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On The Way (for my own reference) --- 
Coffins- "Sinister Oath" 12" OxBlood Red /1972 (Relapse)
Funeral Leech- "The Illusion Of Time" Gatefold 12" Beer /?? (Carbonized)
Necrotic Ooze- Demo Tape (Iron Corpse)
Purulency- "Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions" 12" Black /?? (Pulverised)
Tzompantli- "Beating The Drums Of Ancestral Force" 12" Ox Blood Orange Merge /?? (20 Buck Spin)

Records (3") --- 
To The Point- S/T 3" Lathe Cut, Black /200 (Behind The Mountain)

Records (5") --- 
Caged Grave- "Swallow/Unforgiven" 5" Black Lathe Cut 47/50 (Asbestos Death)
Converge- S/T 5" Black 675/1000 (Ellington)
Extortion/Rupture- Split 5" with Silver Cover, Yellow wax /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Rupture- Split 5" Black /?? (Regurgitated Semen/Hate Ape)
Extortion/Rupture- Split 5" Yellow (Second Press) /?? (Regurgitated Semen/Hate Ape)
Extortion/Rupture- Split 5" White (Third Press) /?? (Regurgitated Semen/Hate Ape)
Extortion/Rupture- Split 5" Red (Fourth Press) /?? (Regurgitated Semen/Hate Ape)
Extortion- "Get Fucked" 5" Black 95/300 (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion- "Get Fucked" 5" Black, Red Chaos In Tejas Cover 61/100 (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion- "Get Fucked" 5" Black, Orange Chaos In Tejas Cover 28/100 (Regurgitated Semen)
Hatred Surge- S/T 5" Clear Lathe Cut /100 (Rescued From Life)
Hummingbird Of Death- "Goatmeal" 5" Black /?? (Cowabunga)
Incantation- "Onward To Golgotha" 12" Black, 2020 Pressing /?? (Relapse)
Insect Warfare/Agoraphobic Nosebleed- Split 5" Red /?? (Relapse)
RZL DZL- "Five" 5" Yellow /?? (Broken Glass)
Suffering Mind/S.A.T.A.N.- Split 5" Red /?? (Crucificados)
Suffering Mind- "Gates Of Suffering" Gatefold 5" Green /500 (Crucificados/625 Thrash)
Vaccine- "Crimes In Blood" 5" Black /?? (Painkiller)

Records (6") --- 
Rot In Hell/Vegas- Split 6" Black 137/165 (Organized Crime)
Rot In Hell/Vegas- Split 6" with Foil Cover (Second Press) Yellow /?? (Orginized Crime)
Sidetracked/Hummingbird Of Death- Split 6" Black /?? (Cowabunga)
Suffering Mind/Protestant- Split 6" Orange /666 (Halo Of Flies)

Records (7") --- 
9 Shocks Terror- "Mobile Terror Unit" 7" Purple /?? (Havoc)
9 Shocks Terror- "A Nice Place To Live" 7" Black /?? (Even Worse)
50 Lions- 1st S/T 7" Black, Tour Cover 46/50 (Washed Up)
50 Lions- 1st S/T 7" Black, Mail Order Cover 18/100 (Washed Up)
50 Lions/Down To Nothing Split 7" Blue /?? (6131)
50 Lions- 2nd S/T 7" Red /100 (Resist)

Abraxis/Pale Creation- Split 7" Black /?? (Thirty Days Of Night)
Abused, The- "Loud And Clear" OG 7" Black /500 (Abused Music)
Acid Reflux- "EP" 7" Black /700 (No Way)
Acid Reflux- "Secret Power" 7" Black /?? (No Way)
Acid Reflux- "Moves" 7" Black /?? (No Way)
ACxDC- "He Had It Coming" 7" Black /?? (Dood/Militant)
Agnostic Front- "United Blood" 7" Reissue Gold /?? (Bridge 9)
Aggression Pact- S/T 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Ajax- "Bleach For Breakfast" Demo 7" Pink /?? (Even Worse)
Ajax- S/T 7" Black /850 (Katorga Works)
Ajax- 2nd S/T 7" Black /?? (Static Shock)
Alligators, The- S/T 7" Black /?? (Indescision)
Alligators, The- "You Ruined Everything" 7" Green and black /?? (Indecision)
All In Deep Shit- "Fuck Face" 7" Black /?? (Gash)
All Out War- "Hymns Of The Apocalypse" 7" Repress Pale green /?? (Trip Machine Laboratories)
Alone In A Crowd- "Is Anybody There?" 7" Black /?? (Contrast)
Alpha & Omega- "Devil's Bed" 7" Blue /?? (6131)
Altercados Espiritual- Demo 7" Black /?? (Stomp)
Altercados Espiritual- "V.L.C." 7" Black /?? (Stomp)
Altered Boys- S/T 7" Black /?? (Katagora)
ANS/Seasick- "Billy In A Bearsuit" split 7" Black /?? (Headcount)
Antidote- "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 1983 Pressing 7" Black, with the contact details on the insert /?? (Antidote)
Antidote- "Thou Shalt Not Kill" Bootleg 7" Black /??
Antidote- "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7" Reissue Green Test Press 8/15 (Bridge 9)
Antidote- "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7" Reissue Green /300 (Bridge 9)
Antidote- "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7" Reissue Red /1000 (Bridge 9)
Antidote- "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7" Reissue White /700 (Bridge 9)
Antidote- "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7" Reissue Clear, Second Press /1000 (Bridge 9)
Apartment 213/Nothing Is Over- Split 7" Black /?? (Give Praise/Sit And Spin)
Armada- "Premonitions" 7" Pink, Pre Order Cover /50 (Volatile)
Arms Race- "Gotta Get Out" 7" Orange /?? (Quality Control)
Arms Reach/Scalplock- Split 7" Black /?? (Short Fuse)
Arms Reach/Forward Defence- Split 7" Black /?? (Snapshot)
Arms Reach- "Within Our Reach" 7" Black /?? (Short Fuse)
Assuck- "Blindspot" 7" Black /?? (Schematics)
Atavisma- "On The Ruins Of A Fallen Empire" 7" Black /?? (Blood Harvest)
Attitude- "Piss And Vinegar" 7" Piss Yellow /?? (Specimen 32)
Attitude- "Turn Into Stone" 7" Clear /105 (1917)
Avon Ladies- S/T 7" Black /?? Distort Zine issue #39 (Distort)

Bad Brains- "Pay To Cum" Live 7" Yellow /?? (Caroline)
Bad Brains- "Pay To Cum" 7" Reissue Red /250 (Bad Brains)
Bad Seed- S/T 7" Turquoise /?? (6131)
Balance- "Never Quit- Australian Tour" 7" Black 202/300 (Short Fuse)
Barge- "No Gain" 7" Black Black /?? (Vinyl Conflict)
Bastard- "Controlled In The Frame" Reissue 7" Black /?? (540)
Bathtub Shitter- "Fertilizer" 7" Black /?? (First Blood Family)
Beer Corpse- "Keg Nuts" 7" Yellow /?? (Give Praise)
Bitter End- "Mind In Chains" 7" Clear with red and black smudge /500 (Malfunction)
Bitter End- S/T 7" White /?? (Deathwish/Malfunction)
Black Congress- "Davidians b/w Londons Burning" 7" Black /250 (Team Science)
Black Congress- "Defeated b/w Slums Of Heaven" 7" Black /250 (Death Exclamations)
Black Flag- "Nervous Breakdown" 7" Black (Millionth press?) /?? (SST)
Black Flag- "Six Pack" 7" Black (Millionth Press?) /?? (SST)
Black Flag- "TV Party" 7" Black (Millionth Press?) /?? (SST)
Black Flag- "Louie Louie" 7" Black /?? (Posh Boy)
Black Jesus/Darkhorse- Split 7" Blue with Black Smudge /?? (Grindhead)
Bloodclot Faggots- S/T 7" Black /?? (No Patience)
Bloodkrow Butcher- "Anti War" 7" Black /?? (Side Two)
Blood Duster/Venomous Concept- split 7" Black /?? (Missing Link)
Bombs Of Hades- "Into The Pit Of Fire" 7" Black /?? (Detest)
Bone Sickness- S/T 7" Black /600 (Detest)
Bone Sickness- S/T 7" Japanese Market Edition OBI Strip, Black /?? (Detest)
Bone Sickness- Demo 7" Black /100 (Inimical)
Bottom Line- "No One's Safe" 7" Black /?? (Stab And Kill)
Bookburner- S/T 7" Clear /?? (16oh)
Born Bad- "Tie One On" 7" Black /?? (Vinyl Addict)
Born Bad- "Moron Music" 7" Black /?? (Fashionable Idiots)
Bracewar- S/T 7" Yellow /?? (Brain Grenade)
Bracewar- "Whatever It Takes" Demo 7" Black /700 (TWGC)
Brain Dead- "Priest Killer" 7" Black /?? (Feast Of Tentacles)
Brain Handle- "Scratching At My Skull" 7" Black /?? (Fashionable Idiots)
Brain Handle- "Smiling/Smiling Again" 7" Black Second Press /?? (Iron Lung)
Brain Killer- Demo 7" Black /?? (Deranged)
Brain Killer- S/T 7" Black /?? (Deranged)
Brain Tumors- "Fuck You Forever" 7" Black /?? (Deranged) 
Breakdown- "87 Demo" 7" Yellow /?? (Dead Serious)
Breathing Fire- S/T 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)

Caged Grave- Demo 7" Black /100 (Self Released)
Caged Grave- "Gutless" 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Caged Grave- "Gutless" 7" Black with Screened Tour Cover /?? (Self Released)
Caged Grave- "Gutless" 7" Black with large 45 Hole /12 (Self Released)
California Love- "Post Mortem Emanations" 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Caninus- "Now The Animals Have A Voice" 7" Mixed Marble /525 (War Torn)
Can't Relate- Demo 7" White /?? (Ugly And Proud)
Cardiac Arrest- "Life's A Dead End" 7" Black /500 Third Press (No Way/Grave Mistake)
Career Suicide- "Cherry Beach" 7" Black /?? (Dirtnap)
Cast Aside- "Overcome" 7" Clear /200 (Malfunction)
Cause For Alarm- S/T 7" Reissue Black /?? (Victory)
Cellgraft- "Deception Schematic" 7" Clear /?? (No Reprieve)
Ceremony- "Runied" 7" Black, Second press- blue print on sleeve /1000 (Malfunction)
Ceremony- "Scared People" 7" White  /?? (Bridge 9)
Ceremony- "Still Nothing Moves You" 7" Black /750 (Bridge 9)
Ceremony- "Rohnert Park: Sick" 7" Clear /?? (Bridge 9)
Chrome Dome- S/T 7" Black /?? (No Patience)
Chronic Sick- S/T 7" Black /?? (No Way!)
Chthonic Deity- "Reassembled In Pain" 7" Black /250 (Carbonized/Woodsmoke)
Citizens Arrest- "Soaked In Others Blood" 7" Red /?? (Painkiller)
Citizens Patrol- "Sick Routine Ep" 7" Black /700 (No Way)
Citizens Patrol- "Dead Children" 7" Red /200 (No Way/Crucial Attack)
Civic Progress- "Disposable" 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Civic Progress- "Petroleum Man" 7" Black /?? (No Way!)
Close Call- "Someone Talked" 7" Blue /?? (Gloom)
Closure- S/T 7" Clear /?? (Feast Of Tentacles)
Coke Bust- Demo 7" Clear, Red Pre Order Cover 80/100 (Headcount)
Coke Bust- "Fuck Bar Culture" 7" Black, Second Press /300 (Third Party)
Coke Bust- "Degradation" 7" Black /?? (Grave Mistake)
Cold Shoulder- "Patroit" 7" Black /?? (Cowabunga)
Cold World- "Ice Grillz" 7" Clear /?? (Lockin' Out)
Cold World/War Hungry- split 7" Green with Black smudge /?? (Six Feet Under)
Collapse, The- S/T 7" Black /?? (Endless Blockades)
Collapse, The/In Name And Blood- split 7" Black 94/300 (Sightline)
Colony- S/T 7" Pink  04/140 (Frequency Deleted)
Colony- S/T 7" Orange 90/351 (Frequency Deleted)
Column Of Heaven- "Holy Things Are For The Holy" 7" Clear /?? (Iron Lung)
Confines- "Withdrawn" 7" Black /?? (Labor Of Love/Side Two)
Connections- "Can We Escape?" 7" Green, Pre Order Cover 42/50 (What Remains)
Converge- First S/T 7" Black /?? (Foundation) 
Converge- "Unloved And Weeded Out" Original 7" Black No Label 764/1000 (Heliotrope)
Converge/Overcast "Twin Terrors" split 7" Black /500 (Hearsay)
Converge- "Petitioning The Empty Sky" 7" Black /1000 (Ferret)
Converge/Coalesce- "Among The Dead We Pray For Light" Split 7" Trans Purple /?? (Edison)
Converge/Coalesce- "Among The Dead We Pray For Light" Split 7" Mint Green /?? (Edison)
Converge/Coalesce- "Among The Dead We Pray For Light" Split 7" Trans Red /?? (Edison)
Converge/Coalesce- "Among The Dead We Pray For Light" Split 7" Clear /?? (Edison)
Converge/Coalesce- "Among The Dead We Pray For Light" Split 7" Baby Blue /?? (Edison)
Converge/Coalesce- "Among The Dead We Pray For Light" Split 7" White /?? (Edison)
Converge/Brutal Truth- "In These Black Days: Black Sabbath" Split 7" Black /1612 (Hydra Head)
Converge- "Y2K" 7" Clear /1000 (Equal Vision)
Converge/Playing Enemy/Coalesce- "Black On Black" 3 way split 7" Clear 976/1000 (Initial)
Converge- "Unloved And Weeded Out" 4x7" Red/Green/Yellow/Clear /2000 (Deathwish)
Converge- "On My Shield" One sided 7" Black and White Smudge with B Side Etching /1000 (Deathwish)
Converge/Drop Dead- Split 7" Green with Black Smudge /?? (Deathwish/Armageddon Label)
Converge/Drop Dead- Split 7" Red with Black Smudge /?? (Deathwish/Armageddon Label)
Converge/Napalm Death- Split 7" Vinyl Bong /?? (Self Released)
Coptic Times- "Temptation" 7" Black /?? (Youngblood)
Corpsessed- S/T 7" Red and Black Haze /100 (Dark Descent)
Corrosion Of Conformity- "Your Tomorrow (Parts 1 And 2)" Heavy 7" Black /?? (Southern Lord)
Creatures- S/T 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Creatures- "Salvation" One Sided 7" with stenciled B-side, Clear 58/100 (Closed Casket Activities)
Creem- S/T 7" Black /?? (Static Shock)
Crime Desire- "In Lucifer's Grip" 7" Red /?? (Life's A Rape)
Crom/Agoraphobic Nosebleed- Split 7" Red /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Crossed Out- S/T 7" Black /?? (Slap A Ham)
Crowd Control- S/T 7" Black /?? (Disposable Culture)
Crown Court- "Ruck And Roll" 7" Clear /100 (Rebellion)
Crown Court- "The English Disease" 7" White /200 (Rebellion)
Crude- "Just Go Go Ahead" 7" Black /?? (HG Fact)
Cruel Hand- S/T 7" Purple /?? (6131)
Cruel Hand- "Life In Shambles" 7" Brown /300 (Bridge 9)
Culo- "Toxic Vision" 7" Black /?? (Deranged)
Cult Ritual- 1st S/T 7" Pink Marble /1000 (Burrito)
Cult Ritual- 2nd S/T 7" Clear /500 (Youth Attack)
Cult Ritual- 3rd S/T 7" Second Press Black /500 (Drugged Conscience)
Cursed- "Blackout At Sunrise" 7" Pic Disc /?? (Goodfellow)
Cursed- "The Last Session" 7" Red (Second Press) /?? (High Anxiety)
Cut Sick- S/T 7" Black, Tour Cover 62/100 (Gash)
Cut Sick- "Fraudulent Little Fuckers" 7" Black /?? (Aarght!)

Damage Deposit- S/T 7" Black /?? (Havoc)
Dead Stop- S/T 7" Black /?? (Six Feet Under)
Dead Walk, The- "Hunting Humans" 7" Black /?? (Resist)
Deaf Mutations- "Crash The Clubs" 7" Black (Static Shock)
Death Cage- "From Despair To Where" 7" Black /?? (Endless Blockades)
Death Cage- "Chaos Night Rider" 7" Black /?? (Schizophrenic)
Death Cage- "Tomorrow We Die" 7" Clear Emerald /?? (Sniper Fucker)
Death Camp- "Teenage Nightmare" 7" Black /?? (Black Rebel)
Death Evocation- S/T 7" Blue /100 (Quality Control)
Death Evocation- S/T 7" Black /?? (Quality Control)
Defeat, The- S/T 7" Purple /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Deiquisitor – Sword Of Pestilence 7" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Depression- "Big Brother" 7" Black /?? (Cleopatra)
Despise You- "PCP Scapegoat" 7" Black /?? (Pessimiser/Theologian)
Dicks, The- "The Dicks Hate The Police" 7" Reissue, Black /?? (Go!)
DiE- S/T 7" Black /?? (Sonic Terror Discs)
DiE- "Vexed" 7" Black /1000 (Sonic Terror Discs)
Die Young- "Confessions Of A Petty Thief" 7" Green with silk screened cover /?? (Immigrant Sun)
Die Young/7 Generations- Split 7" Orange /491 (Surprise Attack)
Die Young/Invade- Split 7" Green and white /?? (Double Or Nothing)
Die Young- "Loss" 7" Grey /?? (A389)
Direct Control- S/T 7" Black /?? (Grave Mistake/Kangaroo)
Dirty Money S/T 7" Grey /?? (Dead And Gone)
Disguise- "System Shock" 7" Yellow /500 (Milk Run)
Disrupt/Destroy!- Split 7" Black /?? (Adversity/Break The Chains)
D.R.I.- "Violent Pacification" Reissue 7" Red /?? (Beer City)
D.R.I.- "Dirty Rotten" Reissue 7" Blue /?? (Beer City)
Dishammer/Warwolves, The- Split 7" Black /500 (Parasitic)
Disma- "The Manifestation" 7" Red /111 (Necroharmonic)
Disnihil- "Future Cancers" 7" Red /475 (Lifeline)
Dispensing Of False Halos- S/T 7" Black /?? (Init)
Distroy- S/T 7" Black /?? (Trend Ender)
Divisions- S/T 7" Black /?? (Human Crush)
Donnybrook- "There's No Love For The Insincere" 7" Black /250 (1917)
Doubled Over/Hemdale- Split 7" Black /?? (Fat Ass)
Double Negative- "Hardcore Confusion Vol. 1" Yellow /?? (Sorry State)
Double Negative- "Hardcore Confusion Vol. 2" Yellow /?? (Sorry State)
Downpresser/Creatures- Split 7" Black /?? (Fineprint)
Downpresser- "Age Of Ignorance" 7" Red /?? (Triple B)
Down To Nothing/On Thin Ice- Split 7" Black, Third press /500 (Grave Mistake)
Down To Nothing/Kids Like Us- split 7" Clear /?? (Knife Or Death)
Down To Nothing- "Higher Learning" Green /500 (Revelation)
Draft Dodger- "Guantanamo Bay Holiday" 7" Black /?? (Endless Blockades)
Dribble- S/T 7" Black /?? (Distort)
Drug Test- "Needle In Your Neck" 7" Green /?? (Walk All Night)
Drug Test/RNR- Split 7" Re-release Black /?? (Words Of War)
Dry Rot- "Subordinate" 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Duckhunt/Hammertime- split 7" Duck Green And Hammer Grey Swirl /?? (Spiderghost)

Eaten Alive- S/T 7" Brown Splatter /650 (1917)
Eddie Brock- S/T 7" Yellow/Green with Obi Strip /80 (Photo Booth)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring/Deathwish- Split 7" Black /?? (Distort)
Endless Blockade, The/Agoraphobic Nosebleed- Split 7" Black /?? (Relapse)
Endless Blockade, The/Pig Heart Transplant- Split 7" Black /?? (Superfi)
Entombed- "Crawl" 7" Black /?? (Earache)
Entrapment- "Crawling Morbidity" 7" Black /?? (Detest) x 2 copies
Eternal Champion- "The Last King Of Pictdom" 7" Black /?? (Hell Massacre)
Evolved To Obliteration/Taste Of Fear- Split 7" Black /?? (Bovine)
Evolved To Obliteration- S/T 7" Grey /?? (Haemorrhage)
Evulse- "Call Of The Void" 7" White 328/329 (Dawnbreed)
Extortion- S/T 7" First Edition Test Press /4 (Eerie Stratum)
Extortion- S/T 7" Black /?? (Eerie Stratum)
Extortion- "Control" 7" Orange /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion- "Control" 7" Salmon pink (2nd press) /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion- "Control" 7" Green (3rd Press) /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion- "Control" 7" Black (3rd Press) /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion/Agents Of Abhorrence- Split 7" Clear /500 (Deep 6)
Extortion/Agents Of Abhorrence- Split 7" Blue /500 (Deep 6)
Extortion/Agents Of Abhorrence- Split 7" Black (2nd Press) /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion/Agents Of Abhorrence- Split 7" Green (2nd Press) /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion- "Terminal Cancer" Test Press /?? (Yeah Mate)
Extortion- "Terminal Cancer" 7" Black /?? (Shortfuse/Way Back When)
Extortion- "Terminal Cancer" 7" Old 45 hole /10 (Short Fuse/Way Back When)
Extortion- S/T 7" Reissue, Black /?? (Eerie Stratum/Stained Circles)
Extortion/Septic Surge- Split 7" Blue /500 (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Septic Surge- Split 7" Black /500 (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Septic Surge- Split 7" Blue with limited puzzle cover (part 3 of 4) 20/50 (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Septic Surge- Split 7" Limited cover Black 11/50 (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Jed Whitey- Split 7" Black /?? Distort Zine issue #25 (Distort)
Extortion/Jed Whitey- Split 7" Black, with Distort Subscribers Cover /150 (Distort)
Extortion/Jed Whitey- Split 7" Reissue, Black with Limited Silver & Red Cover 77/100 (Regurgitated Semen) x2
Extortion/Jed Whitey- Split 7" Reissue, Black with Limited Silver & Black Cover 15/100 (Regurgitated Semen) x3
Extortion/Jed Whitey- Split 7" Reissue, Grey /100 (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Jed Whitey- Split 7" Reissue, Black /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Jed Whitey- Split 7" Reissue, Yellow, 2nd Press /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion- "JW Split/Terminal Cancer" Mispress 7" Black /100 (Coughing Cunt)
Extortion- Demo 7" Black, Pink with Pre Order Cover /40 (Coffin Cut)
Extortion- Demo 7" Black /500 (Coffin Cut)
Extortion- Demo 7" Black, Show Release Cover 90/100 (Coffin Cut)
Extortion- Demo 7" Black with Transparency Cover /?? (Coffin Cut)
Extortion/Completed Exposition- Split 7" Black /500 (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Completed Exposition- Split 7" Black, Tour Cover /100 (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Completed Exposition- Split 7" White (2nd Press) /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion- "Seething" 7" Red /200 (Self Released)
Extortion- "Seething" 7" Orange /200 (Self Released)
Extortion- "Seething" 7" Teal /200 (Self Released)
Extortion- "Seething" 7" Black with Metal Cover /80 (RSR)
Extortion- "Threats" 7" White /100 (Self Released)
Eye Gouge!- S/T 7" Purple with Blue Smudge 42/70 (Good Times)
Eye Gouge!- "Feel The Rage" 7" Clear Flexi, Show Release Cover 16/35 (Coffin Cut)
EyeHateGod- "New Orleans Is The New Vietnam" 7" Orange and Black /?? (A389)

Face Reality- S/T 7" Red /?? (Young Blood)
Far From Breaking- "The Identity" 7" Yellow /?? (Young Blood)
Fashion- S/T 7" Black /?? (Yibbidda Yibbidda)
Fever- "SES" 7" Pale Green /?? (16oh)
Flex, The- "Scum On The Run" 7" Red /?? (Milk Run/Video Disease)
Floorpunch- "Division One Champs" 7" Blue /?? (In My Blood)
Flyin' Trichecos- 7" Black /300, Distort Zine issue #20 (Distort)
Folded Shirt- S/T 7" Black /?? (Fashionable Idiots)
Force Fed- "5 Song Ep" 7" Turquoise with black smudge /?? (Painkiller)
Forensics- "The Green Lion" 7" Black /?? (Timberline)
Foreseen- "Structural Oppression" 7" Black /?? (Take It Back/Collision)
Foundation- S/T 7" Blue /?? (Eightfold Path)
Free Spirit- "Free Yourself" 7" Clear /300 (Lockin Out/Triple B)
Freeze, The- "Guilty Face" Reissue 7" Red /?? (Schizophrenic)
Fucked Up- "Police" 7" Black /?? (Deranged)
Full Nelson- "All You Have" 7" Black /?? (Sike Out!)
Funebrarum/Undergang- Split 7" Black /250 (Doomentia)

Gang Green- "Sold Out" 7" Black /2000 (Taang!)
Gang Green- "I Fear" 7" Black /?? (Taang!)
Gas Rag- "Human Rights" 7" Black /?? (Beach Impediment)
Gayrilla Biscuits- "Hung Queens Can Suck It" 7" Pink /?? (Buddyhead)
Gehenna/California Love- Split 7" Black /?? (A389)
Gehenna/Blind To Faith- Split 7" Purple Smudge /?? (A389)
Gehenna- "Land Of Sodom II" Gatefold 7" White with "Upon The Gravehill" CD /?? (A389)
Genocide Pact- Demo 7" Black /300 (Flophouse/Malokul)
Genocide Pact- "Desecration b/w Despotism" 7" Green /50 (Bad Teeth)
Get A Grip- S/T 7", Test Press 8/15 (Strike 3)
Get A Grip- S/T 7" Lime Green and Yellow swirl /100, Pre order cover (Strike 3)
Get A Grip- S/T 7" Trans Red /225, Record release cover 38/40 (Strike 3)
Get A Grip- S/T 7" Blue and Green splatter /175 (Strike 3)
Get Destroyed- S/T 7" Black /?? (Coughing Up)
Get Destroyed- "Burnt Offerings" 7" Black /?? (625 Thrash)
Get Destroyed- "Shut In" 7" White /100 (Give Praise/625 Thrash/RSR/To Live A Lie)
Gluttons- S/T 7" Black /?? (A389)
Goosebumps- "I Hate My Body" 7" Black /?? (Burn Books)
Government Issue- "Make An Effort" 7" Black /?? (Dr. Strange)
Government Warning- "Arrested" 7" Black /?? (Grave Mistake)
Government Warning- "Executed" 7" Black /?? (Grave Mistake/No Way)
Grabbies- Live Boot 7" Black /?? Distort Zine issue #40 (Distort)
Grace Alley/Skin Like Iron- Split 7" Clear with black smudge /?? (Spiderghost)
Green Beret- "The Cult Of State" Black /?? (Side Two)
Green & Wood- "Light Of Lune" 7" Black /?? (Cyclopean)
Guns Up!- "Game Over" 7" Black /?? (Rocket Punch)
Guns Up!- "All This Is" 7" Orange /500 (1917)
Guns Up!- "Outlive" 7" Clear 440/500 (1917)

H100's- "Distort Cleveland" 7" Black /?? (Burrito)
H100's- "Texas Death Match" 7" Red /?? (Havoc)
Hailgun- "Accident" 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Harder The Fight- "Dead Legends" 7" Grey Marble /?? (Second Rock)
Hard Luck/Faux Hawks- split 7" White /?? (One Blood)
Hard Luck- "What Went Wrong?" 7" Black, Pre Order Cover 26/50 (This Fate)
Hard Luck- "Apocalypse" One Sided 7" Red /200 (Ritual Failure)
Hard Stripes- S/T 7" White /?? (Vinyl Conflict)
Hard Stripes- 2nd S/T 7" Black /700 (Triple B)
Hatebreed- "Under The Knife" 7" Black /6000 (Smorgasbord)
Hatred Surge- S/T 7" Black /?? (625 Thrash)
Hatred Surge- "Servant b/w Bestial" 7" Black /?? (Deer Healer)
Hatred Surge//Iron Lung- "Broken" Collaboration 7" 2nd Press Black /?? (Iron Lung)
Hatred Surge- "Isolated Human" 7" Orange /150 (Painkiller)
Hatred Surge- "Purgatory" 7" Black /500 (Can O Bees)
Haymaker/Fucked Up- Split 7" Murky Green /?? (Deep 6)
Haymaker- "Lost Tribe" 7" Black /?? (Deranged)
Headless Death- "Ultimate Resentment" 7" Yellow with Black Smudge /?? (Crucificados Pelo Sistema)
Headless Death/Machetazo- Split 7" Black /?? (Fat Ass/Blastasfuck)
Heist- S/T 7" Black /?? (Ecocentric)
Hellhorse- "Decade Of Dust" 7" Red Black split /?? (Twelve Gauge)
Herds- S/T 7" Black /?? (Fashionable Idiots)
Hoax- S/T 7" Black /?? (Katorga Works/Deranged)
Hoax- 3rd S/T 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Homewrecker- "On The Rocks" 7" Black /?? (Rhyme Pays)
Hooded Menace/Coffins- Split 7" Black /?? (Doomentia)
Hooded Menace/Asphyx- Split Gatefold 7" Black /?? (Doomentia)
Hooded Menace/Asphyx- Split Gatefold 7" Picture Disk /?? (Doomentia)
Hummingbird Of Death- "Diagnosis: Delicious" 7" Black /?? (625 Thrash/Give Praise)
Hunted Down- "Life's Womb" 7" White (2nd press) /?? (Video Disease)
Hygiene- "Void" 7" Black, Green Cover /50 (Rain On The Parade)

I Exist- "Three Nails And A Book Of Flaws" 7" Red (Second press) /200 (Midnight Funeral)
I Exist/Phantoms- "Bad Romance" Split 7" Blue and Yellow Smudge /?? (Resist)
I Exist/Phantoms- "Bad Romance" Split 7" Black, Bill And Ted Tour Cover 7/30 (Resist)
I Exist- "Record/Resist" 7" Black /?? (Resist)
Ill Brigade- S/T 7" Clear /?? (Common Bond)
Ill Brigade- "In This Age" 7" Purple /?? (Common Bond)
Icemen, The- S/T 7" Blue /?? (Reaper)
Idle Minds/Aids- Split 7" Black /?? (Unwound)
Idylls- "Amps For God/Plague Hell" 7" Black /150 (Monolith)
Impact Unit- "My Friend The Pit" 7" Black /?? (Crucial Response)
Impalers- S/T 7" White /?? (Todo Destruido/W Tapes)
Impalers- Demo 7" Red /100 (No Way/Beach Impediment)
In Disgust/Sidetracked- Split 7" Black /?? (Unholy Thrash)
In Disgust/Mass Grave- Split 7" Black /?? (Mangled Ankle)
In Disgust/Godstomper- "Audio Terrorism" Split 7" Clear /100 (Unholy Thrash)
In Disgust/SFN- Split 7" Black /?? (Feeble Minds)
Infest/Pissed Happy Children- Split 7" Blue /?? (Slap A Ham)
Infest- "Mankind" 7" Black /?? (Draw Blank/Deep 6)
Innumerable Forms- "Dark Worship" 7" Green /100 (Hell Massacre)
Insect Warfare- "At War With Grindcore" 7" Black /?? (625 Thrash)
Insect Warfare/Hatred Surge- Split 7" Green /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Insect Warfare- "Endless Execution Through Violent Restitution" 7" Black /?? (625 Thrash)
Insect Warfare/Carcass Grinder- Split 7" Blue /?? (Psycotherapy)
Insect Warfare/Boltstein- Split 7" Black /?? (Rescued From Life)
Insect Warfare/Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation- SF Zine Split 7" Black /?? (Six Weeks)
Insect Warfare- "Information Economy" Bootleg 7" Black /300 (Teraphic Dekay)
Insect Warfare/Napalm Death- Record Store Day 2013 Split 7" Pic Disc /?? (Earache)
Insect Warfare/The Kill- Split 7" Flexi Red /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Inside Out- "No Spiritual Surrender" 7" Black /?? (Revelation)
Insurgents- S/T 7" Black, Launch Cover 12/50 (Endless Blockades)
Insurgents- "Fad Cash" 7" Black /?? Distort Zine #35 (Distort/Pederast Prophet)
Integrity- "Walpurgisnacht" 7" Grey Marble /?? (A389)
Integrity- Septic Death Covers 7" Black /?? (Victory)
Integrity- "In Contrast Of Sin" 7" Reissue Blue /?? (Organized Crime)
Integrity- "VVe Are The End" 7" Black /?? (Magic Bullet)
Integrity/Creepout- "Love Is The Only Weapon" Split 7" Reissue, Purple Smudge /?? (A389)
Internal Affairs/Last Nerve- Split 7" Green /?? (Resist)
Internal Affairs/Allegiance- Split 7" Black /?? (Rivalry/Malfunction)
Internal Affairs- "Casualty Of The Core" 7" Black (Second Press) /1000 (Malfunction)
Internal Affairs/No Turning Back/No Apologies- 3 way Split 7" Red /?? (Common Bond)
Internal Affairs- "Deadly Visions" 7" Black /?? (Malfunction)
Internal Rot- S/T 7" Brown /?? (625 Thrash/Crucificados)
Internal Rot/Manhunt- Split 7" Yellow /?? (Lethal Dose/625 Thrash/Psychocontrol)
Iron Age- "Butchers Bill" 7" Black /?? (Youngblood)
Iron Age- "Burden Of Empire" 7" Black, Youngblood Fest Virgin Sacrifice Cover /50 (Next Level)
Iron Age- "Burden Of Empire" 7" Black, Oz Cover /20 (Next Level)
Iron Age- "The Way Is Narrow" 7" Clear /?? (Dead And Gone)
Iron Age- "The Way Is Narrow" 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Iron Age- "The Saga Demos" 2x12" Black Flexi with Zine /?? (BSVIV Books)
Iron Boots- Demo 7" Red /100 (Damaged)
Iron Boots- "Easy Green" 7" Black /?? (Grave Mistake)
Iron Boots- "Weight Of The World" 7" Black /?? (Brain Grenade)
Iron Lung/Agents Of Abhorrence- "Silent Decay" Split 7" Grey /?? (Missing Link)
Iron Lung- "Exposed" 7" Glow in the dark, Australian tour press /?? (Iron Lung)
Iron Lung/The Process- Split 7" Red /?? (Iron Lung)
Iron Lung- "Savagery" 7" Green /?? (Iron Lung)

Jacob Bannon- "The Blood Of Thine Enemies" One Sided Etched 7" Cream /?? (Deathwish)
Jud Jud- "xThe Demosx" 7" Green /?? (No Idea)
Jungle Fever- S/T 7" Black /?? (Viper Deathlock)
Jungle Fever- S/T 7" Green 52/110 (Viper Deathlock)
Jungle Fever/The Dead Walk!- Split 7" Black 17/500 (Resist/Viper Deathlock)
Justice- "Look Alive" 7" Black /?? (Complete Control)
Justice- "Breakout" Demo 7" Black /325 (Dead And Gone)
Justice- "Up And Down/Push It To The Edge" 7" Opaque Blue /?? (Powered)
Just Say Go!- "Where It Ends" 7" White /?? (Resist)
Just Urbain- S/T 7" Reissue Black /?? (540)
Just Urbain- "Everybody Loves" 7" Reissue Black /?? (540)

Kill, The/Captain Cleanoff- Split 7" Blue /?? (Psychocontrol)
Kill Life/33 Split 7" Purple /?? (??)
Kill Life- S/T 7" Red Flexi /125 (A389)
Kill The Client/Thousandswilldie- Split 7" Bright yellow with limited puzzle cover (part 2 of 4) 41/50 (Regurgitated Semen)
Knife Fight- S/T 7" Black /?? (My War)
Knife Fight- "Burning Bridges" 7" Black /?? (My War)
Knife Fight- "Isolated" 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Knuckle Scraper- "R.I.P." 7" Black /?? (Rescued From Life)
Koro- S/T 7" Repress Black /?? (Sorry State)
Koward- S/T 7" Black /?? (Total Fucker)
Koward- "Desperate" 7" Black /?? (Side Two)
Krakdown- S/T 7" Black /?? (Common Cause)
Kremlin- "Will You Feed Me?" Black /?? (Grave Mistake)
Kromosom- "Paranoid" 7" Black /?? (Holy Terror)

Last Nerve- S/T 7" Clear with black swirls /?? (Resist)
Last Rights- "Chunks b/w So Ends Our Night" Bootleg 7" Lime Green Swirl /?? (God Is The Devil)
Lewd Acts- Demo 7" Green /?? (Slam It)
Lewd Acts- "...On Lonely Nights" 7" Shit Brown /?? (Eating Rats)
Lewd Acts/Hour Of The Wolf- split 7" White /?? (Think Fast!)
Lewd Acts- "Lung Patrol" 7" Black /?? (16oh)
Life Trap- "Bleak Reality" 7" Clear /300 (No Way)
Life Trap- "Solitary Confinement" 7" Green /200 (No Way)
Lights Out- "Get Out" 7" Black, Posi Numbers 2004 Cover 157/170 (Youngblood)
Lilley Allen- "Smile" 7" Black /?? (Regal)
Lion Of Judah- "Soul Power" 7" Red /?? (Lockin' Out)
Logjammers, The- S/T 7" Black /?? (No Patience)
Look Back And Laugh- "Street Terrorism" 7" Black /?? (Deranged)
Look Back And Laugh/Drop Dead Split 7" Black /?? (Armageddon)
Look Back And Laugh- "State Of Illusion" 7" Black /?? (Self Released?)
Lookin' In- S/T 7" Clear /100 (Trial And Error)
Loser Life- "Burning Fields/Hard To Please" Euro Tour 7" Black /?? (Thrashbastard/Yellow Dog)
Low Threat Profile- S/T 7" Red /100 (Deep 6)

Machetazo- "The Maggot Sessions" 7" Grey /?? (First Blood Family)
Machine Head- "Days Turn Blue To Grey" 7" Pic Disc /?? (RoadRunner)
Madball- "The Real American HC" 7" Black and Blue Mix /?? (Reaper)
Magic Circle- "Scream Evil b/w Lighting Her Fire" 7" Black /500 (Hell Massacre)
Magnum Force- "Self Loathing" 7" Black /?? (To Live A Lie)
Magrudergrind/Vomitspawn- Split 7" Black /?? (Militant)
Magrudergrind/Sanity's Dawn- "Humanity In Decline" split 7" Blue /?? (RSR)
Magrudergrind- "Owned" 7" Blue /?? (Punks Before Profits)
Magrudergrind/Godstomper- split 7" Green /?? (Nuclear BBQ)
Magrudergrind/A Warm Gun- split 7" Second press pink /?? (Misfire) 
Magrudergrind/Sylvester Staline- split 7" Red and black splatter /?? (Bones Brigade)
Major Damage- S/T 7" Black /?? (Even Worse)
Mammoth Grinder- "No Results" 7" Clear and Red /?? (Inkblot)
Mammoth Grinder/Legion- Split 7" Black /?? (Nuclear Solution)
Mammoth Grinder- "Obsessed With Death" 7" Black /375 (Hell Massacre)
Mammoth Grinder- "In And Out b/w See Me Hang" 7" Clear /?? (Self Released)
Manhunt- "Human Detritus" 7" Black /300 (Life Lair Regret/One Brick Today)
Manipulation- S/T 7" Black /?? (Fashionable Idiots)
Manipulation- "2" 7" Black /?? (Sorry State)
Masstrauma- "The Adoration Of The Devil's Ass" 7" Brown /?? (Endless Blockades)
Meltdown- Demo 7" Black /?? (Trash Art)
Meltdown- "Demolition" 7" Green And Black /108 (Closed Casket Activities)
Meltdown- S/T 7" Grey /?? (Deathwish/Malfunction)
Mental- "Get An Oxygen Tank" 7" Blue /?? (Bridge 9)
Mens Interest- "More War" 7" Black /?? (Home Invasion)
Mentally Challenged- "Doctors, Lawyers, Cops And Priests" 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Meth Drinker- "Desperation b/w Loss" Gatefold 7" Black /?? (Raw Birth/Crucificados)
MFP- S/T 7" Blue /300 (Painkiller)
Miasmal- S/T 7" Black /500 (Detest)
Mind Eraser- "Teenagers" 7" Black /300 (Painkiller)
Mind Eraser- "The World Unfolds/Brought Back To Life" 7" Black /?? (Boot?)
Mind Eraser- "The Prodigal Son Brings Death" 7" Clear /?? (Young Blood)
Mind Eraser- "The Prodigal Son Brings Death" 7" Dirty Clear with smudges /?? (Young Blood)
Mind Eraser/Slang- Split 7" Black /?? (540)
Mindless- "Human Conditioning" 7" Black /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Mindless Mutant- S/T 7" Black /?? (625/Dangerously Small)
Mindsnare/Numb- Split 7" Khaki Marble 12/100 (Trial And Error)
Mindsnare- S/T 7" Black and pink /500 (Shortfuse)
Mindsnare- S/T 7" Trans green /500 (Shortfuse)
Mindsnare/Ringworm- Split 7" Clear, Tour Cover 144/160 (A389/Resist)
Mindsnare/Ringworm- Split 7" Clear, Comic Book Cover /?? (A389/Resist)
Mindsnare- "Into Infinity" 7" Clear with Red Splatter /200 (Resist)
Mindsnare- "The Holy Bull Rides Fast" 7" Clear with Black Splatter /200 (Resist)
Mind Trap- "Life Among Liars And Theives" 7" Black /500 (Refuse)
Mob Rules- "Donor" 7" Black /?? (Superfi/Zandor)
Mob Rules/Crowd Control- Split 7" Black /?? (Suburban Mayhem)
Modern Warfare- S/T 7" Black /?? (Pederast Prophet) 
Mongrels Cross- "Whoresanna" 7" Black /?? (Hells Headbangers)
More To Pride- "This Is Life" 7" Blue /850 , Record release cover 18/50 (Rivalry)
Mortiferum/Hyperdontia- Split 7" Black/Grey Second Press /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo/Carbonized)
Most Precious Blood- Demo 7" Clear/Black Haze /300 (Trip Machine Laboratories)
Much Worse- "Absolute Nightmare" 7" Black /?? (No Way!)
Murder Weapon- "Nervous Wreck" 7" Pink /?? (Martyr)
Mutant Supremacy- "Rotting Season" 7" Black 63/300 (Blast Beat)

Nailed Down- "Might Is Right" 7" Black /?? (Power It Up)
Nailed Down- S/T 7" Black /?? (Spiral Objective)
Nailed Down- "Resurrection" 3x7" Black /900 (Power It Up)
Nasum/Abstain- Split 7" Black /?? (Yellow Dog)
Nazi Dust- S/T 7" Green, Second Press /?? (Youth Attack)
Neanderthal- "Fighting Music" 7" Black, with white and red lyric insert, Second Press /100 (Slap A Ham)
Negative Approach- S/T 2010 Reissue 7" Black /?? (Touch And Go)
Never Healed- S/T 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
New Justice Team, The- "The Peasants Are Revolting" 7" Black /?? (Self Released ?)
New Lows- S/T 7" Black /?? (Lockin Out)
Night Force- S/T 7" Black /?? (Quality Control)
Nightstick Justice- "Mindless Violence" 7" Black /?? (Even Worse/Way Back When)
Nightstick Justice- "Claustrophobic" 7" Black /?? (Grave Mistake)
No Apologies- S/T 7" Black /500 (Common Bond)
No Comment- "Common Senseless" Bootleg 7" Black /?? (Radical Change)
No Comment- "Downsided" 7" Clear /?? (Slap A Ham)
No Comment- "Common Senseless" 7" Reissue Green /100 (Deep 6)
No Comment- "Downsided" 7" Reissue Brown /100 (Deep 6)
No Comment- "Live On KXLU 1992" 7" Mixed Colour /?? (Deep 6)
No Innocent Victim- "The Crazy Engler Brothers" 7" /?? Blue (Victory)
No Justice- "Still Fighting" 7" Black /?? (Underestimated)
Nominon/Exorcism- "Morbid Tunes Of Death" Split 7" Black /?? (Deathstrike)
Nomos- Demo 7" Black /?? (Deranged)
No Warning- S/T 7" Black, Tour Cover 158/400 (Martyr)
No Warning- "Resurrection Of The Wolf" 7" Black /500 (Bad Actors)
No Tolerance- "Boston Straight Edge" 7" Black /?? (540)
No Tolerance- "No Remorse, No Tolerance" 7" Gold /?? (Young Blood)
No Turning Back- "Rise From The Ashes" 7" Black /?? (Not Just Words)
NYC Headhunters- "The Rage Of The City" 7" Green /200 (Painkiller)

Obliteration- S/T 7" Black /?? (Disappeared)
Obliteration- "This Is Tomorrow" 7" Black /?? (NITA)
Obliteration- "War Is Our Destiny" 7" Black /?? (Beach Impediment)
Oblivionation- "Cult Of Culture" 7" Black /?? (Man In Decline)
Obstruct- "No Life" 7" Black /400 (Northern Wisdom)
Occult Blood- "Joyful Eruption" 7" Black /?? (SL//FL)
Omegas- "Sonic Order" 7" Purple Splatter /?? (High Anxiety)
Omegas- "N.Y. Terminator" 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Omen, The- "Room 5" 7" Test Press 10/10 (Self Released)
Omen, The- "Room 5" 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Ossuary- "Forsaken Offerings" 7" Black /?? (Darkness Shall Rise)
Our Times- S/T 7" Black /400 (Headcount)
Out Crowd- S/T 7" Green /90 (Lionheart)
Outbreak- "Eaten Alive" 7" Black, Record Release Cover 149/150 (Western Front)
Outbreak- "You Make Us Sick" 7" Red/black /1100 (Bridge 9)
Outbreak/Only Crime- split 7" Yellow and grey mix /200 (Think Fast!) 
Outbreak- "Work To Death" 7" White with grey smudge /?? (Think Fast!)

Pantera- "5 Minutes Alone" 7" Opaque White /?? (East West)
Pathetic Human- S/T 7" Black /?? (She'll Be Right)
Peacebreakers- "Every Day Battle" 7" Black /500 (Rock n Roll Disgrace)
Pellinore- "Momento Mori" 7" Bronze 26/36 (Free Cake)
Perspex Flesh- S/T 7" Grey /500 (Video Disease)
Pet Meat/Fuck It I Quit- Split 7" Black /?? (Trial And Error)
Pharaoh- S/T 7" Khaki Smudge /?? (A389)
Piece By Piece- "We've Lost Our Minds" 7" Black /?? (Malfuntion)
Pisschrist- "Total Fucking Pisslickers" 7" Black /?? (Endless Blockades)
Pisschrist/Appparatus- Split 7" Black /?? (Yellow Dog)
Pisschrist/Kvoteringen- Split 7" Red /?? (Endless Blockades)
Poison Idea- "Pick Your King" RSD Reissue 7" Clear /1000 (TKO) 
Poison Idea- "Learning To Scream" 7" Black /?? (Taang!)
Poison The Well- "Tear From The Red" 7" Trans Orange /?? (Trustkill)
Possessed- "Seven Churches" 2005 Reissue Black /200 (High Roller)
Power Trip- S/T 7" Purple /?? (Lockin'Out)
Project X- S/T 7" (Re Press) Black /?? (Bridge 9)
Public Trust- "Leper" 7" Black /?? (Boston Strangler)
Pulling Teeth/Frightener- Split 7" Grey /?? (Ghost City/A389)
Pulling Teeth- "Witches Sabbath: Volume III" 7" Black /300 (Firestarter)
Pulling Teeth/Shin To Shin- Split 7" Purple Smudge /?? (A389)
Punch- "Nothing Lasts" 7" Blue /?? (625 Thrash/Deathwish/Discos Huelga)
Purity Control- "Coping" 7" White /?? (High Anxiety)
Purity Control- "Adjusting" 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Put To Death- S/T 7" Black /500 (Disposable Label)

Rampage- "Heads In A Vice" 7" Red /?? (Lockin' Out)
Ramparts- "White Boys Love The Blues" 7" Cum Blast Splatter /500 (Spiderghost)
Rapeman- "Shut Up" 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Rats Blood- "Punks Is Mutants" 7" Black /?? (Imminent Destruction/DistroY/Donnez Moi Du Feu)
Raw Justice- "We Don't Need Your Friends" 7" Black /350 (Ugly And Proud/Life To Live/Straight & Alert)
Reckless Aggression- Demo 7" Black /500 (Six Feet Under)
Repercussions- "No Peace" 7" Black /?? (Feral Ward)
Repos, The- "Armed And Using b/w Hole In The Hill" 7" Black /?? (Cowabunga)
Repoman- "Quality Time" 7" Black /?? (Knifey Spooney)
Repugnant- "Premature Burial" Pic Disc 7" Reissue /?? (Soulseller)
Rhythm To The Madness- "Soul Doubt" 7" Black /?? (Powered)
Ripcord- "The Damage Is Done" 7" Reissue Black /500 (Boss Tuneage)
Rise And Fall- S/T 7" Blue /?? (Deathwish)
Rival Mob, The- "Bitter Rivals" Demo 7" Black /?? (Troubled Mind/Triple B)
Rival Mob, The- "Hardcore For Hardcore" 7" Purple /?? (Six Feet Under)
Ropes, The- S/T Reissue, Delux Fold Out 7" Red /500 (Youth Attack)
Rort- S/T 7" Black /?? (Cruicifacados)
Rosenbombs- S/T 7" Black /?? (625 Thrash)
Roskopp (Aus)- S/T 7" Green Black Blue Splatter /?? (Crucificados)
Roskopp (Aus)/Agents Of Abhorrence- Split 7" Black /?? (Crucifacados)
Roskopp (US)/Doubled Over- Split 7" Black /?? (Give Praise/Nuclear Ass/Psychocontrol)
Roskopp (US)/Superbad- Split 7" Black /?? (Ragerizer!)
Roskopp (US)/Needful Things- Split 7" Brown /?? (Give Praise/Psychotherapy/To Live A Lie/Nuclear Ass)
Rot In Hell- "Sins Of Malice" One sided demo 7" Black with stenciled B side 162/219 (Hemlock 13)
Rot In Hell/Braindead- "Millenial Psychosis" Split 7" Black /?? (Feast Of Tentacles/Rumour Control/Vinyl Addict)
Rot In Hell/Hordes- Split 7" Red and Black /?? (Rat Patrol)
Rot In Hell/The Process- "The Works Of Fate" Split 7" Black /?? (Feast Of Tentacles)
Rot In Hell/Wayfarer- Split 7" White with limited liner note booklet 15/100 (Carry The Weight)
Rot In Hell/Horders- "The Omega Suite" Split 7" Blue /100 (Feast Of Tentacles)
Rot In Hell/Moloch- Split 7" Red /100 (Feast Of Tentacles)
Rot In Hell/Integrity- Gatefold Split 2x7" Blue/Green /600 (Thirty Days Of Night)
Rot In Hell- "Termini Terrae" 7" Blue /100 (Dark Empire)
Rotten Sound- S/T 7" Grey /?? (Spine Farm)
Rotting Out- "This Is Just A Life" 7" Red /?? (World Won't Listen)
RZL DZL- "Demo Revisited" 7" Black /?? (Lockin' Out)

Salvation- "Smoke And Mirrors" 7" White /300 (Youth Attack)
Satanic Threat- "In To Hell" Gatefold 7" Black /?? (Gloom)
Scapegoat- S/T 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Sea Of Shit- Demo 7" Black /?? (Suburban Mayhem)
Search And Destroy (UK)- "English Terror Boys" Black 274/483 (Endless Quest)
Search And Destroy (AU)- "Eye Of Terror" 7" Red and Black Haze /100 (Suppression)
Sectarian Violence- S/T 7" Black /?? (Grave Mistake)
Seduction, The- "Black Cranes" 7" Gold /100 (Midnight Funeral)
Self Destruct- "All My Friends Are Dead" 7" Black /?? (Rumour Control/Zandor)
Sentenced, The- "Out For Blood" 7" Black /?? (Hardware)
Septage- "Septic Decadence" 7" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Severe- "Snitch Slaughter" 7" Black /?? (625/Give Praise)
Sewercide/Randomorder- Split 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Sewercide/Casket- Split 7" Black /?? (Unholy Anarchy)
Sewercide/Presumed Dead- Split 7" Black /?? (Unspeakable Axe)
Sex Messiah- "Wish You Were Dead" 7" Black /?? (Criminal Trap)
Sex Prisoner- S/T 7" Purple Mix /?? (To Live A Lie)
Sex Prisoner- "State Property" 7" Black /?? (Bad Teeth)
Sex/Vid- "Drugging" 7" Black /?? (Kill Test)
Sex/Vid- "Tania" 7" 3rd Press Black /?? (Dom America)
Sex/Vid- "Nests" 7" Black /?? (Dom America)
SFN- S/T 7" Black /?? (625 Thrash)
Shackles- "Maunder" 7" Green /100 (Arrest)
Shackles/Downpour/Anti Venom/Beartrap- "Drawn And Quartered" 4 Way split 7" Orange /100 (Arrest)
Shackles- "Dissolve To Nothing" 7" Grey /100 (Arrest)
Shackles/Worn Out- Split 7" Yellow /?? (Castigated)
Shackles- "Disposed Of" 7" Black /300 (Urban Rage)
Shark Attack- "Blood In The Water" 7" Black /?? (Bridge 9)
Sheer Terror- "Spite" 7" Brown with Black Smudge /?? (Reaper)
Shellac- "Uranus" 7" Black /?? (Touch & Go)
Shipwreck (A.D.)- S/T 7" White (Third Press) /1000 (Rumble)
Shipwreck A.D.- "Mirage" 7" Green And White /500 (Deathwish)
Shipwrecked- "Arctic Nights" 7" /?? (Anger Management)
Shipwrecked- S/T 7" Clear /?? (PST)
Shit Weather/HIRS- Split 7" Black /150 (One Brick Today)
Shock Troop- "Your Worst Nightmare" 7" Black /?? (Overthrow)
Shock Value- "Yellow Peril" 7", Test Press 7/15  (No Patience)
Shock Value- "Yellow Peril" 7" Black /?? (No Patience)
Shrapnel- "Frenzied State" 7" White /100 (Quality Control)
Sick-Fuckin-O- "Sex Cells" 7" Dirty Red /100 (Regurgitated Semen)
Sick-Fuckin-O/Torn Apart- Split 7" Red /50 (Feast Of Tentacles/Grot)
Sick Of Talk- S/T 7" /?? Record Release Cover 18/40 with bonus live cd (Chainsaw Safety)
Sick Of Talk- "Raked Over The Coals" 7" Gold /50, Pre Cover 33/40 (Chronic Death)
Sick People- "Fakes Rule" 7" Black, Australian Press /?? (Urban Rage)
Sick People- "Fakes Rule" 7" Black, Euro Press /?? (Juggernaut)
Sick People- "In My nightmare" 7" Black /?? (Urbn Rage)
Slapshot- "The New England Product Session" 7" Black /500 (Bridge Nine)
Slavescene- "Fuck Off Away From Me/Shit Gait" 7" Blue /?? (Deranged)
Slices- S/T 7" Blue /?? (16oh)
Smash N Grab- S/T 7" Black /?? (Bash 'N Stab)
Snake Run- "Relax" 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Snake Run- "Lies" 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Socialcide "Sick Of The Pressure" 7" Black /?? (Even Worse)
Social Circkle- "I've Got Afflictions" 7" Black /?? (No Way)
Social Damage- "Both Demos" 7" Black /326 (Straight & Alert)
Social Damage- "Eye For An Eye" 7" Black /?? (Straight & Alert/Life To Live)
Sorto- "1984-1986 DISCO" 7" Black /?? (Ecosentric)
Sorry Excuse- "Listen With Prejudice" 7" Black Smudge /?? (Third Party)
Sorry Excuse- S/T 7" Brown /150 (Lifeline)
Soul Search- "Intolerable Weight" 7" Black /?? (Thick Skin)
Soul Search- "Bury The Blame" 7" Red /?? (Triple B)
Soul Swallower- S/T 7" Black /?? (Collapse)
Spazz/25 Ta Life- Split 7" Clear /?? (Very Distro)
Spectral Voice/Vastum- Split 7" Trans Blue /?? (Dark Descent)
Spectral Voice/Anhedonist- Split 7" Black /?? (Parasitic/Dark Descent)
Spectral Voice/Blood Incantation- Split 7" Black 2020 Pressing /?? (Extremely Rotten/Woodsmoke)
Spine- "Subhuman" 7" Purple /?? (Bad Teeth)
Spine- "Deny" 7" Black /?? (Bad Teeth)
Splitting Headache- S/T 7" /?? (Collapse)
Stab- S/T 7" Green /75 (Quality Control)
Stab- "Blindess And Lies" 7" Red /200 (Quality Control)
State- "No Illusions Ep" 7" Black /?? (Havok)
Steel Trap- "Cold. Broke. Dead." 7" Rootbeer /?? (This Blessing, This Curse)
Stench- "Reborn In Morbidity" 7" Black /?? (Soulseeker)
Stench Of Decay- "Visions Beyond Death" 7" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest)
Step Forward- "10 Song EP" 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Step Forward- S/T 7" Clear /?? (Painkiller)
Stick Together- "No More Games" 7" Black /?? (Back To Back)
Stick Together- "Surviving The Times" 7" Red /?? (Triple B)
Stockholm Syndrome, The/Staying At Home- Split 7" Black /?? (Deplorable)
Stone Dagger- "The Siege Of Jerusalem" 7" Black /500 (Electric Assault)
Straight Ahead- S/T 7" Fanclub Press, Black /500
Straight Faced- "Confidence" 7" Purple /?? (Victory)
Straight Jacket (Nation)- S/T 7" Black /?? (Gash)
Straight Jacket Nation- "6 Song EP" 7" Black (??)
Straight Jacket Nation- "Cheap Tricks" 7" Black /?? (Self Released)
Straight Jacket Nation" 7" Black /700 (Iron Lung)
Straight Razor- S/T 7" Black /350 (React!)
Streetcleaner- "Mother Curse" 7" Green /?? (Give Praise)
Street Trash- "Five Dirty Fingers" 7" Black /?? (My War)
Strong Boys- S/T 7" Blue /?? (Self Released)
Suburbanite- S/T Fold Out 7" White /500 (Youth Attack)
Suffer/Pathetic Human- Split 7" Pink, Pre Order Cover /100 (No Patience)
Suffer/Pathetic Human- Split 7" Black /?? (No Patience)
Suffering Mind/Neon Hole- Split 7" Clear /?? (Give Praise/Halo Of Flies/Crucificados)
Suffering Mind/Lycanthropy- Split 7" Grey /?? (Bullshit Propaganda)
Suffering Mind/Wojtyla- Split 7" Black /?? (Drop Out/Feel Good/Dead Heroes)
Suffering Mind/Afternoon Gentlemen, The- Split 7" /?? (Crucificados/Bones Brigade)
Surroundings- "Monuments In Ruin" 7" Red /?? (Organized Crime)
Survival- "Forged In Iron" 7" Blue /200 (Powered)
Swarm, The "Old Blue Eyes Is Dead" 7" Black /?? (No Idea)
Swarm, The/Force Fed Glass- Split 7" Pic Disc /?? (Spiritfall)
Swarm, The/Morser- split 7" Black /?? (Spiritfall)
Sword, The- "Freya" 7" Black 393/1000 (Kemado)

Taipan- S/T 7" Black /?? (Gato Loco)
Taipan- "Ten Day Dawn" 7" Red /50 (Disinfect)
Tear It Up- S/T 7" Black /?? (Havok)
Tear Gas- S/T 7" Red /?? (Hardcore Victim)
Terror- "Don't Need Your Help b/w Push It Away" 7" Clear /?? (Takeover)
Terror- "Keepers Of The Faith" 7" Green /?? (Reaper)
Terror- "Hard Lessons/Only The Devil Knows" 7" Red /300 (Reaper)
Thanamgus- "Incorporeal Passage" 7" Dark Black/Silver/Yellow mixed solid vinyl /175 (Seed Of Doom)
Think I Care- "Draw The Lines" 7" Green /?? (Boiling Point)
Think I Care- S/T 7" Black /?? (Dead Alive)
Think I Care/Fucked Up- Split Town Of Hardcore Live 7" Black /?? (Eating Rats)
Think Twice- "Deficit Youth" 7" Clear /?? (Anger Battery)
Total Abuse- "Sex Pig" 7" Black /?? (Deranged)
Total Control- "Retiree" 7" Blue /?? (Iron Lung)
Trapped Under Ice- Demo 7" Black /?? (Flatspot)
Trapped Under Ice- "Stay Cold" 7" Blue /?? (Reaper)
Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money- Split 7" Black /?? (A389)
Trap Them- "Seance Prime" 7" White/purple /?? (Deathwish)
Trash Talk- S/T 7" Orange with Black Smudge /?? (Sell Our Souls)
Trash Talk/Steel Trap- split 7" Blood Splatter /?? (Spiderghost)
Trash Talk- "Walking Disease" 7" Black and purple /?? (Six Feet Under)
Trash Talk- "Plagues" 7" Black and yellow/?? (Malfunction/Deathwish)
Trash Talk- "East Of Eden" 7" Version B Black /?? (Trash Talk Collective)
Tremors- "Island Songs" 7" Red 77/100 (The Essence)
Trench Rot- Demo 7" Black /?? (Do Some Harm)
Trench Rot- "Tyrant" 7" Green /100 (Video Disease)
Trial- "Through The Darkest Days" 7" Black /?? (Crimethic)
Trial- "Foundation" 7" Black /?? (New Age)
Trial- "I'm Still Screaming" 7" Blue /243  (Division)
True Vision- "Against The Grain" 7" Gold /110 (Painkiller)
Turmoil- "Fragments Of Suffering" 7" Black /?? (Harvest)
Turmoil- "Evolution Of Lies" 7" Black /?? (Century Media)
Turmoil- "Who Says Time Heals All Wounds?" 7" Black /?? (Century Media)
Turmoil- "Anchor" 7" White /?? (Century Media)

Uncanny- "The Path Of Flesh" 7" White /?? (Dark Descent)
Underdog- S/T 7" Reissue Red /?? (Bridge 9)
Unearth- "Endless" 7" Transparent Blue /?? (Confined/Eulogy)
Uniform Approach- "A Pledge To The Edge" 7" Yellow /?? (Short Fuse)
Upstab- "Yambag" 7" Black /?? (Even Worse/Way Back When)
Urban Blight-  S/T 7" Black /?? (Deranged)
Urban Blight- "Total War" 7" Red /100 (Static Shock)
UX Vileheads- S/T 7" Black /?? (Deranged)
UX Vileheads- "Catch 22" 7" Black /?? (Sorry State)

Vacant State- "State Of Confusion" 7" /?? (Self Released)
Vacant State- "Internal Conflict" 7" Black /?? (Deranged)
Vaccine- Demo One Sided 7" Black with stenciled B-side /?? (Clean Plate/Red Room)
Vaccine- "Human Hatred" 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Vaccine/Coke Bust- Split 7" Green, Euro Press /?? (Refuse)
Vaccine/Coke Bust- Split 7" Black, US Press /?? (Drugged Conscience)
Vaccine- "Dead Inside" 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Vaccine/No Faith- Split 7" Black /?? (Vinyl Rites)
Vaccuum- S/T 7" /?? (Lengua Armada)
Vae Victis- "Pro Patria Mori" 7" Green /?? (Endless Blockades/Spin Control)
Various Artists- "Australia's Hardcore Compilation" 7" Black 230/240 (No Policy)
Various Artists- "Brutal Supremacy" 2x7" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Various Artists- "Look Out Below" 7" Black /?? (Perfect Victim Records)
Various Artists- "No Bullshit Vol.3" 7" Black /?? (No Way)
Various Artists- "No Peace/War" Record Store Day 7" Yellow 92/185 (Organised Crime)
Various Artists- "Pheonix Thrash Detonation" 7" Black /?? (Coughing Up)
Various Artists- "This Is Australia" 7"Yellow /?? (Bloke)
Various Artists- "Violent Noise Party: International Blast Fighter Compilation" 7" Black /?? (Torture Garden Pictures)
Veins- S/T 7" White /?? (Youth Attack)
Vicious Cycle- S/T 7" Clear /?? (Radio 81)
Vicious Cycle- "I'm Watching You" 7" Black /?? (Vinyl Addict)
Vicious Cycle- "Neon Electric" 7" Black /?? (Radio 81)
Vicious Cycle- "Numbers b/w Over The Edge" 7" Light Blue /?? (Paper And Plastick)
Video Disease- S/T 7" Black /?? (Square Wave)
Vile Gash- S/T 7" 2nd Press Red /?? (Youth Attack)
Vile Gash- "Deluded" 7" Clear with Black Smudge /500 (Youth Attack)
Vile Intent- "Shadow Of The Skull" 7" Black /?? (Choking Hazard)
Vile Intent- "Regression To The Mean" 7" Black /375 (Diseased Audio)
Vile Intent- "Skin In The Game" 7" Black /600 (Diseased Audio/Choking Hazard)
Violation- "Possesed" 7" Opaque blue /50 (Sound And Fury)
Violent End- S/T 7" Black /?? (Lengua Armada)
Violent Future- Demo 7" Red /?? (Painkiller)
Violent Future- S/T 7" Black /?? (Slasher)
Violent Minds- S/T 7" Black /?? (My War)
Violent Minds- S/T 7" Reissue Black, Charles Manson Cover 22/100 (Deranged)
Violent Minds- "Riot" 7" Black /?? (Parts Unknown)
Violent Minds/Never Healed- "Armoury Of Fearless Truth Against Whispering Rumor" split 7" Red yellow and black /?? (Spiderghost/Vexed)
Violent Minds- "Just Kicked In" 7" White /100 (Deranged)
Violent Outburst- "Survival Signs" 7" Black /400 (Agitate/Tension Head)
Violent Reaction- S/T 7" Black /?? (Static Shock/Quality Control)
Violent Reaction- "Dead End" 7" Black, UK Press /500 (Quality Control)
Violent Reaction- "Dead End" 7" Camo, US Press /200 (Painkiller)
Violent Reaction- "Dead End" 7" Black, AU Press /200 (Rain On The Parade)
Violent Reaction- "Dead End" 7" AU Test Press /13 (Rain On The Parade)
Viper- "Committing The Seven Deadly Sins" Demo 7" Black /?? (540)
Volcanic Slut- "Blasphemaster" 7" Black /300 (Vinyl Rites)
Void- "Condensed Flesh" 7" Red /?? (Eye 95)
Voorhees/Kill Your Idols- split 7" Black /?? (Indecision)
Voorhees- "What You See Is What You Get" 7" Black /?? (Crust)

Walls- Tour 7", Green, Australian tour press /?? (Iron Lung)
Warchildren- S/T 7" Black /300 (No Patience)
War Hungry- "Divine/Demonic" Black 7" /?? (Brain Grenade)
War Hungry- "Return To Earth" 7" Black marble /?? (1917)
War Hungry/Bad Seed- Split 7" Black /?? (6131)
Warkrime- "Give War A Chance" 7" Black /?? (No Way)
Warsore- "Brutal Reprisal" 7" Black /1000 (Psychotherapy)
Warthreat- S/T 7" Red /?? (Crucificados)
Wasted Time- S/T 7" Black /??  (Grave Mistake/Brain Grenade)
Wasted Time- "No Shore" 7" Black /?? (Grave Mistake)
Waste Managment- "Get Your Mind Right" 7" Black /?? (Painkiller)  
Waste Management- "Power Abuse" 7" Blue /?? (Painkiller)
Wastoids- S/T 7" Black /?? (Deranged) 
Water Torture- "Shellfire!" 7" Grey Marble, Second Press /300 (Diseased Audio) 
Weak Minds- S/T 7" White /?? (Torture Garden)
White Male Dumbinance- "Forced Vengeance" 7" Cock Skin Pink /100 (Missing Link)
White Male Dumbinance/Masstrauma- Split 7" Dick Head Purple /100 (Missing Link)
Within Blood- "Captain Blood" 7" Black /?? (Resist)
Wrongside, The- "The Dumptruck Demo" 7" Black /?? (Trip Machine Laboratories)

xFilesx- "Beaten Straight" 7" Black /?? (My Trust)
xFilesx "NBC Mayhem" 7" Black /?? (Getting The Fear)
xFilesx/Self Defense- "Nowhere To Run Nowhere To Hide" split 7" Black /?? (Room 101)

Yadokai- S/T 7" Black /?? (Video Disease)

Zero Progress- "Derailed" 7" Black /?? (Piledriver)
Zero Progress- "The Void" 7" Clear /?? (Piledriver)
Zero Tolerance- "Fuel The Fire" 7" Black /?? (Reaper)
ZOM- "Same" 7" Black /500 (Iron Bonehead)
Zombie Apocalypse- "This Is A Spark Of Life" 7" Black /?? (Indecision)

Records (9") --- 
Agents Of Abhorrence- "Covert Labotomy" 9" Clear /50 (Missing Link)

Records (10") --- 
Coffin Birth- "Necrotic Liquefaction" 10" Black with Etched B Side /?? (Dead Heroes)
Extortion- "Loose Screws" 10" Red /100 (Resist/Deep 6) 
Extortion- "Loose Screws" 10" Black /?? (Resist/Deep 6) 
Hopesfall- "No Wings To Speak Of" 10" Blue /1000 (One Day Saviour)
In Disgust- "Reality Choke" 10" Clear /?? (16oh)
Infest "Mankind" 10" Reissue, Black /?? (Draw Blank/Deep 6)
Integrity- "Humanity Is The Devil" 10" Black 439/1349 (Victory)
Integrity- "To Die For" 10" Blue /500 (A389)
Iron Monkey- "We've Learned Nothing" 10" Smokey Clear /?? (Man's Ruin)
Machine Head- "Old" 10" Pic Disc 5625/?? (RoadRunner)
Magrudergrind- "Crusher" American Press 10" Black /?? (Scion)
Magrudergrind- "Crusher" Euro Press 10" Red and Black /?? (Bones Brigade)
Midnight- "Farewell To Hell" 10" Black /?? (Nuclear War Now!)
Pulling Teeth- "Vicious Skin" 10" Mint and black /?? (A389)
Shackles/Fissure- Split 10" Black /?? (Dead Heroes)
Shackles- "Lifeless Paradise" 10" Red and Black /100 (Resist)
Skeletonwitch- "Worship The Witch" Demo 10" Black /?? (Prosthetic)
Suffering Mind- "At War With Mankind" 10" Clear /?? (Zaraza/Nuclear Vault/Crucificados)
Swarm, The- "Parasitic Skies" 10" Swirl Grey /?? (No Idea)
Tear Gas- Demo 10" Clear /70 (No Patience)
Think I Care- "Mongrel" 10" Black, Your Mother Sucks Cocks At Posi Fest 2004 Cover /170 (Eating Rats/Walk All Night)
Various Artists- "The Show That End The World" 10" Red with Black Smudge, without cover /200 (A389)

Records (12") --- 
9 Shocks Terror- "Zen And The Art Of Beating Your Ass" 12" Purple with pink smudge /?? (Havoc)

Abhorrence- "Completely Vulgar" Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Svart)
Abraxis- S/T 12" Black /150 (Midnight Funeral)
Abuse.- S/T 12" Brown Black Split /?? (To Live A Lie)
Abused, The- "Loud And Clear" Gatefold 12" (7" Reissue) Black /?? (Radio Raheem)
Abyss- "Heretical Anatomy" 12" Black /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Abythic- "Eden Of The Doomed" 12" Black /?? (Iron Bonehead)
Acephalix- "Decreation" 12" /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Acephalix- "Thethanatology" 12" Ultra Clear with Oxblood Stains /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Adramelech- “Psychostasia” Reissue 12” Clear, Green, Orange, Black splatter /100 (Xtreem)
Aerosols- S/T 12" Marble Black with 4th 7" Marble Black (Second Press) /?? (Youth Attack)
Ageless Summoning- "Corrupting the Entempled Plane" 12" Gold /?? (Dark Descent)
Agents Of Abhorrence- "Relief" 12" Gold /500 (Psychocontrol/625 Thrash)
Agnostic Front- "Victim In Pain" Gatefold 12" Reissue Black /?? (Bridge 9)
All Out War- "Truth In The Age Of Lies" Reissue Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Orginized Crime)
All Out War- "For Those Who Were Crucified" 12" Orange /?? (Victory)
All Out War- "Condemned To Suffer" 12" Red with silk screened cover /500 (Victory)
All Out War- "Assassins In The House Of God" 12" Clear with Black Smoke /?? (Victory)
All Out War- "Into The Killing Fields" 12" Clear with Black Smoke /100 (Victory)
All Out War- "Dying Gods" 12" Red /?? (Organized Crime)
Altar- "Youth Against Christ" Gatefold 12" Reissue, Blue /200 (Cosmic Key)
Altar Of Gore- "Infinite Visions Of Violence & 2018 Demo" 12" Red /100 (Sentient Ruin)
Altar Of Gore- "Obscure & Obscene Gods" 12" Red /500 (Nameless Grave)
Amorphis- "The Karelian Isthmus" 12" Black /2100 (Relapse)
Anatomia- "Decaying In Obscurity" 2x12" Black /?? (Nuclear War Now!)
Anatomia- "Corporeal Torment" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Anhedonist- "Netherwards" 12" Black /350 (Nuclear Winter/Parasitic)
Antidote- "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 12" (7" Reissue) Black /?? (Ilegal Y Que Discos)
A.V.O.- S/T 12" Black /?? (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
Armoured Angel- Mysterium" Single Sided 12" Grey /?? (Hells Headbangers)
Assumption- "The Three Appearances" 12" Black /200 (Stygian Black Hand)
Assumption- "Hadean Tides" Gatefold 2x12" Black/Red /300 (Sentient Ruin)
As Hope Dies- "Legions Bow To A Faceless God" 12" Splatter Red /?? (Undecided)
Ataraxy- "Revelations Of The Ethereal" 12" 202 Pressing, Piss yellow translucent w/ slime green splatter /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Ataraxy- "The Last Mirror" 12" Red /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
At The Drive In- "Relationship Of Command" 12" Black /?? (Grand Royal)
At The Gates- "Slaughter Of The Soul" Reissue 12" Blue and Grey /300 (Earache)
Autopsy- "Severed Survival" Gatefold 12" Reissue Blue 309/?? (Peaceville)
Autopsy- "Mental Funeral" Gatefold 12" Reissue Red 564/2000 (Peaceville)
Autopsy- "Acts Of The Unspeakable" Gatefold 12" Reissue Yellow /?? (Peaceville)
Autopsy- "Macabre Eternal" Gatefold 2x12" Blue /?? (Peaceville)
Autopsy- "All Tomorrows Funerals" Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Peaceville)
Autopsy- "The Headless Ritual" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Peaceville)

Backyard Mortuary- "Lure Of The Occult" 12" /?? (Blood Harvest)
Bad Brains- S/T 12" Black /?? (ROIR)
Barbarian- S/T 12"ep Black /500 (Doomentia)
Bastard- "Wind Of Pain" 12" Reissue Black /?? (Feral Ward)
Bathory- S/T Reissue 12" Grey /?? (Black Mark)
Bathory- "Blood Fire Death" Reissue 12" White /?? (Black Mark)
Bathory- "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" Reissue 12" Blue /?? (Black Mark)
Battalion Of Saints- "Best Of" 12" White  /500 (Mystic)
Battle Ruins- S/T 12" Clear with screened red sleeve and bonus screened poster 49/100 (Rock n Roll Disgrace)
Battle Ruins- "Glorious Dead" 12" Black /500 (Rock n Roll Disgrace)
Beatles, The- "Please Please Me" 12" 2009 Press, Black /?? (EMI)
Belial- "Wisdom Of Darkness" Gatefold 12" 2010 Repress Black /?? (Galgenstrang Produktionen/Funeral Industries)
Benediction- "Transcend The Rubicon" Gatefold 12" Reissue Red /500 (Cosmic Key)
Berzerker Boyz- S/T 12”ep Black /150 (Rain On The Parade)
Big L- "Lifestylez Of Da Poor And Dangerous" 2x12" Black /?? (Columbia)
Biohazard- "Urban Discipline" 12" Black /?? (RoadRunner)
Bitter End- "Climate Of Fear" Gatefold 12" Blue and brown /?? (Six Feet Under)
Bitter End- "Guilty As Charged" 12" Grey and Maroon Mix /300 (Deathwish)
Black Breath- "Razor To Oblivion" 12"ep Black /?? (Hot Mass)
Black Breath- "Heavy Breathing" 12" Blue /?? (Southern Lord)
Black Breath- "Sentenced To Life" 12" Black /?? (Southern Lord)
Black Curse- "Endless Wound" 12" Black /?? (Sepulchral Voice)
Black Flag- "Jealous Again" 12"ep Black /?? (SST)
Black Flag- "Damaged" 12" Black /?? (SST)
Black Dahlia Murder, The- "Unhallowed" 12" Black /?? (Metal Blade)
Black Dahlia Murder, The- "Miasma" 12" Black /?? (Metal Blade)
Black Dahlia Murder, The- "Deflorate" Gatefold 12" Blue with black and white smudge /?? (Metal Blade)
Black Jesus- "Black Jesus Saves" 12" Red /150 (Hells Headbangers)
Black Jesus- "Everything Black, Everything Dead" 12" Black /?? (Doomentia)
Black Sabbath- S/T Reissue 12" Black /?? (Warner Brothers)
Black Sabbath- "Paranoid" Gatefold Reissue 12" Black /?? (Warner Brothers)
Black Sabbath- "Vol. 4" Reissue 12" Black /?? (NEMS)
Black Sabbath- "Master Of Reality" Reissue 12" Red /?? (NEMS)
Black Sabbath- "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" Gatefold Reissue 12" Red /?? (NEMS)
Black Sabbath- "Sabotage" Reissue 12" Blue /?? (NEMS)
Black Sabbath- "13" Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Vertigo)
Black SS- "Foreign Object" 12" Orange with Green Smudge /?? (Reaper/Organized Crime)
Blasphematory- "Depths Of The Obscurity" 12" Black /?? (Nuclear Winter)
Blasphematory- "The Lower Catacombs" 12" Blue /150 (Nuclear Winter)
Blasphemophagher- "The III Command Of The Absolute Chaos" 12" /?? (Nuclear War Now!)
Blood Ceremony- "The Eldritch Dark" 12" Red /500 (Rise Above/Metal Blade)
Blood Ceremony- "Lord of Misrule" Red /700 (Rise Above)
Blood Incantation- "Interdimensional Extinction" 12" 2020 Pressing, Black /?? (Dark Descent)
Blood Incantation- "Starspawn" 12" Red and Yellow, Third Press /?? (Dark Descent)
Blood Incantation- "Hidden History Of The Human Race" Gatefold 12" Galaxy Transparent Sea Blue/Grey/White /?? (Dark Descent)
Bloodsoaked Necrovoid- "Expelled into the Unknown Depths of the Unfathomable” 12” Black /400 (Iron Bonehead)
Bolt Thrower- "In Battle There Is No Law" Reissue Gatefold 12" Grey /?? (Back On Black)
Bolt Thrower- "Realm Of Chaos" Reissue 12" Eye of Terror Purple /100 (Earache)
Bolt Thrower- "The IVth Crusade" Reissue 12" Black /?? (Earache)
Bone Sickness- "Alone In The Grave" 12"ep Black /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Bone Sickness- "Theatre Of Morbidity" 12" Green /500 (Hell Massacre) (Skipping Defective Copy From First Run)
Bone Sickness- "Theatre Of Morbidity" 12" Green /500 (Hell Massacre) 
Boston Strangler- "Primitive" 12" Black /?? (Fun With Smack)
Boston Strangler- "Fire" 12" Black /?? (Fun With Smack)
Boston Strangler- "Outcast" Demo 12" Black /?? (Boston Strangler)
Brain Killer- "Every Actual State Is Corrupt" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Deranged) x2
Breakdown- "Runnin' Scared" 12" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Breathing Fire- "Years Of Lead" 12" Clear /?? (Painkiller)
Burial Invocation- "Abiogenesis" 12" Black /400 (Me Scao Un Ojo)
Buried Alive- "Last Rites" 12" Blue Marble, Australian Press /?? (Victory)
Burzum- "S/T/Aske" Reissue Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Misanthropy/Back On Black)
Busta Rhymes- "Anarchy" Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (East West)
Busta Rhymes- "Touch It" Mixers 12" Black /?? (Aftermath)
Busta Rhymes- "The Big Bang" Gatefold 2x12" /?? (Aftermath)
Busta Rhymes- "Back On My B.S." 2x12" Black /?? (Universal)

California Love- "Reaping The Whirlwind" 12"ep Grey /?? (Youth Attack)
California Love- "Can't Waste Death" 12" Black with silk screened cover /?? (Self Released)
Cannibal Corpse- "Butchered At Birth" Gatefold 12" Reissue Grey /?? (Metal Blade)
Cannibal Corpse- "Vile" Gatefold 12" Reissue Grey /?? (Metal Blade)
Cannibal Corpse- "Torture" 12" Black /?? (Metal Blade)
Cannibis Corpse- "The Weeding" 12"ep Pink /?? (Tank Crimes)
Carcinoid- "Metastatic Declination" 12" Black /?? (Blood Harvest)
Career Suicide- "Attempted Suicide" 12" Black /?? (Deranged)
Carnifex- "Pathological Rites" Compilation 12" Black /?? (Nuclear Abominations)
Carnivore- S/T Reissue Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (RoadRunner)
Carnivore- "Retaliation" 12" Black, 1987 Netherlands pressing /?? (Roadrunner)
Carnivore- "Retaliation" Reissue Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (RoadRunner)
Catharsis- "Samsara" Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Crimethinc)
Caustic Wound- "Death Posture" 12" Black /?? (Profound Lore)
Cemetery Urn- s/t LP Black /?? (Hell's Headbangers)
Cenotaph- "The Gloomy Reflection Of Our Hidden Sorrows" Gatefold 2x12" 2021 Reissue, Black /100 (Dark Symphonies/The Crypt)
Cerebral Rot- "Odious Descent Into Decay" 12" Swamp Green/Piss Yellow Merge with Black and Bone Splatter /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Cerebral Rot- “Excretion Of Mortality” 12” Red, neon, purple tri colour merge /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Ceremony- "Still Nothing Moves You" 12" Grey /900 (Bridge 9)
Ceremony- "Rohnert Park" 12" Red /?? (Bridge 9)
Chaotian- "Festering Excarnation" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Chaotian- "Effigies of Obsolescence" 12" Orange with yellow splatter /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Chthe'ilist- "Le Dernier Crépuscule" 2xLP Black /?? (Dark Descent)
Chthonic Deity/Runemagick- Split 12" Black /400 (Parasitic)
Cianide- "A Descent Into Hell" 2017 Reissue 12" Black /?? (The Crypt)
Cianide- "Unhumanized" 12"ep Red /250 (Hells Headbangers)
Citizens Arrest- "Colossus" Discography Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Fortress)
City And Colour- "Little Hell" Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Dine Alone)
City And Colour- "The Hurry And The Harm" Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Dine Alone)
Coffins- "Buried Death" Gatefold 12" Repress Blue /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Coffins- "The Fleshland" Gatefold 2x12" Purple Smudge /?? (Relapse)
Coffins- "Beyond The Circular Demise" 12" Black /?? (Relapse)
Combat Zone, The- S/T 12" Black /400 (Side Two)
Converge- "Halo In  A Haystack" 12" Black with Blue and White Labels /250 (Earthmaker)
Converge- "Petitioning The Empty Sky" 12" Trans Yellow /500 (Equal Vision)
Converge- "When Forever Comes Crashing" 12" Black /3100 (Equal Vision)
Converge/Agoraphobic Nosebleed- "The Poacher Diaries" Split 12" Black /?? (Hydra Head)
Converge/Hellchild- "Deeper The Wound" Split 12" Picture Disc /1000 (Deathwish)
Converge/Hellchild- "Deeper The Wound" Split 12" Blood splatter /1000 (Bastardized)
Converge- "Jane Doe" Gatefold 2x12" Black /2000 (Equal Vision)
Converge- "Jane Doe" Gatefold Reissue 2x12" Clear Gold /440 (Deathwish/Equal Vision)
Converge- "Unloved And Weeded Out" European 12" Pink with black splatter /?? (Reflections)
Converge- "You Fail Me" 12" Trans Red /2980 (Deathwish)
Converge- "Petitioning Forever" Gatefold 2x12" with bonus 7" Clear /300 (Deathwish)
Converge- "No Heroes" Gatefold 12" Pink And White /1000 (Deathwish)
Converge- "No Heroes" Gatefold 12" Brown And White /1000 (Deathwish)
Converge- "No Heroes" Gatefold 12" Black And Red /1000 (Deathwish)
Converge- "Axe To Fall" Gatefold 12" Beer, Coke Bottle Blue and Black Tricolor /800 (Deathwish)
Converge- "All We Love We Leave Behind" Gatefold 2x180g 12" Black /1000 (Deathwish)
Convulse- "World Without God" 12" Reissue Black /?? (Relapse)
Corpsessed- "The Dagger And The Chalice" 12" Smokey Grey /?? (Dark Descent)
Corpsessed- "Impetus Of Death" 12" Gold /?? (Dark Descent/Me Saci Un Ojo)
Crematory- "Denial" Compilation Non Gatefold 2x12" Green and Orange Mixed Colours /?? (Necroharmonic)
Crime Desire- "Alone In A Dream" 12"ep Black /?? (Life's A Rape)
Crom- "Hot Sumerian Nights" 12" Balls Deep Gold /?? (Forest Moon Special Products)
Cro Mags- "Age Of Quarrel" 12" with censored insert Black /?? (Profile)
Cro Mags- "Age Of Quarrel" Gatefold 12" Reissue Red and Black Swirl /400 (Mightier Than Sword)
Crowd Control- S/T 12" Black /?? (Modern Bullshit)
Cruciamentum- “Charnel Passages” 12" Black /?? (Profound Lore/Me Saco Un Ojo)
Cruel Hand- "Without A Pulse" 12" Bright Yellow /?? (6131)
Cryptopsy- "None So Vile" 12" Red and Black Splatter /?? (War On Music)
Cryptopsy- "Whisper Supremecey" 12" Black /?? (Century Media)
Cryptworm- "Spewing Mephitic Putridity" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Cultes Des Ghoules- "Sinister, Or Treading Darker Paths" 2x12" Black /1500 (Hells Headbangers)
Cult Ritual- S/T 12" Pink (Second Press) /?? (Youth Attack)
Cursed- "One" Gatefold 12" Grey /?? (Deathwish) 
Cursed- "Three: Architects Of Troubled Sleep" 12" Grey Smudge /?? (Goodfellow)

Darkthrone- "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" Reissue 12" Clear 251/2000 (Peaceville)
Dead Congregation- "Graves Of The Archangels" 12" /800 (Nuclear War Now!)
Dead Congregation- "Promulgation Of The Fall" 12" Black /?? (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)
Dead Congregation- "Sombre Doom" 12" /?? Black (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)
Dead Language- S/T 12" Black /?? (Iron Lung)
Dead Stop- "Done With You" 12" Black /?? (Complete Control)
Dead Stop- "Live For Nothing" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Havoc)
Dead To Fall- “Villainy And Virtue” 12” Orange /?? (Victory)
Death- "Scream Bloody Gore" 12" Reissue, Black /3365 (Relapse)
Death- "Leprosy" Reissue, Black /2500 (Relapse)
Death- “Human” 12” Reissue, Black /2100 (Relapse)
Death Sentence- "Ryan Exhumed" Reissue 12" Black /?? (Thought Crime)
Deathstrike- "Fuckin' Death" 12" with 7" Black, Gold Cover /?? (Dark Descent)
Decomposed- "Laid To Waste" Demo Compilation Gatefold  2x12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
D.Y.S.- "Brotherhood" 12" Reissue Black /?? (Razor Edge)
Demigod- "Slumber Of Sullen Eyes" Reissue 12" Orange with Black Splatter /500 (Xtreem)
Demigod- "Slumber Of Sullen Eyes" 2022 Gatefold Reissue 12" Green /800 (Svart)
Demilich- "Nespithe" Reissue 12” Blue /400 (Svart)
Depression- S/T Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Reactor)
Descent- "Order Of Chaos" Gatefold 12" Clear /200 (Brilliant Emperor)
Despise You/Agoraphobic Nosebleed- Split 12" Brow Smudge /?? (Relapse)
Desultory- "Into Eternity" Gatefold 12" Reissue, Black /?? (Floga)
Disembowel- "Echoes Of Terror" 12" Blue /?? (Maggot Stomp)
Disembowelment- "Transcendence Into The Peripheral" 2xLP Black 2020 Reissue /800 (Relapse)
Disgrace- “Grey Misery” Reissue Compilation 2x12” Grey /?? + “Debts Of Gods” 7” (Svart)
Disguise- "Signs Of The Future" 12"ep Black /?? (Static Shock)
Dishammer- "Vintage Addiction" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Hells Headbangers)
Disma- "Towards The Megalith" Tri Gatefold 2x12" Yellow and Green with Bonus White 7" /250 (Doomentia)
Dismember- "Like And Ever Flowing Stream" Gatefold 2x12" Reissue Blue /?? (Back On Black)
Disnihil- S/T 12" Black /?? (Chronic Death)
Down- "Nola" Reissue 2x12" Black /?? (Elektra)
Downpresser- "Perverted Justice" 12"ep Clear /?? (Streetcleaner)
Down To Nothing- "The Most" 12" Purple /?? (Revelation)
Draft Dodger- "First Past The Last Post" 12" Black /?? (Endless Blockades)
Dream Unending- "Tide Turns Eternal" 12" Black /?? (20 Buck Spin)
D.R.I.- "Crossover" Reissue 12" Red /?? (Beer City)
Dropdead- Discography 12" Black /?? (Armageddon)
Dry Rot- "Philistine" 12" Black /?? (Parts Unknown)

Encoffinized- "Chambers Of Deprivation" 12" Red /100 (Maggot Stomp)
Endless Blockade, The- "Turn Illness Into A Weapon" 12" Black /?? (Superfi)
Endless Blockade, The/Hatred Surge- Split 12" Grey with Red Smudge /?? (Schizophrenic)
Endless Blockade, The- "Primitive" 12" Black /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Engulfed- "Vengeance of the Fallen" 12" Clear and Blue Splatter /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Entombed- "Left Hand Path" 12" Black /?? (Earache)
Entombed- "Clandestine" 12" Black /?? (Earache)
Entombed- "Wolverine Blues" 12" Reissue Rotten Soil Green /300 (Earache)
Entombed- "Serpent Saints- The Ten Amendments" 12" Red /?? (Black On Black)
Entrails- "Raging Death" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Metal Blade)
Eternal Champion- "The Armor Of Ire" 12" Clear, Third Press /?? (No Remorse)
Every Time I Die- 3x12" Box Set, Black /?? (Ferret)
Every Time I Die- "The Big Dirty" 12" Mustard Yellow /?? (Ferret)
Every Time I Die- "New Junk Aesthetic" Gatefold 12" Pink /400 (Epitaph)
Exaugurate- "Chasm Of Rapturous Delirium" 12" Black /350 (Rotted Life)
Excarnated Entity- 'Stillborn In Ash" 12" Grey /?? (Nuclear Winter)
Excarnated Entity- "Mass Grave Horizon" 12" Grey /150 (Nuclear Winter)
Excrement- "Flesh & Blood" Reissue 12" Black /?? (Rotting Misery)
Excruciating Terror- "Divided We Fall" 12" Black /?? (Pessimiser)
Excruciating Terror- "Expression Of Pain" 12" Black /525 (Insane Society)
Extortion- "Degenerate" 12" Green /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion- "Degenerate" 12" Blue (2nd Press) /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion- "Degenerate" 12" Purple (2nd Press) /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion- "Degenerate" 12" Black (2nd Press) /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion- "Degenerate" 12" Black and White (3rd Press) /?? (Deep 6/Blitz)
Extortion- "Sick" 12" Purple marble /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion- "Sick" 12" Green (2nd Press) /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion- "Sick" 12" Black (2nd Press) /?? (Deep 6)
Extortion- S/T 12" (7" reissue) Black /?? (Fifth Column/Stained Circles)
Extortion- S/T 12" (7" reissue) Green /200 (Fifth Column/Stained Circles)
Extortion/Cold World- Split 12" White /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Cold World- Split 12" Red /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Cold World- Split 12" Black /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Cold World- Split 12" with Hand Screened, Die Cut Sleeve, Black 9/50 (Nerdcore/Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion/Cold World- Split 12" Clear, Second Press /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Extortion- "Live/Dead" Live Bootleg 12" Black /250 (Usa E Getta)
EyeHateGod- "Dopesick" Reissue Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Emetic)

Faceless Burial- "Multiversal Abattoir" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Faceless Burial- "Speciation" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Faceless Burial- "At The Foothills Of Deliration" 12" Red and Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Father Befouled- "Morbid Destitution Of Covenant" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Blood Harvest)
Fear Before The March Of Flames- "Art Damage" 12" Pic Disc /?? (Equal Vision)
Fear Factory- "Soul Of A New Machine" 12" Black /?? (RoadRunner)
Feculent- "The Grotesque Arena" 12" Black /200 (Brilliant Emperor)
Fetid- "Steeping Corporeal Mess" 12" Swamp Green/Highlighter Yellow Merge  /100 (20 Buck Spin)
Flex, The- "Wild Stabs In The Dark" 12" Red /?? (Milk Run/Video Disease)
Found My Direction- "Burn All White Flags" 12" Black /?? (Resist)
Floorpunch- "Twin Killing" 12" Black /?? (Equal Vision)
Frightener- "Guillotine" 12" Red with Black Smudge /?? (Ghost City)
F.U.'s- "Kill For Christ/My America" 12" Reissue Black /?? (Reflex)
Funebrarum- "The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams" 12" Reissue Black /?? (Cyclone Empire)
Funebre- “Children Of The Scorn” 12” Reissue 12” Black /?? (Hammerheart)
Funeral Leech- "Death Meditation" 12" Black /200 (Carbonized)

Galavanizer- "Prying Sight Of Imperception" 12" Orange /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Gehenna- "Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris" 12" Black /?? (Crawlspace)
Gehenna- "Upon The Gravehill" 12" Black /?? (King Of The Monsters)
Gehenna- "The War Of The Sons Of Light And The Suns Of Darkness" Gatefold 12" Green/?? (A389)
Genocide Pact- "Forged Through Domination" 12" Purple /?? (A389)
Genocide Pact- "Order Of Torment" 12" Orange Krush and Cyan Blue Merge with Mustard and Black Splatter /200 (Relapse)
Genocide Pact- S/T 12" Bone White /?? (Relapse)
Genocide Shrines- "Manipura Imperial Deathevokovil: Scriptures Of Reversed Puraana Dharmurder" 12" Black /?? (Iron Bonehead/Vault Of Dried Bones)
God Dethroned- 'Christhunt" 12" 2022 Pressing, Black /?? (Vic)
Golgothan Remains- "Perverse Offerings To The Void" 12" Black /?? (Sentient Run/Nuclear Winter)
Golgothan Remains- "Adorned In Ruin" 12" Electric Blue /50 (Brilliant Emperor)
Gorement- "The Ending Quest" 2021 Reissue Gatefold 12" Purple /400 (Osmose)
Gorephilia- "In The Eye Of Nothing" 12" Red/Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Gorguts- “Considered Dead” 12” Reissue Blue with Black Smudge /500 (Listenable)
Gosudar- "Morbid Despotic Ritual" 12" Black /?? (Rotted Life)
Government Issue- "Joy Ride" Reissue 12" Black /?? (Dr. Strange)
Government Warning- "Paranoid Mess" 12" Black /?? (Grave Mistake/No Way)
Grave- "Into The Grave" 12" Reissue Black /?? (Century Media)
Gravehill- "Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery" 12" Red /250 (A389)
Gravehill- "Death Curse" 12" Black /?? (Dark Descent)
Grave Miasma- "Odori Sepulcrorum" Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Sepulchral Voice)
Grave Miasma- “Endless Pilgrimage” Gatefold 12” Black /500 (Profound Lore)
Grave Ritual- "Morbid Throne" 12" Black /?? (Dark Descent)
Green & Wood- S/T Gatefold 12" Gold /?? (Cyclopean)
Green Beret- "Violence Is Their Currency" 12" Black /?? (Side Two)
Gruesome- "Savage Land" 12" Red, Second press /500 (Relapse)
Gruesome- "Dimensions Of Horror" 12" Black /1500 (Relapse)
Guns Up!- "Outlive" 12" White with blue smudge /304 (1917)
Gutted- "Bleed For Us To Live" 12" Tri Stripe Blood Flood /500 (Repulsive Echo)

HAD- S/T 12" Grey /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Hard Luck- "Dead End" 12" Black (Crazy Red Sleeve Thing) /100 (Gato Loco)
Harms Way- "Reality Approaches" 12" Black /?? (Organized Crime)
Hatebreed- "Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire" 12" Trans Purple /665 (Victory)
Hatred Surge- "Deconstruct" 12" Navy blue marble /?? (Rescued From Life)
Hatred Surge- "Human Overdose" 12" Black /?? (Iron Lung)
Headhunter D.C.- "...And The Sky Turns To Black... (The Dark Age Has Come)" Black /?? (Crypts Of Eternity)
Hellhammer- "Apocalyptic Raids" Gatefold Reissue 12"ep Clear /?? (Metal Blade/Back On Black)
Helta Skelta- S/T 12" Black /250 (Self Released)
Hendrix, Jimi- "Are You Experienced?" 12" Reissue Black /?? (Legacy)
Heresiarch- "Death Ordinance" Gatefold 12" Ox Blood /?? (Dark Descent)
Heresy- "1985-'87" 12" Orange /?? (Boss Tuneage)
Heresy- "Face Up To It!" 12" Repress Red /?? (Boss Tuneage)
High Command- "Beyond The Wall Of Desolation" 12" Black /?? (Southern Lord)
Holy Ghost- S/T 12" Grey with Black Smudge /300 (A389)
Hooded Menace/Ilsa- Split 12"ep Black /?? (Contagion Releasing)
Hooded Menace/Horse Latitutes- Split 12" /500 (Doomentia)
Hooded Menace- "Never Cross The Dead" Gatefold Reissue 2x12" Black and White /300 (Doomentia)
Hooded Menace- "Effigies Of Evil" Gatefold 2x12" with bonus 7" Orange /500 (Relapse)
Hoods- "Time... The Destroyer" 12" Black /?? (Victory/Drug Bust)
Hoods- "The King Is Dead" 12" Black /100 (Twelve Gauge)
Hounds Of Hate- S/T 12" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Hyperdontia- "Nexus Of Teeth" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo) x 2 copies
Hyperdontia- "Hideous Entity" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)

I Exist- "I: A Turn For The Worse" 12" Test Press 9/10 (Midnight Funeral)
I Exist- "I: A Turn For The Worse" 12" Black /150 (Midnight Funeral)
I Exist- "I: A Turn For The Worse" 12" Red (Second Press) /100 (Midnight Funeral)
I Exist- "II: The Broken Passage" 12" Green Smudge /?? (Resist)
Ignivomous – "Contragenesis" Die Hard Gatefold 12" Red /?? (Nuclear War Now!)
Immolation- “Dawn Of Possession” 12” Reissue Clear with Red Splatter /500 (Listenable)
Immortal Technique- "Revolutionary Vol. 2" Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Viper)
Immortal Technique- "3rd World" 2x12" Black /?? (Viper)
Impalers- S/T 12" Black /?? (W Label/Todo Destruido)
Impalers- "Psychedelic Snutskallar" 12" Black /800 (540)
Impalers- "Cellar Dweller" 12" Black /?? (540)
Imprecation- "Damnatio Ad Bestias" 12" Red w/black marble /?? (Dark Decent)
Incantation- "Onward To Golgotha" 12" Black, 2020 Pressing /?? (Relapse)
In Disgust/Pretty Little Flower- Split 12" White /100 (Regurgitated Semen)
Infernal Coil- “Within A World Forgotten” 12” Gold /100 (Profound Lore)
Infernal Curse- "Revelations Beyond Insanity" Black /?? (Iron Bonehead)
Infest- "Slave" 12" Red /?? (Deep Six/Draw Blank)
Infest- "No Mans Slave" 12" Black /?? (Draw Blank/Deep 6)
Innumerable Forms/Blessed Offal- Split 12" Black /?? (Hell Massacre)
Innumerable Forms- "Punishment In Flesh" 12" Blue /200 (Profound Lore)
Innumerable Forms- "Philosophical Collapse" 12" Dark Blue/Red /150 (Profound Lore)
In Obscurity Revealed- "Glorious Impurity" 12" Black /?? (Blood Harvest)
Insect Warfare- "World Extermination" 12" Purple /?? (625 Thrash/Regurgitated Semen)
Insect Warfare- S/T One Sided 12" Black /1100 (625 Thrash)
Insect Warfare- "Evolved Into Obliteration" Demo 12" Black /500 (Rescued From Life)
Insect Warfare- "Endless War With Grindcore Restitution" Reissue Compilation 12" Picture Disc /500 (Torture Garden)
Insurance Risk- "Violence In Our Minds" 12" Black /?? (Crucial Response)
Integrity- "The Blackest Curse" 12" White /?? (Deathwish)
Interment- "Where Death Will Increase" Compilation 12" Black /270 (Necroharmonic/Morbid Wrath)
Internal Affairs- S/T One Sided 12" Black with B-side etching /700 (Malfunction)
Internal Affairs- "Dalek" One Sided 12" Black /500 (Triumvir)
Internal Rot- "Mental Hygiene" 12" Blue /?? (625 Thrash/Crucificados Pelo Sistema)
Internal Rot- "Grieving Birth" 12" Black /800 (625 Thrash/Iron Lung)
Inverloch- "Distance | Collapsed" 12" Black /1100 (Relapse)
Invocation- "Attunement To Death" 12" /300 (Iron Bonehead)
Iron Age- "Constant Struggle" 12" Yellow Swirl/Embossed Cover /385 (Young Blood)
Iron Age- "The Sleeping Eye" 2x12" Black /777 (Cyclopean)
Iron Lung- "Life. Iron Lung. Death." 12" Black /?? (625 Thrash)
Iron Lung- "Sexless//No Sex" 12" Black /?? (Prank)
Iron Lung//Pig Heart Transplant//Walls- "Public Humiliation"Collab 12" White /500 (Iron Lung)
Iron Lung- "White Glove Test" 2x12" with Noise LP, Black /?? (Prank/Iron Lung)
Iron Monkey- S/T 12" Shrimp Pink /100 (Earache)
Iron Monkey- "We've Learned Nothing" Gatefold 2x12" Weed Green /200 (Earache)

Jerry's Kids- "Is This My World?" 12" Reissue Green /?? (Reflex)
Judge- "What It Meant: The Complete Discography" Gatefold 2x12" Crazed colours man /1100 (Revelation)
Justice- "Elephant Skin" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Lockin' Out)
Justice- "Escapades" 12" White/?? (Youngblood)

Kever- "Eon Of Cycling Death" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
King Generator- S/T One Sided 12" Black with B-side etching /?? (Tank Crimes)
Knife Fight- "Crisis" 12" Black /?? (Lengua Armada)
Know The Score- "All Or Nothing" 12" White Marble /900 (Eulogy)
Kowloon Walled City- "Gambling On The Richter Scale" 12" Clear /?? (The Perpetual Motion Machine)
Kromosom- S/T 12" Black /?? (Hardcore Victim/Havok)
Krypts- "Unending Degradation" 12" Black with White Splatter /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Krypts- "Remnants Of Expansion" 12" Black /?? (Dark Descent)
Krypts- "Cadaver Circulation" 12" Black /?? (Dark Descent)

Lana Del Rey- "Born To Die" 12" Black /?? (Polydor/Interscope)
Left Cross- "Chaos Ascension" 12" Black /?? (Vinyl Conflict)
Left Cross- "Upon Desecrated Altars" 12" Red w/ Black + Gold Splatter /?? (Profound Lore)
Left For Dead/Acrid- "Hacked To Pieces" Buzzsaw split 12" Pink /?? (No Idea)
Left For Dead- Live 12" Red /?? (Deranged)
Lights Out- "Overload" 12" Silk Screened Tour Sleeve, Black /?? (Youngblood)
Loud And Clear- S/T 12" Gold and black /?? (Six Feet Under)
Low Threat Profile "Product #2" 12" White /100 (Deep 6)
Lustration- "Psymbolik" 12" Black /?? (Supremacy Through Intolerance)
Lvcifyre- "The Broken Seal" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Dark Descent)

Machetazo- "Trono de Huesos" Reissue Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Doomentia)
Machetazo- "Ruin" 12" Black /?? (Doomentia/Parasitic)
Machine Head- "Burn My Eyes" 12" Black /?? (Roadrunner)
Magic Circle- S/T 12" Black /?? (Armageddon)
Magic Circle- "Journey Blind" 12" Black /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Magic Circle - "Departed Souls" 12" Black /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Magrudergrind/Shitstorm- Split 12" Black /?? (Robotic Empire)
Magrudergrind- "Rehashed" 12" Black /?? (Six Weeks)
Magrudergrind- S/T 12" Black /?? (Six Weeks)
Magrudergrind- "II" 12" Black /?? (Relapse)
Maimed- "Demo '91" Single Sided 12" Black /?? (Dark Descent)
Malignant Altar- "Realms Of Exquisite Morbidity" White and Gold Merge /?? (Dark Descent)
Malevolent Creation- "The Ten Commandments" 12" Reissue, Bronze /500 (Cosmic Key)
Malevolent Creation- "Retribution" 12" Reissue, Bronze /500 (Cosmic Key)
Mammoth Grinder- "Rage And Ruin" 12" Marble Grey  /?? (Depleted Resource)
Mammoth Grinder- "Rage And Ruin" 12" Black, Tour Cover /100 (Depleted Resource)
Mammoth Grinder- "Extinction Of Humanity" 12"ep Black /?? (Cyclopean)
Mammoth Grinder/Hatred Surge- Split 12" Red /100 (Cyclopean)
Mammoth Grinder- "Underworlds" 12" Blue /227 (20 Buck Spin)
Mammoth Grinder- "Cosmic Crypt" Gatefold 12" Gold and Black Merge /300 (Relapse)
Man Is The Bastard/Capitalist Casualties- Split 12" Black /?? (Six Weeks)
Manpig- "The Grand Negative" 12" Red and Black Splatter /?? (Deep 6)
Massacre- "From Beyond" 12" Purple, 2018 pressing /?? (Earache)
Master- S/T Gatefold Reissue 12" Clear /500 (Doomentia)
Master- "Slaves To Society" 12" White /100 (Doomentia)
Mayhem- "Deathcrush" Reissue Gatefold 12" Red with Black and White Splatter /500 (Back On Black)
Mayhem- "Demysteriis Dom Sathanas" Reissue Gatefold 12" Purple /?? (Deathlike Silence/Back On Black)
Meatlocker- S/T 12" Black /?? (Regurgitated Semen)
Mental- "Planet Mental" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Lockin' Out)
Merauder- "Master Killer" Reissue 12" Red/Pink with Black Smudge /?? (Reaper)
Mesrine/Depression- Split 12" Black /?? (Power It Up)
Metal Church- s/t LP Black, 2016 Pressing /?? (Elektra)
Meth Drinker- S/T 12" Black /?? (Always Never Fun)
Metallica- "Master Of Puppets" 12" 2008 Press /?? (Universal)
Midnight- "No Mercy For Mayhem" 12" Oxblood /?? (Hells Headbangers)
Mind Eraser- "Cave" 12" Black /?? (Collapse/Pain Killer)
Mind Eraser- "Glacial Reign" 12" Black /?? (Pain Killer)
Mind Eraser- "Conscious, Unconscious" 12" Black /?? (Clean Plate)
Mindsnare- "Credulity" 12" Black /?? (Trial And Error)
Mindsnare- "Hanged Choked Wrists Slit" 12" Black /490 (Drug Bust)
Mindsnare- "Hanged Choked Wrists Slit" Reissue Gatefold 12" Black /100 (Midnight Funeral)
Mindsnare- "The Death" 12" Black /400 (Resist)
Mindsnare- "Disturb The Hive" 12" Blue /100 (Resist)
Mindsnare- "Unholy Rush" 12" Swamp Green Splatter /100 (Resist)
Misery- "Revel In Blasphemy" 12" Clear /150 (The Crypt)
Mob Rules- "The Donor" 12" Red /100 (Zandor/Grot)
Mob Rules- "Nothing Left" 12" Burgundy /100 (Quality Control)
Morbid Angel- "Altars Of Madness" Reissue Gatefold 12" /?? (Earache)
Morbid Angel- "Blessed Are The Sick" 12" Black /?? (Earache)
Morbid Angel- "Domination" 12" Reissue Black /2500 (Rhino)
Morbific- "Ominous Seep Of Putridity" 12" Gold /?? (The Other Records/Headsplit)
Morpheus Descends- "Ritual Of Infinity" 2023 Reissue 12" Purple/Clear /100 (Dark Descent/Dark Symphonies/The Crypt)
Morpheus Descends- "Chronicles Of The Shadowed Ones" 2023 Reissue White/Oxblood Splatter /100 (Dark Descent/Dark Symphonies/The Crypt)
Mortal Wound- "Forms Of Unreasoning Fear" Demo 12" Black /400 (Maggot Stomp/Me Saco Un Ojo)
Mortal Wound- "The Anus Of The World" 12" Transparent Green Red Merge /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Mortal Wound/Gutless- Split 12" Neon Pink /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Mortiferum- "Altar Of Decay" Demo 12" Black /?? (Profound Lore)
Mortiferum- "Disgorged From Psychotic Depths" 12" Black /?? (Profound Lore)
Mortiferum- "Preserved In Torment" 12" Clear w/ Black Orb + Silver / White / Light Blue Splatter /?? (Profound Lore) 
Mortuous- "Through Wilderness" Gatefold 12" Bronze /400 (Tank Crimes)
Mother Of Mercy- "III" 12" Cream and Red split with Black Splatter /259 (Six Feet Under)
Mother Of Mercy- "IV: Symptoms Of Existence" 12" Seafoam Green /?? (Bridge )
Municipal Waste- "Hazardous Mutation" 12" Black /?? (Earache)
Municipal Waste- "The Art Of Partying" 12" Fluro Yellow /?? (Earache)
Municipal Waste- "Slime And Punishment" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Nuclear Blast)
Mutilation Rites- "Empyrean" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Gilead Media)
Mutilation Rites- "I Am Legion" 12" Black /?? (Gilead Media)
My Dying Bride- "As The Flower Withers" 12" Black, 2013 Pressing /?? (Peaceville)

Nailbomb- "Point Blank" 12" Reissue Red 1295/1500 (Roadrunner)
Nailed Down- "Perth Wolfpack" 12" Black /?? (Power It Up)
Nails- "You Will Never Be One Of Us" 12" Black /?? (Nuclear Blast)
Napalm Death- "Scum" Bootleg 12" Black /?? (Earache)
Napalm Death- "Scum" 12" Picture Disc /1000 (Earache)
Napalm Death- "From Enslavement To Obliteration" 12" Reissue Black /?? (Earache)
Napalm Death- "Harmony Corruption" 12 Black /?? (Earache)
Napalm Death- "The Earache Peel Sessions" Reissue Black /?? (Earache)
Nazi Dust- "Wretched Hour" 12" Black /?? (Vinyl Rites)
Neanderthal- "A History Of Violence" 12" Black /?? (Deep 6/Draw Blank)
Necrosic- "Putrid Decimation" 12" Black /?? (Nuclear War Now!)
Necrot- "Blood Offerings" LP Gold /1000 (Tank Crimes)
Negative Approach- "Tied Down" 12" Black /?? (Touch And Go)
Negative FX- S/T 12" Black /?? (Taang)
Nekus- "Sepulchral Divination" Gatefold 2x12" Swamp Green /100 (Sentient Ruin)
New Lows- "Harvest Of The Carcass" 12" Black /?? (Deathwish)
Nightstick Justice- S/T 12" /?? (Even Worse/Way Back When)
Nihilist- Demos Compilation 12" Black /?? (Three Man)
Nihilist- "Carnal Leftovers" Reissue Gatefold 12" Gold with Entombed Demo 7" /?? (Southern Lord)
Nihility- "Imprisoned Eternal" 12" Clear with Orange Splatter /150 (Rage/Bound By Modern Age)
No Innocent Victim- "Tipping The Scales" 12" White Black Marble (Australian Press) /?? (Victory)
Nomos- "Notes From The Acheron" One Sided 12" Purple /100 (Deranged)
No Tolerance- "You Walk Alone" 12" Black /?? (Painkiller)
No Warning- "Ill Blood" 12" Black /600 (Bridge 9)
Not Afraid- "Locked Out" 12" Black /?? (Powered/React!)
Nucleus- "Entity" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo/Unspeakable Axe)
Nunslaughter- "Hex" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Hells Headbangers)

Obituary- "Slowly We Rot" Reissue 12" Black /?? (Cargo/RoadRunner)
Obituary- S/T LP Black /3700 (Relapse)
Obliteration- "Cenotaph Obscure" 12" Swamp Green /?? (Dark Decent)
Omegas- "Blasts Of Lunacy" 12" Dark Red/Black Haze /?? (Parts Unknown)
Opprobrium (Incubus)- "Beyond The Unknown" 12" Reissue Black /350 (Cosmic Key)
Ossuarium- "Living Tomb" 12" Black /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Ossuary- "Supreme Degredation" Demo 12" Red /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Outbreak- "Failure" 12" Green with spots /300 (Think Fast!)
Out Cold- "Warped Sense Of Right And Wrong" 12" Black /?? (Kangaroo)
Out Cold- "Goodbye Cruel World" 12" Black /?? (Kangaroo)
Out Cold- "A Heated Display" 12" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Outre-Tombe- "Répurgation" 12" Black /350 (Temple Of Mystery)

Pantera- "Vulgar Display Of Power" Gatefold Reissue 2x12" Black /?? (Elektra)
Pantera- "Far Beyond Driven" Gatefold Reissue 2x12" Black /?? (Elektra)
Pantera- "The Great Southern Trendkill" Gatefold Reissue 2x12" Black /?? (Elektra/Rhino)
Pantera- "Reinventing The Steel" Gatefold Reissue 12" Black /?? (Elektra/Rhino)
Parkway Drive- "Deep Blue" 2x12" Black /?? (Epitaph)
Perspex Flesh- S/T 12" White /100 (Static Shock)
Perspex Flesh- "Ordered Image" 12" Black /?? (Static Shock)
Pestilence- "Consuming Impulse" 12" Reissue, Black /?? (Hammerheart)
Pestilength- "Basom Gryphos" 12" Green Black Merge /150 (Sentient Ruin/Nuclear Winter)
Pestilent Death - "Chambers Of Depravity" 12" Black /?? (Blood Harvest/Rotted Life)
Phrenelith- "Desolate Endscape" 12" Black (2nd Press) /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo Records)
Phrenelith- "Chimaera" 12" Grey /?? (Nuclear Winter)
Pink Floyd- "Omayyad" 12" Black /?? (Trade Mark Of Quality)
Pink Floyd- "Atom Heart Mother" Black /?? (E.M.I)
Pissgrave- “Suicide Euphoria” 12” Black /?? (Profound Lore)
Pissgrave- "Posthumous Humiliation" 12" Black /?? (Profound Lore)
Pleasure Cross- S/T 12"ep Black /?? (Iron Lung)
Poison Idea- "Kings Of Punk" 12" Reissue Clear /?? (Taang!)
Poison The Well- "Tear From The Red" 12" Clear /?? (Idles Of March)
Poison The Well- "You Come Before You" 12" Trans Orange /?? (Trustkill)
Possessed- "Seven Churches" 12" Black /200 (Holy Roller)
Power Trip- "Manifest Decimation" 12" Black /?? (Southern Lord)
Prince And The Revolution- "Purple Rain" 12" Black /?? (Warner Bros.)
Prisoner Abuse- S/T 12" Clear /?? (Painkiller)
Proscription- "Conduit" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Protester- "Watch Them Fall" 12" Black /?? (New Absolute)
Public Execution- Compilation 12" Black /?? (Short Fuse)
Pulling Teeth- "Martyr Immortal" Gatefold 12" White /?? (A389)
Pulling Teeth- "Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions " Gatefold 12"ep Clear Blue /?? (A839)
Punch- S/T 12" White and Pink /?? (625 Thrash)
Punch- "Push Pull" 12" Grey /?? (625 Thrash)
Purtenance- “Member Of Immortal Damnation” Reissue 12” Clear with Blue, Yellow and White Splatter /100 (Xtreem)
Putrefaction- "Blood Cult" 12" Black /?? (Distroy)
Putrisect- "Cascading Inferno" 12" Black /?? (Blood Harvest)
P.L.F.- "Devious Persecution And Wholesale Slaughter" 12" Black /?? (Six Weeks)

Rampage "Limit Of Destruction" 12" Red and Orange /?? (Lockin' Out)
Rats Blood- "Low Life" 12" Pistachio Green /100 (Phobia)
Rattenfänger- "Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum" 12" Black /?? (Ván)
Rattenfänger- "Geisslerlieder" 12" Black /100 (Van)
Refused- "The Shape Of Punk To Come" Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Epitaph)
Repos, The- "Poser" 12" Red /300 (Youth Attack!)
Repugnant- "Epitome Of Darkness" 12" Black /?? (Soulseller)
Repugnant- "Hecatomb" 12" Reissue Red /150 (Hammer Heart)
Repulsion- "Horrified" 12" Reissue Black /?? (Relapse)
Reverence to Paroxysm- "Lux Morte" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Ringworm- "The Promise" Gatefold 12" Reissue Red/Gold, with '91 demo 7" Black /300 (A389)
Rippikoulu-  "Musta Seremonia" Gatefold 12" Purple 2021 Reissue /400 (Svart)
Ritual Necromancy- "Disinterred Horror" 12" Gold /?? (Dark Descent)
Rival Mob, The- "Raw Life" 12"ep Black /?? (Lockin' Out)
Rival Mob, The- "Mob Justice 12" Sea Foam Green /400 (Revelation)
Rorschach- "Remain Sedate/Protestant" 2x12 Reissue Black 354/1000 (Gern Blandsten)
Rot In Hell- "Hallways Of The Always" Discography 12" White with black splatter /800, Nabbe Artwork 3/4 (A389)
Rot In Hell- "Niu" 12" Black /300 (A389)
Rot In Hell- "As Pearls Before Swine" Gatefold 12" Orange and Gold /300 (Deathwish)
Rot In Hell/Psywarfare- Split 12" White /?? (Magic Bullet)
Rot In Hell- "Ruined Empire" Rarities Gatefold 12" Grey /?? (Organized Crime)
Rottrevore- “Iniquitous” Reissue 12” White with Green Splatter /100 (Xtreem)
Rotted- "Pestilent Tomb" 12" Black /200 (Nuclear Abominations)
Rotten Tomb- "Visions Of A Dismal Fate" 12" Black /300 (Crypts Of Eternity)
Ruin- "Drown In Blood" 12" Red /?? (Blood Harvest)
Running For Cover- "Dark Well" 12" Black /?? (Art Of The Underground)
RZL DZL- "Strictly Saucers" Gatefold 12" Pic Disc /?? (Lockin Out)

Sadistik Exekution- "We Are Death Fukk You" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Osmose Productions)
Sanctuarium- "Into The Mephitic Abyss" 12" Black /?? (Blackseed Productions)
S.O.B.- "What's The Truth?" 12" Black /?? (Rise Above)
Scapegoat- S/T 12" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Seance- "Forever Laid To Rest" 12" Reissue Black /?? (Black Mark Production)
Secret, The- "Solve Et Coagula" 12" Black /?? (Southern Lord)
Sedimentum- "Suppuration Morphogénésiaque" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Sentenced- "Shadows Of Past" Reissue, Snow Clear /1000 (Cosmic Key)
Sentient Horror- "Ungodly Forms" 12" Black /300 (Redefining Darkness/Testimony)
Sépulcre- "Ascent Through Morbid Transcendence" 12" Black /?? (Invictus)
Sepultura- "Arise" 12" Black /?? (RoadRacer)
Sepultura- "The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996" 6x12" Box Set /?? (Rhino)
Serpent Spawn- "Crypt Of Torment" 12" Black /?? (Iron Bonehead)
Seven Sisters Of Sleep- S/T Gatefold 12" Black /?? (A389)
Sex/Vid- "Communal Living" 12" Black /?? (Dom America)
Shackles- One Sided S/T 12" Clear /100 (Arrest)
Shackles- "Forced To Regress" 12" Blue /100 (Resist)
Sheer Terror- "Just Can't Hate Enough" Reissue 12" Black /?? (Blackout!)
Shin To Shin- S/T 12" Blood Splatter /?? (A389)
Shipwrecked- "The Last Pagans" 12" Clear /218 (Crucial Response)
Shipwrecked- "We Are The Storm" 12" Gold 110/200 (PST)
Siege- "Drop Dead" Re Release 12" Gold /1000 (Deep 6)
Sinister- "Diabolical Summoning" 12" Reissue, Electric Blue /500 (Cosmic Key)
Skeletal Remains- "Devouring Mortality" 12" Brown and Gold /?? (Dark Descent)
Skeletonwitch- "Serpents Unleashed" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Prosthetic)
Slaughter Strike- "At Life's End" 12"ep Red with Black Smoke /?? (Cyclopean)
Slayer- "Show No Mercy" Gatefold Reissue 12" White /?? (Back On Black)
Slayer- "Hell Awaits" 12" Picture Disc /?? (Metal Blade)
Slayer- "Reign In Blood" 12" Black /?? (Def Jam)
Slayer- "Reign In Blood" 12" Picture Disc /?? (Geffen/Def Jam)
Slayer- "South Of Heaven" Reissue 12" Black /?? (American)
Slayer- "Seasons In The Abyss" Reissue 12" Black /?? (American)
Slayer- "Divine Intervention" Reissue 12" Black /?? (American)
Sledgehammer- "Wonder If He's For Sale?" 12" Clear Poly 1/50 (Self Released)
Sleep- "Sleep's Holy Mountain" Gatefold 12" Reissue Black /?? (Kreation/Earache)
Slugathor- "Unleashing The Slugathron" 12" Reissue Black /500 (Drakkar)
Slugathor- "Echoes From Beneath" 12" Reissue Red/Black /500 (Drakkar)
Slugathor- "Circle Of Death" 12" Reissue Green/Black /500 (Drakkar)
Slugathor- "Crypt Of The Ancient Fire" 12" Black /?? (Drakkar)
Sněť- “Mokvání V Okovech” 12” Black /?? (Blood Harvest)
SS Decontrol- "The Kids Will Have Their Say" Bootleg 12" Black /?? (Exclaim)
Solstice (Florida)- "The Sentencing" 12" Reissue, Black /400 (Hammerheart)
Soul Swallower- "Devoured" 12" Black /?? (Painkiller)
S.O.D.- "Speak English Or Die" Reissue 12" Green with Black Smudge /?? (Megaforce)
Spectral Voice- "Necrotic Doom" Single Sided 12" Black /?? (Dark Descent)
Spectral Voice- "Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing" 12" Purple, Second Press /?? (Dark Descent)
Spectral Voice - "Sparagmos" 12" Ultra Clear Marble /?? (Dark Descent)
Spectral Voice/Undergang- Split 12" Black /?? (Extremely Rotten Productions)
Spectrum Mortis – "קדוש" MLP Black /?? (Blackseed)
Spectrum Mortis- "Bit Meseri - The Incantation" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Listenable)
Spine- "Time Has Gone" 12" Black /?? (Bad Teeth)
Stench Of Decay- "Where Death And Decay Reign" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest)
Straight Ahead- S/T ("Breakaway") 12"ep Black, Second Press /?? (Some/iRisk)
Straight Jacket Nation- "Cheap Tricks" 12" Black /?? (Short Fuse)
Straight Jacket Nation- "Live On PBS" 12" Black /?? (No Patience)
Suffer- "Lone" 12" White /200 (Midnight Funeral)
Suffering Mind- S/T 12" White /?? (625 Thrash/Crucificados)
Sulphurous- "Dolorous Death Knell" 12" Black /?? (Night Shroud)
Sulphurous- "The Black Mouth of Sepulchre" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Superjoint Ritual- "Use Once And Destroy" Gatefold 2x12" Green /500 (Back On Black)
Superstition- "Surging Throng Of Evil's Might" 12" Clear with Black Smoke /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Superstition- "The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation" 12" Black Inside Ultra Clear with Silver Splatter /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Sword, The- "Gods Of The Earth" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Kemado)
Sword, The- "Warp Riders" Gatefold 12" Gold 1208/5000 (Kemado)

Taphos – "Come Ethereal Somberness" 12" Black /500 (Blood Harvest)
Taste Of Fear- S/T Discog 12" Black /?? (SOA)
Tear Gas- "The Way Of All Flesh" 12" Black /?? (Hardcore Victim)
Teitanblood- "The Baneful Choir" 12" Black /?? (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)
Temple Nightside- "The Hecatomb" 12" Black /?? (Iron Bonehead)
Temple Nightside- "Recondemnation" 12" Black /?? (Iron Bonehead)
Temple Nightside- "Pillars Of Damnation" 12" Black /?? (Iron Bonehead) 
Terror- "Lowest Of The Low" 12" Clear /?? (Bridge 9)
Terror- "One With The Underdogs" Black /?? (Trustkill/Dead Serious)
Terror- "Keepers Of The Faith' 12" Blue /?? (Reaper)
Terrorizer- "World Downfall" 12" Green, 2nd Press /700 (Earache)
Thergothon- "Fhtagn-Nagh Yog-Sothoth" 12" Black /?? (The Crypt)
Think I Care- S/T 12" Black /?? (Dead Alive)
Think I Care- "World Asylum" 12" Grey/Yellow swirl /?? (Bridge 9)
Thou- "Tyrant" 12" Black remastered repress /1500 (Southern Lord)
Thou- "Baton Rouge, You Have Much Much To Answer For" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Robotic Empire)
Thou/Moloch- "Tears That Soak A Callous Heart" Split 12" Clear /1000 (Feast Of Tentacles)
Thou- "Summit" 12" Black /?? (Southern Lord)
Timeghoul- "Tumultuous Travelings / Panaramic Twilight" Reissue 12" Clear /100 (The Crypt/Dark Symphonies)
Tomb Mold- "Primordial Malignity" 12" Second Press Green /250 (Blood Harvest)
Torture Chain- "Across Great Landscapes To A Legacy Of Blood" 12" White /?? (Yersinia Pestis)
Torture Chain- "Wasting Syndrome" 12" Black /500 (Darkest Heavy)
Torture Chain- "The Ascent Of Deimos" 12" Purple /100 (Hospital)
Torture Rack- "Malefic Humiliation" 12" Red with Black Splatter /?? (Parasitic)
Toxic Holocaust- "Conjure And Command" 2x12" Black /?? (Relapse)
Toxic Holocaust- "Chemistry Of Consciousness" 12" Black /2029 (Relapse)
Trapped Under Ice- "Secrets Of The World" Gatefold 12" Clear with Black Smudge /?? (Reaper)
Trash Talk- S/T 12" Yellow /300 (Trash Talk Collective)
Trash Talk- "Eyes & Nines" 12" Clear /1400 (Trash Talk Collective)
Trial- "Are These Our Lives?" 12" Black /1700 (Equal Vision)
Trial- "Through The Darkest Days/Foundation" Re Issue 12" Clear /100 (Panic)
Triumvir Foul- S/T 12" Black /?? (Blood Harvest)
Turmoil- "From Bleeding Hands" 12" Black /?? (Century Media)
Turmoil- "The Process Of..." 12" Black /?? (Trustkill)
Twitching Tongues- "In Love There Is No Law" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Closed Casket Activities)
Tzompantli - "Tlazcaltiliztli" 12" Cloudy Red /?? (20 Buck Spin)

Unbound- "Godbait" 12" Purple /?? (NGM)
Undergang- "Misantropologi" 12" Green (3rd Press) /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo Records)
Undergang- "Aldrig i livet" 12" Black /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Urban Blight- "More Reality" 12" Black /?? (Slasher)
Urban Waste- S/T 12" (7" Reissue) Black /?? (Mad At The World)
UX Vileheads- "Hardcore XI" 12" Black /?? (Adult Crash/My Vag)

Vacivus- "Temple Of The Abyss" 12" Black /300 (Profound Lore)
Vacuous- "Dreams of Dysphoria" 12" White /?? (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Various Artists- "America's Hardcore" 12" Blue with White Splatter /700 (Triple B)
Various Artists- "Black On Black: A Tribute To Black Flag" (feat. Converge) 12" Grey marble /2500 (Initial)
Various Artists- "City Limits" 12" Blue Smudge /?? (High Anxiety/No Idea)
Various Artists- "Flex Your Head" 12" Reissue Red /?? (Dischord)
Various Artists- "Generations" 12" Black /?? (Revelation)
Various Artist- "Split Scene" 12" Black /?? (Urbn Rage)
Various Artists- "This Comp Kills Fascists" Gatefold 2x12" Black /?? (Deep 6)
Various Artists- "This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2" Gatefold 2x12" Green and Blue /100 (Deep 6)
Various Artists- "Trapped In A Scene" 12" Black /?? (625 Thrash/Give Praise)
Vastum- "Hole Below" 12" Black /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Vastum- "Orificial Purge" 12" Black & Bone Merge with Red/Mustard/White Splatter /?? (20 Buck Spin)
Verminous- "The Unholy Communion" 12" Black /?? (Xtreem)
Vile Apparition- "Depravity Ordained" 12" Black /?? (Blood Harvest)
Vile Gash- "Nightmare In A Damaged Brain" Gatefold LP Black /?? (Youth Attack)
Vile Intent- "Machine Into Flesh" 12" Black /?? (Self Released) x2
Violation- "Devoured" 12" Orange/Red /307 (1917)
Violent Minds- "Eyes Of Death" 12" Black /?? (Parts Unknown)
Violent Minds- "We Are Nothing" 12"ep Clear /200 (Deranged)
Violent Reaction- "City Streets" 12" Black, US Press /?? (Painkiller)
Violent Reaction- "City Streets" 12" Blue, UK Press /100 (Quality Control)
Violent Reaction- "Marching On" 12" Clear /300 (Revelation)
Void/Faith- Split 12" Repress Purple /?? (Dischord)
Void- "Sessions '81-'83" 12" Black /?? (Dischord)
Vouna- "Atropis" 2x12" Gold, Silver, White Colour Mix w/ Red Splatter /?? (Profound Lore)

Walls- S/T 12" Black /?? (Painkiller)
Walls- One Sided S/T 12" Black /?? (Iron Lung)
War Master- "Pyramid Of Necropolis" 12" Black /800 (Torture Garden Picture Company)
Warp Chamber- "Implements Of Excruciation" 12" Black /300 (Profound Lore)
Warriors, The- "War Is Hell Redux" 12" Black/Red/Blue /500 (GMS) 
Warzone- "Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets" Reissue 12" Blue /1000 (Revelation)
Wasted Time- "And So It Goes... The First Two Ep's" S/T and "No Shore" Reissue 12" Black /?? (La Familia)
Weight, The- "Prisoners Of The Flock" Gatefold 12" Gold with Black Splatter /100 (Clarity)
Weregoat- "Unholy Exaltation Of Full Moon Perversity" Black /?? (Parasitic)
White Zombie- "Astro-Creep: 2000" 12" Reissue Black /?? (Music On Vinyl)
Whoresnation- "Dearth" 12" Black /?? (Carbonized)
Wolves In The Throne Room- "Malevolent Grain" 12"ep Brown /?? (Southern Lord)
Wormrot- "Abuse" 12" Red /110 (TVG)
Wormrot- "Dirge" 12" Yellow /200 (Earache)
Wormrot- "Voices" Gatefold 12" Black /?? (Earache)  
Wu-Tang Clan- "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" 12" Black /?? (BMG)

xFilesx- "Excruciation" 12" White /?? (Trash Art)

Youth Of Today- "Break Down The Walls" 12" Black /?? (Revelation)

ZOM- Demo 12" Red /?? (Invictus Productions)
ZOM- "Flesh Assimilation" 12" Black /?? (Invictus/Dark Descent) 

Demo/Promo Tapes --- 
#1's, The- "Italia 90" Demo Tape
4 Dead- "Anchors" Promo Tape 48/48 (Delayed Response)
Abraxis- Demo 2008 with Screened Case (Midnight Funeral)
All In Brawl- Demo Tape 11/50
All In Deep Shit- Demo Tape
Altercado Espiritual- Demo Tape
Anguish- "Dawn Of Doom" Tape (Dark Descent)
Astriferous- "Raise High The Scepter Of Indulgence" Demo Tape (Desert Wasteland)
Bad Choice- Demo Tape
Battle Ruins- 2017 Promo Tape
Benchpress- Demo Tape 96/200
Benchpress- Practice Tape
Black Coffee- Demo Tape
Black Deity- Demo Tape (Delayed Response)
Black Jesus- Demo Tape
Blind Dead- Demo Tape (Deer Healer)
Bloody Hammer- Demo Tape (Hardcore Victim)
Blow Your Brains Out- Demo Tape (Rain On The Parade)
Bone Sickness- Demo Tape, Second Dub (Plague)
Bone Sickness- "Theatre Of Morbidity" Tape /100 (Self Released)
Boston Strangler- "Outcast" Demo Tape, Second Dub /300 (No Way)
Bracewar- Demo Tape
Breathing Fire- Demo Tape (Painkiller)
Caged Grave- Demo Tape 20/50
Caged Grave- Live Tape 27/28
Caged Grave- "Gutless" Tape 40/50 (Asbestos Death)
Can't Relate- Demo Tape (Forever Young)
Cavurn- Rehearsal Tape (Blood Harvest)
Cellgraft- Demo Tape 52/300
Cerebral Rot- “Cessation Of Life” Demo Tape /100
Chain Rank- Demo Tape
Chaotian- "Where Gods Excarnate" Demo Tape (Extremely Rotten)
Charnel Altar- Demo Tape (Desert Wastelands)
Chthonic Deity- "Reassembled In Pain" Demo Tape /300 (Lunar Tomb)
Church Of Disgust- Demo Tape /50
Church Of Disgust- "Invocation Of Putrid Worship" Tape (Filthy Cave)
Clear Sight- Demo Tape
Coffin Birth- Demo Tape
Column Of Heaven- "Ecstatically Embracing Everything That We Habitually Suppress" Demo Tape (Survivalist)
Combat Zone, The- Demo Tape (Twerp)
Contaminated- "Pestilential Decay" Tape
Convict- "Barred Life" Demo Tape (Painkiller)
Corpus Offal- Demo Tape (20 Buck Spin)
Criminal Negligence- Demo Tape
Crown Court- "Trouble From London" Demo Tape (Quality Control)
Crux/Workshy- Split Tape
Cryptivore- "Unseen Divinity" Demo Tape /100 (Blood Harvest)
Cult Minds- Demo Tape
Cyborg- Demo Tape (Yakuzzi)
Dead Black- Demo Tape 9/100
Dead Black- Mix Tape
Deathcrvsh- Demo Tape
Decrepitorum- "Foul Examination of Putrefied Remains" Demo Tape
Defile- Demo Tape
Demigod- "Unholy Domain" Demo Tape 2020 Reissue Blue /?? (Into It)
Descent- Demo Tape
Deth Warr- "Rebirth Through Putrefaction" Tape
Devil (Norway)- "Magister Mundi Xum" Demo Tape (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Devil- "Live Entry" Tape /100 (Vedavu)
Disguise- Demo Tape
Dishammer- Discography Tape 119/200 (Kandar Mosh Distro)
Distroy- Demo Tape
Divisions- "Fin" Tape 218/300 (Human Crush)
Doomed Beast- Demo Tape /300
Doubled Over- Demo Tape
Downpour- Demo Tape (Delayed Response)
Downpour- Demo Tape, Second Dub (Delayed Response)
Draw Blank- Demo Tape (Delayed Response)
Dribble- Demo Tape (Cool Death)
Drug Test- "Down The Stairs" Demo Tape
Druids- "Pray For Water" Demo Tape (EA)
Duckhunt- Demo Tape
Duress- Demo Tape
Entrapment- "Infernal Blasphemies" Demo Tape (Detest)
Entrapment- "Putrefying Stench Of Death" Demo Tape
Excarnated Entity- "Stillborn In Ash" Demo Tape
Exploding Birds- Demo Tape
Extortion- Demo Tape (One of the original 20 with the Black Flag cover)
Extortion- "You Got Ripped Off... Again" Bootleg Tape 17/100
Extortion- "Live At The Reverence Hotel" Tape 35/100 (Asbestos Death)
Extortion- "Obsess" Tape (RSR)
Extortion- EP Collection Bootleg Tape
Extortion- Degenerate and Sick Comp Bootleg Tape
Eye Gouge!- "Feel The Rage" Tape 25/50 (Rain On The Parade)
Faux Hawks- S/T Tape (One Blood)
Fear Factory- Boot '91 Demo Tape
Fetid- "Sentient Pile Of Amorphous Rot" Demo Tape (Extremely Rotten)
Flesh Police- Demo Tape
Flesh Police- 2nd Demo Tape
Flesh World- Demo Tape
Flesh World- Second Demo Tape
Flex, The- Demo Tape
Flex, The- "Flexual Healing Vol. 1" Tape /70 (Milk Run)
Force Fed- Demo Tape (Painkiller)
Frozen Over/Search And Destroy- Split Tape
Frozen Over- Comp Tape (Life Lair Regret)
Fucked Up- "Generations Vol. I" Tape
Fucked Up- "Generations Vol. II" Tape
Full Nelson- Demo Tape
God Harvest- Demo Tape 49/100
Gosudar- Demo Tape (Rotted Life)
Guns Up!- Demo Tape
Grandmother- "Family Time" Tape 14/30 (Slays For Days)
Greatest City In The World Soundzine #1
Gutless- "Mass Extinction" Demo Tape (Maggot Stomp)
Gutter Gods- Demo Tape
Hagborn- Demo Tape
Harbringer- "Opinion Nation" Tape (Look Alive)
Hard Luck- Demo Tape
Hard Luck- "Rehearsal 2005" Tape (Rain On The Parade)
Harness- Demo Tape (Mind Melt)
Hatred Surge- "Deconstruct" Tape 2nd dub /?? (Financial Ruin)
Headaches- Demo Tape Yellow 25/25
Headless Death- Demo Tape
Headless Death- "Under The Mushroom" Tape
Hexis- Demo Tape (Suburban Mayhem)
Hexx- Demo Tape /40 (Asbestos Death)
Higher Power- Demo Tape (Life Lair Regret)
Highscore- "New Fuel" Discography Tape
Hooded Menace- "The Eyeless Horde" Tape 80/100 (Witch Hammer)
Horrendous- "Sweet Blasphemies" Demo Tape (Dark Descent)
Impalers, The- Demo Tape 2nd Dub
In Disgust- "Reality Choke" Tape (Scab On My Brain)
In Disgust- "Live At Gilman" Tape /100 (Drugged Conscience)
Infest- Full Disco Boot Tape
Innumerable Forms- "Frozen To Death" Promo Tape
Innumerable Forms- "Petrified/Joyless" Tape 12/250 (Hell Massacre)
Innumerable Forms- "Despotic Rule" Tape /300 (Iron Lung)
Innumerable Forms- "The Fall Down" Tape /500 (Iron Lung)
Insurgents- "Dead Hicks" Demo Tape
Intent- Demo Tape
Internal Rot- Rehearsal Tape /100 (Noise Not War)
Internal Rot- EP Tape /20 (Noise Not War)
Iron Age- Demo Tape (Next Level)
Iron Age- "The Way Is Narrow" Tape (Next Level)
Iron Age- "Saga Demos" Tape /250 (Cyclopean)
Iron Lung- Mix Tape I
Iron Lung- Mix Tape II
Iron Lung- "I Hate You Mother Fuckers" Australian Tour Tape /?? (Iron Lung)
Iron Mind- "Guilt" Tape Cover A 3/100 (Dead Souls)
Jarhead Fertilizer- "Scaphism" Tape (Ghosts Collective)
Jerk Store- "Language Barrier" Demo Tape
Jungle Fever- "Stayin' Alive" Tape Yellow /33 (Trial And Error)
Kicked In- Demo Tape
Kicked In- "Eureka Savage" Demo Tape
Knife Fight- Demo Tape
Kommand- 2016 Demo Tape
Kommand- 2018 Demo Tape
Kurb Stomp- "Stomp The Druggies" Tape
Last Chaos- "Wild Men" Demo Tape
Last Nerve- Demo Tape
Left Cross- "Prophecy Of Conquest" Tape
Legal Highs- Demo 2012 Tape 92/150
Life Trap- Demo Tape
Little Sister- "Repercussions" Tape /100 (Tape Haus/Big Purple)
Lustration- "Goetic Invokator" Demo Tape
Lustration- "Goetic Invokator" Demo Tape, Second Dub with patch 88/100 (Wohrt)
MFP- Demo Tape
Malignant Altar- "Retribution Of Jealous Gods" Demo Tape
Maligner- "Demon" Tape (Blood Harvest)
Mammoth Grinder- "Goes To College" Demo Tape 13/30 (Ghost Hunt)
Mammoth Grinder- "No Results" Tape 63/100 (Ghost Hunt)
Mammoth Grinder- "Extinction Of Humanity" Tape (Ghost Hunt)
Mammoth Grinder- 2010 Tour Tape (Nuclear Solution)
Manhunt- Demo Tape 15/100 (Luke Records)
Menace To Society- Demo Tape (Delayed Response)
Mens Interest- Demo Tape (Painkiller)
Mentally Challenged- "Regressor Pt.1" Tape (Painkiller)
Mephitic Corpse - "Immense Thickening Vomit" Demo Tape (Extremely Rotten Productions)
Michael Crafter- "D.Y Or Die" Tape (Mostera Deliciosa)
Migraine- Demo Tape, Band Version
Migraine- Demo Tape, Red 8/25 (Asbestos Death)
Mind Eraser- 2003 Demo Tape (Painkiller)
Mind Eraser- Demo 8 Track Red 25/50 (Welfare)
Mind Eraser- "A Legacy Of Brutality" Tape
Mindless- "Human Conditioning" Tape (Financial Ruin)
Morbid Cruelty - Demo Tape (Burning Coffin)
Mortal Wound- "Forms Of Unreasoning Fear" Demo Tape (Maggot Stomp)
Nazi Dentist- Demo Tape (Delayed Response)
Nazi Dentist- Demo Tape 2nd Dub (Delayed Response)
Nazi Dentist- "Hostile" Demo Tape (Delayed Response)
Nazi Dust- Demo Tape (Band Version)
Never Right- Demo Tape /35
New Lows- Demo Tape
New Lows- "Live On WERS Radio 2008" Tape
New Lows- "Paincave Sessions Volume I" Tape /300 (Painkiller)
Nightprowler- Demo Tape
Night Stalker- Demo Tape
Nihilist- "Only Shreds Remain" Demo Tape
Nihilist- "Premature Autopsy" Demo Tape
Nihilist- "Drowned" Demo Tape
Noose (Canada)- Demo Tape 38/100
No Faith- S/T Tape (Red Room)
No Tolerance- Demo Tape (Edge Day)
NS Mayhem- Demo Tape
Nuclear Witch- Demo Tape (Lurk Sleep Kill)
Oblivionation- Demo Tape
Obscure Burial- "Epiphany" Demo Tape, Second Edition (Invictus)
Obsessor- "Sick Salvation" Tape (Tank Crimes)
Oily Boys- Demo Tape (Disinfect)
Ossuary- "Supreme Degradation" Demo Tape (Darkness Shall Rise)
Overlord- Demo Tape
Paranoid- Demo Tape (Look Alive)
Pathetic Human- "Unexpected Death" Tape 19/50
Pathetic Human/Collapsed Toilet Vietnam- Split Tape (Sweat Lung/Magic Crowbar)
Patibulum- "Ninurta's Call Heeded" Tape
Peacebreakers- Demo Tape
Phantom Crawl- "Grotesque Seance" Demo Tape /25 (Homie Shit)
Pressure's On- Demo Tape
Prison Chapel- Demo Tape (Suburban Mayhem)
Purity Control- First Demo Tape
Purity Control- Second Demo Tape
R.A.D.- Demo Tape
Rated X- Demo Tape, Blue /20
Reality Unfolds- Demo Tape 28/33 (Midnight Funeral)
Realness, The- Demo Tape 54/69
Reckless Aggression- Demo Tape
Reckless Aggression- 2nd Demo Tape (Short Fuse)
Reeking Aura- "Beneath The Canopy Of Compost" Demo Tape
Reincarnation- Demo Tape
Repulse- Demo Tape
Restless- "Restless Thoughts" Demo Tape
Ripped Off- Demo Tape (Delayed Response)
Ripped Off- "War. Fire. Death." Tape (Nailgun Murder)
Risk And Reason- Mix Tape 2010 8/37 (Midnight Funeral)
Rival Mob, The- "Hardcore 4 Hardcore" Promo Tape 25/100
Rival Mob, The- "Mob Justice" Promo Tape /500
Rival Mob, The- "Mob Justice" Full Length Tape (Revelation)
Rival Mob, The- "If You Listen To Fools..." Tape
Ropes, The- 1st Demo Tape (Yakuzzi)
Rort- 2nd Demo Tape
Rort- LP Promo Tape
Rothadás- Demo Tape (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Rotting Out- Demo Tape 60/100
RZL DZL- Demo Tape
Scab Eater- "Abject Flesh" Demo Tape
Scapegoat- Winter Tour Tape
Seeds Of Rape- Demo Tape Mail Order Version 5/20
Seraphic Entombment- "Quelled" Demo Tape (Unholy Domain)
Severe- "Distorted Views" Promo Tape
Sewercide- "Severe Trauma" Tape
S.H.I.T.- Demo Tape
Shackles- Demo Tape MMX
Shackles- "Preliminary Harm" Tape (Delayed Response)
Shackles- "Dissolve To Nothing" Tape (Delayed Response)
Shackles/Worn Out- Split Tape (Castigated)
Shark Attack- "Feeding Frenzy" Demo Tape
Sharp Shooter- Demo Tape (Look Alive)
Shipwrecked- Demo Tape
Shitgrinder- "Life Is Corrupted" Demo Tape (Castigated)
Shit Weather- Demo Tape
Shock Value- Demo Tape
Shock Value- Covers Tape 2/50
Shock Value- "The Palace" Tape /50 (Delayed Response)
Short Lived- Demo Tape
Shrapnel- Demo Tape (New Instinct)
Sick People- "No Excuse" Demo Tape (Delayed Response)
Sick People- "No Excuse" Demo Tape, Second Dub 81/100 (Delayed Response)
Sick People- Jam Room Tape /50 (Delayed Response)
Sick People- "What We've Done Is Secret" Tape
Sick People- "Fakes Rule" Promo Tape (Delayed Response/Rain On The Parade)
Sick Society- Demo Tape (Rain On The Parade)
Simfuckers- Demo Tape
Skin Father- Demo Tape (Look Alive)
Skrapyard- Demo Tape
Skrapyard- "Mixtape 2012" Tape
Skrapyard- "Mixtape 2012" Tape (Australian Edition) (Rain On The Parade)
Skullcrush- "Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse" Tape, Second Edition Red (Camo Pants)
Slaughter Strike- "A Litany Of Vileness" Demo Tape 88/47
Slaughter Strike- "Winter's Agony" Australian Edition Demo Tape /50
Social Damage- Demo Tape /65
Social Damage- Demo II Tape 12/100
Soma Coma- Demo Tape
Soul Swallower- "Devour" Promo Tape 56/100
Square One- "Suburban Rage" Demo Tape, Brisbane Edge Day Edition, Red 26/30 (WRR)
Stab- Demo Tape
Stoic Violence- Demo Tape
Stone Dagger- "The Siege Of Jerusalem" Tape
Strong Boys- Demo Tape
Suffer- Demo Tape
Suffer- "Blood Wars" Demo Tape Ringworm rip-off cover /15
Suffer/Pathetic Human- Split Tape /80 (No Patience)
Suffer- "Raw Violent Assault" Tape (No Patience)
Suffer- Discography Tape, Screened Cover 25/30 (Asbestos Death)
Swallowed- "Epitaph Of Nauseation" Demo Tape
Swamp Thing- Demo Tape 30/30
Taipan- "Sonic Luggage" Tape /50
Tear Gas- Demo Tape
Thought Crusade- Burning Fight Demo Tape
Through Thorn And Brier- "Good Grief" Tape Red 94/100 (Baldy Longhair)
Tinnitus- Demo Tape (Look Alive)
Torso- "Demonic Vomiting" Demo Tape (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Torture Chain- "Time Is But A Doorway To The Incinerator" Tape (Eternal Summer)
Total Reality- "Trigger Time" Demo Tape (Short Fuse)
Trap Them- "Filth Rations" Tape /350 (Dead Accents)
Tremors- Demo Tape
True Vision- "Against The Grain" Promo Tape /200
Ulcerot- "Necuratu" Demo Tape (Extremely Rotten Productions)
Unbound- "Flesh Burns" Demo Tape
Unbound- "Black Hole Hatred" Demo Tape
Unholy Majesty- Demo Tape (Hemlock 13)
Unholy Redeemer- Demo Tape (Extremely Rotten Productions)
United Void- Demo Tape
Vaccine- Demo Tape 93/100
Various Artists- "California Uber Allies" Tape
Various Artists- "Arrest Records Mix Tape Vol. 1"
Velvet Whip- Demo Tape (Cool Death)
Vigilante- Demo Tape (No Policy)
Vile Faith- Demo Tape (Butt Records)
Vile Intent- "Skin In The Game" Tape
Vile Intent- 2014 LP Pre Production Tape
Violent Abuse- "The Violent Fucking Truth" Demo Tape
Violent Future- Demo Tape
Violent Minds- Promo Tape
Violent Outburst- Demo Tape (Tension Head)
Violent Reaction- Demo Tape (Hemlock 13)
Violent Reaction- s/t Tape (Rain On The Parade)
Violent Reaction- "City Streets" Tape (Rain On The Parade)
Viper- Demo Tape (Skeleton)
Vrenth- Demo Tape
Warp Chamber- "Abdication Of The Mind" Demo Tape (Redefining Darkness)
War Threat- Demo Tape
War Trauma- Demo Tape (Delayed Response)
Waste Management- "Waste Taste" Tape
Waste Management/Boston Strangler/Peacebreakers- "Stompilation" Tape (Stupid)
White Male Dumbinance- Demo Tape Second Dub 17/100
Whorelord- Demo Tape (Lurk Sleep Kill)
Wolfsblood- Demo Tape I
Wolfsblood- Demo Tape II
World War 4- Demo Tape
World War 4- Second Demo Tape
Wormitorium- "Inherited Decay" Demo Tape (Rotted Life)
Zodiac- Demo Tape
ZOM- Demo Tape (Invictus)

Demos/CDs --- 
731- "Raw Grind Violence: Live On PBS" CD (Test Subject)
Abraxis- Demo CD
After The Quarrel- Demo CD
Big Ups- Demo 2007 CD
Cop Gestapo- Demo CD
Crowd Control- LP Sampler CD
Deez Nuts- Demo 2007 CD
Die Go Die- Demo CD
Downpour- Demo CD
Drainland- "Swine" Demo CD
Efforts Made- "From The Start" Demo CD
Exit Wounds- Demo CD
Extortion- Demo CD
Faux Hawks- S/T 3"CD (One Blood)
Germ head- Demo CD
Hard Luck- Demo CD
Hitman- 2nd Demo CD
Ill- "Sessions In The Sun" CD
Ill Brigade- Various Demos And Live Tracks CD
In Disgust- Demo CD
Insurgents- "Dead Hicks" Demo CD
Iron Lung- "Too, Can Sabotage, Live At The Gasometer Hotel 2013" CD
Iron Rain- Demo CD
Jerk Store- Demo CD
Lead By Example- Demo CD
Line Break- Demo CD
Love Below, The- Demo CD
Mind Eraser- "Vomit Noise" Promo CDR
Never Right- Demo CD
New Lows- Demo CD (Eating Rats)
Nowhere Bound- Demo CD
Nuclear Summer- Demo CD
Paradise City- Demo CD
Pellinore- "Hellmouth Demo" CD
Poison Planet- Demo CD
Ratbag- Demo CD
Relentless- Demo 07 CD
Right Back At Ya- Demo 2005 CD
Right Back At Ya- Demo 2005 (The Rev Can Suck It Cover 5/25) CD
Right Back At Ya- Demo 2005 (The Last Supper 'Simon' Cover 12/13) CD
Right Back At Ya- Demo 2006 CD
Risen- "Playing The Victim" Demo CD (Catalyst)
Sex Messiah- Demo CD
Shackles- Demo CD
Slowburn- Second Demo CD
Snake Eyes- Demo CD
Spilled Blood #2
Spilled Blood #3
Step Down- "Takin Care Of Business" Demo CD
Suffer- Demo 3" CD
Suffer- "Blood Wars" Demo CD
Surrogate/Willows- Split 3" CD
Thick Skin- "Bottom Feeder Sessions" Demo
This Is This- "It Just Gets Worse" Demo CD 120/200
Trbl Mkr- Demo CD
Vigilante- Demo CD
Waiting Room- Demo 2010 CD
Wait In Vain- Demo CD
We Set Sail- Demo CD
We Set Sail- 2nd Demo CD
Western Decay- Demo '06 CD

Print Fanzines ---  
13 Point Program To Destroy Adelaide Compilation Zine
Adult Crash #1
After The Banter #1
Ampallang #2
Atlanta Youth Report #7
Awake #3
Bail Bonds #1
Bite This #3
Bloody Wars #1
Born To Hate #5
Botched Orchiectomy #1
Cabin Fever #1
Chunks #1
Chunks #2
Chunks #3
Chunks #4
Chunks #5
Chunks #6
Chunks #7
Collected Thoughts #1
Colossal Maus #1
Colossal Maus #2
Colossal Maus #3
Conscious Rot #1
Considered Dead #1
Constant Struggle #1
Constant Struggle #2
Constant Struggle #3
Counterfeit Garbage #1
Counterfeit Garbage #2
Counterfeit Garbage #3
Counterfeit Garbage #4
Counterfeit Garbage #5
Counterfeit Garbage #6
Counterfeit Garbage #7
Counterfeit Garbage #8
Cows And Beer #1
Crypts Of Eternity #6
Crypts Of Eternity #7
Cut Sick #3
Cut Sick #4
Cut Sick #5
Cutting Away #2
Cyanide Tooth #1
Deathwound #2
Dehumanised #1
Deny Everything #1
Deny Everything #2
Deny Everything #3
Deny Everything #5
Devoured Death #2
Devoured Death #3
Devoured Death #4
Devoured Death #5
Dirty Alleys Dirty Minds #1
Dirty Alleys Dirty Minds #?/Rat Charge #21
Dirty Alleys Dirty Minds#? (Interviews with Total Control, Butcher Cover and Jaguarrr)
Distort #7
Distort #8
Distort #9
Distort #10
Distort #11
Distort #12
Distort #13
Distort #14
Distort #15
Distort #16
Distort #17
Distort #18
Distort #19
Distort #20 (Flyin' Trichecos 7", also listed in the 7" section)
Distort #21/Rat Charge #?
Distort #22
Distort #23
Distort #24
Distort #25 (Extortion/Jed Whitey Split 7", also listed in the 7" section)
Distort #26
Distort #27
Distort #28
Distort #29 (Split issue with Counterfeit Garbage from the USA)
Distort #30 (Eddy Current Suppression Ring/Deathwish split 7", also listed in the 7" section)
Distort #31
Distort #32
Distort #33
Distort #34
Distort #35 (Insurgents- "Fad Cash" 7", also listed in the 7" section)
Distort #36 (with pull out poster)
Distort #37
Distort #38
Distort #39 (Avon Ladies- S/T 7". also listed in the 7" section)
Distort #40 (Grabbies- Live Boot 7", also listed in the 7" section)
Distort #41
Distort #42
Distort #43
Distort #44
Distort #45 (Dribble 7", also listed in the 7" section)
Distort #46
Distort #47
Distort #48
Distort #48.5
Down And Out #8
Down And Out #11
Down And Out #23
Dumb Hardcore #1
Dumb Hardcore #2
Dumb Hardcore #3
Downsided #1
Downsided #2
Downsided #3
Downsided #4
Downsided #4.5
Downsided #5
Downsided #6
Eat The Rich #1
Echoes Of Death #1
Echoes Of Death #2
Echoes Of Death #4
Excitement Level Zero #2
Excitement Level Zero #3
Freedom Is Free #1
Ghosts #3
Groin Gravy # 3
Groin Gravy # 4
Hardcore Heartbeat #1
Hardware #7
Headsplit Newsletter #15
Headsplit Newsletter #16
Headsplit Newsletter #17
Headsplit Newsletter #18
Headsplit Newsletter #44
Heat #3
Holding On #1
Horrified #1
I Drink Milk #3
I Remember Halloween #6
Ignorance Is Strength #1
Incidental Afterthought #15
Inverted Forest #1
Inverted Forest #2
Inverted Forest #3
Inverted Forest #4
It's Still Okay Not To Drink #1
Kill Or Maim #1
Limited Readership #1
Listen Up #3
Litmus Test #1
Lost Cause #4
Metal Execution #2
Miles To Go #2
Milkshake #3
Mind Control #1
Mind Control #2
Mind Control #3
Mindless Mutant #4
Modern Hate Vibe #3
Monkey Bite #2
Mundane Mosher Vol.1
Necromaniac Zine #11
Negative Guest List #13
Negative Guest List #14
Negative Noise #2
No Answers #10
Noise Reduction #1
No Thanks Fuck Everything #3
Nothing But A Beatdown #3
Not Guilty #1
Not Guilty #2
Not Guilty #3
Numb #1
Our Time #1
Pederast Prophet #1
Putrizine #1
Rats Eyes #1
Rock 'N' Raider #1
Rock 'N' Raider #2
Rock 'N' Raider #3
Severed Ties #1
Ssex #?
Ssex #3
Short Fast & Loud #19 (The Issue with the Insect Warfare/FIITD split 7")
Sick Of Goodbyes #1
Sick Of Goodbyes #2
Slam Skank Slam Skank #1
Slays For Days #1
Slays For Days #2
Small Girl Big Mouth #2
Social Hardcore #2
Society Suckers XI
So Much More #4
Species At Risk #3
Species At Risk #4
Species At Risk #4.5
Stained Sheets #1.2
Stained Sheets #3.2
Stiches In My Head #3
Straight Up! #1
Stuck Again #1
The Harsh Truth #1
The Harsh Truth #2
The Kids Will Have Their Say #1
There's Nothing Like It #2
TheSharpEndZine #1
TheSharpEndZine #2
TheSharpEndZine #3
TheSharpEndZine #4
TheSharpEndZine #5
TheSharpEndZine #6 // Give Blood #3 Split Zine
Tight End #1
Tough Riffs #4
Tough Riffs #7
Tough Riffs #9
Town Of Hardcore #3
Town Of Hardcore #6
Town Of Hardcore #8
Town Of Hardcore #10
Uneven Ground #2
Us Vs Them #1
Us Vs Them #2
Us Vs Them #3
Video Dick #1
Voices Wake Us- Discog Issue
Wasted Days #0
We're Unstoppable #1
When We're Young, We're Invincible #4
When We're Young, We're Invincible #7
What Gives #1
Word Attack #1
Word Attack #2
Youth Grenade #2

Books ---      
American Hardcore - Steven Blush
Black Sabbath - Mick Wall
Black Tooth Grin - Zac Grain
Compendium Of Death - Mark Riddick
The Coven Fanzine Compilation - Billy Nocera
Death Vomit Fanzine Compilation - Jeff McClelland
The Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon - John Joseph
The First Five - Henry Rollins
Flex U.S. Hardcore Discography Book III
Hardware Hardcore Fanzine Anthology - Dave Koenig / Brett Beach
Lords Of Chaos - Michael Moynihan / Didrick Soderlind
Making A Scene New York Hardcore - Bri Hurley
Official Truth 101 Proof - Rex Brown
Only Death Is Real - Tom Gabriel Fischer
Rotting Ways To Misery, The History Of Finnish Death Metal - Markus Makkonen / Kim Stromsholm 
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Joel McIver
Scab Mag Fanzine Compilation - Steveggs
Schism New York Hardcore Fanzine Anthology - Alex Brown / Porcell
Swedish Death Metal - Daniel Ekeroth      
Town of Hardcore: Zineography 2002-2005 - Steve Wiltse                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
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Absu - "The Temples Of Offal / Return Of The Ancients" LP
Asunder- "A Clarion Call" LP
Conscious Rot- "The Years In Disgust" Compilation 2xLP
Demigod- "Unholy Domain" Reissue 12"
Disciples Of Mockery- "Prelude To Apocalypse" LP
Diskord- "Doomscapes" LP
Funerus- "Festering Earth" LP
Gath Smane- "Transmuted Marrow" 7"
Miasma- "Changes" LP
Morbid Angel - "Covenant" LP
Mortual - "Evil Incarnation" MLP
Nightfell- "Never Comes The Storm" LP
Rotten Tomb - "The Relief of Death" LP
Sadistic Intent - "Resurrection Of The Ancient Black Earth" LP
Verminous‎- "Impious Sacrilege" LP