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Travis Daniel

--- Incoming 

BOOTS & BRACES “Aufrecht Gehen” 7” (Walzwerk Records #WWR005, WHITE)
“Profondo Rosso” 2xLP (Mondo, RED)

---   7"s

4 SKINS “The Original Singles Boxset” 4x7” (Rebellion #RR168 [500])
7 SECONDS “Skins, Brains & Guts” 7” (Lifeline Records #LLR-025, BLUE)
ALL SYSTEMS STOP / BIG BAD BOLLOCKS “split” 7” (Flat Records)
ANTI-TRUST “Double Secret Probation” 7” (Anti-Trust #ANTI-02)
APPENDIX “EP” 7” (Propaganda #PROP 015, RED [300])
ARM’S RACE “The Beast EP” 7” (Painkiller #PKR-071, WHITE [100])
BANNLYST “La Dem Ikke Lure Deg” 7” (Fanclub)
BATTLE CRY “East Side Skinhead Pride” 7” (Punkcore #BOOT BOY 01)
BIG CHEESE “Aggravated Mopery” 7" (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-042, YELLOW [300])
BLANKS 77 / SUBMACHINE split 7” (Six Weeks Records #SW-08)
BOOT PARTY “The Suss” 7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT-35, WHITE)
BOOTS & BRACES “Made In Kü'au” 7” (DSS Records #DSS086)
BRUTTI E IGNORANTE “Il Gossip Della Morte” 7” (Motherfucking Sounds #MFS001-7 SWIRL)
CLOSE SHAVE “Attack” 7” (Helen of Oi! #HOO3)
CONDEMNED 84 “The Real Oi!” 7” (Haunted Town #HTR37, CLEAR)
CONFUSE “Nuclear Addicts” 7” (Blue Jug Records, boot, RED/BLACK SWIRL)
CRISIS “UK ‘79” 7” (Extremocidente #DEO 07183917, RED)
CRISIS “No Town Hall (Southwark)” 7” (Extremocidente #DEO 07173817, YELLOW)
CRISIS “Alienation” 7” (Extremocidente #DEO 07194017, CLEAR)
CROW “Neurotic Organization” 7” (Prank #037, RED)
CRUDE SS “Who’ll Survive” 7” (Voltage Records #VOL 007)
The CUFFS “Get Out Of My Way” 7” (Kuf 21 Records)
The DEFECTS “Survival/Brutality” 7” (WXYZ Records #ABCD3)
DISARM “Dömd” 7” (Voltage Records #VOL 014)
DISCLOSE / NO FUCKER “Noise Not Music” 7” (Hemorrhaging Loudness #HL5, CLEAR)
ENOUGH “Demo 2010” 7” (Can’t Slow Down #003, GREEN [100])
ENOUGH “When You Don’t Think You Can” 7” (Self-Released, PINK [85])
FORCED REALITY “Give Em the Brass” 7” (Taang)
GAME “Who Will Play” 7" flexi (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-046 [300])
GORILLA BISCUITS “s/t” 7” (Revelation #4)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE “Make An Effort” 7” (CI Records, BLACK/WHITE SWIRL [450])
GOVERNMENT WARNING “No Way Out” 7” (No Way Records #NW-01, Green sleeve)
HARRINGTON SAINTS / SLICK 46 “split” 7” (Longshot #LS747)
HATED & PROUD “Can’t Hold Us Back” 7” (Barracuda #BK012, BROWN)
IMMORAL DISCIPLINE “Battlefield” 7” (Smash Records #1, WHITE)
IMMORAL DISCIPLINE “st” 7” (Smash Records #2, BLUE)
IMPACT “Coupable” 7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT-28EP)
INDECENT EXPOSURE “Riots / Matter Of Time” 7” (Under Watchful Eyes, WHITE [100])
KNOCK DOWN “s/t” 7” (Youngblood #YB-12, CLEAR [300])
LAST RIGHTS “Chunks/So Ends Our Night” 7” (Taang #2)
MADNESS “Embarrassment / Crying Shame” 7” (Stiff Records #BUY 102, pink labels)
MINDSET “Realpower” 7” (React #RXR-003, 2nd press)
MINDSET “Time & Pressure” 7” (React #RXR-008, 1st Press)
MOB 47 “s/t” 7” (Insane Society Records #IS 124)
MOLOKO MEN “Clockwork Ultra Violence” 7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT-33EP)
MOLOKO MEN / VIOLENT DRUNKS "split" 7" (Oink Records #Oink-005)
NATION OF SUSPECTS “Liberals Can Die” 7” (American Defense #ADR-001, BLUE)
NEGATIVE FX “s/t” 7” (Taang #5)
NO FOR AN ANSWER “You Laugh” 7” (Revelation #06, GREY SWIRL)
NO TOLERANCE “No Remorse No Tolerance” 7” (Youngblood #YB-36, RED [330])
NOI!SE “The Real Enemy” paper flexi (Pirates Press)
OUR TURN “Catch Your Breath” 7” (Youngblood #YB-18, CLEAR , Posi Numbers ‘04 [225])
OUTSIDERS “Don't Tread On Me” 7” (Haunted Town #HTR10)
OXBLOOD “Under the Boot” 7” (Headache #21, CLEAR BROWN, no sleeve)
OXBLOOD “Thug Rock Army” 7” (Clockwork Streetrecords #CES1, HALF RED/BLACK)
OXYMORON “Beware, Poisonous” 7” (Knock Out Records #KOEP 071)
OXYMORON “Crisis Identity” 7” (Knock Out Records #KOEP 072)
OXYMORON / DROPKICK MURPHYS “German Lager Vs Irish Stout” 7” (Flat Records)
PAXTON BOYS “Skinhead Rock n Roll” 7” (Punkcore #Boot Boy 04)
PROJECT X “Straight Edge Revenge” 7” (Bridge 9 #049, RED)
QUICKSAND “s/t” 7” (Revelation #18, RED)
RED WHITE & BLUE “s/t” 7” (Pure Impact #PI016 [121/1000])
RIISTETYT “Tervetuloa Kuolema” 7” (Havoc #HC7027, BLUE)
SHARK ATTACK “Blood In the Water” (Bridge 9 #B9R 11, Red/Black labels)
SICK OF IT ALL “s/t” 7” (Revelation #03, BLUE)
SLAPSHOT “Same Mistake/Might Makes Right” 7” (Taang #21)
SONS OF LIBERTY “We Shall Meet Again” 7” (Dim Records #93)
SVART FRAMTID “1984” 7” (Voltage Records #VOL 006)
SYDNEY DUCKS “Esprit De Corps” 7” (Pirates Press #PPR049, WHITE)
TEMPLARS / OXBLOOD “Powerfist” 7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT-2, BLACK/YELLOW SPLIT)
TEMPLARS “Clockwork Orange Horror Show” 2x7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT 11 EP DOUBLE)
TEMPLARS / 90 PROOF “Split” 7” (90 Proof Records #90-1EP)
TEMPLARS / STOMPER 98 “We Stick Together” 7” (DSS Records #DSS99700)
TEMPLARS / CRASHED OUT “Nowhere Fast / Outcast” 7” (Templecombe #679, ORANGE/RED)
TEMPLARS “Forgotten Souls” flexi 7” (Pirates Press)
TERMINUS CITY / MAIN STREET SAINTS “split” 7” (Flat Records #6816
TERRITORIES “There and Gone” flexi 7” (Pirates Press)
TERVEET KADET “The Horse” 7” (Alternative Action Records #AA023)
TOUCHXDOWN “Reach For the Top” 7” (Malfunction/Youngblood #YBV-01, YELLOW)
UNJUST “Transparency” 7" (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-036, BLUE [100])
UNRULY “On The March” 7” (Vulture Rock #VOLT39)
UPROAR “Time Is Coming” 7” (Dr Strange #DSR140, RED [100])
V/A “The Classic Punk & Oi! Singles Box” 10x7” (Rebellion #RT167 [500])
V/A “East Coast Oi! Attack Vol 1” 7” (Boots and Booze #1)
V/A “Total Noise #1” 7” (Total Noise #TOT 1, 1982)
VIBRAM 94 “Fight To Win” 7” (Helen Of Oi #HOO14)
VIBRAM 94 “You’ll Never Take Us” 7” (United Riot #URR19, OXBLOOD [100])
VIOLATORS “Gangland” 7” (Visionary Vinyl #V705)
VIOLENT REACTION “Dead End” 7" (Quality Control HQ #QCHQ-013, RED)
VIOLENT SOCIETY/ BOILS “split” 7” (Schuylkill #002)
VOLXSTURM / HARRINGTON SAINTS “40 Years And Still Going Strong!” 7” (Longshot #LS771, Promo, BLACK/YELLOW [211/500])
WRITTEN OFF / OUT CROWD “split” 7” (Six Feet Under, One Voice Fest, CLEAR [30/40])
YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS “The Parole Tapes” 7” (Dim Records #185, RED [519/540])
ZYKLOME A / MORAL DEMOLITION “Repression” 7” (Noise and Distortion #005, BLUE)

---  LP's & 10"s & 12"s

1a VANGUARDIA “RAC & Oi!” LP (Esprit Des Corps Services #EDC002LP)
7 SECONDS “The Crew” LP (BYO #005, Blue writing sleeve, white labels)
ABRASIVE WHEELS “ When the Punks Go Marching In” LP (Riot City #CITY 001)
ACID WITCH "Midnight Movies" 12" (Hells Headbangers #HELLS MLP 034, RED/GOLD)
ARRESTING OFFICERS “Patriotic Glory “ LP (Rock O Rama #RRR1019, BLUE [383/499])
BLACK FLAG “Damaged” LP (Roadrunner #RR9956, Blue writing on gray label , 1982)
BOSTON STRANGLER “Primative” LP (Fun With Smack #3)
BRUTAL COMBAT “Charles Martel” LP ( Boot w/ normal sleeve)
BUNKER 84 “Notre Combat!” LP (Raven’s Call Records #22, RED [65/111])
CHAMPION “Promises Kept” LP (Bridge 9, GREY SWIRL, 1st Press [700])
CHAOTIC DISCHORD “Fuck Religion Fuck Politics” LP (Riot City #CITY004)
CONDEMNED 84 “Battle Scarred” LP (Streetpunk Records #SPLP 2001, RED)
CONDEMNED 84 “Live & Loud” LP (Step-1 #STEP LP 120, RED)
The EJECTED “Spirit Of Rebellion” LP (Ejected #ELP 002, Boot)
ENDSTUFE “Glatzenparty” 2xLP (Rock O Rama #RRR1022, RED/WHITE SPLATTER [382/998])
EVIL SKINS “Une Force Une Cause Un Combat” LP (Rock O Rama #RRR1028 [499])
EXPLOITED “Let’s Start A War” LP (Pax Records #18, Gatefold, 1983)
FATSKINS “Thinkin’ Like a Fatskin” LP (Randale #RAN 229)
FIRST STRIKE “In Veneration Of Fallen Heroes” LP (Thug Rock Records #FS 01)
FORCED REALITY “s/t” LP (Taang, RED [500])
GHOUL "Maniaxe" LP (Tankcrimes #TC67, YELLOW)
GISM "Militaly Affairs Neurotic" LP (Noise Not Music #NNT22, PURPLE)
GOBLIN "Greatest Hits" LP (Cinevox # ORL 8305)
GOBLIN "2013 Tour EP" 12" (Death Waltz #DW019, RED)
GOBLIN "Four Of a Kind" LP (Backtothefudda #BTTF 006, PURPLE [500])
GOBLIN "Patrick" LP (Cinevox #MDF 33.133, Italy 1979)
GORILLA BISCUITS “Start Today” LP (Revelation, 5th Press Embossed sleeve [1000])
HARD SKIN “Live and Loud” LP (Damaged Goods #DAMGOOD 167LP)
HATED & PROUD “Let Freedom Reign” LP (Dim #088, CLEAR)
HEADWOUND “Ginmill” LP (Haunted Town #HTR25, Screened sleeve, GREEN [101/350])
The JINX “Chartbuster” LP (Dim #058, BLUE/YELLOW [273/500])
JUDGE “Bringin It Down” LP (Revelation #15, Embossed Sleeve, PURPLE SWIRL [1000])
KAAOS “Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos” LP (Havoc/Fight, ORANGE/GREEN [525])
LAST CRUSADE “s/t” LP (Rebellion #RR130LP, WHITE)
LEBENDEN TOTEN “State Laughter” LP (Wicked Witch #WWR 026)
LOWER CLASS BRATS “Punks Skins Herberts And Hooligans” 12” (Punkcore #Boot Boy 02)
MAJOR ACCIDENT “A Clockwork Legion” LP (Daily Records #DAY.11VS)
MEATMEN “War of the Superbikes” LP (Homestead #HMS009, CLEAR/BROWN SMOKE)
METALLICA “Creeping Death” 12” EP (Music For Nations #12 KUT 112)
NEIL (The Young Ones) "Hole In My Shoe (Paranoid Version)" 12" (WEA Records #249 317-0)
NEW GLORY “Backlash” LP (Rock O Rama #RRR1033 [100/499])
NO TOLERANCE “You Walk Alone” LP (Painkiller # PKR-060)
ON FILE “Breaking Rules” LP (84 Records #HARDLP18, BLUE)
OXBLOOD “Crime Stories” LP (Punkcore #PC LP 02, PURPLE)
OXYMORON “Fuck the Nineties Here’s Our Noize” LP (Helen of Oi #HOO 15, WHITE SWIRL)
POISON IDEA “Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes” LP (Taang #46, CLEAR)
RED WHITE & BLACK “George Washington Legion” LP (American Defense #ADR-013, STREAKED)
RUIN BOIS “Sempre En Galiza” LP (Common People Records #CPR014)
SHELTER “Perfection Of Desire” LP (Revelation #16, TAN)
SKINFULL “Live In NYC The Final Invasion” LP (United Riot #URR-33, CLEAR)
SLAPSHOT “Step On It” LP (Taang #28)
SNIX “Quand Le Soleil Se Levera” LP (Rock O Rama #RRR1026 [262/499])
SONS OF LIBERTY “Join Or Die” LP (Dim #152, WHITE)
SS DECONTROL “The Kids Will Have Their Say” LP (Suicida Discos #SUI014)
SSD “How We Rock” LP (Modern Method #MM022)
SUPER YOB “Aggrophobia” LP (Rock N Roll Disgrace #RRD1)
The TEMPLARS “Deus Vult” LP (Templecombe/Pirates Press #PPR179, DELUXE TED [1000])
UNRULY “s/t” LP (Vulture Rock #VOLT37)
UP FRONT “Spirit” LP (Smorgasbord #2, GREEN MARBLE)
UPROAR “And the Lord Said” LP (Dr Strange #DSR141, PURPLE  [100])
V/A “American Skinheads Armed With the Truth” LP (American Defense #ADR-004)
V/A “Boots On the Street Vol 2” LP (Street Rock Records #SR08, TURQUOISE)
V/A “Looking For Trouble Vol 4” LP (Mother Fucking Sounds #MFS021LP [168/250])
V/A “Nardcore” LP (Mystic, 1984)
V/A “Oi! The French Connection Vol 1” LP (Boucherie Disc, BLACK/WHITE SWIRL)
V/A “Propaganda Hardcore ‘83” LP (Hohnie/Propaganda #Hö91, ORANGE)
V/A “Punx Unite” LP (Charged Records #001, BLUE [500])
V/A “This Is Boston Not L.A.” LP (Modern Method #MM012, light blue labels, 1st Press)
V/A “Whose Country IS This, Anyhow!?” 12” (United Riot #URR-44, Test Press [12/20])
VANGUARD / ATF “Stronghold Split” LP (American Defense #ADR-010 LP, GREEN [600])
WARZONE “Don’t Forget the Struggle...” LP (Revelation #163, OPAQUE BLUE/WHITE SWIRL)
X “Under the Big Black Sun” LP (Elektra #9 60150-1, 1982)
YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE “Old Glory” 12” (Vulture Rock #VOLT-60)
YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE “Voice Of Brooklyn” LP (Vulture Rock)
YOUTH OF TODAY “Break Down the Walls” LP (Revelation, RED OPAQUE)


"1990 The Bronx Warriors" LP (Death Waltz, RSD, SPLATTER)
"Absurd" 2xLP (Mondo/Deathwaltz, SMOKE/MAROON)
"The Beyond" LP (Deathwaltz, 2015 Mondo Con Version [500])
"Cannibal Holocaust" LP (One Way Static, GREEN/RED)
"Creepers" LP (Elektra #SJ-73205)
"Creepshow" LP (Waxwork Records, RED/BLUE SWIRL)
"Creepshow 2" 2xLP (Waxwork Records #WW031, RAFT VARIANT)
"Dawn of the Dead (Zombie)" LP (Polydor #2374 158, Germany)
"Dawn of the Dead” 2xLP (Waxwork #WW051, GREEN/BLUE)
“The Omen” LP (Tattoo Records #BJL1-1889, Promo)
“Profondo Rosso” 3xLP (Waxwork, “BLOODIED DOLL” COLORED VINYL)
“Tenebrae” soundtrack LP (Waxwork, RED & SILVER)
“The Warriors" LP (A&M Records #SP-4761)
"Zombi Flesh Eaters" LP (Death Waltz/Mondo, GREY)

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All vinyl must be in NM+ condition or better.  No seam splits, cut corners, hole punches, bad ring wear, writing, etc.   

Please make a note if the insert is missing.   

Goblin - anything I don't have (especially original pressings)

Oi records 

Tour presses