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Arda Alev

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In The Mail:


Adamantium - Blood Runs Black (Large, OG)
A Death For Every Sin - Montreal HC (Small, OG)
A Life Of Torment - Red Logo (Large)
A Life Once Lost - The Fourth Plague Flies (Small, OG)
American Nightmare - Nobody's Got Style Like Us (XL, OG)
American Nightmare - Little Guy With Knives (Medium, OG)
As Hope Dies - Birthplace And Burial Site/First Shirt (XL, OG)
Battery - U.S. Tour 1997 (Large, OG)
Bind - True Colors (Large)
Birthright - Ascension (XL, White, OG)
Bleeding Through - I Hope You Die Soon (Large, OG)
Blistered - Cries Of The Tormented (XL)
Burden - XXX (XL, OG)
Buried Alive - The Death Of Your Perfect World / Summer Tour 1999 (XL, OG)
Catalyst Records - In Defense Of All Life (XL, Green, OG)
Cherem - If You Feel Guilty Go Vegan (Small, OG)
Cherem - Salt Lake City Straight Edge Champion Rip (Small, OG)
Cherem - Vegan Power (Medium, OG)
Countervail - Assembly Line (XL, OG)
Damnation A.D. - Weird Face (XL, OG)
Dawn Of Orion - On Broken Wings (XL, OG)
Deathbed - Catalyst Records Rip (XL)
Disembodied - Do You Like The Pain? (XL, Reprint)
Disembodied - If God Only Knew The Rest Were Dead (XL, Brown, OG)
Disembodied - U.S. Summer Tour 1998 (Large, OG)
Earth Crisis - Raid On Europe 1995 (XL, Cabal Reprint)
Earth Crisis - To The X I'm Crucified (Large, OG)
Eighteen Visions - Black On Black Logo w/ Nail On Back (Large, OG)
Eighteen Visions - Until The Ink Runs Out w/ Blue Logo On Front (XL, Black, OG)
Extinction - I'll Watch You Burn (XL, Blue, OG)
Figure Four - Burning Heart (Large, OG)
Forced Order - Time Won't Heal (XL, Green)
Foundation - Jawk Records (Large, Black)
Foundation - Jawk Records (XL, Grey)
Foundation - What Else Is There (XL)
Funerals - Martyr AD Rip (Large)
Gatecreeper - Sonoran Desert Death Metal (XL)
Hamartia - To Play The Part Of Your Beloved (XL, Reprint)
Hatebreed - What I Have In My Heart I'll Take To My Grave (XL, Black, OG)
Heavens Die - Tour shirt (XL)
Iron Curtain - Do You Feel Like God Watching Us Martyr AD Rip (Large)
Jukai - Hook Ups Rip (Navy, Large)
Kickback - Cornered (XL, Reprint)
Kickback - Hell On Earth (XL, Navy, Reprint)
Morning Again - As Tradition Dies Slowly (XL, OG)
Morning Again - Hand Of Hope (Baby Blue, XL, OG)
Morning Again - Hand Of Hope (Maroon, Large, Reprint)
Morning Again - My Statement Of Life In A Dying World (XL, Green, OG)
Overcast - Fight Ambition To Kill (XL, OG)
Poison The Well - Broken Hearts And Broken Vans Summer Tour 2000 (Large, OG)
Poison The Well - Forever Is Such An Unpleasant Word (Large, Black, OG)
Poison The Well - Goodlife Recordings (XL, OG)
Poison The Well - The Opposite Of December - (Medium, OG)
Poison The Well - Two Headed Bird (Large)
Prayer For Cleansing - How Does It End? (Large, OG)
Prayer For Cleansing - Logo (2XL, OG)
Presagers - Bloodlet Rip (XL)
Safe And Sound - Embers Still Remain (XL, Beige)
Safe And Sound - Hunters Are In Season (Large, Forest Green)
Safe And Sound - I'll Put A Flower To Your Name (Large)
Safe And Sound - Self (XXL)
Safe And Sound - Vegan Straight Edge (Large)
Seven Generations - Animal Liberation Now (XL)
Seventy Eight Days - Revolution Through Anonymity (XL, OG)
Shattered Realm - No Tears For The Weak (2XL, OG)
Skycamefalling - 32 (Small, OG)
Strain - Driven (XL, Reprint)
Strain - Here And Now (XL, Reprint)
The Swarm - Red Face Logo (Medium, OG)
The Swarm - Old Blue Eyes Is Dead (Large, Reprint)
Undying - It's More Than Human It's Humane Go Vegan (Medium, OG)
Undying - For Love Of The World (Large)
Undying - May The Rivers Of Heaven Run Red (XL, OG)
Unearth - Shovels/Eulogy Era (XL, OG)
Unrestrained - Doomtown Hardcore (Large)
Until The End - Proud To Be Drug Free XXX (XL, OG)
Vamachara - Predator (XXL)
Vanguard - Take Aim For Animal Liberation (XL, Black, OG)
World View - Vancouver Hardcore (Medium)
Year Of The Knife - Pink Logo (Large)


Earth Crisis - Firestorm (Longsleeve, XL, OG)
Earth Crisis - Firestorm Artwork (Longsleeve, XL, OG)
Morning Again - Hand Of Hope (Crewneck, Large, Forest Green, Reprint)
Morning Again - Hand Of Hope (Hoodie, XL, Tan, OG)
Poison The Well - Forever Is Such An Unpleasant Word (Hoodie, XL, OG)
Ringworm - "13" (Champion Jersey, Large, Black, OG)
Risen - Hope Dies Last (Longsleeve, XL)
Strain - European Tour (Longsleeve, XL, Reprint)
Strain - Here And Now (Hoodie, XL, Reprint)
Turmoil - Can We Redeem These Actions (Longsleeve, XL, OG)
Undying - We Are The Ten Thousand Year Reich... Let It End With Us (Hoodie, Large)
Vatican - Straight Edge (Cutoff, Large, Navy)

Email: Arda Alev -- Ebay Name: 2014usard -- Last Updated: 07/18/2017
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Looking For:

As Hope Dies
Bleeding Through
Catalyst Records
Count Me Out
Damnation A.D.
Dawn Of Orion
Day Of Suffering
Earth Crisis
Eighteen Visions
Figure Four
It Dies Today
Lifeless (SLC)
Martyr A.D.
Poison The Well
Prayer For Cleansing
Senses Fail
Shattered Realm
Smashing Pumpkins
The Cranberries
The Swarm
This Day Forward
Vegan Reich
7 Angels 7 Plagues