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Donovan Dixon

Anything with an asterisk beside it is in the mail.  


108  - Songs of Separation (mint green) L 
108  - Radha Deathwish Reunion shirt (beige) M
108 - One Path For Me Through Destiny (dark yellow, blue ink) XL 
Advent - Chi Rho (white) M
AFI - The Nephilim XL OG 
Axis - Show Your Greed (grey, lizard) L
Axis - To Feel Love is Sin (blue, red ink) L 
Axis - To Feel Love is Sin (forest green, orange ink) L 
Axis - To Feel Love is Sin (heather grey) XL
Axis - Discouraged L
Axis - Akira rip L
Axis - Animal Skull L
Axis - Anatomy (tan) M
Axis - Wolf L 
Axis - Show Your Greed (white shirt, live shots) L 
Beware - Philly Straight Edge (heather grey, red letters) L
Blistered - Soul Erosion (heathery gray, blue letters) M
Blistered - Snapcase Incarnation rip  L 
Blistered - Life Does Not Satisfy M
Blistered - Soul Erosion (white, red ink) L
Blistered - Soul Erosion artwork (cream) XL 
Blistered - Deliver Me From Compromise (red) L 
Blistered - FYA Fest 2014 jersey (purple) XL
Bloodlet - Embrace M
Buried Alive - Death of Your Perfect World 1999 Tour (black) OG L 
Buried Alive - Those Things That Mean So Much To Me OG L
Buried Alive - All We Do Is Destroy To Satisfy Our Needs OG XL 
Buried Alive - Arm OG XL  
Buried Alive  - Buffalo Style Reprint M
Buried Alive - Watching You Die (black, blue and white ink) OG L 
Burn - ...Shall Be Judged (reprint) L
Coke Bust - Blue Lettering front print L
Converge  - High Cost of Playing God (blue) reprint L 
Converge  - Halo In a Haystack Reprint (white) L 
Culture - Forever Born Of You TIHC 2014 XL
Dead in the Dirt - Grief. Pain. Emptiness. Despair. L
Dead in the Dirt - Destroy the Identity L 
Dead in the Dirt - You Bury Me L 
Dead End Path - Seance L
Dead End Path - AF rip L
Deathbed - Cross shirt black with green letters L 
Deathbed - Final Nail shirt black in M 
Deathbed - Reduced to Nothing (navy) L
Deathbed - Deathbed / True Life tour XL
Deism - Rabid Dog L
Deism - Purple Hands M
Discourse - Bones M
Discourse - South Carolina Hardcore (maroon) L
Discourse - Fall Tour 2014 L
Discourse - Earth Crisis rip XL 
Discourse - Sanity Decays (black) XL
Disembodied - Goat Black XL 
Earth Crisis - Animal Liberation (Victory) Reprint M 
Earth Crisis - Straight Edge (Victory) Reprint M 
Earth Crisis - Wrath of Sanity Reunion shirt M 
Earth Crisis - New Ethic (recycle design) L
Earth Crisis - Justice on Judgement Night L
Foundation - Listen to Chokehold shirt M
Foundation - Anthem For Redemption shirt (grey) M 
Forced Order - Revelation Records Back Print L 
Forced Order - Ringer L 
Fury - Youth Crew FP records (white, red ink) L 
Fury - Zoom tour XL 
Fury - Moshers Delight XL
God's Hate - Hatebreed rip XL
Harness - Unbroken Rip M
Harness - Shell of Abhorrence (forest green) L
Harvest - God Can't Save You (black) XL 
Hounds of Hate - Crass Rip Black M 
Hounds of Hate - Dog / Bone White L
Hounds of Hate - Graffiti L
Hounds of Hate - XXX White / Red Colorway L 
Legion - Executioner L
Morning Again - XXX (grey shirt, red lettering) L 
Morning Again - Martyr (cream color) OG XL
Morning Again - My Statement Of Life In A Dying World (forest green) OG XL
Morning Again - Innocence Forever Lost OG XL 
Morning Again - ATDS / Stones OG L 
Racetraitor - Boot XL
Renounced - The Lies We Burn So Bright XL
Shai Hulud - Strongarm rip L 
Shai Hulud - Born of this Soil OG L 
Shovelhead - Devil L
Sons of Abraham - Boot XL
Strife - Straight Edge (green) OG XL
Turmoil - Killadelphia  OG M 
Turmoil - Anatomy design (olive) L
Turmoil - Killing Today For A Better Tomorrow TIHC 2014 L
Unbroken - Meat is Murder rip L 
Unbroken - Joy Out of Reach (blue lettering, black) L
Unbroken - Life.Love.Regret. reprint L
Undying - Total Liberation (white, no back print) OG M
Undying - Go Vegan OG L 
Undying - We Are The Ten Thousand Year Reich OG XL
Violent Reaction - Revelation Records UK L
xClearx - Boot XL
xRepentancex - Vegan Straight Edge L
xRepentancex - Tortured Misled Enslaved XL *****


Axis - Logo Pullover XL ******
Blistered - Life Does Not Satisfy (hunter green) XL 
Dead End Path - Blind Faith L 
Morning Again - God Framed Me OG XL

Longsleeve Shirts: 

Axis - Eye XL
Turmoil - Can We Redeem These Actions OG (green) XL
Skinfather - Logo M


Axis - Summer Tour 2014
Axis - Show Your Greed ******
Blistered - The Poison of Self Confinement ******
Buried Alive - Demo (Kill Their Past / Worthless) 
Deism - Geek Monster
Fury - Demo
Fury - Live at Strummers
Hounds of Hate - Hate Springs Eternal
Jukai - MMXIV
Legion - Discography 
Yautja - Songs of Descent


Blistered - Sword Logo (tan)
Title Fight - Shed Hat (navy blue)


Axis | Self Defense Family - Least Violent Time in Human History - First Press | Opaque Blue
Axis - Rites of Passage - Botch Cover |
Dead in the Dirt - Fear - Black
Deathbed - Reduced to Nothing 
Discourse - Curse of Consciousness 
Harness - Victim of Suffering 
Hatebreed - Under the Knife | Black 
Modern Pain - Self Deconstruction - First Press | Black
Power Trip - Self Titled
Title Fight - Secret Society 
Turmoil - Unreleased Songs
Xerxes - Twins 


Blistered - Soul Erosion
Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind | First Press | Black | 180 gram
Converge - Axe To Fall
Converge - Jane Doe
Converge - No Heroes | Third Press | White 
Converge - You Fail Me
Converge - Unloved and Weeded Out
Dead in the Dirt - The Blind Hole | Clear
Dead End Path - Blind Faith
Dead End Path - Seance & Other Songs
Turmoil - The Process Of 

Email: Donovan Dixon -- Ebay Name: xbloodlustrevengex -- Last Updated: 09/12/2015
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Shirts (L - XL) / Hoodies (XL): 

108 - Holyname / Threefold Misery era
Aftershock - anything
AFI - AOD / BSIS era
Arkangel - PUDE / DMW era 
Botch - WATR era
Buried Alive - Chinese Letter shirt
Burnt By The Sun - Self Titled / STTPR era
Catherine Wheel - anything
Converge shirts - PTES / WFCC era
Culture - "Blood Spilled for Blood" boot / Goodlife Recordings hoodie
Deadguy - anything
Drowningman - BSATSH / HTLCIP era
A Jealousy Issue - anything
Kiss It Goodbye - anything
The Minor Times - anything
Morning Again - anything
One King Down - God Loves, Man Kills design
Poison the Well  - TOOD era
Prayer For Cleansing - anything
Quicksand - anything
Shovelhead - grey ringer tee
Strife - In This Defiance / One Truth era
Strain - anything
Swarm of the Lotus - anything
This Day Forward - TEOLUTW era
Turmoil - She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not / Japan Tour / Derek Hess last show / anything
Unbroken - Hold On To Your Friends / Maybe In The Next World / Golden Triangle
Undertow - anything
Undying - We Are the Ten Thousand Year Reich