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Dan Dwyer



Basement - Further Sky (first pressing, clear variant out of 500)
The Flex - Don't Bother With The Outside World (red)
Indecision - To Starve and Steal in New York City (??? pressing, black variant out of ???)
Jimmy Eat World - Damage (first pressing, black variant out of ???, Record Store Day exclusive)
Jimmy Eat World - My Best Theory/Stop (??? pressing, black variant out of ???)
Mind Over Matter - Mind Over Matter (??? pressing, black variant out of ???) 
Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio (??? pressing, black variant out of ???)  
Touché Amoré - Live At BBC Radio 1 (first pressing, white variant out of 2300) 
Transit - For Future Reference (first pressing, black variant out of 500) 


The American Scene /// Daybreaker (first/only pressing, white/yellow smash variant out of 300) 
The Casket Lottery /// Touché Amoré (second pressing, solid pink variant out of 1500)


Our Lives (Vanna/Great American Ghost side project) /// Kills and Thrills (first/only pressing, red variant out of 250, signed by Davey Muise and Nick Lambert) 


A Loss For Words - No Sanctuary (first pressing, bone variant out of 500) 
Backtrack - Lost In Life (Life and Death tour #41/125)
Beach Boys - Christmas Album (black) 
Billy Squier - Don't Say No (black) 
Blistered - The Poison Of Self Confinement (first pressing, white variant out of 200)
Born Without Bones - Say Hello (first/only pressing, blue variant out of 200) 
Bridge and Tunnel - Rebuilding Year (??? pressing, green variant out of ???) 
Broadway Calls - Comfort/Distraction (first pressing, yellow cream opaque variant out of 300) 
Chuck Ragan - Covering Ground (first/only pressing, black variant out of 1500) 
Cold World - How The Gods Chill (first pressing, opaque blue vinyl out of ???)
Dean Martin - Welcome To My World (black) 
The Early November - In Currents (first pressing, white variant out of 1000)
Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue (2xLP, black) 
For Today - Portraits (first/only pressing, orange variant out of 500?) 
The Forms - The Forms (??? pressing, black variant out of ???, best album) 
Four Year Strong - In Some Way, Shape, Or Form (first/only pressing, black variant out of ???) 
Frank Sinatra - Adventures Of The Heart (black)
Frank Sinatra - Greatest Hits 
Frank Sinatra - Songs For Swingin' Lovers! (black) 
Frank Sinatra - That's Life (black) 
Frank Sinatra - The World We Knew (black) 
Have Heart - What Counts (orange)
Major League - Hard Feelings (first pressing, lavender variant out of 500) 
Make Do and Mend - Part and Parcel (second pressing, black variant out of ???) 
Michael Jackson - Thriller (black) 
Mixed Signals Run For Cover Records compilation (first/only pressing, sea blue and white variant out of 500) 
Polar Bear Club - Clash Battle Guilt Pride (first pressing, grey/marbled red variant out of 1000) 
Say Anything - Anarchy, My Dear (first pressing, translucent red variant out of ???) 
Stick Together - No More Second Chances (record release)
Title Fight - Hyperview (record release out of 150)
Troubled Coast - Awake And Empty (black/blue swirl, out of 400) 
Twitching Tongues - World War Live (first pressing, green variant out of 350)
War Hungry - War Hungry (first? pressing, clear green / black mix variant out of ???)
Yellowcard - Southern Air (first pressing, red variant out of 300) 
Young Statues - Young Statues (first pressing, black) 


Angel Du$t - Live shot (pink ink on blue) - M
Angel Du$t - White snapback hat
Beastie Boys - Stereo/Fuck All Y'all (OG) - XL
Blistered - The Poison Of Self Confinement - L
Bold - Rev logo/live shot (This Is Hardcore 2014 exclusive, recreation of Summer 1989 tour shirt)
Caught In A Crowd - logo/react logo on back - L
Caught In A Crowd - Live shot/Still Holding On 2014 (from European tour) - L
Caught In A Crowd - 4 sided logo(s) (long sleeve) - XL
Cold World - Exploding earth cartoon (United Blood 2015) - M
Cold World - woman? (United Blood 2015) - M
Cold World - Skateboard company rip - L
Criminal Instinct - True Friends Don't Let True Friends Suffer - L
Criminal Instinct - Logo (Blue ink on grey, United Blood 2015) - M
Cruel Hand - Ball and Chain - L
Cruel Hand - Liberty - M 
Cruel Hand - Vigilant Citizen artwork - L 
Dead End Path - Bulldog - L
Dead End Path - Fall Tour 2011 - XL
Dead End Path - Summer Tour 2011 - L 
Down To Nothing - three sided logo hoodie - XL
Face Reality - Back To Back straight Edge/Smorgasbord rip (hoodie) - L
Forced Order - Logo/Integrity rip (grey ink on green) - L
Forced Order - Vanished Crusade - L
Foundation - Soldier (hoodie, champion) - L
Foundation - This Is War (United blood, ash grey) - M
Free At Last - 2015 summer tour - L
Freedom - USA Hardcore Champion shirt (out of 50) - L
Give - 3 sided blue Loc long sleeve - XL
Give - Sonic Bloom Summer 2014/First Revelation Records shirt (long sleeve) - XL
God's Hate - Mass Murder (jersey, black/red) - M
God's Hate - Van Nuys Hardcore - L
God's Hate - King Nine rip - L
Hostage Calm - Guitar (American Power Pop edition) - XL 
King Nine - jersey (white ink on blue) - M
King Nine - champion shorts - M***
King Nine - Death to the human race - L
King Nine - Mary/Closed Casket logo - L
King Nine - Anti-Human (long sleeve) - L
Lockin Out Records - shorts - S***
Magic Circle - Skull (black ink on white) - L
Mindset - Repeat logo/Here Me Now live shot - L
Mindset - Animated live shot (United Blood exclusive) - L
Mindset - Insted Christmas rip - XL
Mindset - Mindsweats (black, red ink Mindset, grey ink React! logo) - M
Minus - Logo (hoodie, sleeve print only) - L
Modern Pain - Self Deconstruction preorder shirt - L
Mosher's Delight - Embroidered hoodie - L
Nails - Abandon All Life (long sleeve) - XL
Neglect - Hatecore/Wasting Life (OG) - XL
New Brigade - Not Afraid In 2012 - XL
Nine Inch Nails - Embroidered shirt (OG) - XL
No Tolerance - Live shot, just says Youngblood Records (This Is Hardcore 2014 exclusive) - L
Praise - Lights Went Out record release - L
Reach The Sky - Red, White, and Blue front/Victory Records logo back (OG) - L
Release - hooded edgeman (bootleg) - L
Revelation Records - logo - L
Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe (OG) - L
Sepultura - Arise artwork/1992 tour (OG) - L
Shelter - Logo/Sun (OG, ringer) - XL
Snail's Pace - Demo artwork (green shirt) - L
Soul Search - logo/rev records logo (hoodie) - L
Soul Search - Hardstance rip (white ink on blue) - M
Terror - Stick Tight - M (windbreaker, fits pretty big)
Think I Care - 7" artwork (bootleg) - L
Thought Crusade - America's Hardcore Vol. 1 record release - XL
Title Fight - Market Street (hoodie) - L
Title Fight - Your Pain Is Mine Now - M
Title Fight - Shed/Owl - L
Triple B Records - hat (grey, green stitching)
True - Mosher's Delight/logo/The Real United Edge - XL
True Love - Watchmen rip (This Is Hardcore 2015) - L
Turnstile - live shot front/"S2R" back - L
Turning Point - Live shot (OG, hoodie) - XL, fits like modern large
Turning Point - Champion shorts (bootleg) - S
Type O Negative - Express yourself (OG, 4 sided) - L
Vein - logo - M
Violent Situation - B2BR/Demo artwork (black ink on dark heather grey) - L
Violent Situation - B2BR/Demo artwork (hoodie) - L
Violent Situation - Cutthroat (hoodie, grey) - L
Violent Situation - No Remorse In The End (white ink on black) - L
Violent Situation - No Remorse In The End (black ink on white) - L
Waste Management - Logo (white ink on black) - L
Waste Management - Murphy's Law rip - L
Well Fed - God Sent Us (United Blood Fest edition) - L
Well Fed - The Burdens Of Belief - L
Wreck - Earth/2010 tour shirt - 2XL
Youth Of Today/Lethal Aggression - European tour (OG, muscle shirt) - M
Zoom - Youngblood Records 4 sided long sleeve - XL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Email: Dan Dwyer -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 09/27/2016
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Shirts in large from these bands:

Criminal Instinct
Forced Order
Ghost BC
Jimmy Eat World
King Nine

Also interested in trading for comics. Interested in most Marvel and DC, some Image as well. Email me a list of what you have and we can work something out.