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Free counters WELCOME TO MY VINYL FETISH The following is a complete list of records that I have. The 7 inch records are in the first section, the 12 inch records are in the second section, and my WANT LIST is at the end. You are now entering a CD free zone; I don't own them or want them. Please, if you get an email from me asking about a trade, have the respect to reply, even if you don't want to trade. I am so tired of people on this "trade board" not replying to trade offers. If you don't want to be bothered by trade offers then get off the board! Thanks in advance to those that reply, and screw you to the ones that don't. Email me with any trade or cash offers: carnold929@att.net All email offers will get an immediate response. Feel free to make cash offers on items from this list, I have been selling some stuff lately. Good Traders from this board: Aj Mcguire, Chris Reynier, Jean Phillip Tremblay (x2), Vien To (x2), Michael Craigs, Charly Wiesaure, Danny Veldhuizen, Bill Skoulas, Guido Ratti, Neven Fitnic, Maarten Swijsen, Scott C Bentz, Nick Senatore, Branden Hutchins, Chris Johnson, Simon Walker, Daniel Rosen, Bobby Egger, Sean Scott, Israel Branson, Mike Gifford, Marcus Andrews, Cody Oler (x2) and many others let me know if I forgot your name... Ebay name: vinalfetish 100% feedback for buying and selling The follwoing is a photo gallery of records that i have had fun getting over the years. Many of these records have become quite hard to locate and are very expensive. CLASSIC NEW YORK HARDCORE 7" RECORDS Abused--loud and clear 7" Photo Agnostic Front--united blood 7" Photo Antidote--thou shall not kill 7" Photo Major Conflict 7" and both Mob 7" Photo Both Kraut 7's unemployed and kill for cash Photo Cause for Alarm 7", Cracked Actor 7" Catatonics 7" Photo Beastie Boys 7" and Crucial T 7" Photo Stimulators 7" Urban Waste 7" Photo Nihilistics 7", Rest in Pieces 7" Young and Useless 7" Photo CLASSIC CALIFORNIA PUNK 7" RECORDS Aryan Discrace 7" Avengers 7" Authorities 7" Photo Alley Cats 7" both dangerhouse sleeves Photo Both Agent Orange 7" and Bad Religion 7" Photo All three Black Randy Dangerhouse 7"s Photo Both Controllers 7"s Randoms 7" Dead Beat 7" Photo Realtors 7" and JJ-180 7" Photo Rhino 39 7" Howard Werth 7" and Vom 7" Photo Both Weirdos 7"s and What Records sampler 7" Photo Both X 7" adult books and white girl Photo All three Zeros 7"s Photo Both Dills 7" and The Eyes taqn 7" Photo Eddie and the Subtitles 7" Martyrs 7" Gears 7" Photo Both Faction 7"s and It came from the Valley 7" Photo Germs Lexicon Devil 7" Germs s/t 7" what records Photo All three Social Distortion 7" Photo Both Society Dog 7" Photo Bags 7" Middle Class 7" Fuck Ups FU-82 7" Photo CLASSIC TEXAS PUNK 7" RECORDS Big Boys Frat Cars 7" Dicks Hate the Police 7" Photo Big Boys Frat Cars 7" signed by Biscuit and Tim Kerr Photo Offenders 7" Both Deprogrammer 7"s Party Owls 7" Photo Cringe spit on your grave original 7" Schematics VVV records #1 Photo Bobby Sox original 7" Bodysnatchers 7" Bomb Squad 7" Photo Telefones 7" Terminal Mind 7" Degenerates 7" Photo Stains John Wayne 7" Skunks earthquake shake original 7" Photo Both Legionnaires Disease 7"s Photo Inanimate Objects 7" Inserts 7" Ideals 7" Photo Huns Busy Kids 7" both Hates 7"s Photo Both Next 7"s Make it Quick and Kick Ass Photo All 3 original Nervebreakers 7"s Photo All 3 Vamps 7" they opened for sex pistols in Texas Photo Ejectors Hydrohead 7" Both NCM 7"s Photo AK-47 Badge Means you Suck 7" Vast Majority 7" Uncalled 4 7" Photo DRI original 22 song 7" Violent pacification 7" Doomsday Massacre 7" Photo Both Mystery Dates 7" Vendettas 7" Photo Both NOTA 7"s Moscow and Toy Solders Photo Marching Plague rock n roll asshole 7" Photo All 4 Really Red 7"s Photo Receipents 7" Ralphs 7" Reactors 7" Photo Both Plastic Idols 7" Photo Classic Washington DC and Dischord Records 7" Artificial Peace split 7" and Bad Brains pay to cum 7" Photo Both Iron Cross 7"s hated and proud and green vinyl trade edition Photo All four Minor Threat filler 7"s Photo Minor Threat in my eyes red vinyl 7" SOA no policy green vinyl 7" Photo Teen Idles minor disturbance 7" Government Issue legless bull 7" Photo Double O 7" Lunchmeat Mission Impossible split 7" Photo Youth Brigade possible 7" United Mutations 7" Photo Necros IQ-32 7" Necros conquest for death 7" Photo Classic Boston and CTHC 7"s CIA god guts guns 7" Crippled Youth join the fight 7" Photo Make it Work comp 7" hockey sleeve 15 made Lost Generation 7" Photo Violent Children 7" Youth of Today cant close my eyes 7" Photo Reflex from Pain black and white 7' Seizure all hail the system 7" Photo Both Vatican Commandos 7"s hit squad and frisbee Photo Deep Wound 7" Last Rights 7" Freeze 7" Unsafe at any Speed 7" Photo Classic Middle America Hardcore 7"s Fix jan's room 7" with spray painted insert Photo Neon Christ yellow sleeve 7" White Cross 7" Photo YDI place in the sun 7" State no illusions 7" Photo Poison Idea pick your king 7" Final Conflict 7" Photo Both Meatmen 7"s blood sausage and crippled children Photo Negative Approach 7" and Process of Elimination 7" Photo Classic Misfits 7" Bullet 1st press with insert Photo Horror Business 7" and Halloween 7" Photo 3 Hits from Hell 7" and Night of Living Dead 7" Photo Both Evilive 7"s regular sleeve and fiend club sleeve Photo Glen Danzig who killed marilyn 7" Rosemary's Babies blood lust 7" Photo Classic Hardcore lp's SSD kids will have their say lp SSD get it away lp Photo FU's kill for christ lp FU's my america lp Photo DYS brotherhood lp Jerry's Kids is this my world lp Photo Mental Abuse street of filth lp Fatal Rage s/t lp Photo Hope you enjoyed if you want me to post others let me know im done for now 7" INCH RECORDS THAT I HAVE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Abused--loud and clear (original) Abused--new york hardcore Accelerators--s/t 7" mutha records Adult Crash--7" united blood sleeve #39 of 50 w/book vol 1 Adult Crash--7" red vinyl w/book and pre-order photo vol 2 After the storm--judge tribute comp red vinyl with pitboss Agent Orange--bloodstains original Agent Orange--pipeline Agnostic Front--united blood original 7" skin on B side label with insert Agnostic Front--united blood test press for 1989 repress black sleeve 4 made Agnostic Front--united blood test press for 1989 repress white sleeve 3 made Agnostic Front--united blood repress 1989 red vinyl black cover #265/500 Agnostic Front--united blood repress 1989 blue vinyl black cover #271/500 Agnostic Front--united blood repress 1989 red vinyl white cover Agnostic Front--united blood bridge 9 repress test press #15 of 20 Agnostic Front--united blood bridge 9 repress gold vinyl 400 made Agnostic Front--united blood bridge 9 repress red vinyl 800 made Agnostic Front--united blood bridge 9 repress black vinyl 1300 made Agnostic Front--united blood bridge 9 repress clear vinyl 1000 made Agnostic Front--united blood bridge 9 repress clear vinyl/black smoke 1000 Agnostic Front--united blood bootleg black label silver type small hole Agnostic Front--united blood bootleg white label black type small hole Agnostic Front--united blood bootleg black label no type large hole Agnostic Front--united blood extended premix from radio raheem 7" 314 made Agnostic Front--united blood 35th ann. boot stamp BNB show only 95 made Agnostic Front--united blood 35th ann. skin stamp BNB show only 95 made Agnostic Front--united blood 35th ann. nyhc stamp BNB show only 95 made Agnostic Front--united blood 35th ann. generation records oxblood 80 made Agnostic Front--united blood 35th ann. coretex records white vinyl 80 made Agnostic Front--united blood 35th ann. boot stamp SO36 show only 95 made Agnostic Front--united blood 35th ann. skin stamp SO36 show only 95 made Agnostic Front--united blood 35th ann. nyhc stamp SO36 show only 95 made Agnostic Front--united blood 35th ann. test press (aborted) #9 of 10 Agnostic Front--united blood 35th ann. "3-pack set" #9 of 15 Agnostic Front--do or die/rage blue vinyl #2851 of 3000 Agnostic Front--do or die/rage white vinyl #1987 of 3000 Agnostic Front--do or die/rage clear vinyl #76 of 3000 Agnostic Front--puro des madre yellow vinyl Agnostic Front--puro des madre black vinyl Agnostic Front--unity split with Dropkick Murphy's clear vinyl 100 made Agnostic Front--unity split with Dropkick Murphy's black vinyl 900 made Agnostic Front--police state red vinyl Agnostic Front--por vida white vinyl #677 of 1000 crowd cover Agnostic Front--por vida red vinyl #358 of 1000 vinny cover Agnostic Front--por vida blue vinyl #872 of 1000 roger cover Agnostic Front--por vida white vinyl #77 of 1000 crowd cover Agnostic Front--por vida red vinyl #77 of 1000 vinny cover Agnostic Front--por vida blue vinyl #77 of 1000 roger cover Agnostic Front--for my family rejected test press 20 made Agnostic Front--for my family accepted test press #17 of 20 Agnostic Front--for my family gold/silver error press Agnostic Front--for my family sliver splatter error press Agnostic Front--for my family red splatter error press Agnostic Front--for my family gold/silver regular press Agnostic Front--for my family red splatter regular press Agnostic Front--for my family sliver splatter regular press Agnostic Front--that's life test press #17 of 20 Agnostic Front--that's life orange vinyl silk screen Agnostic Front--that's life clear vinyl silk screen Agnostic Front--that's life black etched vinyl Agnostic Front--police violence rejected test press #6 of 21 Agnostic Front--police violence accepted test press #6 of 20 Agnostic Front--police violence clear vinyl with red circle 300 made Agnostic Front--police violence black/blue vinyl 700 made Agnostic Front--police violence clear with red splatter 1000 made Agnostic Front--split with powerhouse test press black vinyl 5 made Agnostic Front--split with powerhouse black/blue vinyl 100 made Agnostic Front--split with powerhouse blue vinyl black splatter 400 made Agnostic Front--iron chin test press 20 made Agnostic Front--iron chin clear vinyl 200 made Agnostic Front--iron chin white vinyl 400 made Agnostic Front--iron chin black vinyl 400 made Agnostic Front--I remember test press #8 of 20 made Agnostic Front--I remember black with red splatter 200 made Agnostic Front--I remember gold vinyl 300 made coretex Agnostic Front--I remember red/black vinyl 300 made Agnostic Front--I remember gray vinyl 1200 made Agnostic Front--live at so36 test press #8 of 20 made Agnostic Front--live at so36 clear black/silver splatter 100 made Agnostic Front--live at so36 half silver half black 200 made Agnostic Front--live at so36 gold vinyl coretex 300 made Agnostic Front--live at so36 yellow vinyl revelation recs 300 made Agnostic Front--live at so36 blue/black splatter 600 made Agnostic Front--live at so36 silver vinyl 1000 made Agnostic Front--eliminator 2020 test press 7 made Agnostic Front--eliminator 2020 clear vinyl 100 made Agnostic Front--eliminator 2020 gray red splatter 1500 made figure Agnostic Front--banned from Europe 500 made Agnostic Front--split with wp the early demotrax #427 of 500 Agnostic Front--alive in 85 500 made Agnostic Front--25th ann. tour poster signed by band #82/100 sold at ny show Agression--live at the underground railroad 7" original Agression--live at the underground railroad 7"purple vinyl #7 of 10 AK 47--the badge means you suck Alley cats--nothing means nothing original dangerhouse 7 black sleeve Alley cats--nothing means nothing original dangerhouse 7 red sleeve Alligators--you ruined everything white vinyl Alligators--s/t 7" black vinyl Alone in a crowd--first press original flux Alone in a crowd--second press original flux American nightmare-sun isn't getting any brighter American nightmare--self titled 7" American nightmare--4 song demo gold vinyl American nightmare GUTG--live in London white vinyl limited 750 American nightmare GUTG--love American picture disc Angry samoans--queer pills ANS--heinous yellow vinyl silk screen ANS--heinous #6 of 80 one sided 7" with grip tape ANS--romancing the phone purple vinyl ANS--tour 2007 one sided 7" #80 of 100 ANS--split with deadpoint yellow/gray swirl vinyl ANS--split with seasick white vinyl ANS--split with my revenge ANS--split with reproach ANS--split with carpenter ants gray vinyl Antidote--thou shall not kill original Antiseen--drastic ep gold ed gein sleeve 16 copies made Antiseen--drastic ep regular white sleeve original Antiseen--ep royalty white cover Antiseen--blood of freaks red vinyl Antiseen--conquers the north live radio broadcast 7" Antiseen--date rape split 7" with rancid vat Antiseen--two headed dog blue vinyl Antiseen--kill the business split 7" with rancid vat red vinyl Antiseen--walking dead Antiseen--free 7" with howl zine #11 1991 Antiseen--the witch #97 of 300 Antiseen--my god can beat up your god Antiseen--psycho killer Antiseen--it looks good for them to care green vinyl Antiseen--fornication Antiseen--we got this far red vinyl Antiseen--vault of antiseen live #78 of 500 Antiseen--evil ones Antiseen--barbecued brains #38 of 50 with charlie sleeve Antiseen--barbecued brains live in texas #56 of 300 Antiseen--violence now with gg allin Antiseen--split 7" with cocknoose Antiseen--live in the fatherland paper bag sleeve Antiseen--raid over europe green vinyl with book #87 of 345 Antiseen--masters of the sky Antiseen--various artists' zine #9 w/animals live track Antiseen--free 7" from ox zine 1993 Antiseen--justice split 7" with rancid vat Antiseen--split 7" with seducer red vinyl Antiseen--it all breaks down red vinyl Antiseen--thanks a lot Antiseen--split with rancid vat--funk u Antiseen--split with nothing but puke Antiseen--jailhouse Antiseen--loathe it to death live comp from carbon 14 Antiseen--mean woman blues Antiseen--split with born barvarian Antiseen--blood battles of the south live Antiseen--sabu red vinyl Antiseen--split with hellstomper keep it flying white vinyl Antiseen--split with rupture Antiseen--all the lessons split with hookers orange vinyl Antiseen--split with limecell blue vinyl Antiseen--all live no jive red vinyl Antiseen--20th anniversary show double 7" #55 of 85 Antiseen--split with empire falls aqua vinyl #23 of 200 Antiseen--split with texas terri pink vinyl Antiseen--split with electric frankenstein green swirl vinyl Antiseen--dear abby blue vinyl Antiseen--testify Antiseen--from parts unknown ep Antiseen--split with hammerlock red with and blue vinyl 500 made Antiseen--split with Hank III picture disc 7" Antiseen--split with blowfly green vinyl Antiseen--split with brody's militia 1st 7" green vinyl Antiseen--exploding barbed wire death match green vinyl Antiseen--split with flat tires clear vinyl 100 made Antiseen--worldwide live ass kickin yellow vinyl Antiseen--sweet blood call blue vinyl Antiseen--split with zeke tour single 300 made Antiseen--split with brody's militia 2nd 7" blue vinyl 100 made Antiseen--split with meatmen red/yellow vinyl Antiseen--split with nunslaughter red/brown vinyl Antiseen--split with he who can not be named clear vinyl Antiseen--split with malcolm tent 7" Antiseen--split with jerry a 7" black vinyl Antiseen Solo Stuff--judas bullethead--if they itch scratch em Antiseen Solo Stuff--judas bullethead--honest it's just a cold sore Antiseen Solo Stuff--judas bullethead--oh baby Antiseen Solo Stuff--jeff clayton and the slimegoats Antiseen Solo Stuff--joe young--bury the needle Antiseen Solo Stuff--jeff leopard--live at yellow rose Antiseen Solo Stuff--alcoholics unanimous-dixie fried purple vinyl Antiseen Solo Stuff--jeff clayton and the mongrels white vinyl Armed Citizens--make sense 7" big city records Artificial Peace--split 7" with exiled Aryan Disgrace--faggot in the family Assault City--comp halloween sleeve #62 of 100 with black ss, awol etc Assuck--state to state Assuck--blindspot Assuck--necrosalvation green vinyl over sized sleeve Assuck/OLD--split single #498 of 900 Attak--today's generation Attak--murder in the subway Authorities--soundtrack for trouble original Avengers--we are the one dangerhouse original Avengers--paint it black yellow vinyl Aware--back off AWOL--another way of living BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Bacteria sour--vol 2 with recovery ep 2x7" septic death Bad brains--pay to cum original 2nd press stamped record jacket Bad brains--pay to cum record store day 2011 green vinyl 250 made Bad brains--pay to cum record store day 2011 red vinyl 250 made Bad brains--pay to cum record store day 2011 gold vinyl 500 made Badnads--japanese bloodbath Bad Religion--s/t original 7" from 1981 with insert Bad Religion--atomic garden single sided 7" Bad Religion--split 7" with Noam Chonsky new world order Bad Religion--American Jesus Bad Religion--stranger then fiction 7" Bad Religion--broken 7" Bad Religion--los angeles is burning picture disc Bad Religion--father christmas 7" Bad Religion--3 way split 7" live 7" dean lane orange vinyl 300 made Bad Religion--sanity 7" RSD 2019 Bad Religion--sanity 3" RSD 2019 Bad religion--profane rights of man flexi disc Bad vultures--bullshit all propaganda yellow vinyl Bad vultures--high voltage orange vinyl Bags--survive original dangerhouse Band of mercy--vegan power yellow vinyl Band of mercy--conquest green vinyl Bang Gang--she ran but we ran faster Barfight--s/t 7" purple vinyl limited to 100 Battle cry--east side pride Battle cry/doc evil--split 7 white vinyl Bellicose Minds--s/t 7" white label test press #34 of 50 Bellicose Minds--s/t 7" white vinyl Bellicose Minds--s/t 7" black vinyl Bellicose Minds--incision 7" Bellicose Minds--incision tour 7" gold vinyl #10 of 200 Battle ruins--s/t 7" 1st press Battle ruins--s/t 7" repress for boston show red ink Beastie boys--polly wog stew original 7" Beat down--join the fight Beast--power metal ep mutha records Beginning of the end--it's alive green vinyl #72 of 300 Beginning of the end--sci-fi monster violence Big boys--frat cars original #387 of 500 autographed by biscuit and tim Big boys--frat cars bootleg of 500 copies Big boys--frat cars repress Big boys--wipe out with zine Big boys--split 7" with the dicks color vinyl autographed by both bands Big boys--split 7" with butthole surfers live 250 made with book and bag Big boys--benefit ep with texas bombs, cargo cult and big boys Big City--don't want no pity comp Big City--aint too pretty comp with booklet Bitter End--mind in chains clear vinyl w/ black and red splatters Bitter End--s/t white vinyl Black Easter--ready to rot Black flag--tv party Black flag--louie louie Black flag--nervous breakdown Black flag--six pack Black Market Baby--potential suicide/youth crimes original limp records Black randy & the metrosquad--trouble at the cup dangerhouse original Black randy & the metrosquad--I slept in an arcade dangerhouse original Black randy & the metrosquad--idi amin dangerhouse original black vinyl Black SS/How we are--split 7" Black SS/Raining Bricks--split 7" gray wax #47 of 97 Black SS--self titled 7" Black Star Brigade--coming thru the airwaves blue vinyl Blind to Faith/Gehenna--split 7" purple vinyl Blitz--all out attack Blitz--never surrender Blitz--warriors Blitz--new age Blitz--new breed ep Blitzkrieg--lest we forget Blitzkrieg--animals in lipstick Bobby soxx--hate in the 80's original vvv records Blood letters--s/t 7" limited acetate sleeve 50 made Blood letters--s/t 7" regular sleeve Blood for blood--enemy Blood for blood--split 7" with hudson falcons Blood for blood--soulless Bloody Hammer--apathy is bliss 7" silk screen sleeve #24 of 50 Bloody Hammer--apathy is bliss 7" regular sleeve Bloody Hammer--when in rome Bodysnatchers--are you into destruction Bollocks to christmas--7" comp Bomb Squad--tomorrow the world ends Bootleg Bill--welcome to florida Boot party--your fate Boot party--now and then Boot party--the suss green vinyl Boston X--s/t 7" blue vinyl w poster Boozers--boozin and losin across texas red vinyl Brassic--vengeance red vinyl #428 of 500 Break away--for life clear vinyl Break away--the few that remain Breakdown--87 demo 7" original Brightside--no policy ep SOA covers Broken Heroes--jump for oi Broken Heroes--media blowout Broken Heroes/Toughskins--split 7" pink vinyl Brotherhood--no tolerance for ignorance red vinyl Bruisers--clobberin time Bruisers--intimidation red vinyl original Bruisers--american night Bruisers--still standing up Bruisers--suburban voice comp to dc hardcore Bruisers--gates of hell orange vinyl Bruisers--split with charges 69 Bruisers--split with dropkick Murphy's Bruisers--split with randumbs clear vinyl Bruisers--split with mad parade blue vinyl Bulldoze--remember who's strong Bullshit vol 1--houston comp with secret prostitutes, crime wave etc Bum Kon--drunken sex sucks Burnt--mp ep mutha records Burnt--social disease Burnt--charlie brown Burnt/Death Rage--split 6" pink vinyl Business--harry may Business--smash the discos Business--drinkin & drivin Buzzcrusher--cut off at midnight split with seducer Buzzcrusher--mexican pizza CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Cannons--guts and truth red vinyl Capitol Punishment--s/t 7" original Catatonics--hunted down Cause for alarm--7" original Chain of strength--true till death green vinyl Chain of strength--what holds us apart Champion--truth bridge 9 bonus 7" 500 copies Champion--live at art house bridge 9 bonus 7" 500 copies Chiefs--blues 7" original Child Abuse--bring it 7" mutha records C.I.A.--god, guts guns 7" original Clear--demo 7" blue vinyl Cocknoose--pain from the prairie #188 of 500 Cocknoose--split 7" with buzzcrusher Cocknoose--greatest band of the 21st century yellow vinyl Cocknoose--invader 1 must die Cocknoose--all jacked up Code of Honor--what are we gonna do Combatant--sick plot test press #14 of 20 Complete Control--vicious ones gold vinyl 100 made Complete Control/Krum Bums--double 7" red/white/black vinyl 100 made Combat 84--rapist original Combat 84--orders of the day original Commitment Crew--city to city demo 7" white vinyl 60 made Commitment Crew--rock against cretins Commitment Crew--commitment cruisers Commitment Crew--hisingen 7" silkscreen sleeve 130 made Compilation for atonement--green vinyl comp with integrity etc Condemned 84--oi aint dead blue vinyl original Condemned 84--euro 1996 ep Condemned 84--boot boys Condemned 84--no way in yellow vinyl Condemned 84--the real oi red vinyl Confront--payday 7" dark empire original press black vinyl Constant elevation--freedom beach white vinyl #27 of 100 generation Controllers--slow boy original Controllers--neutron bomb original what records Corrosion of Conformity--mad world 7" 500 made Cracked actor--nazi school original Creamers--modern day white vinyl Creamers--slow burn Crime Wave--modern lobotomies ep green vinyl jr ewing sleeve 20 made Crime Wave--modern lobotomies ep green vinyl jerry sleeve 20 made Crime Wave--modern lobotomies ep green vinyl william shatner sleeve 20 made Crime Wave--modern lobotomies ep green vinyl idi sleeve 20 made Crime Wave--modern lobotomies ep green vinyl anton sleeve 20 made Crime Wave--modern lobotomies ep green vinyl regular sleeve Crime Wave--crime waves surf ep 7" slayer sleeve 30 made white vinyl Crimson Ghosts--3 misfits from hell white vinyl Cringe--spit on your grave original cringe records 1981 Crippled youth--join the fight clear vinyl Crucifix--1984 7" origianl Crucial T--darkened days 7" Ct hardcore better yet comp from 1988 with forced reality CTHC--then and now Current 93/Nurse with Wound--no hiding from the blackbird 7" DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Dag nasty--all ages show Dag nasty--box set colored vinyl Damage--final Damage--final halloween 2001 #27 of 138 glow in the dark vinyl Damage II--broken bloodlines posi press #35 of 75 glow in dark cover Damage II--broken bloodlines yellow vinyl Damn Garrison--s/t 7" brown vinyl 204 made Damn Garrison--s/t 7" yellow vinyl 325 made Dark Like a Restaurant--sight 7" VVV records original Darkside nyc--suffer in silence Deadbeats--kill the hippies dangerhouse original Dead Kennedys--holiday in Cambodia Dead Kennedys--california uber alles Death Threat--live at showcase bridge 9 bonus ep Deathwish--tailgate lost and found records Decry--symptoms of hate Deep wound--saw it original radiobeat Deep wound--american style Degenerates--fall out Deprogrammer--S and M Deprogrammer--instant passion Die Hard--off the bat demo 7" black vinyl Die Young--songs for the converted clear vinyl Die Young--confessions of a petty thief green vinyl Die Young--loss gray vinyl Die Young--loss last show cover yellow vinyl 100 made Die Young--loss tour sleeve #25 of 100 Die Young--survival instinct clear vinyl Die Young--split 7" with Confronto black vinyl Die Young--chosen path toxic green vinyl Die Young/Invade--split 7" white vinyl Die Young/7 Generations--split 7" orange vinyl Dicks--hate the police original Dicks--hate the Police bootleg Dicks--hog 7" green red splatter vinyl #39 of 100 Dicks--Peace Dils--class war dangerhouse original Dils--I hate the rich original Dissent/Hellbastard--split 7" Divergants--johnny law #333 of 500 on orange vinyl Doomsday Massacre--wake up or melt down Double O--you've lost original 7" Dri--dirty rotten ep 22 song 7" original Dri--violent pacification Dresden 45--swiss bank account Dresden 45--liberators Drinking is Great--gold vinyl comp with poison idea lockjaw etc 7" Drug Control--s/t 7" record release sleeve 49 of 50 Drug Control--s/t 7" pre order sleeve out of 96 Drunks--speed metal blues gray vinyl #175 of 500 Dwarves--anybody out there Dwarves--sex and violence live Dwarves--lick it original Dwarves--drug store with button Dwarves--dairy queen orange vinyl Dwarves--she's dead Dwarves--lucky tonight orange vinyl Dwarves--Lucifer's crank Dwarves--underworld yellow vinyl Dwarves--underworld 5" EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 86'ed/Reason to Fight--split 7" East Coast Oi Attack vol 1--comp #302 of 1000 East vs. west comp with blood for blood Eddie and the Subtitles--fuck you eddie original 7" Ed gein's car--brain dead baby Effigies--remains nonviewable Ejected--noise for the boys Ejected--have you got 10p Ejected--press the button Ejectors--hydrohead vvv records original Emergency Broadcast System comp--vol II with assuck End the war zone--original comp 7" Even Worse--mouse or rat Even Worse--leaving Exit condition--s/t 7" pusmort records Exploited--army life Exploited--rival leaders Exploited--dead cities Exploited--dead cities dutch picture sleeve different then regular sleeve Exploited--computers don't blunder Exploited--barmy army Exploited--dogs of war Exploited--split 7" with anti-pasti Exploited--attack Exploited--race against time red vinyl #168 of 300 Explosives--s/t 7" blackhole records Explosives--push the bottom Explosives--headhunter Eyes--taqn dangerhouse original FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 4 skins--yesterdays heroes 4 skins--low life 4 skins--one law for them 4 skins--norman/seems to me 4 skins (plastic gangsters)--7" red vinyl Faction--corpse in disguise Faction--yesterday is gone Faction--2 cents worth red vinyl Faction/JFA--split single gray swirl vinyl Faction--1982 all over again green vinyl 200 made Fair Warning--detroit hardcore comp 7" with freedom black vinyl False liberty--silence is consent 7" Fartz--because this fucking world stinks Fed up/Condition--stand proud split #286 of 500 Fed up--lashing out clear vinyl Fed up-live at wfmu blue vinyl 7" Feederz--Jesus Final Conflict--in the family original 7" reflex records Final Warning--s/t 7" fatal erection records Final Word--fools like you Fix--jan's room with spray paint insert original Floorpunch--division one champs Forced fem--safe word white vinyl Forced reality--give 'em the brass Freedom--pay the price black vinyl 7" Freedom--pay the price red vinyl 7" Freedom--united states of mind grey vinyl yellow silk screen Freedom--united states of mind black vinyl yellow silk screen Freedom--never had a choice brown vinyl Freeze--guilty face Friend or Foe--outsider 7" red/black vinyl From the valley--comp with faction, mistaken identity etc Fuckers--block party green vinyl Fuckers--quick cash Fuck ups--fu 82 original Fuct/Pinheads--split 7" Fugitive Family--global lobotomy Fugitive Family--saddest story ever told Fugitive Family--putrid remains GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Gang Green--sold out tang #1 black vinyl Gears--lets go to the beach original Germs--forming/sex boy original what records Germs--lexicon devil original slash records red sleeve Getting Shit for Growing up Different--7" with mission impossible/lunchmeat Genetic Control--Reagan era hardcore Generation of hope--comp Gorilla biscuits--new direction Gorilla biscuits--live at safari club Gorilla biscuits--last show live 7" Gorilla biscuits--live at goudvishal #44 of 200 Gorilla biscuits—demo 87 red sleeve Gorilla biscuits--high hopes yellow vinyl Gorilla biscuits--tour 2006 7" gray vinyl Government issue--legless bull original Government issue--make an effort original black vinyl 1st press Grave Robbers--all you can eat red vinyl Greg Graffin--population wars 7" Growing stronger--comp red letters Grudge--project ex beer color vinyl Guilty Party--s/t 7" #45 of 120 HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH H2O--california pink vinyl 7" H2O--new york green vinyl 7" H2O--Washington dc white vinyl 7" H2O--someday i suppose green/red vinyl Hammer and the nails--rome is burning burgundy vinyl Hammer and the nails--split 7" with Butcher Boys clear/black vinyl Hammer and the nails--s/t 7" Hardcore 1990 east meets west comp Hates--no talk in the 80's Hates--do the caryl chessman Hatebreed--under the knife Hatebreed--split 7" with neglect Headwound--the ep red vinyl Headwound--thinking and drinking red vinyl Headwound--kings of beer white vinyl Headwound--look good it is yellow vinyl High and the Mighty--crunch on demo 7" Hogs of war/khobretti--split 7 green vinyl Hookers--halloween orange vinyl Howard Werth--obsolete 7 dangerhouse original Hugh Beaumont Experience--cone johnson ep repress Huns--busy kids (original) IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I hate you--prime directive I hate you--7 inches of hate Ideals--poor man's zz-top Ideals--high art ep live at rauls Immoral discipline--battlefield Immoral discipline--your life is a lie Impact unit--my friend in the pit Inanimate Objects--s/t original freeway records Infest--days turn black 7" sold at MDF and Chaos in Tejas Infest--mankind first press 500 made Infest--machismo original 7" with insert Infest/PHC--live and pissed blue vinyl 8" flexi 807 of 1000 In my eyes--demo white vinyl Inside out--above all red vinyl Insted--we'll make the difference Inserts--doctors wives Insurance risk--no pity ep my war records Integrity--in contrast of sin original victory press Integrity--march of the dammed Integrity--(7-17)4 band comp green vinyl #4 of 100 Integrity--we are the end pink vinyl Integrity--walpurgisnacht gray vinyl preorder Integrity--kingdom of heaven Integrity--evacuate flexi disc Integrity--split 7" with mayday 120 days Integrity--split with rot in hell black vinyl 100 made Integrity--split pic disc with psywarfare Integrity--split with lockweld Integrity--split with hatebreed gray vinyl Integrity--split with AVM #247 of 250 Integrity--split with Creepout juke boxx records original Integrity--split with Pale Creation clear vinyl 125 made Integrity--split with gehenna black vinyl 100 made Integrity--split with Vegas orange/black vinyl 100 made Integrity--septic death with bloodbook zine Integrity--harder they fall flexi #87 of 150 Integrity--piss off you bloody wankers flexi 7" Integrity--black heksen rise black vinyl 200 made Integrity--7th revelation one sided blue vinyl 7" Integrity--split with kowh with bloodbook zine Integrity--No Peace/War comp with rot in hell gold vinyl #169 of 185 Integrity--deathly fighter white flexi disc Integrity--integ2k.18 yellow vinyl 100 made Integrity--all death is mine flexi Integrity--harder they fall 30th ann. clear vinyl 100 made Intent--regeneration blue vinyl #384 of 500 Intent to injure--keep us strong Intent to injure--reinforcement clear vinyl Iron Age--butches bill Iron Age--the way is narrow clear vinyl Iron Age--burden of empire tour 7" limited to 100 Iron Age--saga demo double 7" flexi disc Iron boots--demo ep orange vinyl pre order with poster Iron boots--demo ep green vinyl posi numbers press #28 of 100 Iron boots--easy green black vinyl #355 of 500 first press Iron boots--weight of he world white vinyl 100 pressed Iron cross--1st 7" green vinyl trade edition original autographed by sab Iron cross--hated and proud original autographed by sab Iron cross/Keyside Strike--split 7" gray vinyl 60 made Iron cross--est. 1980 7" yellow vinyl JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ Jackshit--hicktown 7" with insert Janitor--s/t 7" green vinyl Janitor--s/t 7" red vinyl #27 of 100 Janitor--s/t 7" test press #3 of 5 Jfa--blatant localism JJ-180--s/t 7" pre realtors Judge--there will be quiet Judge--new york crew original schism Judge--live en wnyu Juicehead--rotting from the inside autographed Juicehead--waiting room black vinyl etched 7" KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Kids for cash--no more walls Killing children--certain death 7" Kiss my Machine-7" comp with no talk secret prostitutes chaos in tejas 100 Kiss my Machine-7" comp with no talk secret prostitutes regular sleeve Knife fight--s/t 7" Knife fight--burning bridges ep Koro--700 club repress on sorry state records Krakdown--7" original Kraut--unemployed original Kraut--kill for cash original LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Landfill--s/t 7" Last Resort--violence in our minds red vinyl Last Resort--violence in our minds picture disc #239 of 500 Last Resort--pain of living 7" #428 of 500 Last Resort/Old Firm Casuals--split double 7" white/clear vinyl Last Rights--chunks original tang #2 Legionnaires Disease Band--rather see you dead/downtown original Legionnaires Disease Band--placebo world Less then jake--slayer orange and red vinyl limited to 350 Liberty and Justice/Abductors--short haired rock n roll test press 12 made Liberty and Justice/Abductors--short haired rock n roll blue vinyl 104 made Liberty and Justice/Abductors--short haired rock n roll red vinyl 107 made Liberty and Justice/Abductors--short haired rock n roll tricolor vinyl 320 Liberty and Justice/FAVL--split 7" #190 of 300 Limecell/Sons of Liberty--arresting officers tribute clear vinyl Lion of Wal Street--sidewalk slam gray vinyl #294 of 300 Lockjaw--shock value original 7" Lockjaw--dead friends original 7" Loco gringos--nurture my pig Lost Generation--never work Lower class brats--who writes your rules Lower class brats--ultra violence white vinyl split with reducers Lower class brats--a wrench in the gear Lower class brats--split with dead end cruisers blue vinyl Lower class brats--split with templars Lower class brats--glam bastard Lower class brats--psycho Lower class brats--deface the music clear vinyl Lower class brats--worst ep green vinyl Lower class brats--I'm a mess Lower class brats--thoughts about you Lower class brats/Chelsea--split swirl vinyl MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Make it Work--comp hockey sleeve, insert 15 made first youth of today vinyl Mayday--the underdark Mayday--lost in sabbath Madball--ball of destruction Madball--droppin many suckers maroon vinyl Madball--unity with zine Madball--been there done that Madball--nyhc ep blue vinyl Madball--real american hardcore gold vinyl Madball--rebellion blue vinyl 500 pressed Madball--split with uzumaki red vinyl #734 of 750 Madball--split with full blast skunk blue vinyl #117 of 750 Madball--split with wisdom in chains gold vinyl #184 of 200 Madball--split with wisdom in chains black vinyl Mad brother ward--am I cool white vinyl Mad brother ward--hated by all Major Conflict--s/t original 7" silent scream records Marching plague--rock n roll asshole Martyrs--social sacrifice what records MDC--multi-death corporations 7" poster sleeve Meatmen--crippled children suck original Meatmen--blood sausage ep original Menstrual cycles--retirement home Merauder/Stigmata--brotherhood split single Middle Class--out of vogue original Miles Away--worlds apart bridge 9 bonus 500 copies Minor threat--filler red sleeve original Minor threat--filler yellow sleeve original Minor threat--filler green sleeve original Minor threat--filler blue sleeve original Minor threat--in my eyes red vinyl original Minor threat--live at buff hall Minor threat--mosh pit in Washington 1983 #2 of 50 made Minor threat--at 9:30 club live 4-29-82 #20 of 30 made Minor threat--salad days Minor threat--demo 1981 Minor threat--first demo purple vinyl Misfits--cough cool first boot Misfits--bullet first press original with insert Misfits--horror business yellow vinyl original Misfits--night of the living dead original Misfits--Halloween original Misfits--Evilive original autographed by jerry and doyle orange label Misfits--Evilive fiend club edition #421 autographed by jerry original Misfits--3 hits from hell original Misfits/Glenn Danzig--who killed marilyn original Misfits--dig up her bones blue vinyl promo Misfits--dig up her bones blue vinyl promo signed by entire band Misfits--monster mash green vinyl first press Misfits--monster mash glow in the dark vinyl Misfits--day the earth caught fire 5" record Misfits--psycho in the wax museum clear vinyl Misfits--skulls picture disc split with lemmonheads Misfits--horror xmas red vinyl 7" set Misguided--bringing it down black vinyl 7" Misguided--options red vinyl 7" Mob--upset the system 1st press black cover original Mob--step forward Moloko men--7" Moth--s/t 7" gray vinyl error press 10 made Moth--s/t 7" brown vinyl record release 13 of 30 made Moth--luminol black vinyl limited sleeve 10 made Moth--luminol red vinyl #119 of 250 Moth--measured time clear vinyl black streaks #5 of 200 Moth--split with infinite void 7" orange vinyl Moth--split with prison pink vinyl white spots 5 made Moth--live at repo man records clear vinyl #42 of 50 Mouthpiece--straight edge new age records My Luck--is frozen final press #93 of 100 My Luck--cleaver red vinyl My Luck--endurance blue vinyl Mystery dates--s/t first single Mystery dates--self inflicted sex Mystery dates--EV single songs from 1983 NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Nation of Suspects--liberals can die Nation of Suspects/Lone soldier split 7" white vinyl NCM--ultimate orgasm NCM--quick to compliment Necros--iq32 original Necros--conquest for death original Necros--1980 demo dark gray vinyl Negro Terror--s/t 7" blue vinyl Nervebreakers--politics original Nervebreakers--hijack the radio original Nervebreakers--girls, girls, girls blue vinyl original New jersey and you--perfect together comp Negative approach--can't tell no one original 1st press Negative F/X--government war plans ep Neon christ--parental suppression yellow sleeve original 7" SCR 1 New york hardcore--together 1987 Next--make it quick original sharp records Next--kick ass original 7" with foldout poster Niblick henbane--nj oi clear vinyl Niblick henbane--what's your deal green swirl vinyl Niblick henbane--land of the brave white vinyl Nice and Loud--comp with cia, reflex from pain etc.. Night Sins--down to drown black vinyl Nihilistics--s/t 7" visionary records original No control at the country club--7" comp No for an answer--you laugh No for an answer--it makes me sick No Talk--police mafia No Talk--invade iran No Talk--tighten the noose No Talk--confusion/outside world clear vinyl 150 made No Talk--confusion/outside world black vinyl 150 made different cover No Thanks--are you ready to die original 7" small hole red label No Tolerance--boston straight edge No Tolerance--no remorse no tolerance youngblood records No Warning--s/t 1st single Nota--moscow Nota--toy solders Nothing personal--s/t clear vinyl #158 of 300 Nuke Your Dink--nevada hardcore sampler 7" with 7 seconds 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Offenders--I hate myself Offenders--lost causes/rockin this town original Oi it's party time--picture disc One life crew--split with refuse to fall One life crew--split with empire falls green vinyl #6 of 41 Only the strong--7" comp blue/green vinyl Operation ivy--69 newport Operation ivy--plea for peace Operation ivy--hectic Oppressed--never say die original Oppressed--work together original Our Turn--catch your breath black vinyl Overkill--s/t 7" sst records Oxblood--under the boot maroon vinyl Oxblood--powerfist split 7" with the templars blue vinyl Oxblood--thug rock ep red/black vinyl PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Party owls--rock out Patriot--hooligan holiday green vinyl Patriot--crime of the times blue vinyl Paxton boys--rock and roll ep PDX--volume 2 with bellicose minds etc Peacebreakers--everyday battle Pendulum--skull fuck Pendulum--vlad the impaler Pendulum/Spectre--split ep isotopic chaos clear vinyl Pist n broke--a new day Pitboss/empire falls--split 7 mr X cover green vinyl Pitbull--1990 Pitbull--i've given up Plastic Idols--I.U.D. Plastic Idols--einstein experience PMRC--s/t 7" PMRC--s/t 7" yellow vinyl PMRC--s/t test press #26 of 35 glow in the dark sleeve Point blank--s/t 7" red vinyl Point blank--we won't be silenced red vinyl Poison idea--pick your king original blue sleeve black vinyl Poison idea--darby crash rides again #882 of 1000 blue vinyl 1st press Power Trip--demo 7" withdrawal records black vinyl Power Trip--armageddon blues red vinyl Power Trip--s/t 7" black vinyl lockin out records Power Trip--s/t 7" lockin out records black vinyl Power Trip--hornets nest flexi disc Pride Kills--drama queen red vinyl Pride Kills--drama queen tour 7" #54 of 100 Pride Kills--elvis party brown vinyl 16 made Process of elimination--7" comp Proclamation--straight edge hardcore Project x--boot 7" Pusmort Sampler--comp with septic death includes flexi disc QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Queers--double 7" RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Raid--war of words Rain on the parade--full speed ahead red vinyl Raise cain--return to many shocks red splatter vinyl Ralphs--mutating man/teddy boy vvv records Randoms--abcd original dangerhouse #1 Rather see you dead--comp with really red hates legionnaires disease Raw deal--demo 7" white vinyl Really Red--crowd control Really Red--despise moral majority ep Really Red--modern needs Really Red--new strings for old puppets Realtors--buy or beware Reagan youth--live at cbgb 1985 Recipients--lunatic/constitution Red Rockers--guns of revolution 7" Repercussions--no peace ep Reactors--it's not important Reaper Records--comp for united blood 2011 gold vinyl Rebuilding--comp 7" Red Rockers--guns of revolution 7" Reflex from pain--black and white original Reflex from pain--checkered future #35 of 110 first day of issue Refractory period--7" #68 of 666 Rejectors--thoughts of war first press 7" Rest in pieces--s/t 7" Rhino 39--Xerox 7" original dangerhouse Rhythm Pigs--an american activity Ringworm--demo 7" with bloodbook zine Ringworm--split 7" with cold as life blue vinyl Ringworm--split 7" with boiling point red vinyl Ringworm/Terror split single clear vinyl Riot 303--crowd control Riot squad--scary picture show Riot squad--I'm ok fuck you Riot squad--fuck the torries Riot squad--riot in the city Riot squad--don't be denied Riot squad--there's no solution Riot squad sa--total onslaught Roach Motel--roach & roll 7" Rosemary's babies--bloodlust red vinyl autographed by eerie von Rot in Hell--sins of malice demo one sided 7" #175 of 219 Rot in Hell/Hordes--split 7 black vinyl rat patrol records Rot in Hell/Brain Dead--split 7" Rot in Hell/Process--split 7" Rot in Hell/Wayfarer--split 7" gray vinyl Rot in Hell/Horders--split 7" black vinyl Rot in Hell/Moloch--split 7" black vinyl Rot in Hell/Integrity--split 7" black vinyl Rot in Hell/Vegas--split 6" red vinyl Rot in Hell--termini terrae white vinyl SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 7 Seconds--skins brains and guts original 1st press 7 Seconds--skins brains and guts original 2nd press 7 Seconds--committed for life red cover 1st press 7 Seconds--committed for life blue cover 2nd press 7 Seconds--committed for life yellow cover 3rd press 7 Seconds--committed for life red cover misprint 5th press 7 Seconds--committed for life orange cover 6th press 7 Seconds--blasts from the past black vinyl 1st press 300 made 7 Seconds--blasts from the past clear vinyl 7 Seconds--blasts from the past green vinyl 7 Seconds--blasts from the past blue vinyl 7 Seconds--blasts from the past blue vinyl pink sleeve 7 Seconds--split flexi disc with Youth brigade yellow sleeve red vinyl 7 Seconds--the original 1980 with dim on vocals 7 Seconds--first 3 eps box set red vinyl summer 2014 tour stamp 100 made 7 Seconds--first 3 eps box set clear vinyl with patch and pins 150 made Sacred cattle--texas comp 7" Sacred Shock--s/t 7" clear vinyl 100 made Sacred Shock--s/t demo 7" shogun records Schematics--promises VVV records #1 Secret Prostitutes--s/t first 7" death exclamations records Secret Prostitutes--Mati Di Moskow silk screen sleeve #75 of 120 Secret Prostitutes--Mati Di Moskow red vinyl 100 made Secret Prostitutes--Mati Di Moskow black vinyl Secret Prostitutes--Fantasi di Aushwitz acetate cover record release 50 made Secret Prostitutes--Fantasi di Aushwitz black vinyl Secret Prostitutes--Fantasi di Aushwitz purple vinyl 100 made Secret Prostitutes--Fantasi di Aushwitz clear vinyl Secret Prostitutes--split with Talk Sick Brats red vinyl Secret Prostitutes--split with Talk Sick Brats white vinyl Secret Prostitutes--split with Talk Sick Brats blue vinyl Secret Prostitutes--kenrock 7" clear vinyl brown sleeve Secret Prostitutes--kenrock 7" black vinyl black sleeve Secret Prostitutes--kenrock 7" white vinyl white sleeve Secret Prostitutes--kenrock 7" red vinyl red sleeve Secret Prostitutes--split with Energy purple vinyl Secret Prostitutes--split with Energy red vinyl Secret Prostitutes--split with Energy pink vinyl Secret Prostitutes--split with crooked bangs blue sleeve 100 made Secret Prostitutes--split with crooked bangs brown sleeve 100 made Secret Prostitutes--split with crooked bangs white sleeve 300 made Secret Prostitutes--Punk is disco white vinyl Secret Prostitutes--split flexi disc with turbokrieg kommie kristmas Seizure-all hail the fucking system Septic death--kichigai original Septic death--burial original Septic death--somewhere in time live Septic death--desperate for attention black vinyl SFA--new York 7" SFA--new York bootleg 7" red vinyl #279 of 900 SF Underground--comp vol 1 subterranean records SF Underground--comp vol 2 Shadowhouse--haunted white vinyl #87 of 100 Shadowhouse--haunted black vinyl Shadowhouse--a year today picture disc #13 of 25 Shadowhouse--split with rape blossoms lathe cut 7 clear vinyl #10 of 40 made Shadowhouse--4 way split 7" comp Shark attack--blood in the water my war records Shark attack--feeding frenzy demo limited to 300 my war records Shattered faith--I love america Sheer terror--live at cbgb's blue vinyl Sheer terror--split 7" with crawlpappy Sheer terror--split 7" with old firm casuals Sheer terror--asshole and proud Sheer terror--ugly and proud Sheer terror--not waving, drowning red vinyl #246 Sheer terror--spite black vinyl Sheer terror--kaos for kristen picture disc Sheer terror--darkened days flexi 7" 250 made white Sheer terror--fall from grace demo 7" red vinyl #147 of 155 Sheer terror--paul in the family yellow vinyl with red splatter Sheer terror--2-17-85 brown vinyl 30 made Sheer terror--new life blue flexi 7" 62 of 100 made Shipwrecked--arctic nights 7" original Shipwrecked--s/t 7" clear vinyl Sick of it all--s/t 7" 1st press black vinyl #891 Sick of it all--s/t 7" 2nd press red vinyl #1795 Sick of it all--s/t 7" 3rd press gilman st. #195 of 300 with sticker Sick of it all--s/t 7" 4th press black vinyl 33 rpm close up cover photo Sick of it all--s/t 7" 5th press 1997 press gray vinyl 102 made Sick of it all--s/t 7" 5th press 1997 press black vinyl Sick of it all--s/t 7" 6th press white vinyl 300 made Sick of it all--s/t 7" 7th press record store day 2010 clear vinyl 150 made Sick of it all--s/t 7" 8th press black vinyl white label with stars 540 made Sick of it all--s/t 7" 9th press blue vinyl 772 made Sick of it all--s/t 7" 10th press gold conne island #298 of 330 catwoman Sick of it all—-s/t 7” 11th press gold vinyl 100 revelation records Sick of it all--s/t 7" 11th press gold vinyl #51 of 100 generation Sick of it all--s/t 7" bootleg of 4th press Sick of it all--scratch the surface red vinyl Sick of it all--pushed too far demo Sick of it all--we stand alone Sick of it all--we stand alone promo with press kit Sick of it all--potential for a fall Japanese press Sick of it all--potential for a fall American press Sick of it all--relentless white vinyl limited to 300 Sick of it all--death to tyrants white vinyl gilman st cover #16 of 55 Sick of it all--hardcore equals freedom gold vinyl 100 made Sick pleasure--speed rules original Side by side--you're only young once Sisterhood--giving ground Sisters of mercy--anaconda Sisters of mercy--temple of love 1992 Sisters of mercy--dominion Sisters of mercy--doctor jeep Sisters of mercy--life book with 7" record Sisters of mercy--body electric original Skewbald--grand union clear vinyl Skunks--can't get loose/earthquake shake original Skunks--double pack with fold out poster sleeve Skunks--double pack with gatefold sleeve Slapshot--same mistake blue vinyl Slapshot--iceman cometh comp limited to 500 Slapshot--fire walker Slapshot--live bridge 9 giveaway single limited to 500 Slapshot--tear it down double 7" Slapshot--split with ignite green vinyl tour 94 7" Slayer/TSOL--split 7" Slayer--serenity in murder Slayer--when the stillness comes picture disc Slayer--cult picture disc limited to 600 Slayer--psychopathy red record store day release red vinyl Slayer--seasons in the abyss Slayer--world painted blood red vinyl metal club Slayer--criminally insane remix Slayer--aggressor perfector iron cross sleeve red vinyl Slayer--eyes of the insane red vinyl Slayer--you against you red vinyl Slayer--you against you shaped picture disc Sledge hammer--new dawn warriors gray vinyl #46 of 100 Sledge hammer--anthem green vinyl Sledge hammer--split 7" with ouka white vinyl Slumlords--blue vinyl pre-order edition drunk at the youth of today show Slumlords--demo 2003 white vinyl Slumlords--split with NRSV clear vinyl Slumlords--involuntary skin pre order red vinyl #18 of 125 Slumlords--circus freaks Snobs--schools out lets skate george bush cover limited 335 Snobs--schools out lets skate skater cover limited 100 Snobs--control ep tour edition with stamp 75 made Snobs--control ep yellow sleeve tour cover w/stamp 75 made Snot--slaughterhouse SOA--no policy green vinyl original 7" SOA--first demo 7" red vinyl SOA--1980 demo pencil neck geek purple vinyl Social distortion--1945 Social distortion--mainliner Social distortion--another state of mind clear vinyl Social distortion--1992 promo with picture sleeve Social distortion--I was wrong 7" red vinyl Social distortion--orange county calling black vinyl Social distortion--machine gun melodies 7" 200 made Social unrest--making room for youth 1st press red sleeve Society dog--working class people with insert Society dog--off the leash with insert Sons of liberty--7" white vinyl Sons of liberty--justice denied blue vinyl SOS--i owe you nothing black vinyl Southern Lord 2012 tour--double 7" with power trip, poison idea etc... SSSP--last call yellow splatter 200 made SSSP--last call clear splatter 100 made SSSP--split picture disc with prima linea SSSP--split with no resistance orange vinyl 17 made Stains--john wayne was a nazi original first press color sleeve Stars and stripes--drop the bomb gray vinyl State--no illusions ep original on statement records Statement--prepare for battle Stigma--split 7" with anticops Stimulators--loud fast rules original with insert Stisism--introducing stisism 7" mutha records Straight razor--s/t 7" gold vinyl Stranglehold--leisure tour 84 red vinyl red cover limited to 500 Stretch marks--who's in charge Striking distance--clear vinyl with bullet holes limited to 50 Striking distance--the fuse is lit Subhumans--religious wars TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Teen idles--minor disturbance original dischord records Teen idles--discord #100 7" Telefones--ballad of jerry Godzilla vvv original Tenfold/sum of all fears--split 7" Tenfold--now is our time Ten yard fight--hardcore pride Ten yard fight--the only way Ten yard fight--split with fastbreak green vinyl Terminal disgust--america Terminal mind--I want to die young Terror--s/t 7" one sided clear vinyl Terror--life and death demo posi numbers press clear vinyl Terror--live and death #91 of 500 bridge 9 give away Terror--blood track demos clear vinyl Terror--keepers of the faith gold vinyl pre order Terror--hard lessons gold vinyl Terror--rhythm amongst the chaos gold vinyl preorder different cover Terror--live in Seattle orange vinyl Terror--the walls will fall blue vinyl white swirl Terror/Promise/Plan of attack--live comp gold vinyl Terror zone--lord of wrath Terror zone--self realization Texas Bashing--the compilation Think ahead--intro flexi disc 250 Think I Care--self titled Think I Care--draw the lines green vinyl Third leg--pride Third leg--so sick of it Third leg--seven inches of love #21 of 700 orange vinyl Those unknown--oi keep on goin strong blue vinyl Those unknown--4 of us yellow and black swirl vinyl Throwdown--s/t 7" white vinyl Throwdown--covered with venom blue vinyl Total Abuse--demo 06 Total Abuse--sex pig ep Tribute to the big boys--split 7" with throw rag and riverboat gamblers Trip 6--no defeat no submission ep Trouble--live at the rat bridge 9 bonus ep Trouble--crime and punishment Trouble--nothing left to say red vinyl Trouble--suburban voice comp with fit for abuse Trouble/30 seconds over Tokyo--split 7" Trust--self titled 7" TSOL--weathered statues Turbokrieg--s/t 7" Turning point--7" Two by four--aint's to be fucked with Two by four/war time manner--split 7" UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Uncalled 4--cotton field/grind her up original 7" Undead--halloween #81 of 300 Underdog--true blue black vinyl original Uniform choice--double gatefold 7" demos Unsafe at any speed--comp color sleeve original Unruly--7" United Mutation--fugitive family ep dischord records Unit pride--then and now step forward Unity--you are one Unquestionably late for the trend--comp with vomit pigs Uprise--one by one oi core Urban assault--s/t 7" original Urban waste--police brutality original U.S. chaos--eye for an eye original Useless pieces of shit--fuck shit up Users--sick of you original on raw records Users--kicks in style VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Vamps--formula x Vamps--nowhere to go Vamps--what's your excuse double 7" Vast Majority--I want to be a number Vatican Commandos--hit squad for god Vatican Commandos--just a frisbee Vegan reich--the way it is Venom--manitou goat shaped picture disc Venom--nightmare odd shaped picture disc Venom--newcastle assault #206 of 366 Venom--antechrist Victory--laced up 7" yellow sleeve Victory--twin cities 7" #189 of 300 Victory/brick assassin--split 7" Victory/Cliches--split 7" red vinyl Victory--the code black vinyl Vietnom--thru my eyes 7 green vinyl 50 made Vitality--introspection clear vinyl Vile--vile says fuck off 7" Violent children--split scene original Violent minds--self titled 7" Voice of america--oi comp vol 1 Voice of america--oi comp vol 2 Voice of america--oi comp vol 3 Voice of America--oi comp vol 4 Void--condensed flesh red vinyl VOM--live at surf city original white noise Vulture rock promo ep #1 and #2 green vinyl #3 and #4 black vinyl WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Wake--harlot 7" black vinyl Wake--sideshow 7" purple vinyl War Master--thrones of tyranny 7" white vinyl War Master-split 7" with Nashgul Warzone--lower east side crew 2nd press black vinyl Weirdos--destroy all music Weirdos--neutron bomb original dangerhouse We cant help it if were from Florida--comp red labels We Shall Fight in the Streets--comp with integrity etc What Records Comp--original 7" with controllers, skulls and eyes White cross--fascist 7" White pigs—s/t 7” original White pigs-s/t 7" super seven records red vinyl White trash--trash is truth 7" Whose country is this anyhow--comp Wide awake--hold true demo Wide awake--the end Wide awake--ct hardcore original Wishing for the day--minor threat covers comp pink vinyl Why are we here--comp Wrecking crew--first 7" on vortex Wrecking crew--why must they bridge 9 bonus Wretched ones--live on a 5" Wretched ones--nice guys finish last Wretched ones--johnny burnout blue vinyl Wretched ones--goin down the bar 6" red vinyl Wretched ones--goin down the bar 7" Dionysus records Wretched ones--sideburns and beer ep Wretched ones--amreica's most wanted Wretched ones--tributes suck Wretched ones--lady boss/rut 7" Wretched ones--oink zine #5 comp with lager lads, krays etc Wretched ones--hey old man Wretched ones--old loud and snotty Wretched ones--live picture disc Wretched ones--split with no empathy Wretched ones--battle for the airwaves comp Wretched ones--oink skinzine gray vinyl 7" comp XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X--white girl original X--adult books original dangerhouse X marks the spot--comp original YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YDI--a place in the sun original blood bubble Youth defense league--american pride blue vinyl original Youth defense league--promo single blue vinyl 600 made Youth defense league--promo single red vinyl 200 made Youth brigade--possible ep original Youth brigade--first demo summer 81 orange vinyl Youth of today--cant close my eyes 1st press with sticker and insert Youth of today--disengage black vinyl Youth of today--one night stand magenta vinyl Youthful offenders--independence day Young and the Useless--real men don't floss Young Republicans--sabotage your bbq ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Zeros--don't push me around original bomp records Zeros--wild weekend original on bomp records Zeros--they say everything is alright original 12"INCH RECORDS THAT I HAVE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A county fit for heroes--vol. 1 comp A county fit for heroes--vol. 2 comp A tribute to the misfits--comp Abused--loud and clear radio raheem records release lp Accept--balls to the wall Accused--return of martha splatterhead blue cover subcore original Adolescents--s/t first lp blue vinyl AFI--all hallows eve 10" orange vinyl Agent orange--bitchin summer Agent orange--living in darkness Agent orange--when you least expect it Agnostic front--victim in pain gatefold cover original 1st press Agnostic front--victim in pain gatefold cover original 2nd press Important Agnostic front--victim in pain black cover Agnostic front--victim in pain black cover remastered gold promo stamp Agnostic front--victim in pain black cover remastered sticker Agnostic front--victim in pain bridge 9 test press #20 of 20 Agnostic front--victim in pain bridge 9 repress gold vinyl 400 made Agnostic front--victim in pain bridge 9 repress red vinyl 800 made Agnostic front--victim in pain bridge 9 repress black vinyl 1300 made Agnostic front--victim in pain bridge 9 repress clear vinyl 1000 made Agnostic front--victim in pain bridge 9 repress clear with smoke 1000 Agnostic front--victim in pain bridge 9 repress grey marble 300 made Agnostic front--victim in pain 35th ann. Cortex white vinyl with bag Agnostic front--victim in pain 35th ann. Generation oxblood vinyl bag Agnostic front--victim in pain 35th ann. SO36 show red ink stamp Agnostic front--victim in pain 35th ann. TIHC show edition black ink stamp Agnostic front--victim in pain 35th ann. Leeds show edition sliver ink stamp Agnostic front--victim in pain 35th ann. "3-pack" set #9 of 15 made Agnostic front--victim in pain bootleg with united blood tracks Agnostic front--cause for alarm original test press rough justice Agnostic front--cause for alarm original combat lp 1st press Agnostic front--cause for alarm original combat core lp 2nd press Agnostic front--cause for alarm original combat core gold promo stamp lp Agnostic front--cause for alarm original combat core 3rd press barcode Agnostic front--cause for alarm original combat core 4th press blue photo Agnostic front--cause for alarm original rough justice lp uk press Agnostic front--cause for alarm original cobra core lp Canada press Agnostic front--cause for alarm green vinyl kingfisher records Agnostic front--cause for alarm black vinyl strength records 100 made Agnostic front--cause for alarm bronze vinyl strength records 150 made Agnostic front--cause for alarm olive vinyl strength records 150 made Agnostic front--cause for alarm white splatter strength record 100 made Agnostic front--cause for alarm gold vinyl deluxe strength records 100 made Agnostic front--cause for alarm black vinyl deluxe strength records 900 made Agnostic front--liberty and justice for...original test press rough justice Agnostic front--liberty and justice for...original Agnostic front--liberty and justice for...original promo with gold stamp Agnostic front--liberty and justice for...rough justice uk press Agnostic front--liberty and justice for...yellow vinyl kingfisher records Agnostic front--liberty and justice for...pink test press strength 17 made Agnostic front--liberty and justice for...black vinyl strength records 200 Agnostic front--liberty and justice for...red vinyl strength records 200 Agnostic front--liberty and justice for...clear vinyl strength records 100 Agnostic front--live at cbgb original Agnostic front--live at cbgb original copy with gold promo stamp Agnostic front--live at cbgb Canadian press with gold promo stamp Agnostic front--live at cbgb Canadian press Agnostic front--live at cbgb Australia press cbs records Agnostic front--live at cbgb bridge 9 test press white cover #17 of 20 Agnostic front--live at cbgb bridge 9 red/white/blue vinyl 300 made Agnostic front--live at cbgb bridge 9 red/black vinyl 600 made Agnostic front--live at cbgb bridge 9 white/black vinyl 900 made Agnostic front--live at cbgb bridge 9 blue/black vinyl 1200 made Agnostic front--live at cbgb blue marble vinyl kingfisher records Agnostic front--one voice relativity records original press Agnostic front--one voice kingfisher gray vinyl Agnostic front--one voice test press red vinyl strength records 35 made Agnostic front--one voice gray splatter strength records 100 made Agnostic front--one voice red sliver swirl vinyl strength records 300 made Agnostic front--one voice black vinyl strength records 200 made Agnostic front--one voice clear vinyl strength records 200 made Agnostic front--one voice white vinyl strength records 200 made Agnostic front--one voice gold vinyl strength records 500 made Agnostic front--best of to be continued rough justice 1992 Agnostic front--best of to be continued picture disc #142 of 500 Agnostic front--best of to be continued picture disc band edition no numbers Agnostic front--best of to be continued test press #10 of 15 Agnostic front--best of to be continued black vinyl #174 of 500 Agnostic front--best of to be continued clear vinyl #39 of 500 Agnostic front--last warning black vinyl roadrunner press 1993 Agnostic front--last warning red vinyl kingfisher records Agnostic front--last warning blue vinyl kingfisher records Agnostic front--last warning test press milky clear strength records 30 made Agnostic front--last warning black vinyl strength records 300 made Agnostic front--last warning red splatter vinyl strength records 600 made Agnostic front--last warning clear vinyl strength records 100 made Agnostic front--something's got to give black vinyl epitaph records Agnostic front--something's got to give white vinyl epitaph records Agnostic front--something's got to give blue vinyl epitaph records Agnostic front--something's got to give red vinyl epitaph records Agnostic front--something's got to give black vinyl eurpoe epitaph records Agnostic front--something's got to give test press strength records 10 made Agnostic front--something's got to give strength records black vinyl 300 Agnostic front--something's got to give strength records sliver vinyl 500 Agnostic front--something's got to give strength records ultra clear 200 Agnostic front--riot riot upstart green vinyl Agnostic front--riot riot upstart black vinyl Agnostic front--riot riot upstart test press strength records 10 made Agnostic front--riot riot upstart white vinyl strength records 200 made Agnostic front--riot riot upstart black vinyl strength records 300 made Agnostic front--riot riot upstart yellow vinyl strength records 500 made Agnostic front--dead yuppies original Agnostic front--dead yuppies test press strength records 10 made Agnostic front--dead yuppies orange vinyl strength records 200 made Agnostic front--dead yuppies black vinyl strength records 300 made Agnostic front--dead yuppies blue vinyl strength records 500 made Agnostic front--working class heroes split discipline white/white vinyl Agnostic front--working class heroes split discipline orange/orange vinyl Agnostic front--working class heroes split discipline red/blue vinyl #3/500 Agnostic front--believe 10" live picture disc Agnostic front--another voice test press original 2004 10 copies made Agnostic front--another voice red vinyl original Agnostic front--another voice test press 2011 10 copies made Agnostic front--another voice green vinyl #8 of 300 Agnostic front--another voice oxblood vinyl 700 made Agnostic front--another voice white vinyl strength records 500 made Agnostic front--another voice green vinyl with black swirl 500 made Agnostic front--live at cbgb clear vinyl #337 of 500 Agnostic front--live at cbgb green vinyl #90 of 500 Agnostic front--live at cbgb clear with black/white splatter 500 made Agnostic front--box full of hurt and hate box set #830 of 1000 Agnostic front--warriors test press original 10 copies made Agnostic front--warriors blue vinyl #109 of 1000 Agnostic front--warriors magenta vinyl #13 of 300 Agnostic front--warriors black vinyl 700 made Agnostic front--warriors red with black/silver splatter 500 made Agnostic front--my life, my way green vinyl 100 made Agnostic front--my life, my way red vinyl #66 of 100 Agnostic front--my life, my way white vinyl gatefold #7 of 150 Agnostic front--my life, my way blue vinyl gatefold Agnostic front--my life, my way clear vinyl gatefold #30 of 300 Agnostic front--my life, my way test press black strength records 5 made Agnostic front--my life, my way black vinyl strength records 350 made Agnostic front--my life, my way blue/green splatter strength records 150 Agnostic front--my life, my way beer color vinyl strength records 500 made Agnostic front--my life, my way clear vinyl with green 500 made Agnostic front--no one rules lp test press #10 of 20 made Agnostic front--no one rules lp with booklet and united blood 7" 314 made Agnostic front--American dream died silver vinyl 300 made Agnostic front--American dream died gold vinyl 200 made Agnostic front--American dream died red vinyl 200 made Agnostic front--American dream died clear vinyl 200 made Agnostic front--American dream died milky clear vinyl newbury 300 made Agnostic front--American dream died black vinyl Agnostic front--American dream died clear red/silver splatter 500 made Agnostic front--nyc stompin crew live in 85 test press #3 of 10 Agnostic front--nyc stompin crew live in 85 band edition no numbers 30 made Agnostic front--nyc stompin crew live in 85 regular edition #104 of 444 Agnostic front--nyc stompin crew live in 85 Asia tour edition #22 of 50 Agnostic front--godfathers of hardcore test press black vinyl 15 made Agnostic front--godfathers of hardcore gatefold sliver vinyl 1000 made Agnostic front--first warning test press #2 of 10 made Agnostic front--first warning clear vinyl 150 made Agnostic front--first warning black vinyl 350 made Agnostic front--get loud test press 10 made Agnostic front--get loud green vinyl 200 made Agnostic front--get loud gold vinyl coretex 300 made Agnostic front--get loud clear vinyl tour edition 300 made Agnostic front--get loud blue vinyl 300 made Agnostic front--get loud white vinyl 300 made Agnostic front--get loud red vinyl 1100 made Agnostic front--get loud picture disc Agnostic front--get loud black vinyl Agnostic front--united and strong demos 1984 red vinyl Agnostic front--one voice tour 1992 live lp Agony column--god, guns, and guts Agony column--comes alive Agression--live at cbgb Agression--don't be mistaken Agression--self titled album on mystic Agression--ssl pink vinyl #167 of 300 AHC vol 1--america's hardcore comp blue splatter vinyl with booklet AHC vol 2--america's hardcore comp purple splatter vinyl with booklet AHC vol 3--America's hardcore comp clear vinyl with booklet AHC vol 4--America's hardcore comp red/white/blue vinyl with booklet Alligators--times up your dead red vinyl with black swirls Alligators--times up your dead red vinyl Alligators--times up your dead green vinyl American hardcore--movie soundtrack comp American headaches--comp American youth report--comp original on invasion records Angry samoans--back from samoa bad trip records Angry samoans--inside my brain bad trip records ANS--the pool lp green vinyl #26 of 350 w/spray paint grip tape ANS--process of stoking out white vinyl #8 of 12 special cover ANS--pressure cracks white vinyl with poster, patch and sticker Anthrax--among the living Anthrax--i'm the man Anti--I don't want to die in your war first press with 3 inserts Antidote--no peace in our time test press #10 of 20 Anti-heroes--that's right original Anti-heroes--don't tread on me original Anti-nowhere league--we are the league Antiseen--southern hostility Antiseen--destructo blitzkrieg Antiseen--honour among thieves Antiseen--hell 10" Antiseen--noise for the sake of noise Antiseen--eat more possum Antiseen--eat more possum purple vinyl silk screen cover 300 made Antiseen--here to ruin your groove Antiseen--raw shit pink vinyl Antiseen--murder junkies split w/ gg allin Antiseen--boys from brutalsville picture disc Antiseen--double live lp on color vinyl Antiseen--one live son of a bitch Antiseen--badwill ambassadors Antiseen--new blood orange vinyl #356 of 500 Antiseen--blood of freaks gatefold lp tri color vinyl 200 made Antiseen--live in austin texas red vinyl Antiseen--were # one gray vinyl with comic book Antiseen--southern hostility's demo lp yellow vinyl Antiseen--complete drastic sessions lp white vinyl Antiseen--obstinate gray splatter vinyl lp Antiseen--ep royalty expanded 12" pink vinyl Antiseen--dying breed ep 35th ann. show copy silver vinyl Antiseen--live in japan white vinyl with poster Antiseen--christmans12" red vinyl 300 made Are we too late for the trend--esr comp original Armed with the Truth--american oi comp Artificial peace--complete session November 1981 Assuck--anti capital Assuck--misery index Attak--zombies no future original Attitude adjustment--american paranoia Authorities--puppy love lp Avengers--s/t lp on cdi presents Avengers--s/t 12" on white noise records Axiom--houston punk comp with dead horse, dresden 45 etc BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Bad brains--I against I Bad brains--roar tapes lp on clear vinyl Bad brains--rock for light PVC with lyrics Bad brains--black dots Bad brains--I and I survive 12" Bad brains--I luv jah 12" Bad brains--build a nations color vinyl Bad mutha goose--jump the funk Bad mutha goose--be somebody 12" Bad mutha goose--pride 12" Bad mutha goose--tower of babel lp Bad posture--GDMFSOB album Bad religion--the original 12" Bad religion--how could hell be any worse original first press Bad religion--into the unknown Bad religion--back to the known Bad religion--suffer Bad religion--no control Bad religion--against the grain Bad religion--generator Bad religion--recipe for hate Bad religion--stranger than fiction red vinyl Bad religion--21st century digital boy 10" pictue disc Bad religion--all ages Bad religion--gray race gray vinyl Bad religion--punk rock song 12" Bad religion--tested double live gatefold lp Bad religion--no substance Bad religion--new America Bad religion--process of belief Bad religion--empire strikes first Bad religion--new maps of hell Bad religion--the dissent of man blue vinyl Bad religion--30 years live lp red vinyl Bad religion--christmas songs red vinyl Bad religion--true north red vinyl Bad religion--age of unreason white vinyl Bad vultures--live and strong blue cover 1st press Barfight--s/t 12" clear vinyl SFU records 105 made Barkhard--original lp zorlac records Barricaded Suspects--comp with zine Bastard--wind of pain bootleg Bathory--first lp goat head Bathory--the return Bathory--under the sign of the black mark 1st press Bathory--hammer heart gatefold Bathory--blood fire death Bathory/Venom--split demo lp on green vinyl #159 of 205 Bathory--epicus dominius satanikus yellow vinyl #126 of 157 Battalion of Saints--fighting boys original 12" Battle cry--s/t lp Battle Ruins--s/t lp clear vinyl red cover #92 of 100 Battle Ruins--s/t lp black vinyl first press Battle Ruins--s/t lp red vinyl 2nd press Battle Ruins--s/t lp blank white labels 256 made Battle Ruins--s/t lp psk tour edition yellow sleeve 50 made Battle Ruins--glorious dead black vinyl first press Battle Ruins--glorious dead blue vinyl with sticker Battle Ruins--glorious dead clear smoke vinyl 350 made Battle Ruins—glorious dead red smoke vinyl 150 made Beast of Beast--sex drugs and noise 12" mutha records Beat Down--blood n tears brown/white/black swirl vinyl Beginning of the end--punishment is necessary 10" Bellicose minds--the spine white vinyl #66 of 200 spine sleeve Bellicose minds--the spine lp Bellicose minds--buzz or howl sessions 10" test press #9 of 18 made Bellicose minds--buzz or howl sessions 10" clear vinyl 100 made Bellicose minds--buzz or howl sessions 10" black vinyl 400 made Bellicose minds--the creature Bellicose minds--the creature white vinyl #148 of 200 Big Apple--rotten to the core vol 1 Big Apple--rotten to the core vol 2 All Big Boy's lps autographed by biscuit and tim kerr Big boys--where's my towel original lp Big boys--lullabies help the brain grow original Big boys--lullabies help the brain grow demo copy original Big boys--lullabies help the brian grow enigma records Big boys--big boys and dicks live at rauls Big boys--wreck collection double lp color vinyl Big boys--fun fun fun demo copy Big boys--fun fun fun Big boys--wreck collection original Big boys--moment productions flexi disc promo Big boys--no matter how long the lines is... Big City--one big crowd comp with zine Biohazard--first s/t lp Biohazard--urban discipline Bitter end--climate of fear preorder blue brown vinyl Bitter end--guilty as charged maroon/gray vinyl mix Bitter end--illusions of dominance gold vinyl Black flag--everything went black Black flag--damaged Black flag--jealous again Black Market Baby--senseless offerings Black Randy and the Metrosquad-pass the dust I think I'm bowie dangerhouse Black SS--foreign objects clear/red #85 of 100 Blind ignorance--album Blind to Faith--seven fat years are over clear vinyl #247 of 250 Blind to Faith--under the heptagram red vinyl 12" Blitz--voice of a generation original Blitz--blitzed all out attack lp link records Blitzkrieg--the future must be ours Blood for blood--split my last breath Blood for blood--livin in exile Blood for blood--revenge on society Blood for blood--wasted youth brew color vinyl #146 of 1000 Blood for blood--outlaw anthems white vinyl #1221 of 1500 Blood for blood--serenity red vinyl silk screen skull on B side lim 75 Bloodstains across Texas--comp Bloodstains across California--comp Bodies--firepower red vinyl Bold--speak out 1st press gatefold sleeve Bolt Thrower--in battle there is no law original with insert Bolt Thrower--relm of chaos original with booklet Bolt Thrower--warmaster gatefold original with booklet Bolt Thrower--for victory blue/black vinyl 200 pressed Bolt Thrower--mercenary Bolt Thrower--those once loyal Bolt Thrower--honour valour pride Bolt Thrower--IV crusade Bolt Thrower--who dares wins Bolt Thrower--peel sessions 1988-1990 Bomb Squad--children of war Boot party--bricks to concrete Boston Strangler--primitive lp Boston Strangler--fire lp Boston Strangler--outcast demo one sided lp Boozers--down and out #180 of 500 Brassic--voice of freedom black vinyl #29 of 500 Break away--face aggression white vinyl Broadsiders--take back the streets yellow vinyl Bruisers--in the pit Bruisers--molotov 10" Bruisers--crusin for a brusin Bruisers--independence day 12" red vinyl Built for Speed--motorhead tribute picture disc Bullets--comp with agnostic front, crumbsuckes etc... Bull the buffalos--s/t lp pink vinyl Burden of proof--album Buried Alive--comp original cover Buried Alive--last rites Burnt--where's my head lp Burst out--west Japanese skin comp lp Business--suburban rebels gatefold lp secret records Business--1980-81 official bootleg Business--loud proud punk live syndicate records Business--Saturdays heroes harry may records Business--get out of my house 12" CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Capitol punishment--when putsch comes to shove original lp Carnivore--s/t first lp original Carnivore--retaliation original Carry on oi--album Celtic frost--morbid tales Celtic frost--tragic serenades Celtic frost--emperors return Celtic frost--to mega therion Celtic frost--into the pandemonium Chain rank--up against the wall clear vinyl Channel 3--fear of life original press posh boy Chronic Sick--cutest band in hardcore boot/repress Chud Convention--sorrow 12" CIA--s/t lp synerbob City of Los Angles 1990--one sided comp with bad religion #216 of 2300 Cleanse the bacteria--comp with septic death Cocknoose/conquer worm split album Cocknoose--bad men, butchers and bleeders Cocknoose--white trash messiahs picture disc Code of Honor/Sick Pleasure--split lp with insert Coil--how to destroy angels 12" Combat 84--send in the marines Combat 84--death or glory split album with last resort original Commitment Crew--what are you silkscreen sleeve 105 made Complete Control--reaction red vinyl 300 made Computers--we are misfits 10" picture disc 500 made Condemned 84--storming to power Condemned 84--boots go marching in Condemned 84--face the aggression Condemned 84--battle scarred original Condemned 84--in search of the new breed 12" original Condemned 84--no one likes us blue vinyl Condemned 84--in from the darkness orange vinyl Connecticut Fun--comp lp Conquer worm--s/t lp orangle vinyl Corrosion of conformity--eye for an eye zombie cover Corrosion of conformity--animosity Corrosion of conformity--six songs with mike singing Cottage cheese from the lips of death--comp Crime Wave--savage reaction 12" blue vinyl Crime Wave--savage reaction 12" test press black vinyl Crime Wave--nazi sex clear vinyl limited sleeve #6 of 25 made Crime Wave---nazi sex regular sleeve clear vinyl Crimson Ghosts--some kind of hits gray vinyl Crimson Ghosts--13 creepy songs lp #12 of 200 Cro-mags--age of quarrel 10" demos #715 of 1500 Cro-mags--age of quarrel lp uncensored insert Cross--rise and conquer Crucial Change--american made blue vinyl Crucifix--s/12" red vinyl original Crucifix--dehumanization original Crumbsuckers--life of dreams Cult--electric Cult--love Current 93--lashtal 12" 1st press purple ink Current 93--nature unveiled laylah records white insert Current 93--dogs blood rising laylah records red insert Current 93--live at bar maldoror Current 93--red face of god 12" Current 93--nightmare culture 12" split with sickness of snakes Current 93--in menstrual night picture disc Current 93--imperium black inner sleeve 3 inserts Current 93--dawn Current 93--dogs blood order red vinyl live lp Current 93--faust purple vinyl with inserts Current 93--who is the sufferer picture disc DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Dag nasty--12xu green vinyl Dag nasty--4 on the floor Dag nasty--can I say Dag nasty--minority of one Danzig--first album gatefold Danzig--mother 12" purple vinyl Darkside NYC--ambitions make way for dread 10" Darude--sandstorm Dayglo abortions--out of the womb lp original with poster DC Hardcore--dc hardcore demos Dead Boys--night of the living dead boys Dead Boys--young loud and snotty original Dead Kennedys--fresh fruit for rotting vegetables 1st press with poster Dead when I found her--eyes on backwards splatter vinyl 200 made Deadhose--horsecore an unrelated story Deadline--8/2/82 1 sided lp peterbuilt Death--spiritual healing Death--scream bloody gore Death--leprosy Death--human Deathcharge--bad dream forever 12" Death of lovers--under a bed or roses light blue vinyl 310 made Death threat--peace and security blue vinyl Deep in the throat of Texas--punk comp Decry--falling Destruction--sentence of death 12" Destruction--infernal overkill Destruction--eternal devastation Devices--heroes de plastic lp pre loco gringos DI--team goon Dicks--these people Dicks--kill from the heart original sst records Dicks--ten inches 10" red vinyl #24 of 50 Die Hard--looking out for #1 red vinyl Die Jerry Die--comp #266 of 400 Die Young--the message gold vinyl 100 made Die Young--graven images white vinyl Die Young--chosen path one sided 12" black vinyl 100 made Doomsday Massacare--stick a fork in it lp brown vinyl Down by law--s/t first lp Dragon--fallen angel Dragon--scream of death Dresden 45--paradise lost DRI--dirty rotten lp DRI--dealing with it DRI--crossover DRI--definition DRI--4 of a kind DRI--thrash zone Dude you rock--dallas comp red vinyl 1990 DYS--brotherhood xclaim original Drunks--death dealer Dwarves--thank heaven for little girls yellow vinyl Dwarves--toolin for a warm teabag Dwarves--blood guts and pussy EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Eddie and the Subtitles--skeletons in the closet Ed Geins Car--making dick dance Ejected--a touch of class Ejected--spirit of rebellion Ejectors--hydrohead lp Embrace--s/t lp Entombed--left hand path Exodus--bonded by blood Exodus--pleasures of the flesh Exodus--fabulous disaster Exploited--split 12" with chron-gen and infa-riot Exploited--on stage Exploited--Jesus is dead 12" Exploited--horror epics Exploited--live at the white house Exploited--totally exploited Exploited--troops of tomorrow original lp Exploited--troops of tomorrow 12" promo Exploited--dead cities 12" limited 5000 Exploited--war now 12" Exploited--fool's gold Exploited--apocalypse tour 1981 red vinyl Exploited--punks not dead Exploited--let's start a war gatefold lp pax records Exploited--the massacre Exploited--death before dishonour Exploited--live lewd lust Exploited--beat the bastards Exploited--fuck the system Exploited--live and loud link records Exploited--live at leads red vinyl #70 of 300 w/patch and pin FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 4 bands to drain your pool comp--with ans, ratbyte etc... 4 skins--a fistful of... 4 skins--wonderful world of 4 skins 4 skins--good the bad and the 4 skins 4 skins--from chaos to 1984 4 old 7"--comp with teen idles, soa, gi, youth brigade dischord records 4 old 7"--comp with abused, antidote, mob and urban waste Face to Face--don't turn away Faction--no hidden messages original Faction--epitaph original Faction--dark room original Faction--yesterday is gone 12" white vinyl Faction--corpse in disguise 12" blue vinyl Faith--split album with void Faith--subject to change black vinyl Fang--land shark Fartz--world full of hate with poster Fatal Rage--s/t lp mutha records Fed Up--fuck your life blue vinyl with poster 50 made Fed Up--sheer poetry test press #49 of 50 w/ poster #57 of 100 Feederz--teachers in space Feederz--ever feel like killing your boss w/sandpaper original Feederz--vandalism Feel lucky punk--comp Fight is On--comp with current 93, nurse with wound etc... Final Conflict--ashes to ashes with booklet and printed sleeve Flex your head--violin cover comp Flex your head--wheat field cover Flex your head--XXX cover comp Flex your head--regular cover Flipside vinyl fanzine--comp vol 1 with insert Flipside vinyl fanzine--comp vol 2 Flipside vinyl fanzine--comp vol 3 with insert Floorpunch--twin killings Floorpunch--fast times on the jersey shore Forced reality--album Free for all--comp Freedom--USA hardcore white vinyl Freeze--land of the lost modern method records Freeze--rabid reaction modern method records From Torture to Conscience--comp lp with current 93 and death in june FU's--my America xclaim original FU's--kill for Christ xclaim original GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Gears--rockin at ground zero original lp playgems records Generation x--s/t album Get Off My Back--philly hardcore comp lp Germs--GI original lp on slash records Germs--what we do is secret slash records Gorilla biscuits--start today Government Issue--boycott stabb original black cover small picture Grave Robbers--into killing fields beer color vinyl Gulf Coast Massacre--comp lp black vinyl Guns and roses--spaghetti incident orange vinyl Guns and roses--appetite for destruction rape cover origianl Guns and roses--lies lies lies Guttermouth--first s/t lp blue vinyl HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH H2O--dont forget your roots red vinyl Hammer and the Nails--maxi ep 12" clear vinyl numbered #100 of 100 Hammer and the Nails--an unfortunate dispensation black vinyl Hammer and the Nails--s/t 12" gold vinyl with poster Hatebreed--satisfaction is the death of desire green vinyl Hatebreed--for the lions gatefold double lp Hates--panacea Hellbent--1983-1984 demos green vinyl #60 of 166 alt. cover HRA (Heavy Roach Activity)--purple vinyl s/t lp Hell comes to your house--comp original red cover Hellhammer--apocalyptic raids original Houston loud--comp lp Hugh beaumont experience--virgin killers IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Infest--slave 1st press black vinyl off the disk records 812 made Infest--no mans slave 1st press black ink Infest--live at KXLU Influence--big boys tribute lp pink vinyl mail order edition 200 made In my eyes--the difference between In my eyes--nothing to hide Insanity Defense--pilgrim state #14 of 500 w/sticker and inserts Insted--bonds of friendship Insted--what we believe Integrity--systems overload Integrity--closure Integrity--to die for 10" blue vinyl Integrity--humanity is the devil 10" Integrity--hookedlungstolenbreathcunt picture disc lp Integrity--seasons in the size of days Integrity--2000 lp purple vinyl Integrity--for those who fear black vinyl Integrity--the blackest curse red vinyl Integrity--palm sunday red vinyl live lp 500 made Integrity--detonate worlds plague red vinyl 100 made Integrity--show that ends the world 10" purple vinyl with rot in hell Integrity--suicide black snake gray vinyl 100 pressed Integrity--den of iniquity double lp white vinyl #144 of 201 Integrity--pre order flyer package #4 of 100 Integrity--split with power trip red vinyl Integrity--howling for the nightmare shall consume 3 lp set 400 pressed Integrity--live this is hardcore fest #66 of 250 Integrity--split lp with krieg white black merge vinyl 300 made Integrity--split with psywarfare orange/black vinyl 100 made show edition Integrity--sdk 12" split with bleach everything green vinyl 100 made Ism--diet for the worms Iron age--constant struggle Iron age--sleeping eye double gatefold lp 777 made Iron boots-complete discography blue vinyl Iron cross--demo and live lp yellow vinyl JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ Jerry's kids--is this my word xclaim original Jerrys kids--what can i say, how will they take it JFA--valley of the yakes JFA--untitled lp JFA--live 1984 tour lp JFA--mad garden ep Judge--bringin it down Judge--revelation can suck it 10" white vinyl KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Kaos--product of a sick mind 12" original what records Kicker boys--s/t lp link records Kids--first s/t lp Kids--naughty kids lp Killing time--brightside lp Killed by death--vol 1 comp color vinyl Killed by death--vol 2 comp color vinyl Killed by death--vol 3 comp color vinyl Killed by death--vol 4 comp color vinyl Killed by death--vol 5 comp color vinyl Killed by death--vol 6 comp color vinyl Killed by death--vol 7 comp black vinyl Killed by death--vol 8.5 comp black vinyl Killed by death--vol 9 comp black vinyl Killed by death--vol 12 black vinyl Kraut--adjustment to society Kreator--endless pain Kreator--out of the darkness Kreator--pleasure to kill Kreator--flag of hate Kreator--terrible certainty Kreator--behind the mirror 12" Kreator--extreme aggression Kreator--coma of souls LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Last resort--a way of life... red vinyl original 1982 w/insert Last resort--you'll never take us...blue vinyl #332 of 333 Legionnaires disease--catch the disease 10" yellow vinyl Less than zero--soundtrack comp with track from slayer Liberty and Justice--4 all test press 6 made Liberty and Justice--4 all record release edition 11 of 20 made Liberty and Justice--4 all black vinyl 100 made Liberty and Justice--4 all red vinyl 200 made Liberty and Justice--4 all blue vinyl 200 made Live at the hot club--vvv comp Live at Rauls--comp Lockjaw--gang violence alternative sleeve 100 made Lockjaw--demos 82-83 pink vinyl with posters Loco gringos--album clear swirl vinyl Lost Cause--forgotten corners Lost Generation--return from incas Lost Generation--victims Lower class brats--punks, skin, and herberts with insert Lower class brats--the plot stickens color vinyl Lower class brats--a class of our own clear/red vinyl limited to 100 Lower class brats--the new seditionaries Lower class brats--primary reinforcement Lower class brats--primary reinforcement plus yellow vinyl 100 pressed Lower class brats--rock n roll street noize red/black splatter vinyl Lustmord--s/t first 12" gray sleeve Lustmord--paradise disowned Lustmord--monstrous soul double gatefold lp Lustmord--zoetrope double gatefold lp Lustmord--transmuted 12" Lustmord--things that were 3 lp box set with shirt #252 of 500 Lustmord--dark matter double lp clear vinyl 200 made MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Madball--set it off Madball--hold it down Madball--demonstrating my style Madball--ball of destruction gatefold lp Madball--legacy Madball--look my way Madball--infiltrate the system yellow/red vinyl gatefold Madball--empire red vinyl Madball--hardcore lives gatefold orange vinyl Madball--for the cause blue vinyl gatefold MDC--millions of dead cops lp white and orange cover 1st press original Meatmen--crippled children suck Meatmen--were the meatmen and you suck Mental Abuse--streets of filth Mercyful fate--don't break the oath Mercyful fate--melissa Message from america--comp blue vinyl with agnostic front Metallica--ride the lightning Metallica--master of puppets Metallica--and justice for all Metallica--garage days re re-visited Metallica--creeping death 12" Metallica--kill them all Metallica--harvester of sorrow 12" Metallica--whiplash 12" Metallica--black album Metallica--garage days inc. Metallica--death magnetic double lp Metallica--hardwired to self destruct green vinyl double lp Metallica--beyond magnetic silver vinyl 12" Metallica--S&M triple lp Metal Moo Cow--texas hardcore comp from 1984 Me Want Breakfast--dangerhouse collection red ink cover Midnight oil--diesel and dust Ministry--twitch Ministry--land of rape and honey Ministry--mind is a terrible thing to taste original Ministry--keanho (psalm 69) original Ministry--burning inside 12" Ministry--allday/everyday is halloween 12" Minor threat--live in dc 82 and la 83 Minor threat/youth brigade--demos lp Minor threat/faith--split live lp Minor threat--sometimes good guys don't wear white live lp Minor threat--did you fucking get it live/demo lp Minor threat--try not to forget white vinyl lp Minor threat--black sheep in Gotham live lp Minor threat--live Washington 1982 with sticker 199 made Minor threat--12xu live lp Minor threat--cashing in live lp green vinyl Minor threat--minors at heart green vinyl #24 of 274 Minor threat--filler first pressing red cover Minor threat--filler first pressing gray cover german press Minor threat--filler first pressing dark blue cover uk press Minor threat--filler light blue cover Minor threat--filler green cover Minor threat--filler green cover Japanese press with OBI Minor threat--out of step first pressing black back Minor threat--out of step second pressing faces on back Minor threat--out of step third press German green strip Minor threat--out of step third press english red strip Minor threat--out of step third press american blue strip $3.50 Minor threat--out of step fourth press france turquoise strip $3.50 Minor threat--out of step fifth turquoise strip $5.00 Misfits--evilive Misfits--evilive german press Misfits--earth ad Misfits--collection I Misfits--collection II Misfits--american psycho Misfits--static age Misfits--12 hits from hell lp Misfits--famous monsters picture disc Misfits--famous monsters yellow vinyl Japanese press Misfits--famous monsters purple vinyl Japanese press Misfits--famous monsters green vinyl #1571 of 2500 with stickers Misfits--famous monsters demos limited to 300 Misfits--land of the dead red vinyl Misfits--land of the dead green vinyl Misfits--land of the dead orange vinyl tour edition Misfits--land of the dead yellow vinyl Misfits--land of the dead purple clear with smoke 150 pressed Misfits--land of the dead purple marble 400 pressed Misfits--twilight of the dead clear vinyl with red spots 150 pressed Misfits--twilight of the dead blue vinyl Misfits--twilight of the dead glow in dark vinyl Misfits--twilight of the dead blue with red spots vinyl 138 pressed Misfits--twilight of the dead purple and black 150 pressed Misfits--twilight of the dead purple with white splatter 400 pressed Misfits--descending angel clear vinyl black streaks Misfits--descending angel clear vinyl red streaks tour edition Misfits--descending angel white vinyl with black streaks Misfits--devils rain lp gold white splatter gatefold vinyl 300 pressed Misfits--devils rain lp orange vinyl gatefold 250 pressed Misfits--devils rain lp orange black splatter vinyl tour edition 250 pressed Misfits--dead alive lp gold vinyl red/black splatter 100 pressed Misfits--zombie girl clear blue with red streaks Misfits--zombie girl clear green with purple streaks Misfits--zombie girl blood orange vinyl Misfits--legacy of brutality Misfits--Friday the 13th red/green with blood splatter 350 pressed Misfits--Friday the 13th black/white with blood splatter 350 pressed Misfits--evilive II Misfits--walk among us pink cover 1st press with fiend club insert Misfits--beware original Misfits--project 1950 green vinyl Mob--we come to crush Moloko men--drunk and poor Moth--first second lp black vinyl Moth--singles and early demo red vinyl with patch Moth--split 12" with Kold front clear vinyl with black smoke Moth--7" comp on 12" 300 made Moonstomp--they never see Motley crue--shout at the devil Motley crue--too fast for love Motorhead--no remorse Mudhoney--hate the police NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Necros--conquest for death original with poster Negative approach--tied down green cover original Negative approach--nothing will stand in our way green vinyl Negative FX--self titled lp original taang #5 Nervebreakers--we want everything New Breed--a tape compilation double lp new york hardcore 1989 New Flesh--reality red swirl vinyl New Flesh--the absurd New Jerseys' Got It--comp with booklet New york hardcore--where the wild things are with book New york hardcore--the way it is with book New york thrash--nyc comp Night siege--power of death orange vinyl Night Sins--new grave lp Night sins--days on shimmer and drip Night sins--dancing chrome crystal blue vinyl Night Sins--to london or the lake lp Night Sins--portrait in silver blue vinyl Nihilistics--s/t lp original from 1983 with zine No for an answer--a thought crusade No Talk--leather discipline No two flakes the same--Christmas comp with agnostic front/GBH song No Warning--ill blood Norman bates and the showerheads--s/t lp Nosferatu--rise lp Nota--album Nota--live at the crystal pistol Not so quite on the western front--2xlp comp with zine original OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Obituary--slowly we rot Obituary--cause of death Obituary--the end complete Obituary--world demise Offenders--endless struggle Offenders--we must rebel Oi aint dead--volume 5 comp test press 30 made Oi aint dead--volume 5 comp clear vinyl Oi aint dead--volume 5 comp silver vinyl Oi aint dead--volume 5 comp black vinyl Oi the album--comp Oi of japan--comp One life crew--crime ridden society One life crew--reality check purple vinyl #97 of 114 One way system--all systems go Onslaught--power from hell Onslaught--the force Operation ivy--energy Oppressed--dead and buried Oppressed--oi oi music Oppressed--fatal blow original Oxblood--crime stories black vinyl Oxblood--blast the beast maroon vinyl 100 made Ozzy--blizzard of oz PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Pailhead--I will refuse Pantera--vulgar display of power original Pantera--cowboys from hell original Para Elite--push on red vinyl Para Elite--split lp with total annihilation w patch and cd Para Elite--do what we do black vinyl Partners in Crime--no big deal 12" mutha records Path of resistance--who dares wins Patriot--cadence from the street red vinyl. Peace comp--with booklet double lp comp Pennywise--s/t first album Pennywise--never gonna die blue vinyl lp Pig children--blood for the state Pist n broke--american drinking song Pitboss 2000--everyone's a winner red vinyl #10 of 363 Plugz--electrify me original lp PMRC--s/t lp white vinyl PMRC--s/t lp black vinyl Poison idea--record collectors are pretentious assholes original black vinyl Poison idea--kings of punk pusmort original Possessed--7 churches Possessed--eyes of horror Possessed--beyond the gates Power Trip--manifest decimation red vinyl Power Trip--the armageddon blues sessions red vinyl Power Trip--Nightmare logic blue vinyl Power Trip--opening fire 2008-2014 clear vinyl Primitive Air Raid--comp with poster insert Pro-Pain--the truth hurts original lp Psycho--8 song ep Psychos--one voice lp Public service--comp with bad religion etc QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Raid--above the law Ralphs--zeros no one's orange vinyl Rat Music for Rat People--vol 2 original black vinyl Really red--teaching you the fear cia records original lp Red C/Double O--XXX split demo lp Red Cross--self title 1st 12" in generic sleeve first press Red Rockers--condition red first press Reagan youth--original lp poster sleeve Reagan youth--regenerated blue vinyl generation records 100 made Repercussions--11 song ep Repoman--sound track Rest in pieces--my rage original Revolt--strength thru american oi Revolting cocks--big sexy land Rise Against--endgame black vinyl with white streaks (hot topics) Rigor mortis--s/t lp Rigor mortis--freaks 12" Rigor mortis--demons 12" Ringworm--the promise original Ringworm--birth is pain Riot squad--s/t album band from dallas Riot squad--no potential threat uk band Roger Miret and the disasters--s/t first lp Roger Miret and the disasters--gotta get up now red vinyl Roger Miret and the disasters--my riot Rot in Hell--hallways of the always pre order white/black vinyl Rot in Hell--Niu 12" one sided lp Rot in Hell--pearls before swine gold/orange vinyl Rot in Hell--ruined empire clear smoke vinyl #74 of 111 SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 7 seconds--walk together rock together yellow cover 7 seconds--walk together rock together purple cover 7 seconds--walk together rock together pushead cover live tracks 7 seconds--the crew blue letters 7 seconds--the crew red letters 7 seconds--old school 7 seconds--alt.music.hardcore red vinyl 7 seconds--take it back, take it on, take it over 7 seconds--hardcore rules 1980-1982 contains their 3 demo tapes on one lp 76% uncertain--estimated monkey time tan/yellow cover with insert Sacred Shock--you're not with us green vinyl 100 made Samhain--initium Samhain--november coming fire Samhain--unholy passion Sarcasm--war song lp Screws--drink till I drop Second wind--security Secret Prostitutes--nevermind the KBD...spray painted cover 1st press Secret Prostitutes--nevermind the KBD...2nd press yellow vinyl 100 made Secret Prostitutes--split lp with Cola Freaks Secret Prostitutes--welcome to punk...test press 25 made Secret Prostitutes--welcome to punk...die hard press 50 made Secret Prostitutes--tiger express test press #16 of 25 Secret Prostitutes--tiger express die hard edition w/ t-shirt 25 made Septic Death--now that I have your attention with printed insert and flyers Septic Death--need so much attention Septic Death--time is the boss 10" live red vinyl Septic Death--theme from ozobozo lp Sex pistols--never mind the bullocks SFA--new morality SFA--so what Shadowhouse--hand in hand pink vinyl Shadowhouse--conformity 12" Sham 69--tell us the truth Sham 69--that's life She past away--belirdi gece She past away--narin yalnizlik She past away--disko anksyete red vinyl She past away--X double lp on dark clear vinyl 1010 made Sheer terror--thanks for nuthin Sheer terror--old new borrowed and blue 10" Sheer terror--just can't hate enough blackout press Sheer terror--just can't hate enough striving missile press Sheer terror--love songs for the unloved double 10" Sheer terror--standing up for falling down purple haze 300 made Sheer terror--pall in the family 12" one sided black vinyl Shipwrecked--last of the pagans lp white vinyl Shipwrecked--we are the sword gold vinyl out of 200 Sick of it all--blood sweat and tears original Sick of it all--we stand alone lp Sick of it all--just look around gray vinyl Sick of it all--live in a world full of hate picture disc Sick of it all--scratch the surface Sick of it all--built to last Sick of it all--call to arms Sick of it all--yours truly Sick of it all--live in a dive Sick of it all--life on the ropes orange vinyl Sick of it all--death to tyrants yellow/red splatter vinyl Sick of it all--based on a true store clear vinyl Sick of it all--nonstop gatefold lp Sick of it all--last act of defiance silver vinyl Sick of it all--when the smoke clears 10" with book black vinyl Sick of it all--wake the sleeping dragon lilac vinyl w/cd 200 made Sid and Nancy soundtrack--comp lp Sik mentality--bad world Sisterhood--the gift Sisters of mercy--alice 12" Sisters of mercy--temple of love 12" Sisters of mercy--reptile house 12" Sisters of mercy--doctor jeep 12" Sisters of mercy--body and soul 12" Sisters of mercy--long train 12" Sisters of mercy--vision thing lp Sisters of mercy--vision thing 12" promo Sisters of mercy--vision thing sampler single sided 12" Sisters of mercy--floodland Sisters of mercy--walk away 12" with flexi Sisters of mercy--this corrosion 12" Sisters of mercy--sisterhood (gift) Sisters of mercy--first last and always Sisters of mercy--more 12" Sisters of mercy--temple of love 1992 12" Sisters of mercy--when you don't see me with patch 12" Sisters of mercy--under the gun 12" Sisters of mercy--no time to cry 12" Sisters of mercy--some girls wonder by mistake double lp Sisters of mercy--greatest hits double lp Sisters of mercy--dominion box set with poster Skarhead--kings at crime Skarhead--dreams dont die blue/black vinyl #139 0f 150 Skate Death--you break it, you buy it lp Skatenigs--chemical imbalance 12" Skatenigs--loudspeaker 12" Skatenigs--stupid people should not breed lp Skinny puppy--remix dystemper 12" promo Skinny puppy--tin omen 12" Skinny puppy--spasmolytic 12" Skinny puppy--vivi sect gatefold Skinny puppy--bites Skinny puppy--bites scarface edition Skinny puppy--rabies Skinny puppy--cleanse fold and manipulate Skinny puppy--mind the perpetual intercourse Skinny puppy--too dark park Skinny puppy--mythmaker double lp colored vinyl Skinny puppy--remission Skinny puppy--last rights picture sleeve Skinny puppy--last rights black promo sleeve Skinny puppy--last rights double lp with cd Skinny puppy--12 inch anthology lp Skinny puppy--censor 12" Skinny puppy--warlock 12" Skinny puppy--warlock promo 12" Skinny puppy--addiction 12" gray cover Skinny puppy--addiction 12" green cover Skinny puppy--stairs and flowers 12" Skinny puppy--dig it 12" Skinny puppy--dig it 12" blue cover bonus song Skinny puppy--chainsaw 12" Skinny puppy--testure 12" black vinyl Skinny puppy--testure 12" red vinyl Skinny puppy--testure 12" white label promo Skinny puppy--inquisition 12" promo sleeve Skinny puppy--inquisition 12" with picture sleeve Skinny puppy--tormentor 12" black vinyl Skinny puppy--tormentor 12" blue vinyl Skinny puppy--back and forth vol 2 double red vinyl lp Skinny puppy--live, bootlegged and broken double lp gatefold Skinny puppy--weapon gatefold lp 1st press Skinny puppy--weapon red vinyl 400 pressed Skinny puppy--greater wrong of the right gatefold lp Skinny puppy--brap and forth vol 8 yellow vinyl Skunks--s/t lp from 1980 on rude records black cover Slapshot--step on it Slapshot--back on the map Slapshot--sudden death overtime Slapshot--digital warfare yellow vinyl Slapshot--make America hate again clear/black pin wheel vinyl 100 made Slayer--show no mercy Slayer--haunting the chapel Slayer--hell awaits Slayer--live undead album black cover Slayer--live undead album white cover Slayer--live undead picture disc Slayer--reign in blood Slayer--reign in blood demo lp Slayer--postmortem 12" Slayer--south of heaven Slayer--seasons in the abyss Slayer--seasons in the abyss eagle shaped picture disc Slayer--decade of aggression double live lp Slayer--divine intervention red vinyl Slayer--ditto head 12" promo Slayer--undisputed attitude double 10" Slayer--diabolus in musica Slayer--god hates us all red vinyl Slayer--christ illusion gatefold red vinyl Slayer--christ illusion black vinyl w/ bonus tracks and different cover Slayer--world painted blood gatefold lp with pre order poster Slayer--repentless black white bi-colored vinyl Slayer--repentless killogy red orange black splatter live Slayer--die by the slayer red vinyl #104 of 213 live from 1983 Sledge hammer/bull the buffalos--return from the rising sun Sledge hammer/ikazuchi--split lp Samurai thunder Sledge hammer--blood awake test pressing red vinyl Slumlords--s/t lp on red vinyl spring break fest #43 of 95 Slumlords--picture disc limited to 400 Slumlords--on the stremph gatefold cover aqua vinyl Social distortion--mommy's little monster original gatefold Social distortion--prison bound Social distortion--ball and chain lp Social distortion--let it be me 12" promo Social distortion--ring of fire 12" promo Social distortion--story of my life 12" promo Social distortion--bad luck 12" promo Social distortion--ball and chain 12" promo Social distortion--somewhere between heaven and hell Social distortion--mainliner wreckage from the past lp Social distortion--white light, white heat, white trash Social distortion--live at the roxy double lp Social distortion--sex love and rock n roll red vinyl Social distortion--greatest hits double lp Social distortion--live at the roxy double lp Social distortion--hard times and nursery rhymes double lp yellow vinyl Social distortion--poshboy's little monster white vinyl Social Unrest--rat in a maze 12" black vinyl first press Sons and daughters of this savage land comp Sod--speak english or die Sodom--in the sign of evil Sodom--obsessed by cruelty Sodom--persecution mania Sodom--agent orange Sodom--expurse of sodomy clear vinyl 12" Something to believe in--comp red cover Someone got their head kicked in--comp Sound of Hollywood--destroy la comp with unreleased bad religion tracks Sound of Hollywood--copulation lp comp Speed Kills--volume 1 Speed Kills--volume 2 Speed Kills--volume 3 Speed Kills--volume 4 Speed Kills--volume 5 Spirit of oi american style--comp SSD--get it away xclaim original SSD--kids will have their say xclaim original SSSP--for life gold vinyl SSSP--darker side of suburbia gold vinyl one sided Stains--s/t lp on SST records Stars and stripes--shaved for battle Steers, Queers and Satanic Toaster Ovens--texas punk comp lp Stiff little fingers--best of double lp Stiff little fingers--inflammable material Stiff little fingers--nobody's heroes Stigma--new York blood Stigma--for love and glory black and blue vinyl #120 of 125 Straight ahead--breakaway lp original on I-risk Stranglehold--s/t lp one step records Stretch marks--what did you see Striking distance--march to your grave Stormwatch--at war with peace Strength thru oi--comp Subhumans--incorrect thoughts original with insert Suburbia--motion picture soundtrack lp Sudden Death--comp smoke seven records Suicidal tendencies--first lp self titled Sunday Matinee--best of nyhc orange vinyl Super yobs--vol. 1 red alert and templars TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Taco City Rockers--San antonio punk comp green vinyl Teenage queers--live at rauls 1980 Telefones--vibration change Ten yard fight--back on track Tesco vee--dutch Hercules green vinyl Terminal disgust--the price of war Terror--lowest of the low yellow vinyl Terror--one with the underdogs gold vinyl tour press 150 Terror--always the hard way gatefold black vinyl Terror--the dammed the shamed Terror--keepers of the faith pre order black vinyl 200 pressed Terror--no regrets no shame gray/orange vinyl Terror--live by the code white vinyl with booklet Terror--total retaliation gold/silver swirl triple b records 200 made Terror--25th hour clear vinyl Texas Biscuit bombs/cargo cult--two headed cobra double lp color vinyl Thrasher Skate Rock--vol 2 blazing wheel and barking trucks with poster Thrasher Skate Rock--vol 3 wild riders of boards green vinyl with insert The only spirit is unity--oi comp green vinyl There's a method to our madness--comp lp yellow vinyl Think I Care--self titled lp Think I Care--world asylum yellow black splatter vinyl pre order 300 made Think I Care--mongrel 10" Third leg--phurly This cold night--an enigmatic individual lp with 7" #29 of 260 made This cold night--divided self lp 200 made This is Boston not la--comp This is Oi--a street punk compilation Throwdown--haymaker red vinyl TMA--whats for dinner Tooth and Nail--original comp with printed insert Total Abuse--s/t lp bad boy cover 100 made Total chaos--anthems from the alleyway Toughskins--raised in anger yellow vinyl Toxic Shock--12 song from a non-existent band pink vinyl #138 of 197 Trouble--nobody laughs anymore blue vinyl 100 made Trouble--nobody laughs anymore red vinyl 325 made Tsol--self titled first lp Tsol--revenge lp Turbokrieg/Dissent--bayou city blasters split 12" #170 of 200 Turning point--its always darkest Type O Negative--origin of feces Type O Negative--slow, deep, and hard Type O Negative--bloody kisses UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Uniform choice--screaming for a change yellow cover Up front--spirit blue vinyl Up yours 2--comp with liberty and justice black 12" white 7" 100 made Up yours 2--comp with liberty and justice white 12" green 7" 600 made Uppercut--four walls Urban Waste--recycled mail order red vinyl 200 made U.S. chaos--we've got the weapons US of oi--comp UYUS--s/t album UYUS--use your unedited senses lp VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Vandals--peace thru vandalism Vanguard--hard road to travel yellow vinyl Vanguard/ATF--stronghold split lp green vinyl Vatican Commandos--point me to the end Vectors--s/t 12" ep red vinyl original Venom--black metal Venom--at war with satan Venom--welcome to hell Venom--possessed Venom--warhead 12" Venom--die hard 12" Venom--manitou 12" Venom--nightmare 12" with demon cover Venom--hell at hammersmith Venom--canadian assault Venom--american assault Venom--french assault Venom--german assault Venom--scandinavian assault Venom--japanese assault original with booklet Venom--eine kleine nachtmusik double live lp Venom--the singles 80-86 Venom--live official bootleg Venom/Bathory--split demo lp on green vinyl #159 of 205 Venom--from hell to the unknown double lp gatefold Verbal abuse--an american band original press fowl records Victory--sos blue vinyl Vile--solution boot #485 of 500 Voice of Thousands--comp lp with integrity raid etc with booklet Voices of a Red God--texas thrash comp red vinyl WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Wake--masked purple vinyl 300 made Warbeast--krush the enemy green vinyl War Master--pyramid of the necropolis blue vinyl die hard edition 55 made War Master--blood dawn 12" clear vinyl die hard edition 50 made War Master--split lp with Unholy Grave green vinyl 100 made Warzone--don't forget the struggle... Wasted youth--reagan's in original We got power--party or go home comp Werewolf--double lp comp red vinyl Weirdos--action design ep What is it--what records comp with dils eyes germs skulls etc. Whiplash--power and pain lp White cross--what's going on White zombie--la sexorcisto clear vinyl original Who Cares--comp with chiefs, aka, suspects etc Wire--pink flag World be free--the anti-circle lp green vinyl Worldwide Tribute to Real Oi--2xlp comp w/agnostic front bfb soia dkm etc.. Worldwide Tribute to Real Oi--2xlp comp w/ agnostic front bfe soia red vinyl Worldwide Tribute to Real Oi Vol 2--2xlp comp red vinyl Wretched ones--album Wretched ones-- go to work picture disc Wretched ones--we don't belong to nobody Wretched ones--make it happen picture disc XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X--Los Angeles lp xXx presents--still having their say lp red/white/black tri-color 150 made YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Youth brigade--sound and fury 1st press 800 made Youth brigade--sound and fury repress Youth defense league--american history Youth defense league--old glory red vinyl Youth defense league--voice of brooklyn test pressing with 7" #6 of 100 Youth defense league--comp red vinyl with American pride 7" Youth Youth Youth (YYY)--sin lp Yes LA--one sided dangerhouse lp comp original You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You--comp lp with current 93 Youthful offenders--domination Youth of today--break down the walls wishing well 1st press Youth of today--were not in this alone caroline 1st press with poster Youth of today--take a stand live lp ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Zero boys--vicious circle original nimrod records lp
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 Agnostic front--any test presses not listed above lp or 7"  
 Agnostic front--cause for alarm strength records green vinyl test press 
 Agnostic front--cause for alarm strength records clear vinyl test press
 Agnostic front--live at cbgb's Australia CBS promo press gold stamp
 Agnostic front--one voice mispress johnny winters cover lp
 Agnostic front--working class heroes orange vinyl limited sleeve 20 
 Antiseen--drastic blue ed gein sleeve 7" 34 made
 Chronic Sick--cutest band in hardcore lp mutha records
 Chronic Sick--s/t 7” mutha records
 Crude ss--who'll survive 7" original
 Cyanamid--stop the world 7" mutha records
 Deathwish--tailgate 7" original 
 Dot Vaeth--white collar worker 7"
 Genetic control--first impressions original 7"
 Gorilla biscuits--demo 1986 7"
 Gorilla biscuits--any live bootleg 7"
 Hates--so what 7"
 Hugh beaumont experience--Cone Johnson original 7"
 Misfits--cough cool original 7"
 Neos--end all discrimination 7"
 Public Disturbance--s/t lp mutha records
 Public Disturbance--s&m 7" mutha records
 Rejects--back to school 7"
 Rejectors/Accused--split lp
 Roach Motel--what the hell its roach motel 7"
 Send Help--you don't fit 7" mutha records
 7 seconds--committed for life 7" white sleeve red ink 4th press
 Sisters of mercy--damage done 7" original
 Slayer--raining blood promo 12" 5 songs bootleg
 Stalag 13--in control original
 Vile--solution original lp
 Vomit pigs---take one 7"
 We did it Ourselves--comp lp
 Worst--the worst 7" mutha records
 Worst--expect the worst lp mutha records

Plus tons of other hardcore, punk, and KBD records that I cannot think of.  Even if you do not have anything on my want list send me what you have to trade, that where most of my trades come from.

Thanks for looking, now go get your own VINYL FETISH!!!!!!!