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kenny Crump

rhe Acacia strain - True Crime rip trade $
Norma Jean ATL GA Logo SMALL
Every Time I Die-Gutter Phenomenon tour 
Trap Them-Skull
2pac-Americas Most Wanted (white)
Linkin Park-Turntables 
Every Time I Die-Skeleton  (grey)
Darkest Hour-Hidden Hands ofa Sadist Natio
Boondock Saints-prayer  (green)
Evil Dead-Ash with chainsaw 
Poison the well - Birds Versions era cream 
on broken wings - flies eulogy 
The Acacia strain -cross drown in doom
Bury your dead-Praying hands
The Chariot - everything is alive album
tony danza- ghost lady brown
daughters- pink alien robot thing
From a second story window -Some lady brown
Fear Before the march of flames- twins
as thrthe sun sets-weird artwork (red)
The number 12 looks like you- antleguy ylw
Dead to fall- everything i touch falls to 
wings of scarlet - storm every temple
on broken wings - heart with wings (red)
On broken wings the world turns (white)
Too pure to die-skull
Some girls - deathface whores
Converge Jane doe era skull roses
wicked world- evil dead
ed gein- wrecked van (red)
Tony danza - bass pro rip

As I lay dying -two skulls
The acacia strain - Friday 13th NES rip
thdthe acacia strain-atom bomb lyricsback
American nightmare - AN 
Billy Ray Cyrus -93 tour
Blackcraft - 666 family pentagram 
The black dahlia murder-priest/blood
Converge - ribcage my hate grows 
clockwork orange- cartoon alex (red)
circle takes the square - mummies
darkest hour -demon girl pigtails 
Fall of troy- ghosts (yellow)
Fassw-babies  (purple)
Fit for an autopsy grim reaper (grey)
Haunted hotel
the haunted - make me do it SK
In flames-08 tour
Indiana Jones-kingdom of crystal skull
nehemiah -demon guy 
nehemiah -symbols
pierce the veil-ahh real monsters
poison the well -Derek hess artwork
poison the well -tear from the red birds
remembering never - hanged feet
richard ramirez  (grey)
Simple plan
a static lullaby 
Sore throat -guitar dude
toy story-aliens
the texas chainsaw massacre-leather
Underoath-they're only chasing safety blue
Zoo york (red)


Aque teen hunger force -mooninite
American head charge-ahfuckinc
bleeding through -blue heart with wings 
black dahlia murder-witch
black dahlia murder-baby skull
blink 182-bunny loserkids (blue)
Coal chamber- group shot 98
Deftones -group white pony grey
ETID-the greatest lovers were murderers 
Glassjaw - some dude (red) og
Gremlins -mogwai (blue)
job for a cowboy-goat head pentagram 
korn-follow the leader 
korn-big eyes cartoon (blue)
Korn-40 oz (green)
Korn-untouchables 02 tour
korn-take a look in the mirror  (blue)
Limp bizkit -ufos (grey)
Limp bizkit -eyeless faces
marilyn manson-holy wood tarot cards
marilyn manson -portrait blue face
Mudvayne -vmas bloody (red)
Nightmare before xmas-faces
nodes of ranvier -no time for regret 
norma jean-gears or some shit
Order of leviathan 
on broken wings -flies eulogy 
primer 55-01 album
papa roach-2000 infest
remembering never- hanged 
Seventh star -final show 08
star wars -boba fett
suicide silence -ghoul with guts 
slipknot -iowa faces
the used 

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on broken wings 
wings of scarlet 
dead to fall
Remembering never 
poison the well