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Júlio Cezar

Email: caosmusical76@gmail.com


Good Traders : 

Albert luebbing,  Tommas svendsen,  Jan Svestrup,  Chris Reynier,  Bob Suren,  Fabricio Rocha,  Paulo Cazella,  Vote Vasko,  Dave Hyde,  Marcel Schilpizan,  Tony Pellman,  Phillip Smeh,   Jean Sylvan,  Bill Skoulas,  Horst Firmanty,  Francisco A Ortega,  Armagedom Label,  Arnaud daudin,  Hauke Sas,  Guido Ratti,  Jean-Philippe Tremblay,  Armagedom Label,  Jiri Barvak,  Tom (power it up),  Jan agx,  Obliteration Records,  Emetic Records,  Sandro Gesser,  Crimes against humanity Records,  Flat earth Records,  Six weeks Records,  Paul Synhanvsy,  Carsten Sommer,  Redrum Records,  Razorback Records,  Vulgar Records,  Dr strange Records,  Chris Johnson,  Mikeal Vancleave,  Henke Liljegren,  Charlie Infection,  Bob barreda,  Grindmind Records,  Robotic Records,  NFL Records,  PFC Records,  Scott Bentz,  Eric Calbow,  Harris Greenwood,  Jennifer Records,  Neven Fitnic,  Erik Ahlberg,  Josh Britton,  Michael Harrison,  Max Gutfeld,  Matt (ecocentric Records),  Vien To,  Brian Skell,  Alexandre marron,  Joseph di Porto,  Lionel Touze,  Taku/Nat Records,  Pukenvomit Records,  Gonzalo valle,  Antonis Ginnakakis,  Jonathan Dixon,  Annie E-Cameron,  Hohnie Records,  Tino karnath,  Marc Lueten (BOD Records),  Yumikes (MCR company),  Roland (Black Flash Records),  Carlos Marreiros,  Mario (Rock Lion Records),  Mauricio Mazo d ´affonseca (noise band),  Mat Munchsmeier,  Mike Scheined,  John Williams,  Jim (Size Records),  Henke Smit, The Records (Brazilian Shop),  Terroten Records,  Fabio ( Dischi Storti),  Fabio Mozine ( Laja Records),  Rado Uhlik,  Antti Oionen,  Daniel Lupton (Sorry State Records), Paul Hetherington,  Tim Letten,  Cassiano (Industrial Holocaust),  Rivelino (Industrial Holocaust),  Bobby Egger (Headcount  Records),  Giulio ( FOAD Records), Marco Ferrero,  Evan Passion,  Jan Kuster, Cinque Records,  Angela ( Necrose), Jake French, Stephan Tschöpe, etc…


Harrison DeBord 
515 E. Newport Road
Lititz, PA 17543

Harrison DeBord : This is a clear example of a lying and cowardly person. He said he never received my package, but here is the register RE119421966BR of the package that proves that he received the package. Anyone can check this out on usps site.

We would have agreed to send (registered) packages at the same time. But he did not send his package. Then he started complaining that he had not received my package. But I did not get anything from him either. 
We had 2 packages lost? Incredible coincidence, is not it?

Fortunately, I had to prove that my package existed and it received in December 2013. 
It can never prove the same.

After a long delay and neglect, I have finally sent the records !!

But try to understand this nonsense, he is so stupid that he sent the same records as the photos he said he had sent in the first package, that is, there was never a first package of the part.

When I realized the kind of clown I was dealing with, I asked him to send the package and make a $ 200 insurance. 
Just to make sure that this time he would actually send my share of the trade. 
The package arrived here at a heavy rate and he vowed to help me pay half the fee by sending out some EPs, since I did not spread the antics that he had made. 
I agreed, but he never sent any EP or money to help me.

P.S: Also, He sent his part in the trade missing an EP and different records of what we had combined.
To this day, I do not know why he invented all this lie about never having received my package.

He's a kid playing with serious stuff. I think he has serious mental problems. Worse than after doing all this shit, he thinks he's right and I'm wrong. But it has not changed in my life. He tries to harm me with his delusions, but I continue trading, selling and comparing records around the world. And fortunately I never more crossed with a Mentally retarded like Harrison's board.

Levi critchifeild-725 filkins road apartament c newark, ny 14513 USA OR Levi Critchfield
11814 Pinewood Drive
Wolcott,  Ny 14590	

7 “EPs:      
Anal Massaker/ MPM  split EP
Anti cimex victims of a bombraid  EP (REPRESS)
Anti social behavior / Legion of doom   split EP
Avulsion / Forced expression   split EP
Boxed in" s/t"  EP (ex- sore throat)
Dis-eased / Dehumanized earth  split EP
Dr kultz trio "gomines a la” EP
Espamodicos “ recomendado para molestar  EP (rEPress yellow wax)
Exit Wounds / Jigsore Puzzle  Split EP  (red wax)
F “ are you an EP? ” (rare bootleg)
Fear Of God  "born blind” EP (first press) 
Final Conflict – in the family – EP ( Original on Reflex Records, 1983)
FNS / Gorebeat    Split EP
Ghaddar / Panaceja   Split EP
Global holocaust / Dehumanized Earth  split EP
Global Holocaust "no more" EP
Global holocaust / Urban trash    Split EP
Greenscab "kill precede rampage" EP (black wax)
Hiatus / Embittered  split EP
Hinfamy / Bones Erosion Split EP
INTENSITY “ ruttna bort “  EP (swe)
La resistance   "el primer ataque de......." EP
Larm “ extreme noise terrorism “
Luzifers Mob “ s/t  EP
Kulta dementia  'aussser funktion" (double EP)
Mahogany / disreantiyouth…..split EP
Noise / EAC Split EP
Noise – s / t EP
Noise / Industrial Holocaust Split EP
Obliterate / Maso Split EP
Odio “ solidão e conflito EP
OTOPHOBIA “ source of confusion “ EP
Renneraev "s/t “  EP (nor)
Sarcasm “ your funeral my party “  EP 92
Sea Sick “ rache” EP
Slaughter “ bloody carnage “ EP  (from demo 1984)
State of the Union “ s/t “ EP
Suppression "s/t “  EP (chaotic noise, 94)
TDK / Panaderia bolleria nuestra senora del karmen EP (rEPress)
Time X "end it up” EP
Varukers – led to slaughter EP
VITTU EI KIITOS “ s / t “(Hohnie Records, 2004  White Vinyl) EP
V/a:Apathy is no excuse for failure(Skol, what´s wrong, Phillippé, Petrograd)
V/a:Apathy is no excuse for failure(Skol, what´s wrong, Phillippé, Petrograd)
V/a:Le garage(sea sh ard, ivich, human alert, firger print, abolition)
V/a: Straight Outta Concord EP (the dread, total fucked, the aborted, anal mucus)

APPENDIX  “ money is not my currency “  LP (Hohnie Records, 2003 )
ANTISECT ‎– Leeds 2.4.86 (vinil roxo)

BLOOD "dysangelium " PICTURE LP
BOSKOPS ‎– Lauschgift  LP 85 (Woodstock Discos ‎/Mülleimer Records )
CEREMONY - Tyranny From Above LP
CHAOTIC DISCHORD "live in new york 1984" LP (Riot city Records)
CROSSED OUT – 1990- 1993 discografy ( Slap a ham, white wax, original)
DAVE  PHILLIPS (Fear of God) “The Hermeneutics of  Fear of god “ LP  (lim. 300)
DESTRUCTION - Infernal Overkill
DESTRUCTION – mad buthcher 
DISCARGA VIOLENTA"sem paz nem descanso"  LP
DISCHARGE “ disensitise “ LP
IRA" idemia de infexion aguda" LP (colombia) first press on red wax
IRON MAIDEN – killers - 
Nailed Down “ atrocious madness “ 10 LP
NUN SLAUGHTER “ hells unholy fire “  LP 
METALLICA “Metallica “ (The black album)” 2 x LP
MX – simoniacal LP (original)

PIZDA MATERNA"s/t"  LP (lituania) 
PUNGENT STENCH “ for god your soul….for me….
QUILL / SHORT HATE TEMPER / HARSH (3 way 10 LP) pink vinyl
SEPULTURA – beneath the remanis  Lp orig.
SEPULTURA – Arise - Rough Mixes Limited Edition For Rock In Rio ( the rare edition)
SEPULTURA – chaos A.D LP ( First press Original)
SEVEN SECONDS “ the crew “ LP
SKIT SYSTEM  “enkel resa till rannstenen “ LP
SKIT SYSTEM “ gra varld / svarta tankar “  LP, 1999  Colored Vinyl 
SKIT SYSTEM “ stigmata “ LP
TROUBLE  “ psalm 9:9  LP 1984
UDO – animal house
VIOLENT HEADACHE “ bombs of crust “LP
V/a: A scream from the silence volume 5 LP

Email: Júlio Cezar -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 06/16/2017
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7  EPs:

Appendix ’huora’ (Propaganda Records, 1983) 
Anti cimex’fucked in finland’
Anti-Cimex 'Anarkist Attack' 
Anti-Cimex 'Raped Ass' 
Anti-Cimex 'Victims Of A Bombraid' 
Anti hund mina"1984" 
Anti sytem  EPs ( original or repress)
Arroganta agitatorer 'arrogans" 
Asta Kask - early  EPs
Barn av regnbuen"det e kje nakka"
Barn av regnbeun"helter og skurger" 
Bastards’maailma palaa ja’ (Propaganda, 1982) 
Bristles 'Boys Will Be Boys' 
Bristles “ don’t give up” 
Chaos uk “ loud and ……orig.
Chaos z “ absmarch" 
Crudity - The total end 
Cruel Maniax / No security 
Declino"rivolta e negazione" 
Disaffect / Sedition 
Discharge – realities of war
Discharge “state violence state control”
Disarm regerringstodda mord 
Disarm"domd (Chickenbrain, 1986) ( or repress)
Disorder”mental disorder” 
Disorder”more noise”  
DISPERAZIONE “ sempre immutat fede “
Final Conflict The American Scream 
Final Conflict Institution
Final Conflict Face Extinction 
Final Conflict / No.Reason
Headclearners (swe) early  EPs
Huvudvatt / Piknic boys 
Impact / Eu´s arse 
Impulse manslaughter “ burn it…” ( freak out records, 86)
Indigesti / Wretched ( original or repress)
INDIREKT "nieuws voor doven
KAAOS/CADGERS split 7" (PTuotanto,  1981)
Kaaos"totaalinen kaaos"(Propaganda, 1982) 
Lama  early  EPs ( original or repress)
Larm"destroy sexism" 
Peggio punx"la citta
Mellakka"ei... (1984)
Mellakka" itsenaisyyspaiva
Mob 47 - Kärnvapenattack  (ROJ or uproar records)
NOG WATT "fear “
NYX NEGATIV "morals  
Peggio punx"disastro sonoro
Pegio punx’la citta e queita 
Pobel mobel"imagination" 
Rattus – ihmiset on sairaita EP
Raw noise - S/T  
Riistetyt -  Tuomiopäivä ( Propaganda )
Rip cord - harvest hardcore  
Svart framtid"1984 ( original or repress)
Strebers’ early  EPs
Systeemi ei toimi comp EP
Terveet kadet "rock laa hausta vastan   (IKBAL, 1980)
Terveet kadet" tk II  (IKBAL,  1981)
Terveet kadet" aareton joulu (Poko, 1982)
Totalitar "allting ar pa latsa"  
Totalitar"dom lurar oss’  
Totalitar"multinationla mordare"   orig
Totalitar"vand dig inte om"  
Totalitar " snabb livsglade"  
Uncurbed / Disfear  
Unicef"kakimassaa"  ( original or repress)
Varaus" tuomittu elamaan  (1983)
Varukers “die for your… (riot city)  
Varukers “ led to slaughter   ( riot city )
Wretched "early  EPs"


APPENDIX  “tops of the pops"  LP orig
ANTI CIMEX "scandinavian jawbreaker" LP  orig
ANTISECT - In Darkness There Is No Choice 
ANTI SYSTEM No Laughing Matter
BASTARDS " jarjeton maailma" LP  orig
DISCHARGE"the nightmare ’ LP
English Dogs - Mad Punx & English Dogs 
IMPACT "solo odio " LP
LAMA "ei já mikkan" LP
PERDITION "intoxicated" MLP
MASSACRE" s/t" (rock o rama) LP
Mob 47 - Racist regime LP
Mob 47 - Ultrahuset massacre LP
Mob 47 - Stop the slaughter LP
RATTUS"wc rajataa" LP
RATTUS"rattus on rauta" LP
RIISTETYT"skitsophenia" propaganda LP
RIP CORD in search of a future
WRETCHED"libero di viveri" red LP
V/a:Propaganda hc 83 LP (green)
V/a:Russia bombs finland orig LP

Metal / Grindnoisecore : 

Abhorrence- Pestilential Mists
Abhoth- The Tide
Abruptum- Evil
Acrostichon- Lost Remembrance
Adramelech- Spring Of Recovery
Afflicted- Ingrained Afflicted- Ingrained
Afflicted Astray 
Afflicted Rising To The Sun 
Amorphis- Vulgar Necrolatry
Anguish- Ground Absorbs
Anal Cunt - Another … 
Anal Cunt - Live  
Anal massaker / Sterbehilfe split  
Anal massaker / Meat shits split  
Anal Massaker / Maggot Shoes split  
Benediction  all  EPs
Blood / Impetigo  
Carnage” live 4/11/89 ”
Cenotaph “tenebrous apparitions” (mex)original
Disastrous Murmur   ‎– Untitled    EP 89
Disembowel   ‎– A Matter Of Splatter ( Hol) 
Disgrace- Debts Of Gods 
Dissection   ‎– Into Infinite Obscurity (SWE)
Eternal Darkness- Doomed 
Excavation- Psychotic Possession
Extreme Noise Terror /KLF split  
Fear of god " konservan" 
Fear of God “ s/t” EP  Clear wax 
General Surgery – Necrology  
General Surgery - Erosive Offals, Pestisferous Anthropophagia, Internecine Prurience  
Grave ‎– Tremendous Pain
Haemorrhage / Ingrowing split  
Haemorrhage / Nunslaughter split  
Impetigo /  Blood 
Impetigo - Buio Omega
Impetigo – Faceless
Impetigo / Transgressor 
Patareni / UBR  
Patareni / Crucifix split  
Master (usa)  EPs
Mordicus (swe)EP
Mortem (NOR) slow death  
Necrony - Mucu-Purulent Miscarriage ( yellow)
Napalm death"curse"  
Napalm death"live" (guts)  
Napalm death “mass madness… 

Nyctophobic / Agathocles
Nyctophobic “neglected….”
Regurgitate/Psychotic Noise – Split
Regurgitate EP I dont have  
Rotthing Christ / Sound Pollution split  
Seven Minutes of Nausea ‘Disobedient Looser’   
Seven Minutes of Nausea ‘Your Father Was a Poser’   first press
Seven Minutes of Nausea / Deca Debilane split  
Seven Minutes of Nausea / Strichnin split  
Seven minutes of nausea/Noise waste splt  
Seven minute of nausea “ the rose… 
Terrorizer eps
Vomitory - Moribund   
Vomitory/Murder corporation  


Anal cunt  LPs
Blasphemy (can ) LPs
Carcass"tools of the trade" LP
Carnage”dark recollections” LP
Dead infection first LP
Exulceration/ Putrid Offal split LP
Grave (swe) ” all  LPs
Grave / Devolution split LP
Grave box with 6 x LPS
Haemorrhage “hospital carnage”LP
Haemorrhage Live Lp
Impetigo ultimo mondo cannibale orig.
Patareni LPs
Repulsion "Horrified" LP Necrosis
Terrorizer – darks days ahead 
Terrorizer / Nausea split LP
Vomitory (swe) LPs

ZILIONS OF MORE……………………..please, let me know what you have.....