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Chris Minicucci 
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Reliable traders - Ed Mishic, Matt Summers, Israel Branson, Jamie Sabuda, Mitch Ohashi, Russ @ Zed Recrods, Brett Castle, Rudolf Everts, Jussi Janis, DJ Podolski, Florian Kuhbacher, Dru Spruill, Erich Reichert, Mike Vinikour, Mark Mongiovi, Chris Arango, Pat Federli, Mark G-Man, Steve Leary, Justin Briggs, Brett Beach, Josh Journey-Heinz, Daniel Frankowski, Gordo Jordan, Chase Corum, Mike Garber, Brian Bourbeau, Andrew Horton, Pat Nibert, Peter Hoeren, Nick Jitsu, Chris House, Rob Smith, Brian Sayle, Chill Will Killingsworth, Rafal Mroz, Pete Harma, Tim Donner, Mark Telfian, Nate Wilson, Mark Dargie, Alvin Pietzsch, Bill Rodrigues, Randy Carncross, Takashi Kita, Josh Rathbun, Rich Andraschko, Grant Johnson,  Mark Hurst, Robert Forbes, Uwe Kleinert, Tuomo Miettenen, Dave Brown, Anthony Pappalardo, Yu Sakurai, Tomoyasu Masui, Chris Corry, Jean-Phillip Landry, Jeff Johns, John Devlin, Jon Collins, Jake Schrieb, Graham Booth, Jef Smits, Giacomo Marchesi, Spence Gooch, Kota Shimoji, Erich Keller and many others.



7 Seconds - Committed For Life (red - Squirtdown)
7 Seconds - Blasts From The Past (blue vinyl - Posi Force)
Abused - Loud & Clear (orig)
Adrenalin OD - Let's Barbeque (red letters)
Adrenalin OD - Let's Barbeque (blue letters)
Adrenalin OD / Bedlam - Caught In The Act split (#952/?)
GG Allin & The Jabbers - You Hate Me And I Hate You (Orange Records w/ JABBERS sticker)
Alone In A Crowd - s/t (first press)
Anti-Cimex - Raped Ass (1st press w/ heavy sleeve)
Antidote - Thou Shalt Not Kill 
Article Of Faith - What We Want Is Free - 1st press on Version Sound
Article Of Faith - Wait
Avengers - We Are The One (Target sleeve, red vinyl)
Bags - Survive
Bastard - Controlled In The Frame (tour press and regular press)
Beastie Boys - Pollywog Stew 
Brain Death - Personal Affair 
Brotherhood - No Tolerance For Ignorance (red vinyl)
Burn - s/t (pink)
Chain Of Strength - True Till Death (green vinyl)
CIA - God Guts & Guns (orig)
Clitboys - We Don't Play The Game 
Code Of Honor - What Are We Gonna Do? 
Confuse - Nuclear Addicts flexi (red)
Damad - Pushead Fan Club 7" (half orange/half red vinyl)
Devoid Of Faith/Police Line split (black vinyl w/ clear plastic sleeve, red sparkle frog)
Devoid Of Faith/Police Line split (purple vinyl w/ solid paper sleeve)
The Dils - I Hate The Rich (w/ first press "OILS" sleeve)
The Dils - 198 Seconds Of... 
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Dirty Rotten EP 
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Violent Pacification 
Double O - You've Lost
Effigies - Body Bag 
False Liberty - Silence Is Consent (pre-Brotherhood)
Feederz - Jesus (2nd press on Placebo) 
The Fix - Jan's Rooms (w/ regular insert)
Flag Of Democracy - Love Songs 
Flesh Columns - Schweigew Vor Dem Sturm 
Freeze - Guilty Face 
Fuck Ups - FU82 (white sleeve 2nd edition)
Gang Green - Sold Out (green vinyl)
Gastunk - Devil/Sex 
Gastunk - Sex/S&M (purpe vinyl in clear sleeve)
Gorilla Biscuits - s/t (1st press w/ blue letters)
Graven Iamge - Kicked Out Of The Scene
Gudon - Hikashibo
Gudon - Howling Communications 
Gudon / Warhead Junk - split 
Heresy - Never Healed (flexi) 
Heresy - Whose Generation (gatefold)
Horror Planet - s/t (clear, #432/500, pre-Ludichrist)
Husker Du - In A Free Land (w/ both rare inserts)
Inmates - Government Crimes (1st press on black)
Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender (blue)
Janky - s/t (flexi)
Judge - NY Crew (Schism 3rd press) 
Justice League - Think Or Sink 
The Kids - No Monarchy
Knife Fight - first 7" clear vinyl (approx. 80 made, not sold to the public)
Krakdown - s/t (with original rare insert)
Kylesa - Pusfan.com 2x7" (one grey, one yellow, signed and #'d by Pus)
L-Seven - Insanity
La Peste - Better Off Dead
Last Option - Over Time (w/ sticker on Step Forward)
Last Rights - Chunks 
Lepers - Coitus Interruptus 
Lewd - Kill Yourself (no sleeve)
Lip Cream - Night Rider More Than Fight!
Lost Cause - Born Dead (red vinyl) 
Mad - Fried Egg (w/poster sleeve)
Major Conflict - How Do Ya Feel (ex-Urban Waste/Reagan Youth)
Masturbation - Shigao flexi (autographed)
Masturbation - s/t 7"
Meatmen - Blud Sausage
Meatmen - Crippled Children Suck 
Minor Threat - Filler (blue sleeve) 
Minor Threat - In My Eyes (blue labels) 
Mission Of Burma - Academy Fight Song 
Mission Of Burma - Trem Two
The Mob - Step Forward (red vinyl, signed by band) 
NCM - Ultimate Orgasm
Necros - IQ32 (tan labels) 
Necros - Conqest For Death 
Neon Christ - Parental Suppression 
Neuroot - Right Is Might 
No Thanks - Are You Ready To Die
No Trend - s/t
NOTA - Moscow
NOTA - Toy Soldiers
Nuns - Media Control (mispress with labels for some disco record)
Offenders - I Hate Myself
Poison Idea - Pick Your King (Blue vinyl on Fatal Erection)
PTL Klub - Live Death
PTL Klub - Nobody Cares Anymore 
Raw Power - Wop Hour 
Really Red - Crowd Control
Really Red - Modern Needs
Really Red - Despise Moral Majority
Really Red - New Strings For An Old Puppet
Reatards - You're So Lewd
Ripcord - Harvest Hardcore (Soulforce press, green p/s) 
Rhino 39 - Xerox
Rotters - Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks (no p/s)
Rude Kids - Raggare Is A Bunch Of Motherfuckers
Rude Kids - Absolute Ruler
Rudimentary Peni - Teenage Time Killer 
Rudimentary Peni - Farce 
Sado Nation - s/t
Septic Death - Burial 
Septic Death - Kichigai 
Sheer Terror - Live At CBGB (dark blue marble)
Shock - This Generation Is On Vacation (red) 
Shock - We Were That Noise (blue)
Sick Of It All - s/t (1st press, #/1000)
Sick Of It All - s/t (red vinyl 2nd press, #/1000)
Sick Of It All - s/t (clear vinyl RSD press with 4th press sleeve/insert)
Sick Pleasure - Speed Rules 
SNFU - Life Of A Bag Lady (yellow) 
Snobb Slakt - s/t
Society Dog - Off The Leash 
Sons Of Ishmael - Hayseed Hardcore (1st press cartoon band p/s)
Stalag 13 - Demo 7" (#/500)
Stalin - Dendou Kokeshi (flexi, 2nd version) 
Stalin - Romantist 
Stalin - Nothing 
Stalin - Alergy 
The State - No Illusions 
Stranglehold - Leisure Tour 
Subhumans (Canada) - Firing Squad (w/ both sleeves) 
Subhumans (UK) - Demolition War 
Subhumans (UK) - Religious Wars 
Swiz - Down (green w/ comic book) 
Turning Point - To Lose (first press #181/1000, w/all inserts) 
Underdog - Not Like You (first press w/ sticker) 
Uprise - One By One (the oi! band)
Users - Sick Of You 
V/A - Bacteria Sour Vol 1 
V/A - Bacteria Sour Vol 1 (international mailorder press, green sleeve w/ half solid/half clear green vinyl - 175 made)
V/A - Bacteria Sour Vol 2 (33 made - tan sleeve, one 7" black, one blue 7", #/33T)
V/A - End The Warzone (red labels) 
V/A - I've Got An Attitude Problem (Raw Power, Wretched, Mob 47 ++) 
V/A - Neo Punk Disorderly: ADK Omnibus Vol. 2
V/A - Process Of Elimination (1st press)
V/A - Pusmort (w/flexi) 
V/A - Putrid Evil (Septic Death +2) 
V/A - Together (yellow vinyl #39/100! with all inserts)
V/A - Unsafe At Any Speed 
Violent Minds - Riot (blue vinyl)
Weirdos - Destroy All Music
Weirdos - We Got The Neutron Bomb 
White Cross - Fascist
Wrecking Crew - Troubled Youth (green vinyl with green sleeve)
YDI - A Place In The Sun w/ sticker
Youth Brigade - What Price Happiness 
Youth Of Today - Can't Close My Eyes (2nd press w/white letters)
Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma

8"/10" RECORDS:

Citizen's Arrest - live 8" flexi (both versions)
Cro-Mags - The Age of Quarrel Demos 10" (boot, #ed/1500, red letters)
Devoid of Faith - s/t 10" (blue)
Devoid of Faith - Purpose:Lost 10" orig Bacteria Sour press (black/red split vinyl ltd to 39)
Genbaku Onanies - Just Another 8"
Genbaku Onanies - Not Another 8"
Gordon Solie Motherfuckers - Chairshot Politics 10" (screened cover #9/100)
Gordon Solie Motherfuckers - Chairshot Politics 10" (test press)
Kuro - Who The Helpless 8" (orig)
Manliftingbanner - 10 Inches That Shook The World 10"
V/A - Jisatsu Omnibus 8" (Confuse, Sexual, etc)


7 Seconds "The Crew" (red letters)
7 Seconds "Walk Together Rock Together" (Positive-Force, yellow cover)
Adrenalin OD "The Wacky Hi-jinks Of..."
Adrenalin OD "Humungousfungousamoungus"
Angry Samoans "Back From Samoa"
Angry Samoans "Inside My Brain"
Attitude Adjustment "American Papranoia" w/ 24x36" poster
Bad Brains "Rock For Light" (PVC press)
Beyond "No Longer At Ease"
Black Uniforms - Faces Of Death 
Bugout Society "Just Say Yo!" (still sealed)
Child Molesters "The Brown Album" (brown vinyl w/poster)
Corrosion Of Conformity "Eye For An Eye" original No Core press
Cro-Mags "The Age of Quarrel" uncensored insert
Cro-Mags "The Age of Quarrel" censored insert
Crucial Youth "The Posi-Machine" (white, w/comic book)
Crucifucks "s/t" (1st lp)
Die Kruezen "s/t" (maroon)
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles "Dealing With It"
DOA "Something Better Change" (3rd press)
DOA "War On 45" ('Repent You fucking Savages' sleeve)
Dr. Know "Plug In Jesus" w/ bonus "Burn" 7"
Feederz "Ever Feel Like Killing your Boss?" original w/sandpaper cover
Floorpunch "Fast Times..." (green)
FU's "Kill For Christ" original
FU's "My America" original
GISM "Detestation" original
Infest - Slave (green vinyl Off The Disk orig)
Integrity - For Those Who Fear Tomorrow LP (white vinyl on Toybox)
Judge "Bringing It Down" (green vinyl)
Los Crudos "Canciones Para Liberar..." (Lengua Armada, w/screened cover)
Metallica "Creeping Death" 12" (blue)
Minor Threat "s/t" (red cover/1st press)
Misfits "Die Die My Darling" (1st press)
Mission of Burma "Signals Calls & Marches"
Murphy's Law "s/t" (green)
Murphy's Law "Back With A Bong" (clear)
Necros "Conquest For Death" 
Negazione "Lo Spirito Continua..."
Neurosis "Pain Of Mind" (Alchemy press)
No For An Answer "A Thought Crusade"
NOTA "s/t"
Pig Children "Blood For The State"
Poison Idea "Getting the Fear" (pink/blue splatter #/1000 with poster) - rarest version, supposedly ltd to 20 copies
Poison Idea - Kings Of Punk (Pusmort TEST PRESS)
PTL Klub - 13 Commandments
Riistetyt "As A Prisoner Of The State" (orig on R-O-R)
Riistetyt "Raped Future"
Rites of Spring "s/t" (1st press)
RKL "Rock N Roll Nightmare" (w/ comic book)
Rudimentary Peni "Death Church" (orig press w/ poster sleeve)
Samhain "Initium" original first press on Plan 9
Samhain "Unholy Passion" maroon cover
Second Wind "Security" (ex-Minor Threat)
Septic Death "Need So Much Attention/Acceptance of Whom?"
Septic Death "Now That I Have The Attention, What Do I Do With It?"
Sick of it All "Blood Sweat and No Tears" (orig)
Slapshot "Step on It" (green)
Social Unrest "Rat In A Maze" 
Spermbirds "Something to Prove"
Stalag 13 - In Control LP
Suicidal Tendencies "s/t"
Token Entry "Jaybird"
Token Entry "From Beneath The Streets" (orig)
Underdog "The Vanishing Point" (orig)
Wipers "Is This Real?" (orig Park Ave)
Wire "Pink Flag" (orig on Harvest)
The Worst "Expect the Worst" (orig on Mutha)
Wrecking Crew "Balance of Terror"
Youth of Today "Can't Close My Eyes" (Caroline/Schism)
V/A 10-29-79 (Wipers, Sado Nation, etc) 
V/A Bands That Could Be God (Outpatients, Deep Wound, etc) 
V/A Cleanse The Bacteria 
V/A Let Them Eat Jellybeans
V/A The Manic Years - Best of Manic Ears (Ripcord, Spermbirds, ENT, etc - puke colored vinyl) 
V/A Nardcore (Mystic Records)
V/A North Atlantic Noise Attack 2xlp (Septic Death, Heresy, Ripcord, etc) 
V/A Not So Quiet On The Western Front 2xlp w/book
V/A P.E.A.C.E. 2xlp w/book
V/A Propaganda Live (orig)
V/A Really Fast Vol. 4                                                                        
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Chronic Sick - Cutest Band In Hardcore 12" original
Commandos - Me And My Car 7"
GG Allin - Cheri Love Affair 7" (Destiny Recs)
MNI (Men With No IQ's) - Dreamin' 7" (Jackson, MS 1985)
Nuclear Crayons 7"
Poison Idea - Record Collectors 12" TEST PRESS (Fatal Erection version only) 
Poison Idea - Filthkick 7" - blue or green paper alternate sleeves
Poison Idea - Filthkick 7" - Shitfool test press
Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness LP - Epitaph Records test press
Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness LP - Farewell Records test press
Poison Idea - Live In Vienna 7" - "solid" clear vinyl without splatters
Poison Idea - Blank Blackout Vacant lp - clear pink vinyl
Poison Idea - Learning To Scream 7" - TEST PRESS
Siege - Drop Dead 7" on Off The Disk (any color)
V/A - Made In South Bay 7"

Boston area obscurities:
Bastel - Black Forest 7" (metal)
Caution - I Don't Know/Want Me Bad 7" (NCS)
Shadow Boxer - Love Letters 7" (NCS)
The Steves - In A Room 7" with pic sleeve
Stripsearch - Jesus Over New York 7"
Ziggy Zeal Band - Inner World 7"

TAPES (originals only):
Gag Reflex - "Live From Studio A" cassette (Cleveland)
Original NYHC demo tapes - any and all 1980-1990
     Most wanted: Psychos demo, High & The Mighty "Crunch On" demo, 
     Fathead Suburbia demo, Altercation '87 demo, Krieg Kopf "Passen Sie Auf Es Ist" demo (the one with the black cover), 
     Outburst demo, Clenched Fist demo, Life's Blood demo
V/A Barefoot & Pregnant comp
V/A Birth Defect comp
V/A United Scene comp (NYHC Guillotine Zine benefit)
Wrecking Crew - 1988 demo tape

Anti Septic ‎– First-Last 7"
A.T. Det - Last Child Has No Power 7"
Chicken Bowels 7"
The Execute - A-Z flexi
Gas - No More Hiroshima flexi
Hog-Gish 8" flexi
Ikka Shinjyu - Dead Section flexi
The Sexual - Suicide flexi
So What 8"
V/A - City Rockers LP
V/A - Hardcore Showcase LP

Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids 12" (Noise Recs)
Huvudtvatt / Picnic Boys split 7"
Ice and The Iced 7"
Kalashnikov 7"
Red Alert - Third And Final 7" SLEEVE ONLY
Shock Treatment - The Mugger 7" (NWOBHM)
Terveet Kadet - TKII 7"
Zmiv - Banzai! 7"
V/A - Laasta 7" 
V/A - Raptus 1 LP
V/A - Raptus 2 LP
V/A - Really Fast Vol. 1 LP

Comando Suicida - Al KO 7" original (Argentina)
Massacre 68 LP - BOOKLET ONLY
Xenofobia 12" (Mexico)