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Christopher Mashburn

* = Coming to me.

Everything is XL unless noted!

Agitator - Walls Closing In, Clear
Backtrack - 08 Demo, Black
Backtrack - Deal With the Devil - Red
Beware - Won't Get the Best of Me, Purple
Cruel Hand -Live At Sound & Fury
Focus X Minds - Stay Foucsed, White
Foundation - Hang Your Head, Black
H20 - Seveninch, Baby Blue 
H2O - Sevenich, Black
Jungle Juice - Involuntary Convulsions, Test Press, 21/36
Kicked In - In Session
Stick Together - Surviving The Times, Red
Title Fight - The Last Thing You Forget, Clear 
Title Fight - Secret Society, Blue 
Tough Luck - Fifth Column
Vaccine - Demo, White

Agnostic Front - Liberty & Justice For...
Alice in Chains - Jar of Flies
Ancient Heads
Anthrax - State of Euphoria x2
Back To Back - Flesh & Bone
Bad Brains - Live
Battle Ruins
The Beach Boys - Endless Summer
Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
Beastie Boys - Ill Communication
Beyond - No Longer At Ease
Beerhead - Wait It Out
Bent Life - Demo
Beware - Live At CCAS
Biohazard - Urban Discipline
Blindside USA
Blindside USA
Blindside USA
Carcass - Heartwork
Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium
Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets
The Clash
Cro Mags - The Age Of Quarrel
Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust Inc.
Dress Code
Flawless - Something I'll Never Miss - 13/25
Flawless - Winter Tour Tape 4/100
Free At Last - My Own Way 13/25 x3
Free At Last - Pave Your Way Promo Tape
Free At Last - Pave Your Way
Free At Last - What's Inside Four Walls
Free Spirit
Free Spirit - Be Yourself
Free Spirit - Live in Toronto 
Fugazi - Repeater
Hard Stripes - UB13
Outcrowd - Written Off
Outcrowd - Demo
Outlast - Two Song Promo
Rival Mob - Mob Justice
Surrender - I, 19/75
Tough Luck - Heavy Fortune
War Hungry - UB13
World War 4 - Demo

America's Hardcore Compilation - Volume 2, Blue Marble 
Backtrack - Darker Half, Clearish Yellow, United Blood 2012 22/35
Black Flag - Damaged, First Pressing 
Boston Strangler - Primitive
Gypsy - Giant's Dispair, Lavender
H20 - Nothing To Prove, Yellow
Iceage - You're Nothing
Title Fight - Floral Green, Black 
Title Fight - Shed, Black 

Backtrack - Well Fed Gang, UB'11
Backtrack - United Blood Fest 2012
Bent Life - Sound & Fury, TyeDye Cro-Mags rip
Bent Life - Full Skull
Beware - Billingsgate Rip, Blue/Orange
Beware - Insight Rip, Red Longsleeve - L
Beware - Insight Rip, Blue - L
Beware - Insight Rip, hoodie /7 (Black) - XL
Dead End Path - Summer Camp
Dead End Path - Summer Tour 2011 Skankin'
Dead End Path - When the kids are united
Disengage- X Logo/Back To Back Records (Black/Blue)
Free Spirit - Block Letters, American Made, est 2008, UB'12
Free Spirit - Figure You Out
Free Spirit - AHC Block Letters, red ink - L
Free Spirit - Express Yourself Lyrics
Free Spirit - Snoopy on Doghouse, blue ink
Free Spirit - Astronaut (Grey/Purple)
Free Spirit - Astronaut (Grey/Red)
Hard Stripes - UB13 coffin
Hard Stripes - Chaos '13
Hatebreed - Victory pocket/flames OG
Insight - What Will It Take?, Short Sleeve, OG (NAVY)
Insight - What Will It Take?, Short Sleeve, OG (NAVY)
Iron Boots - UB13 reprint
Ivy League - Flower, UB13
Magic Circle - Skull, white
No Tolerance - No Remorse, No Tolerance (Black/Red ink)
No Tolerance - No Remorse, No Tolerance (White/Red Pocket/Black Back)
No Tolerance - No Remorse, No Tolerance (Blue/Yellow Ink)
No Tolerance - No Remorse, No Tolerance DFJ Live Shot (Black ink on White)
Pegasus - Spider, white
Power Trip - You Say No, Juicy J rip
Outcrowd - Murphey's Law Rip, UB12
Outcrowd - Flashlight, UB13
Rotting Out - Long Sleeve Teeth
RZL DZL - Pizza Loc, (Maroon/Gray)
RZL DZL - Pizza Loc, (Green/Black)
Soul Search - Back To Back pocket pullover
Spine - Spine Crew, White/Black XL
Step Forward - Logo (Black/Yellow Ink)
Step Forward - Logo (White/Blue Ink)
Step Forward - Logo Hoodie (Black/White ink) 
Step Forward - Logo (Gray/Blue Ink)
Stick Together - Blue Control record release - L
Stick Together - Surviving the Times
Title Fight - TF Crest
Turning Point - It's always darkest, short sleeve - XL - OG
United Youth - United Blood 2011
United Youth - "All this hate is killing me"

Title Fight Zine
Title Fight Floppy - Black
Title Fight Floppy - Green
Title Fight - "No one stays" snapback
Triple B "Dad hat", TIH /36         
Email: Christopher Mashburn -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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Dead End Path - Polo Bears hoodie, Red LOC - XL
              - Polo Bears hoodie, Blue LOC - XL
Free Spirit - Collegiate, any color way - XL
Free Spirit - Snoopy, White, Black Loc - XL
              (Most Free Spirit gear that I don't have)
Pegasus - Anything in XL
Title Fight - Tye Dye Reaper shirt - XL
Turning Point - OG XL in anything!

(Work in progress)