Email: Jai Jacob Hoover -- Ebay Name: hoov_ja -- Last Updated: 04/24/2017
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Jai Jacob Hoover

Mainly Looking To Trade Not Sell (feel free to offer on anything) (also have streetwear pieces such as supreme, bape, Vintage Tommy Hilfiger, Vintage Ralph Lauren etc... if you are into that)

* Means Incoming


Aerosmith: "Pump Tour Live 90" (white) OG Sz XL
Bad Seed: "Judge" longsleeve (navy blue) Sz L
Bad Seed: "Wilkes Barre Chucky" (navy) Sz L
Bad Seed: "Puppet" (white) Sz L
Bad Seed: "Chucky With Dolls" (red) Sz M
Bad Seed: "Rats" (black) Sz L
Bad Seed: "Judge" (yellow) Sz XL
Bad Seed: "Real Rain Pours" (navy blue) Sz M
Bad Seed: "Timebomb" (white) Sz M
Bad Seed: "S/T Picture It's Fun To Do Bad Things" Sz M*
Bad Seed: "Worldview" (black) hoodie Sz XL
Carry On: "Carry On" (navy blue) OG Sz XL
Cold World: "Thank You Scaced God" (white) Sz L
Cold World: "Dog Bowl" (tan) Sz L
Cold World: "Ice Grillz Goin Back To Cali" (black) Sz M
Cold World: "Football Jersey Style" longsleeve (black) Sz L
Dead End Path: "2016 Reuinion "Our Town"" (white) Sz L
Disengage: "YOT Rip" (grey) Sz M
Disengage: "YOT Rip" (white) Sz L
Disengage: "Wilkes-Barre SXE Guy" (white) Sz XL
Floorpunch: "TIHC 2016 Football Jersey" (white) Sz L
Floorpunch: "Raw Deal Rip" (navy blue) OG Sz L
Floorpunch: "Mosh Crew" longsleeve (grey) OG Sz L
Floorpunch: "Floorpunch New Jersey" (tan) OG Sz L*
FREE: "Demo Logo" (grey) Sz XL
FREE: "Demo Logo" (white) Sz L
Frostbite: "USA Hardcore" (white) Sz M
Frostbite: "Frostbite" (maroon) Sz M
Fury: "OC hardcore" (black) Sz L
GLOSS: "For The Outcasts" (black) Sz L
GLOSS: "YOT Rip" (white) Sz XL
Green Day: "Insomniac Tour" (black) OG Sz XL
Insist: "Tour" (navy) Longsleeve Sz L
Insist: "React Records" (white) Champion Sz L
Judge: "Bringing It Down" (white) OG Sz XL
Judge: "Bulldog" Football Jersey (white) OG Sz XL
Knocked Loose: "First Hoodie" (grey) XL
Krust: "Bones Skateboard" (navy) rip Sz L
Outspoken: "Straight edge isn't cool..." (black) OG Sz XL
Positive Numbers Fest 2000: "Side By Side Rip" (navy) Sz XL
Positive Numbers Fest 2002: "A Time We'll Remember" (navy blue) Sz XL
Positive Numbers Fest 2004: "GB Rip" (navy) Sz XL
Positive Numbers Fest 2005: "GB Rip" (yellow) Sz L*
Release: "Doing it for dave the pain inside" (white) 1/89 Sz L
Stick Together: "X Fist" (black/white) Sz L
Stick Together: "X Fist Back" (green/yellow) Sz L
Stick Together: "X Fist" (white/green) Sz L 
Stick Together: "X Fist" (grey/maroon) Sz L
Stick Together: "X Fist" (white/black) Sz L
Stick Together: "X Fist" (royal blue/yellow) Sz L*
Title Fight: "I Don't Wanna See Things Differently" (white) Sz L
Uniform Choice: "Use Your Head" (black) OG Sz L
United Youth: "Dana's Drawing" (navy) Sz L
United Youth: "Pizza" longsleeve (brown) Sz L
War Hungry: "Obama Logo Rip" (forest green) Sz L
War Hungry: "Bad Seed Split cover" (white) Sz XL*
WBHC: "Fuck The Rest" (white) Sz L
3D: "3D" (white) Sz XL
90s Sxe Shirt: "Drug Free Youth Chain Of Strength RIP" (white) Sz XL

Bad seed: "Bad Seed" (navy) 

Bad seed: "Chucky" (black) Sz M
Forced Order: "Back To School Jam 2016" (black) Sz M
Stick together: "X Fist" (blue) Sz S
Turnstile: "Turnstile Tribe" (grey) Sz S
3D: "3D" (black) Sz M

Floorpunch: This Is Hardcore 2016                    
Stick Together: X Fist      

Cold World: Ice Grillz
Title Fight: Floral Green                                                                                                                                        
Email: Jai Jacob Hoover -- Ebay Name: hoov_ja -- Last Updated: 04/24/2017
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Shirts/Longsleeves/Hoodies/Windbreakers/Jersey's: M,L,or XL (Preferably L)
Shorts/Sweatpants: S,M (Preferably S)
Hats: Bad Seed hats only please 
No tapes, vinyls, or CD's unless it's the "The Gnarlies CD" "Bad Seed CD" or "Frostbite CD's"

Also No Reprints Please (OG only for the older bands)

Bad Seed: Anything you got
Bold: Anything you got
Carry On: OG stuff only
Chain of Strength: Anything you got
Champion: Youth of today RIPS only 
Code Orange: Shorts / Sweatpants only
Cold Word: Anything you got (preferably earlier stuff)
Countdown: Anything you got
Culture: Anything you got
Dead End Path: shorts only
Disengage: Anything you got
Floorpunch: Anything you got / Green football jersey
FREE: Anything you got
Frostbite: Anything you got
Fury: Anything you got
GLOSS: Anything you got
Godspeed: Anything you got
Gorilla Biscuits: Anything you got
Have Heart: Earlier stuff only
Inside out: Anything you got
Insted: Anything you got
Judge: Anything you got
Knocked Loose: Earlier stuff only
No For An Answer: Anything you got
Outspoken: Straight edge isn't cool anymore... shirts / hoodies
Positive numbers fest: Anything you got 
Release: Anything you got
Ressurection: Anything you got
Shield: Green Snowman shirt
Sick of it all: "Cure shirt" "8 ball shirt" "Graphitti shirts"
Side by Side: Anything you got
Stick Together: "X Fist designs" Will look at other stuff tho
Strife: Anything you got
The First Step: Anything you got
Title Fight: Earlier stuff only
Trail of Lies: Anything you got
Turning Point: Anything you got
Turnstile: Shorts / Sweatpants only
Unbroken: Anything you got
Undertow: Anything you got
Uniform Choice: Anything you got
United Youth: Anything you got
Unity: Anything you got
Unit Pride: Anything you got
Up Front: Anything you got
War Hungry: Earlier stuff only
Wide Awake: Anything you got
Youth of Today: Anything you got
3D: Whatever I do not have