Email: Tyler Huber -- Ebay Name: Tylerhube_0 -- Last Updated: 03/20/2017
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Tyler Huber

Hey, I'm not entirely saying the are/aren't for trade or sale but maybe for the right shirt. Email me with any inquiries: Tylerhuber96@gmail.com

In the mail:
Strongarm - Division / Long sleeve (XL, OG)
Zao - The Splinter Shards the birth of seperation / Black (XL, OG)

7 Angels 7 Plagues - Rev 15:1 / first shirt (XL, OG)
Bleeding Through - Indecison Records (XL,OG)
Castyoudown - Desert of Judah, first shirt (XL)
Castyoudown - Sandman rip (XL)
Culture - Vegan Straight Edge, yellow first shirt (XL, OG)
Day Of Suffering - Dark Blue, This dying world will hear our scream (XL, OG)
Drawing Last Breath - First shirt (L)
Drawing Last Breath - Red Angel (L)
Drawing Last Breath - Daredevil Rip  (L)
Drawing Last Breatj - Unyielding Devotion (XL)
Drawing Last Breath - Songs of War and Sorrow (XL) 
Drawing Last Breath - Final Sacrifice / First shirt Reprint red variant (XL)
Earth Crisis - Firestorm Straight Edge (XL, OG)
Ecostrike - First Shirt / Purple Logo (XL)
Ecostrike - South Florida straight edge FYA shirt (XL)
Ecostrike - Record Release shirt (XL)
Foundation - Every Rope has its end / maroon shirt (L)
Heavens Die - The Hands Of Man artwork (XL)
Jukai - White Hookups rip (XL)
Jukai - Magneto Rip / FYA 2017 (XL)
Linkin Park - Meteora 2004 World Tour Shirt (L, OG)
Morning Again - Hand of Hope / Blue (XL, OG)
Poison The Well - Forever Is Such an Unpleasant Word / Dark Blue (XL, OG)
Poison The Well - Tear From The Red (baby on front) / Trustkill (XL, OG)
Skycamefalling - Ferret Music Core / barcode (XL, OG)
State Craft - First Shirt/Green (L, OG)
Slow Fire Pistol - First shirt / demo artwork (M)
Slow Fire Pistol - Flowers / green shirt - (L)
Slow Fire Pistol - Grey FYA shirt (XL)
Slow Fire Pistol - Khaki FYA Shirt / Demo artwork (XL)
This Day Forward - the.transient.effects.of.light.on.water/Grey Eulogy Records (XL, OG)
Three Knee Deep - Logo / White (XL)
Three Knee Deep - FYA 2017 Praying Hands shirt /  White (XL)
Undying - We are the ten thousand year reich...Let it end with us/Black (L, OG)
xhitlistx - No chance in hell / Vegan Straight Edge (XL) 
xElegyx - First show shirt (XL)
xElegyx - Ragehc Preorder (XL)
xElegyx - Green angel (XL)
xElegyx - Congress rip (XL)
xElegyx - Maroon shirt (XL)

Arkangel - Private Hell Records, WIndbreaker (XL, OG)
Bind - True Colors FYA, Hoodie
Converge - Devil on the front with knives, Long sleeve (L, OG)
Drowningman - Knife/Revelation Records, Hoodie (XL, OG)
Renounced - My mirror no longer reflects who I used to be, Green Hoodie (XL)
Turning Point - TIHC 2016, Hoodie (L)
Vein - Hoodie (L)

Earth Crisis - Green/White Cabal 315 - (XL, OG)

Three Knee Deep - Chalkline Mixtape
Acid Baptism- ???
Ad Nauseum - S/T
Bind - 2016 Promo
Bloodbather - Justified Murder
Decoy - S/T
xElegyx - Demo
Drawing Last Breath - Demo
Drug - Infinite Stimulant
Falter - Darker
Featherweight - heaven sent
Gillian Carter - Dreams of Suffocation
Guilty Conscience - Eighty sixmas tape
Incited - Death has Forgotten Me
Losin It - Demo 2011
Losin It - The Final Mosh 12.21.13
Renounced - Theories of Despair
Renounced/Sentenced to Burn - Split
Safe and Sound - Embers Still Remain
The Melodonts - Don't accept and Bullshit Land
Problem Child - Demo 1/5
Pure Disgust - FYA 3 Promo
Subliminal Control - S/T Blue
Suicide Pact Music - S/T
True Love - FYA Kylo Ren Tape
Hardwired - Demo
Ice - 4 Songs

Email: Tyler Huber -- Ebay Name: Tylerhube_0 -- Last Updated: 03/20/2017
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Caliban (early)
Heaven Shall Burn (early)
Good Life (bands)
H8000 (bands)
Length Of Time
Morning Again
One King Down
Park Way Drive (early)
Poison The Well
Prayer For Cleansing (Will Trade state craft for an OG XL)
Remembering Never
Shattered Realm
Sonic Youth
State Craft
Turning Point