Defiant Hearts – Arlington – 6131 Records #09 – 2007

Defiant Hearts are from my back yard. Almost literally. How they ended up on 6131 Records out of Huntington Beach, California is a little beyond me. I'm puzzled by it.

Defiant Hearts isn't forging a new path or breaking new ground, but what they do, they do well. A little melodic hardcore on a snowy morning is just the thing to brighten the spirits. If you had been in my living room, you may have seen me doing a little skank during Old Hosmer. Thankfully, this album isn't bedroom moshing material or I probably would have spilled my latte. Shit, illy is so fucking good. This album is a little illy, actually. One or two Right Brigade riffs might get you moshing though.

And, I just noticed they are playing with Permanent this week in Boston. Very chill. See you there?

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