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Good traders: Dominik Spott, Duane Sprau, Gerd Geurtz, Mike Seifert, Sebastian Stronzik, Jörg Fichte, Daan Plasmeijer, Marlon Moreno

1-900s "Trained Dogs & Dog Trainers" demo
Absolute Madness demo
Abuse Of Power demo
Abuse Of Power demo
Abuse Of Power "All I Need" promo
Abuse Of Power promo
Abusive Action "Unbreakable" demo
Accursed, The demo
Agari demo
Altercado Espiritual "Discography"
Altered Boys demo
Altered Boys "Left Behind w/ Choosing Sides"
Altered State demo
Altered State "Face The Fire"
Among The Living demo
Anchors Up demo
Ancient Heads demo II
A Needle Under The Nail demo
Anger Rises demo
Anguish "The Path Of Mystery" demo
Anguish "Smoke & Mirrors"
Antagon "Ashes II Ashes, Dust II Dust" demo
Antagonize demo
Apache "More Than Alive"
Arrest demo
Ashkenazi "Nature Of The Beast" demo
A Step Apart promo
A Step Apart demo
Atom Smasher "Denial Of Life"
Ausencia "Cuantas Vidas"
Avalanche "The Moonhouse Sessions"
B'urst demo
B'urst promo mix
Bad Karma demo
Bad Karma "Final" demo
Bad Manifest demo
Bandog demo
Barbed Wire demo
Barrage demo
Barren demo
Bases Loaded demo
Bases Loaded practice demo
Battering Ram "Let Me Fight Where I Lay"
Be All End All demo
Beautiful Ones, The demo
Beggars And Gentry demo
Beliefe "Two Songs" promo
Below demo
Berthold City "Moment Of Truth" demo
Beware demo
Beware "What We Were"
Big Boss demo '15
Big Boss demo '17
Big Contest demo
Big Contest promo #1
Big Contest promo #2
Big Mack demo '17
Big Mack demo '18
Big Takeover demo
Big Takeover demo II
Black Friday 29 demo
Black Haven demo
Black SS "Animals" tape
Bleed Into One demo
Blind Authority demo
Blind Authority demo
Blind Authority "No Future" promo
Blind Authority "Death Dreams" promo
Blind Beliefs demo
Blindside promo
Blindside USA demo
Blood Red demo
Bludgeon Boys demo
Blunt Force demo
Blystex "Nasty Licks" demo
Bootlicker demo
Bootlicker "SixTrack E.P."
Bootlicker "SixTrack E.P."
Born Annoying "Little Eden Sessions" demo
Born Free demo
Bottom Line demo
Brain Slug demo
Brain Slug "CREEP//Annihilate Me"
Brain Slug "Live In Power" promo
Brat Pack demo
Brats, The "Hitler, God And Iggy Pop" demo
Brauer demo
Brauer "Skinny Wolves"
Break And Enter "Die Alone" demo
Breed Apart demo
Bronco Libre demo
Buggin Out "Sinnekloas" demo
Build And Destroy demo
Built On Trust demo
Bullet Belt "Divided Youth" demo
Burst Of Rage demo
Busted Outlook "Plague Horder"
Busted Outlook "Grand Slam Sessions" promo
Cachimbazo "Ilusiones Necesarias"
Cadenexo demo
Candy demo
Cast You Down demo
Cement Shoes demo
Chain Cult demo
Chain Reaction demo
Chain Whip demo
Chaos Cross demo
Charles Brigade "Amici Di Nessuno" demo
Cheap Appeal demo
Cheap Drugs demo
Cheap Thrills demo
City Dweller demo
City Dweller & Plaids "Split"
City Dweller "I Will Become Unique"
Civic Duty demo
Civilized "Negative Reflection" demo
Clean Break demo
Clear demo
Clear "Youth To Youth" promo
Coldburn demo
Collusion demo
Combat Shock "Cold War II" demo
Combined Effort demo
Complete Loss demo
Concealed Blade demo
Concealed Blade "MMXVI" promo
Concrete Dog demo
Constant Fear demo
Contra demo
Control demo
Control "Three Years On"
Conundrum demo
Convict "Barred Life" demo
Coptic Times demo
Cornered promo
Correction demo
Correction promo
Corrective Measure demo
Corrective Measure promo
Counter demo
Coupe-Gorge demo
Coupe-Gorge demo
Coupe-Gorge promo
Cracks In The Wall "Stick To Your Guns" demo
Crippled demo
Crisis Unit demo
Crude Buster  "SMF'15" demo
Crude Buster promo
Crude Buster & Reminded "Split"
Cruel Hand promo
Cut The Shit demo
Cutting Through demo
Damaged Goods demo
Dame "Charm School" demo
Dead Hero "Seguimos En Pie" demo
Dead Reckoning "Walking On Hate-Mode" demo
Deadblack demo
Deadverse "Go Ape"
Deal With It demo
Deal, The demo
Dearest Wish demo
Death Injection demo
Death Injection "Don't Care"
Death Or Glory demo
Death Pact demo
Death Ridge Boys demo
Decline demo
Dedication, The demo
Defense, The "Never Rests" demo
Demolition "Live & Interview"
Desperate Measures demo
Destined To Burn demo
Destined To Burn demo II
Destruct "Human Failure" demo
Detergents demo
Deviant demo
Diebirth promo
Different Face demo
Direct Impact demo
Disapproval "Live At Destroy L.A. Fest"
Discrepancy "Live & Interview"
DisXease demo
Division Of Mind demo
Diztort "Live At Olympia Hard Core Fest"
Doe "Summer 2013" tape
Doe "Sooner" tape
Dogchains demo
Dogchains "Wind Of Chains" promo
Domain demo
Domain promo
Dome Of Obedience demo
DoublexCrossed "Moscow Drug Free" demo
Double Standards demo
Downslide demo
Drapetomania demo
Draw Blank demo
Dread "Brain Rot" demo
Drug Control demo
Drug Control promo
Drug Dogs demo
Drux demo
Dysnea Boys "Forgot How To Read"
Earthquake demo
Eastern Bloc demo
Easy Way Out demo
El Camino Car Crash demo
Ends Meet "Nothing To Show" demo
Enemy Ground demo
Enforced, The demo
Enforcers, The demo
Enough Said "Placentia" demo
Envision demo
Eraze "LS6" demo
Erupt "Escape" demo
Evasión demo
Except "Faith In Words"
Expired Youth demo
Expressive Action demo
Face The Rail "Empty Jars & I Wanna Live"
Failed State demo
Faithless demo
Farce demo
Fatcap demo
Feed demo
Feeding Chain "Public Execution" demo
Feeding Time demo
Feeding Time promo
Field Agent "The Voice Of A Few" demo
Field Agent "The Power"
Fifty On Red demo
Fight, The demo
Fight, The demo 2
Final Plan, The demo
Final Prayer "1st Round Knock Out" demo
Final Rage "Tombstone" demo
Final Say demo
Fired Up demo
Firewalker demo
Firewalker "Alive" promo
Firing Squad demo
Firm Standing Law demo
First Step, The demo
First Step, The demo
First Step, The "West Coast Tour" demo
Flamethrower "Cremation" demo
Flex, The demo
Flex, The "Flexual Healing Vol. 2 - In The Doghouse Live At Mongrel Fest"
Flex, The "Flexual Healing 3: T.H.E. F.L.E.X."
Flex, The " Flexual Healing Vol 4: Live At Flex House"
Flex, The "Don't Bother With The Outside World"
Flex, The "Flexual Healing VI: Live From The Paincave"
Flex, The "Flexual Healing Vol 7: Perhaps The War Is Over? Perhaps It's Peace?"
Force Majeure demo
Foreseen demo
Foreseen "Discography"
Foreseen "Helsinki Savagery"
Forge demo
Fortress Black "Bitter Verses" demo
Freedom "United States Of Mind" demo
Freedom promo
Freedom "U.S.A. Hardcore"
Funeral, The "2 song" demo
Fury demo
Fury "Kingdom Come" promo
Fury promo '16
Fury promo '17
Fury promo '17
Gaucho demo
Get It Done demo
Ghost Decibels demo
Giant demo
Glory Bound demo
Glory demo
Glory promo
Glue demo
Goldust demo
Goldust "3 Song" promo
Golem demo
Gorilla Troops "S/T"
Grabuge "Perdu d'avance"
Great Death demo
Grey Nurse demo
Growing Cold demo
Growing Stronger demo
Guast "Nao Existe Nenhuma Demo Do Guast"
Guilty demo
Gulag Beach "No Ice Above The DMZ" demo
Guns Up promo
Guts Out demo
Guts Out "S/T"
Halbstark "Scherben" demo
Hammer, The demo
Hangin Tough "Hard & Sole" demo
Hard Stripes demo
Hard Stripes "H.S.U.B. MMXIII" promo 
Harsh Truth "Breakin' Out!" demo
Heatseeker demo
Heist, The "Four Shots" demo
Heist, The (DE) demo
Hell & Back demo
Higher Power demo
Hold Tight demo
Hollow Truth "The Earth Shook" demo
Hoods Up "Hamburg City Straight Edge" demo
Hornetz Nest demo
Howitzer demo
HVAC "Mentality" demo
Hyde demo
Iena "Condanna A Morte" demo
Ill Informed "Adapt Or Die"
Imaginary Dictionary demo
Immortal War "Hell's Razor" demo 
Impact Zone demo
Imposter demo
Impotentie "Demonstratieve Opnamens"
In Arm's Reach "Fuck You This Is Straight Edge" demo
Indication demo
Initiated "Seed Of Evil" tape
Innocent "Power Hungry And Mindless" demo 
Inspire demo
Instant Death "Fool's Vengeance" demo
Intent "No Rules" demo
Intent & Ancient Heads "Split"
Intent "All Or Nothing" demo
Intent "All Or Nothing" demo
Intent "Power Of The Will" promo
Iron Curtain demo
Iron Edge "10.18.14" demo
Iron Edge demo
Iron Heel "Black Shovel" demo
Iron To Gold demo
Isolation demo
Jack Move demo
Jaguarz "North End Jammin" rehearsal promo
Jailbreak "Bustin' Out!" demo
Jaws demo
Jokes On You demo
Juggernaut demo
Just Went Black demo
Keep It Clear demo
Kentawr demo
King Nine demo
Kingpin demo
Kingshead demo
Klout demo
Klout promo
Knightzz demo
Kogorta tape
Krimewatch demo
Krimewatch promo
La Guadaña demo '16
La Guadaña demo '17
Labeled demo
Lacerations demo
Lackluster demo
Lars demo
Last Straw demo
Last Warning demo 
Last Warning demo 
Laughing Boy demo
Lawgiver demo 
Legal Highs demo
Length Of Time "Let The World With The Sun Go Down"
Lethal Dose demo
Lifeless Dark "Who Will Be The Victims" demo
Life Of Reilly demo
Life Trap demo
Life Trap demo
Life's Munition "Modern Trap" demo
Lifespite "S/T"
Lights Out demo
Lights Out demo
Limit demo
Line Of Sight "Live & Interview"
Lion's Cage "Raw" demo
Lion's Share demo
Lion's Share demo II
Lions "Bit By Bit" tape
Loughton "Technicolor Fracture" promo
Lubricant demo
Lubricant "Aus Tour" promo
Lubricant promo
Lurk demo
Mad Mouth "Masochism" demo
Maniac demo
Manipulate demo
Mass Decay demo
Mental Refuse demo
Might "Is Right" demo 
Mil-Spec demo
Mil-Spec "When The Fever Broke" promo
Miles To Go demo
Mindforce demo
Mischief demo
Misled Youth demo
Mizery promo
Mob Mentality demo
Mondern Problems demo
Mongrel demo
Moron demo
Most Precious Blood demo
Mumbo Jumbo demo
My Rules demo
Nachts "Geistes Gegenwart"
Natural Order "Home Invasion"
Nekra demo
Nerve Endings demo
New Lows "Paincave Sessions Vol.1"
New Morality "No Future" demo
New Vision demo
Nibiru "Earthbreeder" demo
Night Runner demo
Night Stalker demo
No Authority "Hard Times"
No Part demo
No Pulse "One By One" demo
Nosebleed demo
Nosebleed "S/T"
Nuclear Age demo
Nuevo Orden demo
Obstruct demo
Obstruct "No Life E.P. + Demo"
Obstruct "X.X.X" promo
Odd Man Out demo
On The Ropes demo
On Thin Ice "All Guts No Glory" demo
One Voice demo
Ordeal demo
Our Turn "Step Aside" demo
Out Comes The Wolves demo
Out Crowd demo
Outbreak demo
Outreach demo
Outshined demo
Outskirts demo
Overdose "Animal Instinct" demo
Pact, The demo
Pain Principle "Accept The Pain" demo
Pain Tolerance demo
P.E.A.R.L. demo
Pipe Dream "Compulsive" demo
Plaids & No Action "Split"
Pleasant Living demo
Policy Of Truth demo
Policy Of Truth promo
Polluted Brain demo
Power promo
Power Surge demo
Prais "Live & Interview"
Preskool Dropouts demmo
Preskool Dropouts demo too
Primitive Life demo
Primitive Life demo
Primitive Life promo
Prison Moan demo
Problems, The demo
Protester demo
Protester promo
Protester "No Identity" promo
Public Assault demo
Public Domain demo
Public Suicide demo
Pure Pressure "Tides" promo
Put It Aside "Back In Your Face" promo
Quick Fix demo
Rage Cage "Sick Songs" demo
Raid demo
Raincoat "Housed"
Rampage demo
Ranger "Metal Gear" demo
Rapture demo
Rare Form demo 
Rat Cage demo
Rat Patrol demo
Rat Patrol demo II
Rat's Eyes demo
Rat's Eyes "Vol​.​3016"
Raw Meat demo
Razor Crusade demo
Razorheads promo
Real Change demo
Real Change demo II
Real Coast, The demo
Real Coast, The "III"
Rearranged demo
Red Death demo
Red Vision demo
Redemption Denied "Both EPs"
Regiment demo
Regulator demo
Reincarnation "Live At The Gasometer"
Remain promo
Reminded "Shoot" demo
Renounced "Conditioned From Birth" demo
Renounced "Conditioned From Birth" demo
Repentance "In Violation Of Aša" demo
Restraining Order demo
Restraining Order "Something For The Youth" promo
Result Of Coice "Through My Eyes" demo
Revealed demo
Right Choice "Syracuse Mayhem" demo
Right Here demo
Riot Conduct demo
Ripped Mouth demo
Ripped Mouth "Pure Atrocity"
Ripped Mouth "No Direction, No Sense"
Risky Business demo
Room 13 demo
Rubbish "American Hardcore" demo
Ruina demo
Rule Of Thirds demo
Rumble, The "Voll Frech" demo
Runt demo
RZL DZL "That's All Folks!" demo
S.H.I.T. demo
Sabotaje demo
Saboteur "Demonstration"
Said And Done demo
Salome's Dance demo
Sanction A demo
Seconds Out demo
Security demo
Seeker demo
Self Abuse demo
Sem Hastro demo
Sentenced, The "Euthanasia"
Severe promo
Shaved Heads tape
Short Fuse demo
Short Fuse "So Long!"
Short Fuse "So Long!"
Sick People "What We've Done Is Secret"
Sick People "Now's Your Time To Die" promo
Sick People "Fakes Rule"
Sideburns, The demo
Sievehead demo
Sike demo
Sike "And This Is How We Chill"
Sinking Ships demo
Skaggs "Savage Rhythm" demo
Skaggs "Euro" promo
Skaggs "UK" promo
Skinfather "Atheos" demo
Skourge "Both Demos"
Skrapyard "mixtape"
Slimy Member demo
Slur demo
Smärtsam Utlösning demo
Social Damage demo II
Social Damage "Both Demos"
Society Abuse promo
Society Sucker demo
Society's Chain demo
Soft Grip promo
Solid Ground "This World Keeps Spinning Without You"
Some Kind Of Hate demo
Some Nerve demo
Something Inside & The Truth "Split"
Somnol demo
Sonic Order demo
Soul Power demo
Soul Search "Intolerable Weight" demo
Spite demo
SS/Block demo
SS/Block demo
Stand Accused demo
Stand Accused demo
Standpoint demo
Starting Point, The demo
Stasi, The demo
Step By Step demo
Step By Step demo
Step For Change demo
Step For Change promo
Stick Together demo
Stomptroopers "Let's Go Comrade!" demo
Stonewall demo
Straight Truth promo
Street Beef demo II
Street Lights demo
Streetsweeper "Stylin' On You" demo
Streetsweeper "Let It Ride"
Streetsweeper "Back To Life" promo
Strike Fast demo
Strike First demo
Strip The Threads demo
Strong Boys demo
Strung Along "2 Songs" promo
Stuck Pigs demo
Stupid Bad demo
Subdued "Torment & Torture" demo
Subtle Violence "Criminales" demo
Sudden Death demo
Surge, The demo
Suspect demo
Target Lock demo
Tarpit demo
Teamkiller demo
Tetro Pugnale demo
Tetro Pugnale promo
Thought Crusade demo
Through These Eyes demo
Through These Eyes "Edge Day" promo
Tiera Hostil demo
Tigerface "Discography"
TNT "World Domination" demo
To Each His Own demo
Torture Chain "Self-Discovery"
Total Abuse demo
Touch "Illusion Of Truth"
Touch promo
Traitre demo
Traitre "Discographie"
Treasure demo
Tremors demo
Tremors demo
Tremors "Fortress Of Solitude"
True demo
True Identity demo
True Vision demo
True Vision "Against The Grain" promo
Truth, The "In Your Face" demo
Turn The Screw demo
Turn The Screw demo II
Turn, The "Now Till Forever"
Turnstile "Live & Interview"
Uchitel Truda "Gorguloff"
Ugly Parts "Wet"
Ultra Razzia demo
Ultras demo
Unbreakable demo
Unified Right demo II
Unified Right promo
Unreal City "Masks"
Unruly Boys demo
Unsub demo
Upperground "The Upperground Sound" promo
Upright demo
Upright demo
Upright "Here To Disappear" promo
Urban Spirirt "The Jamz" demo
Value promo
Vaporizors demo
Veneno Lento "Lost"
Vile Spirit demo
Violent Reaction demo
Violent Reaction "City Streets"
Violent Reaction "Dead End"
Violent Stomp demo
Volver "La Ciencia No Lo Sabe​"
Vowels demo
Vowels promo
Wall Breaker demo
War Hungry demo
Warfare demo
Watch Out demo
Watchdog demo
Watchdog "Ten Track EP"
Wax demo
Werwolf demo
What's Good "Steppin Outta Line" demo
Winter Hill Gang demo
Wise demo
Woodwork demo
World Be Free promo
Wormeaters demo
Wrench demo
Wrong Crew demo
Wrong Turn "Retaliation" demo
X-Force demo
You Get Shit rehearsal
You Get Shit demo
Your Mistake demo
Your Mistake demo
Your Mistake "S/T"
Youth Avoiders demo
Youth Draft demo
Youth Enrage "Get Wise" demo
Zero demo
Zero promo
Zero Tolerance "We're The Straight Edge Police" demo
Zotz demo
VA - A Country Fit For Heroes 15
VA - Across The Pond
VA - Bootleg 15
VA - Clockwork Street Anthems
VA - Evil Streets II
VA - Fresh! Volume One
VA - It's A Kool-Aid Substitute
VA - The Mixxxtape
VA - Oi! The Tape Vol.1
VA - Pressure Release 
VA - Red Line, The
VA - The Stomp-I-Lation
VA - Things We Say
VA - Youngblood Sampler

Back To The Point #1 (AYS, DIY Label Feature, Citizen UK Tour, 25 Jahre Rote Flora - 2015 - DEU)
Chiller Than Most #3.5 (Flowerhead Special - 2015)
Chunks #4 (Free Spirit, Mark Porter - AUS)
Chunks #6 (Shipwrecked, No Tolerance, Boston Strangler - AUS)
Complete Control Fanzine #1 (Restless Youth, Dead Stop, Complete Control Records - 2004 - BEL)
Courage To Care #6 (Lion Of Judah, Grave Mistake Records, Shook Ones, Brain Dead, A Step Apart, Dag Nasty, Reflex Records - December 2005 - GBR)
Cut The Tension #3 (The Hope Conspiracy, Rain On The Parade, Count Me Out - Fall 2001 - USA)
Detonator #1 reprint (Lament, Backbone, Only Living Witness, Sam Black Church, S.T.P., Winter - 1990 - USA)
Drug Dogs Newsletter Feb/Mar 2013 (News, Reviews - USA)
Drug Dogs The Visual Guide (Drawings - 2015 - USA)
Excitement Level Zero #4 (Peacebreakers, Combat Stance Fanzine - 2014 - USA)
Get A Grip #1 (Restless Youth, Charge, Black Friday 29, Stop At Nothing, Belgian Scene - 2004)
The Ghent Decontrol #3 (Rise And Fall, Straight Ahead - December 2003)
The Ghent Decontrol #4 (Justice, Righteous Jams, Iron Boots, Walk The Plank - 2004)
GLW/DRK #4 (Solid Ground, Mike Hartsfield, Delek, Funeral Diner, James Brockman, Saul Williams, Nate Newton - AUT)
Hashtag Hardcore #1,5 (Bulldoze -2013 - NEL)
Hashtag Hardcore #3 (Die, Integrity, Cornered, Stick Together, True Blue, No Warning, Redemption Denied - June 2014 - NLD)
Hustler #1 (R'N'R, Blood Red, Restless Youth, Turn The Screw, Ray Kluze - Summer 2004 - BEL)
Hustler #2 (Dead Stop, Downslide, Mental, Icepick, Mumbo Jumbo, Violent Minds, Shredder, Keep Your Distance - Fall 2005 - BEL)
I Don't Wanna See #1 (Rise And Fall, In Arms Reach - February 2004 - BEL)
In Effect #11 (Sheer Terror, Indecision, Floorpunch, Cold Front, NYHC Documentary, 25 Ta Life, Warzone: Remembering Raybeez - 1997 - USA)
Neutral Accents #7 (Midnight, Organ Fanzine, The Boston Strangler, Hard Gore Fanzine - Spring 2015 - USA)
Oppressive #5 (Heaven Shall Burn, Donny Brook, Isacaarum, A Traiter Like Judas, Beniihana Records - May 2004 - DEU)
Out For Blood #1 (Knife Fight & Constant Fear, Out Cold & Oblivionation - 2014 - USA)
Push The Limit #4 (Knife Fight, Career Suicide, Insurance Risk, Righteous Jams, Abusive Action, Criminally Insane, Violent Minds, America's Hardcore, Altercation, Void, Demo 2, Restless Youth, The Wrong Side, The Faith, Surf Nazis Must Die - 2004 - BEL)
Sailin On #1 (Strike First, Something Inside, My Reply, Dandare Tour Report - 2004 - NLD)
Schism Book - B9 Press - 1st Printing
Shout Out #1 (Shipwrecked, Break Through, In Arms Reach, Award - 2004) x2
Small Town Mentality #2 (S.M., Anti-Vibes, Wrong Generation, Two Crosses, Hired Goons, Demolition - 2014 - CAN)
Small Town Mentality #3 (Severe, Wild Side, Straight Truth, Conundrum, Mighty Atom - 2014 - CAN)
Sob Stories #2 (Supertouch, Omegas, Free Spirit - BEL)
Voice Of A Generation #1 (The Defense, Birds Of A Feather - 2005 - DEU)
Voice Of A Generation #3 (Abusive Action, Jay Adams - DEU)
We Still Have Faith #3 (Terror, One Up, No Warning, Icepick, Abusive Action, The Promise, Break Through, Judge, Reaper Records, Teamwork Records - 2004 - DEU)                                 
Email: Henry Apel -- Ebay Name: unionwiththeabsolute -- Last Updated: 07/16/2018
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Abombanation demo
Ancient Heads demo Vol. 1 tape
As It Stands demo tape
Bitter Quarrel demo tape 1991
Blood Suckers demo tape
Breakdown demo tape
Bricklayer “Obscure” tape (1993)
Clear (NL) demo
Close Call demo (NY band, pre-District 9)
Cold As Life demo tape 
The Combat Zone demo tape
Commitment Crew demo tape
Contrition demo tape
Count Me Out demo tape
Demolition demo tape
Dismay demo tape
Disrespect demo tape (first one)
Drug Test “Down the Stairs” demo tape
Ecorage demo tape
Elements DEC “Hesitation, The Enemy” demo tape
Enuf demo tape 1988
Faded Grey demo tape
Free Spirit demo tape w/ red cover
Free Spirit demo tape w/ blue cover
Frostbite (CT) demo 1994
Get Down demo tape
GMK demo tape
Hammer & The Nails “2 Song” Advance tape - Rock’N’Roll Disgrace Records
Hard Response demo 1991
Horror Show demo tape
Initial Reaction “Brace Yourself” demo tape 1989
Initial Reaction demo tape 1992
Life of Agony demo tapes 
Mindset demo tape (1997)
Mizery demo tape
Morning Again demo
New School “Strategy Rhyme” demo 1991
No Joke “Put Into Place” demo tape
No Joke “Buffalo NY” tape
Obivionation “2 song promo” tape
100 Demons demo tape
One Kind Down “Jawbreaker” demo tape
Pale Creation demo 1992
Restless Youth demo (green & red & pink)
Piece By Piece demo 
Right Brigade demo tape - Stand Hard Records
Second To None demo 1990
Second To None “Da bomb” demo
Settle The Score demo tape
711 Mayhem demo tape
Shadow Season “Divebomber” cassette 1996
Show of Force demo tapes
Sick Of It All demo tape
Social Disorder “Agony” demo tape
Stigmata “Redemption” songs tape
Sumthin’ To Prove “Judgement Day” demo tape
Trial By Jury demo tape
Turning Point demo tape
Twelve Hundred demo 1992
Unified Right demo #1
United Youth demo tape
Withstand demo 1992
Withstand “Rites of Passage” demo (1993)
Wrecking Crew demo tape 1990
Your Time Ends demo (finish band)
Zero Tolerance “Better Judgement” demo tape
VA - New Breed compilation tape

BE & NL:
Bounce Brigade #1 - 3
Braveheart #1-3
Clocked In #1
Commitment X #4 (Unborn, Turmoil, Reservoir Dogz, Repel Fanzine)
Coptic Times #1, 2 (Restless Youth, No Turning Back,...)
Crucial Culture
Existence of Hate #1 - 4
Jock Itch #2
One Step Down #1, 4, 5, 8
The Powerflex
Push The Limit #1, 3
Stand Your Ground #1, 2

Dumb Hardcore #2
Groin Gravy #1, 2, 3, 4, 5
The Harsh Truth #2
Not Guilty #1, 2
Soapbox fanzines

Rest of the world:
Conviction #1 (Vegan Reich, Judge, Edgewise)
Counter Clockwise #2
Courage To Care #1
Cut The Tension #1, 2, 4.5
Do It Yourself #3 (Cold Front, 5 Minute Major,...)
Excitement Level Zero #1
Hardware #1-5
Indecision #1, #2
In Effect #1
Intro Changes #1 - 3
Inward Monitor #2
Last Absolution #0.5, 1, 2 
Lockin Out Records #1
Look Beyond #1
My War #1 (Think I Care, The Gate Crashers)
No Idols #1 - 3
The Parade Brigade #3 (Shark Attack, Fit For Abuse, The Faith)
Repel Fanzines #1 - 5 (except #3)
Repel Fanzine #2 (Earth Crisis, Ecorage)
Schism #6, #7
Smorgasbord #1 & #2
So Much More #1
Start Today #1
Town Of Hardcore #1, 2, 2.5, 3
Whole 9 Yard #1 - 8
ZAP #1 - 10