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Travis Daniel

--- Incoming 

BLACK WITCHERY / POSSESSION / NYOGTHAEBLISZ “Abhorrent Desecration” 3xLP (Iron Bonehead #IPB402, RED [200])
DARK FURY “Vae Victis!” LP (Darker Than Black #DTB 309)
DEATH IN JUNE “Nada” LP (Darker Than Black #DTB 214)
NYOGTHAEBLISZ “Apex Satanist” LP (Iron Bonehead Productions #IBP281)
SALTUS “Slavonic Pride” LP (Merciless/Breath Of Night #MRBON07)
SALTUS / ABUSIVENESS “Nowa Era” LP (Eye Distribution [500])
SATANIC WARMASTER “Nova Ordo Ater” LP (Werwolf Records #EVIL-045)
SATANIC WARMASTER “We Are the Worms” 2xLP (Werwolf Records #EVIL-044)
SEPTIC DEATH “Now That I Have Your Attention” LP
WODULF ”Zerezat” 7" (Breath of Pestilence #BOP034 [500])

---   7"s

4 SKINS “The Original Singles Boxset” 4x7” (Rebellion #RR168 [500])
7 SECONDS “Skins, Brains & Guts” 7” (Lifeline Records #LLR-025, BLUE)
ALL SYSTEMS STOP / BIG BAD BOLLOCKS “split” 7” (Flat Records)
ANTI-TRUST “Double Secret Probation” 7” (Anti-Trust #ANTI-02)
ARM’S RACE “The Beast EP” 7” (Painkiller #PKR-071, WHITE [100])
AZELSGARD “Diabolic Ritual In The Cursed Forest” 7” (Totenkopf Propaganda #TP Vinyl 01 [258/300])
BANNLYST “La Dem Ikke Lure Deg” 7” (Fanclub)
BATTLE CRY “East Side Skinhead Pride” 7” (Punkcore #BOOT BOY 01)
BIG CHEESE “Aggravated Mopery” 7" (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-042, YELLOW [300])
BLANKS 77 / SUBMACHINE split 7” (Six Weeks Records #SW-08)
BOOT PARTY “The Suss” 7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT-35, WHITE)
BOOTS & BRACES “Aufrecht Gehen” 7” (Walzwerk Records #WWR005, WHITE)
BOOTS & BRACES “Made In Kü'au” 7” (DSS Records #DSS086)
BRUTTI E IGNORANTE “Il Gossip Della Morte” 7” (Motherfucking Sounds #MFS001-7 SWIRL)
CLOSE SHAVE “Attack” 7” (Helen of Oi! #HOO3)
CONDEMNED 84 “The Real Oi!” 7” (Haunted Town #HTR37, CLEAR)
CRISIS “UK ‘79” 7” (Extremocidente #DEO 07183917, RED)
CRISIS “No Town Hall (Southwark)” 7” (Extremocidente #DEO 07173817, YELLOW)
CRISIS “Alienation” 7” (Extremocidente #DEO 07194017, CLEAR)
The CUFFS “Get Out Of My Way” 7” (Kuf 21 Records)
DARK FURY “Carnivore” 7” (Lower Silesian Stronghold [500])
DEATH IN JUNE “State Laughter / Holy Water” 7” (Extremocidente ‎#DEO 07204218, BROWN STAINED [111])
ENOUGH “Demo 2010” 7” (Can’t Slow Down #003, GREEN [100])
ENOUGH “When You Don’t Think You Can” 7” (Self-Released, PINK [85])
FORCED REALITY “Give Em the Brass” 7” (Taang)
GAME “Who Will Play” 7" flexi (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-046 [300])
GOATMOON “Tahdon Riemuvoitto” 7” (Werewolf Records #EVIL-032)
GORILLA BISCUITS “s/t” 7” (Revelation #4)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE “Make An Effort” 7” (CI Records, BLACK/WHITE SWIRL [450])
HARRINGTON SAINTS / SLICK 46 “split” 7” (Longshot #LS747)
HATED & PROUD “Can’t Hold Us Back” 7” (Barracuda #BK012, BROWN)
IMMORAL DISCIPLINE “Battlefield” 7” (Smash Records #1, WHITE)
IMMORAL DISCIPLINE “st” 7” (Smash Records #2, BLUE)
IMPACT “Coupable” 7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT-28EP)
INDECENT EXPOSURE “Riots / Matter Of Time” 7” (Under Watchful Eyes, WHITE [100])
KNOCK DOWN “s/t” 7” (Youngblood #YB-12, CLEAR [300])
LAST RIGHTS “Chunks/So Ends Our Night” 7” (Taang #2)
MADNESS “Embarrassment / Crying Shame” 7” (Stiff Records #BUY 102, pink labels)
MINDSET “Realpower” 7” (React #RXR-003, 2nd press)
MINDSET “Time & Pressure” 7” (React #RXR-008, 1st Press)
MOB 47 “s/t” 7” (Insane Society Records #IS 124)
MOLOKO MEN “Clockwork Ultra Violence” 7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT-33EP)
MOLOKO MEN / VIOLENT DRUNKS "split" 7" (Oink Records #Oink-005)
NATION OF SUSPECTS “Liberals Can Die” 7” (American Defense #ADR-001, BLUE)
NEGATIVE FX “s/t” 7” (Taang #5)
NO FOR AN ANSWER “You Laugh” 7” (Revelation #06, GREY SWIRL)
NO TOLERANCE “No Remorse No Tolerance” 7” (Youngblood #YB-36, RED [330])
NOI!SE “The Real Enemy” paper flexi (Pirates Press)
OUR TURN “Catch Your Breath” 7” (Youngblood #YB-18, CLEAR , Posi Numbers ‘04 [225])
OUTSIDERS “Don't Tread On Me” 7” (Haunted Town #HTR10)
OXBLOOD “Under the Boot” 7” (Headache #21, CLEAR BROWN, no sleeve)
OXBLOOD “Thug Rock Army” 7” (Clockwork Streetrecords #CES1, HALF RED/BLACK)
OXYMORON “Beware, Poisonous” 7” (Knock Out Records #KOEP 071)
OXYMORON “Crisis Identity” 7” (Knock Out Records #KOEP 072)
OXYMORON / DROPKICK MURPHYS “German Lager Vs Irish Stout” 7” (Flat Records)
PAXTON BOYS “Skinhead Rock n Roll” 7” (Punkcore #Boot Boy 04)
PROJECT X “Straight Edge Revenge” 7” (Bridge 9 #049, RED)
RED WHITE & BLUE “s/t” 7” (Pure Impact #PI016 [121/1000])
RETALIATOR / LOYALTY “England Expects” 7” (Blind Beggar #BEG 7” 038)
SHARK ATTACK “Blood In the Water” (Bridge 9 #B9R 11, Red/Black labels)
SICK OF IT ALL “s/t” 7” (Revelation #03, BLUE)
SLAPSHOT “Same Mistake/Might Makes Right” 7” (Taang #21)
SONS OF LIBERTY “We Shall Meet Again” 7” (Dim Records #93)
STARS & STRIPES “Drop the Bomb” 7” (Steve Priest Fanclub #4510, GREY)
SYDNEY DUCKS “Esprit De Corps” 7” (Pirates Press #PPR049, WHITE)
TEMPLARS / OXBLOOD “Powerfist” 7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT-2, BLACK/YELLOW SPLIT)
TEMPLARS “Clockwork Orange Horror Show” 2x7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT 11 EP DOUBLE)
TEMPLARS / 90 PROOF “Split” 7” (90 Proof Records #90-1EP)
TEMPLARS / STOMPER 98 “We Stick Together” 7” (DSS Records #DSS99700)
TEMPLARS / CRASHED OUT “Nowhere Fast / Outcast” 7” (Templecombe #679, ORANGE/RED)
TEMPLARS “Forgotten Souls” flexi 7” (Pirates Press)
TERMINUS CITY / MAIN STREET SAINTS “split” 7” (Flat Records #6816
TERVEET KADET “The Horse” 7” (Alternative Action Records #AA023)
TOUCHXDOWN “Reach For the Top” 7” (Malfunction/Youngblood #YBV-01, YELLOW)
UNJUST “Transparency” 7" (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-036, BLUE [100])
UNRULY “On The March” 7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT39)
UPROAR “Time Is Coming” 7” (Dr Strange #DSR140, RED [100])
V/A “The Classic Punk & Oi! Singles Box” 10x7” (Rebellion #RT167 [500])
V/A “East Coast Oi! Attack Vol 1” 7” (Boots and Booze #1)
V/A “Total Noise #1” 7” (Total Noise #TOT 1, 1982)
VANILLA MUFFINS “All Give Some Some Give All” 2x7” (Haunted Town #HTR15, RED [300])
VIBRAM 94 “Fight To Win” 7” (Helen Of Oi #HOO14)
VIBRAM 94 “You’ll Never Take Us” 7” (United Riot #URR19, OXBLOOD [100])
VIOLATORS “Gangland” 7” (Visionary Vinyl #V705)
VIOLENT REACTION “Dead End” 7" (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-013, RED)
VIOLENT SOCIETY/ BOILS “split” 7” (Schuylkill #002)
VOLXSTURM / HARRINGTON SAINTS “40 Years And Still Going Strong!” 7” (Longshot #LS771, Promo, BLACK/YELLOW [211/500])
WRITTEN OFF / OUT CROWD “split” 7” (Six Feet Under, One Voice Fest, CLEAR [30/40])
YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS “The Parole Tapes” 7” (Dim Records #185, RED [519/540])

---  LP's & 10"s & 12"s

1a VANGUARDIA “RAC & Oi!” LP (Esprit Des Corps Services #EDC002LP)
7 SECONDS “The Crew” LP (BYO #005, Blue writing sleeve, white labels)
ACID WITCH "Midnight Movies" 12" (Hells Headbangers #HELLS MLP 034, RED/GOLD)
ARRESTING OFFICERS “Patriotic Glory “ LP (Rock O Rama #RRR1019, BLUE [383/499])
BEST DEFENSE “Six Gun Justice” LP (Haunted Town #5, RED/BLACK SWIRL [345])
BLACK FLAG “Damaged” LP (Roadrunner #RR9956, Blue writing on gray label , 1982)
BLACK SABBATH “Vol 4” LP (Nems #NEL 6005)
BRUTAL COMBAT “Charles Martel” LP ( Boot w/ normal sleeve)
BUNKER 84 “Notre Combat!” LP (Raven’s Call Records #22, RED [65/111])
CHAMPION “Promises Kept” LP (Bridge 9, GREY SWIRL, 1st Press [700])
CLAN OF XYMOX “Twist Of Shadows” LP (Pylon Records #Pylon 47 LP, RED)
CONDEMNED 84 “Battle Scarred” LP (Streetpunk Records #SPLP 2001, RED)
CONDEMNED 84 “Live & Loud” LP (Step-1 #STEP LP 120, RED)
CRUCIAL CHANGE “American Made” LP (Dim #156, BLUE [200])
DEATH IN JUNE “The Guilty Have No Pride” LP (NER #BADVC3, Matte sleeve)
DEATH IN JUNE “Burial” LP (NER #UBADVC4, CLEAR w/ Quilted sleeve, CLEAR)
DEATH IN JUNE “Oh How We Laughed” LP (Eyas Media Ltd #EYAS011)
DEATH IN JUNE “Come Before Christ and Murder Love” 12” (NER #12 BADVC73, whip hand)
DEATH IN JUNE “The World That Summer” 2xLP (NER, 4th Press, textured sleeve)
DEATH IN JUNE “Brown Book” LP (NER #BAD VC11, BROWN [700])
DER STURMER “A Banner Greater Than Death” LP (Deathrune #DTM018, WHITE SWIRL [100])
DER STURMER / CAPRICORNUS “Polish Hellenic Alliance” LP (Deathrune #DTM054, RED [100])
ENDSTUFE “Glatzenparty” 2xLP (Rock O Rama #RRR1022, RED/WHITE SPLATTER [382/998])
EVIL SKINS “Une Force Une Cause Un Combat” LP (Rock O Rama #RRR1028 [499])
EXPLOITED “Let’s Start A War” LP (Pax Records #18, Gatefold, 1983)
FIRST STRIKE “In Veneration Of Fallen Heroes” LP (Thug Rock Records #FS 01)
FORCED REALITY “s/t” LP (Taang, RED [500])
GISM "Militaly Affairs Neurotic" LP (Noise Not Music #NNT22, PURPLE)
GOATMOON “Finnish Steel Storm” LP (Werewolf Records #EVIL-009, BLUE/WHITE SWIRL)
GOBLIN "Greatest Hits" LP (Cinevox # ORL 8305)
GOBLIN "2013 Tour EP" 12" (Death Waltz #DW019, RED)
GOBLIN "Four Of a Kind" LP (Backtothefudda #BTTF 006, PURPLE [500])
GOBLIN "Patrick" LP (Cinevox #MDF 33.133, Italy 1979)
GORILLA BISCUITS “Start Today” LP (Revelation, 5th Press Embossed sleeve [1000])
GRAND BELIAL‘S KEY “GOATY/TOTH” LP (WTC Productions #120, GOLD [150])
HARD SKIN “Live and Loud” LP (Damaged Goods #DAMGOOD 167LP)
HATED & PROUD “Let Freedom Reign” LP (Dim #088, CLEAR)
HEADWOUND “Ginmill” LP (Haunted Town #HTR25, Screened sleeve, GREEN [101/350])
The JINX “Chartbuster” LP (Dim #058, BLUE/YELLOW [273/500])
JUDGE “Bringin It Down” LP (Revelation #15, Embossed Sleeve, PURPLE SWIRL [1000])
KILLING JOKE “Revelations” LP (Malicious Damage #EGMD 3)
LAST CRUSADE “s/t” LP (Rebellion #RR130LP, WHITE)
LOWER CLASS BRATS “Punks Skins Herberts And Hooligans” 12” (Punkcore #Boot Boy 02)
MAJOR ACCIDENT “A Clockwork Legion” LP (Daily Records #DAY.11VS)
MEATMEN “War of the Superbikes” LP (Homestead #HMS009, CLEAR/BROWN SMOKE)
MORGAL “s/t” 12” (Werwolf #EVIL053, RED [250])
MØRKETIDA “Panphage Mysticism” LP (Werwolf #EVIL052, SMOKE HAZE [250])
NEW GLORY “Backlash” LP (Rock O Rama #RRR1033 [100/499])
ON FILE “Breaking Rules” LP (84 Records #HARDLP18, BLUE)
OXBLOOD “Crime Stories” LP (Punkcore #PC LP 02, PURPLE)
OXYMORON “Fuck the Nineties Here’s Our Noize” LP (Helen of Oi #HOO 15, WHITE SWIRL)
OXYMORON “Westworld” 12” (Rebellion #RR153, CLEAR [100])
POISON IDEA “Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes” LP (Taang #46, CLEAR)
RED WHITE & BLACK “George Washington Legion” LP (American Defense #ADR-013, STREAKED)
RUIN BOIS “Sempre En Galiza” LP (Common People Records #CPR014)
SATANIC WARMASTER “Opferblut” LP (No Colours #NC063, RED/CLEAR [100])
SHELTER “Perfection Of Desire” LP (Revelation #16, TAN)
SKINFULL “Live In NYC The Final Invasion” LP (United Riot #URR-33, CLEAR)
SLAPSHOT “Step On It” LP (Taang #28)
SNIX “Quand Le Soleil Se Levera” LP (Rock O Rama #RRR1026 [262/499])
SONS OF LIBERTY “Join Or Die” LP (Dim #152, WHITE)
SPEAR OF LONGINUS “Nada Brahma” LP (Deathrune Records #DTM005, GOLD [400])
SPEAR OF LONGINUS “Black Sun Society” LP (Darker Than Black #DTB 214)
SS DECONTROL “The Kids Will Have Their Say” LP (Suicida Discos #SUI014)
SSD “How We Rock” LP (Modern Method #MM022)
SUPER YOB “Aggrophobia” LP (Rock N Roll Disgrace #RRD1)
The TEMPLARS “Deus Vult” LP (Templecombe/Pirates Press #PPR179, DELUXE TED [1000])
The TRUE WERWOLF “The Black Crown” 12” (Self-Released #92)
UNRULY “s/t” LP (Vulture Rock #VOLT37)
UP FRONT “Spirit” LP (Smorgasbord #2, GREEN MARBLE)
UPROAR “And the Lord Said” LP (Dr Strange #DSR141, PURPLE  [100])
V/A “American Skinheads Armed With the Truth” LP (American Defense #ADR-004)
V/A “Boots On the Street Vol 2” LP (Street Rock Records #SR08, TURQUOISE)
V/A “Looking For Trouble Vol 4” LP (Mother Fucking Sounds #MFS021LP [168/250])
V/A “Nardcore” LP (Mystic, 1984)
V/A “Oi! The French Connection Vol 1” LP (Boucherie Disc, BLACK/WHITE SWIRL)
V/A “This Is Boston Not L.A.” LP (Modern Method #MM012, light blue labels, 1st Press)
V/A “Whose Country IS This, Anyhow!?” 12” (United Riot #URR-44, Test Press [12/20])
VANGUARD / ATF “Stronghold Split” LP (American Defense #ADR-010 LP, GREEN [600])
WARZONE “Don’t Forget the Struggle...” LP (Revelation #163, OPAQUE BLUE/WHITE SWIRL)
WODULF “From the Corpsegates” LP (Breath of Pestilence #BOP045)
YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE “Old Glory” 12” (Vulture Rock #VOLT-60)
YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE “Voice Of Brooklyn” LP (Vulture Rock)
YOUTH OF TODAY “Break Down the Walls” LP (Revelation, RED OPAQUE)


"The Beyond" LP (Deathwaltz, 2015 Mondo Con Version [500])
"Cannibal Holocaust" LP (One Way Static, GREEN/RED)
"Creepers" LP (Elektra #SJ-73205)
"Creepshow" LP (Waxwork Records, RED/BLUE SWIRL)
"Creepshow 2" 2xLP (Waxwork Records #WW031, RAFT VARIANT)
"Dawn of the Dead (Zombie)" LP (Polydor #2374 158, Germany)
"Dawn of the Dead” 2xLP (Waxwork #WW051, GREEN/BLUE)
“The Evil Dead - A Nightmare Reimagined” LP (Death Waltz #DW112, KANDARIAN DEMON)
“Night of the Living Dead 1990” LP (Strange Disc #SD008-LP, Wargod “Punch” [200])
“The Omen” LP (Tattoo Records #BJL1-1889, Promo)
“Profondo Rosso” 3xLP (Waxwork, “BLOODIED DOLL” COLORED VINYL)
“Profondo Rosso” 2xLP (Mondo, CLEAR RED & OPAQUE RED)
“Return of the Living Dead” LP (Real Gone Music, BONE WHITE/GREEN SPLATTER)
“Tenebrae” soundtrack LP (Waxwork, RED & SILVER)
"Zombi Flesh Eaters" LP (Death Waltz/Mondo, GREY)

Email: Travis Daniel -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 11/19/2018
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All vinyl must be in NM+ condition or better.  No seam splits, cut corners, hole punches, bad ring wear, writing, etc.   

Please make a note if the insert is missing.   

Goblin - anything I don't have (especially original pressings)

Oi & Black Metal records