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Ralph Aloia

I'm open to any and all trades.  Feel free to email me offers at ralph.aloia @ gmail (dot) com.  

Thanks for looking.

Good Traders: Marko Koponen, Dan Dwyer, Damian Kulig, Mike Collins, Levi Poirier


2x4 - Eight Song EP (twerp/black/1st press/500)

Abuse of Power - When Then Becomes Now (triple b/double mint green/1st press/300)
Aggression Pact - S/T (painkiller/green/1st press/??)
Aggression Pact - Instant Execution (painkiller/black/1st press/??)
Ajax - S/T (katorga works/black/1st press/??)
Ajax - S/T (beach impediment/black/1st press/??)
Alarms - s/t (landlocked collective/black/1st press/??)
Alone In A Crowd - S/T (flux/black/1st press/1000)
Alone in a Crowd - S/T (flux/black/2nd press/500)
Alpha & Omega - Sink (bridge 9/clear/1st press/500)
Alpha & Omega - Devil's Bed (6131/coke bottle clear/2nd press/400)
Arms Race - Gotta Get Out (painkiller/black/1st press/399)

Backtrack - Deal with the Devil (6131/red/2nd press/400)
Bad Seed - s/t (6131/solid light blue/1st press/300)
The Beautiful Ones - Birth of Desire (6131/white/1st press/600)
Bent Life - Cheat Death (bad teeth/black/1st press/400)
Bent Life - Full Skull (6131/light clear yellow black swirl/1st press/100)
Beware - Won't Get the Best of Me (back to back/black purple lettering/300)
Bitter End - Mind in Chains (malfunction/pink black/1st press/500)
Blacklisted - Live at the BBC (six feet under/white/1st press/1228)
Blacklisted - Peace on Earth, War on Stage (deathwish/silver/1st press/600)
Blacklisted - So You Are a Magician (six feet under/black/1st press/1206)
Blind Justice - Demo (low tide/pink/1st press/??) 
Blind Justice - Mischief (back to back/black/1st press/300)
Blind Justice - Back to Back Can Suck It (ghetto josh/black/#133 of 200)
Blind Justice/Heavy Chains - Split (mass movement/black n blue splatter/1st press/150)
Blindside USA - Wave of Regret (straight & alert/black/1st press/350) (2 copies)
Born Annoying - Livin' How You're Not (reaper/clear/1st press/212)
Break Away - Cold Wave, Snow Beach (undertone/flexizine/1st press/250)
Breakdown - '87 Demo (blackout/yellow/1st press/800)
Breakdown - The '87 Demo (blackout/black/1st press/??)
Brotherhood - No Tolerance (for Ignorance) - (skate edge/red/1st press/500)
Build & Destroy - Demo 2010 (lockin out/purple/1st press/??)
Build & Destroy - Map of the Heavens (lockin out/purple/1st press/??)
Burn - From The Ashes (bridge 9/gray/1st press/400)

Carry On - The Line is Drawn (youngblood/black/1st press/638)
Caught In A Crowd - The Fight (react/white/1st press/300)
Caught In A Crowd - You've Lost (camp/black/1st press/400)
Ceremony - Ruined (malfunction/yellow/1st press/800)
Ceremony - Scared People (bridge 9/green pink split/1st press/100)
Ceremony - Scared People (bridge 9/black/1st press/400)
Civic Duty - Burden of Hate (triple b/clear blue/1st press/100)
Coke Bust/Vaccine - Split (drugged conscience/black/1st press/??)
Coke Bust - Degradation (grave mistake/black/1st press/??)
Cold World - S/T (walk all night/black/notorious b.i.g. cover/100)
Cold World - S/T (walk all night/black/posi numbers fest gza cover/#56 out of 95)
Cold World - Ice Grillz (lock-in out/clear/1st press/200)
Cold World - Ice Grillz (lock-in out/green/1st press/400)
Cold World - Ice Grillz (lock-in out/red/1st press/400)
Concealed Blade - Demo 2015 (beach impediment/black/1st press/400)
Converge/Napalm Death - Split (deathwish/gold/1st press/2043)
Converge - Live at the BBC (deathwish/opaque orange/epitaph exclusive 1st press/500)
Corrective Measure - S/T (atomic action/green/1st press/250)
Countdown - Demo (flatspot/white with cyan blue haze/1st press/150)
Criminal Instinct - Demo 2012 (self released/black/1st press/500)
Criminal Instinct - Fever (solid bond/red/1st press/300)
Criminal Instinct - Fever (solid bond/orange/1st press/300)
Criminal Instinct - Fever (solid bond/white/1st press/300)
Criminal Instinct - Fever (solid bond/black/1st press/100)
Criminal Instinct - Fever (solid bond/orange/pre-order with poker chip/??)
Criminal Instinct - Fever (solid bond/white/mother fucking fever spray painted cover/??)
Criminal Instinct - Fever (solid bond/black/united blood 2014/39 out of 70)
Criminal Instinct - Fever (solid bond/white/united blood 2015 cover/#31 out of 50)
Criminal Instinct - Fever (triple b/black white swirl/2nd press/150)
Cross Me - Forever Cursed (bridge 9/light blue/1st press/300)
Cross Me - Mind Prison/Content (flatspot/blue flexi/1st press/??)
Cross Me - Paid in Full (flatspot/clear/1st press/250)
Crown of Thornz - Nothing But Tragedy (bridge 9/clear with splatter/1st press/300)
Cruel Hand - Born Into Debt, We All Owe a Death (closed casket activities/blue orange splatter/1st press/250)
Cruel Hand - Vigilant Citizen (triple b/white black swirl/1st press/300)
Cut Short - S/T (by the hammer of thor/clear/record release/#8 of 30)

D.C. Disorder - Naive to the World (youngblood/clear red/1st press/??)
Dag Nasty - Cold Heart (dischord/black/1st press/??)
Dead End Path - Death Walks Beside Us (triple b/transparent green/1st press/500)
Death Injection - S/T (assault/milky clear deathwish exclusive/124)
Discrepancy - Where the Strength Lies (youngblood/blue/1st press/??)
Disengage - Look Back (back to back/blue/1st press/100)
Disengage - S/T (youngblood/black/1st press/300)
Down to Nothing - Greetings From Richmond (revelation/white/1st press/526)
Down to Nothing - Splitting Headache (speedowax/red-grey and blue-orange/??/??)
Drug Control - S/T (cointoss/mixed vinyl/record release/#30 out of 50)
Drug Control - Stabbed (new age/mint green/1st press/500)

Earth Crisis - Firestorm (victory/black/1st press/??)
Exit Order - S/T (side two/black/1st press/??)
Expire - Suffer the Cycle (six feet under/black/1st press/611)
The Extermination - A Flatspot Hardcore Compilation (flatspot/black/1st press/??)

Fire & Ice - Grim (triple b/black/1st press/600)
The Flex - Don't Bother With The Outside World (lockin out/black/1st press/??)
The Flex - Flexual Healing Vol. 5:  Do Ya Think I'm Flexi? (milk run/red/1st press/1000)
Forced Order - Retribution (revelation/yellow/1st press/300)
Forced Order - Eternal War (mass movement/black/1st press/350)
Forfeit - Visions (reaper/orange marble/?/890)
Foundation/Meantime - Split (ghetto josh/red/?/350)
Freedom - Pay the Price (back to back/white/1st press/150)
Fury - Kingdom Come (triple b/black/1st press/150)

G.L.O.S.S. - Demo (nervous nelly/black/3rd press with zine/??)
G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day of Revenge (nervous nelly/black/1st press/??)
Get Real - S/T (17cm/green/1st press/??)
Guns Up! - Untitled (1917/clear/1st press/#289 out of 500)
Guns Up! - All This Is (1917/orange/1st press/500)

H2O - California (bridge 9/pink/1st press/600)
H2O - D.C. (bridge 9/red/1st press/1000)
H2O - New York City (bridge 9/solid orange/1st press/1000)
H2O - Old School Recess (temperance/black/1st press/??)
Hardside - Darkside/Brightside (lion heart/white swirl/pre-order/#20 of 25)
Hardside - Crucified (6131/gold/spring break 2K12/#9 of 30)
Harms Way - S/T (organized crime/black/1st press/500)
Harms Way - Breeding Grounds (closed casket activities/black/1st press/300)
Harms Way - No Gods, No Masters (closed casket activities/bronze black splatter/1st press/666)
Have Heart - Straight Edge Ruler (bridge 9/red/#199 out of 500)
Haymaker/Oxbaker - Split (deep six/red/1st press/??)
Haymaker - Let Them Rot (a389/red/1st press/??)
Heavy Chains - Demo (badrep/black/1st press/300)
Hierophant - Inganno (bridge 9/black/1st press/500)

Ill Intent - No Masters (6131/black/1st press/600)
Incendiary/Unrestrained - Split (trip machine laboratories/army green/1st press/98)
Incendiary/Unrestrained - Split (trip machine laboratories/clear/2nd press/228)
Incendiary/Xibalba - Split (closed casket/red black marble/1st press/500)
Incendiary/Suburban Scum - Split (rtf/clear/1st press/400)
Incendiary - Amongst the Filth (eternal hope/blue/1st press/200)
Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender (revelation/black/1st press/4000)
Insted - We'll Make the Difference (nemesis/black/1st press/??)
Integrity - Walpurgisnacht (a389/gray marble/1st press/1000)
Intent - Here & Now (react/black/1st press/??)

Krimewatch - Demo 2016 (lockin out/pink/1st press/150)

Lock - The Cycle (iron lung/purple/1st press/200)

Madball - Been There, Done That (victory/black/?/?)
Madball - Droppin' Many Suckers (wreck-age/black/?/?)
Malfunction - Finding My Peace (reaper/clear/1st press/200)
Manipulate - Becoming Madness (flatspot/black gold/1st press/150)
Meltdown - No Tomorrow (malfunction/metallic silver/1st press/1000)
Mindset - Nothing Less (react/coke bottle clear/1st press/500) (2 copies)
Minor Threat - Salad Days (dishord/black/1st press/??)
Minus - Hard Feelings (triple b/black/1st press/600)
Minus/Warbrain - Split (six feet under/green/1st press/200)
Mother of Mercy - No Eden (self released/black/1st press/400)
Mother of Mercy - Passing Through the Fire (collapse/black/1st press/??)

Naysayer - No Remorse (reaper/splatter/1st press/725)
No Tolerance - No Tolearance, No Remorse (youngblood/black/2nd press/??)
No Warning - Yeti Demo Sessions (bridge 9/black/1st press/500)
No Warning - Friends in High Places (lockin out/clear flexi/1st press/500)
NYC Mayhem - We Stand (unofficial/black/??)

Odd Man Out - CCHC (uxo/blue/1st press/124)
Outburst - Miles to Go (blackout/black/1st press/??)
Outburst - Miles to Go (blackout/blue/1st press/500)

Paint It Black - Invisible (no idea/white/1st press/500)
Pharaoh - S/T (a389/gray marble/1st press/666)
Pharaoh - This House Is Doomed (a389/black/1st press/??)
Power - Death Haunts (twelve gauge/gray blue/1st press/150)
Profile - I Watch You Disappear (react/pink/1st press/150)
Protester - S/T (trash king/black/1st press/600)
Protester - No Identity (triple b/white/1st press/300)
Pulling Teeth - Witches Sabbath I (deathwish/black/1st press/300)
Pulling Teeth - Witches Sabbath V (deathwish/black/1st press/300)
Pure - XXX (real/clear/1st press/85)
Pure Disgust - Chained (katorga works/clear/1st press/??)
Pure Disgust - S/T (flophouse/black/1st press/??)

Red Death - Deterrence (lockin' out/red/2nd press/??)
Red Death - Demo (grave mistake/black/1st press/880)
Regulate - Years of Rage (edgewood/black/1st press/400)
Reign Supreme - American Violence (malfunction/white pink splatter/2nd press/??)
Response - Stand Strong (triple b/clear/1st press/150)
Response - There's No Choice E.P. (xpressions/black/1st press/350)
Rude Awakening - Demo 2011 (arrest/gray marble/1st press/56) 
Rude Awakening - The Awakening (triple b/camo/1st press/200)

S.O.A. - 12/29/80 First Demo (dischord/red/1st press/??)
Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance II (twelve gauge/silver with black splatter/1st press/??) 
Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance III (twelve gauge/yellow with blue splatter/1st press/??)
Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance IV (twelve gauge/milky clear with purple splatter/1st press/100) 
Shark Attack - Blood In the Water (my war/black/1st press/400)
Shark Attack - Blood In the Water (bridge 9/black with red labels/1500)
Shark Attack - Feeding Frenzy (my war/black/1st press/300)
Sheer Terror - Darkened Days (reaper/white/1st press/250)
Sheer Terror - Spite (reaper/clear/2nd press/1000)
Shipwreck - S/T (deathwish/green red/1st press/500)
Sick of It All - We Stand Alone (in-effect/black/1st press/5000)
Side by Side - You’re Only Young Once (revelation/black with white labels/1st press/2017)
Side by Side - You’re Only Young Once (revelation/black with silver labels/2nd press/2000)
Society Abuse - S/T (mind rot/seafoam green/1st press/197)
Soul Search - Bury the Blame (triple b/black/1st press/450)
Soul Search - Intolerable Weight (thick skin/black/1st press/??)
Soul Search - Nothing But a Nightmare (back to back/black/1st press/400)
Soul Search/Minus - Split (closed casket activities/red/1st press/??)
Spine - Deny (bad teeth/black/1st press/??)
Spine - Subhuman (bad teeth/black with yellow lettering/2nd press/400)
Stand Off - S/T (youngblood/??/advanced copy/??)
Stand Off - Behind the Wire (youngblood/blue/1st press/??)
Stick Together - No More Games (back to back/black/winter tour edition/106 out of 200)
Stick Together - Surviving the Times (triple b/clear gray swirl/1st press/406)
Straight Ahead - Spirit of Youth (unofficial/gold/1st press/500)
Straight Razor - S/T (react/clear gold/1st press/150)
Stressed Out/Rip It Up - Split (self released/black/1st press/#424 out of 500)
Strife - My Fire Burns On (new age/splatter/TIHC press/#35 of 50)
Suburban Scum - Hanging by a Thread (6131/gray marble/1st press/600)
Swamp Thing - The Youth Is Sick (6131/tan/1st press/300)

Terminal Nation - Waste (deep six/red/1st press/??)
Terror - Blood Tracks Demos (reaper/black gray/1st press/800)
Terror - Hard Lessons/Only the Devil Knows (reaper/gold/1st press/700) 
Terror - Life & Death The Demo (reaper/red/1st press/525)
Think Ahead - Intro Flexi (triple b/clear/??)
Torchbearer - The Worst Is Yet to Come (soul rebel/gray splatter/1st press/500)
Tough Luck - Heavy Fortune (solid bond/black/1st press/250)
Tough Luck - Heavy Fortune (solid bond/red/1st press/250)
Trapped Under Ice - Demo 2007 (flatspot/blue
Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold (reaper/clear/3rd press/1000)
Trash Talk - Awake (true panther/gray/2nd press/??)
Trash Talk - Walking Disease (six feet under/purple white/2nd press/1034)
Trash Talk - Walking Disease (six feet under/purple white/2nd press/1034)
Trash Talk - Plagues (ttcollective/white/??) 
Troublemaker - The Sons of No One (neutral territory/blue/1st press/??)
True Identity - Demo '15 (react/black/1st press/500)
Turning Point - S/T (hi impact/black/2nd press/800)
Turnstile - Move Thru Me (pop wig/easter yellow/1st press/500)
Turnstile - Pressure to Succeed (reaper/black with limited green cover/2nd press/200)
Turnstile - Step 2 Rhythm (reaper/black/1st press/300)

Unbroken - Live in Dagenham (unknown/black/1st press/??)
Underdog - S/T (new beginning/black/1st press/??)
Underdog - S/T (new beginning/1st press/black/no sleeve)
Unified Right - S/T (triple b/black/1st press/200)
Uniform Choice - 1982 Orange Peel Sessions (dr. strange/orange/1st press/500)

Violence to Fade - Tug of War (life to live/pink/1st press/300)

War Pigs - Always Watchin’ You (leave ‘em/pink/??/??)
Wild Side - Demo 7" (toxic mosh/green/1st press/100)
Wisdom In Chains/Twitching Tongues - Split (durty mick/black/1st press/700)
Worlds - Give Me Shelter (self released/green/1st press/??)
Worlds - Give Me Shelter (self released/black/test press/#5 of 6)

Youth Brigade - Complete First Demo 7" (discord records/orange/1st press/??)
Youth of Today - Can't Close My Eyes (positive force/black/1st press/??)


7 Seconds - The Crew (better youth organization/black/repress/??)

Absolute Power - S/T (youth attack/cloudy clear black/1st press/200)
The Abused - Loud and Clear (radio raheem/black/1st press/??)
Agnostic Front - Live at CBGB’s (bridge 9/red, white, blue/repress/300)
Agnostic Front - No One Rules (radio raheem/black/1st press/??)
Agnostic Front - Something’s Gotta Give (epitaph/blue/1st press/??)
All Out War - Dying God (organized crime/scorched earth/1st press/350)
Alpha & Omega - Life Swallower (6131/purple/1st press/600)
Alpha & Omega - No Rest, No Peace (bridge 9/pink purple black/1st press/300)
Alpha & Omega - No Rest, No Peace (bridge 9/green black splatter/1st press/700)
America’s Hardcore Compilation - Vol. 2 (triple b/purple swirl/1st press/333)
America’s Hardcore Compilation - Vol. 3 (triple b/coke bottle clear/1st press/337)
Arms Race - New Wave of British Hardcore LP (painkiller/red/1st press/??)

Backtrack - Darker Half (reaper/olive/1st press/300)
Backtrack - Lost In Life (bridge 9/white blue/1st press/700)
Bad Brains - I Against I (sst/black/1st press/??)
Bad Brains - Rock For Light (pvc/black/test press/??)
Bad Brains - Quickness (caroline/black/1st press/??)
Bane - Don’t Wait Up (equal vision/blue/1st press/500) 
Bane - Give Blood (equal vision/black/1st press/1125)
Bane - Give Blood (triple b/black/10 yr anniversary press/1000)
Barge - S/T (grave mistake/clear/1st press/100)
Battery - For the Rejected By the Rejected (revelation/black/1st press/#115 out of 135)
The Beautiful Ones - Jaded Love (6131/purple/1st press/400)
Bitter End - Illusions of Dominance (deathwish/gold/1st press/??)
Bl’ast - Blood! (southern lord/black/repress/??)
Blacklisted - Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God (deathwish/black/deluxe edition/500)
Blacklisted - When People Grow, People Go (deathwish/milky clear/1st press/??)
Blind Justice - Undertow (mass movement/tea/1st press/200)
Blistered - The Poison of Self Confinement (6131/white/1st press/200)
Bloodclot - Up In Arms (metal blade/white/1st press/36 out of 120)
Bold - The Search (revelation/maroon & blue/1st press/541)
Bold - Speak Out (revelation/black/1st press/??)
Boston Strangler - Fire (fun with smack/black/1st press/??)
Boston Strangler - Primitive (fun with smack/black/1st press/2200)
Break Away - Face Aggression (react/white/1st press/150)
Breakdown - Blacklisted (eyeball/black/1st press/??)
Breakdown - Runnin’ Scared (painkiller/black/1st press/1000)
Brotherhood - Till Death (southern lord/seahawks colors/1st press/300)
Brotherhood - Words Run (crucial response/white/3rd press/320)

Carry On - A Life Less Plagued (bridge 9/orange/1st press/150)
Carry On - A Life Less Plagued (bridge 9/clear/1st press/400)
Carry On - A Life Less Plagued (bridge 9/black/1st press/1400)
Carry On - It’s All Our Blood (youngblood react/black/1st press/1000)
Ceremony - Covers (bridge 9/black/1st press/1000)
Ceremony - Ronhert Park (bridge 9/red/1st press/300)
Ceremony - Rohnert Park (bridge 9/blue/1st press/1000)
Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You (bridge 9/black with blank labels/1st press/500)
Ceremony - Violence Violence (malfunction/black with sound and fury stamp/pre-press/200)
Ceremony - Violence Violence (malfunction/white/1st press/300)
Ceremony - Zoo (matador/black/1st press/1900)
Chain Rank - Up Against the Wall (self released/clear/1st press/300)
Chain Rank - Up Against the Wall (self released/black/1st press/700)
Coke Bust - Confined (grave mistake/black/1st press/??)
Cold World - Dedicated to Babies Who Came Feet First (deathwish/gray/1st press/780)
Cold World - How the Gods Chill (deathwish/opaque blue/1st press/300)
Cold World - No Omega (deathwish exclusive press/red/318)
Concealed Blade - S/T (beach impediment/black/1st press/550)
Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind (deathwish/green/1st press/718)
Converge - Axe to Fall (deathwish/beer, coke bottle blue, black/1st press/800)
Converge - No Heroes (deathwish/black white/1st press/1000)
Criminal Instinct - Zone 6 Music (closed casket/baby blue with black splatter/1st press/150)
Cro-Mags - The Age of Quarrel (profile/black/1st press uncensored sleeve/??)
Cruel Hand - Prying Eyes (bridge 9/black/1st press/200)
Cruel Hand - Prying Eyes (bridge 9/orange teal/2nd press/1000)

Dag Nasty - Can I Say (dischord/black/1st press/??)
Dag Nasty - Wig Out at Denkos (dischord/black/??)
Dead End Path - Blind Faith (triple b/black/1st press/330)
Dead End Path - Seance and Other Songs (triple b/orange black swirl/1st press/300)
Death Threat/Rude Awakening - Split (triple b/black/1st press/500)
Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate (epitaph/transparent green/1st press/??)
Descendents - Spazzhazard (epitaph/black/1st press/??)
Disengage - Expressions (back to back/black/1st press/880)
Discourse - Sanity Decays (closed casket activities/pink black/1st press/150)
Down to Nothing - Life on the James (revelation/opaque blue/1st press/550)
Downpresser - Don't Need A Reason (6131/black n blue/1st press/100)
DYS - Brotherhood (taang/white/reissue/300)

E. Town Concrete - The Second Coming (final beatdown/yellow/1st press/??)
Embrace - S/T (dischord/black/??)
Expire - Old Songs (bridge 9/clear with black smoke/1st press/300)
Expire - Pendulum Swings (bridge 9/gold/1st press/700)
Expire - Pretty Low (bridge 9/half brown half purple/1st press/700)
Expire - With Regret (bridge 9/tri-color/1st press/300)

Fire & Ice - Collections (triple b/glow in the dark/1st press/300)
Fire & Ice - Not of This Earth (reaper/black/1st press/300)
The First Step - What We Know (rivalry/solid blue pre-order cover/1st press/250)
The First Step - What We Know (rivalry/solid blue/1st press/850)
Floorpunch - New Jersey (six feet under/gold/1st press/599)
Forced Order - Vanished Crusade (revelation/clear/1st press/300)
Foundation - Turncoat (jaw/coke bottle clear/1st press/700)
Foundation - When the Smoke Clears (bridge 9/grey marble/1st press/700)
Freedom - USA Hardcore (triple b/bone white/1st press/500)
Free At Last - Embrace You (triple b/clear/1st press/238)
Fugazi - First Demo (dischord/black/1st press/??)
Fury - Paramount (triple b/black/1st press/300)
Fury - Paramount (triple b/purple/record release screened cover/??)

Get Real - Shore Style (broken glass/black/test press/#18 of 20)
Glory - The 12" (triple b/neon green/1st press/100)
God's Hate - Mass Murder (closed casket/red white & blue/1st press/200)
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today (revelation/black/1st press/4977)
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today (revelation/black/silver anniversary edition/1020)
Gouge Away - Dies (eighty-sixed/magenta/1st press/400)

H2O - Don’t Forget Your Roots (bridge 9/red/1st press/1000)
H2O - Nothing to Prove (bridge 9/yellow/1st press/1200)
H2O - S/T (blackout/blue/1st press/??)
H2O - Use Your Voice (bridge 9/red/1st press/500)
Hardside - Time Is Punishment (6131/gray marble/1st press/300)
Harms Way - Blinded (deathwish/mint sea blue/1st press/300)
Harms Way - Isolation (closed casket activities/clear silver/1st press/500)
Harms Way - Reality Approaches (organized crime/red/1st press/100)
Harms Way - Reality Approaches (organized crime/black/1st press/700)
Harms Way - Rust (deathwish/rust/1st press/??)
Hatebreed - Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire (victory/green/??/600) 
Have Heart - The Things We Carry (bridge 9/blue yellow/1st press/260)
Have Heart - The Things We Carry (bridge 9/orange brown swirl/1st press/640)
Have Heart - 10.17.09 (bridge 9/white/1st press/1000)
Have Heart - Songs to Scream at the Sun (bridge 9/solid blue/1st press/1395)
Hope Conspiracy - Cold Blue (Equal Vision/black/1st press/??)

In My Eyes - Nothing to Hide (revelation/black/1st press/??)
In My Eyes - The Difference Between (revelation/yellow/1st press/213)
In My Eyes - The Difference Between (revelation/orange/final press/330)
In My Eyes - The Difference Between (revelation/black/1st press/??)
Incendiary - Cost of Living (closed casket activities/cream/1st press/164)
Incendiary - Cost of Living (closed casket activities/black/1st press/313)
Incendiary - Cost of Living (closed casket activities/red/1st press/566)
Incendiary - Cost of Living (closed casket activities/camo/TIHC press/110)
Incendiary - Cost of Living (closed casket activities/clear/2nd press/900)
Incendiary - Cost of Living (closed casket/red white black/3rd press/300)
Incendiary - Cost of Living (closed casket/red with black splatter/3rd press/700)
Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare (closed casket/electric blue with black splatter/record release cover/1st press/200)
Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare (closed casket/electric blue with black splatter/band exclusive 1st press/200)
Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare (closed casket/transparent red/deathwish exclusive/1st press/300)
Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare (closed casket/electric blue with black blob/1st press/500)
Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare (closed casket/electric blue/1st press/1000)
Insted - Bonds of Friendship (wishingwell/black/1st press/??)
Insted - Proud Youth: 1986 - 1991 (indecision/clear/1st press/??) 

Judge - What It Meant (revelation/red yellow black splatter/1st press/2300)

Left for Dead - Devoid of Everything (a389/clear/1st press/??)
Life's Blood - Hardcore A.D. 1988 (prank/black/1st press/??)

Malfunction - Fear of Failure (bridge 9/clear/1st press/200)
Mental - Get an Oxygen Tank (bridge 9/white green/3rd press/300)
Mindset - Leave No Doubt (react/red/1st press/400)
Minor Threat - Minor Threat (dischord/black/1st press/??)
Minus - S/T (triple b/red/1st press/600)
Mizery - Absolute Light (flatspot/Kelly green Aqua blue mix/1st press/200)
Misery - Absolute Light (flatspot/black/record release Orange County sleeve/#16 of 40) 
Modern Life Is War - Fever Hunting (deathwish/olive/TIHC press/300)
Modern Life Is War - Fever Hunting (deathwish/olive green/1st press/3500)
Modern Life Is War - My Love My Way (martyr/white/1st press/332)
Modern Life Is War - Witness (lifeline deathwish/blue black/1st press/250)
Modern Pain - Peace Delusions (bridge 9/clear with smoke/1st press/200)
Mongoloids - Time Trials (six feet under/mustard/3rd press/708)
Mortality Rate - Sleep Deprivation (self released/black/1st press/??)
Mother of Mercy - III (six feet under/red black/TIHC press/63)
Mother of Mercy - Symptoms of Existence (bridge 9/blue black gray/1st press/700)
Murphy’s Law - S/T (profile/green/1st press/??) 
Murphy’s Law - Back with a Bong (profile/clear/1st press/??)

Naysayer - Laid to Rest (reaper/blue white green/1st press/1000)
Negative Approach - Tied Down (touch 'n' go/black/2nd press/??)
New Brigade - Join the Brigade (six feet under/opaque blue/1st press/100)
No Tolerance - You Walk Alone (painkiller/black/1st press/??)
No Warning - Ill Blood (bridge 9/clear red & brown/1st press/350)
No Warning - Ill Blood (bridge 9/half blood half shit/2nd press/700)
NYC Mayhem - For Real (radio raheem/black/1st press/500)

Panic - Strength in Solitude (bridge 9/white/repress/300)
Power - Bremerton Zoo (twelve gauge/orange/1st press/150)
Praise - Leave it all Behind (react/pink/1st press/150)
Pressing On - No Defeat, No Capitulation (deranged/red/1st press/??)
Pulling Teeth - Funerary (a389/swamp green/1st press/250)
Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions, Paradise Illusions (a389/clear blue/1st press/1000)
Pure Disgust - S/T (kartoga works/black/1st press/??)

Red Death - Permanent Exile (grave mistake/black/record release/#75 of 100)
Red Death - Permanent Exile (grave mistake/red/1st press/219)
Reign Supreme - Testing the Limits of Infinite (deathwish/dark blue/1st press/750)
Rest In Pieces - My Rage (pipebomb/yellow/30th anniversary edition/100)
Righteous Jams - Business as Usual (lockin' out/black/1st press/??)
Ringworm - Hammer of the Witch (relapse/black white/1st press/300)
Rise and Fall - Faith (deathwish/earth/1st press/750)
Rival Mob - Mob Justice (revelation/sea foam green/1st press/438)
Rival Mob - Mob Justice (revelation/black/1st press/655)
Rival Mob - Mob Justice (revelation/gold/1st press/1000)
Rival Mob - Mob Justice (revelation/transparent red/2nd press/958)
Rival Mob - Raw Life (lockin out/yellow/2nd press/200)
Rotting Out - Reckoning (pure noise/ultra clear black and silver/1st press/300)
Rotting Out - Street Prowl (6131/clear/1st press/200)
Rotting Out - The Wrong Way (6131/gray black/1st press/#7 of 100)
Rude Awakening - Collateral Damage (bridge 9/half black half oxblood/1st press/350)

Sheer Terror - Standing Up for Falling Down (reaper/blue/1st press/??)
Shipwreck AD - Abyss (deathwish/gray black/1st press/1000)
Sick of It All - Blood, Sweat, No Tears (in effect/black/1st press/??)
Sick of It All - Scratch the Surface (equal vision/black/1st press/??)
Skarhead - Kings At Crime (victory/gold/??/??)
Some Nerve - Sense of Control (triple b/clear/1st press/215)
Spine - Time Has Gone (bad teeth/black/1st press/??)
Stick Together - No More Second Chances (triple b/green red white spearmint swirl/1st press/300)
Stick Together - S/T (triple b/clear/1st press/200)
Strife - Witness a Rebirth (6131/red/1st press/300)
Striving Higher - A Hardcore Compilation (six feet under/black/TIHC cover/50)
Suburban Scum - Internal War (rtf/blue/1st press/100)
Suburban Scum/Xibalba - Split (closed casket activities/blue bone mix/1st press/309)

Terror - Keepers of the Faith (reaper/blue/1st press/1000)
Terror - Keepers of the Faith (reaper/gold/1st press/500)
Terror - Live By the Code (reaper/white/1st press/200)
Terror - No Regrets, No Shame (bridge 9/orange gray/1st press/300)
Terror - One with the Underdogs (bridge 9/green/1st press/700)
Tragedy - Darker Days Ahead (tragedy records/black/1st press/??)
Tragedy - S/T (tragedy records/black/1st press/??)
Tragedy - Vengeance (tragedy records/black/1st press/??)
Trapped Under Ice - Secrets of the World (reaper/clear gold/1st press/200)
Trash Talk - 119 (odd future/white/1st press/??)
Trash Talk - S/T (ttcollective/yellow/1st press/347)
Trash Talk - Shame (ttcollective/black/1st press/1200)
True Love - Heaven's Too Good For Us (bridge 9/clear with oxblood splatter/1st press/300)
Turning Point - It's Always Darkest. . . Before the Dawn (new age/black/3rd press/??)
Turning Point - 1988 - 1991 (jade tree/black/1st press/525)
Turning Point - 1988 - 1991 + 7" (jade tree/black/3rd press/??)

Underdog - Demos (revelation/black/1st press/1900)
Underdog - Matchless (bridge 9/white/1st press/700)
Underdog - Vanishing Point (caroline/black/1st press/??)
Uniform Choice - Screaming for a Change (wishingwell/black/1st press/??)
Uniform Choice - Screaming for a Change (southern lord/red/repress/100)

Vengeance - Fools Follow Rules (six feet under/black/pre-release/40)
Verbal Assault - Trial (giant/black/1st press/??)
Void - Sessions 1981 - 1983 (dischord/red/??)

Warzone - Don't Forget the Struggle, Don't Forget the Streets (revelation/red/reissue/2108)

Youth of Today - Break Down the Walls (wishingwell/black/1st press/??)
Youth of Today - Can’t Close My Eyes (revelation/black/1st rev press/??)


Bad Brains - RIOR cassette (rior/yellow/1st press/??)
Break Away - TIHC Promo (edgewood/orange/1st press/??)
CIAC - Of None Promo Tape (self released/white/115)
Civic Duty - 2015 Demo (suburban fight/green/1st press/??)
Clear - Youth to Youth Promo 2015 (mosher's delight/yellow/??)
Combatant - S/T (self released/black/??)
Combined Effort - 2016 Demo (side two/black/1st press/??)
Corrective Measure - Demo 2015 (self released/black/??)
Corrective Measure - EP Promo Tape (mosher's delight/??/1st press/??)
Criminal Instinct - Force Me (closed casket/white/1st press/250)
Cursed - Demo (night trap/red/??)
Cutting Through - Demo 2016  (self released/white/1st press/??)
Eastern Bloc - 2015 Demo (self released/black/1st press/??)
Firewalker - Demo (failure/red/1st press/??)
Firewalker - Promo 2016 (self-released/white/1st press/??)
Floorpunch - Twin Killing (equal vision/black/still sealed/??)
Free - Demo MMXV (self released/black/??)
Fury - Demo (moshers delight/white/??)
Fury - Promo 2016 Tape (self released/white/1st press/??)
Glory - Demo 2016 (triple b/white/??)
G.L.O.S.S - Girls Living Outside Society's Shit (not normal/pink/3rd press/??)
Higher Power - LP Promo Tape (mosher's delight/??/1st press/??)
I.C.E. - 4 Songs Tape (self released/gray/??)
Insist - Demo (react/yellow/??/??)
Intent - All or Nothing Demo (moshers delight/black/??)
Labeled - Demo 2016 (stand hard/white/??)
Line of Sight - Demo 2015 (self released/white/1st press/??)
Lock - Demo 2015 (self released/clear/1st press/??)
Lock - 3 Song Promo (triple b/black/1st press/200)
Malice at the Palace - S/T (live to live/gold/1st press/??)
Mizery - LP Promo Cassette (flatspot/clear/1st press/??)
NYC Headhunters - Demo 2015 (jaa/black/??)
Outshined - Demo 2015 (self-released/black/1st press/#32 out of 100)
Outshined - The Way (layin' waste/black/1st press/??)
Pressing On - Demo 2015 (self released/white/??)
Protester - Paincave Sessions (trash king productions)
Real Cost - III (mosher's delight/white/1st press/??)
Red Death - Demo 2014 (flophouse/black/??)
Rival Mob - Mob Justice (revelation/black/??)
Society Abuse - Promo Tape 2016 (self released/white/1st press/??)
Some Nerve - S/T (failure recordings/black/150)
Soul Power - S.D. Straight Edge Demo (d2c/clear yellow/1st press/25)
Soul Power - Practice Tape (so so def/white/1st press/??)
Step For Change - EP Promo (mosher's delight/white/1st press/??)
Unified Right - Demo #2 (moshers delight/black/??)
Union of Faith - Demo (self released/blue/??/??)
V/A - The Red Line Comp (red/1st press/#161 out of 200)
World Be Free - Demo 2 Song Cassette (revelation/black/2nd press/200)
World War 4 - 8 Song Demo (self released/black/??)
World War 4 - Demo II (self released/black/??)
Worlds - Demo MMIX Vol. 2 (self released/green/??)
Youngblood Records - 2016 Sampler (youngblood/gray/1st press/??)

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Bad Brains - ROIR cassette (roir/clear red/1st press/??)
Bad Brains - ROIR cassette (roir/green/1st press/??)
Bad Brains - ROIR cassette (roir/white/1st press/??)
Bane - Give Blood (equal vision/red & clear split/1st press/50)
Bane - Give Blood (equal vision/red & clear swirl/1st press/100)
Bane - Give Blood (equal vision/brown & clear/1st press/250)
Bane - Give Blood (equal vision/clear/1st press/500)
Bold - The Search (revelation/black/1st press/548)
Breakdown - Blacklisted (all presses)
Brotherhood - No Tolerance For Ignorance (all presses)
Burn - S/T (revelation/pink/1st press/1000)
Criminal Instinct - Fever (all presses I don't have)
Crippled Youth - Join the Fight (new beginning/black/1st press/500)
The Hope Conspiracy - Cold Blue (blue vinyl)
The Hope Conspiracy - Endnote (1st presses)
Incendiary - Cost of Living (closed casket/??/record release cover/1st press/110)
Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare (closed casket/electric blue with white splatter/1st press/300)
Inside Out - (revelation/blue/1st press/1000)
In My Eyes - Nothing to Hide (revelation/white/1st press/500)
In My Eyes - Nothing to Hide (revelation/clear/1st press/220)
In My Eyes - The Difference Between (revelation/red/1st press/104)
Killing Time - Brightside (In-Effect)
Leeway - Born to Expire (Profile)
Leeway - Desperate Measures (Profile)
Negative Approach - Tied Down (1st press)
New York Hardcore: The Way It Is (revelation/black with green blue labels/1st press/??)
NYHC: Where the Wild Things Are (gold)
Outburst - Miles to Go (Blackout/red/1st press/100)
Record Releases & Special Covers/Presses
Rest In Pieces - My Rage (all presses)
Sick of It All - Just Look Around (Relativity)
Straight Ahead - Breakaway (DJ Sleeve & Lion Cover)
Turning Point - 1988 - 1991 (all presses)
Turning Point - Darkest Before the Dawn (all presses)
Turning Point - 7” (all presses)         
Wide Awake - Ct. Hardcore (schism/black/1st press light blue X/??)
Wide Awake - Ct. Hardcore (schism/black/1st press/??)
Youth of Today - Can't Close My Eyes (positive forces presses)
Youth of Today - We're Not In This Alone (Caroline)