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Dominic Federico

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I run Man In Decline Records.

Check out the website below or "manindeclinerecords" on Discogs for hundreds of new and used records,

Out Now:

Out Now:

MID018: Burning Kitchen "Det L�ngtande Djuret" LP
MID024: Agent Attitude "Deranged Realities" LP
MID023: ИO​/​/​/​s� "Lower Berth" LP
MID022: No More Art "Sorrows of Youth" LP
MID020: Damaged Head "Tunnel Vision" LP
MID021: Stun Event 7" (ex-OUT COLD)
MID012: The Nukes "Fascist Perverts EP" 7"
MID010: Burning Kitchen "Many Wonder About The Meaning Of Life (1993 - 2000)" 2xLP 
MID019: Cleansing Wave "Crude EP" 3-sided 7"
MID014: Damaged Head "s/t" 12" EP
MID016: Vanna Inget "Ingen Botten" LP 
MID017: Vanna Inget "Allvar" LP (repress)
MID013: Oblivionation "Cult of Culture EP" 7"
MID015: Dissekerad "s/t" LP
MID011: Lost Lands "Body of Habit" 7"
MID009: Raw Nerves "Futile Efforts" LP
MID008: No More Art / Doom Town "split" 7"
MID005: Concrete Cross "s/t" LP
MID006: Sarabante "Ερμαια των Kαιρών" b/w "Under the Shadows� 
MID007: Arctic Flowers / Spectres "split" 7" repress
MID003: Raw Nerves / Acts of Sedition "split" 7"
MID002: Seas Will Rise "Disease Is Our Refrain" LP
MID004: Come On Die Young "Weights And Measures' 12"
MID001: Come On Die Young "s/t" 7"

Coming Soon:

MID025: Red Dons 7"


Good Trade Experiences:

Fettah Hmimid (multiple times), Tru Pray, Davey Finkel, Mike Frame, Chris Bradley, Jonathan Hughes, Dave Walling, 
Tim Faulkner (multiple times) , Mark Hurst (multiple times) , Florian Messenzehl, Aaron Smith, Danny Perez, Timo Iden, Karl Keily,
Russ Torregiano,  Michael N�sse, Jesse Conway, Ben Jacobs, Frank Chartrand, Andrew Hickey, Charly Wiesauer, Brandon Ferrell, Christopher Beck and Bill Skoulas. 

People To Avoid / Bad Trade Experiences:

Chris White from Somers, CT.  
Andrew Norton (apparently there are two - the one from Salem/Beverly, Mass ripped me off). 
Jeff Balint from Toronto/Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Write me for details

To Be Added Below:


Arctic Flowers "Weaver" test press #19/50 (Deranged)
Arctic Flowers "Weaver" (Deranged)
Articles of Faith "Complete Vol 1" (Alternative Tentacles)
Beach Slang "A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings" on blue (Polyvinyl)
Big Eyes "Stake My Claim" (Don Giovanni)
The Black and Whites "S/T" (Douchemaster)
Bl'ast "The Expression of Power" (Southern Lord)
Bl'ast "The Expression of Power" (Southern Lord)
Burning Kitchen " "Many Wonder About The Meaning Of Life (1993 - 2000)" 2xLP on clear (Man In Decline)
Burning Kitchen ""Det L�ngtande Djuret" (Man In Decline / Alerta Antifacista)
Crusaders of Love "Never Give Up" (Douchemaster)
Damaged Head "Tunnel Vision" Euro tour press
Descendents "Everything Sucks" on clear (Epitaph) 
Deathreat "Consider It War" (Partners in Crime)
Dillinger Four "Versus God" on black-silver swirl (Hopeless) 
Direct Control "Farewell" /100 No Way Fest edition (Feral Ward)
Effigies "Haunted Town" 12"
Fell To Low "Low In The Dust" on clear (Revelation)
Flyin Spiderz "Let It Crawl" (Bovema Negram) 
Forward "Against Their Insanity" (540)
Funeral Oration "The Godsend" (Gummo Punx / Pain of Mind)
Generacion Suicida "Todo Termina" tour press (Going Underground)
Generacion Suicida "Todo Termina" on red (Going Underground)
Generacion Suicida "Con La Muerte a Tu Lado" (Going Underground)
Generacion Suicida ""Sombras" (Going Underground)
Hex Dispensers "III" (Alien Snatch)
Hurula "Betongbarn" (Deranged)
Infections, The "Kill The Infections" (Rip Off)
Jay Reatard "Blood Visions" on red; 10th year anniversary edition with bonus 7" (Fat Possum)
Kraut "An Adjustment to Society" on red (New Red Archives)  
Loli & The Chones "P.S. We Hate You" (Rip Off)
Longings "s/t" on red (Framework)
Long Knife "Meditations on Self-Destruction" tour press on red
MC5 "The Motor City Five" on translucent blue splatter #1829/2668 (Run Out Groove) 
Madmen "Bootleg" LP
Neighborhood Brats "s/t" (Modern Action)
Neighborhood Brats "Recover" Euro tour press
The Nervous "S/T" on red (Nervous Records)
Night Birds "Mutiny at Muscle Beach" (Fat Wreck Chords)
Pissed Jeans "Shallow" loser edition (Sub Pop)
Pissed Jeans "Hope For Men" (Sub Pop)
Pissed Jeans "Honeys" (Sub Pop)
Poison Idea "Calling All Ghosts" (American Leather)
Poison Idea "Confuse and Conquer" on red (Southern Lord)
Radioactivity "s/t" (Dirtnap)
Radioactivity "Silent Kill" on clear (Dirtnap)
Radioactivity "Silent Kill" (Dirtnap)
Red Dons "Dead Hand of Tradition" (Deranged)
Rough Kids "The State I'm In" (Sorry State)
Royal Headache "High" (What's Your Rupture)
Star Club "Cool Posers" (The Early Singles 1977-83) 
Steve Adamyk Band "Graceland" on clear (Dirtnap)
Sterile Mind "Lift The Mask" (self-released)
The Stitches "Four More Songs" on orange (Kapow)
Tenement "Bruised Music Volume One" (Grave Mistake Records)
The War Goes On "s/t" (Adult Crash / New Dark Age) 
World Burns to Death "Here A Dream Dies Everyday" (Analogue Violence)
UXA "Illusions of Grandeur" (Posh Boy)
V/A "What's A Punk? The Best of British Punksploitation" (Punk Records) 


Antimob (self-released)
Inquisition "Ideas Are Bulletproof" (Soundhole)
The Kids "No Monarchy" (Danger)
Long Knife "Possession" on orange #127/200 (Long Knife Records / Blackwater)
Marked Men "She Won't Know" (Shit Sandwich)
The Novice "What You Want" (Dirtnap) 
The Pist "Destroy Society" (Eugene)
Rough Kids / Irritones split on clear w/ green spots (Capulet / No Glory)
Social Circkle "Aspirations" test press


FYI: if you contact me about a trade, you send first.


Seven Inches:

7 Seconds �Skins Brains & Guts EP� (Alternative Tentacles)
7 Seconds �Blasts From The Past� on green vinyl (Positive Force) 
7 Seconds "Committed for Life E.P." (Squirtdown)
25 Rifles "History of Flags EP" (Snappy Little Numbers)

Acts of Sedition / Surrender split (
Agent Orange �Bloodstains� original (no label, self released) 
All Systems Fail �s/t� (loderbrock)
All Systems Fail/Sarcasmo split (Jornalero)
Alleycats "s/t" reissue (dangerhouse)
Amdi Petersens Arme �E.P� on grey-marble (kick n punch)
Amdi Petersens Arme �Blod Ser Mere Virkelict Ud Da Film� (kick n punch)
American Heartbreak �Please Kill Me� (pelado) 
Annihilation Time "Bad Reputation" on purple (Deadalive)
Annihilation Time "Cosmic Unconsciousness EP" (Tank Crimes)
Arctic Flowers / Spectres split on green (Charged/Distorted)
Articles of Faith "What We Want Is Free" second press w/ red cover (Wasteland)
Asta Kask "Till Sista Droppen" (Hohnie/DNA)
Aus Rotten "Fuck Nazi Sympathy" (Havoc)
Avengers, The "We Are The One" crucifix sleeve, original first press (Dangerhouse)
Avengers, The "Paint It Black" b/w "The White Line" on red vinyl (CD Presents)

Bad Brains "Pay to Cum" reissue (Bad Brains)
Bad Brains "171A: 1981 Sessions" (Cleopatra Cafe)
Bad Religion "s/t" (Puke N Vomit)
Bad Trip "So Unkind" (Treehouse)
Bad Trip "Bad Trip Flushes the Vaults" (Whitless Wimm)
Beat, Beat, Beat "Cheap Time" 1st press (Douchemaster)
Bent Outta Shape/ Snuggle split on clear (1234Go!) #54/100
Bent Outta Shape / Drunken Boat split (Drunk Tank)
Big Boys "Frat Cars" (boot)
Black Flag "Nervous Breakdown" 1st press, brick wall cover (SST)
Black Flag "TV Party" black and white cover (SST)
Black Market Baby "Potential Suicide" #903/1000 (Limp)
Born Against/Screeching Weasel split (Lookout)
Born Dead Icons "Part of Something Larger Than Ourselves" (Deranged)
Boys, The "Sick On You" (Vinyl Japan)
Brat, The "The Wolf" (503)
Bridge and Tunnel "s/t" on purple-pink mix, out of 400 (No Idea)
Bridge and Tunnel "Loss Leaders" on red (YoYo)
Bridge and Tunnel "Live at Fest 9" on barf (No Idea)
Bridge and Tunnel "Homecoming" b/w "Mixed/Media/Messages" (Run For Cover)
Busy Signals, The "Love and Dust" (Douchemaster)

Carbonas "I'm a Stray" (die slaughterhaus)
Carbonas "Blackout" test press (shattered) #9/10
Carbonas "Blackout" (shattered)/400 
Carbonas "Blackout" 3rd press (shattered) #58/150
Carbonas "Blackout" on red (shattered)
Carbonas "Blackout" (Douchemaster)
Carbonas "Frothing at the Mouth" 1st press (douchemaster)
Carbonas "Frothing at the Mouth" red sleeve, 3rd press, limited to 200 (douchemaster)
Carbonas "Frothing at the Mouth" black and white sleeve, one blue 5th press (douchemaster)
Carbonas "Live at Rob's House" on clear, limited to 100 (rob's house)
Carbonas "Live at Rob's House" on black, limited to 400 (rob's house)
Carbonas / Die Rotzz split (Die Slaughterhaus)
Carbonas "Whirlyball" 4-way split on clear with the ticket still attached (?)
Carbonas "Euro Tour EP" (self-released?)
Career Suicide �s/t� (kangaroo)
Career Suicide �Sars EP� Test Press (deranged) #4/7
Career Suicide �Sars EP� w/out stamp (deranged) /10
Career Suicide �Sars EP� w/ stamped cover (deranged) 
Career Suicide �Sars EP� w/screen-printed cover left-side(deranged) 
Career Suicide "Sars EP" w/screen-printed cover right-side(deranged)
Career Suicide "Sars EP" west coast tour edition w/stamps (deranged)
Career Suicide �Sars EP� west coast tour edition w/out stamps(deranged) 
Career Suicide �Sars EP� on clear (Deranged)
Career Suicide �Signals� hand-colored cover (slasher) /150
Career Suicide "Signals" tour press (slasher)
Career Suicide �Signals� folded sleeve (slasher)
Career Suicide "Signals" pocket sleeve (slasher) 
Career Suicide "Signals" picture disc (even worse/way back when)
Career Suicide "Cherry Beach" bootleg (Redrum)
Career Suicide "Cherry Beach" on red (Dirtnap)
Career Suicide "Cherry Beach" on black (Dirtnap)
Cheifs, The �Blues� on opaque-purple, out of 157 (spontaneous combustion) 
Citizens Arrest "A Light In The Darkness" #89/400 (Off the Disk/Dead End)
Clash, The �London Calling/Train in Vain� (epic)
Clash, The �Should I Stay Or Should I Go/Rock The Casbah� (epic)
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence "s/t" (thd)
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence "Gateway Handshake" (no idea)
Clorox Girls �s/t� on red (johnny cat records)
Clorox Girls "This Dimension" on blue with yellow cover,and red vellum insert (jonny cat)#52/200
Clorox Girls "This Dimension" square record on red w/ blue text (jonny cat)
Clorox Girls "Novacaine" 1st press (bachelor) #486/500
Clorox Girls "Double Mao EP" (Bachelor) #265/500
Clorox Girls / Kissin Cousins split (Beat Generation)
Colbom �Famous Last Words EP� on white (no idea) /700
Come On Die Young "s/t" test press #1/10 (Man In Decline Records)
Come On Die Young "s/t" record release edition, w/ transparency sleeve and blue cover on clear vinyl #1/40 (Man In Decline Records)
Come On Die Young "s/t" record release edition, w/ transparency sleeve and red cover on red vinyl #2/40 (Man In Decline Records)
Come On Die Young "s/t" on red w/ black streaks vinyl, out of 100 (Man In Decline Records)
Come On Die Young "s/t" on gold vinyl, out of 100 (Man In Decline Records)
Come On Die Young "s/t" on clear w/ black streaks vinyl, out of 100 (Man In Decline Records)
Come On Die Young "s/t" on black vinyl (Man In Decline Records)d
Complications "s/t" (Feral Ward)
Crass "Who Dunnit?" (Crass)
Crestfallen �s/t� (sevenlucky) 
Cut The Shit "Bored to Death" (Gloom)
Cut The Shit "One-Sided Record" #169/500 (Bored to Death)

Dag Nasty "All Ages Show" (Giant)
Deadstop �s/t� (Reflex)
Dead Boys "Buried Gems" (Coldfront)
Deathreat "s/t" (Partners in Crime)
Deathreat "Runs Dry" on blue-clear splatter (Prank)
Deep Wound "s/t" on clear (Armageddon) 
Descendents "Ride the Wild" (Orca/Pinsicato)
Descendents �Fat EP� (New Alliance)
Descendents �I Don�t Want To Get Bootlegged� green cover (boot)
Descendents "It Sux Being Single" (Tumbler)
Descendents � �Merican� (Fat Wreck Chords) 
Die Kreuzen "Cows and Beer" 2nd press with white cover (Version Sound)
Dils, The "198 Seconds of" on red (Dangerhouse) reissue
Dillinger Four �Higher Aspirations Tempered and Dismantled EP� (Cerebellum)
Dillinger Four �The Kids Are All Dead E.P.� (Cerebellum)
Dillinger Four �More Songs About Girlfriends and Bubblegum� (Mutant Pop)
Dillinger Four / The Strike �The Rebel�s Choice� (THD)
Dillinger Four / Pinhead Gunpowder (Adeline)
Direct Control �s/t� (Kanagroo)
Direct Control "Nuclear Tomorrow" (Sorry State Records)
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles "Violent Pacification" (Beer City)
D.O.A. "Disco Sucks" 1993 reissue (Wrong)
Dow Jones And The Industrials "Let's Go Steady" reissue (Hardly Music/Family Vineyard)
Dream Dates, The "The Mess You're In" (Ugly Pop)
Dream Dates, The "Surfer Joe" b/w "Tallahassee Lassie" (Ugly Pop) 
Drive Like Jehu "Human Interest/New Intro" b/w "New Math" (Headhunter/Cargo)

Ebba Gron " '78" (boot)
Episode "First Episode" (Self-Released)
Estranged, The "Fast Train" (Blackwater)
Estranged, The "Sacred Decay" on blue, limited to 150 (Green Noise)
Estranged, The "Entranced" (Dead Ideas)
Estranged, The / Autistic Youth (Blackwater)
E.T.A �We Are the Attack� (Deranged) 
Exploding Hearts "(Making) Teenage Faces" (Vinyl Warning)

Fit For Abuse "Mindless Violence EP" (Crust)
Forced March "Wasted Existence" (self-released)
Forced March / Raiser split (Self-released)
Forgetters "s/t" (Too Small to Fail)
Frankie Stubbs "Unhinged" (Rugger Bugger)
From Ashes Rise "Rejoice The End" (Southern Lord)
Fucked Up �No Pasaran� (Deranged)
Fucked Up �Police� (Deranged)
Fucked Up �Baiting the Public� (Deranged)
Fucked Up �Dance of Death� (Deranged) 
Fucked Up �Litany� on white (Test Pattern)
Fucked Up/Haymaker �split� on white (Deep Six)
Fucked Up/Haymaker "split" on grey (Deep Six)
Fucked Up/Haymaker "split" on black (Deep Six)
Fucked Up "Generation" 1st press, w/stamp and small hole (Slasher)/100
Fucked Up "Generation" (Slasher)
Fucked Up "Generation" (Slasher)
Fucked Up "Dangerous Fumes" black and white sleeve, label vinyl mix up - this is the original out of 150, not the official press on deranged found below 
Fucked Up "Secret" 7"
Fucked Up "Black Army" (Burning Sensations)
Fucked Up "Black Cross" (Burning Sensations)
Fucked Up "Triumph of Life" (Peter Bower/Vice)
Fucked Up "Triumph of Life" on pink (Peter Bower/Vice)
Fucked Up "Dangerous Fumes" ()
Fucked Up "Dangerous Fumes" german press w/ different b-side (Hate)
Fucked Up "Humos Peligrosos" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Fucked Up "Shop Assistants" (Fucked Up)
Fucked Up "David Christmas" still wrapped (Hidden World)
Fucked Up / Think I Care split (Eating Rats)
Fucked Up "Year of the Pig" b/w "Mustaa Lunta" (Matador/What's Your Rupture?)
Fucked Up "Year of the Pig" UK cover (Matador)
Fucked Up "Year of the Pig" Japanese Cover (Matador/What's Your Rupture?)
Fucked Up "Crooked Head" (Matador)
Fucked Up "Royal Swan" (Matador)
Fucked Up "No Epiphany" (Matador)
Fucked Up "Couple Tracks" (Matador)
Fucked Up "David's Plan" (Fucked Up)
Fucked Up "Daytrotter" (Matador)
Fucked Up "Remember Me" b/w "What They Didn't Know" (Matador)
Fucked Up "Do All Words Can Do" b/w "What Would You Do?" (Matador)
Fucked Up "Byrdsedale Garden City" b/w "Into The Light" (Matador)
Fucked Up "Octavio Made The Bomb" (Matador)
Fucked Up / Dirtbombs split (453/Bruise Cruise)
Fuel "Take Effect" (Lookout)
Fuel / Angry Son split (Skene)
Fuel / Phleg Camp (Allied)
Fugazi "Furniture" (Dischord)
Fun Things "Lipstick... Savage" (Pennimann)
Funeral Shock "s/t" (Controlled By Plagues) 

GG Allin and the Jabbers "For Those Who Can Take It Raw" (boot)
Gasoline "Killer Man" (Reissue)
Gauze "Low Charge" (Prank)
Gay Kiss "Dumpster Rules" handdrawn cover (Anxiety Machine)
Gentlemen Jesse and His Men "I Don't Want to Know" (Douchemaster)
Gentlemen Jesse and His Men "She's A Trap" (Douchemaster)
Gentlemen Jesse and His Men "You've Got The Wrong Man" on green (Hozac)
Glass and Ashes/ Science of Yabra (Code of Ethics)
Gorilla Angreb �s/t� on yellow (kick n punch)
Gorilla Angreb "Aborted 2000" (instigate)
Gorilla Angreb "Long Island" (spild af vinyl)
Gorilla Angreb "Long Island" test press (Armageddon)
Gorilla Angreb/Lokum "split in half" (hjernespind)
Government Warning "No Way Out" 1st press w/ blue cover (No Way)
Government Warning "Arrested" (Grave Mistake)
Gunmoll / Annalise on blue (No Idea) 

Heart Attack �God Is Dead� (boot)
Hellbender "I, Thermostat" (Element)
Hex Dispensers "Lose My Cool" (Douchemaster)
Hex Dispensers "My Love is a Bat" Euro tour 7", limited to 500 (Alien Snatch) 
Hex Dispensers "One Less Ghost" b/w "I'm A Ghost" (Trouble In Mind) #347/500
Hex Dispensers "Razorcake Sister Series" (Razorcake)
His Hero Is Gone �The Dead of Night In Eight Movements� (prank)
Hot Water Music �Eating the Filler� (toybox records) 3rd press 
Hot Water Music �Alachua� diecut cover (allied records) 1st press 
Hot Water Music �You Can Take the Boy�.� (schematics) 1st press
Hot Water Music / Six Going On Seven on green (Some)
Hot Water Music / Rydell (Scene Police)
Hot Water Music "Moments Pass" (No Idea)
Husker Du "Statues" (Reflex)

Imperialist Pigs "Cork Screw Pork Sword EP" (Fatal Erection)

Jawbox "s/t" on white (Dischord/De Soto)
Jawbox "Jackpot Plus" (Dischord)
Jawbox "Absenter" (De Soto)
Jawbreaker "Busy" blue cover (Shredder)
Jawbreaker "Old Glory" (none)
Jawbreaker / Jawbox split (Selfless)
Jellyroll Rockheads "Kill Trend Thrash Demo 1999" (Youth Attack)
Jerks "Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me" original (Underground)
Jessie "Rant" (Rugger Bugger)
Jessie "Indestructable" (Rugger Bugger)
Jesse "Handful of Earth" (Rugger Bugger)
Jesse / Hooton 3 Car split (rugger bugger)

Koro �700 Club� (reagan era hc) 

La Peste "Better Off Dead" (Wharf Cat)
Leatherface �Beerpig� (meantime)
Leatherface �Razorblades and Aspirin� brown cover(roughneck)
Leatherface/Wat Tyler Double 7" (clawfist) 
Leatherface "I Want the Moon" (roughneck)
Leatherface "Eagle" (Blackbox) 
Leatherface �Win Some, Lose Some� aka �Mackem Bastards� (rugger bugger discs)
Leatherface �Little White God� (domino) 
Leatherface "live in Oslo" single that accompanied the Discography LP (Deranged)
Leatherface / Yesterday's Ring split on red (Big Ugly Fish) #464/500
Leatherface / Ninja Gun split on clear yellow (Big Ugly Fish) # 249/500
Lewd, The "Kill Yourself" on yellow-green splatter (scratched)/500
Lifetime �Tinnitus� (glue records)
Lifetime �The Boy�s No Good� (Jade Tree)
Limpwrist/Knifed split (Rejected)

Manifesto Jukebox / I Excuse on red 
Marvelous Darlings "The Swords, The Streets" (Wall Ride)
Marvelous Darlings "I Don't Wanna Go To The Party" (Deranged)
Marvelous Darlings "Sleeping Like A Dead Man" (Bachelor)
Marvelous Darlings "The Only One For Miles" (P Trash)
Marvelous Darlings "I Hate Rock N Roll" on blue, yellow mix (Speedowax)
Marvelous Darlings "Teenage Targets" (Plastic Idol)
Masshysteri "Paranoid" #142/200 (Hell Yes!)
Masshysteri "Self-Titled" (Feral Ward)
Mazzy Star "Common Burn" on blue (Rhymes Of An Hour)
Metal Mike and Greg "Supercharger" Lowery "London Boys" (Bag of Hammers)
MFD "All Of This" (dsi)
MFD "Chapter 3" (dsi)
Middle Class, The "Out of Vogue" on blue (Frontier)
Minor Threat �Salad Days� (dischord)
Minor Threat �Demo� on purple (dischord) 
Minutemen "Tour Speil" (Reflex)
Misfits, The "Cough, Cool" (blank) boot
Mission of Burma "This is not a Photograph" flexi (Reflex Magazine)
Mission of Burma "Academy Fight Song" b/w "Max Ernst" (Ace of Hearts)
Mission of Burma "Trem Two" b/w "OK/No Way" (Ace of Hearts)
MK Ultra "Melt" (Lengua Armada)
Monikers "Art of the Underground 7"" Single Series Volume 12 (Art of the Underground) #10/250
Bob Mould "Classifieds" b/w "Moving Trucks" (Creation)
Municipal Waste "Repossesion" on blue (Scion A/V)
Mutants "Boss Man" (Rox)
My Lai "s/t" (Static Station)

Naked Raygun �Home� on green (caroline)
Naked Raygun "Basement Screams" (Boot)
Neighborhood Brats "Total Dementia" (Dirtnap)
Negative Approach "s/t" boot with extra track, "Lost Cause" (boot)
Negative Approach �Live at Newton Theatre�� (boot)
Negative Approach "Friends of No One" (Taang!) 
Negative Degree "Demo" 7" (Offside)
Nervebreakers "Politics" (Get Hip)
Nervebreakers "Hijack The Radio" (Get Hip)
Nervebreakers "I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys" (Get Hip)
Nervous, The "s/t" on grey marble (Nervous)
Nervous Eaters "Loretta" (Rat)
Nervous Eaters "Just Head" (penniman)
No Hope For The Kids �Das Reich� on black (backwards masking records) 1st press
No Hope For The Kids �Das Reich� on white (backwards masking records) 2nd press
No Hope For The Kids "Angels of Destruction" (backwards masking)
Normals, The "s/t" (Last Laugh)

Observers, The "Lead Pill" on grey-marble (super secret) x2
Observers, The �Lead Pill� (deranged)
Observers, The "Walk Alone" on baby-blue-marble (jonny cat)#18/350
Observers, The "Walk Alone" on white (jonny cat)
Observers, The "Where I Stay" (deranged) 
OFF! "1st FOUR EP's" box set (Vice)
OFF! "Live at Generation Records" (Vice/Generation)
OFF! "Compared To What?" b/w "Rotten Apple" tour press on blue (Vice) 
Offenders "I Hate Myself" b/w "Bad Times" (Rabid)
Offenders "Fight Back" (Bitzcore)
OSS "Demo 7"" on white out of 100 (King of the Monsters)

Pagans "Street Where Nobody Lives/ What's This Shit Called Love?" original in limited sleeve (drome) #66/100
Pagans "Street Where Nobody Lives/ What's This Shit Called Love?" (Treehouse/Drome)
Pagans "Dead End America" (Treehouse/Drome)
Pagans �Dead End America �87/Secret Agent Man� (treehouse records)
Pariah �Up To Us/ Reputation� on red (posh boy)
Pariah �Without A Trace/Learning Process� (posh boy) 
Pegboy "Field of Darkness" (Quarterstick) 
Pegboy "Live Amputation" (Unnecessary Surgery)
Phoenix Foundation �s/t� on white w/ screen-printed black cloth cover #129/300 (passing bells)
Phoenix Foundation "s/t" on white w/ screen-printed camouflage cloth cover #109/300 (passing bells)
Phoenix Foundation/Red Cabaret split on red (Boss Tuneage/Passing Bells)
Pist "Destry Society" (Eugene Records) 
Pist / Half Empty on green (new disorder)
Pist / Against All Authority (records of rebellion)
Poison Control "The Violent Years" (Deranged)
Poison Girls "One Good Reason" b/w "Cinnamon Gardens" (Xntrix)
Poison Idea "Darby Crash Rides Again" (American Leather)
Poison Idea "Pick Your King" on clear (TKO)
Poison Idea �Live in Vienna� on red/yellow swirl (American Leather)
Poison Idea with Jeff Dahl "Dead Boy" (XXX)
Police Line �s/t� (kick n punch)
Problematics �s/t� (rip off)

Radio Birdman "Hungry Cannibals" (steel cage)
R�kosi "s/t" (Lengua Armada Discos)
Ramones, The "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" (norton)
Randoms "ABCD" b/w "Let's Get Rod of New York" on green, repress (danger house)
Raw Nerves/Acts of Sedition split test press #1/10 (Man In Decline Records)
Raw Nerves/Acts of Sedition split tour edition out of 50 (Man In Decline Records)
Raw Nerves/Acts of Sedition split on blue (Man In Decline Records)
Raw Power �Wop Hour� (toxic shock)
Real Shit �s/t� on red w/ yellow cover (mickeyroom)
Red Cross "1979-1982" on purple, limited to 500  (boot)
Red Dons "Escaping Amman" on white (Deranged)
Red Dons "A Forced Turning Point" (Taken By Surprise)
Red Dons "Pariah" on clear (Deranged)
Red Dons "Auslander" on blue (Dirtnap)
Regulations �s/t� (putrid filth conspiracy)
Regulations �Destroy� (busted heads)
Regulations "Destroy" on yellow (busted heads)
Regulations "Different Needs" (havoc)
Repercussions "No Peace EP" (Feral Ward)
Replica "Demo" (Emancypunx) 
Replica "s/t" on green (Prank) 
Replica "Beast EP" on color (Prank) 
Revisions "On the Lam" on clear, limited to 150 (dirtnap)
Rhino 39 "Xerox / Prolixin Stomp" (dangerhouse) reissue
Rorschach/1.6 Band split (Chainsaw Safety)
Rotters, The "Sink The Whales Buy Japanese Goods" reissue (Rotten/Bacchus Archives)
Rudimentary Peni "The Underclass" (Outer Himalayan) 

S-Haters "Solitary Habit" (Midnight Music)
Saints, The "(I'm) Stranded" b/w "No Time"(Power Exchange)
Saints, The "I'm Stranded "(I'm) Stranded" b/w "(I'm) Stranded (Sire)
Saints, The "This Perfect Day" b/w "L-I-E-S" (emi/harvest)
Sawhorse �s/t� (ebullition)
Screeching Weasel "You Broke My Fucking Heart" (Lookout)
Scientists, The "Frantic Romantic" (DNA)
Scientists, The "The Scientists EP" on red (Agitated)
Seein' Red "Marinus" on red (Ebullition)
Seven Years War "s/t" (John Brown)
Severed Head of State "Jedem Das Seine" (Ebullition)
Shattered Faith �I Love America� (posh boy)
Shock "This Generation's On Vacation" original on red (Impact)
Shop Assistants "Safety Net" (53rd & 3rd)
Signal Lost "You'll Never Get Us Down Again" (Communichaos/Trujaca Fala)
Signal Lost / Protess split (HG Fact / Prank)
Simpletones "California" b/w "I Like Drugs" (Posh Boy)
Sleeper Cell "s/t" (Cries of Pain)
Sleeper Cell "s/t" (Partners In Crime) 
Snuggle "Tag You're It" (The Party's Over)
Social Circkle "Static Eyes EP" on white (No Way)
Social Circkle "Static Eyes EP" on yellow. Record release version w/ obi strip #30/42 (No Way)
Social Circkle "I've Got Afflictions" on clear, limited to 200 (No Way)
Social Circkle "Expiration Date EP" on red, limited to 50 (Side Two)
Sokea Piste "Oire" (Peterwalkee)
Stalin, The "Nothing" (Climax)
Stalin, The "No Fun" (Climax)
Stalkers, The "Sun's Coming Up" (dollar)
State "No Illusions" (havoc)
State Route 522 "s/t" on white (Henry's Finest)
State Route 522 / Lying On Loot split (Excursion)
Stockholm Syndrome "One Way Out EP" (No Options) 
Stooges, The "Down on the Street" b/w "I Feel Alright (1970)" (elektra)
Iggy and the Stooges "I'm Sick Of You" (Bomp)
Strike 'Radio Songs" (Sing Sing)
Strike Anywhere "Fat Club Single" on blue (Fat Wreck Chords)
Strike Anywhere �Underground Europe 2001� on red (Scene Police)
Strike Anywhere "Iron Front 4 Song EP" on clear (Bridge 9)
Subhumans, The "Death to the Sickoids" (boot)
Suedehead "In Motion EP" on orange. #11/300 (ISRS)
Suedehead "(So) Frantic EP" on blue, #14/300 (ISRS)
Suedehead "The Constant EP" on cyan, #8/300 (ISRS)
Sugar "Helpless: (Ryko)
Sugar "Tilted" (Creation)
Sugar "A Good Idea" (Creation)
Suicide Squad "I Hate School" b/w "New Kids Army" (Small Axe)
Suspect Parts "Seventeen Television" (Deranged)

Talk Is Poison "Straight To Hell" tour press (Prank)
Talk Is Poison/Deathreat split (Prank)
Talk Is Poison "s/t" (self-released)
Tear It Up / Down In Flames split tour edition on gold #158/200 (Die Hardcore)
Teenage Head "Tearin' Me Apart / Picture My Face" (boot)
Total Fury "Spring Thrash" (Dan Doh)
Total Fury 7' that comes with the Japanese pressing of "13 Songs" (Dan Doh) 
Total Fury / Pandamonium "Tour 2007" (One Percent)
Total Fury / The Jury split #307/500 (Gloom)
Tragedy �Can We Call This Life?� (tragedy)
Tragedy / Totalitar (armageddon label)
Trans Megetti "Rent A Rocket" (Art Monk Construction)
Tristess "Bara Rock'n'Roll E.P" (kick n' punch)

Undertones, The �Here Comes the Summer� (emi) 
Undertones, The "You've Got My Number Why Don't You Use It?" (sire)
Undertones "You've Got My Number" (sire)
Undertones, The "My Perfect Cousin" (Sire)
Undertones, The "It's Going To Happen" (ardeck/emi)

Vibrators, The "Baby, Baby" (Epic)
Vibrators, The "Give Me Some Lovin'" (Rat Race)
Vicious, The "Suicidal Generation" (wasted sounds)
Vicious, The "Obsessive" (feral ward)
Vicious, The "Igen" (feral ward)
Victims "Television Addict" pink cover, pink wax  (boot)
Victims "No Thanks to the Human Turd EP" (boot)
Violent Minds �Riot EP� w/wolf cover (parts unknown) /100
Volcano Suns "Sea Cruise" (LSR)
Volcano Suns "Blue Rib" (Quarterstick)

Warcry "Harvest of Death" (Partners in Crime)
Warcry "Nausea" (Warcry)
Warkrime "Give War A Chance" (No Way)
Waterfront "s/t" (Flatline)
Weirdos "We Got The Neutron Bomb" original (Dangerhouse)
Weirdos "Destroy All Music" (bomp)
Whirr "June" on white (TeePee)
Whirr / Monster Movie "Color Change" b/w "Flatling" charity edition (Graveface)
White Lung "Atlanta" (Deranged)
White Lung "Magazines" (Deranged)
Wipers "Silver Sail" on grey (Tim Kerr)
World Burns To Death "The Art of Self-Destruction" (Prank)
World Burns To Death / Slang split on red (Prank)

X "Adult Books" repress on red (dangerhouse)

Young Governor "Pizza Face EP" (SP)
Young Livers/ Bridge and Tunnel on blue-purple mix, out of 100 (No Idea)
Young Livers/ Army of Ponch on grey marble, out of 303 (Sound Study Recordings)
Young Livers / Attack! Vipers! split on clear (YoYo)
Young Livers "I'm Infected!" tour single on purple, limited to 100 (No Idea)
Youth Brigade �What Price Happiness� (byo) 

Zeros "Wild Weekend" (Bomp)
Zero Boys / Toxic Reasons split (Selfless)
Zero Boys �Livin� in the 80�s� repress (panic button)
Zillionaires / Throwaway Generation (unity squad)
Zillionaires �s/t� (pelado)

7" Comps:

V/A �Half Life Under the Knife Covers� w/ Caustic Christ, Deny Everything, Dirty Bird, Scared of Chaka (moo cow) #84/300
V/A �Kobenhavn I Ruiner�w/ No Hope For The Kids, Amdi Petersens Arme, Young Wasteners, Gorilla Angreb (kick n punch)
V/A "Memphis Pops" w/ Carbonas, Antenna Shoes, Vending Machine, etc.
V/A "No Bullshit Vol. 1" test press (No Way) # 12/30
V/A "No Bullshit Vol. 1" w/ Career Suicide, Government Warning, Direct Control, Strung Up, and Bad Dirty Hate on purple-marble (No Way)
V/A "No Bullshit Vol. 1" w/ Career Suicide, Government Warning, Direct Control, Strung Up, and Bad Dirty Hate (No Way)
V/A "No Bullshit Vol. 2" w/ Social Circkle, Rabies, Brain Handle, Warkrime, Cardiac Arrest, Wasted Time on blue (No Way)
V/A "PDX" w/ Sleepwalkers R.I.P., The Estranged, Autistic Youth, and Nix
V/A "PDX Volume 3" w/ Arctic Flowers, Moral Hex, Bellicose MInds, and Funeral Parade
V/A "Portland Mutant Party Vol II" w/ Red Dons, Defect Defect, Welcome Home Walker, etc
V/A "Rob's House" w/ Black Lips, Carbonas, Gentleman Jesse and Predator w/ live DVD #782/1318 (Rob's House)
V/A �Town of Hardcore Fanzine Comp� w/ Fucked Up, Knife Fight, Violent Minds, Punch In The Face, Mental, Think I Care, R�N�R, etc. stamped cover/150???

Odd Sizes:

Hot Water Music / Cairmel split 8� on brown-splatter (no idea) 
Hot Water Music / Tomorrow split 11� on red/black (no idea)

Ten Inches:

Burning Kitchen "Damn You If You Do, Damn You If You Don't" (Alerta Antifascista)
Christie Front Drive / Boys Life split #1063 (Crank)
Fell To Low "Fall 2011" 2x10" #38/60 (Dog Family) 
Fell To Low "The Frontier Wit" (Dog Family)
Frankie Stubbs �s/t� (sounds of subterrania)
Phoenix Foundation, The �These Days� on white (combat rock industry)
V/A "Limited Options Sold As Noble Endeavors" w/ Dillinger Four, MK Ultra, The Strike, Man Afraid, etc (Half-Mast)


7 Seconds �The Crew� old press w/ red lettering + insert (byo)

A Death In The Family "This Microscopic War" (Resist/Poison City)
A Death In The Family / Manifesto Jukebox split LP (Poison City)
A Death In The Family "Small Town Stories" (Poison City)
Acts of Sedition "Repress" (Penguin Suit)
Adelitas "No Hay Descanso" (La Socete Pue Prod, Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Jornalero Recs) 
Adelitas "Llama Viva De La Rabia" (Aborted Society)
Adolescents �s/t� 1st press (Frontier)
Adolescents �Brats In Battalions� (S.O.S)
Adverts, The "Crossing The Red Seas With The Adverts" 2xLP reissue (Fire)
Agent Orange "Living in Darkness" silver labels (Posh Boy)
Agnostic Front "Victim In Pain" (Rat Cage)
Amdi Petersens Arm� "Discography" screenprinted cover version #124/200 (Hjernespind)
Amdi Petersens Arm� "Discography" first press w/ chipboard cover (Hjernespind)
American Steel "Rogues March" (Lookout)
Angry Samoans "In My Head" (Bad Trip)
Angry Samoans �Back from Samoa� (Bad Trip)
Antidote "Thou Shall Not Kill" (Ilegal Y Que Discos)
Anti-Pasti "Caution in the Wind" (Rondelet)
Apatia No / All Systems Fail split on grey-marble (NOSEKE, Jornalero, Criptas, BamBam, Raunch)
Arctic Flowers "Reveries" (Inimical) 
Arctic Flowers "Procession" on yellow (Feral Ward) 
Articles of Faith "Give Thanks" (Reflex)
Articles of Faith "In This Life" (Lone Wolf) 
Articles of Faith "New Normal Catastrophe" (Alternative Tentacles) 
Attitude Adjustment "American Paranoia" (Pusmort)
Avail "Dixie" (Lookout)
Avail �4AM Friday� (Lookout)
Avengers "s/t" first pressing (White Noise Records)
Avengers �C.D. Presents LTD.� (CD Records)

Bad Brains �Rior� on clear (Roir) 
B�ddat F�r Trubbel "Det H�r �r Inte New York" (1234 Go)
Bad Religion "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?" early press (Epitaph)
Balance of Terror "A Better Tomorrow" (Paralogy)
Barreracudas, The "Nocturnal Missions" (Douchemaster)
Beat, The "self-titled" (Columbia)
Beat Beat Beat "Living in the Future" (Alien Snatch)
Ben Nichols "The Last Pale Light in the West" (Sabot / Liberty & Lament)
Bent Outta Shape "s/t" (Drunk Tank)
Bent Outt Shape "Stray Dog Town" screen-printed cover, on color #484/500 (Recess) 
Big Boys �Where�s My Towel/Industry Standard� (boot)#875/1000
Big Boys "No Matter How Long The Line At The Cafeteria, There's Always A Seat" (Enigma) 
Big Boys "Wreck Collection" (Unseen Hand / No Auditions)
Black Flag "Damaged" with parent sticker (Unicorn, SST)
Black Flag �1983 Demos� (boot)
Black Flag �My War� (SST)
Black Market Baby "Baby Takes: The Collection" (Bitzcore)
BL'AST "It;'s In My Blood" (SST)
BL'AST "Blood" (Southern Lord)
Bloody Gears "Landscapes of Disease" (Deranged)
Book of Dead Names, The "The Story Unfolds" on red (Blood of the Young)
Born Against "Nine Patriotic Hymns For Children" (Veriform)
Boston Strangler "Primitive" (Fun With Smack)
Botch "An Anthology of Dead Ends" on clear (Hydra Head)
Boys, The "self-titled" (NEMS)
Brat, The "Attitudes" (Fatima)
Bread and Circuits �s/t� (ebullition) 
Bread and Circuits / Former Members of Alfonsin �Split LP� (El Grito Discos)
Busy Signals "self-titled" on red, limited to 150 (Dirtnap)
Buzzcocks, The "A Different Kind of Tension" (IRS)
Buzzcocks, The "Fast Cars" (Get Back)
Buzzcocks, The "Singles Going Steady" (Four Men With Beards)

Call The Cops "1984 in 2003" (Feral Ward)
Capsule "No Ghost" tour/test press #20/60 (Rorschach)
Carbonas "Scene Killer" #624/666 (champagne velvet)
Carbonas "s/t" on red, limited to 97 copies (raw deluxe)
Carbonas "s/t" Gonerfest version with alternate cover on clear (goner)
Carbonas "s/t" (goner)
Career Suicide "s/t" Euro test press limited to 100 copies (ugly pop)
Career Suicide �s/t� (ugly pop)
Career Suicide "s/t" test press (parts unknown)
Career Suicide "s/t" (parts unknown)
Career Suicide/ Jed Whitey test press #4/6 (deranged) 
Career Suicide/ Jed Whitey �split 12� advance� sold at play fast or die fest, limited to 120 copies (deranged) 
Career Suicide/ Jed Whitey (deranged)
Career Suicide "Invisible Eyes" black cover (feral ward)
Career Suicide "Invisible Eyes" maroon cover (feral ward)
Career Suicide "Invisible Eyes" Japanese Press on clear w/ obi-strip (feral ward)
Career Suicide Euro tour version of the 12" version of the first 7". Limited to 200 copies (deranged) 
Career Suicide repress of the first 7" on LP, on white/yellow. Limited to 200 copies (deranged)
Career Suicide "Attempted Suicide" tour edition on clear w/ screened cover, alternate insert, and first mastering job, limited to 300 copies (deranged) 
Career Suicide "Attempted Suicide" first mastering job/rejected mix on black w/ stamped dust sleeve. Limited to 150 copies (deranged) 
Career Suicide "Attempted Suicide" japanese press w/ sticker (deranged)
Career Suicide "Attempted Suicide" 2nd press (deranged) 
Celibate Rifles, The "Quintessentially Yours" (What Goes On)
Cheifs, The �Hollywest Crisis� (hate records)
Chosen Few, The "The Joke's On Us" (Going Underground)
Chronic Sick "Cutest Band In Hardcore E.P." (No Way)
Circle Jerks �Group Sex� (frontier)
Clash, The �s/t� white label promo copy
Clash, The �Give �Em Enough Rope� 
Clikitat Ikatowi "Orchestrated and Conducted By" (Gravity)
Clorox Girls "s/t" 2nd press, out of 50 with modified cover (smartguy)
Clorox Girls "s/t" (smartguy)
Clorox Girls "This Dimension" on blue (smartguy) /200
Coldbringer "Lust and Ambition" (Dead Ideas)
Comes, The "No Side" (Hirohito Era Hardcore)
Come On Die Young "Weights and Measures" test press #1/5 (Man In Decline)
Come On Die Young "Weights and Measures" test press, pre-release #1/50 (Man In Decline)
Concrete Cross "s/t" LP test press #1/10 (Man In Decline)
Concrete Cross "s/t" LP mailorder edition #1/25 (Man In Decline)
Concrete Cross "s/t" LP red vinyl, out 100 (Man In Decline)
Concrete Cross "s/t" LP clear w/ black smoke out of 200 (Man In Decline)
Concrete Cross "s/t" LP (Man In Decline)
Concrete Cross "s/t" LP test press #4/5 (De:Nihil)
Concrete Cross "s/t" LP test press #5/5 (De:Nihil)
Concrete Cross "s/t" LP (De:Nihil)
Complications "s/t" (Feral Ward)
Crass "Penis Envy" first press (Crass Records)
Crestfallen "s/t" (Seven Lucky)
Crisis "Hymns of Faith" (La Vida En Mus) 
Cut The Shit "Harmed and Dangerous" (Gloom)

Dag Nasty "Can I Say" (Dischord)
Dag Nasty "Dag With Shawn" (Dischord)
Damned "Damned, Damned, Damned" Japanese press (Stiff/Island)
Damned, The "Machine Gun Etiquette" Australian press (Chiswick/EMI)
Damned, The "New Rose" 12" EP (Stiff) 
Dayglow Abortions "Out of the Womb" (Unrest)
Dead Boys "Young, Loud, and Snotty" (Sire)
Dead Boys "Younger, Louder, and Snottier" on blue (Bomp)
Dead Boys "3rd Generation Nation" on pink-marble (Bad Boy Productions)
Dead Boys "All The Way Down" (Relativity)
Deathreat "The Severing of the Last Barred Window" first press, gatefold (Partners In Crime)
Descendents �Milo Goes To College� (SST)
Descendents "Bonus Fat" (New Alliance) 
Dezerter "Underground Out Of Poland" (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)
Dicks, The "Kill From The Heart" (boot)
Die Kreuzen �s/t� on maroon (Touch n Go)
Die Kreuzen �s/t� (Touch n Go)
Dillinger Four �Midwestern Songs of the Americas� (Hopeless)
Dillinger Four "CIVIL WAR" on color (Fat Wreck Chords)
Dinosaur Jr. "Litte Fury Things" (SST)
Dinosaur Jr. "s/t" (Jagjaguwar)
Dinosaur Jr. "Bug" (Jagjaguwar)
Dinosaur Jr. "You're Living All Over Me" (Jagjaguwar)
Direct Control "You're Controlled" (kangaroo)
Discharge "Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing" (Clay)
Distraction, The �More Trouble With Your Record Collection� on white.  record release version w/ obi strip (unity squad) /200?
DMZ "s/t" (Sire)
D.O.A. "Hardcore '81" (Friends)
D.O.A. "Something Better Change" (Friends)
D.O.A. �Bloodied But Unbowed� (CD Presents)
Draft, The "In A Million Pieces" on purple (No Idea)
Drive Like Jehu "Yank Crime" (Head Hunter/Cargo) 
Drunken Boat "s/t" (salinas)

Edelweiss Piraten "Blizna" (Trujaca Fala)
Electric Kisses "s/t" (Full Breach Kicks)
Embrace "s/t" (Dischord)
Endeavor "Constructive Semantics" (Trustkill) 
Ergs, The "Jersey's Best Prancers" on clear-orange (Don Giovanni)
Ergs, The "Dorkrockcorkrod" (Don Giovanni)
Estranged, The "Static Thoughts" on clear, limited to 150 (Dirtnap)
Estranged, The "Type Foundry Sessions" on red, limted to 230 (Dirtnap)
Estranged, The "The Subliminal Man" on red, limited to 200 (Dirtnap)
Estranged, The "s/t"  on red, limited to 200 (Dirtnap)
Exploding Hearts "Guitar Romantic" LP on pink, limited to 300 (Dirtnap)
Exploding Hearts "Shattered" on red, limited to 500 (Dirtnap)

Finger, The �We Are Fuck You� (broadway jungle)
Fix "At the Speed of Twisted Thought" (touch n go)
Frank & Jesse "Let It Come Down" (Listen Well)
From Ashes Rise �s/t�
From Ashes Rise/Victims on purple marble (havoc)
From Ashes Rise "Nightmares" (Havoc)
Fucked Up �Let Likes Be Cured By Likes� one-sided/screen-printed (schizophrenic) /300 
Fucked Up �Looking for Gold� (self-released)
Fucked Up "Generations" plain black sleeve w/sticker, photocopied insert (slasher)/100
Fucked Up "Generations" plain black sleeve, no sticker, printed insert (slasher)
Fucked Up "Generations" regular version (slasher)  
Fucked Up "Litany" 12" (test pattern europe)
Fucked Up "Year of the Pig" (Matador)
Fucked Up "Couple Tracks" 2xLP (Matador)
Fucked Up "David's Town" (Matador)
Fucked Up "David Comes to Life" 2xLP (Matador)
Fuel �Monuments to Excess� (Sixth International/Rough Trade)
Fuel �Monuments to Excess� (Ebullition)
Fugazi "Repeater" (Dischord)
Fugazi "Steady Diet of Nothing" (Dischord)
Fugazi "In on the Kill Taker (Dischord)
Fugazi "Red Medicine" (Dischord)
F.U.�s �Kill For Christ" (X-Claim)
F.U.'s "My America" (classy)
F.U.�s �Kill For Christ/My America� (reflex) 
Funeral Oration "Shadowland" (self-released)
Funeral Oration "Communion" (Diehard) 

Gauze "Fuckheads" (boot)
Gay Kiss "Fault" (Anxiety Machine)
G.B.H. "City Baby Attacked By Rats" (Clay)
G.B.H. "Oh No, It's G.B.H. Again" (Combat-Core)
Gentleman Jesse and His Men "Introducing Gentleman Jesse and His Men" (Douchemaster)
Gentleman Jesse "Leaving Atlanta" (Douchemaster)
Germs �GI� (Slash)
Ghostlimb "Bearing and Distance" on red (Adagio 830)
Glass and Ashes "Aesthetic Arrest" on purple, out of 209 (No Idea)
Glass and Ashes "s/t" on "coke bottle" clear w/ gatefold sleeve, out of 300 (No Idea)
Gorilla Angreb "Bedre Tider" (Kick N' Punch)
Government Warning "No Moderation" (Feral Ward)
Guida "Racey Roller" I'M A Guida Fan edition (Dead Beat)
Gunmoll �Anger Management in Four Chords Or Less� on orange w/screenprinted cover  (No Idea)
Gunmoll �Bored of Education� on blue  (No Idea)
Gunmoll / Fifth Hour Hero on red  (No Idea)

Harum Scarum "The Last Light" (Partners In Crime)
Hatepinks, The �Parasites Like Me� on clear (unity squad)
Head "Street Level Assault" (Evil Clown)
Heartbreakers, The "L.A.M.F" Dutch press (Track/Polydor)
Heartbreakers, The "L.A.M.F Revisited" (earmark)
Richard Hell "Blank Generation" (Sire)
HDQ "You Suck" (Meantime)
Hex Dispensers "Self-Titled" (Alien Snatch)
His Hero Is Gone "Monuments to Theives" (Prank)
His Hero Is Gone "Fifteen Counts of Arson" (Prank)
His Hero Is Gone "The Plot Sickens: Enslavement Redefined" (Great American Steak Religion)
Hjertestop "Vi Ses I Helvede" (Hjernespind) 
Holly and the Italians "The Right to be Italian" (Virgin)
Hollywood Brats "s/t" (get back)
Hot Water Music "Fuel for the Hate Game" on purple-marble (No Idea)
Hot Water Music "No Division" on green-marble (No Idea)
Hot Water Music "Never Ender" double-album w/ Demos LP on orange (No Idea)
Hot Water Music / Alkaline Trio split picture disc (No Idea)
Hot Water Music "Caution" on yellow, out of 200 (No Idea)
Hot Water Music "The New What Next" on gray-marble swirl (No Idea)
Hot Water Music "Till the Wheels Fall Off" 2XLP on green marble (No Idea) 
Hurula "Vi Ar Manniskorna Vara Foraldrar Varnade Oss For� black/white swirl (No Good)
Husker Du "The Truth Hurts: Early Demos and Recordings 1979-1980)
Husker Du �Land Speed Record� (New Alliance)
Husker Du �Everything Falls Apart� original press, blue cover (reflex records) 
Husker Du �Metal Circus� (sst)
Husker Du "Sorry Somehow" (Warner Bros)
Husker Du "New Day Rising" (SST)

Institution "Domen �r Satt" on red (De:Nihil) 
Inquisition "Revolution: I Think It's Called Inspiration" (Seven Lucky)
Iron Chic "Not Like This" on clear yellow (YoYo)
Ivy Green "self-titled" (boot)
Ivy Green "self-titled" on transparent green (Pseudonym)

Jack and the Rippers "I Think It's Over" (dirty faces)
Jam, The "This is the Modern World" uk pressing (Polydor)
Jam, The "In The City" reissue on 180 gram vinyl (Polydor)
Jam, The "All Mod Cons" white label promo (Polydor)
Jawbreaker "Unfun" (Blackball)
Jawbreaker "Chesterfield King" (Tupelo/Communion)
Jawbreaker "Bivouac" (Communion)
Jawbreaker "24 Hour Revenge Therapy" (Tupelo/Communion)
Jawbreaker "Dear You" on blue (DGC)
Jawbreaker "Dear You" (Blackball)
Jawbreaker "Etc" (Blackball)
Jawbox "s/t" (DeSoto)
Jawbox "For Your Own Special Sweetheart" (DeSoto)
Jerry's Kids "Is This My World?" (X-Claim)
Jerry's Kids "Is This My World?" repress with extra songs (X-Claim boot)
Jesse �s/t� (rugger bugger)
Johnny Dole & The Scabs "Scab Animals" (Buckwheat Headlock)

Kids, The "s/t" (phillips)
Kids, The "Naughty Kids" original (Fontana)
Killing Joke (Malicious Damage)
Killing Joke "What's This For... !" on green (EG)
Killing Joke "Fire Dances" (Passport)
Klimax "84-85" (Assel)
Knugen Faller "Lugna Favoriter" (Ny Vag/Cage Match Federation)
Koro "Speed Kills" (Sorry State)
Kraut "An Adjustment To Society" (Cabbage)
Kuro "1983-1985" (Boot)

Lack of Knowledge "Sirens Are Back" (Corpus Christi)
La Fraction "Aussi Long Sera Le Chemin" (Skuld Releases)
Laughing Hyenas "Life of Crime" (Touch And Go)
Laughin' Nose "Pussy For Sale" (Under The Radar)
Leatherface "Cherry Knowle" (Meantime)
Leatherface �Fill Your Boots� (Roughneck) 
Leatherface "Smokey Joe" (Roughneck)
Leatherface "Mush" (Roughneck)
Leatherface "Do The Right Thing" (Roughneck) 
Leatherface / Jawbox "Your Choice Live Series" on red (Your Choice)
Leatherface �Minx� test press (Roughneck)
Leatherface �Minx� (Roughneck)
Leatherface �The Last� (Domino) 
Leatherface/Hot Water Music (BYO)
Leatherface �Discography II� original press (Roughneck)
Leatherface �Discography II� w/chipboard cover and live 7" (Deranged) /200
Leatherface �Horsebox� (BYO)
Leatherface �Dog Disco� (BYO)
Leatherface "Stormy Petrel" on red, 2xLP, preorder version (No Idea)
Leatherface "Live In Melbourne: Viva La Arthouse" 2xLP (No Idea)
Left For Dead "Devoid of Everything" (A389)
Lifetime �Hello Bastards� (Jade Tree)
Lifetime �Jersey�s Best Dancers� (Jade Tree)
Lifetime "s/t" on white (No Idea)
Look Back And Laugh "Locals Only" on red #40/70 (Lengua Armada)
Long Knife "Wilderness" Chaos in Tejas edition, out of 100 (Feral Ward)
Lucero "That Much Further West" 2xLp on 180 gram vinyl (Sabot Productions)
Lucero "Nobody's Darlings" on 180 gram vinyl (Sabot Productions)
Lucero "Rebels, Rougues & Sworn Brothers" on 180 gram clear red vinyl, limited to 500 (Sabot Productions)

Manic Depressives / 0:30 Second Flash split (Rerun)
Manifesto Jukebox �Desire� picture disc (combat rock / boss tuneage) 
Manifesto Jukebox "Remedy" test press (Boss Tuneage)
Manifesto Jukebox �Remedy� picture disc (boss tuneage / byo)
Masshysteri "Var Del Av Stan" (Feral Ward)
Masshysteri "s/t" (Feral Ward)
M.F.D "Full Volume" (DSI)
M.F.D "Music for the Deaf" (DSI)
Meanwhile "Reality Or Nothing" (Feral Ward) 
Men, The "Open Your Heart" (Sacred Bones)
Middle Class "Homeland" (Pulse)
Minor Threat "s/t" (dischord)
Minor Threat �Out of Step� $3.50 postpaid on cover (dischord)
Mission of Burma "Signals, Calls and Marches" (Ace of Hearts)
Mission of Burma "The Horrible Truth About Burma" (ace of hearts)
Mission of Burma "Forget" (Taang)
Mission of Burma "Signals, Calls, and Marches" (Matador)
Mission of Burma "Vs" (Matador)
Mission of Burma "The Horrible Truth About Burma" (Matador)
Mission of Burma "Obliterati" 8 one-sided lp's with b-side etchings, limited to 500 (Matador)
Mission of Burma "Obliterati" 2xLP (Matador)
Mission of Burma "The Sound, The Speed, The Light" (Matador)
Mission of Burma "Unsound" (Fire)
MK Ultra "Discography" 2xLP. First press on white (Youth Attack)
Modernettes "Teen City" (Quintessence)
Modernettes "Get Modern Or Get Fucked" #959/1100 (Lady Kinky Karrot)
Mob, The "Let The Tribe Increase" (Overground) 
Monikers "Wake Up" on clear, limited to 300 (Kiss of Death)
Moral Hex "s/t" (Mass Media)
Morne "Untold Wait" (Feral Ward)
Morne / Warprayer split (No Options)
Morne "Asylum" on white (Armageddon Label)
MC5 "Kick Out the Jams" (sundazed)
Bob Mould "Silver Age" (Merge)
My Lai "Learn... Forget... Re-learn" (Static Station/Up Jumps the Devil)

Naked Raygun "Throb, Throb" (Homestead)
Naked Raygun "Jettison" (Caroline)
Naked Raygun "Jettison" on clear pink #157/550 (Haunted Town)
Navio Forge "As We Quietly Burn A Hole Into..." (Shadow Catcher)
Negative Approach �Tied Down� w/green cover (touch n go)
Negative Approach "Ready to Fight" (reptilian)
Negative Trend "We Don't Play, We Riot" (Subterranean) 
Neon Piss "s/t" (Deranged)
Nerves, The "One Way Ticket" (Alive)
Nervous Eaters "Eaterville #1" (pennimen)
New Flesh, The "Reality" on color (self-released)
New York Dolls "s/t" Japanese press w/ obi strip (phonogram/mercury)
New York Dolls "Too Much Too Soon" (phonogram/mercury)
New York Dolls "Red Patent Leather (New Rose)
Nikki and the Corvettes "s/t" (Line)
No Hope For The Kids �s/t� (Kick n Punch)
No Hope For The Kids �s/t� test press (Feral Ward)
No///S� "s/t" on color, out of 100 (Rotten to the Core / Challenge the Throne)
None Left Standing "Stingray Candy 100" (Rhetoric)

Observers, The �So What�s Left Now� on red (vinyl warning) 
Observers, The �So What�s Left Now� (Arschkarte/Yellow Dog/Vinyl Warning) 
Offenders "We Must Rebel" (R Radical)
Offenders "We Must Rebel" (Reflex)
OFF! "s/t" on white (Vice)

Pack "s/t" (Lollipop)
Pagans �Buried Alive� on red (treehouse)
Pagans "The Pink Album" (crypt)
Pagans "Shit Street" (Crypt)
Pagans "What's This Shit? 1977/1979" (Light in the Attic)
Panic "13" (Sing Sing)
Pegboy "Strong Reaction" (Quarterstick/Touch N Go)
Pegboy "Three-Chord Monte" (Quarterstick/Touch N Go)
Phoenix Foundation, The "s/t" (Combat Rock Industry)
Pist, The �Ideas Are Bulletproof� (elevator music)
Planes Mistaken For Stars "Fuck With Fire" on grey-mix, out of 200 (No Idea)
Pleasure Leftists "s/t" (Deranged)
Plimsouls "Zero Hour" (Beat)
Plimsouls "s/t" (Planet)
Plimsouls"Everywhere At Once" (Geffen) 
Pointed Sticks "Perfect Youth" (Quintessence)
Poison Girls "Chappaquiddick Bridge" (Crass)
Poison Girls "Where's The Pleasure" (Xntrix)
Poison Girls "Are You Happy Now?" (Illuminated)
Poison Girls "Songs of Praise" (Xntrix)
Poison Idea "Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes" (Fatal Erection)
Poison Idea �Kings of Punk� (reflex) 
Poison Idea "Darby Crash Rides Again" on blue, out of 200 (TKO)
Poison Idea "The Fatal Erection Years: 1983-1986" on maroon/white out of 200 (TKO/Southern Lord)
Policy of 3 "Dead Dog Summer" (Old Glory)
Pope "JohnPaulGeorgeRing" (Rugger Bugger)
Post Regiment "Demos" (Pasazer)
Post Regiment "s/t" (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)
Post Regiment "Czarzly" (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)
Post Regiment "Tragiedia Wg Post Regiment" (Skuld, Wei Aye) 
Proletariat, The "Soma Holiday" (Radiobeat/Non-U)
Proletariat, The "Indifference" (Homestead)
Protex "All We Wanna Do is Rock 'N Roll" (boot)
Protex "Strange Obsessions" (Sing Sing)

Radiators From Space "TV Tube Heart" (Chiswick)
Radio Birdman "Radios Appear" (Trafalgar)
Radio Birdman "Living Eyes" on clear (Big Time)
Ramones, The "s/t" (Sire)
Ramones, The "Leave Home" (Sire)
Ramones, The "Road to Ruin" (Sire)
Ramones, The " Ramones Mania" (Sire)
Rappresaglia "1982-1983" (Agipunk)
Raw Nerves "Futile Efforts" test press #1/10 (Man In Decline)
Raw Nerves "Futile Efforts" on clear blue (Man In Decline)
Raw Nerves "Futile Efforts" on opaque blue (Man In Decline)
Raw Nerves "Futile Efforts" (Man In Decline)
Raxola "self-titled" (boot)
Reagan Youth "Vol 1" on red (New Red Archives)
Reagan Youth "Vol 2" on red (New Red Archives)
Red Cross "12" EP" first press, confetti cover, red labels (Posh Boy)
Red Cross "12" EP" red cover (Posh Boy)
Red Cross "Born Innocent" (Smoke Seven)
Red Hare "Nites of Midnite" on blue (Dischord)
Red Kross "Researching The Blues" (Merge)
Red Dons "Death to Idealism" Brazilian press, out of 50 (Deranged)
Red Dons "Fake Meets Failure" on green (Deranged)
Regulations "s/t" (kick n' punch/nyv�g)
Regulations "s/t" on red (havoc)
Regulations "s/t" Havoc Records contest edition, on white with hand-made cover # 19/50 (Havoc) 
Regulations "s/t" (havoc)
Regulations "Electric Guitar" on blue (havoc)
Regulations "To Be Me" on orange (Deranged)
Remains of the Day "An Underlying Frequency" (Yellow Dog)
Replacements "Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash" (twin tone)
Replacements �Stink� (twin tone records)
Replacements �Let it Be� (twin tone records)
Repurcussions "11 Songs EP" (540)
Retros "Inner City Rockers" (BDR)
Revisions "Revised Observations" on blue, limited to 150 (dirt nap)
Riistetyt "As a Prisoner of State" (Hohnie)
Rites of Spring "Self-Titled" (Dischord)
Rival Schools "United By Fate" (SRC) 
Rocket From The Tombs "Rocket Redux" (Smog Veil)
Rockey & The Sweden "Total Hardcore" (Partners In Crime)
Rorschach "Remain Sedate" (Gern Blandsten)
Rose Tattoo "s/t" U.S. press (Mirage)
Rose Tattoo "Assault & Battery" (Mirage)
Rudimentary Peni "Death Church" Made In England (Corpus Christi)
Rudimentary Peni "EP's of RP" Made In England (Corpus Christi)
Rudimentary Peni "Catastrophe Live 1982" on blue (boot)
Rudimentary Peni "Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric" (Southern)
Ruts, The "Crack" (Virgin)

Saints, The �I�m Stranded� (EMI) 
Saints, The "Eternally Yours" (Sire)
Saints, The "This Perfect Day" limited 12" (EMI/Harvest) 
Saints, The "The Most Primitive Band in the World" (Hot)
Saints, The "This Perfect Day" live LP (Inner City Sound)
Saints, The "A Little Madness To Be Free" (Mushroom)
Scream "Still Screaming" (Dischord)
Screeching Weasel "My Brain Hurts" (Lookout)
Septic Death "Now That I Have Your Attention, What Do I Do With It?" UK pressing (Pusmort)
Severed Head Of State "Power Hazard EP" (Havoc)
Shop Assistants "s/t" (4 Men With Beards)
Sickoids "s/t" (Residue)
Sickoids "No Home" on clear, w/ obi strip (Grave Mistake / Sorry State)
Signal Lost "Children of the Wasteland" test press #7/50 (Prank)
Signal Lost "Children of the Wasteland" on orange (Prank)
Signal Lost "Prosthetic Screams" (Prank)
Small Brown Bike "The River Bed" on wintergreen out of 492 (No Idea)
Social Circkle "City Shock" (No Way)
Social Unrest "SU-2000" (Libertine)
Squirrel Bait "Skag Heaven" (Homestead)
Squirrel Bait "s/t" EP (Homestead)
Stalin "Mushi" regular LP, not the picture disc (Climax)
Stalin "Stop Jap" (boot)
Stalin "Stop Jap, Mushi, Go Go Stalin" 2xLP (Boot)
Stalin "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" (boot)
Starshooter "s/t" (Path� Marconi)
Stepmothers "All Systems Go EP" (Posh Boy)
Stooges, The "s/t" older press (Elektra)
Stooges, The "Fun House" older press (Elektra)
Stooges, The "Fun House" (Sundazed)
Stooges, The "Raw Power" (Columbia)
Stiff Little Fingers "Inflammable Material" (Rough Trade)
Stiff Little Fingers "Nobody's Heroes" (Chrysalis) 
Strike Anywhere "Chorus of One" on grey, out of 550 (No Idea)
Strike Anywhere "Change is a Sound" on clear, limited to 300 (Jade Tree)
Strike Anywhere "Exit English" on yellow (Jade Tree)
Strike Anywhere "Dead FM" on yellow, limited to 335 (Fat Wreck Chords)
Strike Anywhere "Iron Front" on clear (Bridge Nine)
Subhumans, The "Incorrect Thoughts" (Friends) 
Subhumans, The "Death Was Too Kind" (Quintessence)
Subhumans, The "Death Was Too Kind" (Alternative Tentacles)
Subhumans, The fanclub LP with "Death Was Too Kind," "Firing Squad" and both comp tracks from "Vancouver Independence" (boot)
Subhumans "From The Cradle to the Grave" (Bluurg)
Subhumans "No Wishes, No Prayers" (SST)
Sugar "Copper Blue" (Rykodisc)
Suicide Commandos, The "Make A Record" (Blank)
Sweetbelly Freakdown "s/t" (Jade Tree)
Swervedriver "Planes Over the Skyline" on purple marble #44/100 (boot)

Teenage Head "s/t" (Inter Global Music)
Teenage Head "Some Kinda Fun" (Attic)
Television "Marquee Moon" (Elektra)
Terrible Feelings "Shadows" (Deranged)
Torches To Rome �s/t�(Ebullition)
Total Fury "13 Songs" on white w/ bonus 7" (Dan Doh)
Toxic Reasons "Independence" w/ booklet (Risky)
Toxic Reasons "Kill By Remote Control" (Sixth International)
Tragedy "s/t" (Tragedy)
Tragedy "Vengeance" (Tragedy)
Tragedy "Nerve Damage" (Tragedy)
Tragedy "Darker Days Ahead" test press, tour edition (Tragedy)
Tranzmitors "s/t" (Deranged)
Tristess "Hog & Lag Blues" (Deranged) 

Ultimo Resorte "La Larga Sombra Del Punk" (La Vida En Mus)
Undertones, The "s/t" (Drastic Plastic)
Urban Waste "s/t" (Mad at the World)

Vanna Inget "Allvar" (Ptrash/1234 Go)
Venom P Stinger "What's Yours Is Mine" (Drag City)
Venom P Stinger "Waiting Room" (Drag City)
Vicious, The "s/t" (cage match federation) 
Vicious, The "Alientated" (Feral Ward)
Violent Minds "s/t" (Deranged)
Violent Minds "Eyes Of Death" (Parts Unknown)
Visitors, The "s/t" on red, #93/500 (Chinese Takeaway) 
Vitamin X "About To Crack" tour edition, on white #74/100 (Tankcrimes)
Void "Sessions 1981-83" (Dischord)
Volcano Suns "Career In Rock" (Quarterstick) 
Volcano Suns "Bumper Crop" (Homestead) 

Warcry "10 Tracks Noise" (Black Water) 
Wasted Time "Futility" (Grave Mistake)
Wasted Youth "Reagans In" fanclub copy on yellow (boot) #275/300
White Lung "It's The Evil" (Deranged)
Willful Neglect "Both 12's On One LP" (Havoc)
Wipers "Is This Real?" (jackpot)
Wipers "Over the Edge" (brain eater)
Wiper "Youth Of America" 
Wipers "s/t" (enigma)
Wipers "Land of the Lost" (restless)
Wipers "Blind" (Restless)
Wipers "The Circle" (Restless)
Wipers "Complete Rarities "78- '90" (True Believer)
Wire "Pink Flag" (harvest/emi)
World Burns To Death "Graveyard of Utopia" (Prank)

X "Los Angeles" original (Slash)
X "Wild Gift" original (Slash)
X "At Home With You" (Major) 

Young Canadians "This Is Your Life" (Quintessence) 
Young Livers "The New Drop Era" on yellow swirl (No Idea/Kiss of Death)
Young Livers "Of Misery and Toil" full metal jacket edition, limited to 100 (No Idea)
Young Livers "Of Misery and Toil" on oil leak clear, out of 150 (No Idea)
Young Wasteners "We Got Ways" (Aggressive Turns / Kick N Punch)
Youth Brigade "Sound & Fury" (BYO) 

Zeros �Don�t Push Me Around� (bomp)
Zero Boys �Vicious Circle� on blue (toxic shock) /500
Zero Boys "Vicious Circle" (rifleman)
Zero Boys "History Of" (Secretly Canadian)
Zounds "The Curse of Zounds Discography" (Ruin Nation / Antisociety)
Zillionaires, The �s/t� on pink (unity squad) 

Comp LP�s:

V/A �American Youth Report� w/ Bad Religion, Channel 3, Adolescents, Descendents, M.I.A, T.S.O.L., Shattered Faith, Red Kross, etc. (invasion records)
V/A �Beach Blvd� w/ Simpletones, The Crowd, Rick L Rik (posh boy) 1st press
V/A "City Limits: Down and Out in Toronto and Montreal" w/ Career Suicide, Burning Love, Mad Men, Inepsy, etc. on purple-marble (High Anxiety)
V/A "Dangerhouse Volume One" w/ Dils, Bags, Rhino 39, Alleycats, Avengers, Randoms, Weirdos, etc. (dangerhouse)
V/A "Flex Your Head" blurry head cover w/ Minor Threat, S.O.A., Youth Brigade, Void, Etc. (Dischord)
V/A "Four Old 7"s on a 12"" w/ Minor Threat, Youth Brigade, Teen Idles, Government Issue, SOA (Dischord)
V/A "Hate /Love" double LP w/ all the italian greats including Negazione, Peggio Punx, Indegesti, Infezione, EU's Arse, Raw Power, etc. (lovehate80.it, S.O.A. Records, Agipunk) 
V/A "Hell Comes To Your House" w/ Social Distortion, Red Cross, Modern Warfare, 45 Grave, Christian Death, Rhino 39 (Timebomb)
V/A "Killed By Death" on white w/ The Mad, Hollywood Squares, Dogs, Kraut, Child Molesters, Nuns, etc.
V/A "Killed By Death #2" on white w/ The Freeze, The Mad, The Machines, Nervous Eaters, The Eat, The Chiefs, etc.
V/A �Killed By Death #4� on green w/ Zero Boys, Subhumans, Rotters, Heartattack, Really Red, Kaos, Victims, Huns, Jerks, etc.  (redrum records)
V/A "Killed By Epitaph" double LP w/ Ivy Green, Panic, Trockener Kecks, Filth, The Ex, etc. D
V/A "Killed By Trash" w/ The Carbonas, Tyrades, Heartattacks, etc. (p trash) /500
V/A �Land Of Need World Of Greed� w/ Avail, Lifetime, Rancid, Outspoken, Farside, Ashes, etc.
V/A "The Master Tape" w/ Zero Boys, F.U.'s, Die Kreuzen, Toxic Reasons, Articles of Faith, etc.
V/A �Mixed Signals� w/Make Do And Mend, Menzingers, Tigers Jaw, Balance and Composure, etc. On Sea Blue & Black out of 200 (Run For Cover)
V/A "No T.O." with Career Suicide, Dangerloves, etc. #158/300 on clear with silk-screened b-side (Schizophrenic)
V/A "Not So Quiet On The Western Front" w/ 7 Seconds, Dead Kennedys, Pariah, Capital Punishment, Flipper, Urban Assault, and tons of other amazing bands.
V/A "Personality Disorder" w/ Cagematch, Said Gun, Lenguas Largas, etc. (May Cause Dizziness)
V/A "Pogo Punks" w/ Jack and the Rippers, Dieter Meier, Negativ, Rebels, Glueams, Fresh Color, etc.
V/A "Public Safety" w/ Career Suicide, Direct Control, Observers, Regulations, No Hope For The Kids, Gorilla Angreb, Regress, Smalltown, etc
V/A "Public Service" w/ Red Cross, Bad Religion, RF7, Disability and Circle One (Smoke Seven)
V/A �Posh Hits Vol. 1� w/ Circle Jerks, Agent Orange, Social Distortion, Shattered Faith, T.S.O.L, The Crowd, Black Flag, Red Cross, Channel 3, F-Word, etc.
V/A �Punk USA� w/ The Pist, Submachine, Jawbreaker, Screeching Weasel, etc. (lookout)
V/A �Red Snerts: The Sound of Gulcher� w/ Zero Boys, Gizmos, The Panics, Dow Jones & The Industrials, 
V/A �Punk USA� w/ The Pist, Submachine, Jawbreaker, Screeching Weasel, etc. (lookout)
V/A �Someone Got Their Head Kicked In� w/ Adolescents, Aggression, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Youth Brigade, etc. (BYO)
V/A �Something To Believe In� w/ DOA, SNFU, Personality Crisis, NIls, 7 Seconds, Kraut, Big Boys, Channel 3, etc. (BYO)
V/A �This Is Boston Not L.A.� w/ Gang Green, Jerry�s Kids, The Freeze, etc. (modern method) 
V/A �Toronto City Omnibus� w/ Career Suicide, Fucked Up, Haymaker, Scare Tactic, etc. (schizophrenic)
V/A �Toronto City Omnibus� w/ Career Suicide, Fucked Up, Haymaker, Scare Tactic, etc. on green (Schizophrenic)
V/A "Underground Hits 2" w/Angry Samoans, FU's, Youth Brigade, Husker Du. Government Issue, Adrenaline OD, etc
V/A �Vancouver Complication� w/ Pointed Sticks, DOA, Subhumans, Modernettes, etc (Pinned)
V/A �Vancouver Complication� w/ Pointed Sticks, DOA, Subhumans, Modernettes, etc #136/1100 (Rockin' Bones)
V/A "Vancouver Independence" w/ Subhumans, No Exit, Metros, Droogs, etc (Friends)

Demos/Cassette Tapes:

Career Suicide �Tour Demo 2003�
Direct Control
Fuck Jonah (pre-Career Suicide)
Fucked Up "Mix Tape"
Fucked Up "Tape" #31/300
Gorilla Angreb "Demo 2000" 
In Between Demo
Leatherface "Mush" (Fire)
Leatherface "Mush" (Seed)
Social Circkle 
Social Circkle "March Sessions" 
Still Left Standing

Email: Dominic Federico -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 09/16/2018
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Will trade or pay cash for any of the following:

Zero Boys "Vicious Circle" on Nimrod (top want)
Poison Idea "Pick Your King" original, any press
Negative Approach "s/t" 7" original
Articles of Faith "Wait"
Effigies "Haunted Town" on Autumn
Rhino 39 "Xerox/No Compromise" b/w "Prolixin Stomp" (Dangerhouse original)
Unsafe At Any Speed 7" comp
Descendents "Milo Goes to College" on New Alliance
Stains LP on SST
Wipers "Alien Boy" 7"
Wipers "Is This Real" on Park Avenue
Wipes "Youth of America" on Park Avenue
Wipers "Over the Edge" on Braineater
Mission of Burma "Vs" original 
The Saints "(I'm) Stranded" on fatal (top want)

Modern Needs:

Leatherface "Minx" test press w/ alternative mix
Any other Leatherface test presses 
Leatherface "Cherry Knowle" LP - Bitzcore press
Leatherface "Cherry Knowle" LP - Rejected press
Leatherface "Not Superstitious" 12"
Leatherface "Compact and Bijou" 10"
Leatherface "Can't Help Falling" 7"
Leatherface "Live in Oslo" LP
Leatherface / Hot Water Music split on grey

Bloody Gears demo

Any Signal Lost records I don't already own (e.g., test presses)

Career Suicide test presses and both demos  
Career Suicide "Cherry Beach"  
Career Suicide "Signals" w/ black, white, and green covers 
Career Suicide "Distort Toronto" tape complilation
Career Suicide: any other rarities I'm not aware of

Carbonas "I'm Astray" on white
Carbonas "Frothing at the Mouth" second press
Carbonas "Frothing at the Mouth" fourth press
Carbonas "Blackout" on white
Carbonas "Blackout" on clear
Carbonas "s/t" lp on black
Carbonas test presses or rarities

Exploding Hearts "Guitar Romantic" LP on Screaming Apple Records 
Exploding Hearts "Modern Kicks" 7" on Pelado

Random stuff that I would trade records or pay cash for:

LP jacket for Leatherface "Fill Your Boots" 
cassette insert/cover for Leatherface "Mush"

Other than that, I would say, try me.  My "want list" is not even close to representative of all the records I would like to own.  If you want something I have, and you have something you think I'd be interested in, write me.