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Travis Daniel

--- Incoming 


---   7"s

ABIGAIL / SHITFUCKER "split" 7" (Hells Headbangers, PINK/BLUE)
ACID WITCH /  NUNSLAUGHTER "Spooky" split 7" (Hells Headbanger Records, COLOR)
DEPRESSOR "Book Of the Dead" 2x7" (RED)
MIDNIGHT / SHITFUCKER "split" 7" (Hells Headbangers, RED)
SHITFUCKER "Sexual Maniac" 7" (BSN Productions)
SYPHILITIC VAGINAS "Black Motor Covenant" 7" (Rescued From Life #RFL 52)

---  LP's & 10"s & 12"s

ACID WITCH "Witchtanic Hellucinations" LP (Hells Headbangers, ORANGE/PURPLE)
ACID WITCH "Stoned" LP (Hells Headbangers, ORANGE/BLUE)
ACID WITCH "Midnight Movies" 12" (Hells Headbangers, RED/GOLD)
AUTOPSY "Mental Funeral" LP
CLOSE SHAVE "Hard As Nails" LP (Link #117)
DEATH "Scream Bloody Gore" LP (Relapse Records #RR7324, BLOOD RED/BONE SPLATTER [200])
GHOUL "Maniaxe" LP (Tankcrimes, YELLOW)
GISM "Militaly Affairs Neurotic" LP (Noise Not Music #NNT22, PURPLE)
GOBLIN "Greatest Hits" LP (Cinevox # ORL 8305)
GOBLIN "2013 Tour EP" 12" (Death Waltz #DW019, RED)
CLAUDIO SIMONETTI'S GOBLIN "Demoni/Opera/Profondo Rosso" 2xLP & 10" Box Set (Cinevox [666])
GOBLIN "Four Of a Kind" LP (PURPLE [500])
GOBLIN "Patrick" LP (Cinevox #MDF 33.133, Italy 1979)
KING DIAMOND "The Eye" LP (Roadrunner)
MOONBLOOD "Blut & Krieg" LP (Fanclub, 2013)
MORBID ANGEL "Altars Of Madness" LP (Earache #MOSH011FDRUS)
NEIL (The Young Ones) "Hole In My Shoe (Paranoid Version)" 12" (WEA Records #249 317-0)
SCHIZOPHASIA "3000" LP (Streaks Records #17, BLUE [100])
SYPHILITIC VAGINAS "梅毒マンコ" LP (Hardcore Holocaust #HHR 40, Red Sleeve)
VASAELETH "All Uproarious Darkness" LP (20 Buck Spin #SPIN060)


"1990 The Bronx Warriors" LP (Death Waltz, RSD, SPLATTER)
"Absurd" 2xLP (Mondo/Deathwaltz, SMOKE/MAROON)
"The Beyond" LP (Deathwaltz, 2015 Mondo Con Version [500])
"Black Christmas" LP (Waxwork Records, CLEAR/RED SPLATTER)
"The Burning" LP (One Way Static #OWS12, CLEAR/ORANGE HAZE)
"Cannibal Apocalypse" LP (Mondo, CLEAR/RED)
"Cannibal Holocaust" LP (One Way Static, GREEN/RED)
"City Of the Living Dead" LP (Stella #SEM 85003, BLUE)
"Creepers" LP (Elektra #SJ-73205)
"Creepshow" LP (Waxwork Records, RED/BLUE SWIRL)
"Creepshow 2" 2xLP (Waxwork Records #WW031, RAFT VARIANT)
"Dark Shadows - Original Music From" LP (Philips #PHS-600-314, w/ poster, 1969)
"Dawn of the Dead (Zombie)" LP (Polydor #2374 158, Germany)
"Deathgasm" 2xLP (Deathwaltz)
"Dellamorte Dellamore" LP (Lunaris Records, GNAGHI VOMIT)
"Dressed To Kill" LP (Varese Sarabande #STV81148)
"Evil Dead 2" LP (Waxwork #WW020, RED/BLUE/BROWN SWIRL)
"From Beyond" LP (Waxwork, BLUE/PINK SPLATTER)
"The Greasy Strangler" LP (PINK)
"The Howling" LP (Waxwork Records, TIE DYED)
"Maniac" LP (Deathwaltz, RED/WHITE/BLUE SPLATTER)
"Nekromantik" LP + 7" (One Way Static, Deluxe, GREY SMOKE)
"New York Ripper" LP (Death Waltz, GREEN)
"Pieces" LP (WRWTFWW 005LP)
"Re-Animator" LP (Waxwork #WW001, GREEN/WHITE, 2nd Press)
"The Red Balloon" LP (Nonesuch #H-2001, MONO)
"Return of the Living Dead" LP (Real Gone Music #RGM0379, GLOW IN THE DARK [500])
"Stranger Things Volume 2" 2xLP (WAFFLE SWIRL [1000])
"The Warriors" LP (A&M Records #SP-4761)
"Zombi Flesh Eaters" LP (Death Waltz/Mondo, GREY)


"Phantasm" Laserdisc (Magnetic Video #4066-80, 1981)

Email: Travis Daniel -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 09/30/2017
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All vinyl must be in NM+ condition or better.  No seam splits, cut corners, hole punches, bad ring wear, writing, etc.   

Please make a note if the insert is missing.   

Goblin - anything I don't have (especially original pressings)

Horror /SciFi /Cult soundtracks