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Nolan Hernandez



86 Mentality - Final Exit [Black] DY108
The Bruisers - Intimidation [Black] out of 200 SA-001-07
Channel - S/T [Black, No cover only sleeve] SB 002  
Condition - Deteriorating [Yellow with yellow cardstock] 3rd press out of 300 RAM18
Discharge - Realities of War [Black] Havoc Records reissue HC7051
Downcast - S/T [Black] First Press
Earth Crisis - Firestorm [Black] First press VR12
GAG - Ski Mask 95 [Black] BSR-002 out of 200
Gas Rag - 6 Track EP [Black] out of 400 EVEN WORSE-36
Gas Rag - Human Rights [Black] out of 500 EVEN WORSE-35
Grown-Ups - Not Friends [Clear] 
Hatebreed - Under The Knife [Black] First Press out of 6000 SMORGASBORD #11
Hoax - 2nd 7" repress edition [Black] YA-74
Hounds Of Hate - No Redemption [Black] First press out of 1000 KW-014
Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender [Black] First press out of 4000 REV19
Insight - What Will It Take [Purple] First Press out of 397 VR04
Iron Boots - Demo 04 [Black] Third press? GRAVE024
Iron Age - The Way Is Narrow [Black] First press out of 967 PKR-023
Mineral - &Serenading [Black] First press
Mineral - February/MD [Black] First press
MFP - S/T [Black] Pre-Release Sleeve out of 60 PKR-044
Noose - It's Your Time [Black] out of 400 - RXR-019
Proxy - Police Car [Black] MMM 04
Reason To Believe - The Next Door [Black] second press NEMESIS #2
The Rival Mob - Hardcore For Hardcore [Purple] out of 900 SFU-042
Stab - Blindness and Lies [Red] out of 200 QCHQ-008
Texas Is The Reason - If It's Here When We Get Back It's Ours [Black] REV47 
Unbroken - Circa '77 [Black] NAR29 
United Youth - Something 2 Prove [Black] BTB#004/LOR#031
Vaaska - Condenado [Black] BEAT 044
Vaaska/Impalers - Vaaska/Impalers Split [Green] out of 150 Beach Impediment 008
Violent End - S/T Tour Edition [Black] 25/100 LA 76
Violent Future - Violent Future [Black] Murder 010
Weak Link - Drop The Dime [Black] out of 300 ANTE-008/WL-001
Word on the Street/ Reckoning Force - Split [Black] 

Adolescents - Adolescents [Black, missing lyric sheet] 1st press FLP-1003
Bad Yodelers - I Wonder... [Black] RR-003
Bishops Green - Bishops Green [Light and Dark Green] 2nd Press out of 350 with different cover
Black Marble - A Different Arrangement [Black] HAR-063
Black Sabbath - Masters Of Reality [Black] Canadian version BS2562
By A Thread - The Last of the Day Dreams [Black]REV 82
By A Thread - S/T [Gray Splatter] out of 330 REV 148
The Clash - Combat Rock [Black] Canadian Version 1982 FE37689
Cold World - Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First [Black] 3rd press DWI-65
The Cure - Head On The Door [Black]  American Version
The Cure - Pornography [Black] French Version Polydor/Fiction Records 
Earth Crisis - Destroy The Machines [Clear/black smoke] out of 100 VR22
Green Beret - Violence Is Their Currency [Black] 1st press out of 400 SIDE2-004
Hoax - Hoax [Black] HOAX-02
Hot Water Music - Fuel For the Hate Game [Bright red] 7th press out 584 NIR-037
Iron Age - Constant Struggle [Clear] 3rd press out of 300 - YB-23
Jawbreaker - Dear You x2LP [Black] second reissue BB-004
Joy Division - Closer [Green] Unofficial release 
Koszmar - Jeniec Wojenny [Black] out of 500 RAM22/C//D006
LA's Wasted Youth - Reagan's In [Black] 1st press CF 1000
Mental - Planet Mental [Black] LOR#016
Merchandise - Children of Desire [Black] out of 1000 KW-016
Merchandise - Totale Night [Black] NP180
Milk Music - Cruising Your Illusion [Black] Self Released
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless [Black] limited edition reissue plain105
My Bloody Valentine - m b v [Black] mbv lp 01
Napalm Raid - Mindless Nation [Clear Transparent] out of 265 RAM11
Neil Young - Harvest [Black] 1st press Gatefold Reprise MS 2032
Neil Young - Time Fades Away [Black] 1st press, missing lyric poster MS2151
Neil Young -  Zuma [Black] 1990 German Repress 
Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere [Black] 1978 US version MSK 2282
Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Reactor [Black] 1981 Canadian Press XHS2304
Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps [Black] 1979 Canadian Press XHS 2295
Outspoken - A Light In The Dark [Transparent/black] out of 193 NAR13
Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans [Marbled] SP818
The Rival Mob - Mob Justice [Red] 3rd press out of 1097 REV149
School Jerks - School Jerks [Black] Grave054/SJ01
Systematik - Systematik [Black] DY215
Take Offense - Tables Will Turn [Black] RR39
Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are? [Black] 1st press out of 3080 REV 51 
Vacant State - Fill The Void [Black] out of 500 DY197

Comps/splits/what have ya

Void - Sessions 81-83 [black] DIS171

Boston Strangler - Promo 2013
By A Thread - Promo Tape with 3 songs from The Last of the Daydreams
The Chain - Demo
The Chain - Steppin' Out Of Line promo tape
Flaccid (AB) - S/T Cassette
Free Spirit - New Songs tape 2012 
Grown-Ups - I Can't Win
Hired Goons - 1st Demo
Hounds of Hate - Cassette 2012
Intent - No Rules Demo NDY edition
Kremlin - Last Tape EP
Nuke Cult - Ugly Music
Proxy - 2012 Demo + Extra tracks
Putos - Demo 13
The Ropes - Always Nothing
The Ropes - Lost Still Losing
The Ropes - Vietnam II
Runaways - Loveless Demo
Rhythm of Cruelty - Still Life
Safe and Sound - Discography
Snob - Demo 2013
Sterilized - Demo
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses
Violent Future - Demo
Warthog - Demo
Weak Link - Lp Promo Tape


Shirts (everything OG)

•Bad Brains - Bad Brains pocket print with "Attitude" back print [tye dye] XL with older Fruit of the Loom tag
•The Cure - Prayer Tour 89 (Disintegration era) [Faded black] One Size fits all
•Insight - What Will It Take Victory Records Shirt [Forest Green] XL with older Fruit of the Loom tag
•Judge - Storming Through with pocket print [Black] XL with Stedman tag
•Youth Of Today - Go Vegetarian [Yellow Tye dye] XL with America's Finest tag
•Youth Of Today - Go Vegetarian [Red Tye dye] XL with Miller Tag (Pretty awesome)

Longsleeve Shirts (All OG) 

•Insight - What Will It Take Victory Records with "Go Vegetarian" on the sleeve [Light blue] XL with older Fruit of the Loom tag

Hoodies (All OG)
•Insight - What Will It Take Victory Records [Light blue] XL with older Fruit of the Loom tag
•Youth of Today - Youth Crew with Break Down The Walls fist on the back [White] XL with old Fruit of the Loom tag
Email: Nolan Hernandez -- Ebay Name: gocubbies69 -- Last Updated: 01/16/2016
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