-No Idea Records-150 Gram Blue /200
Kindling-No Generation-Adagio830/Echo Canyon Records-Pink /500
Kindling-Split w/ Kestrels-Noyes Records-First Press-Blue /144
Knapsack-Day Three Of My New Life-Alias Records-2x10"-Black
Knapsack-This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now-Alias Records-Black
Knapsack-Silver Sweepstakes-Alias Records-Black
Latishia's Skull Drawing-Romanticized-Iron Lung Records-Black /500
Leather-Easy-Slugsalt Records-Marbled Brown /51
Leatherface-Mush-Roughneck Records-Black
Lights Out-Overload-Youngblood Records-Tour Pre-press Screened Cover-Black /325
Limp Wrist-Facades-Lengua Armada Discos-Black
Mainstrike-A Quest For The Answers-Crucial Response Records-Black
Leather-Easy-Slugsalt Records-Brown #40/51
Loud And Clear-Loud And Clear Powered Records Black /550
Lush-Origami-5XLP Boxset-4AD Records-Record Store Day 2016 Exclusive /2000
Maintain-Save Yourself-Self Released-Black /250
Metz-Strange Peace-Sub Pop-Clear With Red And Green Swirl 
Mindset-EP Collection-React! Records-Test Press #11/24
Mindset-EP Collection-React! Records-Yellow /32
Mindset-EP Collection-React! Records-Orange /100
Mindset-EP Collection-React! Records-2XLP Delux Edition Red /200
Mindset-EP Collection-React! Records-White /300
Mindset-EP Collection-React! Records-Black /500
Mindset-EP Collection-React! Records-2nd Press-Clear
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-React! Records-Test Press-#13/20
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-React! Records-Record Release /80
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-React! Records-RSD-Purple #'d/100
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-React! Records-White /100
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-React! Records-Clear /250
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-React! Records-Blue /250
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-React! Records-Red /400
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-React! Records-Black /1000
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-React! Records-Yellow /250
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-React! Records-White/Blue /750
Mindset-LiveSET LP-Upside Down Records-Test Press
Mindset-LiveSET LP-Upside Down Records-Gold /100
Mindset-LiveSET LP-Upside Down Records-White /200
Mindset-LiveSET LP-Upside Down Records-Black /200
Miserable-Uncontrollable-The Native Sound Records-First Press-Purple /150 + Comic
Modern Charms-S/T-Clue #2 Records-Black
Mouthpiece-Can't Kill What's Inside: The Complete Discography LP-White
My Bloody Valentine-Loveless-MBV Records-2018 Remaster-Black
The National-Alligator-Beggars Banquet-Black
The National-Boxer-Beggars Banquet-Black
The National-High Violet-4AD Records-2X 180 Gram LP-Violet #329/???
The National-Sleep Well Beast-4AD Records-2xLP-Blue
The National-Trouble Will Find Me-4AD Records-2XLP Black
The National‎�The Virginia EP-Beggars Banquet-Black
Night Sins-Dancing Chrome-Funeral Party Records-First Press-Black
No Class-Keine Klasse-Deranged Records-White
No Class-Keine Klasse II-Deranged Records-White
Not Afraid-Locked Out-React! Records-Orange /250
Nothing-Downward Years To Come-A389 Records-2nd Press-White
Nothing-Guilty Of Everything-Relapse Records-White/Black w/ Die-Cut Cover & slip mat /500
Nothing-Poshlost 12"-Funeral Party Records-Clear w/ Black w/ Screenprinted B-Side /100
Nothing-Poshlost 12"-Funeral Party Records-Test Press
Nothing-Tired Of Tomorrow 2xLP-Relapse Records-Delux Preorder Edition-Hot Pink Inside Electric Blue W/ Bonus Pic Disc /500
No Tolerance-You Walk Alone-Painkiller Records-Red
Omegas-Blasts Of Lunacy-Parts Unknown Records-Black
On-Double Vision LP-React! Records-Black /350
Out of Body-Voiceless-Coin Toss Records-Black /108
Outspoken-A Light In The Dark LP-New Age Records-Black
Ozean-S/T-Moonsound Records-Blue
Patsy-LA Women-La Vida Es Un Mus-Yellow
Pedro The Lion-Control-Jade Tree Records-First Press-Coke Bottle Clear
Perfume Genius-No Shape-Matador Records-2xLP Clear
Permission-Contagious Life-La Vida Es Un Mus-White
Pity Sex-Feast Of Love-Run For Cover Records-1st Press-Light Green /500
Pity Sex-White Hot Moon-Run For Cover Records-1st Press-Baby Pink in Milky Clear /500
Praise-Leave It All Behind-React! Records-React Showcase/Record Release Sleeve #1/70
Praise-Leave It All Behind-React! Records-Pink /150
Praise-Lights Went Out-React! Records-Green /150
Prisoner Abuse-Self Titled-Painkiller Records-Black
The Promise Ring-Nothing Feels Good-Jade Tree Records-First Press-Grey Marble /500
Protester-Hide From Reality-Trash King Records-Blue
Quicksand-Interiors-Epitaph-Orange (signed)
Quicksand-Manic Compression-Revelation Records-1st Press-White /300
Quicksand-Manic Compression-ShopRadioCast Reissue-Black/Green /500
Quicksand-Manic Compression-ShopRadioCast Reissue-Red/Black /500
Quicksand-Slip-Dine Alone Records-180 Gram Black /500
Quicksand-Slip-Dine Alone Records-180 Gram Red/Black Swirl /500
Quicksand-Slip-Dine Alone Records-180 Gram Green/Yellow Swirl /500
Rainer Maria-Past Worn Searching-Polyvinyl Records-Black
Rampage-Limit Of Destruction LP-Lockin Out Records-Blue/Orange/Red Swirl
Raspberry Bulbs-Privacy-Blackest Ever Black Records-Black
Rearranged-New Forms-Anger Battery Records-Blue Pre-Order #5/25
Redemption 87-S/T New Age Records Black 
The Repos‎–Hearts And Heads Explode-Youth Attack Records-Violet Vapor
The Repos‎–The Repos-Youth Attack Records-Black/White
Remission-Accept-Amendment Records-Purple /100
Remission-Accept-Amendment Records-Clear
Remission-Accept-Assualt Records-Dark Purple
Resolve-Won't Stand By-Just Another Day Records-Record Release #21/30
Ride-Nowhere-Creation Records-First Press-Black
Right Idea-Our World 12� EP-React! Records-Blue /200
Right Idea-Our World 12� EP-React! Records-White /300
Ringo Deathstarr-Colour Trip-Club AC30-First Press-Clear Yellow /500
Ritual Howls-Into The Water-Felte Records-Black
Ritual Howls-Their Body-Felte Records-Black
The Rival Mob-Raw Life-Lockin Out Records-Gold
The Rival Mob-Mob Justice-Revelation Records-Green /400
Rival Schools-United By Fate-Repress-SRC-Blue
Rumbleseat-Is Dead-No Idea Records-2nd Press-Brown Gray
Samiam-Clumsy-BitzCore Records-Black
Samiam-Trips-Hopeless Records-White w/some black
Sectarian Violence-Upward Hostility-Grave Mistake Records-Blue
Shame‎–Songs of Praise-Dead Oceans-First Press-Light Blue
Shift-Spacesuit-Equal Vision Records-Black
Siamese Twins-Still Corner-Eunuch Records-Black /500
Sickoids-No Home-Grave Mistake-Clear w/ Obi Strip #18/338
Sickoids-Sickoids-Residue Records-Black
Side By Side-Your Only Young Once LP-Lost And Found Records-Black
Sievehead-Into The Blue-Milk Run/Evil Hoodoo-Blue
Sievehead-Worthless Soul-Static Shock Records-Yellow
Sinoia Caves-Beyond The Black Rainbow OST-Jagjaguwar/Death Waltz Recording Company-Clear
Slimy Member-Ugly Songs For Ugly People-Drunken Sailor Records-Black
Slowdive-Souvlaki-Music On Vinyl-180 Gram Black
Smidley-S/T-Triple Crown Records-Cream
Snapcase-Lookinglasself-Victory Records-Black
Soft Kill/Asylum Party-split 7"-Cercle Social Records-Silver on Black
Soft Kill-Choke-Profound Lore Records-Pink /100
Soft Kill-Heresy-Weyrd Son Records-Velvet Gatefold Edition + extra 7"-Red Vinyl #38/100
Some Nerve-Sense Of Control 12" EP-Triple B Records-Clear /215
Speak 714-Knee Deep In Guilt-Revelation Records-Cream  /110
Spine-Time Has Gone LP-Bad Teeth Recordings-Orange /100
Starflyer 59-Gold-Tooth And Nail Records-Black
Starflyer 59-Silver-Tooth and Nail Records-1st Pressing-Black
Stoic Violence-Chained LP-Video Disease/Deranged Records-Black
Stoic Violence-S/T-Katorga/Video Disease-Black
Stop And Think-Both Demos LP-Painkiller Records-Black /700
Strongarm-The Advent Of A Miracle-Blank Page Empire Records-Black w/ White Haze #52/100
Sunny Day Real Estate-Diary-First Press-Sub Pop/EFA Records-Black
Supertouch-The Earth Is Flat-Revelation Records-1st Press-Black
Swervedriver-Mezcal Head-Creation Records-Black
Swirlies-Blonder Tongue Audio Baton-Taang! Records-2016 Repress-Black
Swirlies-Strictly East Coast Sneaky Flute Music/They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days In The Glittering World Of The Salons-Taang! Records-2XLP-Black
Tenement-Napalm Dream-Mandible Records-Black
Ten Yard Fight-Back On Track-Equal Vision Records-Black
Texas Is The Reason-Do You Know Who You Are?: The Complete Collection 2XLP-Revelation Records-180 Gram Black
Tigers Jaw-Charmer-Run For Cover Records-First Press-Maroon/White Starburst /750
Tigers Jaw-Spin-Warner Music-Blue
Tigers Jaw-Two Worlds-Run For Cover Records-First Press-Light Yellow /300
Time Flies-On Our Way-Indecision Records-Maroon
Title Fight-Floral Green-Side One Dummy Records-Floral /500
Title Fight-Hyperview-ANTI Records-Grey
Title Fight-Shed-Side One Dummy Records-Blue /300
Tombs-Winter Hours-Relapse Records-1st Press-Clear /100
The Trouble-Nobody Laughs Anymore LP Red /325
True Colors-Focus On The Light Powered Records Record Release Sleeve
True Colors-Rush Of Hope-Powered Records-Preorder #131/180
True Colors-Rush Of Hope-Powered Records-Record Release Sleeve #2/100
True Colors-Rush Of Hope-Six Feet Under Records-Silkscreend Cover-Yellow /60
True Love-New Young Gods-React! Records-Mint /100
True Love-Heaven's Too Good For Us-Bridge 9 Records-Clear w/ Oxblood Splatter /300
True Widow-Avvolgere-Relapse Records-2XLP-Clear /100
Turning Point-It's Always Darkest-New Age Records-First Press-Black
Unbroken-Discography 3XLP-Grey Cover-Indecision Records-White, White/Grey, Grey
Underdog-Matchless 2xLP-Bridge Nine Records-Red
Unified Right‎–If I Can't Listen to UNIFIED RIGHT in Heaven Then Send Me Straight to Hell-Triple B Records-Black
Uniform Choice-Screaming For Change-Wishingwell Records-1st Press-Yellow Letters-Black
Uniform Choice-Screaming For Change-Southern Lord Records-Clear /100
Up Front-Movement-Grapes of Wrath Records-Blue /??
Up Front-Spirit-Smorgasbord Records-2nd Press-Pink Cover-Black
V/A-America's Hardcore Complation Vol 1-Triple B Records-White w/ Red/Blue Splatter
V/A-America's Hardcore Complation Vol 3-Triple B Records-Clear Light Blue
VA-New Breed Tape Compilation LP-Wardance Records-2XLP-Black
V/A-REACT! Records Boxset #45/100-5XLP-(Skin Like Iron, Get The Most, On, Common Cause)
V/A-Striving Higher: A Hardcore Complation-Six Feet Under-Red
V/A-The Revival Tour 2011 Collections LP-Brian Fallon/Dan Andriano/Chuck Ragan/Dave Hause-Ten Four Records-1st Press-Milky White /500
Van Damage-Grave Digger /157 Green/Yellow
Verbal Assault-Learn-Positive Force Records-Black
Vigilante-Quality Of Life-Six Feet Under Records-Light Blue
Violence To Fade-Unstoppable Force-Triple B Records-Clear Blue /100
Violent Reaction-City Streets-Painkiller Records-Red
Violent Reaction-Marching On-Revelation Records-Clear /300
Vision-In The Blink Of An Eye LP-Original Press-Nemesis Records-Black
Where Fear and Weapons Meet-The Weapon-Revelation Records (Orange /222)
Whirr-Sway-Graveface Records-Tan Marble
Whirr/Nothing-Split-Run For Cover Records-180 Gram Black /500
Widowspeak-Expect The Best-Omnian Music Group-Clear & Purple Splatter /500
XfilesX-Excruciation-Trash Art Records-Red
Youth In Bloom-Shell-Mayfly Records-Black /300
Youth Of Today-Break Down The Walls-Wishingwell Records-First Press-Black
Youth Of Today-Break Down The Walls-Revelation Records-'88 Repress Cover-Black
Youth Of Today-Can't Close My Eyes LP-Caroline Records/Schism-Black
Youth Of Today-Were Not In This Alone-Caroline Records-First Press-Black 

Demo Tapes/Demo Cdr's (most of them..not all)
85-Demo Tape
Abuse of Power-Two Songs/Live at AHC 2016-Advanced Perspective #11 /100
A Helping Hand Comp Tape-Red Cover #22/30
Ajax-Bleach For Breakfast-Demo Tape
Ajax-S/T Promo Tape
Alert-Demo Tape #5/100
Another Mistake-Lies For Lust Demo Tape-Like Glue Records-#37/50
Approach-Demo Tape-Admendment Records-Yellow cover
Arms Race-Demo 2013
Bang Bros-Do America Tape #9/16-Lost Time Records
Big Contest-Demo Tape
Black Mark-Orange Soda Tape
Blood Pressure-Promo 2015-Tape
Boston Strangler-Demo Tape-Black/White Cover
Breakthrough-Demo 03 Tape
Cadaver Dog-Tape-Youth Attack Records
Caught In A Crowd-Demo Tape
Chain Rank-The Grip Demo Tape
Chain Rank-Up Against The Wall Promo Tape
Changes-Demo Tape #43/100
Clear-Demo Tape
Clear-Youth To Youth Promo 2015 Tape-Mosher's Delight
Clearsight-Demo Tape-I Drink Milk Records-#30/100
Civic Duty-Demo Tape
Collusion-Demo 2014-Flophouse Records
Concealed Blade-Tour Tape 2015
Count Me Out-Demo 1998 Tape
Creep Stare-2nd Press-Blackout Rage Records-Tape
Critical Point-Demo Tape-Salad Days Records
Culture Shock-Demo Tape
Death Injection-Demo Tape 25/50
Discrepancy-Where The Strength Lies Demo Tape-Youngblood Records
Disengage-Demo Tape
Face Reality-Demo Tape #48/75
Face Reality-2010 Tape 
Face Reality-Live: Metal Frat Positive Change Tape #40/50
Far From Breaking-Demo '00-Live Pic Cover
Far From Breaking-Demo '00-Posi Fest Cover
Far From Breaking-Demo '00-Skate Or Die Cover
Far From Breaking-Summer Tour '01 Tape #59/95
Fearing-A Life Of None-Funeral Party Records-Tape
Feed-Demo Tape
Feed-Demo cd
Fiddlehead-Promo Tape-Lockin Out Records
Fine Young Casuals-The Gates EP-
Fired Up-Demo Tape
Fired Up-Demo CD
The First Step-Demo 2001 Tape
The First Step-Demo 2001-West Coast Tour Cover
The Flex-Demo Tape
Force Fed-Demo Tape-RED
Foundation-Demo 06 Tape
Framecode-Demo 2016-Abnormal Boradcasting
Free-Demo Tape
Free At Last-What's Inside Four Walls-Moshers Delight CASS 
Free Spirit- "Be Yourself" Demo Tape Red Cover /50
Free Spirit-Live From Toronto-Tape
Fury-Moshers Delight-Demo tape
Fury-3 Song Promo Tape
Glaare-To Deaf And Day-Funeral Party Records
Glory-3 Song Promo-The People's Tour '16-Tape
G.L.O.S.S.- Fight b/w We Live-Tape
Grimly Forming-Demo-Abnormal Broadcasting
Habitual Offender-Self Titled Tape
Hostage Calm-Demo 2007 Cdr
Hot Water Music-Push For Coin-Demo Tape
Hounds Of Hate-2012 Promo Tape
Identify-BreakXout Records-Demo Tape
In My Eyes-Demo Tape
Injustice System-Demo Tape
Insight-Fan Made Design-Light Gray w/ Navy Print-2-Sided-MED
Intent-No Rules Demo-Tape
Jackal-Demo tape
Karma Elektra-"3 songs" cdr #48/50
Kicked In-Demo Tape
Kicked In-In Session Tape
Labeled-Demo Tape
Lethal Enforcer-11 Song Demo 09 Tape-Listen Up Records #2
Legion-Home Recordings 06-07 #117/500
Loose Ends-Demo 2010 Tape
Mindset-Demo 2KG8 Tape-Yellow Cover
Mindset-Demo 2KG8 Tape-Blue Cover #32/38
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-Promo Tape
Mindset-Live At TIHC 2014 CASS-Moshers Delight
Mindset-Nothing Less-Tape
Mislead Youth-Demo Tape
Mourningside-Dispose CD
Mysterious Skin-Hard Grip Tape
My Turn To Win-Demo 2k7 Cdr
Nerve Endings-Demo 2016
No Tolerance-Demo tape 
Not Sorry-Demo Tape
New Cross-6 Song Demo
New Deal-Demo Tape-Green Cover
Peacebreakers-Demo Tape
P.E.A.R.L-Demo-Abnormal Broadcasting
Pressure(Portugal)-Demo Tape-Silly Girl Records /100
Pledge-Burning Bridges Demo 2008 Cdr
On Point-Look Me In The Eyes Demo Tape /85
One By One-Demo 2012-Lost Time Records-
One Foot In The Grave-Demo CD
Our Turn-Step Aside Demo 03 Tape
Out Crowd-Demo Tape
Out Crowd/Written Off-Split Tape
Out Of Time-Demo Tape
Outlast-Demo 09 Tape #27/50
Outspoken-"Dont Admit Defeat/Heart Still Beats/Daydream"-Conversion/New Age Records-Tape
Overload-Demo 2008 Tape-W/ Bold Cover #7/25
Rearranged-Demo Tape-#137/150
Remission-Demo 2008 Tape #7/??
Remission-Winds Of Promise-Tape
Remission-Disco CD #6/30
Resolve-Summer 08 Sessions CD
Resolve-First Four Years Tape #7/100
Resolve-4 Song Sampler Tape-Listen Up Records #1
Resolve-Demo 06 Tape #14/50
Resolve�"Where�s kel?� Tape 1/1
Resolve-Summer '08 Sessions Tape
Response-Demo Tape-Video Disease/Fine Print Records
Restraining Order-Demo
Reveal The Truth-Courage Demo Tape
Right Idea-Demo Tape Jackets Cover #50/87
Right Idea-Demo Tape-White Spolier Cover
Right Idea-Demo Tape-Green Spoiler Cover
Right Idea-3 Songs cd
The Rival Mob-Mob Justice Tape /500
The Rival Mob-If You Listen To Fools...-Tape-Purple Cover
Secret People-2 Song Promo Tape
Slow Fire Pistol-Demo Tape
Snails Pace-Demo Tape
Sorry Excuse-Tour Tape
Standpoint-Demo-React! Records
Step Forward-Demo Tape-White Cover
Stoic Violence-Demo Tape
Sunk-EP Tape-Abnormal Broadcasting
Sunk-S/T Tape-Abnormal Broadcasting
Tenement-Napalm Dream Cassette Box-Drugged Conscience #85/100
Thought Crusade-2 Song Demo 09- /25(I think)
The Tramps-Demo Tape
True Colors-Promo Tape
True Colors-Get �Em Demo Tape(White Cover w/ White Insert)
True Love-A Floral Note Tape #18/25
True Love-LP Promo Tape-B9 Records-"North Dakota"/50
Union Of Faith-Demo Tape-Blue Cover
V/A-A Helping Hand Comp Tape-Red Cover #22/30
V/A-Polydor Records Sampler (Quicksand, The God Machine, Wool)
Vile Spirit-Demo-Yellow Cover-Quality Control
Violent Reaction-Dead End Tape-Yellow Cover
Violence To Fade-Demo Tape
Violence To Fade-2 Song Promo
Violent Reaction-Demo Tape
Wardogs-The US Demo-Like Glue Records-Breakdown Cover #18/25
Waste Management-Waste Tape 2010 #42/200
Wolf Whistle-First Show Demo cdr
Word On The Street-Demo Tape
World War 4-Demo Tape


86 Mentality-Chemical Threat Design bootleg-Black-MED
Absolute Power-Logo Design-Black-MED
Abuse Of Power-Champion Brand Ringer-White w/ Yellow-MEDAdventures-Band pic front/Tour dates back-Navy w/ Yellow text-LRG
Ajax-Skull design-Black on White-MED
Alert-Demo Preorder Shirt-MED
Antidote-Thou Shall Not Kill Boot-2-Sided-White-MED
Anxiety Hammer-Demo Art-Grey-MED
Axis-Alien Design-Black-MED
Axis-Shift Design-Black-MED
Bane-Maroon Crewneck-LRG
Beware-First Design-Beware XXX-Grey/Black print-MED
Bitter End-Illusions Of Dominance Design-Black-LRG
Bloodkrow Butcher-BKB Design-Black-LRG
The Boston Strangler-Track Titles Print on back-White w/ Black Ink-MED
The Boston Strangler-Primitive Design-2-Sided-Black-MED
Circle Storm-Character Assassin Design-3-Sided-White-LRG
City Hunter-Knife Protocol Design-Black-Med
City Hunter-Stab and Repeat-3 Sided-Blackout Rage design-White-MED 
Civilized-Dust and Blood Design-Black-MED
Civilized-YOT Rip-White-LRG
Civilized-Chopping Block Preorder Design-Black-MED
Count Me Out-Summer Tour 2002 BOOT-Navy w/ Orange-LRG
Creepoid-Cemetery Highrise Slum Live Design-White-MED
Culture Shock-LP Preorder Design-Black-MED
Dead Stop-SFU design-Black-MED
Depths Of Reality-S/T Design-White-MED
Desperate Measures-3-Sided-Winter Tour 2003 Shirt-White-MED
Embrace-Boot-Black print-White-MED
Enough-Music City Straight Edge Schism Rip-Blue-MED
Enough-First Design-White-MED
Enough-Red Print-2-Sided-MED
Enough-When you dont think you can/like glue pocket-Black-MED
Exit Order-Seed of Hysteria Art-White-MED
Expired Youth-Your Hardcore Sucks-Grey-LRG
Failure-Fantastic Planet Anniversary Tour shirt-Black-LRG
Far From Breaking-It Starts Right Now-Navy-MED
Fired Up-Sign Language Design-3-Sided-White w/ navy-LRG
The First Step-Open Hearts and Clear Minds Shirt-Livewire logo on back-Navy-MED
The First Step-West Coast Weekend 02-Navy w/ Red-MED
The First Step-West Coast Tour-4-Sided-White-MED
The First Step-Be Excellent To Each Other Design-Navy w/ Yellow-MED
The First Step-Red Footprint Design-2-Sided-LRG & MED
Flaccid-Skull Design-Cream w/ black ink-LRG
Flaccid-Skull Design-Cream w/ red ink-med
The Flex-Wild Stabs In The Dark US Tour Design-White-MED
Floorpunch-Fast Times At Sound And Fury Shirt-White-MED
Floorpunch-In my blood records cherst print/lyrics/pic back-White w/ green-MED
Foundation-East Coast Hardcore-Grey/Green-MED
Foundation-Grey-This Is War-Dark Green Print MED
Foundation-First Shirt Design-Maroon-LRG
Four Walls Falling-OG Navy Shirt-2-sided-LRG
Four Walls Falling-2017 Design-White-MED
Freedom-Back to Back design pocket/Freedom Detroit sxe back-Navy-LRG
Free Spirit-Snoopy Shirt-White-2-sided-MED
Fury-Beyond Rip-2-Sided-White-MED
Fury-OCHC Design-White-MED
Fury-Japan Tour Design-White-MED
Fury-Paramount Design-2-Sided-White-MED
Gag-Family table Design-Black-MED
Give-Sonic Bloom design-White w/ black-MED
Give-Electric Flower Cult Design-2-Sided-White-MED
Glue-Id Rather Be Your Enemy Design-Black-MED
Gone But Not Forgotten-Demo Preorder Shirt-Grey-MED
Gone But Not Forgotten-Evergreen State Hardcore Seattle Crew 09-Grey Shirt-MED
Green Beret-Can You Hear The Warbeat Design-White w/ Black-LRG
Hot Water Music-Caution Flame logo Design-Black-MED
Hot Water Music-Logo on pocket/circle print back-red-LRG
Hounds Of Hate-Straight Ahead Rip-Grey w/ Blue-MED
Hum-Benefits of Astral Projection-Black w/ white Night Channels Design-MED
Human Leather-B&W Tee-White-Med
Human Leather-Trust, Loss, & Faith Design-Natural Color-MED
In My Eyes-Thunder Lizard Design-Blue-LRG
Insight-2016 Boot-2-Sided-Fan Design-MED
Insted-Black 2-Sided Hoodie-LRG
Insted-Bonds Of Friendship Design-2-Sided-Bootleg-MED
Insted-We'll Make The Difference-2-Sided-Bootleg-MED
Iron Boots-Black 2-Sided Shirt-White/Green Print-MED
Iron Mind Crew Records-Spirit Of Youth Design-Light Grey-MED
Justice-Break Out Design-White w/ Blue/Black-MED
Killing Time-In Effect/Harder Than You Design-Navy-LRG
Like Glue Records-Like Glue Crew Design-White-MED
Mindset-Thunder Lizard Design-White-MED
Mindset-Navy Shorts-LRG
Mindset-US tour 2010 Shirt-White-MED
Mindset-Real Power Era design-Light heather grey w/ green print-MED
Mindset-Time & Pressure-Black w/ White/Red Print Shirt-MED
Mindset-Dedicated To Hardcore Design-NAVY-MED
Mindset-Leave No Doubt-Purple Print on White-MED
Mindset-Free State-Black w/ White-LRG
Mindset-Life Force-Light Grey w/ Red-2-Sided-MED
Mindset-Mindset Straight Edge Crewneck-Grey w/ Red/yellow Letters-LRG
Mindset-Nothing Less Midwest Dates Design-Green/grey color-MED
No Tolerance-Blue Boston Straight Edge Shirt-MED
No Tolerance-Blue on White-Live pic back-MED
No Tolerance-No Remorse, No Tolerance Design-Red Pocket-Black Backprint-White-MED
No Tolerance-No Remorse, No Tolerance Design-Yellow Pocket/Backprint-Black-MED
No Warning-Ill Blood Crewneck-Dark Grey w/ Green/White print-LRG
Out of Time-Demo shirt-White-Med
Our Turn-4-Sided Youngblood Shirt-MED
Out Crowd-"I'm so sick..."-Black-2-Sided-MED
Out Crowd-AF Shirt-"Theres still no justice..."-White-MED
Praise-Crucifix Rip-White-MED 
Praise-Live Pic On Front-Baby Blue Print/White Shirt-MED
Praise-Leave It All Behind Design-Black w/ Green-MED
Praise-Crash Into My Life Design-White-MED
React! Records-Four Bands Design-White-MED
Release-Action Packed Pocket/Pain inside Art back-Dark grey-ish/Navy?-late 2000s boot-MED
Response-There's No Choice Live Design-White w/ Black-MED
Right Idea-Were Right 09 Hoodie-2 sided-Black-LRG
Right Idea-Live Free Live Life-White Shirt/Black Print-MED
Rival Mob-Cavemen Moshing Design-Light Heather Grey w/ Black ink-MED
Rival Mob-Hardcore For Hardcore Crewneck-Grey w/ Black-LRG
Rival Mob-Raw Life/Rev Logo on back-White-LRG
Rixe-Infatigables! Design-White-MED
Sacred Love-Orange On Blue-2-Sided-LRG
Sectarian Violence-Upward Hostility Design-White w/Black -MED
Soft Kill-Feel of The Knife Design-Maroon w/ White-MED
Stand Off-Behind The Wire Design-White-2-Sided-MED
Stoic Violence-Fist holding earth by chain design-White w/ Black-MED
Straight Ahead-Blue Longsleeve-2-Sided-LRG
Step Forward-Logo Hoodie-Black-LRG
Step Forward-Pocket print front/Boston sxe 2012 still on top back-MED
Step Forward-Logo Design-White w/ Blue-MED
Stop And Think-Eagle Design-Grey w/ Black-MED
Suburbanite-7" Preorder Design-Black-MED
Texas Is The Reason-Do You Know Who You Are design-2-Sided-White-MED
Thought Crusade-Record Release Shirt-MED
Thought Crusade-East Coast Tour 09-Crewneck-Grey-LRG
Time Flies-On Our Way Design-Navy-3-Sided-LRG
Trouble-No Regrets 1996-2016-Black-MED
True Colors-True Colors x3-Orange/Black print on white-LRG
True Colors-Perspective Euro Tour White MED
True Colors-Baseball Jacket-Blue-LRG
True Colors-Blue Strong Minds Design-Yellow & White Font-MED
True Love-New Young Gods-2-Sided-Black-MED
True Love-RIP Mindset Design-Black-MED
True Love-Stay True To Your Code Design-2-sided-Black-MED
Turning Point-Hi impact pocket-circle back/Benefit shirt-Grey-MED
Turning Point-Red Longsleeve-Its always darkest..-2-Sided-LRG
Turning Point-Gym Shorts-Black-LRG
Uniform Choice-A Wish To Dream Boot-4 Sided-Ice Gray-Boot-MED
Unified Right-Arm w/ Mic design-White-LRG
Union Of Faith-Black w/ White/Blue-2-Sided-MED
Up Front-Lets Keep The Spirit Alive Design-ATWR Fest Shirt-Red-MED
Waste Management-American Flag Design-Black-MED
Wide Awake-Schism Design-2 Sided-Bootleg-White-MED
Wide Awake-Schism chest print/Hold True design back-Black w/ red/yellow print-Boot-LRG
Wide Awake-CT Hardcore Boot-2-Sided-Arch Logo Pocket-White-MED
Written Off-Earth/Chains design-Grey-MED
Xylitol-Its All gray Goo Design-White-MED
Youth Of Today-Youth Crew 88 Design Boot-Blue/Black print-MED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
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the First Step - Demo 2001 (BLACK, Cali Tour cover, #83/100) 
the First Step - Demo 2001 (BLUE, limited 2nd press cover, #18/100) 
the First Step - Open Hearts And Clear Minds (TEST PRESS, out of 8) 
the First Step - Open Hearts And Clear Minds (CLEAR, 07/05/02 rec release cover, #1/50) 
The First Step - Connection (ORANGE CREAMSICLE, out of 9)
The First Step - Connection (RED, TFS Crew stamp, 2nd press, white labels, out of 15) 
The First Step - Connection (CLEAR, TFS Crew React Showcase 2010 cover, out of 10) 
The First Step - What We Know Sessions (TEST PRESS, out of 13) 
the First Step - Open Hearts And Clear Mind 12" EP (TEST PRESS, #3/30) 
the First Step - What We Know-Rivarly Records-(TEST PRESS, #1/20) 
the First Step - What We Know (BLUE, TFS Crew stamp, 2nd press, II b-side label, out of 35) 
the First Step - What We Know (GREY, regular cover, EURO PRESS on NJW Records, out of 270) 
the First Step - What We Know (BLACK, EURO PRESS on NJW Records, out of 525) 
the First Step - 2 new song West Coast Tour 2001 promo tape  

Wide Awake-Hold True-Test
Wide Awake-CT Hardcore-3rd Press
Wide Awake-CT Hardcore-Light Blue Cover
Wide Awake-CT Hardcore-Test Press

Our Turn-Catch Your Breath-Test
Our Turn-Step Aside-test

Four Walls Falling-Culture Shock-Black
Four Walls Falling-Culture Shock-Test Press
Four Walls Falling-Burn It-Black
Four Walls Falling-Burn It-Test Press
Four Walls Falling-S/T-Test Press
Four Walls Falling-Euro Release-Test Press

Insight-What Will It Take-Yellow/Orange Fade Labels-1st Press-Blue
Insight-What Will It Take-Test Press
Insight-Standing Strong-Test Press

Edgewise-Silent Rage-Smorgasbord Records-Test Press
(Or any i dont have)

Eleven Thirty-Four-Reality Filter-New Age Records-Test Press
Eleven Thirty-Four-Idle Regression-Test Press
Eleven Thirty-Four-Idle Regression EP-Livewire-Blue w/Green Sleeve #d/125 
Eleven Thirty-Four-Nothing-Demo Tape
Eleven Thirty-Four-Any shirts

Swervedriver-Mezcal Head-Creation Records-Black
And anything that looks like i want to complete a collection.

+more.  Just Email Me.

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