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Zach Ahern

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Earth / Tribes Of Neurot split (Clear, Show Only)
Knapsack "True to Form" (Black)
The Ramones / Husker Du (RSD)
Assfactor 4 "Smoked Out" (Black)
The Crimson Curse / The Festival of Dead Deer (Square Shaped, Blue)
Poison Idea / Pantera (Purple, RSD)
Angel Hair S/T (Gravity, Black)
Juno Sub Pop (Black)
The Clash "Should I Stay or Go" (Black)
Gram Parsons / The Lemonheads (Pink, RSD)
Johnny Dowd "Mother Love/Daddy's Girl" (Sub Pop, Gold of 1300)
The Shins "New Slang" (Sub Pop, Black of 1300)
Knapsack "True to Form/Effortless" (Alias, Black)
Christie Front Drive "S/T" (Grey)
Tristeza "Foreshadow" (Caffeine vs. Nicotine, Black)
Tristeza "Macrame" (Rocket Racer, Red)
Tristeza "Are We People" (Tiger Style, Black)
Tristeza/Lemko Hall (Delboy, White Tour Editon # 79/300)
Spanakorzo "Parasite" (Snowblind, Green)
Turmoil "Anchor" (Century Media, White)
Bloodlet "Live at CBGBs" (Red)
Coalesce "s/t" (Soylent Green, Maroon)
Coalesce "002" (Earache, Blue)
Coalesce "A Safe Place" (Edison, White)
Coalesce/Boy Sets Fire split (Hydrahead, Black, Stamped Labels)
Coalesce/Today is the Day split (Hydrahead, Green, In These Black Days)
Coalesce/Today is the Day split (Hyrdahead, Clear, In These Black Days)
Cave In/Gambit split (Doctored for Super Stereo, Black)
Cave In/Early Grace split (Independence Day, Black, Grey Cover)
Cave In/Early Grace split (Independence Day, Black, White Cover)
Cave In "Creative Eclipses" (Hydrahead, Pink)
Cave In/Children split (Euro, White)
V/A Between a Rock and a Hard Place w/ Cave In, Roswell, etc. (Blue, Black)
Neurosis/Soilent Green split (Hyrdahead, Black #197/209)
Keelhaul "Ornamental Iron" (Hydrahead, Clear)
Botch "Faction" (World of Hurt, Black)
Botch "John Birch" (Phyte, Blue)
Botch/The Murder City Devils split (Excursion, White of 2200)
Ire "s/t" (Schema, Black)
Jesuit "Car Crash Lullaby" (Hydrahead, Gold)
Dillinger Escape Plan/Drowningman split (Hydrahead, Yellow/Clear)
Dillinger Escape Plan/Drowningman split (Hydradhead, Clear Blue)
Tweedy 'Summer Noon' (Purple)
Kings of Leon 'Wait for Me' (Orange, RSD)



The Gaslight Anthem "American Slang" (Black w/ Poster)
Hot Water Music "Forever and Counting" (Purple)
Sunny Day Real Estate "Live" (Sup Pop, Black)
Ire "I Discern an Overtone.." (Mountain, Black)
Ire/Seized split (Fetus, Black)
Coalesce "Nothing New Under the Sun" (Hydrahead, Picture Disk) Sealed!
Coalesce "Give Them Rope" (Second Nature, Clear)
Black Sabbath s/t (early press)
Jackson Browne 'Lives in the Balance'
V/A - The Best of Louie, Louie (Black Flag, etc.)
Chuck Ragan 'Covering Ground' Picture Disc
Conway Twitty 'Hello Darlin''
Johnny Cash 'I Walk the Line'
The Kinks 'Greatest Hits'
Endon 'Mama' (Hydrahead)
Jethro Tull 'Best of'

Panic 'Gay Pride Edition 1/3 Demo Cassette' Super RARE

Email: Zach Ahern -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 10/25/2017
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$ cash

Sleep "The Clarity" LP on Green or Black
J. Tillman LPS
Soundgarden "Superunkown" LP original
Pearl Jam "Ten" LP original
Mad Season "Above" LP original
Isis ANY
Nirvana 7"s, LPS
Smashing Pumpkins 7"s, LPS
Bonnie Prince Billy sub pop 7"
Cave In "Beyond Hypothermia" LP
Lucero "That Much Further West" LP original
Tool "Aenima" 2xlp
Cracker "Kerosene Hat" LP
Rancid "And Out Come the Wolves" LP
Jesu Vinyl
Strain "Here and Now" LP

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