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Melvins - Love Canal/Someday (Slam A Ham Records - #13, #3000 copies, 1992) translucent 

Spazz - Tastin� Spoon (Clean Plate Records, 1st pressed, #2000 copies, 1996) picture disc 

5" Split

 photo dabdcae5-c381-4145-9f4b-e3348fb3c1dc_zpsgrwah8lh.jpg

Crossed Out/Drop Dead (Crust, Selfless, Rhetoric Records, 1st pressed, #1000 copies, 7/93) black  
Crossed Out/Drop Dead (Crust, Selfless, Posthmous Records, 2nd pressed, #2000 copies 1993) black  
Spazz/GOB (702, Satan�s Pimp Records PMP20, 2nd pressed, #1000 copies, sticker 1997) clear


25 Ta Live (Striving For Togetherness, Striving8, lyric sheet, Germany 1994) black 

Agnostic Front � Puro des madre (Hellcat Records 002 1998) black
Agnostic Front � Police State (Epitaph 1999) red  
Agnostic Front - That's Life (Bridge Nine Records B9R145, Nuclear Blast, 2011, 1st press #300 copies, screenprinted b-side) orange
Agnostic Front - POLICE VIOLENCE (Bridge Nine B9R226, Nuclear Blast, 3/24/15, 1st press, #700 copies) blue/black  
Agnostic Front - POLICE VIOLENCE (Bridge Nine B9R226, Nuclear Blast, 3/24/15, 1st press, #1000 copies, sticker "Limited edition") clear w/ red splatter   
AC - 88 Song EP (Fudgeworthy Record, Fudge-17 repress, 2nd pressed, #1000 copies, flyer, Canada 1997) gray 
AC - morbid florist (Relapse Record, Singles Series RR-023, 1993) grey marbled 

Bad Brain � Pay to Cum! (DOT Studio ,insert, 2000, Europe -booted) white 
Bad Brain � Live at Iguanas, Tijuana 9/9/89 (-booted) grey 

 photo a09b83d8-15bd-41dd-abf9-af4b9d992ed2_zps035f96c7.jpg

Beastie Boys � Polly Wog Stew EP (Ratcage Records MOTR21 1982) black 
Beastie Boys � Intergalactic/Peanut Butter & Jelly (Capitol Records Jukebox) black 
Beastie Boys � Alive/Big Shot-live (Capitol Records, promo 1999) black 
Beastie Boys � Don�t Play No Game That I Can�t Win (MAD DECENT MAD-155, Capitol 2011) yellow 
Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown (SST Records, SST 001, red cover, 198?, big hole) black  

 photo IMG_4062_zpsss6l6ltl.jpg

Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown (SST Records, SST 001, version 7, red cover, 1989, small hole) clear yellow
Black Flag ‎� Six Pack (SST Records ‎� SST 005, 1st press, 1981) black
Black Flag � Louie Louie (SST 175, 1987 CESSTONE Music BMI, Canada) black 
Black Flag � Louie Louie (SST 175, 1987 CESSTONE Music BMI) grey
Black Flag - TV PARTY (SST Records - SST 012, 4th press, 1985) black
Black Flag - TV PARTY (SST Records - SST 012, 6th press, 1990) yellow translucent
Black Flag - TY PARTY (SST Records - SST 012, 10th press) black
Black Flag - The Unheard Black Flag 1983 Demos (FUN02, Fold-out mini-poster sleeve, 1995) aqua
Brujeria - Marijuana, Matando Gueros 97 (Tee Pee Records, promo, sticker, matches 1997) green   

Cause For Alarm (Victory Records, VR019-7V-PUGYVN, #336 copies, 2013) grey putty 
Charles Bronson (Privileged Cracker demo tape, #1000 copies, insert 1994) black
Charles Bronson (Six Week Records SW-7, 1st pressing #500 copies, insert,1995) black 

 photo IMG_4061_zpsajt9mhl3.jpg

Charles Bronson (the mail order letdown no. 77 of #200) (Youth Attack!� YA01 4rd pressing, reissue 1995) grey	
Charles Bronson (Youth Attack! Records no. 1, 4th press, #1300 copies 1996) purple marble  

 photo IMG_4059_zpsgkurdfrj.jpg

Clutch � Pitchfork (Inner Journey Records IJ005 1st press, #850 copies, flyer 1991) black 
C.R. (Reservoir Records RSVR0012 1996) black 
Cock Sparrer - Ever Step of the Way/We're the Good Guys (Pirates Press Records-PPR176, insert, 5/2017, #copies 1000) red 

 photo IMG_4121_zpsoiyc2grz.jpg

Crossed Out (Slap A Ham #9, 1 unique press of #1000 copies, insert 1991) black 
Crow (Prank Records, PRANK078, #500 pressed for US tour in 25 Sept 2005) transparent red      
Crown of Thornz - Nothing But Tragedy (Bridge Nine Records, B9R231, 1st press, #300 copies Limited Edition 8/14/15) clear w/ splatter    
Crown of Thornz - Nothing But Tragedy (Bridge Nine Records, B9R231, 1st press, #700 copies 8/14/15) clear 

Danzig ‎� On A Wicked Night (AFM Records ‎� AFM 335-5, Evilive, 11/2/10, Germany) black
Danzig ‎- Devils Angel (AFM Records ‎- AFM 554-5, Evilive, 2nd press, #copies 1000, 10/23/2015,  ‎Germany, seal) purple 
Danzig - Last Ride (AFM Records - AFM 671-52, Evilive, #copies 400, 10/27/17, Germany, seal) orange
Danzig - Last Ride (AFM Records - AFM 671-52, Evilive, #copies 400, 10/27/17, Germany, seal) red
Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia/Police Truck (I.R.S. Records ‎– IR 9016, 1980) black 
Down to Nothing � Greetings From Richmond, Virginia (Revelation Records Rev152.1, 2013) red
Drop Dead (Selfless Records SFLS-19, 2nd press, #1000 made? 1993) white 

Fuck on the Beach - Fastcore on the Beach (Slap A Ham #43 1998) white 
Fracture - Dilapidated (Deep Six 1st press, #500 copies, 2016) green

 photo IMG_0844_zpsh7oobv8i.jpg

Gorilla Biscuits (Revelation Records (8) ‎– Rev:4 Reissue, Box Set, Repress, 30th Anniversary 2nd 1500 copies made w/ 12 page booklet+ Super 7 gorilla figure, 5/19 (purple) 
Gorilla Biscuits (Revelation Records Rev:4, insert, 1992) black 
Gorilla Biscuits - demo 1987 (Limited Edition of #500 copies -booted) black   
Gorilla Biscuits - A New Direction (Live 10/11/89 Flex! Records -booted) black 
Gorilla Biscuits � Last Show Live NYC Marquee, Feb. 21, 1992 (1998 -booted) black 

 photo 91ba1465-3578-4d93-b36b-f3439a289f16_zps8f6a6db8.jpg

Gorilla Biscuits (Revelation Records Rev:4,insert, REV25 Chicago 1/13) clear
Gorilla Biscuits - Live at the Safari Club (Orangatunes - 1990) gold 

 photo 3e64c408-fe89-4dd0-a04d-86ab5d80e464_zpsszx54mq4.jpg

Infest (Deep Six Records DS03, Draw Blank Records DB03, insert,1991) clear yellow 
Infest - Days Turn Black (Drawblank #16, #1250 copies w/ black labels, 2012) black
Inside Out � Above All (Noiseville Record #3, insert,1989) blue 
Inside Out (Revelation Records REV19, 5th press, #550 copies 2015) gold
Iron Cross � EST. 1980 (Skinflint Music, Unified Pride, #200 copies 2012) yellow/green 

Killers - Voice of Reason (Chappi Records, German 1998) black 

Lament - Drowning Room (Inner Journey Records -004, 1991) blue
Lifespite (Deep Six Records #243, Reflections Records RFL134, Too Circle Records TCR-053, #100 copies, 2015) red  
Lifespite (Deep Six Records ‎#243, Reflections Records RFL134, Too Circle Records ‎TCR-053, #100 copies, 2015) red/black splattered 

Madball - Ball of Destruction (In-Effect ‎� 88561-3003-7, 1989) black 
Madball - Droppin Many Suckers (Wreck-Age Records WAR10,insert,1992) black 
Madball - been there, done that (Victory Records VR76, 1st press #990 copies, 1998) red 
Malcolm�s Lost (Shadow Records SR2 1993) red 
Metallica - One (Elektra/Asylum Records, promo 1988) black
Minor Threat - First Demo Tape (Dischord Records DIS140V, insert, 2003) purple 
Minor Threat - Live at Buff Hall (Lost and Found Records 11-20-82 -booted) black 

 photo 9e9a2bb8-b0cc-41b9-8ea7-e00c2686a322_zpsaemj74lx.jpg

Misfits - Halloween (Plan9 October 30,1982,insert,#5000 copies) black   
Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones (Geffen Records, #5000 copies 1997) blue     
Misfits - Beware (no label 3rd press small hole 1989 -booted) black 
Misfits - Horror Business EP (Vic Ledman 1992 big hole -booted) black     
Misfits - Evil is as Evil Does (Plan9 1st #500 copies -booted) black 
Misfits - 4 Hits From �Hell!�(West German 3rd 199? -booted) red 
Misfits - Live!The Perfect Crime! (no label 1st #1000 copies 1988 -booted) black 
Misfits - Revenge Will Be Outs! (no label.2nd #400 copies 1995 -booted) white 
Misfits - 3 hits from HeLL (PL1013 4th #2000 copies -booted) white 
Muddfoot - Maybe You�re Not (Tragic Life Records 08, 1993, signed) black     
Murphy's Law � What Will The Neighbors Think? (Another Planet Records AP-6505, 1st press 1996) translucent green

Nirvana - A Tribute To The Vaselines (-booted) black
No Comment - Live on KXLU 1992 (Deep Six, DS161 Nov 2013) brown marble
No For An Answer - You Laugh (Revelation Records, Rev:6, May 20, 2014) yellow
No For An Answer - LET EM OUT! (Slap A Ham #3,1990) translucent baby blue

 photo IMG_4053_zps3bxshs50.jpg

Quicksand (Revelation Records Rev:18, insert, final press, #300 copies 2002) gold  
Quicksand (Revelation Records Rev:18, repress, insert, #1000 copies 2012 x2) red 

Project X � Straight Edge Revenge (Bridge 9 Records B9R49, Schism Records) clear,
Project X - Straight Edge Revenge (Bridge 9 Records B9R49, Schism Records, 3/16/10)  transparent green

Rage Against the Machine - Sleep now in the Fire (Sony 2000, insert, #1829/5000 copies) red 
Rayos X - Ansiedad (Discos MMM, MMM013, #350 copies 3/7/15) black 
Ruido � Live At KXLU Radio (Power It Up P.I.U.#04 Germany 2002) black

 photo c7fb923b-38cb-4937-ac42-f8406a560a2e_zpsdf9ff89b.jpg

Rupture - Baser Apes (Slap A Ham #19 1993) green 
Rupture - Elektra Complex (Fudgeworthy Record Fudge-17, flyer 1995) grey 
Rupture - Freudstein�s House (Regurgitated Semen Record R.S.R019 1996) black  
Rupture - Hate Makes the World Go Round (Bad Card Records, flyer 1996) black

Samhain - Last Gasp Live and Demos (Third pressing? w/ pink/black sleeve small center hole) green  
Sex Pistols - Revolution in the Classroom/School are Prisons (S.T.P. Records STP-0, 1989) clear 
Sick of it All - Pushed Too Far (Bootleg Records 1993 -booted) black     

 photo IMG_4058_zps1iesvb3q.jpg

Sick of it All (Revelation Records Rev:3 final press,insert,#300 copies 1997) white
Sick of it All - We Stand Alone (In-Effect, Limited Edition #5000 copies, insert,1991) black 
Sick of it All - Potential for a Fall (Fat Wreck Chords FAT583-7, 1999) black 
Siege - lost session '91 (Patac Records, #100 copies, May 2014) gold/black
Slayer - When The Stillness Comes (Nuclear Blast NB3400-9, Limited Edition #5000 copies, Record Store Day, 4/18/15) picture disc
Slayer - When The Stillness Comes (Nuclear Blast NB3400-1, Limited Edition #100 copies, Europe, mailorder for Bronze Status customers, 4/17/15) blue 
State of Alert - First Demo 12/29/1980 (Dischord Records, Dis177V, 2nd press, Mar 11, 2014) translucent blue

Teen Idles (Dischord Records, DIS100V, 3/30/11) brown

White Zombie - Gods On Voodoo Moon (Numero Group, 710, 700 Line-NUM710, #copies 2000, 2017) zombie puss

Youth Brigade - First Demo Summer '81 (Discord Records Dis183, 2015) orange
Youth of Today (Revelation Records Rev:17, insert 1990) black 
Youth of Today (Revelation Records Rev:17 reissue, insert 2011) red
Youth of Today - Live at Van Hall, Amsterdam, 1989 (Commitment) black 
Zero Boys ‎� Livin' In The 80's (1-2-3-4 Go! Records GO-61, 4/2013) black 
Zero Boys ‎� Pro Dirt (1-2-3-4 Go! Records GO-62, 2nd press #600 copies, inset 2013) red

7" Split

AC/Psycho (Action Records ACT14, flyer 1991) yellow/red 
AC/Eyehategod - Black Sabbath Vol.1 (Hydra Head hh666-12,flyer,1997) black 
Agnostic Front/Power House - Pitchford Label (PFL002, 2016) blue/black
Agnostic Front/Power House - Pitchford Label (PFL002, 2016) blue/black transparent
Boycot/Yuppiecrusher (Sacro K-Baalismo SACRO EGO37, Libertad O Muerte LOM PROD24, carton folded cover w/ lyrics inside & booklet w/ anarchist info, Austria, 1999) orange w/ transparent

 photo IMG_4054_zpsqx9rvzm0.jpg

Charles Bronson/Spazz (mosh pit) (625 Thrashcore Productions #4, 1st press, #100 copies,insert,1995) black 
Charles Bronson/Spazz (goat) (625 Thrashcore Productions #4, 1st press, #400 copies,insert,1995) black 
Charles Bronson/Spazz (skater) (625 Thrashcore ‎Productions#4, 1995, 2nd press #1000 copies) white ‎
Charles Bronson/Quill (dekalbyouthcrew1997) (Nat Records NAT-8, 1st press,#1500 copies Japan 1997) black    
Charles Bronson/Quill (girl) (Nat Records NAT-8, flyer Japan 1997) black 

 photo IMG_4052_zpspziqck4e.jpg

Charles Bronson/Quill (girl) (Nat Records NAT-8, flyer Japan 1997) clear  
Charles Bronson/Ice Nine (Bovine #BO35, flyer 1996) black
Charles Bronson/Ice Nine (Bovine #BO35, flyer 1996) grey 
Charles Bronson/Ice Nine (Bovine #BO35, flyer 1996) magenta 
Charles Bronson/Unanswered (Track Star Records TS002, 2nd pressing,#1000 copies 199) black 
Charles Bronson/Unanswered (Track Star Records TS002, 3rd pressing,#100 on blue, mail #20/100 copies 1996) blue
Charles Bronson/Unansewered (Track Star Records TS002, 5th pressing 1996) yellow 
Crossed Out/Man is the Bastard (Slap A Ham #14, 2nd copies 1992) blue       
Crossed Out/Man is the Bastard (Slap A Ham #14, 2nd copies 1992) light purple 
Crossed Out/Man is the Bastard (Slap A Ham #14, 2nd copies 1992) grey 
D.R.I./Raw Power - The Dirty Rotten Power EP 2xFlexi-disc(Foad Records F.O.A.D.036, D.R.I.-green transparent, Raw Power-orange transparent  7/31/2012) color 
Drop Dead/Totalit�r (Prank Records PRANK046 2002) violet 
Drop Dead/Look Back and Laugh (Armageddon Label 2004) blue 
Drop Dead/Converge  (Armageddon Label 2011) green/black 
Fuck on the Beach/Carcass Grinder (Keloid Records #536/1500 copies 1998) clear 
Infest/Pissed of Happy Children - Live & Pissed 10/2/89 (Limited handnumbered edition of #1000 copies -booted) black
Infiltrators/The Subway Thugs (Rosycross Records, no sleeve, 1999) white
Inside Out/Youth of Today � benefit 7� (live) black 
Iron Cross/Keyside Strike (KOL Records 023, Split Vol.5) light purple 
Lack of Interest/Stapled Shut (Deep Six Records) black 
Madball/Full Blast Skunk (DEA Record, dea015,  limited to #750 hand-num. copies, Japan, 1999) white 
Malcolm�s Lost/Cable (Moo Cow Records 1994) black 
Murphy's Laws/Rancid (Pitchfork Label ‎– PFL004, #copies 900, 8/10/2018, seal) clear & black w/ red splatter 
Neanderthal/Blatant Yobs  (Ox Fanzine, no Fanzine, 1991) black
No Comply/Christ Mess (625 Thrashcore 625#16, Open Wound #4, Mere Existence #16, Ground Zero, hand numb. #200 copies, 1998) clear yellow 

 photo 7ebfacaa-f975-4f3b-b296-034dce8bd6d3_zpsxdqxtd0a.jpg

Rupture/Spazz (sludge Records, MDI003, 1993) black
Rupture/Antiseen (Snapshot Records HW10417, insert, Australia 2001) black 
Rupture/Nihilistics (Haunted Hotel Records) black
Rupture/Necrocannlbalistic Vomitorium (Horns & Hoof Records H&H24, 2nd press, #139/303 copies 2012) lawn green    
Skarhead/Mushmouth (Triple Crown Records 1999) blue 
Spazz/Lack of Interest-�Double Whammy� (Deep Six Records DS10 1997) clear 
S.O.D./Yellow Machinegun (Howling Bull, Prophecy Publishing, insert, 1999) yellow 

7" Compilation

A Product of Six Cents (A Product of Six Cents ‎APOSC1 1997) black

Bastard Noise - Our Earth's Blood Part V (Skull #3 1st press, #500 copies, July 2015, pocket sleeve, double sided, seal) starburst
BLLLEEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! - The Record (Slap A Ham #7 1991) blue 
BLLLEEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! - A Music War (Slap A Ham #42 1998) black 

Cry Now, Cry Later (2 Compilation) (Pessimiser T-20,Theologian, Fanzine, mini-poster 1993) black 
Cry Now, Cry Later 3 (2 Compilation) (Pessimiser T-38,Theologian, Fanzine, mini-poster) black 

Double Dose of Dicks (Disgruntled Records DR05, insert 1998) black 

Left Back/Let Down (2 Compilation) (Pessimiser Records, Theologian Records T-39 mini-poster 1995) black  

Mandatory Marathon (Amendment Records #900 copies, insert) black 

Reproach (8 HC Bands Cover Negative Approach, Ugly Pop UP001, insert Canada) black 

 photo 83cdd177-d46d-40f7-875b-6dffc8da4d1d_zpsausmltfm.jpg

Speed Freaks (Knot Music, double 7" comp. #21/250 copies, insert,1995) black 

Tomorrow Will Be Worse (4x7" comp. box, Sound Pollution Records POLLUTE:039, insert 1997) colors  

8" Split    

 photo 827532f8-7095-49b2-9fe9-507203a20e72_zpsmurjfjrh.jpg

Drop Dead/Rupture (Highly Collectable Records HCR13, #400 copies, 1993) clear multicolored 

 photo 3d2bd6d5-ab45-491b-87db-a9b1c6c5fb16_zpsgpawq3kj.jpg

Infest/Pissed Happy Children - 10/2/89 (Slap A Ham #1,  #776/1000 Flexi-disc, 1990) blue transparent 


Cro-Mags - Age of Quarrel (#307/1500 copies, 1985) black 
Crossed Out - F@CK GRINDCORE (1st press, #200 copies 1998 Germany) white/red splatter

 photo IMG_4532_zps2kmqre06.jpg 

Crossed Out (Noize For The Masses,  #500 copies, 1996) green marbled

 photo 1b954783-4043-4e99-b78d-4e61a4376eee_zpspjahhnmu.jpg

Infest (Draw Black/Deep Six DS51, #98 copies, insert 2006) white/black 

Judge - Revelation Can Suck It LP (Revelation Records Rev:-1, #42/110 copies? insert 1989?) white  

Melvins - Pinkus Abortion Technician (Ipecac Records, IPC-208LP, 2x10" 3/29/19) oxblood/electric blue

Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds/Home (HALO_18 V2, Limited to #9,000 copies, 2005) picture disc

Rage Against the Machine - People of the Sun (Rev:056, 1/29/12, insert, #435 copies) white 

 photo c114b308-5722-492f-b27d-db5ab06d607a_zpsvimqtbfw.jpg

Rupture - Corrupture (Yeah, Mate! Records, 1st press, #225 copies, insert, Nov 1992,  Australia) orange 

10" Split

Pick Your Side/To The Point (Deep Six Records, DS195, 1st press, #500 copies, 2 insert for each band, Dec 2013) brown 
Rupture/Gorgonized Dorks - Safe Ape (Agromosh Records ‎- #32, Gothic Gospel Records ‎- GGR# 2020, #copies 500, 6/1/12) marbled 


Agnostic Front - Victim in Pain (Ratcage, important MOTR29, gatefold, 2nd pressed 1985) black 
Agnostic Front - NYC Stompin' Crew Live In '85 (Street Justice - SJ005-1, seal, Limited Edition, Asia Tour Edition, 7/7/2017, 45/50 copies but limited to 444 copies, sticker and patch
Antidote - No Peace In Out Time (Bridge Nine Records B9R180, #500 copies, folder sheet w/ band photo on one side & lyrics 2012) red

Batman: Arkham Knight (Enjoy The Toons Records, ETT-007, 9/23/16, #copies 250, 12x24 poster) maroon & blue splatter
Beastie Boys - Root Down (Grand Royal GR 018, Brooklyn Dust Music,insert 1995) blue 
Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty (Capitol Records,gatefold,Limited to #7500 copies 1998) clear gold
Beastie Boys - HOTSAUCECOMMEEPARTTWO & 7" B-Boy in the Cut/Pop Your Balloon (Capitol Records 2011) white & white 
Beastie Boys - Say It's, Too Many Rappers (BEASTS1006, Italy) purple 
Beastie Boys/Max Tannone - DOUBLECHECK YOUR HEAD ( BEASTDCY4 DJ Promotioal Use Only) grey  

 photo IMG_4078_zpstrzlnsoj.jpg

Black Flag - Damaged (Unicorn records, SST Records, 9502, Nov 1981, 1st press, #25,000 copies, sticker "AS A PARENT...) black
Black Flag � 1982 Complete Demo (-booted) black 

 photo IMG_4317_zpsajtaalps.jpg

Black Flag - Family Man (SST Records, SST026, repress, insert, 1990) yellow marbled
Black Flag � Slip It In (SST Records, SST029 1st press, insert, 1984) black
Black Flag - IN MY HEAD (SST Records, SST045, repress 1990) tan marbled

Chain of Strength - The One Thing That Still Holds True (Revelation Records Rev:10 2012 x2 seal) clear 
Charles Bronson - Youth Attack! (Lengua Parmada No.13 #1,1st press #1000 copies 1997) black 

 photo IMG_4100_zps5wno7bze.jpg

Charles Bronson - Youth Attack! (Lengua Parmada No.13 #1, 1st press, #333? copies, metal, red felt 1997) clear/black

 photo 4814742b-6646-4f1a-874b-8db9d577fa61_zps8cubbrzh.jpg

Clutch - 12� (Inner Journey Records IJ005/Earache Records, 1994) black
Clutch (EastWest, Limited Edition, reissue, #500 copies, insert, Germany, 2012) white  
Clutch - Pitchfork & Lost Needles (Weathermaker Music - WM061, Picture Disc, Record Store Day Black Friday Exclusive. Limited to 1500 copies, 12/24/2017) picture disc
The Cramps - Smell of Female (Vengeance Records, VENGEANCE 670, 25th Anniversary, 2001) yellow
The Cramps - Big Beat From Badsville (Vengeance Records, VENGEANCE 674, 25th Anniversary, 2001) red
The Cramps - Fiends of Dope Island (Vengeance Records, VENGEANCE 675, 11/20/14) green translucent 
The Cramps - Volkshaus Zürich, Switzerland, April 21th, 1986 (East/West - WEST929, #349 copies China but made in the UK, 2016)  

 photo IMG_4102_zpsjbrfuxxa.jpg

Crossed Out  (Slap A Ham #55, #300 copies? 1999) white/blue/red 

 photo b033558c-30f7-4a23-8cc8-ea225c58a12a_zpsdt0aqtps.jpg

Crown of Thornz - Train Yard Blues (Stronger That Before Records STBHC01 1st press, #150 single sided mini-album, patch, original art work inner sleeve, inner notes w/ flyers & bands, 2016)  purple splatter
Crown of Thornz - Train Yard Blues (Stronger That Before Records, STBHC01 1st press, #200 single sided mini-album, original art work inner sleeve inner notes w/ flyers & bands, 2016) black purple swirl
Crown of Thornz - Mentally Vexed (Stronger That Before Records, STBHC02 1st press, #150 copies original art work inner sleeve, w/ flyers & bands, interview w/ Lord EZAC 1996, 2016) yellow green splatter
Crown of Thornz - Mentally Vexed (Stronger That Before Records, STBHC02 1st press, #250 copies original art work inner sleeve, w/ flyers & bands, interview w/ Lord EZAC 1996, 2016) bronze green & black tri-color

 photo IMG_4090_zpsikueamjh.jpg

Danzig (Def American Recordings, 1988, Inc DEF 24208, promo, gatefold) black 
Danzig - Her Black Wings (Def American Recordings, PRO-A-4121, 6/1990) black  

 photo IMG_4646_zps1dhivhq5.jpg

Danzig III - How The Gods Kill (Def American Recording - 512 270-1, 1992, 1st press, gatefold, Europe) black
Danzig - The Lost Tracks of Danzig (AFM Records 588-11, evilivg, 2xvinyl, limited edition, reissue, Feb. 2017 #500 copies, Germany) blue pale w/ black splatter
Danzig - The Lost Tracks of Danzig (AFM Records 588-14, evilivg, 2xvinyl, limited edition, reissue, Feb. 2017, #500 copies, Germany, seal) green w/ blue pale marble
Danzig - The Lost Tracks of Danzig (AFM Records 588-15, evilivg, 2xvinyl, limited edition, reissue, Feb. 2017, #500 copies, Germany, seal) blue clear w/ blue midnight marble
Danzig - Skeletons (Nuclear Blast -3646-1, Limited Edition colored variant, #500 copies, 1/4/16) white  
Danzig - Skeletons (Nuclear Blast  -3646-1, Limited Edition colored variant, #1,200 copies, 6/2/17, seal) purple w/ black 
Danzig - Skeletons (AFM Records, AFM 554-15, 2nd press, #1000 copies, 1/15/16, Germany) black/white marbled
Danzig - Skeletons (AFM Records, AFM 554-14, 2nd press, #500 copies, 1/15/16, Germany seal) purple
Danzig - Skeletons (Nuclear Blast Entertainment, NE3646, 2 Jun 2017, 2rd press, #copies 500, seal) bone w/ black
Danzig - Black Laden Crown (Nuclear Blast Entertainment, NE3654, Evilive 3654, 1st press, #copies 600, gatefold sleeve w/printed inner sleeve, 5/26/2017) orange/red swirl w/ yellow splatter 
Danzig - Black Laden Crown (AFM Records, AFM 555-13, 26 May 2017 1st press, #copies 1,000, seal) red clear
Doors - L.A. Woman (Elektra - EKS-75011) Reissue (maybe 6/11/76? 2-color burgundy/black varnish print sleeve w/ widow clear acetate, embossed Doors w/ radius corners) black
D.R.I. - Crossover (Beer City Records BEER160 2010) green 
Drop Dead - (Armageddon Records, insert 1993) blue 
Drop Dead - (Armageddon Records, #500 copies Armageddon001,insert 1998) purple 
Drop Dead - (Armageddon Records, insert 1998) purple 

F@ck You Pay Me - Public Disgrace (Deep Six Records, DS222, 1st press, #100 copies, 7/26/15 seal) grey
Fugazi - First Demo (Dischord Records, DIS181V 11/18/14, seal) black

Gorilla Biscuits (We Bite Records, WB 077, Germany, 1991) black

 photo IMG_0603_zps7f5bcf72.jpg

Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today (Revelation Records, Rev:12 'final pressing', #310 copies, 2002 seal) red 
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today (Revelation Records, Rev:12A, Nov. 4, 2014, #1000 copies, embossed, insert) glow in the the dark     

Infest - Slave (OFF The Disk Records OTD02, 2nd pressed,#450 copies, insert,1988) green         
Infest - Slave (Deep Six Records DS09, Draw Blank Records DB04, insert 2002) grey marble
Infest - Slave (Deep Six Records DS09, Draw Blank Records DB04, insert 2002) red transparent 

 photo IMG_4071_zpscu61v9ys.jpg

Infest - No Man's Slave (Draw Black Records/Deep Six Records DS25, #100 copies, mail-order version, insert 2002) blue  
Infest - Live July 1, 1991 KXLU 88.9FM, L.A. (Draw Black/Deep Six DS20, insert 2001) black 

Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking (Warner Bros. Records, 25727-1, #1st press, 8/23/88) black 
Jane's Addiction - City Square, Milan, Italy Oct. 11, 90. FM Broadcast (EAST/WEST #349 copies, 2014, China, but made in the UK) purple swirl
Judge - BRINGING' IT DOWN (Revelation Records REV:15, 2015 press, hammers, #copies 1,096) purple
Judge - BRINGING' IT DOWN (Revelation Records REV:15, 2016 press, seal) translucent orange
Judge - BRINGING' IT DOWN (Revelation Records REV:15, 2016 press, seal) red

Kill Bill vol.1 (Original Soundtrack) (A Band Apart/Maverick Recording Company 2003, insert) black

Lack of Interest - Trapped Inside (Slap A Ham #52, insert) orange/splatter 

 photo fe343f9e-2e7a-4dbc-9107-93deff9e36a7_zpsra0xmh37.jpg

Naked City - torture garden  (Shimmy Disc, shimmy039 1990) black 
Negative Approach - NOTHING WILL STAND IN OUR WAY (Taang! 2011 x2 seal) red 
Nine Inch Nails - pretty hate machine (TVT 2610 halo two,insert,1989) black 

 photo bb406dca-f5d3-478b-b5ac-a90b33c596ac_zpsrjyck6xv.jpg

Nine Inch Nails - the down spiral (TVT, Interscope, nothing, Island, insert, gatefold, 2x vinyl gatefold, Europe, 1994) purple
Nine Inch Nail - With Teeth (Nothing Record B0004553-01, NIN-HALO_19 V, 2x vinyl gatefold, 5/3/06) black 

Mad Max: The Mad Max Trilogy (Varese Sarabande Records, 3x vinyl gatefold, limited to #copies 2000, 2017) grey, black, sand

 photo fullsizeoutput_2aec_zpsikmsquy0.jpeg

Megadeth - Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! (Combat - MX 8015, inner sleeve w/ lyrics, 1985) black
Metallica - The $5.98 EP-Garage Days Re-Revisited (Elektra/Asylum Records, sticker, 1987) black
Metallica - The $5.98 EP-Garage Days Re-Revisited (Blackened Recordings - BLCKND036R-1C, sticker seal, 4/13/2018) orange translucent
Metallica - ...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL (Elektra/Asylum Records, lyric sheet, 1988) black
Metallica - Harvester of Sorrow, One, Breadfan - Record Live Colliseum - Seattle, Washington 8/29/89, 8/30/89 (Vertigo) black
Minor Threat - Out of Step (Dischord Records - Discord No. 10, #2000 copies, 2007) white 
Minor Threat (Dischord Records - Dischord 12, reissue, 2008) green
Ministry - The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste (Sire, 1989?, promo) black 
Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod (Sire, maxi-single, 1991)
Misfits - Wolfs Blood/Earth A.D. (Aggressive Rock Produktionen AG0024, 1st pressed, #15,000 copies, lyric sheet, Germany) 1983
Misfits - II  (Caroline Records, #3500 copies, lyric sheet, 1995) green
Misfits - WALK AMONG US (Primeiro Mundo Records ‎- PM-1345-00, LP-PM-1345-00, -booted, Portugal, 2000) white
Misfits ‎- Horror Business Sessions 77-81 Vol. 2 (Fundusz Kofciotrupa Records, 2002, picture disc, limited to 666 hand-numbered copies, -booted, Poland)  skull
Misfits - 12 Hits From Hell: The MSP Sessions (Caroline Records ‎– CAR11207LP, ‎ 7243 8 11207 2 9, Issued without insert, -booted, 2017, Europe) orange
Murphy�s Law - Dedicates (Another Planet Records, 1996) blue 

Pearl Jam � Vitalogy (Sony/Epic Records, insert, 1994) black
Porno for Pyros (Enjoy The Ride Records, ETR-025, limited edition, 4/20/13, 20th Anniversary Limited to #1000 copies, sticker) tie-dye
Porno for Pyros - Good God's Urge (ORG Music, ORGM-2072, limited edition reissue #3,000 copies sticker, 11/25/16, Germany) black  
Primus ‎- Primus & The Chocolate Factory With The Fungi Ensemble (Prawn Song ‎- 0882213114, ATO Records ‎- ATO0250, 10/21/14) chocolate brown

Quicksand - slip (Polydor, Island Def Jam, UMG Records, #500 copies, gatefold, 2012) red/black swirl
Quicksand � MANIC COMPRESSION (Island Def Jam, UMG Records, #500 copies gatefold, poster 2013) green/black swirl 

U2 � The Unforgettable Fire (Island Records, Europe Oct 1984) black 

Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head (Geffen Records - B0017093-01, 2x vinyl gatefold, 8/7/12) black 
Rollins Band - Life Time (2.13.61 Records, 2132808V, reissue, Nov 18, 2014, seal) grey translucent
Rolling Stones � Undercover (Rolling Stones Records, Europe Holland by EMI Services, insert, lyric sheet 1983) black
Rupture - Live Sex (Coffin Cut Records -13, Limited Edition #copies 180, Australia, 11/11/16) white

 photo IMG_4305_zpsb6ksb71n.jpg

Samhain ‎� November-Coming-Fire (Plan 9 PL9-07, Caroline Records, 1st press, folded insert sheet w/ photo collage & lyrics on other, Feb 1986) black
Sex Pistols - Some Product - Carri On Sex Pistols (Virgin, 1st Pressing, interview, 7/27/79) black
Sex Pistols � Where Were You In '77? (77 Records-771, UK, Nov 1985) black
Sex Pistols � Anarchy In The UK-Live (Pub.Glitter Best Ltd ‎� UK 1 UK) black   
Sex Pistols - Spunk (Sanctuary Records, Castle Music, insert, #268/500 copies, 7/17/06) UK black
Side By Side - You�re Only Young Once� (Revelation Records Rev:05, 8/14/12 seal) red 
Siege (Deep Six Records DS55, 7th press, 2006) clear gold
Siege (Deep Six Records DS55, 9th press, 30th Anniversary edition, 1/12/15) green marbled 
Slayer - DECADE OF AGGRESSION Live (American Recording, Nuclear Blast, limited edition, #666 hand num. copies, 2014) clear 
Slayer - World Pained Blood (American Recordings, Nuclear Blast, limited edition, #179 of 666 copies, 2014) clear 
Slayer - Relentless (Nuclear Blast Europe ,1st press, #500 copies 2015) lilac
Sonic Youth - Battery Park, NYC July 4th 2008 (Matador Records, Ole 872-1) black
Sore Throat - Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid (Earache MOSH10, UK 1989) black

 photo IMG_4084_zpsxstt6ek3.jpg

Sore Throat - NEVER MIND THE NAPALM HERE'S...SoRe ThrOat (Test Press - Earache Records, 1989) black

 photo IMG_4641_zpsg8r2orbh.jpg

Sore Throat - NEVER MIND THE NAPALM HERE�S�SoRe ThrOat (Weasel GRRR11, sticker, insert,1990) black
Sore Throat - Death to capitalist Halmshaw (Foad Records, F.O.A.D.061 2xLP gatefold, ltd. #100 copies, newspaper, Jan 18, 2014) splatter white/blue  
Sore Throat - Unhindered by Talent (Test Press - Weasel Records GRRR 8, 1989) black
Sore Throat - Unhindered by Talent (F.O.A.D Records F.O.A.D.079, 4th press, #100 copies, 3/27/2015 Italy) X-Ray
S.O.D. - Speak English or Die (Megaforce, important, insert, 1985) black 

True Romance - Motion Picture 1993 (Enjoy the Ride - ETR062, #copies 250, 7/19/17) leopard print splatter + 7" cadillac purple

Vandals ‎- Hitler Bad, Vandals Good (Nitro Records ‎– NTO-39692-01, 7/15/17) green translucent 

Weekend Nachos - Still (Deep Six Records, DS207 1st press mail order #300 copies, 11/1/2013 seal) clear max  
Weekend Nachos - Still (Deep Six Records, DS207 2nd press mail order limited to #100 copies, 1/11/2013 seal) orange transparent  
White Zombie - It Come From N.Y.C. (Numero Group, NUM204, 200 Line, Box Set, 108 page book, Limied #1,000 copies via Numero Group website, vinyl - NUM204.1, NUM204.2, NUM204.3, NUM204.4, NUM204.5, 6/3/2016) white

Youth of Today - BREAK DOWN THE WALLS (Revelation Records Rev:8, final pressing, #440 copies,   insert, 2001) white 
Youth of Today  (Revelation Records Rev:062A, 7/17/12, seal) clear 
Youth of Today  (Revelation Records Rev:062, 7/17/12, insert, 2012) red 

12" Split

Bastard Noise/Lack of Interest (Deep Six Records, DS199, limited to #100 copies mail order 1st press, 2013 seal) white 
Melvins/Steel Pole Bath Tub (Tupelo Recording Company TUP10, #copies 2000, UK 6/2/90) green translucent  

 photo IMG_4104_zpsufjxkdx0.jpg

Rupture/Bartholin - Cosmic Coital Cluster (Tooth Rez TR-07, 1st press, #100 copies, insert, 2014) white

12"  Compilation

Black on Black - A Tribute to Black Flag (Initial Records IR45, Limited Edition of #2500 copies, 2003) blue/grey marbled 

El Guapo  (Sameday Records #2/625 Productions #7, insert) black 

NEW YORK CITY HARDCORD (Revelation Records, REV 7, #4 press, #437 copies, 2001) blue 
Ramones - We're A Happy Family (Enjoy the Ride  2XLP #copies 750, 9/16/16) blue, red, white marbled 
Reality Part #2  (Deep Six Records DS11, insert) white  


Misfits - The Misfits Box Set (Caroline Records - CAR 7529-2, Box Set, Limited Edition, 4 x CD's comp. 50,000 copies, w/ Static Age CD, 'Fiend Club' pin, Booklet, 2/27/96)


Engage � Demo (Tragic Life 07 1992)

 photo IMG_4447_zpsi8yfcrlw.jpg

Life of Agony � Demo Two (FastLane Studio, Produced by Mikey �Big Balls� LOA1290 1991) 


Punk is Everything Punk is Dead (Bryan Ray Turcotte - 1st press, 12/2007)
Sex Pistols - The Inside Story (Fred Vermorel & Judy Vermore - 1987) 
xXx Fanzine (Bridge Nine Records, Flexi Magazine, Flexi-disc 7", #copies 500) white


Misfits - Scream! (Roadrunner Records, 10/5/1999) 2:55 min. Promo VHS limited 50 copies. Made in China

Lunch Box 
Misfits - Limited Edition             
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Crossed Out - Test Pressing (Slap a Ham Records, 6 copies, 1991) purple marble
Crossed Out - (bootleg, first 7" w/ 4 bonus track Dropdead split 5") black
Crossed Out/Dropdead - Test Pressing (Crust, Selfless, Rhetoric Records, July 1993) black
Crossed Out/Dropdead - (Crust, Selfless, Rhetoric Records, July 1993, 23 w/ orange cover) black
West Coast Power Violence and More (3x vinyl, Germany 1994) black
Crossed Out/Man is the Bastard (Slap a Ham Records, 1st pressing - 1000 w/red sleeve, 1000 w/ blue sleeve, 1992) black
Beastie Boy - III Communication (Grand Royal GR006, 2x vinyl, 1994, Canada) green
Clutch - Passive Restraints (Earache, MOSH 74T, 4/5/94, UK) black
Infest - All
Agnostic Front - United Blood EP (Agnostic Front AF001, self-released 1983, 1st pressing, #1000 copies) black 
Agnostic Front � Victim in Pain (Ratcage, MOTR29 gatefold, 1st pressed 1984) black 
Rupture - All
Gorilla Biscuits - All 
Minor Threat - All
Misfits - 1978-1983 
Black Flag - All                 
Metallica - Kill 'Em All (Megaforce Records, MRI 069, 1st pressed 1983) black
Metallica - No Life 'Til Leather ‎