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Eric Calbow 
I respond to every email (at least once).

Email address: futbrawl13 at cox dot net 

All this stuff is for trade, of course. What else? Let�s NEGOTIATE! 

* = on hold
+ins. = insert or inner sleeve included
All sleeves and vinyl are VG/VG or better unless noted, Cover/Vinyl. 
If you�re particular about condition please ask and I�ll describe in detail or send photos.

Updated 4/19/18

Lps, 12"s, 10", 7” for trade 


Sepultura - Slamdown lp (early live set)
Sindrome de Down - 
W.C.H.C. - Agonia e Morte lp (early grinding hardcore 1989)

Eastern Europe

CYDHIE Genocide - As A Goblet Of Gore lp G-/EX (cover is terrible)
Maanam – 1984 7” Tonpress
VooDoo - Heavy Metal VooDoo lp (1987, Poland's metal heyday, Pronit)


Barback - Skullgrave ep (1992 Rotthenness Records)


Negazione - Lo Spirito Continua... lp +ins. TVOR 


V/A - Truth? lp +ins. (1995 w/COSA, Life, Guillotine Terror, Defiance, Bloodbath, Ash Rain)

Latin America

Massacre 68 - No Estamos Conformes lp (old unofficial, inner cardboard is white, matrix Lado A/B
Mordeth - Lux In Tenebris lp
Sindrome de Down - Carpe Diem lp +ins. VG+/EX (solid Dead Kennedys influence. 1990)


Afflict - Necromance lp +booklet (first lp of dark, metallic hardcore with a goth edge, booklet is EX)
Gore - Mean Man's Dream lp (VG-/VG)
Mornington Crescent - Still Shocking lp +insert (big corner bend, otherwise EX)
Sempiternal Deathreign - The Spooky Gloom lp VG-/VG+


Tuomiopaivan Lapset – Saatanan Murhaajat ep +ins. (1995)


Accursed, The - Up With The Punks lp
Chaos U.K. - The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes, U.S. pressing)
Stiff Little Fingers - Straw Dogs 7" (sleeve/vinyl G-/VG)


Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom lp (Unofficial, Immigrant Darkness, red/magenta vinyl, good sound)
Catheter - Preamble To Oblivion lp
Crucifer - Pray For The Dead 7" blue
Don't No - Incite The Riot lp
Knucklehead - I lp +ins. U.S. hardcore 1985
Lonely Trojans, The - Three Guys, Six Songs 12" +ins. (Alternative rock)
Ratt - Invasion of Your Privacy lp (excellent condition with original inner sleeve)
Solution Unknown - Karen 12" +ins.
V/A - Connecticut Fun lp +ins. (legends: Youth of Today, their first vinyl appearance, CIA, 76% Uncertain, Vatican Commandos and 9 more)
V/A - Murders Among Us ep (Life's Blood, Nausea, Absolution, Born Against)
V/A - U.S. Metal Vol. II lp

International splits and comps. 

Acroholia/Intestinal Disease ep
Email: eric calbow -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 04/19/2018
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WANT LIST (It seems like I mostly trade for stuff NOT on my want list.  So don�t hesitate to write! Metal want list is separate.) 
? = on the way? 

Top wants: 

Acid � Shock Troops lp, Grey Earth lp
Akutt Innleggelse � Echos From the Asylum ep
Antisect - Live in the Darkness lp
ΑΡΝΑΚΙΑ - Δύτης Του Ουρανού 7"
Appendix � 7�s
Asphyx - Last One On Earth lp
Aspid - Extravasation lp
Аспид‎ � Кровоизлияние
Asbestos - any
Atoxxxico - Punks de Mierda ep
Beherit � split w/Death Yell
Bristles � Don�t Give Up ep 
Buffalo - Volcanic Rock lp Vertigo 
Chain Reaction � Gabbie ep (Belfagor 1985)
Civil Dissident - First blood 7EP
Deathside - Bet on the Possibility lp, "Satisfy the Instinct" ep
Death Yell � Vengeance From Darkness ep,
Declino - Rivolta e Negazione ep
Declino/Negazione - lp
Demigod/Necropsy split lp
Disarm � Reggerings Stodda Mord ep
D.T.A.L. � Time To Die ep 
Electric Deads eps
Fratricide/Neuroot split lp test press
Frig�ra - ep, Dance of the Plague Bearer lp or discog. lp
Front - Mortal Surgery lp
Gauze - 4th lp
Histeria lp COL
Kohu 63 - 1st lp
Lipcream � Close to the Edge lp, s/t lp
Merciless - The Awakening lp
Necrofago - Bestial War lp 
Negazione � Tutti Pazzi ep
Offensor lp 
Poison Idea � Pick Your King ep
Poison - Into the Abyss 12" (Midian, Germany)
Riistetyt - eps, Skitsofrenia lp
Sedicion - Extintos lp (need white sleeve only. Have vinyl)
S.O.D. � 1st ep
Sororicide - The Entity lp
Systematic Death - Final Insider lp, "Flash" ep, Systema ep
Winterswijk Chaos Front � s/t ep (Krottenbeat 1986)
Wretched - In Nome Del Loro Potere..., Anti Guerra ep, In Controluce 7", split w/Indigesti
Zyklome A ep, Moral Demolition split ep  

More h/c wants (some more than others)...(see metal wants further down)

5051 ep
Abaddon/Rejestracja split tape
Adicts � 1st lp on DWED.  Any eps. 
Agathocles - Fascination ep 7"s
Agent 86 � Scary Action ep
Anasa Staxth (Ashen Breath) lp
ΑΝΤΙ... / Κοινωνικά Απόβλητα lp
Antidrasi 2nd lp 
Antischism - All Their Money... ep, End of Time ep
Ataque de Sonido - s/t ep 1991 Autolanzado
Attanas - Rokki ep
Axegrinder - demos lp
Born Without A Face - Unbecoming ep
Boskops � F.E.D.I.A. lp
Brutal Verschimmelt - S/T lp Rock O Rama
BSN - Guerra Bacteriologica 7", Brigada Subterranea 7"
Burning Witch � Towers lp, 1st lp
Cambio Negro � O Espelho dos Deuses lp
Concrete Sox � Your Turn Next lp 
DBF any
Depression � s/t lp, Money Chain ep, Australia lp, Ultra Hardcore� lp
Deviated Instinct � live lp 
Disarray 7�
Disper-Azione - Sempre Immutata 7EP, first lp
Disrupt/Taste of Fear 7"
D.O.N. D.O.N. � Borderline lp
Eristetyt � Unelma ep, Mustaa kumia ja rosvoja ep 
Expatriate � No Sleep �til Churchwater 7�
Fartz � World Full of Hate lp (original, I really just need VINYL ONLY!)
Hammerhead - Apocalypse is near ep, Stay Where the Pepper Grows 12"
Hemdale discography CD
Herejia - Holocausto Subverzibo lp
Heresy - Thanks ep 
HP.HC - Thrash/Hardcore/Punk 7"
I.H.Z. ep 
Inanimate Object 7�
Inzest � Another Religion, Another Violence 7�
Judgement eps
Kismet/Negative Stance - Love is our strongest weapon lp
Maimed for Life ep
Maniacs � Salute the Survivors ep
Maniacs/Tin Can Army lp
Mayhem � Bloodrush ep
Miasma - s/t lp (Greece)
Πίσσα & Πούπουλα lp
Mourning Noise ep
Napalm Death � The Curse ep
Αρνητική Στάση lp
No Pigs ep (Nozem)
No Security � s/t ep
Nukketeatter Tervetuloa Helvettin ep
Ρήγμα � Ο Τελευταίος Αιώνας lp
Perdition - s/t 7"
Plastic Idols � I.U.D. 7�
Potential Threat 
Psycho - 8 song 12" ep 
Psychotic Maniacs � A Tribe of Melbourne ep
PTL Klub � Living Death ep
Resistance 77 � Thoroughbred Men lp
Restos de Tragedia - Ser y No Ser 7"
Ruido de Rabia/Ultimo Gobierno split lp
Sacrilege - Within The Prophecy lp, 
Sariaat Mielet - eps
Septic Death � Core of Reality lp boot 30+ songs w/ hard sleeve), original lp (green sleeve), ?Burial 7" og
Siekiera - 1984 lp
Skunks � any, esp. Can�t Get Loose
Sluglords - Trails of Slime lp
Sorto � 1984-1986 ep (Ecocentric)
Stiff Little Fingers - Nobody's Heroes lp
S.O.B. - Gate of Doom lp (may only exist on CD, not sure)
Terminal Aspect
Totalitar � Multinational Mordare ep  (original)
Vatican Commandos any
Vile � Solution lp boot
Vicious Circle - Search for the Solution 7"
Violent Solution � Paralysis 7� (Fin)
War of Destruction any original
Willful Neglect s/t lp
Χαοτική Διάσταση� Δεν Περιμένω lp, Πολίτες Της Κόλασης 7"
Zone - Win Back to Sanity ep

Compilations wanted:

V/A � 1984, the first and second lps
V/A � Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit... Nr.2
V/A - Appointment with Fear lp
V/A - Babylon Bleibt Fahren lp
V/A - Beating the Meat lp
V/A � Beware of the Wolf in Sheep�s Clothing lp
V/A - Decapitated 7" (Greek death metal)
V/A � Digging in Water lp
V/A - Eye of the Thrash Gorilla lp
V/A - la ciudad podrida
V/A - Our Blow Out cs (Slow Death)
V/A - The Pleasures In Life lp 
V/A - Sound of US cities: San Diego Mystic lp
V/A - Shoudoku Gig lp
V/A - Lung Cookies lp (or any other early Smoke 7 comp)
V/A - Eat My Brain Go Insane lp
V/A - Antichrist lp
V/A - What Are You Doing About That Hole In Your Head? lp
V/A - What's Wrong With This Picture ep
V/A - Qualcosa di Completamente Diverso lp with Rapt,Heresy,Raw Noise,Gepopel,Bgk 

�still, more wants! Strictly metal stuff.

Metal wants

Abomination � lp
Acridity � For Freedom I Cry lp
Acrostichon - Lost Rememberance ep
Aftermath � Don�t Cheer Me Up lp
Aggression � The Full Treatment lp, Forgotten Skeleton lp
Agressor - Kill or Die lp (Brazil)
Agressor lp 1st France
Angel Witch - s/t lp
Apparition 7"
Asphyx � Crush the Cenotaph 12�, Last One On Earth lp
Astaroth 7" Columbia
Astharoth - Gloomy Experiments lp
Attak � s/t lp
Atrocity - The Art of Death lp, 
Autopsy - Ridden with Disease demo lp, Retrobution for the Dead 12�
Avulsed/Acid Death lp
Banished - 7"s
Beherit � split w/Death Yell, The Oath of Black Blood lp
Berzerker - Lost lp
Black Hole � Land of Mystery lp
Black Knight - Master of Disaster lp (reissue OK)
Blacklist � The Sign of 4
Black Sabbath - Doomsday Recitation lp, Cross Purposes lp
Black Task � Firestorm
Black Virgin � Most Likely To Exceed 
Bloody Skizz � Gods Breaker 7�
Breaker � In the Days of Heavy Metal lp 
Breeze Least � s/t lp
Buffalo - Volcanic Rock lp og
Bulldozer - IX lp, Neurodeliri lp
Carcass - Exhume to Consume lp
Chakal - 1st ep
Chemical Breath - Fatal Exposure lp
Cyclone � Brutal Destruction lp
Dark - Sex 'n' Death lp
Darkness - Death Squad lp
Darkthrone first two lps
Daster � 7�, lp
Death � Early demos lp
Death Yell � Vengeance From Darkness ep, split w/Beherit, Morbid Rites
Deceased - Luck of the Corpse lp
Deceiver � 7�
Demigod/Necropsy split lp
Demise - Devious Deception ep (Portland, OR)
Demolition Hammer - Tortured Existence lp
Desolation - In A World Of Terror lp
Dethrone � Let the Day Begin lp
Dirty Damage - 7�, lp
Disabuse � Sorrow and Perdition lp
Dr. Faust - Pathological... lp
Embalmer - There Was Blood Everywhere ep
Energetic Krusher � Path to Oblivion lp
Epidemic - Decameron lp
Exulceration/Putrid Offal lp
Ferox � 7� 
Front - Der Wasser Der K�ln lp, Mortal Surgery lp
Фронт - Der Wasser...lp, Mortal Surgery lp
Funebre - Brain Spoon ep
Future Tense � Condemned to the Gallows
Gibbed - Eternal Life ep
Guillotine - Voy lp
Hades � Aquelarre lp
Heathen's Rage - same EP
Hellchild - Where The Conflict Reaches lp
Hell�s Kitchen � Crystal Wasteland lp
Human Hate - Lost in the Abyss ep
Icecross - s/t lp
Impaler - Charnal Diety lp
Incantation - Onward to Golgotha lp, Blasphemous Creation lp
Inner Sanctum � 12 A.M.
Intense Mutilation � Safe Sex lp (NRR)
Intoxication - Cerebral Parasite ep
Ironhawk � To the Point
Killen-Same (87,victoria records)
Kpematop - За Чертой lp
Koma - 1st and 2nd lps
Leather Nunn - Take the Night LP (then I woke up)
Legend � From the Fjords lp (reissue OK)
Lezlie Paice � Fighting Men ep
Lord � The Second Coming lp
Loudblast � Sensorial Treatment lp
Mad Butcher � Metal Lightning Attack lp
Mandator � Initial Velocity lp
Medieval 12" (New Renaissance)
Mega Mosh � Call to Account lp
Merciless - The Awakening lp
Messiah - 1st lp
Metalstorm - Outbreak of Evil lp
Militia � Sybling ep
Morbid Angel � Abominations of Desolation lp OG Japan
Mordeth - Dimensions in Death ep
Mordor � Metal ep
Mutilation ep 
MX - Mental Slavery lp
Napalm Death - the Curse ep, demos lp 
Necrocannibal - Somnambuliformic Possession lp
Necrodeath � Into the Macabre lp, Fragments of Insanity lp
Necrofago - Bestial War lp (Top want! Will offer $ or personal records)
Necromancer � 12�
Necronomicon - Necronomicon lp (first)
Necrosis � The Search lp
Nemesis � Hombre ep
Parabellum � Sacrilegio , Mutacio por Radiacion ep
Poison - Into The Abyss lp (Midian, Germany)
Prime Evil - No Desecrate lp
Profanatica/Impiety ep
Protector - Golem lp Atom H
Putrid Offal/Exulceration lp
Putrifact - Visceral Devourment ep
Raven Bitch - Tear Down The Walls 
Revenant - Prophecies of A Dying World lp
Rigor Mortis - Peace Through Tyranny ep
Ripper � And the Dead Shall Rise lp (reissue ok)
Ripping Corpse - Dreaming With The Dead lp
Ritual 12" 
S.A.S. � Warlords lp
Sacred Few � Beyond the Iron Walls 
Sadism � Tribulated Bells lp, Darkside ep
Salem's Wych - Betrayer of Kings
Samael - ceremony of Opposites lp
Sarcofago/Necrovore lp
Sarcofagus - lps
Satan�s Host � Metal From Hell
Scarab � Poltergeist
Schizo � Main Frame Collaps lp
Sentenced � 7�
Sextrash - split lp with PUS 
Shah - Escape From Mind lp
Shock Split � Under Wraps
Sinister Angel 
Sorcery - Rivers of the Dead ep
Sorcery - Bloodchilling Tales lp
Sororicide - The Entity lp
Sorrow - Forgotten Sunrise 12", Hatred and Disgust lp
Sparagmos - Invitation from Host of Wrath lp, split w/Last War
Stone � 7�, s/t lp
Stonehenge � Wings of Steel
Stygian Shore - s/t 
Supuration - The Cube lp 
Tempest � The End of A Dream lp
Thatcher - destined to Conquer LP
Therion - Time Shall Tell 12"
Tiamat � The Astral Sleep lp, A Winter Shadow ep
Torturer � Oppressed by the Force lp
Transgressor - Ether...lp
Transmetal � any lps up to 1993
Treblinka � Severe Abominations ep
Unleashed - Where No Life Dwells lp, Shadows In The Deep lp, ep
Violent Force � M.A.O.T. lp
Violent Hate � Preaching lp
Violent Solution � 7� 
Vomiturition - Flesheater...7"
V/A - Rodrigo D No Futuro lp
V/A - Thrash Metal Hell (New Renaissance)
Venom - Bloodlust ep
Witchfinder General � Death Penalty lp (even vinyl only will be cool)
Zerber lp

You bet I'm interested in tons of stuff not on my want list. HC/Punk/thrash/metal/death, and everything in between.  
International traders please write.  

Misc. record Wants

Pusmort ep/flexi Hand of Fear cover fotocopy
Immortal Fate � Beautiful lp sleeve only
Jerrys Kids � Is this my world lp original sleeve only
Thrasher Sk8 comix (later issues)
Turbo � Alive lp sleeve only
Witchfinder General - Death Penalty lp Vinyl only

Believe it or not, this is an incomplete list of records I'm interested in by these and
other bands. 
Original Pressings are not essential as long as I know IN ADVANCE.

Good, reliable people to trade with: 

Chris Reynier (France), Albert Luebbing (Germany), Pawel Skuza �Bazek� (Poland), Jarno
Katajainen (Finland), Luc Ardilouze (France), Chris Renna (USA), Horst Firmanty
(Germany), Manoel Goncalves (Brazil), Luiz Silva (Brazil), Brian Sayle
(UK), Piotr Grzegorczyk (Pepus from Poland), Julio Pereira, Clayton Silva, Bill Skoulas (Greece), 
Eduardo Silva (Brazil), Chris Johnson, Matthias Unfug (Hell Bent),

More good traders I have completed at least one successful trade with:

Jan Svanhill, Erik Ingram, Martin Nielsen Breidahl, Jean-Philippe Tremblay, Amauri Jose Mendes de Lima (Brazil), 
Paco Lavidaesunmus, Josh Speer (USA), Viktor Bostrom, Judd Taylor (USA), Andy Calabrese (USA), Jorgen Ditlev, 
Greg Mattingly, Dario Adamic, Dave Hyde, Cecil Arnold, Vicente Mertz (Brazil), Robert Floresse (Netherlands), 
Charly Wiesauer, Roman Greindl (Forgotten Steel), Scott Langlais, Mario Van Der Heijden (Rock-Lion),
Josef Loderer, Luciano Marinho da Silva (Brazil), Marcos Picchio, Jordan Tulin, Jeff Desantis, Pete Burn, Jakob Friborg,
Federico Gomez, Chris Coulthard, Chris Corry, Milan Ivosevic, Scott Bentz and tons more since mid �90s, I forget.  

Bad news: 
Sergio Andres Torres Rueda (rockfever606@hotmail.com) Don�t buy anything from this lowlife.