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 coming soon: 
No Parole- Violent Thoughts 
Beaver- s/t
Rest In Pieces- My Rage(yellow)
Lion's Law- Open Your Eyes (silver w/ splatter)
Backslider- Consequences
Antichrist Demoncore- Postcard flexi

Hellnation- At War With Emo (yellow)
Spazz- Tastin' Spoon (picture disc)
Vaccine- Crimes In Blood (gray)
Beartrap/ Hummingbird of Death (US cover)
Extortion/ Rupture (white)


2x4- Eight Song EP
4 Skins, The - The Original Singles box set (/500)
	One Law For Them (red)
	Yesterday’s Heroes (green)
	Low Life (blue)
	Plastic Gangster (yellow)
7 Seconds- First 3 E.P.'s box set: (screened box with patch and buttons)
	Skins, Brains & Guts (clear/black swirl)
	Committed For Life (clear/black swirl)
	Blasts From the Past (clear/black swirl, screened cover)
7 Seconds- Skins, Brains & Guts E.P. (red, Pazzafist Recs)
9 Shocks Terror- Earth, Wind & the Shiek Throwing Fire
9 Shocks Terror- Mobile Terror Unit
86 Mentality- s/t (maroon cover- 5th press)
86 Mentality- Final Exit (photocopied cover)
86 Mentality- On The Loose
97a- Better Off Dead (gold labels, glossy cover)

Acid Reflux- s/t EP (yellow, pink cover)
Adrenlin O.D.- Let's Barbecue (purple, repress)
Aggression Pact- s/t
Aggression Pact-Instant Execution (clear)
Agnostic Front- United Blood (red, "No Justice, Just Us" repress)
Ajax- s/t #1
Ajax- s/t #2 (Beach Impediment press)
Ajax- Bleach For Breakfast [demo] (pink)
Altered Boys- s/t #1
Altered Boys- s/t #2 (black)
		     (record release cover, #14/40)
Altered Boys- s/t #3 (test press, yellow)
Alone in a Crowd- s/t (Contrast repress)
Amdi Petersens Arme- s/t (red cover)
Amdi Petersens Arme- Blod Ser Mere Virkligt Ud Da Film
Anti-Cimex- Raped Ass (repress)
Anti-Cimex- Victims of a Bomb Raid (repress)
Anti-Nowhere League- Streets Of London b/w So What
Anti-Product- Big Businesss…
Anti-Product- Blinded by patriotism. (clear)
Anti You- Making Your Life Miserable (blank labels)
Anti You- Pig City Life (B-side NOT screened)
Antidote- Thou Shalt Not Kill (green, B9 repress)
Arms Race- Gotta Get Out (QC-blue, orange cover)
			 (Painkiller-red, red cover)
Authorites- Soundtrack for Trouble (repress)
Avengers- We Are The One (reissue)

BGK- White Male Dumbinance (b/w cover-boot?)
Bad Religion- s/t (RSD repress, white/black transition)
Barge- No Gain (red)
Battallion of Saints- Second Coming
Battle Ruins- s/t [demo]
Black Flag- Licorice Pizza and More... (boot)
Black Flag- Nervous Breakdown (red ink)
Black Flag- Six Pack (clear gray)
Black Flag- TV Party (red, full color cover)
Black SS- self titled (colored labels-3rd press)
Blank Stare- s/t [self released] (test press #09/52)
Blank Stare- s/t [Refuse] (1st press)
			  (2nd press, clear)
Blank Stare- s/t [Third Party] (black)
Blanks 77- I Wanna Be A Punk (red)
Blitz- All Out Attack (Ugly Pop repress)
Blood Pressure- s/t (Beach Impediment Recs, 1st press)
Bloodkrow Butcher- Anti War E.P.
Bloodtype- s/t  (red)
		(test press /15, spray painted cover)
		(red cover w/ insert, 1/25)
Boilerman- s/t (grean w/ black streaks)
Boiling Over- Trash City (clear-1st press)
Brain Killer- s/t #1 [demo]
Brain Killer- s/t #2
Brain Killer- s/t #3
Brain Slug- Creep
Brain Slug- Distort New York (clear)
the Brass- Desperation
Bricklayer- Militant b/w The Forge
Brother Inferior- Six More Reasons...
Burial- s/t (blue, Hate Recs)
Burial- Hungry Wolves
Bury the Living- s/t (blue)
the Business- Harry May (Ugly Pop repress)

C.T.S.- s/t [demo] (Chicago Fest cover, #10/50)
Caged Animal- s/t
Capitalist Casualties- Dope and War
Capitalist Casualties- Raised Ignorant (maroon)
Cardiac Arrest- s/t (Underestimated recs)
Cardiac Arrest- Life's a Dead End (ltd cover #94/200)
Career Suicide- s/t
Career Suicide- Sars (stamp on cover/sleeve)
Carry On- Roll With The Punches
Cause For Alarm- s/t (boot, blank B-side label)
Caustic Christ- s/t
Chain Of Strength- True Till Death (2nd press)
Charles Bronson- demo
Charles Bronson- s/t [aka: Diet Rootbeer] (purple-4th press)
Chronic Sick- s/t (orange, repress)
Cider- Out to Get Me (repress w/ 3 covers)
Cider- They Are The Enemy!
Citizens Arrest- A Light In the Darkness (1st press, screened eyes inside)
					 (black/red, repress #62/600)
Civic Progress- Disposable
Civic Progress- Petroleum Man (1st press, tour cover, #48/100)
Clear- s/t (clear)
the Clitboys- We Don't Play the Game
Cockney Rejects- Flares 'N Slippers  (Ugly Pop repress)
Coke Bust- Degradation (gold, European Tour cover #44/75, Refuse Recs)
		       (gold, Hardcore 2010 Fest cover #8/30, Refuse Recs)
		       (green- 1st press, Refuse Recs)
		       (red- 2nd press, red cover, Refuse Recs)
 		       (record release show cover #17/100, Grave Mistake Recs)
		       (white, Grave Mistake Recs)
		       (This Is Hardcore cover, #42, Grave Mistake Recs)
Coke Bust- Demo (gray- 2nd press)
Coke Bust- Fuck Bar Culture (1st press)
			    (blue, light blue cover, 2nd press)
			    (pink, 3rd press)
			    (test press, # 28/30)
Coke Bust- Live on WMUC (blue)
Cold Shoulder- Patriot
Cold World- Hands Off Our Music
Cold World- Pretentious Assholes
Cold World- You’re an Asshole
Combat 84- Orders Of The Day (gold)
Commitment Crew- Hisingen (screened cover)
Concealed Blade- Demo 2015 (Beach Impediment-clear)
Confuse- Nuclear Addicts (repress)
Confront- Payday
Copout- s/t (red, white cover)
Correction- Weaken the Stronghold (screened cover 12/200)
Corrective Measure- s/t (Refuse press)
Corrupted Morals - Chet
Crisis Of Conformity- Fist Fight
Crispus Attucks- s/t (#197/500)
Crispus Attucks- Yo Peho!
Crow- Neurotic Organization
Crown Court - The English Disease (clear- 2nd press)
Crown Court- Ruck and Roll (gold/black splatter)
Crucial Attack- s/t
Crucial Attack- How We Roll (Summer 2005 tour/test press)
Crucial Youth- Crucial Yule (green)
Crucial Youth- Straight and Loud
Crude SS- Who'll Survive (repress)
Los Crudos- Cobardes (flexi)
Cülo- Military Trend
Cülo- Nuke Abuse (black w/ white streaks)
Cülo- Toxic Vision (clear)
Cut the Shit- Bored to Death
Cut the Shit- Shut Up and Play (#250/500, screened cover + B-side)

D.R.I.- Dirty Rotten [aka:22 Song E.P] (boot)
D.S.-13- Aborted Teen Generation (blue, Havoc 1st press)
D.S.B.- Battle Into Invisible Zone
D.S.B.- No Fight, No Get (red, Deranged recs)
D.S.B.- Pure Cultivation (red letters, Partners in Crime Recs)
D.S.B.- Wait Tremblingly!!! (Yellow Dog recs press, yellow obi)
Dag Nasty – 85-86 (4x7” set: white, green, purple, pink)
Dag Nasty- All Ages Show (blue)
Rodney Dangerfield- Rappin' Rodney
Dark Ages- 4 Songs
Dark Ages- Vicious Lie E.P. (clear)
Dead Kennedys- Kill the Poor (Cherry Red press)
Dead Kennedys- Nazi Punks Fuck Off (no patch, not sealed)
Dead Nation- Cenk EP (#419/500) 
Dead Nation- Face the Nation (black cover-1st press)
Dead Nation- Painless (red, DeadAlive recs)
                      (black, Kangaroo recs)
Dead Stop- s/t (red-3rd press, SFU recs)
Dealbreaker- Pissed (white)
Death Evocation- s/t (blue)
Deathcycle- s/t (white)
Deathreat- s/t [partners in crime]
Deathreat- s/t [prank](clear w/ blue dots)
Deep Sleep- You're Screwed (blue)
Deep Wound- s/t (red, Radiobeat "reissue" /300)
Def Leppard- Pour Some Sugar On Me b/w Ring Of Fire
Degenerics- s/t (1st press- white cover w/ red logo)
                (2nd press- big hole, pink cover w/ red logo)
                (3rd press- blue, white cover w/ blue logo)
Degenerics- the Final Chapter
Degenerics- No Comply (1st press-Beer City Recs)
                      (2nd press-Soul Rebel Recs, clear)
de-praved azriel- BUG goes to College (red)
                                      (test press)
Descendents- Fat
Descendents- I Don't Wanna Get Bootlegged (orange cover)
Descendents- It Sux Being Single (bootleg)
Descendents- Gotta b/w Grand Theme [aka: Bonus Cup]
Descendents- 'Merican
Detention- Too Noisy (gray marble)
Devil's Hand- Welcome To The Slaughter
Devour- Insect Circuitry (red)
Die Kreuzen- Cows and Beer (gold cover, Barbarian reissue)
Direct Control- s/t (face cover, Kangaroo Records-1st press)
Direct Control- Nuclear Tomorrow (1st press)
Dirty B.S.- s/t (white cover)
Discharge- Decontrol (Clay recs)
		     (white, repress)
Discharge- Fight Back (white, repress)
Discharge- Never Again (white, repress)
Discharge- Realities of War (white, repress)
Discharge- State Violence State Control (white, repress) 
Double Negative- Raw Energy EP (clear)
Down in Flames- Start the Fucking Fire (gray marble-1st press)
Dronez- 215 (flexi-#97/250)
Dumbstruck- It It Ain't Broke...Don't Fix It (Deranged repress)
Duress- Indifference

ExTxA- We Are the Attack (orange, yellow labels #31/200)
Epileptic Terror Attack- The Racket
Episode- s/t
the Ergs!- 3 Guys, 12 Eyes (w/ cd, white cover)
the Ergs!- Blue b/w Blew (blue)
the Ergs!- Cotton Pickin Minute (pink)
the Ergs!- Thrash Compacter (red, red cover)
Exit Condition- s/t
Exit Unit- s/t
The Exploited- Army Life (2nd press)
The Exploited- Attack / Alternative (1st press)
Extortion- Control (peach)
Extortion- s/t (3rd press)

F- You Are An EP (repress)
F.O.D.- Chinese Food demo (clear, #168/300)
Failure Face- All Pain No Gain
Failure Face- s/t (3rd press)
Fanshen- s/t
Fast Times- Where Were You (orange)
Fastbreak- Don't Stop Trying (yellow, white cover)
Fearless Iranians From Hell- s/t
Filth- Live the Chaos (Lookout recs)
Final Conflict- s/t (Havoc Repress)
Final Warning- s/t (Black Water reissue)
Firing Squad- At Their Mercy (clear)
Firing Squad- Four Track Demo
Fit For Abuse- s/t
Fit For Abuse- The Psycho Ray Sessions
Fit For Abuse- Too Little, Too Late 
Flag Of Democracy- Love Songs (Bitzcore press)
The Flex- Don't Bother With The Outside World (red)
The Flex- Flexual Healing vol. 5: Do Ya Think I'm Flexi (red)
							   (red, test press /10)
The Flex- Scum on The Run (red, 1st press)
Forced March- Wasted Existence (screened obi)
Foreseen- Death Injection b/w Market Target
Foreseen- Power Intoxication b/w Dying Spirit (blue, BBB Records)
Foreseen- Structural Oppression (Mind Rot Records-red cover, purple)
Formaldehyde Junkies- Are a Total Wreck (1st press)
Formaldehyde Junkies- EP (tour cover, #144/200)
Forward- Act Then Decide
Forward- Feel the Core Self E.P.
Forward To Death- The Hourglass (yellow)
				(test/tour press #45/100)
Forward to Death- Look What We've Done...
Framtid- The Horrific Visions
Free Spirit- Free Yourself (red)
Freedom- Pay The Price (white, 1st press)
Freedom- United States of Mind Demo (white w/ black streaks, red B-side screen)
				    (Straight Ahead rip off sleeve, yellow B-side screen)
the Freeze- Guilty Face (Schizophrenic Recs)
From Ashes Rise- s/t
Full Circle Swing- s/t (blue)
Full Speed Ahead- Born and Bred
Future Binds- s/t

G.L.O.S.S.- s/t [demo] (with zine)
G.L.O.S.S.- Trans Day of Revenge
Gas Rag- 6 Track EP [demo]
Gas Rag- Human Rights (2nd press)
the Gatecrashers- Kill the Muscle b/w I Hate Cops (w/ button, Hate the 80's stamp)
the Gatecrashers- Loud at any Volume (green, mailorder cover)
Gauze- s/t (white)
Genetic Control- s/t (Reagan Era HC)
Glue- s/t [demo]
Glue- s/t
GO!- The word is Go! [Demo 1989] (green)
God Fodder- No Sleep (IL-Matic Tour December 2008 cover #86/100)
Gordon Solie Motherfuckers- Chairshot Politics
Gorilla Angreb- s/t (gray)
Gorilla Biscuits- s/t (3rd press, red letters)
		       (clear- REV25)
Government Issue- GI's First Demo (green)
Government Issue- Make an Effort (Reflex repress, no B-side label)
Government Warning- Arrested (pink, orange screened cover, #86/200)
Government Warning- No Way Out (blue cover-1st press)
				 (yellow cover)
Green Beret- the Cult of State (clear)
Groinoids- Radiobeat Sessions
Grudge- Project-Ex (red)
Guns N Roses- Paradise City

H100s- Dismantle (blue, Euro press)
H100s- Distort Cleveland
H100s- Texas Death Match (red)
Half Off- Shoot Guns (red)
Hamiltons- Don't Mess up
Hard Stripes- s/t 1
Hard Stripes- s/t 2 (clear)
Hated Youth- Hardcore Rules (Burrito press)
Heatseeker- On The Ropes
Heratys- Naen Punaista (gold)
the High and Mighty- Crunch On demo 1984
HjerteStop- s/t (1st press- Kick and Punch)
Honor Role- 1982
Hooton 3 Car- Carpet Burn
Hooton 3 Car- Driver
Hooton 3 Car- Drone
Hounds of Hate- No Redemption
Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Trash Can Band w/ Green Jelly- Leader of the Gang
Human Shield- Demo (dark green)
Husker Du- Makes No Sense At All b/w Love Is All Around (paper sleeve)

I Accuse- s/t
I Hate This- s/t (gray)
I Hate This- Trimming the Fat (red)
			      (red, test press)
I Object!- America Today...and Tomorrow (ltd cover, blank label, #081/115)
Ill Repute- Oxnard - Land of no Toilets (clear)
Impulse- Backbreaker (orange)
Impulse- Chula Violence (white)
In My Eyes- demo (clear, BWR)
Inepsy- See You in Hell
Infest- s/t (boot)
Infest- s/t [aka:Days Turn Black] (1st press, blank labels)
Infest- Mankind (gold, red cover)
INJ/SYS [Injustice System]- Spoken Word (brown marble)
Inmates- Now We Talkin Hardcore!
Inside Out- s/t (Rev CT address, white stripe)
Insubordinates- 1968 b/w Rendezvous
Insurance Risk- How Much More…
Insurance Risk- No Pity
the Insults- Thrasher Go Home (PBP repress)
Iron Boots- demo (Grave Mistake press)
Iron Boots- Easy Green (green)
Iron Boots- Weight of the World

Javla- s/t
Jellyroll Rockheads- Intense and Mild E.P.
Jellyroll Rockheads- Kill Trend Thrash demo 1999 (white)
Judge- New York Crew (yellow paper cover-2nd press, REV CT address)
Judge- There will be Quiet...
Judgement- Just Be...
the Jury- I Hate the Future (screened cover, pink marble)

Kamikaze- Seppuku
Kicked In- In Session (red)
Knee Deep in Shit- Fucking Destroyed
Knife Fight- Burning Bridges E.P.
Knife Fight- Demo 2002 (190/228)
Knife Fight- s/t
Knockdown- s/t (black)
Koro- 700 Club (blue/white -Sorry State repress)
Krakdown- s/t (gray, repress)

Last In Line- Crosswalk (Deranged press)
Last Rights- Chunks b/w So Ends Our Night (boot, neon green, live cover)
Legion 76- Brick and Bone (gold ink- 2nd press)
Libyans- Crash Course (white, stamped cover)
Libyans- Welcome to the Neighborhood
Life- Proof of Survival (stamped sleeve)
Life Crisis- Churchstate (purple)
Life Set Struggle- s/t (gold, winter weekend cover #12/20)
Life Set Struggle- We're Fucked (summer tour 2001 press- pink, #3/50)
Life Trap- Bleak Reality E.P. (clear)
				(test press, alt cover, /15)
Life Trap- Solitary Confinement EP (green)
Life's Blood- Defiance (Verminform press, no insert)
Life's Halt- We Sold Our Souls For Hardcore (faces cover, 2nd press)
Limp Wrist- s/t
Lip Cream- s/t  (2013 repress)
Logic Problem- s/t (test press, 10/60, personalized)
Long Knife- Posession (yellow, screened cover 5/200)
Love Potion- Ejaculator
Love Potion- Intimacy
Look Back and Laugh- Street Terrorism (tour cover, blue/black swirl)
Low Threat Profile- s/t [aka: Product #1]
Low Threat Profile- s/t [aka: Product #3]

Madball- Ball of Destruction
Major Damage- s/t
Major Damage- Sheer Mayhem
Male Nurses- s/t
Male Nurses- Wanna Play Doctor b/w GI Jock (maroon)
Man Lifting Banner- Myth of Freedom
Manipulation- s/t #1
Manipulation- s/t #2 (brown, Sorry State Showcase cover. #33/50)
Steve Martin & the Toot Uncommons- King Tut
Menace- G.L.C. (repress)
Menace- Screwed Up (repress)
Middle Class- Out Of Vogue (blue, repress)
Mind Eraser- The Prodigal Son Brings Death (red)
Mind Trap- Life Among Liars and Thieves
Mindless Mutant- s/t (screened cover)
Mindset- Nothing Less (coke bottle clear)
Mindset- R E A L P O W E R (white labels-1st press)
Mindset- Time & Pressure (yellow- record release)
Minor Threat- First Demo Tape (maroon, 1st press)
Minor Threat- Live at Buff Hall (4th press)
Minor Threat- Salad Days (1st press)
Misled Youth- Excuse For Existence
Misled Youth- s/t (clear)
Missionary- American Strike E.P.
Mob 47- s/t EP (Havoc reissue)
Monster X- To the Positive Youth (grey marble)

NYC Headhunters- Rage in the City (green)
Nails- s/t
Necros- s/t [Sex Drive] (repress)
Needles- s/t
Negative Approach- s/t (boot-purple labels)
Negative Degree- Get Fucked EP
Negative FX- Government War Plans [1982 Demo]
Neon Christ- s/t (Reagan Era HC- boot)
Night Birds- Maimed For The Masses
Night Birds- Midnight Movies
Night Birds- Monster Surf
Night Birds- s/t (2nd press)
Night Birds- Who Killed Mike Hunchback?
Night Fever- Transparent (tour cover, #6/100)
Night Force- s/t
Nightstick Justice- Claustrophobic (red)
Nightstick Justice- Mindless Violence
Nightstick Justice- s/t [demo]
No Comment-Common Senseless (green, repress)
No Comment-Downsided (brown, repress)
No For an Answer- You Laugh (3rd press)
No Hope For the Kids- Angels of Destruction b/w Cold Touch of Death
No Justice- Still Fighting (red logo)
No Parade- s/t
No Parole- s/t
No Time- s/t [demo] (white)
No Time- Mind Cure single February 2014
No Time Left- Zero Effort Solution (Third Party recs)
No Tolerance- Boston Straight Edge [demo]
No Tolerance- No Remorse, No Tolerance (red, 1st press)
				       (blue- TIHC 2012/ 2nd press)
No Use For A Name- Let Em Out (purple)
NOFX- PMRC Can Suck It (light blue cover)
Noose- Depraved Indiference (yellow)
Noose- It's Your Time. (black)
		       (test press, 16/22)
Noose- The War of All Against All (React! Showcase 2011 (test)press, 11/100)

the Oath- s/t (red wine)
Oblivionation- Cult Of Culture (yellow)
Obstruct- No Life
Odd Man Out- CCHC (blue)
Odd Man Out- s/t (clear)
Offenders- I Hate Myself / Bad Times (Rabid Cat Recs)
Offenders- We Must Rebel (bootleg)
Omegas- s/t [demo] (black w/ red splash- transition?)
Omegas- Sonic Order (purple)
On Parade- s/t
Out Cold- Lost Cause (blue)
Out Cold- No Eye Contact (Euro Edition)
			 (US Edition)
Out Cold- Planned Accidents
Outburst- Miles To Go (white label, thumb cut cover)
Outlast- s/t [aka: NJ Straight Edge demo] (white, 16/100)
Outlast- s/t (red)
Outlast- Take Control

P.F. Commando- Rough Sound (Ugly Pop repress)
P.H.C.- Vigilante… (gray)
Paintbox- Cry of the Sheeps (red)
The partisans- 17 years of Hell (No Future press)
the Partisans- Police Story b/w Killing Machine (No Future press)
						  (Ugly Pop repress)
Peacebreakers- Everyday Battle (Made In USA sticker)
Pedestrians- s/t (tour edition- March 2005 cover)
Perspex Flesh- s/t (gray)
Petrol Girls- Some Thing (white)
Pillage- s/t [demo]
Pillage- s/t
PITFall- s/t
the Pist- Destroy Society
Plow United- Westchester Rock City
Poder Absoluto- s/t
Poison Control- The Violent Years
Poison idea- Filthkick (#846/2000)
Poison Idea- Just To Get Away b/w Kick Out the Jams (picture disc)
Poison Idea- Punish Me (American Lerather Recs, signed by the artist)
Poison Idea- Taken By Surprise b/w We Got The Beat (seafoam green)
Poison Planet- Bleed For Me (green)
Poison Planet- Boycott Everything (red)
Poison Planet- Demo (orange)
Poison Planet- Oblivious (pink, blank green label, /100)
			 (black marble, 2nd press)
			 (test press # 8/9)
Poison Planet- Undermine (purple marble)
Porcodio- Nessun Posto Per Me
Porno Cassettes- Your Face, a Fucking Disgrace (repress)
Positive Reinforcement- s/t (summer tour 2005 edition #27/300, blueish)
Power Trip- s/t (maroon)
Primal Rite- Sensory Link To Pain (yellow)
Project X- s/t (boot: tan cover, white labels)
Protester- No Identity (white)
Protester- s/t (gold)
the Prowl- What Are You Doing? (orange)
Public Trust- The Leper
Pure Disgust- Chained (clear)
Pure Disgust- s/t
Punch in the Face- Dumb Hardcore 
Punch in the Face- P.I.T.F. [aka: s/t]
Purpose- What’s in Worth (red, w/ 2 covers!?)

the Queers- Look At Me Ma, No Flannel
the Queers- A Proud Tradition (2x7")
the Queers- Too Dumb to Quit
Quick Fix- 6 Track EP

R'N'R- I've Had It b/w Your Rules (Cadmium Sick-1st press)
Ramones- Rock N' Roll High School (promo single, autographed by PJ Stoles)
Rat Cage- Caged Like Rats (green cover)
Rational Animals- Perception Becomes Reality (orange/brown swirl)
Raw Power- Wop Hour
Razar- Stamp out Disco (repress)
Razorheads- Black Blade 
Razorheads- s/t (blue)
Rebel Truth- s/t ("Low Cost Reissue")
Reckless Aggression- Demo
Red Death- Deterrence (red)
Red Dons- Auslander
Regulations- Destroy (yellow- 2nd press)
Regulations- s/t
Repercussions- No Peace
the Replacements- I’ll be You (Sire press)
The Repos- Armed and Using b/w Hole In The Hill (yellow/red)
Reprobates- Stress EP (white)
Response- Stand Strong (clear)
Response- There’s No Choice (gold)
Right Brigade- s/t (White)
Ripcord- Damage Is Done (25th Anniversary Edition)
Ripcord- Harvest Hardcore (black cover, Soul Force press)
The Rival Mob- Bitter Rivals: Demo 2007 (1st press)
The Rival Mob- Hardcore For Hardcore (yellow)
Rixe- Baptize Di Feu (clear, extra cover)
Rixe- Coups Et Blessure (blue cover-1st press)
Rixe- Les nerfs A Vif (yellow cover-1st press)
Rollins Band- I Know You b/w Earache My Eye (pink, Sub Pop singles)
Rocky and the Sweden- 844
the Ropes- s/t (red, Youth Attack press)
Rot In Hell- Termini Terrae
Ruidosa Inmundicia- Demo-04 (red cover)
Ruidosa Inmundicia- Hellas De Odio (red lettering)
Ruination- Dead Horse (blue, silver/black labels)
Ruiner- What Could Possibly Go Right? (1st press)

S.L.I.P.- Mental Abuse // Stick It
S.O.A.- 1980 Demo [aka: I Was a Teenage Pencil Neck Geek](purple, bootleg)
S.O.A.- 12/29/80 First Demo (red)
S.O.A.- No Policy (2nd press-no bars, autographed by Henry Rollins, photocopied inserts)
SxOxVx- Fight For a Change (yellow cover-2nd press)
SPG- Special Patrol Group (blue) 
			   (blue, test press /5)
Sacred Shock- Demo
Sacred Shock- s/t
Savageheads- s/t
Satanic Threat- In To Hell
School Jerks- Control (clear)
School Jerks- s/t #1
School Jerks- s/t #2 (white w/ black specks, 1st press)
Sectarian Violence- s/t (red)
			(US tour cover, #69/100)
Self Defense- Megatonpunkdisruptor (white)
Self Defense- Shooting Punk Terror (yellow-greenish, screened cover, box set: #89/100 w/ pin, patch, stickers)

Selfish- s/tSet To Explode- s/t (white)
Severed Head of State- Charge Ahead
Severed Head of State- Fucking Butchery
Severed Head of State- No Love Lost
Shark Attack- Blood in the Water (My War Records-1st press)
Shipwrecked- Arctic Nights
Shipwrecked ‎- s/t (clear)
Shit Lickers- s/t (boot)
Shrapnel- Frenzied State (BBB Rec-yellow)
Side By Side- You're only Young Once (white label-1st press)
Siege- Lost Session 91
Sin 34- Die Laughing (autographed by Dave Markey)
Sick Fix- s/t (red)
Sick Fuckin-O- Sex Cell$ EP (purple)
Sick of it All- s/t (re-issue)
Skate Korpse- s/t (green cover)
Skewbald- Grand Union (clear)
Skrewdriver- Back With A Bang! (repress/boot?)
Slapshot- Firewalker (white)
Slapshot- Same Mistake (blue)
Sleeper Cell- 6 Song E.P.
Sleeper Cell- s/t
Slipknot- s/t (Rev CT address)
SNAKEBiTE- Every Bad Idea is a Good Idea (red)
                                         (tour/test press #69/103)
SNAKEBiTE- Feel the Buzz (coke bottle clear)
                         (test press #2/10)
the Snobs- Control (yellow cover, summer tour 2002 stamp)
the Snobs- School's Out, Let's Skate (George Bush cover)
Social Circkle- Static Eyes (white, 2nd press)
Social Damage- Eye For an Eye (blue)
Socialcide- Burn In Hell Bundy
Socialcide- Sick of the Pressure [demo]
Sorry Excuse- Listen With Prejudice (gray marble, tour press #6/100, stamped labels)
Sorry Excuse- s/t (brown)
Sotatila- EEPEE
Sotatila- Viukis Meni (Havoc press)
Soul Asylum- Misery
Soul Swallower- s/t
Spine- Subhuman (green lettering-1st press)
Spine- Deny (test press #30/100)
Stab- Blindness and Lies (red)
Stab- Nation Rising (QCHC press)
State- No Illusions (Havoc repress)
Stone Dagger- The Siege of Jerusalem b/w Black Clad Rider
Straight Ahead- Spirit of Youth (gold, boot)
Straight Razor- s/t (gold)
Stripmines- Sympathy Rations (yellow)
Suicide Party- s/t
Suicide Party- You're All Invited
Surf Nazis Must Die- Demo (clear)
Surf Nazis Must Die- s/t (gold, Youth Attack repress)
Syndrome 81- Desert Urban (US press)

Talk Hard- Sarah Connor's Will (black)
 			       (test press #7/8)
Talk is Poison- Control
Talk is Poison- Rage To Infinity
Talk is Poison- Straight to Hell (pink)
Tear It Up- s/t (gray marble-1st press)
Teargas- s/t (red)
Teen Idles- s/t
Ten Yard Fight- Demo 1995 (red cover)
Terminal State- Sick b/w Disease & Wake Up (white, yellow tour cover)
Terminal State- s/t
Terveet Kadet- Piinaavanautinto (stamped label)
They Live- Blurred
They Live- A Taste of the Good Life
Think I Care- Draw the Lines (green)
Think I Care- s/t (blue, photocopied insert)
Threatener- the Fastening
Threatener- The Hammering (red)
Total Abuse- Demo 06
Total Fury- Commited to the Core (test/tour pressing)
Totalitar- s/t
Totalitar- Vansinnets Historia
Troops Of Tomorrow- T.W.W.L.
The Trouble- Crime and Punishment
the Trouble- Live At The Rat
True Vision- Against The Grain (yellow)

Ugly Parts- Taste (green)
Ultimate Warriors- Nazo Wrestling Violence [aka the doggfather] (purple, no labels, brown cover)
Ultimate warriors- s/t (clear w/ rainbow splashes)
Ultra Violent- Crime For Revenge (repress)
Under Pressure- Habits
Uniform Approach- A Pledge To The Edge (blue, orange cover- 2nd press)
United Mutation – Götterdämmerung
United Mutation- s/t [aka:Fugitive Family] (2nd press)
Unity- s/t
Unruled- s/t (repress)
Urban Blight- Total War
Urban Blight- s/t
Upright Citizens- Facts And Views

Vacant State- Chains (Warthog Speak recs)
Vacant State- Internal Conflict
Vacant State- State of Confusion
Vaccine - Human Hatred 
The Varukers- Die For Your Government (blue)
The Varukers- I Don't Wanna Be A Victim! (purple)
The Varukers- Led To The Slaughter (green)
The Varukers- Massacred Millions (white)
The Varukers- No Hope Of A Future (gray marble)
The Varukers- s/t (red)
The Vicious- Obsessive (yellow cover)
Vicious X Reality- Our Common Fight
Vile Nation- No Exit (clear-1st press, Cowabunga)
		      (test press /25, VILE rip off cover)
Violent Arrest- Authors of our Own Demise
Violent Arrest- Criminal Record (2x7”: red & blue)
Violent Arrest- s/t
Violent Minds- Riot
Violent Minds- s/t (My War press)
		   (Deranged repress)
Violent Reaction- Dead End (Painkiller press)
			    (red, QC 2nd press)
Violent Reaction- s/t (1st press-tan cover, orange sleeve)
		      (2nd press)
Violent Future- s/t [demo] (red)
Violent Future- s/t
Void- Condensed Flesh (demo boot)
Void- Soundboard 9:30 Club 02.13.83 (boot)
Voorhees- Bookburner (blue)
Voorhees- Fireproof
Voorhees- Violent
Voorhees- What You See Is What You Get

WarXGames- 9 Trax / No Nightmare (clear)
the War Goes On- This Shitty Life
War Zone- Lower East Side Crew (3rd press- blue letters)
Warhead- The Lost Self and Beating Heart (blue)
Warthog- s/t (cream)
Waste Management- Get Your Mind Right E.P.
Waste Management- Power Abuse (blue)
Wasted Time- No Shore (red, red screened cover, #73/150)
Wasted Time- s/t (yellow record release cover, #2/150)
Weekend Nachos- Black Earth (neon pink)
Weekend Nachos- Torture
What Happens Next?- Ahora Mas Que Nunca (red, flannel cover w/ buttons)
What Happens Next?- s/t (yellow cover-2nd press)
Who Killed Spikey Jacket?- Beerstorm Trooper E.P.
WORMEATERS- Cattle Cannot Choose (test press /5)
				 (purple /100)
WORMEATERS- In God We Thrust (green, 2/100)
                             (test press /3)
WORMEATERS- Wardeath (test press x3, /15)
		     (glow, 004/600)
		     (white, 204/600) 
The Worst- Expect the Worst (boot)
Worthless- Revenge of Dr. Stanley (w/insert, used patch)
Wound Man- s/t (blue)

XBrainiaX- Disgrace to the Corpse of Eric Wood
XfilesX- Beaten Straight (red, clear acetate cover, #13/50)

YDI- A Place In The Sun (boot, Reagan Era HC)
Young Republicans- s/t
Youth Korps- '82 (Crucial Response reissue)
Youth of Today- Live at VanHall, Amsterdam, 1989 (boot)
Youth of Today- s/t (AKA:Disengage)
Youth Brigade- First Demo (orange)

Zero- Paradox (stamped dust sleeve)
0DFX [Zero Defex]- War Hero 1983 Demo (tan)
Zero Progress- The Void

9 Shocks Terror/ Killers (green marble)
:30 Seconds Over Tokyo/ The Trouble
Abathakothie/ Ultimate Warriors
Bill Bondsmen/ Out Cold (red)
Black SS/ How We Are (record release show cover)
Black SS/ Raining Bricks (Red)
Born Bad / Duress (stamped labels)
Brother Inferior/ NOTA- Freedom Sons (purple)
Cannonball/ This Means War (rec release cover #16/50, red)
                           (test press)
Charles Bronson/ Unanswered (glossy cover-2nd press)
Coke Bust/ Vaccine (1st press-blue)
		   (black-2nd Refuse press, hand written labels)
	 	   (yellow, 1st Drugged Conscience press)
Crispus Attucks/ de nada
Crucial Attack/ Radical Attack
Culo/Tenement (pink/orange, w/ poster)
Deathreat/ D.S.B.- Double Death Blow
Deathreat/ Talk is Poison
Despise You/ Coke Bust (funfetti US press)
Devoid of Faith/ 9 Shocks Terror (purple, envelope cover, #83/100)
Disclose/ Framtid- Chainsawsplit '04
Down in Flames/ Gatecrashers (pink #39/90)
Dropdead/Totalitar (gray)
the Ergs!/ Grabass Charlestons (blue)
Extortion/ Agents of Abhorance (green)
Extortion/ Septic Surge (blue)
Face Down/ Copout
Failure Face/ Ulcer
Felix Frump/ When Juliet Killed Romeo- Rhino Cock
Filth/ Submachine- This is Why We Are the Drunks (yellow cover)
For The Worse/ Kids of Carnage (red)
Forward/ Long Knife - Burning Spirits North America Tour 2014 (#472/500)
Forward/ Teargas- Burning Spirits 2014
Gatecrashers/ Idol Punch (yellow cover, big hole-2nd press)
I Hate This/ Killin It- Serious/Party (purple)
				       (purple, record release cover/50, spraypainted labels)
I Hate This/ Raw Sewage (peach)
Indigesti/ Wretched (bootleg)
INJ/SYS & Bloodtype (clear)
		    (test press)
Kill Your Idols/ Full Speed Ahead
Kungfu Rick/ the Ultimate Warriors (gray)
Lack of Interest/ Stapled Shut
Life's Blood/ Sticks And Stones
Los Crudos/ MK-Ultra
Never Healed/ Violent Minds (red/yellow/black)
No Reply/ Life's Halt- No Life's (regular cover-1st press)
the Oath/ Total Fury (Ears Go Deaf tour 2002 press, Mangrove Recs)
Out Cold/ For The Worse
Outlast/ Reveal the Truth 
the Pist/ Against All Authority
the Pist/ Brutally Familiar- Small Town Justice
the Pist/ Half Empty
Plow United/ Stressboy
Poison Idea / Angry Snowmans (green)
Poison Idea/ Pantera- The Badge (purple, RSD 2014)
Rancid/ Cock Sparrer- 20th/40th Anniversary Split 7" (test pressing /15)
The Repos/ Fourteen or Fight (red)
Right Brigade/A Poor Excuse (yellow)
Rorschach/ Neanderthal
Scarlet Letter/ Suicide Party
Screeching Weasel/ Born Against
Secret Seven/ FxPxOx
Shank/ The Endless Blockade
Sick Fuckin-O/ Torn Apart
Slave State/ Lack of Interest
the Spark/ Deathcycle (red)
Spine/ the Repos (1st press)
Spazz/ Lack of Interest- Double Whammy (green cover)
Spazz/ Opstand- The Network of Friends Project Part 1 (white cover)
Talk Hard/ Radical Attack (ltd cover #27/50)
Tear It Up/ Down in Flames (clear, big hole w/ adapter-1st press)
Tear It Up/ Fast Times (white, yellow labels-1st press)
Ten Yard Fight vs. Fastbreak
Test Arrey/ Warhead (purple)
They Live/ Ruination (black+white cover)
                     (test press, #1/15)
                     (ltd cover, #69/100)
To The Point/ FYPM (SF&L #29)
Tragedy/ Totalitar (white)
Ultimate Warriors/ Daybreak (maroon, red "national geogaphic" cover, #62/100)
Ultimate Warriors/ Kobra Khan- Kings of Danger
Voorhees/ Kill Your Idols (purple)
Weekend Nachos/ Lack of Interest (green)
Weston/ Plow United (He-Man cover)
Worthless/ SOV- split 7"
XfilesX/ Self Defense- Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

V/A- Adult Crash 2 (red: Violent Reaction, Night Birds, barge, Government Warning)
V/A- Bacteria Sour Vol. 2 (In My Eyes, Septic Death, Integrity…)
V/A- End the War Zone (red, boot: Larm, Straight Ahead, PHC, Attitude Adjustment)
V/A- Forever (Turning Point, Born Against, Rorschach, Burn, Citizens Arrest)
V/A- A Generation of Hope (Chain of Strength, Confront, Brotherhood...)
V/A- Growing Stronger (blue lettering: 97a, Ensign, ROTP, Floorpunch...)
V/A- Hardcore Gimme Some More (Peacebreakers, Ajax, Impalers, SHIT)
V/A- Kobenhavn I Ruiner (2x7": APA, NHFTK, Gorilla Angreb)
V/A- Mass Confusion (red w/ TBH #3 fanzine: 86 Mentality, Terminal State, Urban Blight...)
V/A- Mein Comp (maroon- 4th pressing /300: Tear it Up, Limp Wrist, Last in Line...)
V/A- No Bullshit vol. 1 (gray marble: Career Suicide, Direct Control, Strung Up, Government Warning, Bad Dirty Hate)
V/A- No Bullshit vol. 2 (aqua marble: Wasted Time, Social Circkle, Rabies, Cardiac Arrest, Warkrime, Brain Handle)
V/A- No Bullshit vol. 3 (yellow: Life Trap, Double Negative, Socialcide, Acid Reflux, Chronic Siezure, Out Cold)
V/A- No Bullshit vol. 4 (Citizens Patrol, Anti You, Born Bad, Civic Progress, Logic Problem, Violent Arrest, Insomnio)
V/A- Only The Strong: The Compilation
V/A- Prevent This Tragedy (purple marble, Element Skate Comp Vol.1: Swarm, Reinforce, Diehard Youth..)
V/A- Punx Don't Drink (purple: Poison Planet, Coke Bust, Cold Shoulder, Boiling Over)
		      (test press #2/24)
V/A- Right to Assemble (w/ record relase show flyer: Degenerics, Worthless...)
                       (red, w/ record relase show flyer)
V/A- Rebuilding (pink cover: Gorilla Biscuits, Turning Point, Burn...)
V/A- Reproach (NA tribute comp: Dropdead, Spazz, Voorhees, Man is the Bastard...)
V/A- Shut Up and Skate (purple marble, Element Skate Comp Vol.3: Scholastic Deth, Life Set Struggle, The Freakout...)
		       (pink, ltd cover, #18/100)
V/A- Sick of Fun (green: Socialcide, Reprobates, Born Bad, Coke Bust...)
V/A- Songs of the Dead (white labels: Ultimate Warriors, Orchid...)
V/A- Suburban Voice #19 (the Trouble, Fit For Abuse, Pinkerton Thugs)
V/A- Tomorrow Will Be Worse vol. 1 (4x7"s: Spazz, Charles Bronson, Cap Cas, Hellnation...)
V/A- Under The Influence (SSD Tribute: Time Flies, KYI, Fast Times, etc...)
V/A- Unsafe At Any Speed (boot: Gang Green, FU's, Jerry's Kids, the Freeze...)
V/A- Wild in the Streets (purple marble, Element Skate Comp Vol.2: Tear It Up, Crispus Attucks...)
V/A- Yo Hablo (Copout, Spitboy, Assfactor 4...)


AFI- All Hallows (repress-orange)
ALL- She's My Ex (green)
ALL- Shreen (gold)
Bad Brains-Omega Sessions (gray)
Birth Deformities- Suburbanized (ltd cover #23/30, hand drawn labels)
				(green/black swirl)
				(blue swirl- band/tour press)
Black Flag- Nervous Breakdown
Charles Bronson- Youth Attack (w/ lyric poster-euro press)
Cut The Shit- Marked For Life
Extortion- Loose Screws
Guns N Roses- Paradise City (gun shaped picture disc)
Gordon Solie Motherfuckers- Powerbomb Anthems Vol. 1 (black)
						     (screened cover, #62/100)
the Horror- First Blood
The Horror- First Blood Part II (brown)
Infest- Mankind
Legion 76- Banners Fall (oxblood)
No Time Left- s/t
Replacements- Alex Chilton (RSD 2015)
Ripcord- Live At Parkhoff Alkmaar Holland 18/09/1988 (clear w/ black/red splatter )
Ruination- Let The Mother Fucker Burn (USA shaped disc, clear)
What Happens Next?- Hollow Victory

The 4 Skins – Low Life 
7 Seconds- The Crew
7 Seconds- Walk Together Rock Together
9 Shocks Terror- Paying Ohmage
9 Shocks Terror- Zen and the Art of Beating Your Ass (gray marble)
86 Mentality- Goin Nowhere Fast (screened cover, 129/175)
97a- Abandoned Future E.P.
97a- Society's Running on Empty (orange marble)

Absolute Power- s/t (cloudy clear/black)
Abuse- s/t (green)
The Abused- Loud And Clear
AC/DC- Back in Black
AC/DC- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Adolescents- s/t 
Adrenalin O.D.- the Wacky Hi-Jinks of... (buy our records)
Agent Orange- Living in Darkness (Posh Boy recs)
Agnostic Front- Cause For Alarm (Strength Recordings-green)
Agnostic Front- Live at CBGB's (B9 repress, red/white/blue)
Agnostic Front- No One Rules
Agnostic Front- Victim In Pain (boot)
Agression- s/t
Agression- Don't Be Mistaken (old cover)
ALL- Allroy for Prez (no barcode)
ALL- Allroy Sez
ALL- Allroy's Revenge
ALL- Mass Nerder (autographed)
ALL- Trailblazer
Angry Samoans- Back From Samoa (German pressing)
Anthrax- Among the Living (original press)
Anthrax- Fistful of Metal (original press)
Anxiety- Pathetic EP
Arms Race- New Wave Of British hardcore (red, screened dust sleeve)
Artificial Peace- Outside Looking in (red, bootleg)
Autistic Behavior- Shattered Cattle (red/white w/ blue streaks, RSD 2014)
Authorites- Puppy Love (1st press)

BGK- A Dutch Fest (2xLP)
BGK- Nothing Can Go Wrogn (radio copy)
Backslider- Motherfucker
Bad Brains- s/t [aka: ROIR Sessions] (1997 ROIR re-press)
Bad Brains- Rock For Light (gold, Caroline press)
Bad Religion- Against the Grain (original press)
Bad Religion- No Control (blue, repress)
Bad Religion- Suffer (original press)
Barge- s/t (green)
Bastard- Wind of Pain (boot)
Battalion of Saints- Second Coming (1st press, no poster)
Battle Ruins- s/t (1st press)
Beastie Boys- Aelio E Olio
Bishops Green- s/t (maroon, 3rd press)
Black Flag- Annihilate This Week (no barcode)
Black Flag- Damaged (Unicorn press- blue labels, color cover) 
Black Flag- Demos 1983 (boot)
Black Flag- Everything Went Black (censored cover-1st press, no barcode)
Black Flag- Family Man
Black Flag- In My Head (no barcode)
Black Flag- Jealous Again (no barcode, w/ SST catalog)
Black Flag- Loose Nut (no barcode)
Black Flag- My War (no barcode)
Black Flag- Slip It In (no barcode)
Black Flag- The Process of Weeding Out (stickers, no barcode, cut-out)
Black Flag- Who's Got the 10 1/2 (pink, no barcode)
Black SS- Foreign Object (dark pink/red)
Black Sabbath- We Sold Our Soul For Rock N' Roll (original press)
Blank Stare- s/t (preorder cover #20/100)
		  (blue, euro press)
Blitz- Voice of A Generation (PHR Records repress)
The Blood ‎- False Gestures For A Devious Public (red, Mad Butcher re-press)
Blood Pressure- Need To Control (coke bottle clear)
Bloody Hammer- s/t
Brotherhood- As Thick As Blood LP (Silkscreen Sleeve)
Brotherhood- Till Death (Seahawks split colors)
Bon Jovi- New Jersey (original press)
Bon Jovi- Slippery When Wet (original press)
Boston Strangler- Fire
Boston Strangler- Outcast (demo 2010)
Boston Strangler- Primative
Brin Slug- Live In Power (test press, screen cover, 7/25)
Breakdown- Runnin’ Scared
Breakdown- The ’87 Demo (yellow splatter)
Broken Prayer- s/t (screened cover)
Brother Inferior- Anthems for Greater Salvation
Burial- Never Give Up... Never Give In
Burial- Renegade (screened cover)
Burial- Speed At Night

C.I.A.- God, Guts, Guns & More
Capitalist Casualties- Subdivisions in Ruin
Cardiac Arrest- In The Mouth Of Madness (blue, Euro press)
Career Suicide- Attempted Sucide (screened tour 2006 cover)
Career Suicide- s/t (Ugly Pop recs-1st press)
Caustic Christ- Can't Relate
Cider- They Are the Enemy (green)
Cinderblock- s/t (US press)
Circle Jerks- Group Sex (cut out)
Citizens Arrest- Colossus (original press)
Citizens Arrest- A Light in the Distance (clear)
CIV- Set Your Goals (clear pink)
Chain of Strength- The One Thing That Still Holds True
Chain Rank- Up Against The Wall (clear)
Chronic Sick- Cutest Band in Hardcore EP (blue, repress)
Cock Sparrer- Shock Troops (red/white/black, Pirates Press reissue-2nd press)
Coke Bust- Confined (screened cover, tour press #11/225, blank labels)
		     (screened cover, record release cover, #59/200)
		     (white, Refuse press)
Coke Bust- The Early Years (screened Japan tour 2015 cover, test press)
Coke Bust- Lines in the Sand (record release cover, #82/120)
Cold Sweat- Severed Ties
The Combat Zone- s/t (clear)
Commitment Crew- What Are You?
The Comes- No Outsider (boot)
Concealed Blade- s/t (green)
Concrete - We Are All Subculture Street Troopers LP (EU tour 2016 ed, /300)
Concrete Elite- Iron Rose (clear w/ red splatter)
Corrosion Of Conformity- Animosity (1st press)
Corrosion of Conformity- Eye For an Eye (red ink cover, 1st press-no barcode)
Creem- s/t
Criminal Damage- Call of Death (blue cover)
Criminal Damage- s/t (red lettering- 1st press)
Criminal Damage- No Solution (black labels)
Crispus Attucks- Destroy the Teacher
Crispus Attucks- Red Black Blood Attack (title pasted over)
Cro Mags- the Age of Quarrel (promo cutout, Profile) 
Crown Court- Capital Offense
Crucial Youth- The Posi-Machine (white, orig press)
Crucifix - Dehumanization (Corpus Christi recs)
Los Crudos- Canciones Para Liberar Nuestras Fronteras (screened brown paper cover)
Cryptic Slaughter- Convicted (Metal Blade recs)
Cülo- My Life Sucks And I Could Care Less (red)
Cut the Shit- Harmed and Dangerous (white)

D.S.-13- Killed By The Kids (gray marble)
D.S.-13- Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget? (gold)
D.S.B- Wings Continue to Strive With unchanged Mind (Bloodsucker press)
DYS- Wolf Pack (Taang press)
Rodney Dangerfield- No Respect
the Darvocets- Authentic Music From Another Planet (green, screened B-side)
Dead Kennedys- Bedtime For Democracy (gatefold cover-Alternative Tentacles recs, no barcode)
Dead Kennedys- Holiday in Cambodia (Cherry Red Recs)
Dead Kennedys- Frankenchrist (w/ poster, Alternative Tentacles recs, no barcode)
Dead Kennedys- Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (Cherry Red recs, headless band on back, green dots)
Dead Kennedys- Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death (Alternative Tentacles recs, no barcode, w/ flexi 7")
Dead Kennedys- In God We Trust Inc. (Alternative Tentacles recs)
Dead Kennedys- Plastic Surgery Disasters (booklet, no barcode, Alternative Tentacles rec)
Dead Nation- Dead End
Dead Nation- Passing Phase (orange, screened cover, #84/100)
Death- ...For The Whole World To See
Death Side- Bet On The Possibility (Feral Ward repress)
Death Side- Wasted Dream (boot)
Death Wish- Disclaim Recordings
Deathreat- Consider This War
Deathreat- The Severing Of The Last Barred Window (1st press- gatefold cover)
Def Leppard- Hysteria (original press)
Def Leppard- Pyromania (original press)
DeGENERiCS- Generica (red/black)
                     (test press #16/22)
Descendents- ALL (All Tour insert, no barcode)
Descendents- Enjoy! (New Alliance/ Restless recs)
Descendents- Everything Sucks (Translucent Purple)
Descendents- Hallraker
Descendents- Hypercaffium Spazzinate (green) 
				       (white, signed by the band)
Descendents- I Don't Wanna Grow Up (red, SST recs)
Descendents - Liveage!
Descendents- Milo Goes to College (New Alliance recs-1st press)
Descendents- Spazzhazard EP
Devour- s/t (white, screened cover, w/ CD, 32/100)
Die Kreuzen- s/t (repress)
Dio- Holy Diver (original press)
Direct Control- Bucktown Hardcore (clear/splatter)
Direct Control- Farewell (green)
Direct Control- You're Controlled (Kangaroo recs)
Discharge- Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing (Earmark repress)
Discharge- Why? (Earmark repress)
Double Negative- The Wonderful and Frightening World of... (red)
Down in Flames- s/t
Dr. Know- Plug In Jesus & Burn (gold)
Dr. Octagon- s/t [aka: Dr. Octagonacologyst] (1st press, 2xLP)
Dragnet- We're All Cutthroats (clear, razorblade #64/70)

ExTxA- No Faith (w/ poster)
the Ergs- Dorkrockcorkrod (1st press)
The Ergs- Hindsight is 20/20 My Friend (2xLP)
Etae- All Possibilities Will Come from There
Extortion- Degenerate (purple)
Extortion- Sick (purple)

the FU's- Kill For Christ / My America (Reflex Recs)
the Faction- Dark Room
Failure Face- Discography 1993-1996 (gold)
the Faith- Subject to Change (blue-1st press)
Fanshen- Static/Kinetic (white, photocopied insert)
The Flex- Wild Stabs In The Dark (red)
Floorpunch- Fast Times… (gray, SFU repress)
Floorpunch- Twin Killing (blue, SFU repress)
For the Worse- Blood, Guts, Going Nuts
Foreseen- Grave Danger (blue)
Foreseen- Helsinki Savagery (black, 1st press)
Forward- Against Their Insanity
Forward- Burn down the corrupted Justice (clear with confetti color splashes)
Forward- Fucked Up
Forward- Just Go Forward to Death (purple)
Forward- What's The Meaning of Love? : Singles Collection (turquoise)
Forward- While You Alive
Forward to Death- Death Therapy (red)
                                (test press #9/10)
Framtid- Under The Ashes (clear, repress)
Freedom- U.S.A. Hardcore (red)
From Ashes Rise- s/t (Skuld Recs)
From Ashes Rise- Nightmares (blood red, 1st press-Jade Tree recs)
Full Speed Ahead- Born to Lose

Gag- This Punk Shit is Cool...
Gas Rag- Beats Off (orange)
Gate Crashers- Are a Bunch of Motherfuckers (beach tour '03 press)
Gauze- Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte
Gauze- Equalizing Distort (original press)
Gauze- Fuckheads (repress)
Chris Gethard- My Comedy Album (autographed)
GISM- Detestation (boot-yellow)
Glory- s/t (clear)
The Great Explainer- s/t (yellow)
Green Beret- Standing At The Mouth of Hell (clear w/ posters)
Green Beret- Violence Is Their Currency
Grimple- Up Your Ass (Prank recs)
Gorilla Biscuits- Start Today
Government Flu- Tension
Government Issue- Boycott Stab (Fountain of Youth recs)
Government Warning- No Moderation (1st press)
Government Warning- Paranoid Mess  (Now Way Fest 3 screened cover)
Gulag- Nada Cambia
Guns N Roses- Appetite for Destruction (cross cover, original press)
Guns N Roses- Lies (original press)

H-100's- Live
Hammer and the Nails- Maxi E.P.
Half Off- The Truth (red lettering- 1st press)
Hard Skin- Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts (Broken Rekids repress)
Hard Skin- Same Meat Different Gravy
Hard Skin- We're The Fucking George: Singles 1978-1981
Harmony As One- No Elite
Haymaker- s/t [demo]
Heart Attack - Toxic Lullabies 1980-84 (boot)
Heresey- 1985-’87 (green)
Heresy- 20 Reasons to End it All (red)
Heresy- Face Up To It! (1st press- In Your Face Records)
Hjertestop- Vi Ses i Helvede (green)
Hounds Of Hate- Hate Springs Eternal (gold)
Hounds Of Hate- s/t (Painkiller US press)
Husker Du- Metal Circus (no barcode)
Impalers- Psychedelic SnutSnutskallar
In My Eyes- The Difference Between (w/ poster)
Inepsy- City Weapons
Inepsy- RNR Babylon
Infest - 1987 Demo (boot)
Infest- s/t [aka: Live on KXLU]
Infest- No Man's Slave
Infest- Slave (green, Deep Six/ Drawblank recs)
Inmates- Assholes Unanimous Presents... (pink, 2nd press-Painkiller recs)
Inmates- s/t
Insubordinates- s/t
Integrity- Humanity Is the Devil 12" (red, RSD 2016)
Integrity- Systems Overload [A2/Orr+ Mix] (white)
Iron Boots- Complete Discography (orange)
Iron Maiden- Aces High (original press)
Iron Maiden- Number of the Beast (original press)
Iron Maiden- Piece of Mind (original press)
Iron Maiden- Powerslave (original press)
Iron Maiden- Somewhere in Time (original press)
Jerry's Kids- Is This My World? (Reflex Records re-press)
Judas Priest- British Steel
Judas Priest- Screaming For Vengeance
Judge- Bringin It Down (orange, final press)
		       (red labels-2nd press, CT address)
Kamikaze- Destroy Everything You Know
The Kids- s/t (Havoc repress)
Kiss- Alive! (2xLP)
Kraut- An Adjustment to Society (red, New Red Archives)
Kuro- 1983-1985 (bootleg)

Lack of Interest- Trapped Inside
Lama- Ja Mikaan Ei Muuttunut (repress)
Last Rights- No Guts, No Glory
Last Words- s/t (white w/ DVD)
Libyans- s/t (spray painted cover)
Life- Violence, Peace and Peace Research (US press)
Life Sentence- s/t (Walkthrufyre-1st press, promo stamp)
Life’s Blood- Hardcore A.D. 1988
Limp Wrist- s/t (euro-press)
Lip Cream- 9 Shocks Terror (original press)
Long Knife- Wilderness (blue logo-2nd press)
Lovely Lads- The Best You've Got (Lionheart Recs)
Look Back And Laugh- s/t #1 (screened cover/sleeve)
Look Back And Laugh- s/t #2
Look Back And Laugh- State of Illusion (clear, screened B-side + obi strip)

Madness- s/t (promo)
Magic Circle- Journey Blind
Magic Circle- s/t
Man Lifting Banner- The Revolution Continues (2xLP: red)
ManOwaR- Battle Hymns (original press)
ManOwaR- Fighting the World (original press)
ManOwaR- Sign of the Hammer (original press)
Steve Martin- Wild And Crazy Guy (original press)
Meatlocker- s/t
Metallica- Kill Em All (original press +2 extra songs)
Metallica- Master of Puppets (blue)
Mind Eraser- Cave
Mindset- Leave No Doubt (record release-screened cover, stamped labels)
			(blue w/ poster)
Minor Threat- Black Sheep In Gotham (red,boot)
Minor Threat- s/t (blue cover)
Minor Threat- Out OF Step (red stripe, 2.50 1st UK press)
Misfits- Die Die My Darling
Misfits- Earth A.D./ Wolfs Blood (Caroline press)
Misfits- Necronomicon (live boot)
Misfits- Walk Among Us (pink marble)
Motorhead- Ace of Spades (Earmark repress)
Motorhead- No Sleep 'til Hammersmith (original press)
Motorhead- Overkill (Earmark repress)
Mouthpiece- Can't Kill What's Inside (white)
Murphy's Law- Back With a Bong (clear)
Mustang- Free Style (white)

N.O.T.A.- None Of The Above
Necros- Conquest For Death (boot)
Necros- s/t & live (boot)
Negative Approach- Tied Down (pink cover, UK press)
Negative FX- Discography
Nerve Agents- Days Of The White Owl (white)
The Nerve Agents- s/t
Night Birds- Born To Die In Suburbia (screened cover, #361/420)
Night Birds- Mutiny at Muscle Beach (screened cover, 418/500)
Night Birds- The Other Side of Darkness
Night Fever- New Blood (green lettering-2nd press)
Nightstick Justice- s/t
No Class-Keine Klasse (white)
No Class-Keine Klasse II
No Hope For the Kids- s/t (Kick N Punch recs- red gatefold cover)
No Parade- Ceaseless Fire
No Thanks- Are You Ready to Die?
No Time- You'll Get Yours (red)
No Tolerance- You Walk Alone (blue, QC press)
			      (red, Painkiller press)

Oblivionation- Language of Violence (Sorry State recs- stamped labels)
Obsessor- Obsession Collection (clear)
Obstruct- Loss of Blood
Offenders- Endless Struggle (Rabid Cat-1st press)
Omegas- Blasts of Lunacy (clear)
Omegas- Power to Exist (red)
Organism- Hope
Ozzy Osbourne- Diary of a Madman (original press)
Out Cold- Goodbye Cruel World
Out Cold- A Heated Display
Out Cold- Live In Amsterdam
Out Cold- s/t (Kangaroo repress)
Out Cold- Permanent Twilight World
Out Cold- Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One
Out Cold- Warped Sense of Right + Wrong
Out Cold- Will Attack if Provoked

Paintbox- Earth Ball Sports Tournament (white)
Paintbox- Relicts [singles collection]
Paintbox- Singing Shouting Crying (Ugly Pop press)
Paintbox- Trip Trance & Travelling (2xLP)
the Pist- Ideas Are Bulletproof (1st press-Elevator Records)
the Pist- Input Equals Output: Album Two
Plow United- Sleepwalk: A Retrospective (2xLP-turquoise)
Poison- Flesh and Blood Ozzy Osbourne- Diary of a Madman (original press)
Poison Idea- Feel the Darkness (Farewell repress)
Poison idea- Kings of Punk (splatter vinyl, 2xLP repress)
Poison Idea- War All The Time (yellow)
Poison Planet- Boycott Everything (screened B-side)
Poison Planet- Ugly Truths Vol. 1 (clear)
Positive Reinforcement- s/t (clear, screened cover)
Power Trip- Armageddon Blues Sessions (red)
Power Trip- Manifest Decimation (black, 1st press)
Power Trip- Nightmare Logic (blue)
Prisoner Abuse- s/t
Protester- The First Two Years (clear)
Protester- Hide From Reality (blue)
Public Enemy- It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (lenticular cover, RSD 2014)
Punch In The Face- Live On Radio K
Pure Disgust- s/t
Pure Hell- Noise Addiction (Welfare Recs pressing)

the Queers- Love Songs for the Retarded (Recess repress)
Quiet Riot- Metal Health

Ramones- It's Alive
Ramones- s/t (180g reissue)
Ramones- Rocket To Russia (original press)
Raw Power- Screams From the Gutter (Ugly Pop press)
Raw Power- You Are The Victim (reissue, #145/1000)
Reagan Youth- Volume 1 (red)
Red Death- Permanent Exile (red)
Redemption 87- s/t
Regulations- s/t
Replacements- Pleased to Meet Me (original Sire press)
Replacements- Twin Tone Years box set (Sorry Ma…, Stink, Hootenanny, Let It Be)
The Repos- Ending on a Positive Note (clear w/ white blob)
The Repos- Hearts and Heads Explode
The Repos- Live Munitions (blue)
The Repos- Poser (red)
The Repos- s/t (black w/ white spots)
Repercussions- 11 Song EP
Ripcord- Discography II
Ripcord- Discography III
The Rival Mob- Hardcore For Hardcore
The Rival Mob- Mob Justice (seafoam green)
The Rival Mob- Raw Life (black, 1st press)
Rolling Stones- Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (original press)
Rolling Stones- Sticky Fingers (zipper cover, original press)
Rot in Hell- As Pearls Before Swine (clear brown)
David Lee Roth- Crazy From The Heat

S.O.A- No Policy LP [discography] (boot)
S.O.B.- Don't Be Swindle & Leave Me Alone (boot)
S.O.D.- Speak English Or Die (original press)
Samhain- November Coming Fire (orange-boot)
Sand In The Face- Music Made to Riot: New Jersey Hardcore 1982-1983
School Jerks- s/t (green)
Sacrilege- It's Time To Face The Reaper [the demos 84-86] (2xLP)
Scream- Still Screaming (1st press)
Screeching Weasel- Wiggle (Lookout recs, no barcode)
Sectarian Violence- Upward Hostility (blue, Grave Mistake press)
Selfish- Cry For Love, Cry For Death (blue)
Severed Head of State- Anathema Device
Severed Head of State- Power Hazard (yellow)
Sham 69- The Adventures of Hersham Boys (plus Borstal Breakout b/w If The Kids Are United bonus LP)
Shipwrecked- The Last Pagans (clear)
Sick Fix- Vexed (orange marble)
Sick Of It All- Blood, Sweat and No Tears (picture disc, 052/500)
Sickoids- No Home (clear, obi strip)
Sickoids- s/t (white)
Siege- Drop Dead (gold)
SIEGE- Drop Dead LP (green, Scene Support Version 2016, 52/100)
Sin 34- Do You Feel Safe (original press)
Skate Korpse- s/t [discography] ("limited" screened cover, switched labels)
Skrewdriver- All Skrewed Up (blue, blue cover- boot)
Slang- Life Made Me Hardcore (red, Hardware Recs)
Slapshot- Back On The Map (original press)
Slapshot- Step On it (green, 1st press)
Sleeper Cell- s/t (black)
	          (test press)
Socialcide- Unapproachable
Spazz- Crush Kill Destroy (Slap A Ham Records-1st press)
Spazz- Dwarf Jester Rising LP (white w/ purple platter, Scene Support Version 2016, 54/150)
Spazz- La Revancha (Sound Pollution-1st press)
Spermbirds- Something to Prove (cutout/radio copy)
Spine- Time Has Gone
SS Decontrol- Get It Away (boot)
Stars And Stripes- Shaved For Battle (Patriot Recs- 1st press)
Stop and Think- Both Demos
StraightJacket Nation- Cheap Kicks
Stripmines- Crimes of Dispassion (smokey clear, screened obi, #89/100)
Stray Cats- Built for Speed (original press)
Subhumans (Canada)- s/t (boot)
Suburban Scum- Internal War
Summerlands- s/t (gold w/ blue splatter)
Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys- Shut Up and Drink (red)
Suicidal Tendencies- Join The Army (original press)
Suicidal Tendencies- s/t (cut out)
Systematic Death- Systemania Vol. 1 (2xLP)
Systematic Death- Systemania Vol. 2 (2xLP)

TMA- What’s For Dinner? (original press)
T.S.O.L.- s/t (1st press, Posh Boy recs)
Talk Is Poison – Condensed Humanity (screened cover,green) 
Tear It Up- Just Can't Stand It
Tear It Up- Nothing To Nothing (Deadalive-1st press, w/ poster insert & poster)
Teengenerate- Get Action!
Terminal State- Your Rules
Thin Lizzy- Jailbreal (repress)
Tragedy- Nerve Damage (silver foil cover)
Tragedy- s/t (blue lettering)
Trauma- s/t
the Trouble- Nobody Laughs Anymore (screened cover, Painkiller)
the Trouble- Shadows On The Street (clear)
Token Entry- From beneath The Streets (light purple)
Total Fury- 13 Songs (gray marble)
Totalitar- No Mast Bort! (red, Prank repress)
Totalitar- Sin Egen Motstandare (white, Prank repress)
Totalitar- Vi Ar Eliten (Communichaos press)
Toxic Reasons- Independance (Beer City repress)
Twisted Sister- Stay Hungry

Unit Pride- Then and Now
Unseen Force- In Search of the Truth (yellow)
Ultimate Warriors- Our Gimmick is Wrestling (black, prepress-handmade cover)
Under Pressure- Black Bile
Under Pressure- Come Clean
Uniform Choice- Screaming For Change (green letters- 2nd press, Wishingwell recs)
Upright Citizens- Make The Future Mine & Yours (original press)
Upright Citizens- Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brains To Think & A Mouth To Speak (original press)
Upright Citizens- s/t [aka:Bombs of Peace] (original press)
Urban Blight- More Reality (1st press)
Urban Waste- s/t (green marble)

Vaaska- Ruido Hasta La Muerte + s/t (white)
Vacant State- Fill the Void
Verbal Abuse- Just an American Band (No Way recs-1st press)
The Vicious- Alienated (red cover-Feral Ward)
The Vicious- s/t
Vile- Solution (Parts Unknown repress)
Violent Arrest- s/t
Violent Minds- Eyes Of Death (gray marble)
Violent Reaction- City Streets (red, US press)
			       (blue, UK press)
Violent Reaction- Marching On (clear)
Vitamin X- Full Scale Assault (blue, Refuse re-press)
Void- Sessions 1981-1983
Voorhees- Spilling Blood Without Reason (Armed With Anger Recs)

Warhead- s/t
Warhead- What to do With This Yearning...?/ The Lost Self And Beating Heart
the War Goes On- s/t
War Zone- Don't Forget the Struggle, Don't Forget the Streets (Fist Recs-1st press)
								 (red, REV repress)
Wasted Time- Futility (Now Way Fest 3 screened cover)
Weekend Nachos- Apology (white)
Weekend Nachos- Punish and Destroy (3rd press)
Weekend Nachos- Still
Weekend Nachos- Unforgivable (red)
Weekend Nachos- Worthless (red)
Who Killed Spikey Jacket?- s/t
Wolfpack (NY)- s/t
World Burns to Death- The Sucking of the Missile Cock (w/ used patch)
Worthless United- A Nation Under (white/black splatter)
Wound Man- Perimeter (blue)

XfilesX- Excruciation (red)

Young Wasteners- We Got Ways
Youth of Today- Can't Close My Eyes (Caroline/Schism Recs, white labels-1st press, no insert)
Youth Of Today- We're Not In This Alone (Caroline- 2nd press)

Zero- s/t (white, screened cover)
Zero Boys- Vicious Circle (blue, blue cover-2nd press on Toxic Shock Recs)

Blatz/ Filth- Shit Split (Lookout recs)
Career Suicide/ Jed Whitey
Cold World/ Extortion
Combat 84/ The Last Resort (blue, repress)
Grimple/ Logical Nonsense (original press)
I Accuse/ Hummingbird of Death
Los Crudos/ SpitBoy- Viviendo Asperamente/Roughly Living (envelope cover)
Left For Dead/ Acrid (red saw blade)
Minor Threat/ Youth Brigade- Demos (boot)
Out Cold/ Voorhees
Strung Up/ Direct Control (blue splatter/black)
Tear It Up/ E.T.A. (orange)
Void/ The Faith
Voorhees/ Devoid of Faith

V/A- Battle of the Worst Bands (clear: Darvocets, Cider, Brainwashed Youth, Ruiners)
V/A- Charred Remains (Radio Raheem pressing)
V/A- DC Demos (boot: Faith, Double O, Void, Artificial Peace)
V/A- Death to Hardcore/Death to Reagan
V/A- Flex Your Head (blurred photo cover)
V/A- Four Old 7"s on a 12" (clear)
V/A- God Bless America- Posh Boy Hits Vol. 1 comp 
V/A- Histeria
V/A- Judgment Night soundtrack (red, RSD 2016)
V/A- Killed By Death vol. 1 (white)
V/A- Memories of Tomorrow
V/A- Message to America (blue: Agnostic Front, Mental Abuse)
V/A- New York Hardcore: The Way It Is (insert sheet-2nd press)
V/A- Not So Quiet on the Western Front (2xLP, Alternative Tentacles reissue)
V/A- NYHC Classics (7"s boot comp: the Mob, Urban Waste, Antidote, the Abused)
V/A- Off To War vol. 2 (Fix, Reflex From Pain, NOTA, Fartz, Bad Brains; 331/538)
V/A- Punk and Disorderly (Posh Boy-2nd press)
V/A- P.E.A.C.E. / WAR (w/ zine)
V/A- Public Safety
V/A- Retro Is Poison (pink)
V/A- Someone Got Their Head Kicked In (no barcode)
V/A- This is Boston Not LA (bootleg)
V/A- Toronto City Omnibus
V/A- Toronto's Burning
V/A- We Got Power: Party or Go Home
V/A- Welcome to 1984 (red, repress)
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PUSHEAD/ Septic Death stuff
Totalitar- splits and singles
Impact Unit 7”
Headcleaners- The Infection Grows
Gastunk- s/t 7"
Violent Reaction- s/t 7" (Damaged City press /50)
Sectarian Violence- Upward Hostility LP (test press & Euro tour covers)
Ripcord- Defiance of Power LP
Hooton 3 Car- Danny or any others
The Trouble- Nothing Left To Say (red)
Shark Attack- Feeding Frenzy
Replacements- Stink
Puncture Wound 7”
Warzone- Lower East Side 10"
Heart Attack- Keep Your Distance 12”
9 Shocks Terror- 1 sided Live LP
Death Side- EPs
Out Cold- splits
RKL- Keep Laughing
Ill Repute- What Happens Next?
V/A- The Master Tape (vol 1 and 2)
Mental- Get an Oxygen Tank (purple)
Metallica- original pressings or boots
Capitalist Casualties- Dark Circle 5" and Disassembly Line LP
Limited records by any bands on Bleeding Edges Label