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email: wesleymlyons@gmail.com

Waiting On:

the wonder years/stay ahead of the weather split (clear w/ black splatter) (500) (hopeless)

aerosols-4th 7" (clear) (youth attack)
against me!-sink florida sink/unsubstantiated rumors (grey) (no idea)
against me!-russian spies (blue) (500) (sabot productions)
agent-awake in their world (orange) (200) (run for cover)
agent awake in their world (purple) (300) (run for cover)
agent-awake in their world (black) (500) (run for cover)
agitator-walls closing in (clear) (six feet under)
all pigs must die-curse of humanity (black) (500) (nonbeliever)
allegiance-out of my blood (black/white swirl) (220) (rivalry)
alpha & omega-devil's bed (1st press) (clear gold) (300) (6131)
ambitions-exile (orange/turquoise) (300) (bridge 9)
ambitions-no limits (clear with gold splatter) (93/106) (surprise attack)
american nightmare-the sun isn't getting any brighter (1st press) (black w/ blue labels) (500) (bridge 9)
anne-power exchange (black) (500) (run for cover)
armalite-humungous (green mix) (no idea)
avon ladies-guns & gold (black) (katorga works)
axis-rites of passage (black) (on point)

backtrack-deal with the devil (1st press) (clear yellow) (200) (6131)
backtrack-deal with the devil (fall tour 09 cover) (black) (56/100) (6131)
backtrack-deal with the devil (record release) (black) (36/100) (6131)
backtrack-the '08 demo (preorder cover) (orange) (31/90) (flatspot)
bad seed-s/t (united blood press) (black) (100) (6131)
bane-boston 6:58pm (1st press) (clear red) (700) (3b)
bane-boston 6:58pm (sound n fury '10) (clear gold) (100) (3b)
bane-los angeles 3:58pm (1st press) (clear green) (300) (6131)
barrakuda mcmurder-slow crawl (1st press) (black) (500) (it's alive)
basement-further sky (blood orange/red) (5000) (run for cover)
beach slang-cheap thrills on a dead end street (2nd press) (white) (750) (tiny engines)
best coast-make you make 2x7" (creamsickle) (group tightener) 
best coast-the only place b/w storms (black) (3000) (mexican summer)
best coast-sun was high (so was i) (sea foam green) (art fag)
beware-won't get the best of me (purple) (100) (back to back)
bitter end-mind in chains (red/black split) (500) (malfunction)
bitter end-self titled (brown) (770) (deathwish inc)
blackbirds-self-titled (green) (100) (specimen 32)
blacklisted-demo (rocky cover) (black) (29/100) (walk all night)
blacklisted-eccentrichine (beer/red splatter) (305) (six feet under)
blacklisted-it's all going down (flexi 7") (clear) (six feet under)
blacklisted-live from nowhere usa (green) (300) (6131)
blacklisted-peace on earth, war on stage (1st press) (grey/black/white tri color) (400) (deathwish inc)
blacklisted-so, you are a magician? (black) (1206) (six feet under)
blood red-bad to worse (clear green) (state of mind)
bouncing souls-20th anniversary vol. 1 (tour press) (black/maroon) (1000) (chunksaah) 
bouncing souls-argyle ep (black) (chunksaah)
bouncing souls-johnny x (black) (byo)
brain damage-ack! ack! (test press) (3/6) (wake up and live)
brick-s/t (black) (300) (panic)
bridge and tunnel-homecoming/mixed media messages (black) (500) (run for cover)
bridge and tunnel-live at fest 9 (black) (500) (no idea)
bridge and tunnel-loss leaders (blue) (yo-yo)
bridge and tunnel-s/t (2nd press) (gray) (no idea)
buried alive-watchmen session (blood red) (300) (3b)

capital-blind faith (red) (300) (iron pier)
the carrier-no love can save me (1st press) (purple/green) (300) (deathwish inc)
caught up-crossfaced (red) (gutshot)
ceremony-adult (black) (matador)
ceremony-he-god-has favored our undertakings (black) (750) (bridge 9)
ceremony-ruined (2nd press) (blue cover/black vinyl) (1000) (malfunction)
ceremony-scared people (1st press) (black) (400) (bridge 9)
ceremony-sick ep (white) (bridge 9)
champion-come out swinging (final press) (orange) (250) (bridge 9)
champion-count our numbers (1st press) (black) (1250) (bridge 9)
clear-demo (blue) (600) (bbb)
cloak/dagger-kamikazes (black) (grave mistake)
cloakroom-lossed over (blue/yellow) (319) (run for cover)
coalesce-salt and passage (red/black) (second nature recordings)
cold world-boombyebye (black/white splatter) (300) (deathwish inc)
cold world-s/t (black) (walk all night)
confines-withdrawn (2nd press) (black) (500) (labor of love)
consolation prize-s/t (black) (lockin out)
converge-live at the bbc (transparent green) (5304) (deathwish inc)
converge-on my shield (dark green w/ etched bside) (1000) (deathwish inc)
converge-petitioning forever bonus 7" (white) (150) (deathwish inc)
convicted-unconquered (TIH 2008 cover) (purple) (14/50) (organized crime)
the copyrights-crutches (black) (400) (it's alive)
cornered-fuck off (black) (6131)
creative adult-bulls in the yard (red) (200) (run for cover)
creative adult-dead air (black) (broke hater)
creem-curator (black) (static shock)
creem-good riddance/i hate you (black) (katorga works)
crime in stereo-love ep (record release) (black) (27/30) (run for cover)
criminal instinct-demo (black) (self released)
criminal instinct-fever (orange) (solid bond)
criminal instinct-sweet dreams (clear Red w/ black splatter (300) (bbb)
cruel hand-born into debt we all owe a death (gold) (750) (closed casket activities)
cruel hand-s/t (clear) (bridge 9)
cruel hand-vigilant citizen (white) (700) (bbb)

daylight-the difference between good and bad dreams (magenta) (300) (run for cover)
daylight-dispirit (clear yellow) (six feet under)
daylight-rfc acoustic 7" (black) (500) (run for cover)
dead end path-death walks beside us (clear blue) (100) (3b)
dead end path-dogs of war, hounds of hell (united blood press) (black) (collapse)
dead to me-I wanna die in los angeles (black) (fat wreck)
dear landlord-heartbroken handshakes (purple mix) (no idea)
deep sleep-manic euphoria (1st press) (black) (grave mistake)
deep sleep-you're screwed (2nd press) (black) (600) (grave mistake)
defeater-lost ground 2x7" (camo green) (1500) (bridge 9)
depths of reality-s/t (black) (expressions)
die young-loss (gray) (400) (a389)
dinosaur jr-yer son (black) (jagjaguwar)
direct effect-don't lose sight (black) (10/40) (get outta town)
disengage-look back (clear blue) (100) (back to back)
DNA-s/t (clear) (350) (bbb)
downpresser-age of ignorance (1st press) (clear purple) (100) (3b)
down to nothing-all my sons (preorder cover) (black) (300) (reaper)
down to nothing-higher learning (1st press) (purple) (104) (revelation)
draw blood-rowdyism (1st press) (yellow) (300) (teenage disco bloodbath)
drawn a blank-look alive (blue) (76) (self-released)
drunkdriver-knife day (black) (fan death)

eaten alive-s/t (1st press) (brown splatter) (600) (1917)
ensign-for what it's worth ep (east coast tour 2007) (grey) (18/150) (nitro)
expire-grim rhythm (coffin jacket) (black) (50) (hellfish)
expire-suffer the cycle (black) (six feet under)
expired youth-where we stand (1st press) (white/blue split) (220) (think fast)

failures-s/t (2nd press) (clear) (500) (painkiller)
fire & ice-gods and devils (silver) (100) (3b)
fire & ice-gods and devils (winter 09 tour cover) (black) (3b)
fire & ice-grim (teal) (100) (3b)
fireworks-adventure, nostalgia, and robbery (1st press) (green/yellow split) (215) (run for cover)
the first annual-carolina (red) (110) (3b)
the first step-connection (1st press) (red) (1030) (rivalry)
the first step-connection (1st press) (white) (270) (rivalry)
forfeit-visions (orange/blue) (890) (reaper)
forgetters-s/t 2x7" (black) (too small to fail)
foundation-hang your head (1st press) (clear brown with cream splatter) (308) (six feet under)
foundation-never stops raining (clear blue w/ pink haze) (100) (3b)
foundation-s/t (blue) (300) (eightfold path)
free spirit-free yourself (1st press) (clear) (300) (3b)
freedom-never had a choice (clear yellow) (200) (3b)

gallows-death is birth (gray marble) (6131)
the gaslight anthem-sen�r and the queen 2x7" (black) (sabot productions)
the geeks-what's inside (1st press) (gold) (100) (think fast)
give-boots of faith (black) (deranged)
give-flower head (orange) (120) (youngblood)
give-heaven is waiting (2nd press) (white) (200) (react)
give-i am love (clear) (200) (3b)
give-pedal pushing (green) (painkiller)
go it alone-histories (black) (875) (rivalry)
go it alone-seven inch single (black) (400) (rivalry)
gray ghost-succubus (gray mix) (a389)
guns up!-all this is (amboss crew edition) (brown) (5/50) (1917/DRA)
guns up!-game over (pre order press) (blue) (11/60) (rocket punch)
guns up!-outlive (tour press) (clear) (132/500) (1917)
gypsy-s/t (1st press) (black) (418) (six feet under)

hard stripes-s/t (black) (700) (bbb)
harms way-no gods no masters (united blood cover) (bronze w/ black splatter) (32/75) (closed casket activities)
harvest-years of defiance, years of disgust (white) (good fight)
hestitation wounds-s/t (olive green) (708) (secret voice)
hoax-s/t (black) (katorga works)
hoax-2nd ep (black) (youth attack)
hoax-3rd ep (black) (painkiller)
holy fever-ghost story (clear w/ black) (record store day version) (250) (lifeline)
holy fever-s/t (blue/black/white swirl) (350) (lifeline)
the hope conspiracy-hang your cross (blue/white swirl) (500)
the hope conspiracy-hang your cross (red/white swirl) (500)
the hope conspiracy-hang your cross (brown/white swirl) (500)
the hope conspiracy-hang your cross (green/white swirl) (500)
the hope conspiracy-true nihilist (1st press) (cream) (1000) (deathwish inc)
horror show-the holiday ep (1st press) (clear) (500) (deathwish inc)
hounds of hate-no redemption (black) (katorga works)
house boat-processing complaints (1st press) (red) (284) (traffic street)

i rise-down (1st press) (burgundy) (100) (1917)
incendiary-amongst the filth (clear blue) (100) (eternal hope)
integrity-walpurgisnacht (red) (300) (a389)
iron age-burden of empire (black) (next level)
iron age-the way is narrow (black) (painkiller)
iron chic-(cosmic) future (yellow) (yo-yo)
iron chic-shitty rambo ep (gray) (dead broke)

jaws of life-slime time (record release) (green) (21/100) (carte blanche)
j mascis-fade into you (orange) (sub pop)

kill your idols-salmon swim upstream (record release) (puprle swirl) (135/150) (vicious cycle)
kill your idols-something start here box set (1250) (get outta town)
killing the dream-i rewrote it (1st press) (transparent gold) (1300) (deathwish inc)
killing the dream-s/t (1st press) (clear) (600) (rival)
king nine-the art of war (black) (500) (closed casket activities)
kiss it goodbye-choke (black) (revelation)

latterman-our better halves (black)
learn nothing-s/t (purple) (100) (dead end)
learn nothing-s/t (last holy crows show cover) (purple) (5/20) (dead end)
lemuria-courtesy mercedes (silk screened bside) (black) (self released)
lemuria-ozzy (baby blue) (400) (hex)
lemuria-turnstile comix #3 (clear) (200) (silver sprocket)
lemuria-varoom allure (black w/ silk screened bside) (500) (b9)
let down-crossed off (blue marble) (150) (tih 06 glow in the dark alternate cover) (dead by 23)
let down-sacrifice me (1st press) (white) (526) (six feet under)
lewd acts-lung patrol (black) (500) (16oh)
lie and wait-awakening (half white/half black) (170) (3b)
lifetime-2 songs (clear blue) (300) (fueled by ramen)
lifetime-2 songs (black) (800) (fueled by ramen)
lifetime-the boy's no good (clear) (500) (jade tree)
lifetime-the boy's no good (pink) (500) (jade tree)
lifetime-the boy's no good (red) (500) (jade tree)
lion of judah-number-rology (green) (youngblood)
lion of judah-soul power (red) (lockin out)
look out-unrestrained (1st press) (blue) (100) (3b)

make or break-down for life (1st press) (coke bottle clear) (100) (get outta town)
manipulation-s/t (1st press) (black) (500) (fashionable idiots)
meantime-s/t (yellow splatter) (600) (double or nothing)
meltdown-demolition (1st press) (green/black splatter) (226) (closed casket activities)
meltdown-demo (1st press) (gold) (300) (trash art)
meltdown-s/t (1st press) (clear) (300) (deathwish inc)
the men-electric/water babies (black) (sacred bones)
the men-singles going home alone #3 (black) (matador)
the men-think (black) (200) (karmic swamp)
metz-eraser b/w pure auto (white) (sub pop)
minus-hard feelings (blue/gray swirl) (100) (3b)
minus-s/t (preorder cover) (clear) (55/65) (flatspot)
modern life is war-s/t (1st press) (clear) (500) (mliw records)
modern life is war-s/t (2nd press) (black) (500) (mliw records)
modern life is war-s/t (3rd press) (spring tour 03 cover) (red) (150) (lifeline)
modern life is war-s/t (3rd press) (white) (1150) (lifeline)
modern life is war-s/t (6th press) (white) (lifeline)
modern life is war-s/t (final tour press) (blue) (200) (lifeline)
modern life is war-tribulation worksongs vol. 1 (black) (1650) (deathwish)
modern life is war-tribulation worksongs vol. 2 (black) (1000) (deathwish)
mother of mercy-no eden (black) (collapse)
mother of mercy-passing through the fire (TIH 2008 version) (black) (74/75) (collapse)

narrows-self titled (brown/black split) (1000) (deathwish inc)
natural law-slump (black) (katorga works)
naysayer-no remorse (gray) (200) (reaper)
new found glory-tip of the iceberg (red/black splatter) (1200) (bridge 9)
new lows-s/t (1st press) (clear) (200) (lockin out)
nine inch nails-broken 7" (black) (the null corporation)
nofx-7" of the month #4 (green) (3000) (fat wreck chords)
nofx-7" of the month #8 (black) (3000) (fat wreck chords)
nofx-7" of the month #9 (blue) (3000) (fat wreck chords)
no joy-drool sucker (purple) (200) (top shelf)
no tolerance-no remorse, no tolerance (gold) (187) (youngblood)

omegas-NY terminator (black) (painkiller)
omegas-sonic order (2nd press) (blue mix) (225) (high anxiety)
on-control (white) (self released)
on-vital times (west coast summer 08) (green) (57/75) (self released)
out crowd-just us (clear green) (1600) (reaper)
over my dead body-no runners (black) (1500) (indecision)
overdose-demo (black) (16/400) (faith keeper)

paint it black-amnesia (white) (1500) (bridge 9)
paint it black-goliath (black) (92/500) (self released)
paint it black-surrender (red) (320) (fat wreck)
pegasus-s/t (black) (215) (six feet under)
pellinore-memento mori (pink) (148) (free cake)
permanent-sleeping (pink) (rise and fall)
pet symmetry-two songs about cars (2nd press) (white) (500) (asian man)
pissed jeans-throbbing organ (black) (sub pop)
pissed jeans-your life is worth (black) (sub pop)
polar bear club-live from montage music hall (black) (500) (bridge 9)
polar bear club-the summer of george (green) (800) (bridge 9)
polar bear club-the view, the life (translucent red) (bridge 9)
police & thieves-amor y guerra (black) (youngblood)
police & thieves-self-titled (yellow) (higher conscience)
post teens-the heat (black/white splatter) (100) (no idea)
post teens-s/t (black) (sound study recordings)
poverty bay saints-s/t (white) (100) (organized crime)
power trip-armageddon blues (white) (double or nothing)
power trip-demo (purple) (withdrawal)
power trip-s/t (UB spraypaint PT cover) (black) (lockin out)
pressvre-beasts (1st press) (half red/half black) (900) (burn bridges) x2
pressvre-death's head (1st press) (butterscotch) (400) (6131)
primal rite-complex life of passion (black) (grave mistake)
primal rite-sensory link to pain (yellow) (300) (revelation)
protagonist-reasoning with time (blue/black) (stake out)
pulling teeth-witches sabbath vol. 01 (black) (300) (deathwish inc)
pulling teeth-witches sabbath vol. 02 (black) (300) (a389)
pulling teeth-witches sabbath vol. 03 (black) (300) (firestarter)
pulling teeth-witches sabbath vol. 04 (black) (300) (a389)
pulling teeth-witches sabbath vol. 05 (black) (300) (deathwish inc)
pygmy shrews-lord got busted (black) (fan death)

raw meat-demo (black) (vinyl rites)
raw nerve-midnight (black) (youth attack)
reign supreme-fuck the weak (half white/half green) (rock vegas)
right brigade-s/t (pink) (stillborn)
rise and fall-deceiver (clear) (330) (deathwish inc)
risky business-s/t (1st press) (black with gold cover) (650) (good news)
the rival mob-bitter rivals demo (clear green) (110) (3b/troubled minds)
the rival mob-hardcore for hardcore (solid yellow) (350) (six feet under)
rotting out-this is just a life (black) (world won't listen)
rotting out-vandalized (1st press) (black) (800) (6131)
rude awakening-the awakening (yellow) (400) (bbb)
rvivr-belebend (black) (yoyo records)
rvivr-derailer (gray) (rumbletowne)
rvivr-life moves (black) (rumbletowne)
rzl dzl-demo revisited (black) (lockin out)

salvation-house of the beating hell (red) (youth attack)
seahaven-silhouette (black) (1000) (run for cover)
seaweed-service deck/the weight (nori green) (800) (no idea)
seraphim-s/t (2nd press) (gray marble) (a389)
set to explode-self-titled (3rd press) (white) (500) (grave mistake)
shipwreck-mirage (green/black double sided) (500) (deathwish inc)
shipwreck-mirage (green with red ring) (500) (deathwish inc)
shipwreck-mirage (light green with green ring) (500) (deathwish inc)
shipwreck-s/t (2nd press) (red) (100) (rumble)
shook ones-merriweatherpostpavilion (black) (run for cover)
shook ones-slaughter of the insole (purple with pink label) (336) (revelation)
shorebirds-s/t (clear green) (21) (no idea)
silent majority-distant second (black) (reservoir)
sinking ships-demo (1st press) (clear) (498/500) (excursion)
sinking ships-safe (black) (500) (self-released)
sinking ships-ten (1st press) (white) (200) (revelation)
socialite-I see you/I don't care (red) (jade tree)
soul control-demo (summer 07 tour press) (green/yellow) (200) (rivalry)
soul control-playing coward (black) (77/150) (3b)
soul search-bury the blame (summer tour 2011) (83/100) (3b)
soul search-nothing but a nightmare (grey) (revelation)
speak 714-the scum also rises (black) (revelation)
spraynard-exton square (black) (square of opposition/asian man)
stay ahead of the weather-we better get goin' if we're gonna (2nd press) (dark forest green) (500) (no sleep)
step forward-10 song ep (edge day package w/ waste management) (black) (59/100) (painkiller)
step forward-2nd 7" (black) (painkiller)
stick together-no more games (orange) (300) (back to back)
strike anywhere-iron front ep (splatter) (700) (bridge 9)
the strokes-juicebox (black) (rca)
suburban scum-hanging by a thread (blood red) (6131)
the suicide file-things fall apart (1st press) (grey) (550) (indecision)
superchunk-this summer (white) (691/1300) (merge)
superchunk-void/faith (coke bottle clear) (739/1000) (merge)
superchunk-white screen b/w abstract flows (white) (merge)
supertouch-lost my way (united blood press) (black) (reaper)
supreme commander-120 years in the business (grey) (a389)
surroundings-monuments in ruins (record release) (11/30) (red) (organized crime)
surroundings-monuments in ruins (grey) (110) (organized crime)
sweet jesus-box (red) (770) (3b)
sworn in-s/t (black) (1200) (bridge 9)

terror-keepers of the faith single (yellow) (200) (reaper)
terror-life & death demo (blue and white splatter) (reaper)
terror-rhythm amongst the chaos (black/gold splatter) (700) (reaper)
terror-the walls will fall (clear orange) (600) (bbb)
this is hell-cripplers (1st press) (black/white swirl) (400) (trustkill)
this is hell-demo (2nd press) (clear) (1000) (run for cover)
this is hell-warbirds (1st press) (black) (700) (thinkfast)
thought crusade-common man (clear red) (100) (organized crime)
thought crusade-it's our war (clear) (100) (3b)
thrice-at guitar center (red) (100/2000) (vagrant)
thrice-image of the invisible (white) (island)
tigers jaw-chemicals (flexi 7") (run for cover)
tigers jaw-gypsy/jimmy piersall (black) (run for cover)
tigers jaw-hum (rfc cmj showcase) (black) (78/200) (run for cover)
tigers jaw-rfc acoustic series #1 (black) (230) (run for cover)
tigers jaw-rfc acoustic series #2 (black) (400) (run for cover)
tigers jaw-spirit desire (purple) (150) (tiny engines)
tigers jaw-2008 tour ep (black) (500) (run for cover)
title fight-flood of '72 (coke bottle clear) (333) (sideonedummy)
title fight-kingston (clear green) (100) (flightplan)
title fight-kingston (gray marble) (97) (six feet under)
title fight-the last thing you forget (preorder cover) (yellow) (100) (run for cover)
title fight-missed (flexi 7") (sideonedummy)
title fight-shed (floppy 7") (sideonedummy)
title fight-spring songs (opaque orange) (revelation)
torche-harmonslaught (black) (amnesian)
touche amore-s/t (red) (300) (no sleep)
transit-promise nothing (blue/clear mix) (700) (rise)
trap them-seance prime (2nd press) (purple w/ black splatter) (1000) (deathwish inc)
trapped under ice-demo 2007 (1st press) (clear) (400) (flatspot)
trapped under ice-stay cold (1st press) (blue) (800) (reaper)
trash talk-awake (black) (true panther)
trash talk-plagues (1st press) (red/yellow mix) (331) (malfunction)
trash talk-walking disease (2nd press) (purple/white swirl) (1034) (six feet under)
trouble-snake eyes (purple) (sacred bones)
troublemaker-sons of no one (black) (194) (neutral territory)
truth and rights-green light (clear green) (six feet under)
twitching tongues-preacher man (clear) (600) (closed casket activities)

united youth-something 2 prove (clear) (100) (back to back/lockin out)

vanishing life-people running (mint) (700) (collect)
v/a-at both ends final zine double 7" (one black/one gray)
v/a-the carlos compilation (black) (pleed zine)
v/a-epilogue vol 1 KYI tribute (black) (state of mind)
v/a-the extermination compilation (preorder cover) (clear) (56/100) (flatspot)
v/a-mercy for none compilation (clear) (150) (reaper)
v/a-mixed signals vol. 2 (713/1000) (black) (run for cover)
v/a-we do what we want (black) (rumbletowne)
veruca salt-MMXIV (black) (are you there god it's me music)
violent side-s/t (black) (148) (reaper)
vittu-rad brad ep (pink w/ green splatter) (revelation)

wake up call-demo '05 (1st press) (clear) (78/100) (moosejaw)
wake up call-one eye open (1st press) (green w/ purple splatter) (220) (think fast)
war hungry-divine/demonic (clear orange) (brain grenade)
war hungry-return to earth (1st press) (black w/ white/yellow splatter) (80) (1917)
waste management-get your mind right (edge day package w/ step forward) (black) (59/100) (painkiller)
waste management-power abuse (black) (painkiller)
wasted time-no shore ep (1st press) (black) (grave mistake)
wasted time-self-titled (3rd press) (black with green labels) (500) (grave mistake)
weed hounds-beach bummed (purple) (iron pier)
weed hounds-best friends/embrace (black) (national archive)
whirr-june (coke bottle green) (300) (tee pee)
with or without you-demo +1 (clear gold) (west coast tour '04) (give me strength)
wolf whistle-demo 2007 (black) (500) (troubled minds)
wolf whistle-demo two & live wers set (black) (400) (3b)
wolf whistle-MA glory (aqua blue) (467) (six feet under)
the wonder years-won't be pathetic forever (brown) (200) (no sleep)

years from now-so much promise (black) (200) (wake up and live)
you blew it!-pioneer of nothing (1st press) (gray w/ splatter) (jade tree)

7" Splits
adventures/run forever (baby blue) (300) (no sleep)
agent/polygon (black) (300) (iron pier)
bad seed/war hungry (blue) (100) (6131)
bad seed/war hungry (s&f 6131 cover) (5/100) (6131)
banner pilot/monikers (4th press) (yellowish) (202) (kiss of death)
best coast/jeff the brotherhood (clear) (800/1000) (volcom)
best coast/wavves-summer is forever (black) (274/1500) (mexican summer)
black ss/how we are (green) (100) (specimen 32)
blackbirds/braindead (yellow) (100) (burn bridges)
blacklisted/first blood-dead man's hand 03 (orange) (1800) (deathwish inc)
blacklisted/first blood-dead man's hand 03 (purple) (1300) (deathwish inc)
bouncing souls/lucky stifes (splatter) (1000) (pirates press)
bouncing souls/menzingers (black) (chunksaah)
braid/balance and composure (white) (1000) (no sleep)
bridge and tunnel/young livers (salmon) (600) (no idea)
broadway calls/teenage bottlerocket (maroon/white) (adeline)
casey jones/traitor (black) (500) (music city six)
champion/betrayed (red w/ orange splatter) (320) (rivalry)
champion/betrayed (clear) (980) (rivalry)
cold world/strength for a reason (1st press) (gray) (150) (as one)
cold world/war hungry (splatter) (420) (six feet under)
converge/dropdead (red/black swirl) (deathwish inc)
copyrights/brokedowns (gray mix) (200) (no idea)
copyrights/dopamines (1st press) (black) (500) (it's alive)
creatures/downpresser (clear) (100) (fineprint)
dead wrong/the banner (black) (state of mind)
dear landlord/chinese telephones (4th press) (yellowish) (it's alive)
dopamines/dear landlord (light blue/grey dust) (308) (paper and plastick)
earthquake/gak attack (green/yellow splatter) (160) (3b)
final fight/life long tragedy (half clear/half clear red) (500) (deathwish inc)
final fight/life long tragedy (half clear/half yellow) (500) (deathwish inc)
final fight/life long tragedy (half clear red/half yellow) (500) (deathwish inc)
foundation/meantime (preorder cover) (red) (150) (ghetto josh)
full of hell/code orange kids (2nd press) (clear w/ white haze) (topshelf)
go it alone/blue monday (blue/black swirl) (270) (rivalry)
go it alone/blue monday (white) (1030) (rivalry)
grey area/go rydell (red) (150) (black numbers)
hoax/sewn leather flexi 7" (red)
the hope conspiracy/the suicide file-dead man's hand 01 (opaque grey) (1200) (deathwish inc)
incendiary/unrestrained (record release) (28/70) (trip machines)
incendiary/xibalba (record release) (red/black marble) (40) (closed casket activities)
iron chic/pacer (white) (400) (all in)
i rise/soul control (black) (800) (eightfold path)
integrity/hatebreed (black) (stillborn)
joyce manor/big kids (black) (300) (solidarity/brick gun)
kill your idols/poison idea (picture disk) (2000) (tko)
lemuria/cheap girls (half pink/half red) (no idea)
lie and wait/lmf (gold) (wormhole)
make or break/haunted life (clear with white splatter) (77) (triple b)
mean jeans/big eyes (black) (dirtnap)
modern life is war/kill your idols-live on wluw (transparent blue) (1000) (lifeline)
nails/full of hell (2nd press) (clear) (closed casket activities)
nails/skin like iron (black) (900) (self released)
narrows/heiress (clear) (541) (deathwish inc)
off with their heads/dear landlord (purple mix) (no idea)
out crowd/written off split (red) (iron mind/like glue)
overdose/lie and wait (purple/orange splatter) (100) (3b)
pulling teeth/frightener (white) (a389)
pulling teeth/shin to shin (purple mix) (a389)
ringworm/mindsnare split (black) (a389)
ringworm/terror-dead man's hand 02 (clear) (1500) (deathwish inc)
shook ones-death is not glamorous (red) (750) (run for cover)
shook ones/easel (blue) (250) (alliance trax)
shook ones/end of a year (black/white) (210) (runner up)
shorebirds/something's wrong (black) (rumbletowne)
steel nation/crucified (clear orange) (double or nothing)
sunny day real estate/circa survive (red) (self released)
this is hell/nightmare of you (black) (run for cover)
tigers jaw/sidekicks split (black) (shout out loud prints)
tigers jaw/tiny empires (blue/white) (200) (run for cover)
tigers jaw/the world is a beautiful place../code orange kids/SDF (gold w/ red) (1600) (run for cover/topshelf)
touche amore/the casket lottery (red) (5000 (no sleep)
touche amore/la dispute-searching for a pulse/the worth of the world (black/beige) (500) (no sleep)
touche amore/make do and mend (clear w/ black swirl) (500) (6131)
touche amore/pianos become the teeth split (half silver/half blue) (deathwish inc)
transit/man overboard (blue) (200) (pure noise)
trap them/extreme noise terror (white/black mix) (700) (deathwish inc)
trapped under ice/dirty money (blue) (300) (a389)
wax phantom/criminal culture (dark purple w/ black swirl) (150) (kiss of death)
weed hounds/dude japan (black) (rok lok)
whirr/anne split 2x7" (black/white) (200) (run for cover)
young widows/bonnie 'price' billy (black) (2000) (temporary residence)

AFI-all hallows ep (orange) (nitro)
bridge and tunnel-indoor voices (gray/olive mix) (173) (no idea)
daylight-sinking (white) (285) (get this right)
gray ghost-s/t (green) (200) (copper lung)
lowtalker-people worry about everything (white) (fc666)
mountain man-one (half black/half yellow) (125) (mightier than sword)
pulling teeth-vicious skin (3rd press) (picture disc) (666) (a389)
surroundings/pellinore-world darkness (gold) (400) (free cake)
thrice-the alchemy index box set 4x10" (red/blue/clear/brown) (2363/3000) (vagrant)
torche/boris-chapter ahead being fake (purple splatter) (hydra head)

108-a new beat from a dead heart (1st press) (red/gold mix) (500) (deathwish inc)
108-holyname (black) (equal vision)
108-18.61 (1st press) (clear) (deathwish inc)

aerosols-LP (clear) (youth attack)
action bronson-blue chips 7000 (orange) (atlantic/vice)
action bronson-mr. wonderful (black) (vice)
against me!-transgender dysphoria blues (black) (true treble)
against me!-white crosses (black) (sire)
agnostic front-cause for alarm (black) (combatcore)
alcoa-bone & marrow (clear w/ black and gray smoke) (700) (bridge 9)
all pigs must die-god is war (black) (southern lord)
all pigs must die-nothing violates this nature (black) (southern lord)
all pigs must die-s/t (black) (850) (shirts and destroy)
alpha & omega-life swallower (green) (300) (6131)
alvvays-s/t (180 gram) (electric blue) (polyvinyl)
american nightmare-s/t (white) (1000) (rise)
angelo badalamenti-twin peaks: fire walk with me soundtrack (2xLP) (180 gram) (cherry pie) (death waltz recording co)
angelo badalamenti-twin peaks original soundtrack (180 gram) (damn fine coffee color) (death waltz recording co)
anne-dream punx (purple/white mix) (a389)
anne-pulling chain (starburst) (220) (run for cover)
another breath-mill city (blue) (770) (rivalry)
another breath-not now, not ever (white) (200) (assault)
archers of loaf-all the nations airports (reissue) (clear) (merge)
archers of loaf-icky mettle (reissue) (blue) (merge)
archers of loaf-vee vee (reissue) (green) (merge)
archers of loaf-white trash heroes (reissue) (white) (merge)

backtrack-darker half (1st press) (clear) (400) (reaper)
balance and composure-only boundaries (black w/ silk screened b-side) (10/100) (no sleep)
balance and composure-separation (1st press) (blue/sun fire split) (no sleep)
balance and composure-the things we think we're missing (1st press) (opaque white/clear red split) (500) (no sleep)
balance and composure/tigers jaw-split (1st press) (green) (200) (run for cover)
bane-don't wait up (1st press) (white) (equal vision)
bane-give blood 10th anniversary (red splatter) (200) (3b)
banner pilot-collapser (black) (fat wreck)
banner pilot-heart beats pacific (black) (fat wreck)
banner pilot-resignation day (2nd press) (opaque purple) (56) (kiss of death)
banner pilot-souvenir (black) (fat wreck)
baroness-purple (black) (abraxan hymns)
baroness-yellow & green (double lp) (black) (relapse)
basement-colourmeinkindness (2nd press) (orange w/ yellow splatter) (700) (run for cover)
basement-I wish I could stay here (grey) (200) (run for cover)
beach fossils-somersault (black) (bayonet)
beach house-depression cherry (black) (sub pop)
beach house-teen dream (2xLP) (black) (sub pop)
beach house-thank your lucky stars (green) (500) (sub pop)
beach slang-the things we do to find people who feel like us (180 gram) (purple) (polyvinyl)
bearings-exist.expire (white) (100) (runner up)
best coast-california nights (black) (harvest)
best coast-the only place (black) (mexican summer)
better oblivion community center-s/t (black) (dead oceans)
big cheese-punishment park (yellow /red swirl) (200) (bbb)
big contest-time will tell (black) (moshers delight)
bitter end-climate of fear (pre-release) (clear) (110/328) (six feet under)
bitter end-guilty as charged (gray/maroon mix) (300) (deathwish inc)
black breath-sentenced to life (black) (southern lord)
blacklisted-the beat goes on (1st press) (clear blue) (725) (deathwish inc)
blacklisted-the beat goes on (purple/black splatter) (300) (reflections)
blacklisted-heavier than heaven, lonelier than god (1st press) (clear blue w/ black haze) (1500) (deathwish inc)
blacklisted-no one deserves to be here more than me (1st press) (green/purple splatter) (719) (deathwish inc)
blacklisted-when people grow, people go (white/black mix) (723) (deathwish inc)
botch-an anthology of dead ends (clear red) (hydrahead)
botch-we are the romans (double LP) (black) (hydrated)
bouncing souls-crucial moments (clear with black and yellow splatter) (rise)
brand new-i am a nightmare (black) (etched b-side) (procrastinate music traitors)
brand new-science fiction (2xLP) (black) (procrastinate music traitors)
the breeders-all nerve (180 gram) (orange vinyl) (4ad)
the breeders-safari (black) (4ad)
brian fallon-painkillers (black) (island)
bridge and tunnel-east/west (1st press) (clear) (350) (no idea)
bridge and tunnel-rebuilding year (1st press) (gold/white split) (no idea)
broadway calls-comfort/distraction (dark blue transparent) (500) (no sleep)
broadway calls-good views, bad news (opaque green) (400) (side one dummy)
broadway calls-s/t (blue) (adeline)
the brokedowns-life is a breeze (black) (red scare)
built to spill-there's nothing wrong with love (black) (up)

california x-nights in the dark (black) (don giovanni)
candy-good to feel (clear orange blob inside clear (200) (bbb)
capital-givers/takes (clear blue) (underground communique)
capital-homefront (black) (196) (underground communique)
capital-signal corps (green) (underground communique)
the carrier-blind to what is right (pink/maroon mix) (700) (deathwish inc)
the carrier-one year later (red/yellow mix) (304) (deathwish inc)
ceremony-rohnert park (blue) (bridge 9)
ceremony-still nothing moves you (1st press) (black) (500) (bridge 9)
ceremony-zoo (clear green) (matador)
champion-promises kept (last show final pressing) (yellow) (400) (bridge 9)
chromatics-closer to grey (180 gram) (2XLP) (blood red) (italians do it better)
chromatics-in the city (180 gram) (ultra clear dipped in icy blue) (italians do it better)
chromatics-just like you (180 gram) (ultra clear dipped in electric blue) (italians do it better)
citizen-youth (1st press) (pink) (1500) (run for cover)
cloak/dagger-lost art (black) (jade tree)
cloakroom-further out (black) (1000) (run for cover)
cloakroom-infinity (2nd press) (white) (run for cover)
cloud nothings-attack on memory (black) (carpark)
cloud nothings-here and nowhere else (black) (carpark)
cloud nothings-life without sound (green marble) (carpark)
code orange-forever (clear) (roadrunner)
code orange-i am king (opaque green) (6360) (deathwish inc)
code orange-underneath (the cutter picture disc) (1000) (roadrunner)
code orange kids-love is love//return to dust (white) (2040) (deathwish inc)
cold world-dedicated to babies who came feet first (1st press) (orange) (1100) (deathwish inc)
cold world-how the gods chill (1st press) (clear) (deathwish inc)
converge-all we love we leave behind 2xLP (3rd press) (mint green) (1068) (deathwish inc)
converge-axe to fall (1st press) (coke bottle blue) (2000) (deathwish inc)
converge-the dusk in us (black) (deathwish inc)
converge-jane doe 2xLP (white) (2000) (deathwish inc)
converge-no heroes (1st press) (metallic gold) (500) (deathwish inc)
converge-petitioning forever 2xLP (1st press) (white) (150) (deathwish inc)
converge-you fail me (1st press) (clear red) (2980) (deathwish inc)
the copyrights-learn the hard way (black) (red scare)
the copyrights-make sound (2nd press) (clear) (250) (it's alive)
the copyrights-north sentinel island lp (yellow) (100) (it's alive)
the copyrights/the methadones-split (black) (500) (it's alive)
the copyrights-report (black) (red scare)
the copyrights-we didn't come here to die (picture disc) (250) (it's alive)
count me out-110 (yellow) (331) (indecision)
count me out-permanent (clear) (349) (indecision)
courtney barnett & kurt vile-lotta sea lice (black) (matador)
courtney barnett-sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit (150G orange) (marathon)
courtney barnett-mtv unplugged (aqua blue) (marathon)
courtney barnett-tell me how you really feel (red) (marathon)
creative adult-psychic mess (clear) (300) (run for cover)
creem-s/t (black) (deranged/katorga works)
creepoid-s/t (pink) (no idea records)
crime in stereo-i was trying to describe you to someone (red/white marble) (bridge 9)
crime in stereo-is dead (1st press) (black w/ silver stars) (1000) (bridge 9)
crime in stereo-selective wreckage (gold) (500) (bridge 9)
crime in stereo-the troubled stateside (clear) (500) (bridge 9)
crosses-s/t (double lp) (black) (sumerian)
crucified-cold winter: darkest reaches of the mind (gray) (250) (double or nothing)
cruel hand-lock & key (sea foam green) (bridge 9)
cruel hand-the negatives (yellow w/ pink & purple) (500) (hopeless)
cruel hand-prying eyes (1st press) (purple) (500) (bridge 9)
cruel hand-without a pulse (1st press) (yellow) (700) (6131)
crysta bell-somewhere in the nowhere (signed copy) (black) (meta hair)
cult ritual-s/t (brown) (youth attack)
culture abuse-bay dream (yellow) (epitaph)

daylight-jar (2nd press) (orange/hot pink) (1000) (run for cover)
daytrader-last days of rome (tour press) (black) (91/100) (run for cover)
dead end path-blind faith (tour press) (black) (10/100) (bbb)
dead end path-seance & other songs (gold/white swirl) (700) (bob)
dead heavens-whatever witch you are (purple/black splatter) (250) (dine alone)
dead to me-african elephants (black) (fat wreck)
dead to me-cuban ballerina (black) (fat wreck)
dead to me-little brother (black) (fat wreck)
dear landlord-dream homes (1st press) (gray mix) (1440) (no idea)
death of lovers-buried under a world of roses (transparent gold w/ blue) (656) (deathwish inc)
death threat/rude awakening split (red) (700) (bob)
debt neglector-atomicland (yellow) (smart punk)
desire-s/t (180 gram) (bubblegum pink) (2000) (italians do it better)
destruction unit-deep trip (black) (sacred bones)
destruction unit-negative feedback resistor (red) (500) (sacred bones)
devotion-bastard son of affluence blues (black) (rivalry)
diamond youth-orange (opaque orange) (500) (topshelf)
dinosaur jr-beyond (black) (jagjaguwar)
dinosaur jr-bug (black) (jagjaguwar)
dinosaur jr-farm (double lp) (black) (jagjaguwar)
dinosaur jr-give a glimpse of what yer not (black) (jagjaguwar)
dinosaur jr-hand it over (black) (vinyl 180)
dinosaur jr-i bet on sky (black) (jagjaguwar)
dinosaur jr-where you been (black) (180 gram) (jagjaguwar)
dinosaur jr-you're living all over me (black) (jagjaguwar)
direct effect-sunburn (test pressing) (10) (tiny engines)
the dopamines-expect the worst (clear green w/ black) (paper+plastick)
the dopamine-tales of interest (pre release test press) (black) (100) (rad girlfriend)
the dopamines-vices (red (100) (it's alive)
down to nothing-life on the james (opaque blue) (revelation)
down to nothing-the most (1st press) (clear purple) (553) (revelation)
downpresser-perverted justice (clear) (streetcleaner)
drake-if you're reading this its too late (2xLP) (clear) (bootleg)
drake-nothing was the same (2xLP) (black) (bootleg)
drunkdriver-s/t (black) (self-released)

earl sweatshirt-doris (black) (sony)
earl sweatshirt-i don't like shit, i don't go outside (black) (sony)
earl sweatshirt-some rap songs (black) (columbia)
the early november-in currents (white) (rise)
elway-better whenever (black) (red scare)
elway-for the sake of the bit (black) (red scare)
energy-invasions of the mind (red/orange) (500) (bridge 9)
the ergs-that's it...bye (black) (don giovanni)
every time i die-ex lives (black) (epitaph)
expire-pendulum swings (clear) (bridge 9)
explosions in the sky-all of a sudden I miss everyone (2xLP) (black) (temporary residence)
explosions in the sky-the earth is not a cold dead place (2xLP) (black) (temporary residence)

face to face-protection (black) (fat wreck)
failure-comfort (black) (slash records)
failure-magnified (black) (org)
failure-the heart is a monster (2xLP) (black) (failure records)
fairweather-s/t (black) (equal vision)
far-water & solutions (black) (epic)
few and the proud-stampede (marble blue) (underground communique)
the fight-endless noise (blue) (200) (bbb)
fire & ice-not of this earth (blue) (700) (reaper)
fireworks-all I have to offer is my own confusion (white) (300) (run for cover)
the first step-what we know (1st press) (pink) (235) (rivalry)
the flatliners-dead language (black) (fat wreck chords)
floor-oblation (clear vinyl) (400) (season of mist)
floor-s/t (3rd press) (dark red) (550) (no idea)
floorpunch-new jersey discography (tiger stripe) (303) (six feet under)
foo fighters-the colour and the shape (double lp) (black) (rca)
foo fighters-echoes, silence, patience & grace (double lp) (black) (rca)
foo fighters-sonic highways (DC cover) (black) (roswell records)
forced order-one last prayer (sam's splatter) (200) (3b)
forfeit-the lower depths (red) (300) (reaper)
forgetters-s/t (black) (too small to fail))
foundation-when the smoke clears (record release) (red/white/black tricolor) (105/150) (bridge 9)
frameworks-loom (1st press) (translucent purple) (510) (topshelf)
frank ocean-channel orange (bootleg) (double lp) (blue/red) (no label)
freedom-pay the price (2nd press) (clear red) (500) (bbb)
friend or foe-outsider (clear orange) (500) (bbb)
frightener-guillotine (1st press) (red w/ black splatter) (a389 recordings)
fucked up-glass boys w/ slowed down version (2xLP) (black) (matador)

gallows-s/t (white w/ black splatter) (500) (bridge 9)
the gaslight anthem-the '59 sound (1st press) (blue) (1000) (sideonedummy)
the gaslight anthem-american slang (1st press) (half black/half white) (500) (sideonedummy)
the gaslight anthem-get hurt (black) (island)
the gaslight anthem-handwritten (180 gram) (clear blue) (mercury)
the gaslight anthem-sink or swim (3rd press) (purple) (xoxo)
ghostface killah-ironman (double lp) (black) (epic)
give-s/t (2nd press) (pink) (640) (moon flower)
give up the ghost-background music (180 gram) (black) (1009) (deathwish inc)
give up the ghost-we're down ti' we're underground (180 gram) (1012) (deathwish inc)
glitteter-looking through the shades (black) (anti)
glory-the 12" (coke bottle clear) (300) (bbb)
go it alone-histories (s&f press) (white) (37/110) (rivalry)
good music-cruel summer (2xLP) (black) (bootleg)
gods & queens-s/t (black) (robotic empire)
grey area/copyrights/luther/the reveling-split (clear) (100) (black numbers)
grimes-art angels (black) (4ad)
grimes-visions (black) (4ad)
guns up!-outlive (1st press) (white w/ blue splatter) (304) (1917)
gypsy-giants despair (lavender) (six feet under)

h2o-nothing to prove (1st press) (white) (700) (bridge 9)
harms way-blinded (white) (700) (deathwish inc)
harms way-isolation (1st press) (clear w/ silver splatter) (500) (closed casket activities)
harms way-reality approaches (1st press) (clear) (200) (organized crime)
harm wulf-hijrah (transparent red) (697) (deathwish inc)
hangman-one by one (last backtrack show cover) (/25) (black) (flatspot)
have heart-songs to scream at the sun (1st press) (blue marble) (1400) (bridge 9)
heads vs breakers-apathy is the new black (yellow) (new day rising)
hey mercedes-s/t ep (black) (700) (polyvinyl)
hoax-s/t (black) (youth attack)
holding on-question what you live for (reunion show edition) (grey marble) (44/40) (bridge 9)
the hope conspiracy-death knows your name (1st press) (gold) (300) (malfunction)
the horrible crowes-elsie (1st press) (black) (1500) (side one dummy)
hospital job-downer downer downer (orange marble) (insubordination)
house boat-21st century breakroom (black) (bloated kat)
house boat-the delaware octopus (mixed green) (875) (it's alive)
house boat-thorns of life (black) (445) (kiss of death)
hum-you'd prefer an astronaut (180 gram) (double lp) (white) (rca)

i am the avalanche-avalanched united (1st press) (orange cream) (100) (clifton motel)
i rise-for redemption (record release/tour press) (pink) (22/25) (1917)
ice age-dead kings (half black/half red) (150) (think fast)
ignite-our darkest days (1st press) (red/clear mix) (300) (think fast)
ignite-past our means (final press) (orange) (300) (revelation)
incendiary-cost of living (record release cover) (black) (39/110) (closed casket activities)
incendiary-crusade (black/white mix) (100) (eternal hope)
incendiary-crusade (silver/clear split) (200) (closed casket activities)
incendiary-crusade (silver w/ oxblood splatter) (300) (closed casket activities)
incendiary-crusade (silver) (500) (closed casket activities)
incendiary-thousand mile stare (5/12 record release) (clear blue w/ black splatter) (200) (closed casket activities)
indecision-unorthodox (maroon) (248) (bitter melody)
integrity-systems overload (purple) (100) (organized crime)
integrity-those who fear tomorrow (orange) (organized crime)
into it. over it.-intersections (2nd press) (coke bottle green) (500) (triple crown)
into it. over it./koji split (2nd press) (minty green) (500) (no sleep)
into it. over it. -proper (clear) (750) (no sleep)
into it. over it. - twelve towns (1st press) (black) (100) (topshelf)
iron age-constant struggle (2nd press) (black) (300) (youngblood)
iron chic-the constant one (1st press) (half blue/half orange) (1000) (bridge 9)
iron chic-not like this (1st press) (black) (dead broke)

j mascis-elastic days (loser edition) (clear with purple swirl) (sub pop)
j mascis-several shades of why (black) (sub pop)
j mascis-tied to a star (loser edition) (hot pink) (sub pop)
jawbreaker-24 hour revenge therapy (blood red) (blackball)
the jealous sound-a gentle reminder (150 gram) (pink) (200) (burnt toast)
john carpenter-anthology (black) (sacred bones)
john carpenter-halloween 2018 soundtrack (black) (sacred bones)
john carpenter-lost themes (black) (sacred bones)
john carpenter-lost themes (splatter) (sacred bones)
johnny jewel-double exposure (clear) (italians do it better)
johnny jewel-windswept (1st press) (red) (itailians do it better)
joyce manor-cody (black) (epitaph)
joyce manor-million dollars to kill me (black) (epitaph)
joyce manor-never hungover again (black) (epitaph)
joyce manor-of all things I will soon grow tired (white) (500) (asian man)
joyce manor-s/t (pink) (300) (6131)
the jesus lizard-head (black) (touch and go)

kanye west-808s and heartbreak (double lp) (black) (roc-a-fella)
kanye west-graduation (bootleg) (double lp) (black) (good music llc)
kanye west-ye (black) (def jam)
kanye west-yeezus (bootleg) (black) (good music llc)
kendrick lamar-to pimp a butterfly (2xLP) (black) (aftermath/interscope)
kendrick lamar-untitled unmastered (black) (aftermath/interscope)
kill your idols-12 inch ep (1st press) (black) (none of the above)
killing the dream-fractures (1st press) (white/black/blue tri color) (300) (deathwish inc)
killing the dream-lucky me (green/black split) (700) (deathwish inc)
kurt vile-bottle it in (2xLP) (black) (matador)

lagrecia-on parallels (1st press) (metallic gray) (700) (suburban home)
latterman-no matter where we go (green mix) (80) (no idea)
latterman-turn up the punk, we'll be singing (gray mix) (75) (no idea)
latterman-we are still alive (4th press) (dark gray mix) (325) (no idea)
lemuria-the distance is so big (1st press) (black) (1000) (bridge 9)
lemuria-pebble (1st press) (clear) (bridge 9)
let down-we're in this alone (1st press) (brown) (520) (six feet under)
lewd acts-black eye blues (1st press) (brown) (500) (deathwish inc)
life long tragedy-runaways (1st press) (cream/red mix) (300) (deathwish inc)
lifetime-hello bastards (white) (500) (no idea)
lifetime-jerseys best dancers (red) (500) (no idea)
lifetime-s/t (2nd press) (white) (600) (no idea)
lie and wait-led astray (pre order silkscreen vinyl) (105) (3b)
lion of judah-universal peace (1st press) (clear w/ gold/purple splatter) (225) (youngblood)
the lillingtons-stella sapiente (black) (fatwreck)
living hell-the lost and the damned (1st press) (red) (326) (revelation)
the loved ones-build & burn (spring 08 tour silkscreen cover) (black) (180) (fat wreck chords)
luther-let's get you somewhere else (pink) (500) (chunksaah)

make do and mend-end measured mile (creamsicle) (100) (paper and plastick)
make do and mend-everything you ever loved (red) (rise)
make do and mend-part and parcel (black) (silk screened bside) (paper and plastick)
melvins-eggnog/lice-all (double lp) (black) (boner records)
mammoth grinder-underworlds (black) (20 buck spin)
man overboard-before we met: a collection of old songs (blue) (panic)
man overboard-real talk (orange) (run for cover)
manchester orchestra-cope (black) (favorite gentleman)
manchester orchestra-hope (black) (favorite gentleman)
mazzy star-among my swan (180 gram) (black) (plain recordings)
mean jeans-are you serious? (black) (dirt nap)
mean jeans-gigantic sike (black) (fat wreck)
mean jeans-tight new dimension (black) (fat wreck)
mean jeans-on mars (clear) (dirtnap)
mellowhype-numbers (double lp) (black) (odd future)
melvins-basses loaded (black) (ipecac)
melvins-eggnog/lice-all (2xLP) (black) (boner)
melvins-hold it in (black) (ipecac)
melvins-ozma/bullhead (2xLP) (black) (boner)
melvins-stag (2xLP) (black) (third man)
melvins-stoner witch (black) (third man)
memorial-the creative process/berlin (record release cover) (59/100) (black) (flightplan)
memorial-mile high city (black) (300) (run for cover)
the men-campfire songs (black) (sacred bones)
the men-devil music (black) (we are the men)
the men-drift (black) (sacred bones)
the men-hated (2xLP) (clear) (wax sealed sleeve) (400) (sacred bones)
the men-immaculada (black) (300) (self-released)
the men-leave home (black) (sacred bones)
the men-mercy (wrap around sleeve, wax sealed) (purple) (30/250) (sacred bones)
the men-new moon (black) (sacred bones)
the men-open your heart (black) (sacred bones)
the men-tomorrow's hits (black) (sacred bones)
the men-we are the men (black) (283/300) (self-released)
the menzingers-chamberlain waits (black) (red scare)
the menzingers-on the impossible past (black) (epitaph)
the menzingers-rented world (splatter) (300) (epitaph)
metz-metz (black) (sub pop)
metz-ii (loser version) (blue swirl) (500) (sub pop)
metz-strange peace (loser edition) (clear w/ red and green swirl) (500) (sub pop)
mike & the melvins (loser edition) (white) (500) (sub pop)
mindforce-swingin' swords, choppin' lords (1st press) (clear blue / white swirl) (300) (bbb)
minus-s/t (clear red) (600) (3b)
modern life is war-fever hunting (tihc 2013 cover) (olive green) (252/300) (deathwish inc)
modern life is war-midnight in america (1st press) (red) (325) (lifeline)
modern life is war-my love my way (1st press) (rootbeer) (665) (martyr)
modern life is war-witness (posi #'s press) (black) (149/250) (lifeline)
mogwai-mr beast (2xLP) (black) (matador)
mogwai-rave tapes (clear green) (sub pop)
most precious blood-do not resuscitate (clear) (500) (morse code) 
mother of mercy-III (record release) (58) (red/black split) (six feet under)
mother of mercy-IV symptoms of existence (black/gray/blue marble) (700) (bridge 9)
mountain man-grief (red) (150) (think fast)
mutoid men-mutoid world (black) (rumbletowne)
my bloody valentine-loveless (black) (plain)
my bloody valentine-mbv (180 gram) (black) (mbv)

nails-abandon all life (black) (southern lord)
nails-obscene humanity (black) (1020) (six feet under)
nails-unsilent death (pink) (220) (six feet under)
narrows-new distances (white) (777) (deathwish inc)
narrows-painted (opaque blue) (695) (deathwish inc)
nas-nasir (black) (mass appeal)
the national-i am easy to find (2xLP) (clear) (4AD)
the national-trouble will find me (2xLP) (black) (4AD)
natural law-find the flock (black) (katorga works/deranged)
nazi dust-wretched hour (black) (vinyl rites)
neon blud-b girls (550) (drugged conscience)
new found glory-not without a fight (1st press) (red) (500) (bridge 9)
new lows-abhorrent endings (clear w/ white smoke) (547) (deathwish inc)
new lows-harvest of the carcass (black) (deathwish inc)
night birds-the other side of darkness (black) (grave mistake)
nine inch nails-bad witch (black) (180 gram) (the null corporation)
nine inch nails-broken definitive edition (black) (180 gram) (the null corporation)
nine inch nails-the fragile definitive edition (3xLP) (black) (180 gram) (the null corporation)
nine inch nails-hestitation marks (double LP) (180 gram) (black) (columbia)
nine inch nails-not the actual events (black) (180 gram (the null corporation)
nirvana-in utero (original pressing limited edition) (clear) (geffen)
no faith-s/t (black) (painkiller)
no joy-creep (opague aqua blue) (290) (a grey market)
no joy-ghost blonde (black) (mexican summer)
no joy-more faithful (deluxe version) (white) (500) (mexican summer)
no joy-wait to pleasure (black) (mexican summer)
no trigger-canyoneer (clear) (i scream)
nofx-the decline (black) (fat wreck chords)
nofx-wolves in wolves clothing (black) (fat wreck chords)
nomos-notes from the acheron (black) (deranged)
none more black-icons (black) (fat wreck)
none more black-loud about loathing (clear yellow) (sabot productions)
none more black-this is satire (black) (sabot productions)
nothing-downward years to come v 2.0 (clear) (a389)
nothing-guilty of everything (record release) (white) (33/50) (relapse)

off with their heads-all things move toward their end (gray mix) (no idea)
off with their heads-from the bottom (4th press) (blue/gray mix) (no idea)
off with their heads-hospitals (gray splatter) (recess)
off with their heads-in desolation (black) (epitaph)
the old scratch revival singers-oh, didn't he ramble (black) (records of the damned)
omegas-blasts of lunacy (maroon) (parts unknown)
omegas-power to exist (black) (beach impediment)
outbreak-failure (1st press) (green with white spots) (300) (think fast)
outrage-broken (1st press) (blue) (150) (panic)
over my dead body-sink or swim (solid blue) (159) (takeover)
ovlov-am (3rd press) (baby blue) (exploding in sound)
owen-the kings of whys (180 gram) (blue/white starburst) (polyvinyl)
owen-l'ami du peuple (180 gram) (black) (polyvinyl)
owen-no good for no one now (180 gram) (black) (polyvinyl)

paint it black-new lexicon (1st press) (black) (270) (rivalry)
paint it black-paradise (1st press) (transparent green) (1000) (jade tree)
pearl jam-vs (black) (epic)
perfect pussy-say yes to love (black) (captured tracks)
phoebe bridgers-stranger in the alps (black) (dead oceans)
pissed jeans-honeys (orange) (loser edition) (sub pop)
pissed jeans-live at the bbc (black) (sub pop)
pissed jeans-shallow (highlighter yellow) (loser edition) (sub pop)
pissed jeans-why love now (lavendar) (500) (sub pop)
pity sex-dark world (cream w/ swirl) (run for cover)
pity sex-feast of love (clear w/ white haze) (600) (run for cover)
pixies-head carrier (black) (pixies music)
pixies-surfer rosa (black) (4ad)
polar bear club-chasing hamburg (blue) (600) (bridge 9)
polar bear club-clash battle guilt pride (opaque gold) (bridge 9)
polar bear club-the redder the better (red) (800) (bridge 9)
polar bear club-sometimes things just disappear (dark red) (400) (bridge 9)
pollution-@smut (black) (541) (c6recordings)
power trip-manifest decimation (black) (southern lord)
pressure/coa-stalemate (2nd press) (blood red) (6131)
the promise ring-30 degrees everywhere (cream/orange/red tri-color) (300) (jade tree)
the promise ring-nothing feels good (blue w/ splatter) (300) (jade tree)
the promise ring-very emergency (orange w/ cream swatches) (300) (jade tree)
protester-hide from reality (blue) (200) (trash king)
protester-watch them fall (black) (new absolute records)
pulling teeth-martyr immortal (1st press) (red w/ blue splatter) (350) (a389)
pulling teeth-paranoid delusions|paradise illusions (hologram cover) (green splatter) (333) (a389)
purple mercy-s/t (purple) (100) (twelve gauge)
pygmy shrews-the egyptian (black) (wantage usa)
pygmy shrews-you people can all go straight to hell (black) (89/500) (jack shack)

queens of the stone age-villains (2xLP) (black) (matador)
quicksand-manic compression (black) (revelation)
quicksand-slip (180 gram) (red) (SRC)

radiohead-the bends (black) (XL)
red sparowes-every red heart shines towards the sun (double lp) (black) (neurot recordings)
rescuer-anxiety answering (olive/cream haze) (350) (no sleep)
ride-nowhere (180 gram) (black) (rhino)
rilo kiley-the execution of all things (180 gram) (black) (saddle creek)
ringworm-birth is pain (tan) (400) (victory)
ringworm-hammer of the witch (black) (relapse)
rise & fall-faith (fire) (deathwish inc)
rise & fall-into oblivion (black) (deathwish inc)
rise & fall-our circle is vicious (1st press) (yellow/bronze mix) (700) (deathwish inc)
rival mob, the-mob justice (gold) (1095) (revelation)
rival schools-pedals (black) (photo finish)
rival schools-united by fate (2xLP) (black) (island)
roomrunner-ideal cities (black) (fan death)
rotting out-street prowl (red) (300) (6131)
run the jewels-s/t (black) (fools gold)
run the jewels-RTJ 2 (180 gram) (2xLP) (teal) (fools gold)
rvivr-the beauty between (black) (yo-yo)
rvivr-dirty water ep (black w/ screenprinted bsides) (yoyo)
rvivr-s/t (black) (rumbletowne)

sainthood reps-headswell (clear cream) (300) (no sleep)
salvation-mortality interactions (red marble) (500) (youth attack)
samiam-whatever's got you down (black) (hopeless)
saves the day-in reverie (black) (dreamwork)
schoolboy q-blank face LP (2xLP) (black) (TDE/interscope)
schoolboy q-oxymoron (2xLP) (black) (interscope)
seahaven-ghost/acoustic sessions (black) (tour press) (37/100) (run for cover)
seahaven-reverie lagoon: music for escapism only (2xLP) (blue/white marble) (1100) (run for cover)
seahaven-winter forever (180 gram) (black) (300) (run for cover)
sebadoh-bakesale (black) (sub pop)
sebadoh-defend yourself (black) (joyful noise)
seraphim-a light in the distance (blue) (350) (a389)
sharon van etten-remind me tomorrow (clear blue) (jagjaguwar)
shipwreck-abyss (1st press) (silver/blue mix) (300) (deathwish inc)
shook ones-body feel (green) (revelation)
shook ones-sixteen (2nd press) (green) (300) (endwell)
shook ones-the unquotable a.m.h. (black) (paper+plastick)
shorebirds-it's gonna get ugly (black) (rumbletowne)
the sidekicks-awkward breeds (gold) (500) (really records)
the sidekicks-runners in the nerved world (black) (epitaph)
silent majority-life of a spectator (blue) (300) (exit)
skinfather-none will mourn (black) (streetcleaner)
slayer-hell awaits (original press) (black) (metal blade)
sleater-kinney-the center won't hold w/ 7" (black) (mom+pop)
sleater-kinney-dig me out (black) (sub pop)
sleater-kinney-live in paris (black) (sub pop)
sleater-kinney-one beat (black) (sub pop)
sleater-kinney-the woods (2xLP) (black) (sub pop)
slowdive-s/t (black) (dead oceans)
slowdive-souvlaki (double lp) (black) (creation)
the smashing pumpkins-adore (2xLP) (original press) (black) (virgin)
the smashing pumpkins-mellon collie and the infinite sadness (4xLP) (black) (virgin)
snail mail-lush (black) (matador)
soul control-involution (1st press) (red) (600) (rivalry)
soul swallower-s/t (black) (painkiller)
speedy ortiz-foil deer (gold) (carpark)
speedy ortiz-major arcana (black) (carpark)
speedy ortiz-real hair (orange) (carpark)
sqrm-rodeo (2nd press) (orange/yellow) (300) (youth attack)
static radio nj-we are all beasts (orange/yellow mix) (38/40) (kiss of death)
steel nation-forever wounded (spring tour press) (black) (40/50) (double or nothing)
stop and think-both demos (black) (748) (lockin out)
straylight run-s/t (brown) (victory)
stray from the path-rising sun (seafoam green) (sumerian records)
strike anywhere-iron front (pink) (700) (bridge 9)
the strokes-the new abnormal (black) (cult records)
sunflower bean-king of the dudes (black) (lucky number)
superchunk-foolish remastered (180 gram) (black) (merge)
superchunk-I hate music (translucent  orange) (merge)
superchunk-indoor living remastered (black) (merge)
superchunk-no pocky for kitty remastered (black) (merge)
superchunk-on the mouth remastered (180 gram) (merge)
superchunk-what a time to be alive (peak edition) (pink in clear) (merge)
surroundings-s/t (clear purple) (100) (free cake)
swearin'-fall into the sun (coke bottle clear) (merge)
sweet jesus-you destroy yourself (black) (atomic action)
swet shop boys-sufi la (RSD 2017) (white) (customs)

take offense-tables will turn (purple/black marble) (700) (reaper)
teenage bottlerocket-freak out (black) (fatwreck)
terror-keepers of the faith (red) (300) (reaper)
their/they're/there-analog weekend (baby blue) (no sleep)
their/they're/there-s/t (seafoam green) (1000) (polyvinyl)
this is hell-black mass (black) (rise)
this is hell-misfortunes (1st press) (orange) (442) (trustkill)
this is hell-s/t (black) (650) (state of mind)
this is hell-sundowning (1st press) (half white/half red) (300) (deathwish inc)
this is hell-weight of the world (1st press) (green) (350) (think fast)
thrice-beggars (clear green) (vagrant)
thrice-identity crisis (black) (100) (animal style)
thrice-major/minor (double lp) (clear w/ blue splatter) (4000) (vagrant)
tigers jaw-charmer (1st press) (white w/ pink starburst) (1500) (run for cover)
tigers jaw-s/t (preorder cover) (black) (18/40) (photobooth)
tigers jaw-two worlds (red) (400) (run for cover)
title fight-floral green (floral) (500) (sideonedummy)
title fight-hyperview (grey) (2000) (anti)
title fight-shed (red) (300) (sideonedummy)
torche-harmonicraft (clear) (volcom)
torche-restarter (picture disc) (500) (relapse)
touche amore-is survived by (1st press) (clear/cyan mix) (2006) (deathwish inc)
touche amore-parting the sea between brightness and me (1st press) (white) (deathwish inc)
touche amore-...to the beat of a dead horse (1st press) (gray) (400) (6131)
transit-keep this to yourself (black) (300) (run for cover)
transit-listen & forgive (1st press) (gray/purple haze) (700) (rise)
transit-something left behind (solid blue) (250) (mightier than sword)
transit-stay home (black/gold) (100) (barrett)
transit-this will not define us (black) (180) (animal style)
trap them-seizures in barren praise (1st press) (clear) (700) (deathwish inc)
trap them-sleepwell deconstructor (black) (750) (trash art)
trapped under ice-big kiss goodnight (red w/ black splatter) (500)
trapped under ice-secrets of the world (1st press) (gold) (200) (reaper)
trash talk-eyes & nines (clear) (1400) (TTC)
trash talk-s/t (1st press) (yellow) (347) (TTC)
travis scott-rodeo (2xLP) (black) (epic)
trent reznor & atticus ross-gone girl soundtrack (2xLP) (black) (columbia)
trent reznor & atticus ross-watchmen soundtrack vol 1 (black)
trent reznor & atticus ross-watchmen soundtrack vol 2 (black)
trent reznor & atticus ross-watchmen soundtrack vol 3 (black)
a tribe called quest-we got it from here...thank you 4 your service (2xLP) (black) (epic)
true love-the pact (metallic silver) (300) (bbb)
twitching tongues-in love there is no low (black) (900) (closed casket activities)
tyler, the creator-scum fuck flower boy (double lp) (black) (columbia)
tyler, the creator-igor (black) (columbia)
tyler, the creator-wolf (double lp) (black) (odd future records)

vanishing life-surveillance (white) (dine alone)
VA-4 bands to drain your pool comp (black) (wake up and live)
v/a-after dark 2 (3xLP) (ultra clear) (5000) (italians do it better)
VA-america's hardcore (white with red/blue splatter) (300) (3b)
VA-america's hardcore volume 2 (clear blue) (1050) (3b)
VA-la la land original motion picture soundtrack (black) (interscope)
VA-lost highway soundtrack (2xLP) (180 gram) (black) (universal)
VA-mixed signals (red w/ black circles) (200) (run for cover)
VA-the music of david lynch (autographed by david lynch) (2xLP) (black) (capitol)
VA-off the boards: a studio 4 family compilation (black) (self released)
VA-red scare industries: 10 years of your stupid bullshit (black) (red scare)
VA-striving higher (red) (273) (six feet under)
VA-the thing that ate larry livermore (pink) (adeline)
VA-twin peaks limited event series soundtrack (2xLP) (owl cave green) (rhino)
VA-twin peaks: music from the limited event series AUTOGRAPHED BY DL (2xLP) (red room red) (rhino)
vein-errorzone (3rd press) (automation purple) (1000) (closed casket activities)
verse-aggression (2nd press) (grey) (1030) (rivalry)
verse-from anger and rage (1st press) (half brown/half green) (110) (rivalry)
veruca salt-american thighs (180 gram) (black) (minty fresh)
vince staples-summertime '06 (2xLP) (white) (def jam)
violation-devoured (1st press) (white) (510) (1917)

walter schreifels-an open letter to the scene (clear blue) (academy song)
war hungry-s/t (white) (305) (six feet under)
waste management-tried and true (black) (600) (painkiller)
waxahatchee-ivy tripp (black) (merge)
westpoint-dive (2nd press) (clear) (200) (bbb)
westpoint-s/t (blue/white marble) (200) (bbb)
whirr-around (clear w/ black splatter) (1350) (graveface)
whirr/nothing-split (baby blue) (1000) (run for cover)
whirr-pipe dreams (black) (teepee)
whirr-sway (brown/bone yellow) (2100) (graveface)
widowspeak-almanac (silk screened cover) (green) (captured tracks)
widowspeak-the swamps (black) (captured tracks)
widowspeak-s/t (black) (captured tracks)
the world is a beautiful place...-whenever, if ever (coke bottle clear w/ blue smoke) (1000) (topshelf)
the wonder years-the upsides (blue) (200) (run for cover)
the wrong side-wrong side of the grave (black) (lockin out)

xibalba-hasta la muerte (double lp) (blue) (500) (southern lord)
xibalba-s/t (lavender) (250) (a389)

you blew it!-grow up, dude (clear w/ green splatter) (75) (topshelf)
young thug-jeffrey (black) (atlantic)
young widows-easy pain (black) (temporary residence)
young widows-old wounds (clear with gold haze) (100) (temporary residence)
bad seed-demo II (white)
bad seed-live at alley katz (27/30)
beware-demo (yellow) (60/100) (get real)
blackbirds/spitting cobras-split (white) (50) (cut-ups)
boston strangler-3 song promo
ceremony-covers (500) (bridge 9)
creem-demo (white)
cult ritual-live at side two (drugged conscience)
dead end path-demo 09 (east coast tour 2010) (14/44)
dead end path-summer tour 2012 tape/zine (25/25)
dead end path-united blood tape/zine (3/50)
disengage-demo (100) (trash king productions)
featherweight-worrying gets you nowhere (100) (remote state)
forfeit-the lower depths (reaper)
free spirit-be yourself demo (4th press) (balloon cover) (50) (3b)
free spirit-live in toronto/demo (standhard)
great friend of mine-desperate songs (pink w/ etched case) (10) (intellect)
incendiary/suburban scum (100) (ride the fury)
iron age-saga demos (250) (cyclopean)
iron chic-demo tape 2008 (green) (dead broke)
king demo-demo tape (100) (ride the fury)
man overboard-dahlia (wonder years tour) (30) (boiled over/rfc)
man overboard-noise from upstairs (run for cover)
the men-captain ahab/wasted (east coast tour 2010) (27/125) (karmic swamp)
minus-have/have not (self released)
natural law-coming of age (katorga works)
natural law-spring trash
new lows-the paincave sessions vol. 1 (painkiller)
nomos/the men-split (red) (150) (vinyl rites)
pollution-120608 (250) (vinyl rites)
post teens-demo tape (100) (bored in the usa)
power trip-s&f 09 (51/100) (double or nothing)
the rival mob-hardcore for hardcore (promo tape) (81/100)
sick fix-demo
stick together-demo (purple) (100) (back to back)
stick together-...until now
sweet jesus-demo (super sonic)
thin line-demo
title fight-floral green (500) (sideonedummy)
title fight-kingston (united blood '09) (7/48)
title fight-live on wers (33/84) (run for cover)
title fight-the last thing you forget (united blood '10) (16/100)
too many voices-demo 2011 tape (100) (ride the fury)
trap them-filth rations (350) (dead accents)
veins-demo (youth attack)
war hungry-2009 
war hungry-demo 2004 (purple cover)
weight of the world-no promised land (blue)
whirl-distressor (2nd press) (bridgetown)

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american nightmare
 -background music lp
 -s/t 7"
the backup plan
 -our youth is wasted 12"
count me out
the gaslight anthem
 -sen�r and the queen on red and white
 -sink or swim first pressing on white/red splatter
 -the 59 sound on white
the hope conspiracy
kid dynamite
 -any colors of the two lps
 -88 fingers louie split on red
 -any colors of jerseys best and hello bastards og press
modern life is war
 -any pressings of the demo 7" that i don't have
paint it black
 -cva on blue
shook ones
 -facetious folly feat lp
silent majority
 -this island earth 7"
 -rebuild lp