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Travis Daniel

--- Incoming 

DISCLOSE / NO FUCKER “Noise Not Music” 7” (Hemorrhaging Loudness #HL5, CLEAR)
KAAOS “Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos” LP (ORANGE)
KEGCHARGE “Sadistic War Glory” LP (Hardcore Holocaust, GREEN SUNBURST)
RATTUS “Rajoitettu Ydinsota” 7” (Queer Pills #QP4, GREEN Tour version [100])
ZYKLOME A / MORAL DEMOLITION “Repression” 7” (Noise and Distortion #005, BLUE)
“Tenebrae” soundtrack LP (Waxwork)

---   7"s

7 SECONDS “Skins, Brains & Guts” 7” (Lifeline Records, BLUE)
A//POLITICAL “Punk Is a Ghetto” 7” (Profane Existence #EXIST58)
ABIGAIL / SHITFUCKER "split" 7" (Hells Headbangers, PINK/BLUE)
ACID WITCH “Midnight Mass” 7” (Hells Headbangers, PURPLE/ORANGE SPLATTER)
ALL SYSTEMS STOP / BIG BAD BOLLOCKS “split” 7” (Flat Records)
ANTI-TRUST “Double Secret Probation” 7” (Anti-Trust #ANTI-02)
APPENDIX “EP” 7” (Propaganda #PROP 015, RED [300])
ARM’S RACE “The Beast EP” 7” (Painkiller, WHITE [100])
BANNLYST “La Dem Ikke Lure Deg” boot 7”
BIG CHEESE “Aggravated Mopery” 7" (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-042, YELLOW [300])
BLANKS 77 / SUBMACHINE split 7” (Six Weeks Records #SW-08)
BOMB SQUADRON “Smash Hits” 7” (GMM Records #129)
CHAMPION / BETRAYED “split” 7” (Rivalry #RVL-016, CLEAR [980])
CONFUSE “Nuclear Addicts” 7” (Blue Jug Records, boot, RED/BLACK SWIRL)
COPTIC TIMES “Temptation” 7” (Youngblood #YB-28, CLEAR)
CROW “Neurotic Organization” 7” (Prank #037, RED)
CRUDE SS “Who’ll Survive” 7” (Voltage Records #VOL 007)
The CUFFS “Get Out Of My Way” 7” (Kuf 21 Records)
D.C. DISORDER “Native To a World” 7” (Youngblood #YB-46, RED [200])
D.S.B. “No Fight No Get” 7” (Deranged Records #DY 38)
DARKBUSTER “Many Moons” paper flexi (Pirates Press)
The DEFECTS “Survival/Brutality” 7” (WXYZ Records #ABCD3)
DEPRESSOR "Book Of the Dead" 2x7" (RED)
DESTROY “Burn This Racist System Down” 7” (Havoc #HC 7001, MARBLED, 3rd Press)
DISARM “Dömd” 7” (Voltage Records #VOL 014)
ENOUGH “Demo 2010” 7” (Can’t Slow Down #003, GREEN [100])
ENOUGH “When You Don’t Think You Can” 7” (Self-Released, PINK [85])
FACE REALITY “Positive Change” 7” (Dead End Records #DER-005 [200])
FACE REALITY “s/t” 7” (Youngblood #YB-37)
FAR FROM BREAKING “The Identity” 7” (Youngblood #YB-16, YELLOW [350])
The FIRST STEP “Connection” 7” (Rivalry #RVL028, BLUE [1270])
GAME “Who Will Play” 7" flexi (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-046 [300])
GAYRILLA BISCUITS “Hung Queens Can Suck It” 7” (Buddyhead #19, PINK [669])
GORILLA BISCUITS “s/t” 7” (Revelation #4)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE “Make An Effort” 7” (CI Records, BLACK/WHITE SWIRL [450])
GOVERNMENT WARNING “No Way Out” 7” (No Way Records #NW-01, Green sleeve)
GROWING STRONGER “Toxic Fumes” 7” (React #RXR-029, YELLOW)
INSIDE OUT “No Spiritual Surrender” 7” (Revelation #19, GOLD)
KIELTOLAKI “Totaalisen Tuhon Huominen” 7” (Combat Rock Industry #CRI 040, RED)
KNOCK DOWN “s/t” 7” (Youngblood #YB-12, CLEAR [300])
LAST RIGHTS “Chunks/So Ends Our Night” 7” (Taang #2)
MELTDOWN “s/t” 7” (Malfunction #MAL32, BLACK/GREY [700])
MIDNIGHT / SHITFUCKER "split" 7" (Hells Headbangers, RED)
MINDSET “Realpower” 7” (React #RXR-003, 2nd press)
MINDSET “Time & Pressure” 7” (React #RXR-008, 1st Press)
MOB 47 “s/t” 7” (Insane Society Records #IS 124)
MY LUCK “...Is Frozen” 7” (Youngblood #YB-11, ORANGE)
MY LUCK “Cleaver” 7” (Youngblood #YB-14, RED [500])
NEGATIVE FX “s/t” 7” (Taang #5)
NO FOR AN ANSWER “You Laugh” 7” (Revelation #06, GREY SWIRL)
NO TOLERANCE “No Remorse No Tolerance” 7” (Youngblood #YB-36, RED [330])
NOI!SE “The Real Enemy” paper flexi (Pirates Press)
NOT SORRY “Our Choices” 7” (React #RXR-015, YELLOW [300])
NOT SORRY “Our Choices” 7” (React #RXR-015, BLACK [400])
OUR TURN “Catch Your Breath” 7” (Youngblood #YB-18, CLEAR , Posi Numbers ‘04 [225])
OXYMORON “Beware, Poisonous” 7” (Knock Out Records #KOEP 071)
OXYMORON “Crisis Identity” 7” (Knock Out Records #KOEP 072)
PEACE “s/t” 7” (React #RXR-025, WHITE)
The PIST “Destroy Society” 7” (Eugene Records #ER-02)
POSITIVE NOISE “No Hardcore” 7” (Headcount Records)
PROJECT X “Straight Edge Revenge” 7” (Bridge 9 #049, RED)
PROTESTI “8 Track” 7” (Havoc #HC7012, GREY)
PUBLIC TRUST “The Leper” 7" (Self-Released, BS-3)
QUICKSAND “s/t” 7” (Revelation #18, RED)
RAY & PORCELL “2 Songs” 7” (Revelation #23, PURPLE, 1991 [1000])
RIISTETYT “Tervetuloa Kuolema” 7” (Havoc #HC7027, BLUE)
SHARK ATTACK “Blood In the Water” (Bridge 9 #B9R 11, Red/Black labels)
SHITFUCKER "Sexual Maniac" 7" (BSN Productions)
SICK OF IT ALL “s/t” 7” (Revelation #03, BLUE)
SLAPSHOT “Same Mistake/Might Makes Right” 7” (Taang #21)
SO BE IT “The Wrath of the Skies” 7” (Deathwish, WHITE)
SPITBOY “s/t” 7” (Lookout Records #051)
SVART FRAMTID “1984” 7” (Voltage Records #VOL 006)
SYPHILITIC VAGINAS "Black Motor Covenant" 7" (Rescued From Life #RFL 52)
TAMPERE SS “Kuollut & Kuopattu” 7” (Havoc #HC7015, GOLD [500])
TERVEET KADET “The Horse” 7” (Alternative Action Records #AA023)
The THIRD SEX “The No Heart” 7” (Mr Lady Records)
TOUCHXDOWN “Reach For the Top” 7” (Malfunction/Youngblood #YBV-01, YELLOW)
TRUE COLORS “Consider It Done” 7” (Six Feet Under #SFU039, Gatefold [608])
UNJUST “Transparency” 7" (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-036, BLUE [100])
UNTIL TODAY “Hate Free” 7” (Surrounded Records #SR09)
UPRISE “Silent No Longer” 7” (Orphaned Records #OR04)
UPROAR “Time Is Coming” 7” (Dr Strange #DSR140, RED [100])
V/A “Civilisationens Bakgård” 7” (Elderberry Records #EB 002)
V/A “Winds Of Change” 7” (React #RXR 39, GREY MARBLE [150])
VIOLENT REACTION “Dead End” 7" (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-013, RED)
VIOLENT SOCIETY/ BOILS “split” 7” (Schuylkill #002)
WITCH HUNT “s/t” 7” (Get the Axe #GTA-007)
WRITTEN OFF / OUT CROWD “split” 7” (Six Feet Under, One Voice Fest, CLEAR [30/40])
ZOUNDZ “Ancient Briton/Sick Of Work” 7” (Overground Records #OVER 133)

---  LP's & 10"s & 12"s

7 SECONDS “The Crew” LP (BYO #005, Blue writing sleeve, white labels)
ABRASIVE WHEELS “ When the Punks Go Marching In” LP (Riot City #CITY 001)
ACID WITCH "Stoned" LP (Hells Headbangers, ORANGE/BLUE)
ACID WITCH "Midnight Movies" 12" (Hells Headbangers, RED/GOLD)
AUS ROTTEN “The System Works For Them” LP (Profane Existence #EXIST 164, CLEAR/RED SPLATTER)
BAD BRAINS “I Against I” LP (SST #065, old pressing)
BLACK FLAG “Damaged” LP (Roadrunner #RR9956, Blue writing on gray label , 1982)
BOSTON STRANGLER “Primative” LP (Fun With Smack #3)
CHAMPION “Promises Kept” LP (Bridge 9, GREY SWIRL, 1st Press [700])
CHEAP SEX “Written In Blood” LP (Punkcore #PC44LP, YELLOW/BLACK SPLATTER [100])
CRUCIAL YOUTH “The Posi Machine” LP (New Red Archives, WHITE repress [100])
DISORDER “Gi Faen I Nasjonalitenten Din” LP (Disorder Records #AARGH 2)
D.O.A. “True North Strong and Free” LP (Profile #PRO-1228)
The EJECTED “Spirit Of Rebellion” LP (Ejected #ELP 002, Boot)
FUNERAL DRESS “Global Warning” LP (Joe Pogo #JPR010)
GHOUL "Maniaxe" LP (Tankcrimes, YELLOW)
GISM "Militaly Affairs Neurotic" LP (Noise Not Music #NNT22, PURPLE)
GOBLIN "Greatest Hits" LP (Cinevox # ORL 8305)
GOBLIN "2013 Tour EP" 12" (Death Waltz #DW019, RED)
CLAUDIO SIMONETTI'S GOBLIN "Demoni/Opera/Profondo Rosso" 2xLP & 10" Box Set (Cinevox [666])
GOBLIN "Four Of a Kind" LP (PURPLE [500])
GOBLIN "Patrick" LP (Cinevox #MDF 33.133, Italy 1979)
GORILLA BISCUITS “Start Today” LP (Revelation, 5th Press Embossed sleeve [1000])
GOVERNMENT WARNING “No Moderation” LP (Feral Ward #YAN-034)
JUDGE “Bringin It Down” LP (Revelation #15, Embossed Sleeve, PURPLE SWIRL [1000])
MEATMEN “War of the Superbikes” LP (Homestead #HMS009, CLEAR/BROWN SMOKE)
MOONBLOOD "Blut & Krieg" LP (Fanclub, 2013)
NECROS / WHITE FLAG “Jail Jello” 12” (Gastanka Records #JC-9012, RED)
NEIL (The Young Ones) "Hole In My Shoe (Paranoid Version)" 12" (WEA Records #249 317-0)
NO TOLERANCE “You Walk Alone” LP (Painkiller # PKR-060)
POISON IDEA “Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes” LP (Taang #46, CLEAR)
RIGHT IDEA “Our World” LP (React #RXR-002)
RIISTETYT “As a Prisoner Of State” LP (Hohnie #HO64)
RITUAL “Beneath Aging Flesh and Bobe” LP (Reflections Records, BLUE/BLACK [250])
SCHIZOPHASIA "3000" LP (Streaks Records #17, BLUE [100])
SHELTER “Perfection Of Desire” LP (Revelation #16, TAN)
SLAPSHOT “Step On It” LP (Taang #28)
SS DECONTROL “The Kids Will Have Their Say” LP (Suicida Discos #SUI014)
SSD “How We Rock” LP (Modern Method #MM022)
SUBMACHINE “Now That I’ve Given Up Hope...” LP (CI Records)
SYPHILITIC VAGINAS "梅毒マンコ" LP (Hardcore Holocaust #HHR 40, Red Sleeve)
The TEMPLARS “Deus Vult” LP (Templecombe/Pirates Press #PPR179, DELUXE TED [1000])
TRAP THEM “Seizures In Barren Praise” LP (Deathwish #DWI78)
UNIFORM CHOICE “Screaming For Change” LP (Southern Lord #LORD 233, GOLD [300])
UP FRONT “Spirit” LP (Smorgasbord #2, GREEN MARBLE)
UPROAR “And the Lord Said” LP (Dr Strange #DSR141, PURPLE  [100])
V/A “America’s Hardcore Vol 2” LP (Triple B Records #TBR-035, RED [765])
V/A “Animal Liberation” LP (Wax Trax #WAX025)
V/A “Generations: A Hardcore Compilation” LP (Revelation #130, BLUE [500])
V/A “If You Can’t Please Yourself...” LP (Capitol Records #ST-12439, Promo)
V/A “Killed By Meth” LP (Its Trash Records #ITS-008 [500])
V/A “Nardcore” LP (Mystic, 1984)
V/A “Nightmare From the Underworld Vol 2” LP (Underworld Records #UR-1205)
V/A “Propaganda Hardcore ‘83” LP (Hohnie/Propaganda #Hö91, ORANGE)
V/A “Start A Riot” LP (Clean Plate Records #4)
V/A “This Is Boston Not L.A.” LP (Modern Method #MM012, light blue labels, 1st Press)
V/A “Today Brooklyn Tomorrow the World” LP (Brooklyn Beat Records)
The VANDALS “Peace Through Vandalism” 12” (Chi-Com Records #5860, GREEN/BLACK)
VISION “In the Blink Of An Eye” LP (Nemesis #3)
WARZONE “Don’t Forget the Struggle...” LP (Revelation #163, OPAQUE BLUE/WHITE SWIRL)
WITCH HUNT “Blood Red States” LP (Profane Existence #093, RED [500])
YOUTH OF TODAY “Break Down the Walls” LP (Revelation, RED OPAQUE)
YOUTH OF TOGAY “Tossed Salad Days” LP (Rejected Records, PURPLE)


"1990 The Bronx Warriors" LP (Death Waltz, RSD, SPLATTER)
"Absurd" 2xLP (Mondo/Deathwaltz, SMOKE/MAROON)
"The Beyond" LP (Deathwaltz, 2015 Mondo Con Version [500])
"Black Christmas" LP (Waxwork Records, CLEAR/RED SPLATTER)
"The Burning" LP (One Way Static #OWS12, CLEAR/ORANGE HAZE)
"Cannibal Apocalypse" LP (Mondo, CLEAR/RED)
"Cannibal Holocaust" LP (One Way Static, GREEN/RED)
"City Of the Living Dead" LP (Stella #SEM 85003, BLUE)
"Creepers" LP (Elektra #SJ-73205)
"Creepshow" LP (Waxwork Records, RED/BLUE SWIRL)
"Creepshow 2" 2xLP (Waxwork Records #WW031, RAFT VARIANT)
"Dark Shadows - Original Music From" LP (Philips #PHS-600-314, w/ poster, 1969)
"Dawn of the Dead (Zombie)" LP (Polydor #2374 158, Germany)
"Dawn of the Dead” 2xLP (Waxwork #WW051, GREEN/BLUE)
“Deathgasm" 2xLP (Deathwaltz)
"Dellamorte Dellamore" LP (Lunaris Records, GNAGHI VOMIT)
"Dressed To Kill" LP (Varese Sarabande #STV81148)
"Evil Dead 2" LP (Waxwork #WW020, RED/BLUE/BROWN SWIRL)
"The Greasy Strangler" LP (PINK)
"Hellraiser” 6x7” boxset (Death Waltz [1000])
“The Howling" LP (Waxwork Records, TIE DYED)
"Maniac" LP (Deathwaltz, RED/WHITE/BLUE SPLATTER)
"Nekromantik" LP + 7" (One Way Static, Deluxe, GREY SMOKE)
"New York Ripper" LP (Death Waltz, GREEN)
"Pieces" LP (WRWTFWW #005LP)
"Re-Animator" LP (Waxwork #WW001, GREEN/WHITE, 2nd Press)
"The Red Balloon" LP (Nonesuch #H-2001, MONO)
"Stranger Things Volume 2" 2xLP (WAFFLE SWIRL [1000])
"The Warriors" LP (A&M Records #SP-4761)
"Zombi Flesh Eaters" LP (Death Waltz/Mondo, GREY)


"Phantasm" Laserdisc (Magnetic Video #4066-80, 1981)

Email: Travis Daniel -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 03/19/2018
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All vinyl must be in NM+ condition or better.  No seam splits, cut corners, hole punches, bad ring wear, writing, etc.   

Please make a note if the insert is missing.   

Goblin - anything I don't have (especially original pressings)

Scandinavian hardcore records 

Tour presses 

Anarcho punk and SxE Hardcore 

ASTA KASK “Med Is I Magen” LP (Prank, CLEAR Tour Version [150])
BASTARDS “Järjetön Maailma” LP (Assel Records #ASSI 020, RED [300])
LIMP WRIST “1-Sided 12” (2008 Tour Version)  
The VIRUS “Global Crisis” 7” (Charged, CLEAR)