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All records are BLACK unless otherwise noted


The A-Team - Clusterfuck (/664)
The A-Team - Sewer Rats (/300)
Aces & Eights - Still A Threat
Acousma - Acousma (/400)
Acousma - 2nd Acousma (Orange)(/50)
Acrobat Down - Beaver Falls Excepted
Acrobat Down - 5 11 8 6
Adamantium - Tradition (Grey)(/269)
Aerosols - Bonus 7" (Blue/Grey Marble)
AFI - A Fire Inside (3rd Press)
The Aftermath - Degenerate Fuck Crew (/400)
The Aftermath - Dumb And Unaware (Gold)(/300)
The Aftermath - Goodbye To Washington (Gold)(/300)
Against Me! - Acoustic EP
Against Me! - Crime EP
Against Me! - The Disco Before The Breakdown (Blue/Green)
Against Me! - High Pressure Low
Against Me! - Sink Florida Sink (Grey Marble)
Agent - Awake In Their World (Purple)(/300)
Agitator - Enter Vice Lords (/400)
Agnostic Front - United Blood (B9 Repress)(/1300)
Agosto Esp´┐Żas - Rolling Cinder (/200)
Alert - Find Your Way
Allegiance - Allegiance
Allegiance - Demo 2002 (/500)
Allegiance - Out Of My Blood (Black/White Swirl)(/220)
The Alligators - The Alligators (/550)
The Alligators - You Ruined Everything (Black/Green Swirl)(/703)
Alone In A Crowd - Alone In A Crowd (Contrast Recs)(/1800)
Alpha & Omega - Devil's Bed (Blue)(Sound & Fury 2008)(/100)
Alpha & Omega - Devil's Bed (Purple)(/100)
Alpha & Omega - Devil's Bed (Gold)(/300)
Alpha & Omega - Devil's Bed (Blue)(/600)
Alpha & Omega - Devil's Bed (Black)(/100)
Alpha & Omega - Devil's Bed (Clear)(/400)
Alpha & Omega - Sink (/500)
Ambitions - Exile (Blue & Orange Split)(/300)
Ambitions - Neon Lights (/700)
Ambitions - No Limits (/500)
The Ambulars - Nothing To Say From Miles Away
Amendment 18 - Defining The Color Conviction (Preorder)(Red)(/100)
Amendment 18 - Every Knife Has A Home
Amendment 18 - This Years Enemy (Grey)(/200)
American Nightmare - 4 Song Demo (/1000)(Third Press)
American Nightmare - The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter (/1500)
Angel Dust - Xtra Raw
Another Mistake - Lies For Lust (Preorder Cover)(White)(/75)
The Answer - Getting Even (/100)
The Answer - The Answer (Red)(/275)
The Answer - You Had Your Chance (Gold)(/300)
Antidote - Thou Shalt Not Kill (B9 Repress)(Red)(/1000)
Armada - Premonitions (Purple Marble)(/50)
Arms Aloft - Comfort At Any Cost (Green)(Glow In The Dark Cover)(/50)
Arms Race - Gotta Get Out (Green Cover)(/339)
As We Let Go - Above The Clouds (Coke Bottle)(/104)
Aspirin - We Do Painkilling To Your Anger
Asylum - Asylum (Pink)(/100)
August Burns Red - O Come O Come Emmanuel (Red)
AWOL - Another Way Of Living (/218)

Backtrack - The '08 Demo (Preorder Cover)(Orange)(/90)
Backtrack - Deal With The Devil (Red)
Back To Back - Flesh & Bone (/800)
Bad Seed - S/T (Light Green)(/500)
Balance & Composure - Acoustic (White)(/200)
Bane - Boston 6:58PM (/800)
Bane - Los Angeles 3:58PM (Green)(/300)
Banquets - This Is Our Concern, Dude (Blue)(/250)
Barge - No Gain (Red)(/330)
Betrayed - Addiction (/300)
Betrayed - Suffering (White)(/400)
Beware - Won't Get The Best Of Me (/300)
Big Eyes - Back From the Moon (White)(/200)
Bitter End - Bitter End (Brown)(/770)
Bitter End - Mind In Chains (Clear w/ Red & Black Splatter)(/500)
Black SS - Self Titled (Gold)(/300)
Black Wine - Dark Energy (Green)
Blackbirds - S/T
Blacklisted - Eccentrichine (Dark Red)(/606)
Blacklisted - Live On BBC 1 (White)
Blacklisted - It's All Going Down (Clear)(Flexi)
Blacklisted - Peace On Earth, War On Stage(Black/White/Silver)(/400)
Blacklisted - So You Are A Magician? (1206)
Blank Stare - S/T (Refuse Records)
Blank Stare - S/T (Third Party)
Bloodkrow Butcher - Anti War (/500)
Bloodtype - Bringin' More Stuff Down (/400)
Blue Monday - War Wounds
Blue Monday - What's Done Is Done (Red)(/100)
Boiling Over - Trash City (Clear)(/350)
The Bonus Army - Negative Outlooks (Green)(/229)
Born Low - The Hunger Within (Purple)(/75)
Boysetsfire - Suckerpunch Training (Blue)(/1000)
Brace - Crisis And Compromise (/500)
Bracewar - S/T (Red)(/100)
Bracewar - S/T (Yellow)(/200)
Bracewar - Whatever It Takes Demo
Braindead - S/T (Blue)
Break Away - For Life (Blue)(/89)
The Breaks - Get Saved
Breathe In - Nervous Breakdown (/500)
Breathe In - S/T (Assault Records)
Brick - S/T (Black w/ Brown Silk Screen)(/100)
Build And Destroy - Demo 2010 (Purple)(TIHC 2015 Cover)
Build And Destroy - Map of the Heavens (Purple)
Bullet Treatment - Designated Vol. 1 (/1559)
Burn - Burn (Yellow)(/1090)(Repress)

Capital - Blind Faith (Red)(/300)
Career Suicide - Cherry Beach
Career Suicide - SARS (Third Press)(Logo on sleeve)(/500)
Career Suicide - Signals
Carpathian - Wanderlust (/1000)
Caught In A Crowd - The Fight (White)(/300)
Ceremony - He-God-Has Favored Our Undertakings (S&F Cover)(/99)
Ceremony - Ruined (Red)(/200)
Ceremony - Ruined (Yellow)(/800)
Ceremony - Ruined (Blue Cover)(/850)
Ceremony - Scared People (/400)
Ceremony - Sick (White)(/300)
Champion - Live in Australia (/500)
Citizen - Young States (Clear)(/300)
Citizens Patrol - Sick Routine (Blue)
CIV - Social Climber
Clear - Demo (Clear)(/300)
Clearsight - Demo 2008 (Blue)(/200)
Coke Bust - Degradation (Record Release)(/100)
Coke Bust - Demo (Clear)(Preorder Cover)(/100)
Cold World - Cold World (/800)
Cold World - Ice Grillz (Red)(/200)
Concealed Blade - Demo 2015 (2nd Press)
Constant Elevation - S/T (Orange)(/700)
Converge - Petitioning Forever (Clear) (/1000)
Cornered - Fuck Off! (Clear)(/200)(Sound and Fury Pack)
Crestfallen - S/T
Crime In Stereo - Love (Opaque Blue)(100)
Criminal Instinct - Sweet Dreams (Clear Red w/ Black Splatter)(/300)
Cruel Hand - Cruel Hand (Lemon Lime)(/300)
Cruel Hand - Demo (Purple Drink)(600)
Cruel Hand - Life In Shambles (Brown)(/300) 
Cruel Hand - Live At Sound & Fury (/500)
Cruel Hand - Vigilant Citizen (White/Black Swirl)(/300)

Death By Stereo - S/T (Green)
Death Is Not Glamorous - 2005 Demo
Death Is Not Glamorous - Undercurrents
Die - I Hope You Die (Green)
Dillinger Four - More Songs About Girlfriends And Bubblegum (Blue) (/820)
Dirty Money - No Escaping This (Grey) (/700)
Dispute - It's Fucking Prime Time
The Distance - S/T (Purple) (/500)

Scraps And Heart Attacks - S/T 7" (Orange)
Scraps And Heart Attacks - S/T 7" (White)
Scraps And Heart Attacks - S/T 7" (Preorder Cover/Silver Ink/Coke Bottle Vinyl)
Scraps And Heart Attacks - S/T 7" (Preorder Cover/Gold Ink/Coke Bottle Vinyl)(x2)
Scraps And Heart Attacks - S/T 7" (Heist Cover/Orange Silkscreen/Orange Vinyl)
Scraps And Heart Attacks - S/T 7" (Heist Cover/Red Silkscreen/White Vinyl)
Scraps And Heart Attacks - S/T 7" (Heist Cover/Black Silkscreen/White/Grey Vinyl) (Record Release)(28/45)

V/A - The A-Team/RNR (/350)
V/A - Abomination/Villain (Green)(/125)
V/A - Adamantium/Bane (/1574)
V/A - Agoraphobic Nosebleed / The Endless Blockade
V/A - Alaska/End Reign (Blue)(/350)
V/A - All Or Nothing/The Wonder Years (White w/ Red/Blue Splatter)(/300)
V/A - Allegiance/Internal Affairs (Gold) (/400)
V/A - The Anchor/O'Pioneers!!! (Grey/Tan Swirl)
V/A - The Anchor/Turkish Techno
V/A - Another Mistake / Focused X Minds / Out Of Time - Scene Of The Crime (Green)
V/A - Another Year/Death Is Not Glamorous
V/A - Attica! Attica!/Ruiner - Under The Influence (Pink)(/700)
V/A - Austin Lucas/Frank Turner - Under The Influence (White/Black)(/700)
V/A - Axis/Self Defense Family (Pink)
V/A - Bad Habit/Last Lights
V/A - Bad Seed/War Hungry (/300)
V/A - Betrayed/Champion (Clear) (/980)
V/A - Big Eyes/Post Teens (Assorted)(/900)
V/A - Big Kids/Joyce Manor (Green)(/93)
V/A - Black SS/How We Are (/700)
V/A - Black SS/Raining Bricks (Yellow)(/320)
V/A - Blacklisted/First Blood (Orange)(/1800)
V/A - Blue Monday/Go It Alone (Black/Blue Swirl)(/270)
V/A - Blue Monday/Go It Alone (White)(/930)
V/A - Bouncing Souls/Hot Water Music (White w/ Red & Black Splatter)(/1000)
V/A - Broadway Calls/Mixtapes (White)(/200)
V/A - Broadway Calls/Teenage Bottlerocket (Clear w/ Red, White, & Black Splatter)
V/A - California Love / Gehenna
V/A - Cancer Bats / This Is Hell (Carolina Blue)(/100)
V/A - Carry The Casket/The Mistake (White)(/400)
V/A - Casey Jones/Traitor (Grey Marble) (/202)
V/A - The Casket Lottery/Touche Amore (White)(/200)
V/A - Castevet/Into It. Over It. (/175)
V/A - Caves/Sundials (Green Marble)
V/A - Cheap Girls / Lemuria (Red)
V/A - Chris Wollard/Mike Hale
V/A - Chuck Ragan/The Loved Ones (Blue)(/500)
V/A - Citizen / Turnover (Sea Blue/Oxblood)(/2000)
V/A - Coastal Flooding Vol. One Comp (Clear Green)
V/A - Coke Bust/Vaccine (Yellow)(Damaged City Cover)(/40)
V/A - Cold World/Strength For A Reason (Grey)(/300)
V/A - Cold World/War Hungry (/662)
V/A - Cold World/War Hungry (Yellow/Black)(/220)
V/A - Cold World/War Hungry (Repress)(White)(/526)
V/A - Colin of Arabia/POW (Red)(United Blood Cover)(/50)
V/A - Converge/Napalm Death (Gold)(/2043)
V/A - Crime In Stereo/Kill Your Idols
V/A - Crispus Attucks/De Nada
V/A - Day Of The Dead/Ruiner
V/A - Death Threat/Over My Dead Body (Yellow)
V/A - The Distance/Outbreak/Some Kind Of Hate (Clear) (/700)
V/A - The Distance/With Honor (Tour Press) (Yellow) (/180)
V/A - Drop It/The Starting Point (Maroon Marble)
V/A - Diehard Youth/Flame Still Burns
V/A - Dirty Money/Trapped Under Ice (Blue)
V/A - Good Clean Fun/Throwdown  (Clear Green)
V/A - Intense Energy Comp
V/A - Messageboard Mayhem Comp (Clear Blue)
V/A - No Bullshit Vol. 3 (Yellow)(/500)
V/A - Our City Is Burning Comp (White)
V/A - Over My Dead Body/Time X (Orange)
V/A - Tarpit/Victim (Purple Marble)
V/A - 25 Ta Life/Morning Again (Blue)

AFI - All Hallows (Orange)
Blood For Blood - Living In Exhile (Gold w/ Black Swirls)(/605)

The A-Team - A Is For Asshole (Green Marble) (/250)
Abandon - The Death Of Urgency (/400)
Achilles - Hospice (Marble Tan) (/114)
Acid Bath - When The Kite String Pops (Red)
Adamantium - From The Depths Of Depression (/1235)
Adamantium - When It Rains, It Pours (/753)
Adolescents - Adolescents (Green)
Aerosols - Aerosols LP (Blue/Grey Marble) (/500)
Afgrund - Vid Helvetets Grindar
AFI - Answer That And Stay Fashionable (Brown)
AFI - Art Of Drowning (Black Swirl)
AFI - Black Sails In The Sunset
AFI - Crash Love
AFI - Decemberunderground
AFI - Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes (Purple Marble)
AFI - Sing The Sorrow (Clear Red) (2XLP)
AFI - Very Proud Of Ya (Blue Marble)
Against Me! - New Wave (Yellow)
Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Against Me! - White Crosses (Red)(/1000)
Age of Apocalypse - Grim Wisdom (Clear w/ Splatter)(/550)
Age of Apocalypse - The Way (Pink w/ Black Splatter)(/200)
Agnostic Front - Cause For Alarm
Agnostic Front - Liberty And Justice For...
Agnostic Front - Somethings Gotta Give (/6000)
Agnostic Front - Victim In Pain (B9 Repress) (/1300)
Alkaline Trio - Alkaline Trio (Blue) (/500)
Alkaline Trio - From Here To Infirmary
Alkaline Trio - Maybe I'll Catch Fire (White/Red Swirl) (/500)
All - Mass Nerder
The All-American Rejects - The All-American Rejects (Orange)
All Pigs Must Die - All Pigs Must Die (/850)
Allegiance - Desperation (Black/Gold Swirl) (/200)
Allegiance - Overlooked (Yellow w/ Red Splatter) (2nd Press) (/757)
The Alligators - Time's Up You're Dead (Red)(/700)
Alpha & Omega - Life Swallower (Green)(United Blood 2011 Cover)(/20)
Alpha & Omega - Life Swallower (Orange)(/100)
Alpha & Omega - Life Swallower (Green)(/300)
Alpha & Omega - Life Swallower (Purple)(/600)
Alpha & Omega - No Rest, No Peace (Pink/Purple w/ Black Splatter (/300)
Alpha & Omega - No Rest, No Peace (Green w/ Black Splatter)(/700)
Alpha & Omega - No Rest, No Peace (Yellow w/ Black Splatter)(/500)
Ambitions - Stranger (Orange/Black Splatter)(/400)
Amendment 18 - All My Heroes Are Dead (Green) (/500)
Amendment 18 - Dear Furious (Clear)
American Nightmare - Background Music (White)(/598)(Deathwish Repress)
American Nightmare - We're Down Til We're Underground (Orange)(/687)(Deathwish Repress)
American Nightmare - Year One (Black/White)(Repress)
Ancient VVisdom - A Godlike Inferno (Grey Marble)
Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet
Angel Dust - A.D. (White)(/400)
Angel Dust - Pretty Buff
Angel Dust - Rock The Fuck On Forever (Move Thru Me Tour Cover)(/200)
Angel Dust - Rock The Fuck On Forever (This Is Hardcore Cover)(/50)
Anti-Flag - A New Kind Of Army (Blue)(/900)
Anti-Flag - The Bright Lights Of America (2XLP)
Anti-Flag - Die For The Government (Blue)
Anti-Flag - For Blood And Empire (Picture Disc)
Anti-Flag - The General Strike
Anti-Flag - Mobilize
Anti-Flag - The People or the Gun (Red)
Anti-Flag - The Terror State
Anti-Flag - Underground Network
At The Drive-In - Relationship Of Command
At The Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul (Orange)
The Ataris - Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits (/500)
The Ataris - End Is Forever
Atreyu - Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (Red)
Attica! Attica! - Napalm & Nitrogen (Orange)(/125)
Avail - 4AM Friday (Brown)(/300)(Reissue)
Avail - Dixie (White)(/300)(Reissue)
Avail - Front Porch Stories
Avail - One Wrench
Avail - Over The James (Amber)(/300)(Reissue)

Backtrack - Bad To My World (Gray)(/1000)
Backtrack - Darker Half (Yellow)(/600)
Backtrack - Lost In Life (Green)(/1000)
Bad Brains - Bad Brains
Bad Brains - I Against I
Bad Religion - Against The Grain
Bad Religion - Generator
Bad Religion - How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Bad Religion - No Control
Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction (Red)
Bad Religion - Suffer
Balance And Composure - Separation (/500)
Bane - Don't Wait Up (Transparent Blue)(/500)
Bane - Holding This Moment (Green)(/500)(Reissue)
Bane - Give Blood (Red/White Splatter)(/200)
Bane - The Note (Black/Orange Swirl)(/500)
Banquets - Banquets (Pink/Clear)(/150)
Banquets - Top Button, Bottom Shelf (Blue w/ Silver Swirl)(/150)
Baroness - Yellow & Green
Bars - Introducing... (Orange)(/500)
Battery - For The Rejected, By The Rejected (Damaged City Press)(/200)
Battery - Whatever It Takes
Beastie Boys - Check Your Head (Remastered)
Beastie Boys - Ill Communication (Remastered)
Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique (Remastered)
Betrayed - Substance (White)(/622)
Better Than A Thousand - Just One
Between The Buried And Me - Between The Buried And Me (Orange)(/400)
Big Cheese - Punishment Park (/500)
Big Eyes - Almost Famous (/600)
Big Eyes - Hard Life (White)
Bitter End - Climate Of Fear (Blue/Brown Splatter)(/208)
Black Flag - Damaged
Black Flag - The First Four Years
Black Flag - My War
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Black SS - Foreign Object (Grey)(/100)
Blackened - This Means War (/300)
Blacklisted - The Beat Goes On (Purple Marble)(/200)
Blacklisted - Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God (Clear w/ Blue Haze)(/1000)
Blacklisted - No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me (Green w/ Purple Splatter)(/719)
Blacklisted - We're Unstoppable (Clear)(/200)
Blacklisted - When People Grow, People Go (White)(/2699)
Blank Stare - S/T (Preorder)(/100)
Blink-182 - Blink-182 (Pink/Teal Swirl)(/500)
Blink-182 - Buddha
Blink-182 - Cheshire Cat (Clear w/ Blue & Yellow Splatter)(/2700)
Blink-182 - Dude Ranch (Brown/Orange)(/500)
Blink-182 - Enema Of The State (Red)(/500)
Blink-182 - Neighborhoods (White)(/3500)
Blood For Blood - Outlaw Anthems (Grey)(/800)
Blood For Blood - Revenge On Society (Clear Smoke)(/200)
Blood For Blood - Spit My Last Breath (Red w/ White)(/300)(Victory)
Blue Monday - Rewritten (Picture Disc)(/500)
Boston Strangler - Primitive
The Bouncing Souls - The Bouncing Souls
Boysetsfire - The Day The Sun Went Out
Bracewar - Juggernaut (Red)(/103)
Bracewar - Juggernaut (Clear)(/650)
Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon (Remaster)
Breathe In - From This Day On (/500)
Broadway Calls - Sad In The City

Caliban - A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven
California X - California X
California X - Nights In The Dark (Purple)(/300)
Candy - Good To Feel (Neon Orange)(/300)
Capital - Homefront (/196)
Career Suicide - Attempted Suicide
Carpathian - Isolation (Silver/White)(/200)
Carry On - A Life Less Plagued (Repress)(White)(/1500)
Carry On - It's All Our Blood (/1000)
Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights
Ceremony - Rohnert Park (Clear)(/700)
Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You (Grey)(/900)
Ceremony - Violence Violence (White)(/300)
Ceremony - Zoo
Chain Of Strength - The One Thing That Still Holds True
Chain Rank - Up Against The Wall (/700)
Champion - Promises Kept (Last Show/Yellow)(/400)
Champion - Different Directions (Clear w/ Red/Blue splatter)(/900)
Children Of Bodom - Hatebreeder (Picture Disc)
Children Of Bodom - Something Wild (Picture Disc)
Circle Jerks - Group Sex (Blue)
CIV - Set Your Goals
Classics Of Love - Classics Of Love (/500)
Cock Sparrer - Guilty As Charged (Brown w/ Silver)
Code Orange Kids - Love Is Love // Return To Dust (Opaque Maroon)(/298)
Code Orange - I Am King (Opaque Green)(/6360)
Code Orange - Forever
Code Orange - Underneath (Bone w/ Pink & Red)(/1000)
Coke Bust - Confined
Cold World - Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First (Clear)(/330)
Cold World - How The Gods Chill (Clear Blue)(/328)
Cold World - How The Gods Chill (Single)(/700)
Comeback Kid - Broadcasting... (Khaki Green)(/1000)
Comeback Kid - Turn It Around (Grey Marble)(/1100)
Comeback Kid - Wake The Dead (White)(/600)
Concealed Blade - Concealed Blade (/550)
Converge - Jane Doe (Clear) (/300)
Converge - Petitioning Forever (Clear) (/350)
Converge - Unloved And Weeded Out (Mocha Splatter)(/1000)
The Copyrights - North Sentinel Island (Red)(/100)
Count Me Out - 110 (White)(/200)(Repress)
Count Me Out - Permanent (Orange/Black Swirl)(/300)(Repress)
Crestfallen - Streaks Of Terror (/600)
Crime In Stereo - I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone (Clear)(/1500)
Crime In Stereo - Is Dead (Blue)(/400)
Crime In Stereo - The Troubled Stateside (Clear)(/500)
Cro-Mags - Age Of Quarrel (Red w/ Black Smoke)(/400)(MTS Repress)
Cruel Hand - Lock & Key (Green Sea Foam)(/700)
Cruel Hand - Prying Eyes (/200)
Cruel Hand - The Negatives (Yellow w/ Pink & Purple Splatter)
Cruel Hand - Without A Pulse (Yellow)(/700)

Darkest Hour - Deliver Us (Blue)
Darkest Hour - The Mark Of The Judas (Clear)
Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist
Descendents - Bonus Fat
Descendents - I Don't Want To Grow Up
Descendents - Milo Goes To College
Desperate Measures - Never Enough Time Positive Numbers Press 2005 (/125)
Dillinger Four - C I V I L W A R
Dillinger Four - Situationist Comedy
Dillinger Four - This Shit Is Genius (Red)
Disembodied - Diablerie

V/A - Age of Apocalypse/Pain of Truth (Grey)(/300)
V/A - Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Converge (Yellow/Red Splatter) (/500)
V/A - Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music (Picture Disc)
V/A - Alkaline Trio/One Man Army
V/A - Another Victim/Shai Hulud - A Whole New Level Of Sickness
V/A - Anti-Flag/Bouncing Souls
V/A - Balance And Composure/Tigers Jaw (/500)
V/A - Banquets/Nightmares For A Week (Blue w/ White)(/250)
V/A - Blatz/Filth
V/A - Breathe In/Time In Malta
V/A - Colin of Arabia/Pressvre
V/A - Converge/Hellchild (/500)

Another Victim - For The Liars & The Cheaters 4.5" (Half Black/Half White)(/400)

Agent - Demo
Alpha & Omega - Demo
Ceremony - Demo
Cold World - No Omega (w/ DVD)
Cruel Hand - Demo
Desperate Measures - Demo
V/A - Brand New/Safety In Numbers

Accident Prone - Demo
Agitator - Demo (/50)
Aksumite - Prideless Lions (Second Press)(/100)
Alaskan - The Weak And The Wounded (/50)
Alert - Demo (/100)
Altered Boys - Demo (Pink Cover/Green Cassette)
Another Mistake - Lies For Lust Demos (24/50)
Anti Venom - Too Sick To Save (White)(/100)
Armada - Armada (13/47)
Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate
Bad Seed - Demo II
The Beautiful Ones - Demo II (Sound & Fury Cover)(/50)
Bent Life - Demo (Green)(/50)
Big Eyes - Tankcrimes Tape
Boiling Over - Barriers
Boston Strangler - Outcast 2010 (Red)(No Way Re-Press)
Bracewar - Demo 05
Bracewar - Demo 09
Break Away - Demo 2010 (95/100)
Break Through - Demo 2003
Build And Destroy - Demo (This Is Hardcore, Purple)(8/100)
Cadaver Dog - Cadaver Dog
Ceremony - Demo (90/100)
Cloak/Dagger - Demo
The Heist - Demo
V/A - Banquets/Mayflower (Blue)(/100)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
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Bane - It All Comes Down To This LP
Blood For Blood - Serenity LP
Boy Sets Fire - After The Eulogy LP
Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance III 7"
Weston - Got Beat Up

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