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Michael Wachs

wachsie {@} gmail {dot} com
I live in Vancouver, Canada

-This is not my complete collection. If you want to check out my complete collection of vinyl let me know and i'll send it over.

-I will accommodate all reasonable offers and respond to everybody, even if it's just a "i'm not interested". Thank you for checking out my list!! Good traders - So many from 15+ years of trading, but most recently:
Jordy Bossier from Belgium Colin Bayer from San Francisco Domenico Errico from Italy Nate Glover from Winnipeg Joe Hawk from Boston Derrick Daniel from Michigan

Everything is for sale, send offers to wachsie at gmail dot com.

---------------------------------------------- --7"-- Bad Seed - S/T - purple vinyl, /400 Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right To Party ep - Original Blood For Blood - Enemy - Clear with black vinyl, /99 Committed - The Pride We Share - Blue vinyl Even Score - A New Means - Axtion Packed records Fugazi - 3 songs - Original press Gorilla Biscuits - S/T - Black vinyl, second press sleeve with purple letters Hard Stance - Face Reality - Clear vinyl Haywire - Painless Steel - Nemesis records In Cold Blood - S/T - Light pink vinyl, MMXIII halloween pressing, with stamp, /150 Insted - We'll Make The Difference - Red vinyl, red letters on cover Knife Fight - S/T - Mail Order/Tour Version with alternate Crowd Shot on back sleeve and My War stamp, /400 Lemonheads - Luka - Taang records original Negazione - Tutti Pazzi - OG Oblivionation - Cult Of Culture ep - Yellow vinyl, /160 Once And For All - Thinking Man's World - Clear vinyl, Nemesis records Peacebreakers - Every Day Battle - first press, /500 Porcelain Boys - If You Were Real - 371/1000 Project X - S/T - White vinyl, 63/500 Quicksand - S/T - Green vinyl The Real Enemy - Too Little…Too Late - Orange vinyl, /200 The Rival Mob - Hardcore For Hardcore - Blue/black splatter vinyl, /763 Slapshot - Firewalker ep - White vinyl, Taang records OG Unity - You Are One - Wishing Well OG press with lyric sheet Warzone - Lower East Side Crew - Second press, no lyric sheet Youth Of Today - Can't Close My Eyes - Positive Force records - Second press, with black and white labels, no lyric sheet --comps-- The Iceman Cometh(Live) - Slapshot, No For An Answer, Hard Stance, Pushed Aside - Nemesis records Kung Fu Daniel comp - With Propagandhi - Pink vinyl Only The Strong(Compilation) - Face Value, Confront, Integrity, Life Cycle, etc Victory records, with booklet - Original press with red cover --splits-- Integrity/Psywarefare picture disc Snapcase/Boy Sets Fire - Orange vinyl/Green vinyl Stand Up/On Life - Split ep --12"-- 411 - This Isn't Me - Purple marble vinyl A Chorus Of Disapproval - Truth Gives Wings To Strength - New Age records A Chorus Of Disapproval - Firm Standing Law 10" - New Age records Agnostic Front - Live At CBGB's - OG pressing on In-Effect Agnostic Front - Cause For Alarm - OG pressing on Cobra Core records Backtrack - Lost In Life - Clear with 3 circles, /300 Battle Ruins - S/T - Clear vinyl with limited cover, /100 Battle Ruins - S/T - Red vinyl Boston Strangler - Primitive - Fun With Smack records Boston Strangler - Fire - Fun With Smack records - first press Carry On - A Life Less Plagued - Clear vinyl, original pressing Dayglo Abortions - Feed Us A Fetus - OG pressing on Fringe records Flex Your Head - compilation - vinyl is in pristine shape, Wheat cover, has water damage, no insert Good Riddance - Symptoms Of A Levelling Spirit - Gray vinyl, new, unopened Hatebreed - Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire - Blue vinyl Have Heart - 10.17.09 - Clear vinyl Headfirst - The Enemy - White vinyl Holding On - Just Another Day - Yellow vinyl, tour press, 144/300, glow in the dark cover In My Eyes - Nothing To Hide - White vinyl, OG pressing Judge - Bringin' It Down - first press Minor Threat - S/T - $5 price tag, blue cover, old press Sheer Terror - Standing Up For Falling Down - Purple with blue splatter, /300 Slapshot - Step On It - Red vinyl SNFU - If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish - BYO records, OG pressing Terror - Lowest Of The Low - Yellow vinyl, OG B9 pressing The Rival Mob - Mob Justice - Seafoam green vinyl/435 The Rival Mob - Mob Justice - Black vinyl/655 The Rival Mob - Raw Life - Black vinyl(first press) The Rival Mob - Raw Life - Yellow vinyl(second press) Uniform Choice - Screaming For Change - Wishing Well records Uniform Choice - Staring Into The Sun - Giant records, gatefold, OG pressing --cassettes-- Boston Strangler - Jokes on you 3 song promo Bloodkrow Butcher - Nigh hell Battle Ruins - 3 song promo Vanity - 3 song demo No Time - 6 song demo - 60/100 No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge - Yellow liner As We Once Were - Demo 1999 - 17/99 Right Brigade - Demo 1998 Holding On - Twin City Hardcore - 10/50 Propagandhi - Fuck The Scene demo Biohazard - S/T Slayer - South Of Heaven Slayer - Show No Mercy Anthrax - Persistence Of Time Nuclear Assualt - Out Of Order Violence - Oppressing The Masses Violence - Eternal Nightmare The Smiths - all of their albums The Cure - Most of their albums Stomp-i-lation comp - with Boston Strangler, Peacebreakers

All shirts are original and legit

--tee shirts-- 7 Seconds - L - Black - one sided, Walk Together, Rock Together graphic Agnostic Front - L - Black - AF Skin Head design, From their Something's gotta give tour Backtrack - M - white - Deal With The Devil, pre-order graphic same as ep cover Blacklisted - L - Black - one sided, Jack Daniels rip off graphic Blacklisted - M - Red - two dragons graphic Buried Alive - XL - black - buffalo hardcore design Cancer Bats - L - Black - bat head graphic Carry On - L - navy blue - A Life Less Plagued tour shirt Chain Of Strength - XL - white - WHUA foundation shirt, OG Chorus of Disapproval - XL - Black - three sided, New Age records, OG, with prohibition image on back Cursed - L - Black - one sided, black ink, demon face graphic Dag nasty - XL - black - Wig Out At Denkos Danzig - L - Black - from early 90's Descendents - M - Black - Milo drawn as a Ramone - For riot fest in NYC Despair - XL - dark blue - "I hope you die in your pattern life" Drive Like Jehu - XL - white - from their tour 1990 Ensign - XL - forest green - direction of things to come design Ensign -XL - black - NJ hardcore design Fire & Ice - M - Black - two sided, preorder package deal graphic Four Walls Falling - L - faded white - greed graphic, OG Good Clean Fun - L - navy blue - who cares wins design Gorilla Biscuits - XL - white - summer tour 89, has stains and rips, OG Gorilla Biscuits - L - gray - Hold Your ground graphic with a banana peel Gorilla Biscuits - L - white -demo graphic from their 2005 tour H20 - basketball jersey from the FTTW tour Hatebreed - L - navy blue - Burial For the living tour 1998 Have Heart - M - yellow - Descendents rip off graphic from their last tour ever Holding On - L - Black - from their last show Holding On - L - Black - three sided, bridge 9 shirt with helmet Holding On - L - medium gray - Running the show in the '99 graphic Holding On - L - navy blue - four images on front Hope Con - L - dark gray - Death Knows Your Name tour Hounds Of Hate - M - black - Hounds of hate Straight edge on the front In My Eyes - XL - Royal blue - boston straight edge on front, live photo on the back Insted - XL (fits closer to a large) - navy blue - three sided, hardcore graphix OG Judge - XL - white - bought on the Bringin' it Down tour OG (this has minor stains and tears) Kid Dynamite - L - navy blue - one sided, red graphic of a dragon, from their tour in the late 1990's Knife Fight - L - red - one sided, FU's EP rip off graphic Modern Life Is War - L - black - one sided from the early 2000's Necros - M - yellow - one sided, black graphic with the stripes(re-press) Nerve Agents - L - Black - one sided, zombie graphic New Age Records - XL - white - three sided, their first shirt with the two edge guys helping each other No For An Answer - XL - Black - I spy graphic NOFX - L - white - Liberal Animation tour shirt 1991 No Warning - M - Black - B9 limited tee shirt 26/150 - This shirt is unworn. Panic - M - red - reach for something more graphic, from their demo Pitboss 2000 - XL - white - for those about to jock Quicksand - XL (fits closer to a large) - white - tour shirt from Slip, fits wide Release - XL - blue/grey mix - ep cover on back, X'd up hand on the front (amazing shape) Reach The Sky - L - Black - Boston Bruins rip off, from early 2000's tour Shark Attack - L - Black - First reunion tee shirt. Shark Attack - L - Black - one sided, Iron Cross shirt, OG Shook Ones - L - baby blue - graphic on rib cage, from just after they released the first LP SNFU - XL - Black - Open your mouth and say tour 1990, very worn graphics Sick Of it All - blue - XL - baseball stripe across the chest with alleyway dragon (from 1995 ish) Soul Control - M - navy blue - Bear on the front from around 2009 Step Forward - XL - white - the kids have had their say, drug free youth graphic, OG Strike Anywhere - L - gold - eagle graphic, from their tour in early 2000's Striking Distance - L - Black - March to your grave, Youngblood records Suicide File - L - Black - one sided, one off show in Chicago around 2004 Suicide File - L - navy blue - skull graphic got around the time of their LP Testament - L - Black - Malpractice graphic The Clash - L - Black - one sided, band members on front The Lewd - L - Black - one sided, Sailor Jery style artwork on front(lewd, screwed and tattooed)` Total Fury - L - Black - one sided, from their US tour early 2000's Undertow - XL - black - at both ends graphic, OG Uniform Choice - L - Black - Straight and Alert, OG, bought in the late 1980's on their tour Vision - XL (fits closer to a large) - Black - In the blink of an eye tour shirt --long sleeves-- Comeback Kid - L - navy blue - three sided, Turning point rip off Down By Law - XL - 3 sided - from their first tour Floorpunch - L - navy blue - 4 sided, from their tour in 1999 Gorilla Biscuits - XL - white - three sided, OG, from mid to late 1980's, OG In Cold Blood - M - black - Long sleeve - three sided, from MMXIII halloween package - never worn Modern Life Is War - L - Black - from their first tour with Figure Four Leeway - XL - black - Desperate Measures Leeway - XL - black - Born To Expire New Age Records - XL (fits closer to a large) - Black - three sided, 'words to live by' graphic Outspoken - XL - Green - 3 sided, "what makes it so seductive..." Rage Against The Machine - XL(fits small) - grey - from their first tour Shipwreck - L - Tan - vector style rose in water graphic Slapshot - XL (fits closer to a large) - Black - sudden death overtime tour shirt, OG Terror - L - Light gray - Long sleeve - three sided, life or death graphic Thrasher magazine - XL - dark gray - real old shirt from the mid 1980's, just has the thrasher font on the front Turning Point - XL - maroon - Its always darkest graphic, OG Uniform Choice - XL (fits closer to a large) - white - three sided, screaming for change graphic, old shirt in rough shape, graphics are still decent, OG Youth Of Today - XL - Light gray - three sided, go vegetarian graphic, from 'disengage' era, OG --Hoodies-- American Nightmare - L - Black - zip up - one sided, the A N college letters graphic Comeback Kid - L - red - zip up - from their demo days Floorpunch - L - grey - pull over - Floor punch straight edge from their 1999 tour, has many rips Have Heart - L - dark blue - pull over - from their last tour ever Hope Con - XL - Black - zip up - death knows your name graphic Judge - M - Black - pull over - two hammers graphic the one from their Schism ep Turning Point - XL - blue - pull over - Its always darkest graphic, hoodie and graphic aren't in the best condition, OG
Email: Michael Wachs -- Ebay Name: wochsa13 -- Last Updated: 08/03/2016
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This is just off the top of my head. There is a lot more that I am looking for.
Feel free to hit me up if you are into anything of mine and we can try to work something out. Thanks! --7"-- Battle Ruins - S/T - with stamp and poster Bold - S/T - Pink vinyl Burn - S/T - Pink vinyl Burn - S/T - light yellow vinyl - rsd 2011 Carry Nation - Face The Nation - Clear vinyl Chain Of Strength - True Til Death - Green vinyl Chain Of Strength - True Til Death - Clear vinyl Crown Court - Ruck and Roll - Clear vinyl, numbered **Gorilla Biscuits - Green vinyl The Hope Conspiracy ‎– True Nihilist - Red or gold vinyl Iron Boots - Easy Green - Green vinyl Iron Boots - Demo ep - Gold or Green vinyl Judge - New York Crew - Blue vinyl, Revelation records Judge - The Storm - Gold vinyl No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge - gold vinyl **NYC Together Compilation - The second Rev ep - Gold, orange or Black vinyl Sick Of It All - S/T - Red vinyl Sick Of It All - S/T - Grey vinyl Sick Of It All - S/T - Gold vinyl (latest version) Sick Of It All - S/T - first pressing with numbered inside sleeve The Rival Mob - Bitter Rivals Demo - Sound & Fury version, orange vinyl with Batman stamp The Rival Mob - Hardcore For Hardcore - Yellow and purple with white splatter vinyl Violent Future - Demo ep - Red vinyl --12"-- Chain Of Strength - One Thing That Still Holds True - Green vinyl, first pressing version Descendents - Each of their LPs on coloured vinyl Give - Electric Flower Circus - Green vinyl, the euro version with a different cover Have Heart - Songs to Scream At The Sun - Clear vinyl or yellow (w/gatefold cover) **Have Heart - The Things We Carry - First press, blue/yellow swirl or brown/orange swirl Judge - Bringin' It Down - Orange vinyl (final press) Kid Dynamite - S/T - Red vinyl Kid Dynamite - Shorter, Faster, Louder - Green vinyl Lovely Lads - The Best You've Got - Hawk-O-Rama records Mindset - Leave No Doubt - RSD version, purple vinyl with limited cover Minor Threat - Out Of Step - White vinyl repress Minor Threat - S/T - Green vinyl repress NO TOLERANCE - 12" DISCOGRAPHY - Green vinyl Prisoner Abuse - S/T - Clear vinyl The Hope Conspiracy - Endnote - 1st press on colour The Nerve Agents - Days Of The White Owl - Pink vinyl The Nerve Agents - S/T - Green (1st press) or gray (final press) Vision - In The Blink Of An Eye - Purple vinyl **Youth Of Today - We're Not In This Alone - Funhouse records on Yellow vinyl --Shirts-- (Medium or large, depending on how they fit) Boston Strangler hoodie Prisoner Abuse shirt - baton logo No Tolerance shirt - any really Youth Of Today - youth crew 88 Schism Records long sleeve - red -If you see anything you want of mine, but don't have anything on my want list, feel free to hit me up.
I will take a look at your list, who knows, maybe there is something we can work out as I am sure my want list is enormous compared to what I have on here.. Thank you for checking out my list!! wachsie {@} gmail {dot} com