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James Pezzullo


Adele "21" (Black 180gram)
The Antlers "Hospice" (Black)
Billy Joel "The Stranger" (Black)
Broadway Calls "Good New,Bad Views" (Black)
Cat Stevens "Izitso" (Black)
Depeche Mode "Music for the Masses" (2xLP Black)
Down to Nothing "Save it for the Birds" (Black)
Fine Young Cannibals "The Raw & The Cooked" (Black)
Genesis "Invisible Touch" (Black)
The Get Up Kids "Something to Write Home About" (Purple)
Hall & Oates "Private Eyes" (Black)
Huey Lewis and The News "Sports" (Black)
Huey Lewis and The News "Picture This" (Black)
Huey Lewis and The News "FORE!" (Black)
Incendiary "The Cost of Living" (Record Release 66/110 Black)
The Kinks "Give the People What They Want" (Black)
Last Lights "No Past, No Present, No Future" (Black/Green)
Nazareth "Hair of the Dog" (Black)
Neil Diamond "Greatest Hits Vol.2" (Black)
Osker "Idle Will Kill" (Pink)
Polar Bear Club "The Redder, The Better" (White)
Pulling Teeth "Paranoid Delusions|Paradise Illusions" (Black)
Ritual Tension "Expelled" (Black)
Silent Majority "Life of a Spectator" (Blue)
Stray Cats "Built for Speed" (Black)
The Smiths "The Queen is Dead" (Black)
Toots & The Maytals "Funky Kingston" (Black)
The Wonder Years "The Upsides" (Blue)

The Horror "First Blood Part II" (Brown/Pink swirl)

86 Mentality "s/t" (Black)
Agent "Awake in Their World" (Orange)
Algernon Cadwallader "s/t" (Clear)
Alone in a Crowd "s/t" (Black)
Basement "Songs About the Weather" (Black)
Bitter End "s/t" (white)
Braid "I'm Afraid of Everything" (Black)
Bridge Nine "MMVI Sampler" (Orange/1500)
Broadway Calls "Be All That You Can't Be" (Blue)
Cheap Girls/Failures Union "Split" (Black)
Damnation ad/Walleye "split" (Black)
Dead in the Dirt "Fear" (Black)
Defeater "Lost Ground" (2x7" Red/White swirl)
Fire&Ice "Gods & Devils" (Clear/Red/Black swirl)
Force of Change "The Bond we Share" (Clear/Blue)
The Gaslight Anthem "The '59 Sound" (Black)
The Geeks "What's Inside" (Blue)
A Global Threat "In the Red" (Red)
Incendiary/Xibalba "split" (NY Record Release /40)
Inside Out/Youth of Today "Live Bootleg split" (Black)
Integrity "In Contrast of Sin" (Clear/Black 310/320)
Japandroids "Grand Prix" (Clear)
Killing Time "Unavoidable" (Orange)
Kill Your Idols "Salmon Swim Upstream" (Black)
Latterman/NakatomiPlaza "split" (Red)
Meltdown "Demolition" (Pink/Green swirl /666)
Morrissey "November Spawned a Monster" (Black)
Murphy's Law "Good For Now" (Black)
New Found Glory "Listen to Your Friends" (Blue)
New Found Glory "Tip of the Iceberg" (Red/Black Swirl)
New Mexican Disaster Squad "Peace With Nothing" (Black)
No Joke "Into My Words" (Black)
No Warning "Resurrection of the Wolf" (Black)
Outlast "s/t" (Clear)
Outlast "s/t" (Black)
Outlast "s/t" (Blue)
Outlast "s/t" (White 62/100)
Pissed Jeans "Your Life is Worth..." (45 rpm Black)
Reign Supreme "American Violence" (Red)
Sick of Talk "s/t" (Black)
Silent Majority "This Island Earth" (Black)
Silent Majority "Distant Second" (Black)
Slang/Mind Eraser "split" (Black)
Thieves and Assassins "Of Days and Nights to Come" (Orange/Green Swirl)
Title Fight "No One Stays at the Top Forever" (Yellow)
True Colors "Consider it Done" (Clear)
International Youth Crew Comp (Red)
Hot Cross/The Holy Shroud "Split" (Black)
Staygold "s/t" (Black)
Written Off/Outcrowd "split" (Red/Nora Jane's Broken Heart Fundraiser ed.)
Vitamin X "Straight Edge Crew" (Black)
The Wrongside "Dump Truck Demo" (Green 94/149)
Youth Attack "Break the Ice" (Blue)

CDs/Cassette Tapes:

Anthrax "Stomp 442" (Cassette)
Black Sabbath "Cross Purposes" (Cassette)
Bleed the Pigs "Hortis Fatum" (Cassette)
Brainwreck "BSHC" (CD 20/50)
Confined "Demo" (Cassette /155)
Equal Visions "Sampler 2013" (CD)
Ice T "VI: Return of the Real" (Cassette)
Man Overboard "Demo" (Cassette)
Neurosis "A Sun That Never Sets" (CD)
On Point "Look Me in the Eyes demo" (Cassette)
Pilgrims "Gates of Tartarus" (CD) 
Email: James Pezzullo -- Ebay Name: jimmypezz -- Last Updated: 05/18/2017
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