Email: Alex Sanchez -- Ebay Name: yo_baby_sup -- Last Updated: 06/28/2017
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Alex Sanchez

My list got deleted because i'm a slacker, but i was on here since the early days of hye.

Been trading since the mid 90's with tons of people. Some i can remember off the top of my head: chris cory, cooch, judd taylor, robert forbes, clint chapman, yu sakurai, 
nick turner, max ward, brad fry, andy nelson, branden hutchins, tim faulkner, steve gendelman, fettah hmimid, tino karnath, bill skoulas, Luc Ardilouze, Federico Gomez, etc...

i have also been selling thousands of records on ebay since the late 90's user name yo_baby_sup.

Abused -loud & clear 7" unfolded insert and uncut sleeve
Born Against -s/t 7" fold out sleeve w/ poster
Charles Bronson -youth attack 10" white vinyl/ screened cover
Chronic Sick -s/t 7" original
Citizens Arrest -a light in the darkness 7" Red vinyl/screened eyes
Citizens Arrest -a light in the darkness 7"  Test Press original
Crossed Out -s/t 7" orig
Crossed Out / Man Is The Bastard -split 7" red sleeve
DRI -dirty rotten ep Test Press orig 
DYS -brotherhood lp original photocopy insert
Eye For An Eye -omega Drone 7" red vinyl
Gods Will -you're on my property 7" test press
Googol Plex -nail a lie 7" red cover w/ insert
Helen Keller -surfin with steve and id amin 7"
Infest -machismo 7" purple vinyl
Infest -machismo 7" clear vinyl
Infest -machismo 7" (orig black vinyl)
Infest -slave lp amber vinyl w/ poster/ sticker otd original
Infest -slave -pink vinyl w/ poster
Minor Threat -in my eyes 7" red vinyl
Moss Icon -memorial 7"
Neanderthal / Rorschach -split 7"
Nightmare / Concrete Sox -split 7"
Public Disturbance -s/t LP photocopied cover
Send Help -s/t 7" photocopy sleeve
SOA -no policy 7" green vinyl 1st press
SSD -get it away lp orig
Victims -no thanks to the human turd 7" (original press w/handmade sleeve, not many made maybe 25 copies)
White Cross -whats going on lp                                    
Email: Alex Sanchez -- Ebay Name: yo_baby_sup -- Last Updated: 06/28/2017
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Any and all shit from...

Infest -flyers, shirts, bootlegs, rare pressings...
Snuff -test pressings/ white lable promos, old shirts, posters...
Leatherface -test pressings/ white label promo pressings, old shirts, posters...
Ultimate Warriors -shirts, limited covers, demo tapes...


Infest –original demo w/ insert
Suicidal Records / Michael Seiff posters (beowulf, wasted youth, uncle slam)
Bugout Society t shirts / test pressings
Surf & Hot Rod records from the early 60's
Teen Idles insert for 7"
Minor Threat filler 1st press insert with live photo


Death Side 7"s
Fuck ups -fu82 7" 1st press
Genetic Control –first impressions 7”
Infest –machismo 7” (test press)
Infest –mankind 7” (draw blank clear vinyl with break the chain, live, elvis sleeve or any ltd sleeve)
Infest / PHC –split 7” (test press)
Lip Cream –lonely rock 7”
The Mob –upset the system 7” (1st press black cover)
Razar –stamp out disco 7” (w/ sleeve)
Snuff –tour flexi (Hard Vinyl test /10)
Snuff / Cokehead Hipsters 7” pic disc
Ultimate Warriors / Kobra Khan –split 7” (test press)


Billy Lazar & The Woody Wagoneers –surfin around LP
Hypnosia –violent intensity 10”
Infest –mankind 10” (test press)
Infest –slave LP (otd press any and all split color pressings)
Infest –slave LP (any swirl color pressings from 1st or 2nd press)
Infest -slave LP (drawblank or deep 6 test press)
Leatherface –minx LP (test press w/ alt mix)
Richie Allen –rising surf LP
Straight Ahead –s/t 12” (1st press & 3rd press)
Terrorizer / Nausea –split demo LP (any color)
Ventures –all about 2xLP (red vinyl Japanese only album)
Ventures –any japanese lp's with obi (too many to list)
The Worst –expect the worst 12”