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Bob Wilson

86 Mentality- escape from dc - large
Age Of Apocalypse-/25 seafoam green design- XL
Aggression Pact- record logo-Large
Bladecrasher-VA hardcore- XL
Cold Sweat- baby blue LS - XL
Count Me Out- UB design- large
Damage-Philadelphia Straight Edge Hoodie- XL on Jerzees
Dead By 23- OG Hoodie- XL on hanes
Dead Heat- true blue rip- large
Destruct- Sugi design- xl
Gravediggaz- 6 feet deep LS- XL
Handsome-powered by satan LS- Xl on anvil
Ink and Dagger- OG the almighty ink and dagger-large
Ink and Dagger- OG green and white vampire design-large
Innumerable Forms-contaminated Hoodie-XL
Innumerable Forms-impovershed- large
Line Of SIght- nike rip-large
Magnitude- we remain... early design- large
Merauder- OG 5 deadly venoms design- Large fruit of the loom
Method of Doubt- is it really so strange to care?- large navy blue
Method of Doubt- Is it really so strange to care?- large beige
Mindforce-mike benefit shirt- large
No tolerance- no remorse, no tolerance hoodie from YOT show- xl
One step closer- BAPE rip- xl
Payback- first design-large
Payback- black hoodie - xl
payback/out for justice- split shirt-xl
philadelphia hardcore- unity bbq hoodie-xl
philadelphia hardcore-unity bbq shirt-xl
pittbull-motor city hardcore- xl screen stars
pittbull-motor city hardcore LS- XL screen stars
point of contact- OLC rip- xl
quicksand- OG 98 Japanese tour LS- medium  fruit of the loom
seed of pain-demon design-large
striking distance- government issue rip- large on Jensen
Striking Distance- straight ahead rip- large on Anvil
struck nerve-youngblood design-large
suburban fanzine- skip pic-large
supertouch- OG earth is flat- xl murina
the a team- Christmas show design- large
the prowl- black and green logo- large
undertow- OG gatorade rip hoodie- xl screen stars
uniform choice- OG staring into the sun LS- xl on murina
Email: Bob Wilson -- Ebay Name: kissthelizard85 -- Last Updated: 05/11/2020
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*will trade entrance into fya fest for most of these*

any shirts or posters from
ink and dagger
crud is a cult
Mandela strikeforce
striking distnace
86 mentality
the prowl
dead stop
think I care
uniform choice
only living witnes
no justice
the aftermath
the nerve agents
death threat peace and security era
fat nuts
never healed
shadow season
train of thought
world burns to death
severed head of state