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Nate Worrall

Manchester UK


Good Dudes                            

Adam Bender
Adam Cox  
Andy Boswell 
Anthony Green     
Bailey Wilkinson              
Chris Amato 
Chris Wigley   
Dallas Handsome 
Dean Blackburn  
Don Angelini
Henrik Nielsen 
Jack Watts
Joe Wood
Marc Renokid - lost count of how many times. Totally awesome dude!
Marcus Broome 
Marcus King - lost count of how many times. Totally awesome dude!
Mark Boardman 
Marko Koponen          
Martin Friel 
Michael Young 
Mikey Estrella 
Nate Bean
Oliver Entwistle 
Orhun Ohner - lost count of how many times. Totally awesome dude!
Pat Hassan 
Rob Newland 
Ross Rickers 
Sam Carlisle x3
Sam Knight 
Sam Woodward 
Scott Shubitz 
Slavko Akalovic

Still need to update this list.

Shady dudes

Bill Ferry 


In the mail:

The Copyrights - Bucking Horse shirt (black, M)
Count Me Out - Sid and Nancy shirt (black, XL OG)
Earth Crisis - Animal Liberation shirt (black, L)
Leeway - Born To Expire cut-off (black, M)
Mindforce - Logo shirt (black, L)
Trail Of Lies - Logo shirt (black, L)



3 Against 1 - Welcome to the Real World [black, Squigtone Records]
Against All Hope - Drywall [black, New Direction]
American Nightmare - The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter [black w/silver labels #/900, Bridge 9]
Atrox - Who is Free to Choose? [black, Untergrund] x3
Automatic - Automatic [black, Capsule 4]

Backlash - Second Coming [black, Back Ta Basics]         
Blighters - Heartbeat [black, Hungry Audio]
Blue Monday - What's Done is Done [black #/1200, Stab & Kill]
Broken Needle - Broken Needle [black, Schizophrenic]    
Bottom Line NYC - No One's Safe [gold, pre-order cover #35/100, Stab & Kill]
Built to Last - Built to Last [grey #/286, Words of War]    
Burn - From the Ashes [clear purple w/gold splatter #/1000, Bridge 9]
Carry On - The Line Is Drawn [black, Youngblood]
Cast Aside - Overcome [black #/800, Malfunction]
Cathedrals / Deadhead - Split [orange #/100, Mayfly]  
The Cheek - Just One Night [black, A&M]
Cherry Ghost - 4am [black, Heavenly]
Chopper - Porcelain [black #/1100, Crackle!]
Coalition - Coalition [blue, Stagnant]
Cold Cave - Black Boots [clear #/100, tour press, Heartworm Press]
Cold Cave - Oceans With No End [clear w/ cyan haze #/300, Deathwish]
Cold Cave - Oceans With No End [sea blue #/700, Deathwish]
The Control - Sidearm [black, Reflections]   
Criminally Insane - Criminally Insane [black, Parts Unknown]  
Deadhead - A State of Punk [green mix #/???, Mayfly]    
Dead Stop - Dead Stop [black #/1000, Reflex Distribution]
Debaser - Rich White Boys [blue #/100, Just Another Day]   
Detroit Social Club - Prophecy [black, Fiction]
Descendents - Who We Are [black #/3800, Epitaph]
Desperate Measures - It's On Your Hands [black, Youngblood]
Diesel Boy - Strap On 7 Inch [black, Fat Wreck]
Disbelief - Making Progress [black, Overdose]
Dopamine - Experiments With Truth [blue #275/500, Emotion Sickness]   
Eleven Thirty-Four - Dying [black, New Age Records]   
Engrave - Engrave [black, Defiance]
Ex-Cathedra - Trespass [black, Damaged Goods]

Failure Face - All Pain, No Gain [black, Ebullition]
Farside - Farside [black, Revelation]
Farside - Keep My Soul Awake [black, Crisis]
Faultline - Faultline [black, Earth House]    
The Final Plan - Dead End Nights [black w/Winter Tour '01 cover #290/420, Dead By 23] 
Fucked Up - Daytrotter [black, Matador]  

Gameface - Beach Chair/Home [black, Network Sound]
Gameface - Cupcakes [black, Dr. Strange]
Gameface - A Day In June [black, Dr. Strange]
Gameface - Gameface [green, Nemesis]
Go It Alone / Blue Monday - Split [white #/930, Rivalry]
Guidingline - The Boy Scout Revival [black, Third Party]

Half Off - Shoot Guns [black w/red lettering, New Beginnings]
Holding On / The Real Enemy - Split [black, Havoc/One Percent]
I Rise - Down [yellow #/200, 1917]
Idlewild - Chandelier [black #/1000, Fierce Panda]
In Reach / Open Up - Split [black, Jitsu]   
In Vain - In Vain [black, Youth Power]
Ink & Dagger - Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Dagger Through My Philadelphia Heart [black, Initial]
Ink & Dagger - Experiments in Nocturnal Sound and Energy [black, Revelation]    
Ink & Dagger / Le Shok - Split [black, Initial]
Ink & Dagger - Love is Dead [glow in the dark #/100, Six Feet Under]   
Ink & Dagger - Sensation [black, Initial]            

Kafka - Black Out [black, No! Records]
Kill Your Idols / Full Speed Ahead - Split [black, Hell Bent]
Landlocked - From A New Perspective [black #69/500] 
Landmark - My Faith [black, Fist City]
Let Down - Sacrifice Me [clear #/259, Six Feet Under]
Like Wolves - Like Wolves [black #/300, Self Released]  
Lincoln - Union [black, Watermark] 
Lo-Fi Culture Scene - Abstract [black, Kids]

Megaweapon - I Won't Call You [black, Ridikulas Records]
Miserable - Halloween Dream [ultra clear w/ gold haze #232/300, The Native Sound]   
My Luck - ...is Frozen [black #/540, Youngblood]   
Newmoon - Invitation to Hold [yellow, Secret Voice]
Night Sins - Down to Drown [purple, Anybody's Flowers]
Night Sins - Down to Drown [black, Anybody's Flowers]
No Way Out - No Way Out [black, Straight Force Records]
NOFX - Fuck the Kids [black, Fat Wreck]
Noose - It's Your Time [black #/400, React]   
Oil - Oil [black, Commitment]
One King Down - Gravity Wins Again [black, Equal Vision]
One Reason / The Because - You Made Me Cry Because of One Reason [black, Salinas]
Ownfight - Ownfight [white #279/500, Backside Records]

Panic - Dying For It [black #/1500, Bridge 9]
Panic - Panic [clear #/1465, Bridge 9]  
Police Beat - Time For Coffee! [black #/100, second pressing, Think Fast]   
Product - Dedication [black, Green/Twilight]
Product - Watch Your Step [yellow #92/215, Genet]
Proud Youth - Nothing's Changed [black, Keep It Alive Records]
Providence / Free at Last - Youth Crew 98 [black, X-File Records]

Rectify - By Your Side [black, Crucial Response]
Rectify - How We Feel [black, Crucial Response]
Reinforce - Youth Shall Sing! [black, Third Party]
Right Brigade - Right Brigade [white #/800, Stillborn]
Set to Explode - Set to Explode [black w/ red labels #/700, Grave Mistake]
Shark Attack - Blood in the Water [black, second pressing Bridge 9]
Slumgang - Slumgang [black, Derelict Records] 
Some Still Believe - Some Still Believe [black, Martyr]
Splinter - Scathed [red marble, Stormstrike]
Standard Issue - As We Grow [white, Siton]
Standard Issue - Incite [clear, Third Party]
Stay Gold - Caught Up in the Moment [black #/667, Indecision]      
Step2Far / Tears of Frustration - Split [black, Guillotine]
Swan Dive - Fly Toward the Sun [black #/100, Fist in the Air]
Supercrush - Lifted b/w Melt Into You (Drift Away) [test press #/12, Bedside]
Supercrush - Lifted b/w Melt Into You (Drift Away) [black #/330, Bedside]
Sworn In - Sworn In [black #/1200, Bridge 9]  
Sworn In - Sworn In [black/red split #/600, Bridge 9]
Sworn In - Sworn In [red #/250, Bridge 9/Reflections]     
To Each His Own - Breaking the Mold [black, Resurrection AD]  
Trepan Nation / Strength in Numbers - Split [black, DC Records]

Until Today - In the Distance...a New Day Dawns [black, Third Party]
V/A - Anger Management Session 1 (Kill Your Idols, Holding On, Close Call, My Luck, Diehard Youth, What Feeds the Fire) [green, Martyr]
V/A - Coastal Flooding Volume 1: The West Coast (Champion, Allegiance, Find Him & Kill Him, Blue Monday, The Miracle Mile, Where Eagles Dare) [black, Endwell]   
Violent Minds - Violent Minds [black, My War Records]

Where Fear and Weapons Meet - Control [blue, Think Fast]    
With Honor - With Honor [clear #/600]
Within Blood - Captain Blood [black, Resist]
Worn Thin - Remnants of What Could've Been [clear #/500, Youngblood]    

X-Men - We Won't Take Part [black #/900, Commitment]
XO Skeletons - Asthmagasm [pink #/1200, Malfunction]
xCURRAHEEx - We Stand Strong [black #/400, Double X Crossed]   


As Friends Rust - The Fists of Time [black, Good Life]

Consumed - Breakfast at Pappa's [black, Fat Wreck]

Down By Law - Revolution Time [red splatter #/500, Dry Heave Records]

V/A - The Philadelphia Sound (The Curse, Go! For the Throat, Knives Out, Paint It Black) [clear, Chunksaah]

Alice In Chains - Dirt [black, Music on Vinyl]          
Alkaline Trio - Maybe I'll Catch Fire [black, 180g Asian Man]         
All - Allroy For Prez [black, Cruz]
All - Allroy's Revenge [black, Cruz]
All - Allroy Saves [black, Cruz]
All - Breaking Things  [black, Cruz]    
All - Mass Nerder [black, Epitaph] 
All - Pummel [black 180g repress, Porterhouse]
American Nightmare - American Nightmare [black, Rise]
As Friends Rust - Won [black, Doghouse]
Avail - Front Porch Stories [black, Fat]

The B-52's - The B-52's [black, Island]
Bauhaus - Mask [black, Beggars Banquet]
Bigwig - Stay Asleep [black, Kung-Fu]
Black Sabbath - Paranoid [black, gatefold, Nems]
Blessure Grave - Learn to Love the Rope [black, Captured Tracks]
Bob Mould - Patch the Sky [clear, Merge]
Bob Mould - Workbook [black, Virgin]
BXI - Boris & Ian Astbury [black, Southern Lord]
By a Thread - Last of the Daydreams [black, Revelation] 
Ceremony - The L Shaped Man [seafoam green #/???, Matador]
Choking Victim - No Gods/No Managers [black, Hellcat]
Christian Death - Believers of the Unpure [black, Jungle]
Christian Death - Only Theatre Of Pain [blue, Frontier]
Chvrches - Every Open Eye [white, EMI]
Cock Sparrer - Shock Troops [army green #/2000, ninth pressing, Pirates Press]
Cold Cave - Cherish the Light Years [black, Matador]  
Cold Cave - Cremations [black, Hospital Productions]
Cold Cave - Cremations [picture disc #/500, Heartworm Press]
Cold Cave - Death Comes Close [black #/2000, Matador]
Cold Cave - Full Cold Moon [black, Deathwish]
Cold Cave - Life Magazine [black, Matador] 
Cold Cave - Love Comes Close [black #/1000, Heartworm Press]      
The Cure - Head on the Door [black, Fiction]    
The Cure - Pornography [black, Fiction]   
The Cure - Standing on a Beach [black, Fiction]
Damnation A.D. - Pornography [blue #/800, Organized Crime]
David Bowie - ChangesOneBowie [black, RCA]
Death of Lovers - Buried Under a World of Roses [blue #/310, Deathwish]    
Descendents - Enjoy! [black, SST]    
Descendents - Everything Sucks [black, Epitaph]
Descendents - Hallraker [black, SST]  
Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate [clear w/black swirl #/1000, Epitaph]
Descendents - I Don't Want to Grow Up [black, SST]
Devotion - The Bastard Son of Affluence Blues [black, Rivalry]     
Eyelid - If It Kills [black, Indecision]

Faded Grey - A Quiet Time of Desperation [black, Indecision]
Farside - Rigged [black, Revelation]
Farside - Rochambeau [black, Revelation]    
Farside - The Monroe Doctrines [black, Revelation]
Fastbreak - Fast Cars, Fast Women [black, Big Wheel Recreation/Underestimated]  
Fields of the Nephilim - The Nephilim [black, gatefold, Situation Two]
The Final Plan / My Luck - Split [blue w/ Crass cover #26/50, Martyr]  
Fucked Up - Hidden World [2xLP/black, gatefold, Deranged]   
Gameface - Always On [black, Revelation]
Gameface - Every Last Time [black, Revelation]
Gameface - Now Is What Matters Now [grey #/500, Equal Vision]
Give Up the Ghost - We're Down Til We're Underground [black #/1000, Equal Vision]  
Grade - Under the Radar [grey #/318, second pressing, Victory]
Grey Area - Grey Area [black, Victory]   
Gypsy - Giant's Despair [white #/750, Six Feet Under]     
Horror Show - Notes From the Night That Never Ended [black #/900, Deathwish]
Hot Water Music - No Division [blue/gray mix #/525, fifth pressing, No Idea]  

In Control - Another Year [black, Indecision]
Ink & Dagger - The Fine Art of Original Sin [black, Initial]
Inspiral Carpets - Life [black w/ embossed sleeve, Mute]

Jawbreaker - Dear You [2xLP/black, Blackball]
Jawbreaker - Unfun [black, Blackball]
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic [black, Blanco Y Negro]
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands [black, Blanco Y Negro]

Kate Bush - The Whole Story [black, gatefold sleeve, EMI]
Kill Holiday - Somewhere Between the Wrong is Right [purple #/700, RSD 2016 edition, Revelation]

Led Zeppelin - II [black, gatefold sleeve, Atlantic]     
Let Down - We're in This Alone [black/brown split #/155, Six Feet Under]    
Life of Agony - Ugly [black, Roadrunner/Cargo] 
Lifetime - Hello Bastards [black #/1000, Jade Tree]
Lifetime - Jersey's Best Dancers [black #/1400, Jade Tree]
Lifetime - Lifetime [orange #/500, No Idea]
March - Turn [black, Network Sound]
The March Violets - Natural History [black, Rebirth]
Misfits - Collection I [black, Caroline/Plan 9]  
The Mission - Carved in Sand [black, Mercury]
The Mission - Children [black, Mercury]
The Mission - The First Chapter [black, Mercury]
The Mission - God's Own Medicine [black, Mercury]   
Morrissey - Viva Hate [black, EMI]  
Mot�rhead - Ace of Spades [black, Bronze]
The Nerve Agents - Days of the White Owl [black, Revelation]   
The Nerve Agents - The Butterfly Collection [black #/700, Hellcat]  
New Model Army - The Ghost of Cain [black, EMI]
Night Sins - From London to the Lake [black #/500, Avant!]    
Night Sins - New Grave [black #/500, Avant!] 
Over My Dead Body - Rusty Medals and Broken Badges [black #/603, Indecision]
Panic - Circles [yellow/black splatter #/500, Reflections]
Patti Smith - Horses [black, Arista]
Permanent - Sink/Swim [teal #/300, 6131]  
The Psychedelic Furs - Mirror Moves [black, CBS]    
Purpose - Alpha/Omega [red, Special Forces] 
Reach the Sky - So Far From Home [black, Victory]

Sex Pistols - The Biggest Blow (A Punk Prayer By Ronnie Biggs) / My Way [black, Virgin]
Sex Pistols - The Great Rock N Roll Swindle [2xLP/black, Virgin]
Shades Apart - Save It [black, Revelation]  
The Sisterhood - Gift [black, Merciful Release]
The Sisters of Mercy - Alice [black, Merciful Release]
The Sisters of Mercy - First and Last and Always [black, Merciful Release]
The Sisters of Mercy - Floodland [black, Merciful Release]
The Sisters of Mercy - The Reptile House EP [black, Merciful Release]  
The Sisters of Mercy - Vision Thing [black, Merciful Release]
The Smiths - Meat is Murder [black, Rough Trade]       
The Smiths - The Queen is Dead [black, Rhino]
The Smiths - The Smiths [black, Rough Trade]
The Smiths - The World Won't Listen [black, Rough Trade]
Some Girls - All My Friends Are Going Death [green, Three One G]
Striking Distance - March to Your Grave [green #/375, Youngblood] 
Suede - Night Thoughts [2xLP/black, Warner]
Suede - Suede [gold #/2000, Demon]
The Suicide File - Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For [red/black splatter #/500, Reflections]    

Talking Heads - Naked [black, EMI]
Talking Heads - Talking Heads:77 [black, Sire]
Taylor Swift - Reputation [2xLP/picture disc, Big Machine]
Taylor Swift - 1989 [2xLP/black, Big Machine]
Teenage Bottlerocket - They Came From the Shadows [black, Fat Wreck]
Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are [2xLP/blood orange #/503, Revelation]
Trial By Fire - Ringing in the Dawn [orange marble, Jade Tree]
The Trouble - Nobody Laughs Anymore [red #/325, Painkiller]   

Unbroken - Re-Issue, Repackage, Re-Evaluate the Songs [3xLP/clear, Indecision]  
Undeclinable - Sound City Burning [red #/250, Effervescence]
Undeclinable Ambuscade - One For the Money [clear #/102, La Agonia de Vivir]
Undeclinable Ambuscade - Their Greatest Adventures [cyan blue #/99, La Agonia de Vivir]

Various - Clan Destine Records Compilation [black #/250, Clan Destine]
Various - Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (Music From The Soundtrack) [black, Warner Bros]    
Youth Code - Youth Code [red #/400, Dais]


Depeche Mode - Violator [Mute]

Landlocked - Erudition [#79/100, Pinky Swear]

Magic Moments - Don't Fall For Me [gold #/100, Haus Ov Fuck]

The Pact - Demo 2012 [Hemlock 13]
Public Domain - Demo Tape [metallic red #/70, Headless Guru]



A Loss For Words - King shirt (black, M)
Alkaline Trio - Girl's Face in Heart/skull shirt (black, M)
All - Allroy Bat shirt (black, L)
All - Logo shirt (black, M OG)
American Nightmare - Dead Milkmen Philly shirt (black, M)
American Nightmare - Farewell shirt {black, XL OG)
American Nightmare - Filmstrip shirt (black, M OG)
American Nightmare - Fuck These Memories shirt (black, M)
American Nightmare - If I Could Draw What I Felt shirt (black, M OG)
American Nightmare - Ink & Dagger Love Is Dead shirt (white, M)
American Nightmare - Keep the Wet Dream Alive (black, M)
American Nightmare - Jawbreaker Oakland shirt (black, M)
American Nightmare - Ministry Chicago shirt (black, M)
American Nightmare - Record Player shirt (black, M, OG)
American Nightmare - Turning Point Hand shirt (black, M)
American Nightmare - Viva Love shirt (black, M)
American Nightmare - (We Are) shirt (black, M)

Bad Religion - Against the Grain shirt (black, M)

Chelsea Wolfe - Double Dagger shirt (black, M)
Cold Cave - Death Comes Close shirt (black, L)
Cold Cave - Sage Logo shirt (white on black, M)
Cold Cave - The Trees Grew Emotions and Died shirt (white, L)
Count Me Out - Orange text Logo shirt (black, M OG)
Count Me Out - Permanent Record Release shirt/girl with headphones (black, M OG)
Count Me Out - United Blood Permanent shirt (navy, M)
The Cranberries - No Need to Argue shirt (black, M OG)
Cursed - Omen shirt (black, M)

Darkthrone - Logo/Hellbound Underground Sound shirt (black, M)
Deadguy - Pentagram shirt (black, M)
Descendents - All collaboration Groezrock 2014 shirt (white, L)
Disembodied - If God Only Knew The Rest Were Dead shirt (black, M)
Drab Majesty - 

Ensign - Coffin/Hope Everything You Love shirt (black, L)
The Ergs - Upstairs/Downstairs shirt (black, L)

Farside - Logo shirt (burgundy, M)

Good Riddance - Logo with Bomb back-print (black, M OG)
Guttermouth - Definition shirt (black, M OG)

Hostage Calm - Go Vegetarian shirt (white, L)

Ignite - Crest shirt (black, S)
Iron Chic - It Ain't Easy To Keep Living shirt (black, L)
Iron Chic - Motorbike shirt (black, M)

The Legacy - Danzig shirt [black, M)

Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams shirt (black, M)
Misfits - Legacy of Brutality shirt (black, M)
Morrissey - Morbid Angel shirt (black, M)

Night Birds - Logo shirt (black, L)
Night Sins - Gentleman shirt (black, L)
Night Sins - To London or the Lake shirt (black, M)
Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral shirt (black, M)
Newmoon - Live shot shirt (black, M)
No Use For a Name - Rat side-print shirt (green, M)

Off With Their Heads - Satanic Cat shirt (black, M)
One King Down - Cabal More Hate Than Fear TIHC 2018 shirt (black, M)

Paradise Lost - In Requiem tour shirt (black, M)

Reach The Sky - Boston wings art shirt (green, M OG)
Ride - Going Blank Again 2015 Tour shirt (white, M)
Ruiner - The Point of it All is to Never Look Back shirt (black, M)

Sick Of It All - Some Day A Real Rain Is Gonna Come shirt (black, M OG)
The Sisters of Mercy - Some Girls Wander By Mistake shirt (black, L)
The Sisters of Mercy - Tour Thing 1991 US Tour shirt (black, L OG)
The Sisters of Mercy - Utterly Bastard Groovy shirt (black, M OG)
Sleeper - Reunion tour shirt (navy, L)
The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead/Lads Club shirt (black, M)
The Smiths - The Queen is Dead shirt (black, L)
The Smiths - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out shirt (white, M)
Striking Distance - Hated shirt (black, L)
Suede - Multi Album Logo shirt (black, M)
Sunn O))) - Black One shirt (black, M)
Sunn O))) - Skeleton shirt (black, M)
Sworn In - Fuck Romance/Boombox shirt (black, M)
Sworn In - Pretty Girls Die Just the Same shirt (black, L)
Taylor Swift - Blank Space x Earth Crisis shirt (navy, M)
Taylor Swift - Bad Blood x Darkthrone shirt (black, M)
Taylor Swift - Crass rip (black, M)
Taylor Swift - Red shirt (black, M)
Taylor Swift - Reputation Tour shirt (black, M)
Teenage Bottlerocket - Blood Bath at Burger King shirt (black, M)
Texas is the Reason - Logo shirt (black, M)
Texas is the Reason - TX Reunion Show shirt (black, M)
Therapy? - Infernal Love shirt (black, XL OG)
Therapy? - Joy Division rip shirt (black, M)
The Trouble - Dead and Gone shirt (black, L)
The Trouble - We Are the Blood shirt (black, M)
True Love - Stay True shirt (black, M)
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses/Express Yourself shirt (black, L)

Unbroken - It's Getting Tougher to Say the Right Things/Hatful of Hollow shirt (black, M)
Unbroken - Suede Life Love So Young shirt (black, S/M)
Undeclinable Ambuscade - Old Fart Reunion tour shirt (black, M)

Vein - thisisthevibrance shirt (black, M)

Western Addiction - Logo shirt (black, M)

Youth Code - Strict BPM shirt (black, L)


As Friends Rust - Radio cut-off (black, M)

Betrayed - Addiction cut-off (black, M)
Black Flag - Everything Went Black cut-off(black, M)

Danzig - Logo cut-off (black, M)

Horror Show - Inconsiderate Me cut-off (black, XL)

The Mission - Carved in Sand tour cut-off (black, M OG)

The Offspring - Bite Me cut-off (white, XL, OG)

Piebald - Pirate skull cut-off (black, L)
Poison Idea - Skull logo cut-off (black, M)

Quicksand - Logo cut-off (black, M)

The Promise - Reversible Believer basketball vest (burgundy/white, M)

Rotting Out - Suicidal Tendancies rip cut-off (black, M)

Type O Negative - World Coming Down cut-off (black, L)

Long-sleeved shirts (all M unless noted)

Horror Show - Bauhaus long-sleeve (black, XL OG)

The Sisters of Mercy - Smoke and Mirrors long-sleeve (black, L)

Youth Code - Los Angeles Industrial long-sleeve (black, M)

Hoodies/Crew Necks 

American Nightmare - OG A|N Varsity zip-up (black, M)
American Nightmare - Hide Your Heart OG hoodie (black, M)
American Nightmare - Varsity Jacket (black, L)

Ensign - The Price of Progression Coffin zip-up (black, L OG)

Hot Rod Circuit - Robot hoodie (navy, L)

Lagwagon - Smile hoodie (black, L OG)

The Promise - Crest crewneck (black, M)

Other stuff

Dinosaur Jr - Mishka Snap-back (black)

Foundation - Foundation ATL shorts (black, L)


American Nightmare - 2015 Signed Reunion Print [#/50]

Dan Smith - AN NYC Hide Your Heart print [#106/200]

Julian Gilbert - American Nightmare NYC print [#3/20]

Linas Garsys - Ink & Dagger TIH print [#/40]

Heartworm Press

Heartworm #18 - Chris Leo - Feathers Like Leather

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