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You can contact me by e-mail at: milsain@hotmail.com 	

How it works: If you see something you want, let me know. Send me your trade list by regular mail or e-mail (to the address listed above) and hopefully we’ll work out a trade. I’ll get back to you the soonest possible. Thanks! 

Good traders: Marianne Hofstetter, Giuliano Calza, Axel Hermann, Paul Holstein, B. Skelton, Kalv Heresy, Marcos Suarez, Andy Calabrese, Rich Camm, Mike Vinikour, Nate Wilson, Uwe Kleinert, Chet Knight, Christophe Cremaux, Hiromitsu Yawatari, Kazuyoshi Kanai, Arnaud Daudin, Cesar Juarbe, Chris Unsinn, Brian Sayle, Chris Renna, Johan Buyck, Sven Wouters, Kevin Burke, Cecil Arnold, Aram Arslanian, Alex Sanchez, Chad Hensley, Russ Alexander, Sumiko Iwamoto, Katsuhiko Seki, Marc Velo, Matt Average, Pete Spielman, Albert Lόbbing, Dan Smith, Nathan Napolitano, Thomas Caron, Kriesi Daniel, Adriano Ometto, Pascal Matthys, Laurent Pallanca, George Bastas, Judd Taylor, John Willicombe, Jerremy Parker, Mike Haliechuk, Jakob Friborg, Daniel Lupton, Guido Ratti, Johnny Christiansen, Robert Passarella, Frιdιric Leca, Philippe Ricard, Kostas Balotis, Erich Keller, Shoko Nagmo, Hitomu Kushida, Mingau (N. Urbana/Razzia), Julio Cesar Pereira, Richie Anderson, Raf (Do It Yourself), Sash Mori, Colin Bayer, Christopher Plummer, Eric Calbow, Horst Firmanty, David Marek, Stefan Barke (Sounds of Subterrania), Dario Adamic, Dave Hyde, Grover Heath, Chris Johsnon, Andrea (Intoxica), Maurizio Destefani, Mike Kuzmin Jr., Reulet Regis, Nick Clarke (Rhythm), Alex (Art Rat Records, Athens), Takahiro (Base Record Shop, Tokyo), Kevin Jameson, George Exarchos, Michel Bastarache, Nick The Record, Tobbe Stuhre, Colin Tappe, Hauke Sass, David Logan, Brandon Olsen, Chad Hoogervorst, Scott Langlais, Satoru (& the Record Boy crew, Tokyo), Mike Schneider (Welfare Records), Pete Burn, Dominic Prime, Aaron Muchanic, Federico Gomez, John Esplen, Dennis Berendts, Doctor Strange (Alta Loma, CA.), No Remorse Metal Shop (Athens, Greece), Trev Howarth, Mike Charlesworth. 

Rip-offs: Thomas Milewski (Germany), Bryan Swafford (USA) – both these guys were Ebay sellers, not record traders.  

1. All records are for trade and/or sale. If you are interested in buying a record, you will have to make an offer though. 
2. If you contact me first about a trade/sale, you send first your end of the deal. 
3. When planing a trade, please state clearly the condition of both record and cover to avoid misunderstandings. 
4. I will respond to all e-mails and letters, no matter if I agree on a trade or not. Record trading is a good hobby, let’s treat each other with respect. 
5. The condition of the records is graded cover first, then vinyl. SS: Still Sealed, M: Mint, NM: Near Mint, Ex: Excellent, VG: Very Good, G: Good. All inserts included are usually mentioned in the description. 

Back after a long while, let's do some trading... 

ANTIMOB – Demo 2012 (Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός, 2012, M/M) Official cassette release, limited to 120 copies. White cassette with black letters. 
ASEXUALS – Contemporary world LP (Psyche Industry Records, 1985, NM/VG+) 
BARKHARD – Barkhard LP (Rabid Dog Records, 1985/2004, M/M) Red vinyl, includes insert 
BULLET LAVOLTA – S/t 12” (Taang! Records, 1988 [TAANG! 22], NM/NM) Stock copy, includes label insert
FULL SPEED AHEAD – Born to lose LP (Manic Ride Records, 2004, NM/M) Mail-order copy, includes insert, as well as a Manic Ride Records poster & a Dead Alive Records/The Prowl smaller poster 
MISFITS – Die, die my darling 12” (Plan-9, 1982, Ex-/Ex) Rare copy, 3rd pressing I think. The sleeve has no barcode, the record is on translucent black vinyl, the labels have C&P Evilive Music. 
MOB 47 – Racist regime LP (Revoltation Records, 1992 [REVOLTATION 10], NM/NM) Beautiful stock copy
MORAL CRUX – S/t LP (Velvetone Records, 1987, NM/VG+) Vinyl in Excellent condition
RIVAL MOB – Mob justice (Revelation, 2013, w/download coupon, Still Sealed) Black wax 1st pressing
SECRET SYDE, The – Hidden secrets LP (Mutha, 1983, NM/M) 
STARK RAVING MAD – Amerika MLP (Slob, 1985, insert, VG+/NM) 
URANUS – Disaster by design 12” (The Great American Steak Religion/Re-Education/Farewell Records, 1998, NM/M) 
V/A – INDEPENDENCIA OU MORTE LP (Ataque Frontal, 1988 [AF 13], NM/NM) Includes Lobotomia, Grinders, Nγo Religiγo 
V/A – MAKING A SCENE : New York Hardcore in Photos, Lyrics and Commentary (Faber & Faber, 1990) Legendary first pressing of the NYHC photo book by Bri Hurley, in Mint condition!  This book is a small documentary of the NYHC scene from 1985-1988, with photos of Warzone, Youth of Today, Rest in Pieces, STRAIGHT AHEAD, Nausea, Absolution, Roger, Amy and Nadia, Jimmy G., Billy Psycho, Agnostic Front, CBGB's, the Bowery, etc.  This book also features cool commentary from Diego Casalins (from AF), Ralphy Boy (ABC NO RIO collective), Gavin Absolution, etc. First edition (NOT the revisited edition from a few years back, with title in red), in amazing condition. Rare, quintessential NYHC book
V/A – NEW YORK CITY HARDCORE: THE WAY IT IS LP (Revelation Records, 1988/2001, NM/M) Blue vinyl (437 copies), includes insert. Stock copy in great shape, opened just to check the vinyl color. 
V/A – PUNK USA LP (Lookout! Records, 1994 [LOOKOUT! NUMBER 77], NM/NM) US 90s punk sampler with Scratch Bongowax, Rattail Grenadier, Pink Lincolns, Moral Crux, Screeching Weasel, Beatnik Termites, Thankless Dogs, The Vindictives, The Queers, The Pist, Submachine, 8Bark, Face To Face, Sinkhole and Jawbreaker. Stock copy, includes insert 
VICE SQUAD – Last rockers/Resurrection 12” (Riot City Records, 1981, VG+/NM) 

7” ’s 
ATAVISTIC – Life during wartime 7” (Peaceville, 1987, NM/Ex-) 
D.O.A. – General strike 7” (Sudden Death Records, 1983, NM/NM) 
DEFAULT – Inspiration 7” (First Strike Records, 1987, VG+/VG+) 
GAZOLINE – Sally 7” (Egg, 1977 [620.344], NM/Ex) Nice copy 
INHUMAN CONDITIONS – Sanction S.A. 7” (Temple of Love Records, 1988 [TOL-002], NM/NM) Fold-out sleeve, comes on transparent multi-color splatter wax 
MAD, The – I wanna be a devil 7” (Brain Transplant, 1999 [btx10], NM/NM) Stock copy, includes lyric insert 
POISON IDEA – Taken by surprise/We got the beat 7” (Sub Pop, 1990 [SP86], NM/NM) Sub Pop Singles Club, on black wax (more rare – 1500 were pressed on black wax and 3000 on mint green). Small price sticker on p/s
RAPT/FINAL BLAST – S/t 7” (Chaos Produzioni, 1986, NM/NM) Fold-out sleeve with photos and lyrics. The label on Side A is black, the label on Side B is plain white with a stamp stating CHAOS PRODUZIONI 6 RAPT SIDE. Final Blast artwork is the one with the skeleton and bombs (2nd pressing), which is more scarce than the 1st pressing sleeve. Overall great condition! 
ROSWELL PROJECT - Maggots + lies = you 7" (Bacteria Sour, 1998, M/M). Black & white sleeve, grey marble vinyl, lyric sheet, carbon paper with lineup info. Stamped on the back (with red ink), numbered # *0303.
SEPTIC DEATH – Somewhere in time 7” (Lost & Found Records, 1988, M/M) Live set from 1983, stock copy 
U.B.R. – Yugoslavia panic E.P. 7” (Crust War, 2002 [CRUST WAR-012], M/M) Rare Japanese-only release with demo tracks from 1983, comes in a beautiful  textured sleeve. Stock copy 
VISION OF DISORDER/LOYAL TO NONE – Split Atom 7” (Hearsay Records, 1994 [H.R. #13], NM/NM) Fold-out sleeve, includes small label insert 
VISION OF DISORDER – Resurrecting reality 7” (Crisis Records, 1998, NM/NM) Includes insert 
V/A – CRY NOW, CRY LATER Volume 4 2x7” (Theologian/Pessimiser, 1996 [T 55], NM/M/M) Large fold-out sleeve is in great shape. Bands featured: Spazz, Los Crudos, Charles Bronson, Detestation, etc. 
V/A – VIDA LIFE-Benefit 7”for Project Vida 7” (Lengua Armada Discos, 1997 [LA-11], NM/M) Handmade tin-foil sleeve with a red strip wrapped around the cardstock. Cover artwork and tracklisting printed on transparent plastic sheets. Bands include: Charles Bronson, Palatka, In/Humanity, MK Ultra, Eucharist, Dangermouse, Short Hate Temper, Locust & Q-Factor. Includes 2 large inserts, stock copy in amazing shape! (€7.00)
V/A – WHY MUST WE DIE FOR YOUR PALATE? 7” (Dire/Action Records, 1999 [DIR/ACT001], VG+/M) Includes booklet. Bands featured: Detestation, End Result, Idi AMin, Depressor
YOUTH BRIGADE – What price happiness? 7” (Better Youth Organization, 1984 [BYO 006S] 1st pressing, black wax, stock copy in perfect shape
YOUTH OF TODAY – Live at Van Hall, Amsterdam, 1989 (Commitment Records, 1996 [COM1], M/M) Original first pressing (1050 copies) on grey wax, stock copy, includes the large insert (great!) 

ACROSTIX – (A CHAIN OF) Hatred LP (Whisper in Darkness, 2007 [DARKNESS 016], M/M) 1ST pressing, clear vinyl (100 copies), includes lyric insert and a flyer with Acrostix Japanese tour dates from 2007 
ACROSTIX/CONTRAST ATTITUDE – Split LP (Crust War, NM/M) Stock copy, includes small flyer from Crust War Overseas
BALZAC – Isolation from No. 13 7” Picture Disc (HG Fact, 1996 [HG-138], -/M) 
DISCLAIM – Fuck money 7” (Temple of Love, 1989, green vinyl, M/M) Numbered #300/900
FEARLESS VAPIRE KILLERS – The girl who rapes boys 7” (Adventure Family Records, 1988 [AFR-05], NM/NM) 
FRAMTID – 8 track EP (Crust War, 1999 [Crust War 008], NM/VG+) Vinyl in excellent condition
GISM – Live Tokyo 1982-1983 LP (Absolute Power, 2003 [JAPAN FIVE], 4-page insert & old distro catalog, NM/M) 
ISTERISMO – Tokyo crusties LP (540 Records, 2011 [540-026], insert, M/M) 
OUTO – No way out 7” (Selfish Records, 1988, VG+/VG+) Includes insert (€25.00)
V/A – SHIZUOKA CITY HARDCORE Flexi 7” (MCR Company, 1991 [MCR-042], NM/NM) Includes Mental, Innocents, Rustler, Nibbles 

POSTER – Psychedelic Solution NYC Gallery show. Amazing poster from the one and only Pushead gallery exhibition ever! Features the «Nightmare takes a nap» design. This is the original poster for the show, bought straight from the gallery. 
RAD A-TATTOOS – “Hand of fear” temporary tattoos. Made and available only in Japan. 
SWAMP 2000 «SKATER» SILKSCREENED PRINT. Skater with the “cow skull” head going down a ramp with a skull on it. Japanese letters on the background. Signed by Pushead and numbered # 57/222 (Full Color).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Email: BILL SKOULAS -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 08/12/2016
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AOD – Let’s barbecue (BOR original, red logo) 
ARTICLES OF FAITH - Wait 7" (Wasteland/Affirmation, 1983)
ARTISTIC DECLINE - Four songs 7" (New Underground, 1983)
MECHT MENSCH – Acceptance 7” (Bone Air) 
NEGATIVE APPROACH - original 7" (both pressings)
OUT OF OUR HEADS-Riot 7” (Riot Rec., 1983)  
REPLACEMENTS - I'm in trouble 7" (Twin/Tone, 1981)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT – All systems go! (Japanese issue on Toy’s Factory, w/ Pushead cover)
TEEN IDLES – Minor disturbance 7” (Dischord 1, 1980) 
A lot more... international punk, hardcore and new wave stuff from 1977 to 1984.