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Blood Pressure "Promo 2017" - band
Boston Strangler "Jokes on you" Promo - band
Glue "Demo 2012" - False Form

7" E.P.s:
Agree To Differ/Change 2x7" - F.F.T.
City-X "Ude af Drift" - Irmgardz
City-X/ADS - BZ
Crude SS "Who'll survive" - Uproar
Death Token "Walking Dead Life" - Backwards Masking (test press 32/50 - silver cover)
Death Token "Walking Dead Life" - Backwards Masking
Defector "Punk System Destroy" - Crust War
Disarm "Dömd" - band
Electric Deads "s/t" - Electro Static
Final Count "s/t" flexi - Final
Ghoul "Oi Oi" flexi
Gorilla Angreb "s/t" Kick N Punch (1st press - yellow vinyl)
Gorilla Angreb "Long Island b/w Sypersyn" - Spild Af Vinyl
Killing Children "Certain Death" - Gravelvoice
No Hope For The Kids "Das Reich/Secret Police" - Backwards Masking
Svart Framtid "1984" - X-Port (push out centre)
V/A - No Control At The Country Club Live - Nemesis

Billingsgate "No Apologies" - Nemesis (red wax)
Brotherhood "Words run..as thick as blood!" LP - Crucial Response (purple swirl wax /52)
Meth Drinker "s/t" - Raw Birth (test press)
Nuclear Death Terror "s/t" - Plague Bearer (test press/release party version /150 w. hand screened cover)
Sods "Minutes to go" LP - Medley '79
V/A - Possessed To Skate - Pessimisser

my Discogs shop for a bunch of shit for sale...


#84 PRISÃO "s/t" (2nd) E.P. (clear or black wax)
#82 KRIGSHODER "Makt-Demonstrasjoner: 20-22" 12"
#81 PRISÃO "s/t" E.P. / MC
#80 INDRE KRIG "Destroyer" E.P.
#78 NUKIES "Can't you see that this is Hell" 12" (green or black wax) / MC
#77 V/A - Öresund HC Omnibus LP (white or black wax)
#76 EXIL "Mercenary" E.P.
#75 STRAY BULLET "Factory" E.P. (red or black wax)
#73 THE WAR GOES ON "Discount hope" E.P.
#72 PLANET Y "En Plads i Solen" LP
#70 AXE RASH "Contemporary Ass" E.P.
#69 BRUDTE LØFTER "Visioner ingen forstår" MC
#67 KALASHNIKOV "s/t" E.P. reissue
#66 POWER FACE "Door slammed shut" E.P.
#65 THE WAR GOES ON "Assisted Armageddon" LP
#63 STRAY BULLET "s/t" E.P.
#62 KASSHUVE "Grisablod" E.P.
#61 MURO "Pacificar" 12"
#60 CESSPOOL "We hide among you" 12"
#59 ZYFILIS "E.P. one" E.P.
#58 UZI "Cadena de Odio" 12"
#56 DEFORMATION "s/t" 12" (yellow or black wax)
#55 LARMA "s/t" 12"
#52 PLANET Y "Kniven for Struben" 12"
#48 SNOR "Scandinavian Heartbreaker" E.P.
#47 STRUL "Föredrar ju Fest" E.P.
#46 GLORIOUS? "Neverending Butchery" E.P.
#45 KATASTROF "s/t" E.P.
#43 DAMAGED HEAD "Gone" E.P.
#38 THE WAR GOES ON "s/t" LP
#33 NEU-RONZ "s/t" E.P.
#32 DRY HEAVES "Slim Pickings" LP (red or black wax)
#27 PRIMITIVE RITES "Amount to Nothing" E.P.
#18 DEATH TOKEN "They worship us" DLP
#16 U.X. VILEHEADS "Hardcore XI" LP
#14 NITAD "En ding ding Värld" E.P.
#12 SELF ABUSE "s/t" MC
#10 U.X. VILEHEADS "Catch 22" E.P.
#08 LOVE POTION "Ejaculator" E.P. 
#06 SMARTS COPS "Cominciare a Vivere" E.P. (white or black wax)
#02 INSTÄNGD "Konkret och brutal" E.P.

JT#7 JUNTA "Dystopolis" MC

#83 PROBLEMS "Beg for Release" E.P. 
#85 PX-30 "s/t" 12"


    H            H            H            H            H            H
    A            A            A            A            A            A
    R            R            R            R            R            R
    D            D            D            D            D            D
    C            C            C            C            C            C
 KT O WN      KT O WN      KT O WN      KT O WN      KT O WN      KT O WN
    R            R            R            R            R            R
    E            E            E            E            E            E      

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THE HELL "2022 Promo" MC - Not For The Weak '22
KRIGSHODER "Krig i Hodet" MC - Suckblood '20
KRIGSHODER "Jeg er ett Krigshode" MC - Lie Detector '22
LIVE IT DOWN "The last Judgement" MC - Rebirth '21
RAT-NIP "Comfortable Chair" E.P. - Song Book '20

CONDOR "Cassette Single #1" - band '17
IMPALERS "s/t" demo - Nuclear Solution '10
TERCER MUNDO "s/t" E.P. - Cintas Pepe '12
URCHIN "Demo 2016" MC
WARTHOG "Are you a functioning Human in a functioning World?" MC '16

86 MENTALITY "Total Hate" demo '04
BATTLE RUINS "s/t" demo - Rock 'N' Roll Disgrace '09
MAD MEN "s/t" demo '08
VAASKA "s/t" demo - Todo Destruido '09

+ anything that might have flown under my radar...try me!

BATTERY "Only the Die Hard remain" LP - Tidal '94
CLEAR "The Sickness must end" E.P. - Life Sentence '96
CONFRONT "Most hated Band in Cleveland" black medium t-shirt 
CONFRONT "OLC" black medium t-shirt
DAMNATION AD "Misericordia" 10" - Jade Tree '96
THE DONNAS "s/t" LP - Super*Teem! '97 (blue or red lables)
EARTH CRISIS "All Out War" E.P. - Conviction '92
FACE TO FACE "Big Choice" LP - Victory '95 (test press)
FACE TO FACE "s/t" LP - Vagrant/Lady Luck '96
FLOORPUNCH "Twin Killing" LP - Equal Vision '97 (clear wax)
IGNITE "In my Time" E.P. - Conversion '94
INTEGRITY "Grace of the Unholy" MC - Progression '90
INTEGRITY "Kingdom of Heaven" MC - Overkill '92
INTEGRITY "Scar of a Woman" MC - Overkill '91
INTEGRITY "Those who fear Tomorrow" MC - Overkill '92
KINDRED / CULTURE split LP - Good Life '97
MORNING AGAIN "s/t" E.P. - Intention '96
PATH OF RESISTANCE black medium shirts
RAMONES "Mondo bizarro" LP - Radioactive '92
RINGWORM "s/t" MC - band '91
RINGWORM "The Worms will get in" E.P. - Blood Book w. zine
STRIFE black medium shirts

AGENT ORANGE "Your Mother sucks Cocks in Hell" E.P. - Graaf Hendrick '83
THE AUTHORITIES "Soundtrack for Trouble" E.P. - Selecta '82
CONFRONT "Payday" E.P. - Dark Empire '89
DISCHARGE "Punk and destroy" LP - VAP '84 (with OBI)
DISCHARGE "Why" 12" - VAP '85 (with OBI)
FEBER "s/t" 7" - Tempererte Plater '81
GAS "No more Hiroshima" 7" flexi - '82
GG ALLIN "No Rules" E.P. - Orange '82
GUILTY RAZORS "I don't wanna be a Rich" 7" - Polydor '81
INTEGRITY "Harder they fall" MC - band '89
INTERTERROR "s/t" 12" - Citra '85
KRAUT "Kill for Cash" E.P. - Cabbage '81 
KRAUT "Unemployment" E.P. - Cabbage '81
NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA "Oodeja simasuille" E.P. - Mnnemo '81
THE OFFSPRING "s/t" LP - Nemesis '89
POISON IDEA "Get loaded and fuck" MC - band '88
POISON IDEA "Kings of Punk" LP - Pusmort (Portland edition w. poster + inserts) '86
POISON IDEA "Pick your King" E.P. - Fatal Erection (clear) '83
POISON IDEA "Pick your King" E.P. - Fatal Erection (black) '83
POISON IDEA "Record Collectors..." 12" - Fatal Erection '84 (red)
LA POLLA RECORDS "Y ahora que?" E.P. - Soñua/Nafarrock '83
REVULSION "Ever get the Feeling of utter...Revulsion" 12" - Radical Change '85
THE SEXUAL "Suicide" 7" flexi - Kochi '85
DE SJENERTE "Si ja til De Sjenerte" - Zado '80
STALIN "Chaos" E.P. - Stalin '80
SØT HÆVN "Asfaltparasitta" 7" - Søt '81
VARAUS "1/2" one sided 12" - Raus '82
X "Aspirations" LP - X '80
ZOUO "Final Agony" E.P. - AA '84

LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RÍO "s/t" LP - Belter '79
THE BRAT "Attitudes" 10" - Fatima '79
THE END "s/t" E.P. - The End Productions '79
JOHNNY DOLE & THE SCABS "Scab Animal 1977" LP - Buckwheat Headlock '97
LIKET LEVER "Levande begravd" E.P. - Sista Bussen '79
THE NERVES "s/t" E.P. - band '76
NERVOUS EATERS "Just Head" E.P. - Rat '78
PROTEX "Don't ring me up" E.P. - Good Vibrations '78 (blue phone)
REMO VOOR "Frogrammer / Toilet Love" E.P. - Strawberry '79
RHINO 39 "Xerox / No Compromise" 7" - Dangerhouse '79
SADO NATION "s/t" E.P. - Trap  '79
THE SUBHUMANS "Death to the Sickoids" E.P. - band '78

- International hardcore, punk, proto/pre-punk, power pop and pub rock classics of all sorts + these:

NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS "The Boatman's Call" LP - Mute '97
COIL "The unreleased Themes for Hellraiser" 10" - Solar Lodge '87 (clear)
CURRENT 93 "All the pretty little Horses (The inmost Light)" LP - Durtro '96 (clear)
DEATH IN JUNE "State Laughter" - New European '82
DEATH IN JUNE "But, what happens when the Symbols shatter" LP - New European Recordings '92
DEATH IN JUNE "Rose Clouds of Holocaust" LP - New European '95
DEATH IN JUNE "The World that Summer" DLP - New European '86 (embossed roses on the outside of the sleeve)
SOL INVICTUS "In the Rain" LP - Auerbach '13  (black wax)
SOL INVICTUS "The Killing Tide" LP - Tursa '91
SWANS "Great Annihilator" DLP - Young God '95

AMEBIX classic t-shirts - size M
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INTEGRITY black t-shirts/long sleeves - size M
POISON IDEA black t-shirts/long sleeves - size M

BEHERIT bootlegs and merch of all sorts!
DEICIDE early shirts - size M
HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST t-shirts/long sleeves - size M
MORBID ANGEL bootlegs and merch of all sorts!
SLAYER bootlegs and merch of all sorts!