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Everything is XL unless otherwise noted

PLEASE NOTE: I'm getting ready to move across the country. Will look at and reply to any incoming emails, but I'm gonna inventory and get settled first. Then more than willing to talk trades/sales.


Anthrax - Among The Living / World Tour Phase 1
Anthrax - I'm The Man / Lyrics
Anthrax - Persistence Of Time Tour Shirt
Arkangel - Japan tour shirt

Blink-182 - Enema of The State Tour
Body Count - Album Art / Gun
Body Count - Police Badge / On With The Body Count

Cabal - 315 / Rebel Alliance
Cold As Life - Born To Land Hard euro tour (2x)
Cold As Life - Dog ringer
Cold As Life - Dog pocket / Born To Land Hard
Cold As Life - First shirt (?)

Despair - Nail Through World / Live shot w/ lyrics

Hatebreed - Judge rip
Hatebreed - Stacked logo / Burial For The Living tour '98
Hatebreed - Victory pocket / Satisfaction
House of Pain - Shamorck & Boxing Gloves

Ice-T - OG / Body Count

Life of Agony - RRR / Through And Through
Life of Agony - Ringer

Machine Head - Fuck It All
Merauder - Master Killer / Life Is Pain
Merauder - Master Killer M
Metallica - Summer '94 tour shirt
Murphy's Law - We're From New York (And We Suck!!)

Naughty By Nature - You Down With O.P.P (2x)
Neglect - Noose shirt
No Retreat - PAHC Til The Bitter End

Onyx - United States Getto
Operation Ivy - Energy album art

Pantera - Album titles shirt
Pantera - Weed / Far Beyond Driven '95
Path of Resistance - True till death

R-Kelly - Bump N Grind

Seventh Dagger - Kill Your Local Drug Dealer
Shelter - Cappo on front
Slapshot - Slapshot Boston and Hockey Mask 
Stout - Baltimore hardcore graffiti
Stout - Euro Tour 2005
Stout - Shield / Bodymore Murderland
Stout - Stout pocket / Taste The Hate
Suicidal Tendencies - Lights, Camera, Revolution / You Can't Bring Me Down Tour Shirt
Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal For Life
Suicide Machines - Destruction By Definition album art

Throwdown - Don't Lose Sight
Throwdown - Raise Your Fist
Type O Negative - Above All Things Be A Man

Wide Awake - Independent Trucks rip


Body Count - Album Art / Slam Fest 1992-93
Body Count - Gun / Band Members

Confront - One Life Drug Free

Hatebreed - Smorgasbord / Connecticut Hardcore

Life of Agony - Respect
Life of Agony - Smoke 'Em All

Machine Head - Burn My Eyes / Let Freedom Ring With A Shotgun Blast
Machine Head - Ungodly Brutality Urban Reality
Merauder - Master Killer

Sheer Terror - Spring Into Action Slobberin' Mess / Everybody Gets Hurt 1993 Tour
Slapshot - Slapshot Boston and Hockey Mask


Cold As Life  - Name / Dog  zip
Cold As Life  - Name / Dog / D on hood zip (2x)
Cold As Life - Flaming D pocket / Dog

Hatebreed - Burial For The Living '98 Sword Through Heart 3 sided
Hatebreed - Burn The Lies
Hatebreed - What I have in my heart 4 sided (2x)

Throwdown - Haymaker zip

Victory Records - Washington Wizards - 48/XL

Email: Ben Roberts -- Ebay Name: novabenhdk -- Last Updated: 05/09/2016
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Eighteen Visions
4-sided grey Path of resistance LS and Hoodie
Machine Head
Cold As Life
Anthrax (Belladonna era)