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Tom Bontempo

7 Inches
AFI-Dork(Cyan w/ splatter /500)
Altered Boys-Left Behind/Choosing Sides(Black /350)

Blind Justice-Back to Back Records Can Suck It(Green /100)
Blind Justice-Gascap Demo(Shorestock Cover /40)
Blind Justice-Gascap Demo(United Blood Cover /40)
Blind Justice/Heavy Chains Split(Blue w/ Black Splatter /150)
blink-182-They Came to Conquer Uranus(Orange /???)
Born Annoying-Living How You're Not(Blue /762)
Born Annoying-Living How You're Not(Clear /212)
Born Annoying-Living How You're Not(UB Cover)(Blue /50)
Born Annoying-Living How You're Not(Record Release)(Blue /40)

Crimpshrine-Sleep, What's That?(Black w/ purple insert /???)
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence - Self Titled(Black /???)

Foxboro Hot Tubs-Mother Mary/She's a Saint Not a Celebrity(Black /???)

Get Real-Fuck the Shore(Black /112)
Get Real-s/t(Record Release /60)
Get Real-s/t(Black /340)
Get Real-s/t(Blue /300)
Get Real-s/t(Green /200)
Get Real-s/t(Red /100)
Green Day-Know Your Enemy(Black /???)
Green Day-Pick a Winner(Green /???)
Green Day/Husker Du-Don't Wanna Know If You Are Lonely(Orange /6500)
GWAR-Record Store Day 2016(Picture Disc/1500)

Harness - Carve The New Path(Clear w/ Black Splatter)

KRUST-Paradise in Brick(Black)
KRUST-Paradise in Brick(Gold)

NOFX-Stoke Extinguisher(Green/Pink swirl /???)
NOFX-Oxy Moronic(White, /2589)

Pinhead Gunpowder-8 Chords, 328 Words(Black /???)
Pinhead Gunpowder-Fahizah(Black /???)
Protestor-Protestor-(Gold /300)
Protester-No Identity(White /300)
Public Suicide-s/t(Black /???)

Regulate-Years of Rage(Clear, Blue, Orange Splatter /150)

Stag Party-Get Wild(Black /250)
Stick Together-Surviving the Times(Red /???)
Spanish Bombs-Beasts: Man is God (Black)

The Little Rascals-Wig Out At Asa's(Orange /400)
The Little Rascals-Wig Out at Asa's(Awake Fanzine Cover)(Black /50)
The Little Rascals-Wig Out at Asa's(Shorestock Cover /40)

War Hungry/Cold World Split(White)

10 Inch
AFI-All Hallow's EP(Orange /???)
Losing Streak/The Offseason Split(Test press /12)
Losing Streak/The Offseason Split(Transparent blue /125)
Pinhead Gunpowder-Carry The Banner(Black /4000)

12 Inch
AFI-Shut Your Moth and Open Your Eyes-(Light purple /300)
AFI-Answer That and Stay Fashionable-(Red /???)
AFI-AFI(The Blood Album)-(Red Black Marble /???)

Black Kites-Advancements to Ruins(Black)
Blacklisted-No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me(Green/Purple Splatter)
Blind Justice-Undertow(Record Release Cover /25)
Blind Justice-Undertow(Record Release 2nd Cover /25)
Blind Justice-Undertow(Teal /200)
blink-182-Dude Ranch(Clear Orange /500)
blink-182-Neighborhoods(Clear w/ black and white splatter /2700)
blink-182-Self Titled(Clear w/ pink and green splatter /2000)

Coke Bust-Lines In The Sand(Black)

The Distillers-Coral Fang(Black /???)
Death Piggy- Studio Sessions 84/85

Foxboro Hot Tubs-Stop, Drop and Roll!!!(Black /???)
Forced Order-Vanished Crusade(Orange /1200)

Get Real-Shore Style(10th Anniversary Pressing)(Black /100)
Get Real-Shore Style(Cro Mags Rip Halloween)(Translucent blue /75)
Get Real-Shore Style(Posi Numbers Exclusive)(Green /125)
Get Real-Shore Style(Blue Logo)(Translucent Blue /500)
Get Real-Shore Style(Record Release /30)
Get Real-Shore Style(Pre Order Green /100)
Get Real-Shore Style(Test Press /20)
Green Day-American Idiot(Black and red swirl /800)
Green Day-Awesome As Fuck(Pink /???)
Green Day-Demolicious(Red /2400)
Green Day-Dookie(Green /1000)
Green Day-Insomniac(Blue /1500)
Green Day-International Superhits(Orange /1500)
Green Day-Nimrod(Yellow /1500)
Green Day-Shenanigans(Gray /1250)
Green Day-Tune In, Tokyo(Blue /500)
Green Day-Warning(Coke bottle clear /500)
Green Day-Listen To Me Whine(Green /500)
Green Day-Live on Green Vinyyy...yl(Green /???)
Green Day-Dos(Blue /1500)
Green Day-I Am Punk(Green /???)
Green Day-Revolution Radio
GWAR-The Blood of Gods(Pink / 1000)

NOFX-Hardcore Self Titled(Picture disc /???)
NOFX-Heavy Petting Zoo(Blue /500)
NOFX-Ribbed(Red /500)
NOFX-So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes(Pink /500)
NOFX-White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean(Purple /500)

Pinhead Gunpowder-Jump Salty(Green /500)
Pinhead Gunpowder-Kick Over the Traces(Blue /500)
Pinhead Gunpowder-Shoot the Moon(Black /???)
Pulling Teeth-Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions(Clear Aqua)

Rage Against the Machine-Rage Against the Machine(Picture disc /???)
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Mother's Milk(Black /???)
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Self Titled(Black /???)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Go Robot(Picture Disc /5000)
Rancid-Rancid(2000)(White /800)

Staring Problem-You'll Always Be Sick(Orange /214)
Staring Problem-You'll Always Be Sick(Sound and Fury Cover)(Orange /100)

The Mongoloids-Assorted Music(Gold/White /705)

Blind Justice-RTF Demo(Black /100)
Blind Justice-2 Song Demo(Clear /40)
Born Annoying-Little Eden Sessions(Blue /73)
Born Annoying-Little Eden Sessions(White /200)

Crash and Burn-Demo 2015(Blue /???)
Cro Mags-Near Death Experience

Dilate-Demo(Clear /60)
Disobey-s/t(Red /???)
Disobey/Old Wounds Split(Black /70)
Dusters Demo

Get Real-Demo(Clear /???)
Get Real-Bricktown Crew Demo(/???)
Green Fay-Dookie
Green Day-1039/Smooth

Heavy Chains-Greetings From the Jersey Shore(white /100)
Heavy Chains-Demo

Krust-Demo 2013(Green /100)
Krust-Paradise in Brick Promo(/???)

Led Paint-Power Violence Dog(Black /???)

Protester-West Coast Tour 2015(White /100)
Protester-Mosher's Delight Live
Pure Disgust-Chained Promo(Clear /100)  

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Red Death-Mosher's Delight Live

Staring Problem-Pissed Human Dick(White /100) 
Staring Problem-Demo CD

The Rival Mob-If You Listen To Fools

AFI-East Bay Hardcore Cat - L
AFI-Deathless Ones(OG) - M
AFI-East Bay Hardcore(OG) - XL
AFI-Days of the Phoenix(OG) - XL

Blind Justice-Eat My Shorts Sandy - L
Blind Justice-Get Real Rip(Green) - L
Blind Justice-Get Real Rip(Black) - L
Blind Justice-Cro Mags Rip - L
Born Annoying-Living How You're Not(Aqua) - L
Born Annoying-Sex Wax, Never Spoils - L
Born Annoying-Watch Out for Motorcycles - L

Disengage-Expressions(Tie Dye)

Freedom-Pay The Price(Ringer) - L

Floorpunch-Shore Style Xmas 2016 - L
Forced Order-Revelation - XL
Forced Order-Red Demon - L

Get Real-Wizards of Rock - L
Get Real-Dogtown Rip(Blue) - XL
Get Real-Dogtown Rip(Black) - L
Get Real-Piranha Logo - M
Get Real-Dont Worry, Be Happy - L
Get Real-Shore Style Live Shot - L
Get Real-Shore Style Surfboard, Cards, Girl, etc. - L

Heavy Chains-Chain Gang Jersey Shore(Red) - XL
Heavy Chains-United Blood - XL

Regulate-Years of Rage Record Release - L

Stag Party-Shore Style Monkey - L
Stag Party-Penis - XL
Staring Problem-Pager - L
Staring Problem-Ying Yang, Shore Style Boardwalk on back - L

The Little Rascals-Rascal Crew - S
The Little Rascals-Warlords - M

Long Sleeves
Blind Justice-Jersey Shore Dog - L

Get Real-Jersey Shore on sleeve - M

Lost Souls-Get Lost - XL

Staring Problem - You'll Always Be Sick Octopus

AFI-Easy Bay Hardcore(Black with Gray) - M
AFI-East Bay Hardcore(Black with Red, "A Fire Inside" on back) - L

Blind Justice-Skatewheel - L
Born Annoying-Living How You're Not - L

GWAR - Blood Drive Tour 2002 - XL

Get Real-Shore Style Blue White Letters - M
Get Real-Shore Style White Pink Letters - M

The Little Rascals-Rascal Crew - M

AFI-East Bay Hardcore Work Jacket
A New Enemy - Jersey Shore Hand Towel

Staring Problem Booty Shorts
Staring Problem Enamel Pin

Heavy Chains Snapback

Blind Justice Skate Wheel Snapback

Regulate-Years of Rage Record Release Flier Print(/50)

Spanish Bombs Brown Paper Bag Demo

Email: Tom Bontempo -- Ebay Name: tommygoodtimee -- Last Updated: 02/19/2018
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