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Adrian  Harris
E-mail: harris__06@hotmail.com

Carved Cross- Untitled. Skjold (2xLP) 
Cruciform- Paradox. Warhead Records
Devourment- Molesting The Decapitated. United Guttural Records
Massenvernichtung/Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes/Via Dolorosa-
Tokio · Rom · Berlin. Darker Than Black
Persecution- Thick Face Black Heart. Underclass Records
R.D.I/G.I And The Idiots- Brave United In Trust/Fascinating World Of Garbage. Not on label
Third World Chaos- Made In The Philippines. Pinatubo Records

411- Say It. Headhunter Records (gray)
86 Mentality- S/T. Grave Mistake Records
86 Mentality- On The Loose. Grave Mistake Records
86 Mentality- Final Exist. Deranged Records
9 Shocks Terror- Earth, Wind & The Sheik Throwing Fire. River On Fire Records

The A-Team- Clusterfuck. Painkiller Records
Absolution- S/T. Common Cause Records
Absurd- Größer Als Der Tod (brown vinyl)
Against The Wall- Identify Me. Nemesis Records
Age Of Distrust- S/T. Resist Records
Alternative T.V.- How Much Longer? Deptford Fun City Records
Alternative T.V.- Action Time Vision. Deptford Fun City Records
Amdi Petersens Arme- Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud. Havok Records
Arms Reach- Within Our Reach. Snapshot Records
Articles Of Faith- What We Want Is Free. Version Sounds Records
Awake- Beliefs. Skeene! Records
A.V.O- Fuck Positive Hardcore. Short Fuse Records (record launch limited cover orange vinyl /54)
A.V.O- Fuck Positive Hardcore. Short Fuse Records
A.V.O- You're A Fucking Prick. Kangaroo Records (/10)
A.V.O- Solutions. Kangaroo Records
A.V.O- Violent Hardcore The Demo Sessions '98. Who Cares? Records (red)

Bad Brains- Pay To Cum. Prank Productions (2nd pressing, missing Prank Productions sleeve)
Bad Trip- Elevator. Wreckage Records
Beastie Boys- Polly Wog Stew. Rat Cage Records
Beastie Boys- Aglio E Olio. Fellaheen Records (2x7" Clear vinyl)
Beastie Boys- Paul's Boutique Boxset. Beastie Boys Records 8 x 7" (Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green, Purple vinyl)
Bill Shankly- S/T. KOP/Instant Records
Black Flag- Thirsty And Miserable. SST/Union Records (Licorice Pizza)
Bleach Boys- Troupes D'elite. Bleach Records (red vinyl)
Bleach Boys- Vikland. Bleach Records
Blitz- All Out Attack. No Future Records
Blitz- Never Surrender/Razors In The Night. No Future Records
Blitz- Warriors. No Future Records
The Blurters- Hate Fuck. Snapshot Records
Brainbombs- Jake The Ripper Lover/No End. Brainbombs
Brainbombs- Live Action At Rock All, Oslo. Big Ball Records
Brainbombs- Anne Frank. Big Brothel (307/394)
Brainbombs. Macht (Gun CouRt Singles SEries. Wabana Ore Limited
Brainbombs- Stigma Of The Ripper/Street Cleaner. tUMULt
Brainbombs- I Need Speed. Big Brothel (red vinyl)
Brainbombs- Stinking Memories/Insects. Anthem Records
Brainwashed Youth- Testing British Accents. Non/Brainwashed Records
Brando's Island- S/T. Million Dollar Records
Brando's Island- Liquid Soul/Cyro Capers. Altered States
Brando's Island- Duplicaat/Natural Order. Million Dollar Records
Breakdown- 87 Demo. Blackout Records (yellow/black)
Burn- Shall be Judged 7" Revelation Records. first press. pink with misspelling

Capricornus- Stalhgewitter. IG Farben Produktion
Career Suicide- S/T. Kangaroo Records.
Career Suicide- Signals. Slasher Records.
Carry Nation- Face The Nation. Workshed Records
Cause For Alarm- S/T. Self Released
Chain Of Strength- True Till Death. Revelation Records (2nd pressing black vinyl)
C.H.A.O.S- Urgent Act Now You Can Help Save The Lucky Country. Action Records
Chauves Pourris- Censure. Rebelles Europeans
Christine Delaroche‎– Demain On Se Marie/Une Fleur. Maxi
Christine Delaroche‎– Douce Est La Plume/Je Les Aime Come. Maxi
Cécile Grandin‎– Polyester/ Le Temps Des Poupees / Moi J'aime / Le Scaphandre Blanc. RCA Victor
Cheetah Crome Motherfuckers- 400 Fascists. Cessofonya Records
Cider- They Are The Enemy. Painkiller Records
Circle Pit- Total Waste. R.I.P Society
Clitboys- We Don't Play The Game. Feedback Records
Clockcleaner- Missing Dick. Hitdat Records
Clockcleaner- Skinhead Lady. Stained Circles Records
Clockcleaner- Frogrammer. Richie Records
The Clocks- Confidentially Renee/Ticktock Man. Terminal Records
The Collapse- S/T. Endless Blockades Records
Cold Cave- Painted Nails. Hospital Records
Confront- Payday. Dark Empire
Confront- Payday. Dutch East India Trading
Constant Mongrel- DCM. R.I.P Society
Combat 84- Orders Of The Day. Victory Music
Combat 84- Rapist. Victory Music
Commitment Crew- Hisingen. Crucial Response Records
Cracked Actor- Nazi School. Death Records (first pressing)
Cracked Actor- Nazi School. 1977 Records
Crass- Reality Asylum/Shaved Women. Crass Records
Crass- Nagasaki Nightmare. Crass Records
Crass- How Does It Feel. Crass Records
Crass- Sheep Farming In The Falklands. Crass Records
Crisis- No Town Hall. Action Group Records
Crisis- UK '79 B/W White Youth. Ardkor Records
Crisis- Alienation/ Bruckwood Hospital. Ardkor Records
Crunch Time- The Realness. Lockin Out Records. (Green)
Crucial Youth- Straight And Loud. Faith Records

Darvocets- Do The Crop Circle. Non-Commercial Records
Dave E. And The Cool Marriage Counselors- Searching Through Sears. Christmas Pets Records
Dead Kennedys- California Uber Alles. Option Records
Dead Kennedys- Nazi Punks Fuck Off. Subterranean Records
Dead Kennedys- Kill The Poor. Cherry Red Records
Dead Kennedys- Too Drunk To Fuck. Cherry Red Records
Deadstare- S/T. Shortfuse Records (Red Cover, red vinyl with Starbucks voucher)
The Dead Walk!- Hunting Humans. Resist Records
The Dead Walk!- Hunting Humans. Resist Records (last show cover)
Deathwish- Tailgate. Armory Arms Records (#263/300)
Der Sturmer- Iron Will & Discipline. Black Sun Records (117/500)
Der Sturmer- Areifatol. Breath Of Pestilence
Die Hard- Off The Bat Demo. Organized Crime Records
Die Kreuzen. Cows And Beers. Version Sound
Discharge- Fight Back. Clay Records
Discharge- Never Again. Clay Records
Disengage- Look Back. Back To Back Records
Double Negative- Raw Energy. Sorry State Records
Draft Dodger- Guantanamo Bay Holiday. Endless Blockades Records
Dribble- Lovers. Cool Death Records/Distort
Dwarves- Trailer Trash. Recess Records/ Greedy
Dwarves- Gentleman Blag. Fat Wreck Chords/Greedy
Dynamo- Animal Instinct. Twilite Records
Dynamo- Police State. Twilite Records

Earth Crisis-Firestorm. Victory Records
Eddy Current Suppression Ring- Get Up Morning. Corduroy Records (yellow vinyl)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring- It's All Square. Not on label
Eddy Current Suppression Ring- You Let Me Be Honest. White Denim Records
Effigies- Bodybag. Ruthless Records
Elsa Martinelli- Mon. Disc'Az
Extortion- Terminal Cancer. Way Back When/Short Fuse Records
Eye-Gouge- Feel The Rage. Coffin Cut Records
Eye For An Eye- Omega Drone. Blackout! Records (blue /100)

Face Value- Coming Of Age. Conversion Records (clear)
Far Left Limit- Paint It Black. Gash Records
Farside- S/T. Revelation Records
Fashion-S/T. Yibbidda Yibbidda Records
The Fix- Jan's Rooms. Touch & Go Records (Silver spray paint on insert)
The Fix- Vengeance/Jan's Room. Touch And Go (2x7". Signed by Craig Calvert and Steve Miller)
Flesh D-vice- Transmission. Hardedge Records
Flesh Eaters- Disintegration Nation. Upsetter Records
Flying Trichechos- S/T. Distort
Found My Direction- Before Their Time. Resist Records
Free Spirit- Free Yourself. BBB/Lockin Out Records
France Gall- Les Idoles 7". Philips Records
France Gall- Sacré Charlemagne. Phillips
France Gall- Jazz À Gogo/La Cliché. Phillips 
France Gall- Deux Oiseaux/Attends Ou Va-T'En. Phillips
France Gall- L'Amérique. Phillips 
France Gall- Baby Pop. Phillips
Francoise Hardy- L'amitie 7". Disgue Vogue Records
Francoise Hardy- Le Premier Donheur Du Jour. Disgue Vogue Records
Francoise Hardy- J'suis D'Accord. Disgue Vogue Records
Frankie Jordan- J'Aime Ta Façon De Faire Ca. Disques Decca
The Freeze- The Freeze. Rebel Records
The Fuck Ups- F.U 82. Fowl Records
Fucked Up- Police. Deranged Records
Fucked Up- No Pasaran B/W Circling The Drain. Deranged Records
Fucked Up- Generation. Slasher Records
Fucked Up- Baiting The Public. Deranged Records (small text)
Fucked Up- Dance Of Death. Deranged Records
Fucked Up- Litany. Havoc Records
Fucked Up- Black Army. Burning Sensation Records (printed labels)
Fucked Up- Black Cross. Burning Sensation Records (blank labels)
Fucked Up- Black Cross. Burning Sensation Records (printed labels)
Fucked Up- Triumph Of Life. Jade Tree Records (pink)
Fucked Up- Two Snakes. Not On Label
Fucked Up- Dangerous Fumes. Deranged Records
Fucked Up- Dangerous Fumes. Deranged Records/Hate Records
Fucked Up- Shop Assistants. Fucked Up Records
Fucked Up- David Christmas. Hidden Worlds Records
Fucked Up- Crooked Head. Matador Records
Fucked Up- David's Plan. Fucked Up Records
Fucked Up- Do All Words Can Do. Matador Records
Fucked Up- Remember Me. Matador Records
Fucked Up- Blink. Fucked Up Records

Gang Green- Sold Out. Taang! Records
Give- Petal Pushing. Painkiller Records
Give- Boots of Faith. Deranged Records
Give- Heaven Is Waiting. react! Records
Give- Flowerhead. Young Blood Records (Clear)
Give- I Am Love. Triple-B Records
Goatmoon/Der Sturmer- Kansojen Hävittäjä/Crushing The Macabee. No Sign Of Life
Government Issue- Legless Bull. Dischord Records
Government Issue- Make An Effort. Make An Effort. Fountain Of Youth Records
Grim Reality- Out To Win. Trial And Error Records
Grim Reality- Bandit Country. Old School Cartel Records
Gruesome- Throw Light On. Dim Records/Tomorrow
Gut Instinct- Disturbing The Peace. Cornerstone Records

H100s- Dismantle. Bloodclot Records
H100s- Distort Cleveland. Burrito Records
H100s- Texas Death Match. Havoc Records
Hammer And The Nails- Rome Is Burning. Rock N Roll Disgrace (Blackish Burgundy)
Hard Luck- Apocalypse. Ritual Failure (red /300) 
Hardluck- What Went Wrong. This Fate Records
Hatebreed- Under The Knife. Smorgasbord Records
Herds- Spring b/w Katamai. Deer Hunter Records
Homostupids- Cat Music. Fashionable Idiots

The Icemen- Rest In Peace. Blackout Records (red)
The Icemen- Buried Alive. Twilite Records
The Icemen- The Icemen. Reaper Records (Blue vinyl)
Ill Repute- Oxnard Land Of No Toilets. Mystic Records
Infest- Machismo. No Label/Self-Released
Impact Unit- My Friend, The Pit. Crucial Response Records (Pink /263)
Imperialist Pigs- Cork Screw Pork Sword. Fatal Erection Records
In Cold Blood- In Cold Blood. Not On Label
Inmates- Government Crimes. Bloodclot Records/Brainwashed Records
Inmates- Now We're Talkin Hardcore. Even Worse Records
Inner Strength- Time For Reality. Victory Records
Inside Out- Above All. Noiseville Records
Inside Out- No Spiritual Surrender. Revelation Records
Insight- What Will It Take? Victory Records
Insurance Risk- No Pity. My War Records
Insurance Risk- Just How Much. Crucial Response Records
Insurgents- S/T E.P. Endless Blockades
Insted- We'll Make The Difference. Nemisis Records
Intent to Injure- Reinforcement. Nemesis Records
Intent to Injure- Keep Us Strong. Overkill Records (blue vinyl)
Iron Cross- Skinhead Glory. Dischord Records/Skin Flint Records

Jackie and the Cedrics- Go! Honda Go!. Hillsdale Records
Jacqueline Pérez- Viens Chez Moi/Juste Le Temps D’un Sorrier. Decca
Jane Birkin Avec Serge Gainsbourg– Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus. Avan-Guard Music
Judge- New York Crew. Revelation Records (Yellow cover)
Judge- The Storm. Revelation Records (Black /4000)
Jungle Fever- S/T. Viper Death Lock Records

Kilslug- S/T. Self Released
Kilslug- God's Funeral. Necro-Tone Records
Knife Fight- S/T. My War Records
Knife Fight- Burning Bridges. My War Records
Knife Fight- Isolated. Painkiller Records
Krakdown- S/T. Common Cause Records
Kraut- Unemployed. Cabbage Records

Lakes- Carved Remains. No Patience Records (album launch edition with patch)
Lakes- Carved Remains/A Face In The Ash. No Patience Records (gold)
Last Rights- Chunks/So Ends Our Night. Taang! Records
Legion 88- Légion Blanch. Rebelles Européens
Les Raving Sounds- S/T. Terminal Records
Lobby Loyde- Do You Believe In Magic. Bootleg Records
Lobby Loyde & The Coloured Balls- Love You Babe. EMI Records
Lobby Loyde & Coloured Balls- Flash. EMI Records
Lobby Loyde & Coloured Balls- Liberate Rock. Havoc Records
Lobby Loyde & Coloured Balls- Mr Mean Mouth. Havoc Records
Lockjaw- Shock Value. Lockjaw Records
Low Life- Sydney Darbs. Negative Guest List Records
Life's Blood- Defiance. Combined Effort Records
Lip Cream- Lonely Rock. Hold Up Records
Lip Cream- Night Rider More Than Fight. AA Records
Laura Ulmer- Jean Paul. Barclay
Lust For Youth- Running. Big Love Records. (/150)

The Mad- Fried Egg. Disgusting Records
Madball- Ball of Destruction. Relativity Records
Madball- Droppin Many Suckers. Wreckage Records
Major Conflict- S/T. Silent Scream Records
Masstrauma- The Adoration of the Devils Ass. Missing Link Records/Endless Blockade
Masters Apprentice's- Turn Up Your Radio. Columbia Records
The Meatmen- Crippled Children Suck 7". Touch & Go Records
The Meatmen. Blood Sausage. Touch & Go Records
Mecht Mensch- Acceptance. Bone Air Records
Mental- Demo II. Six Feet Under Records
Michèle Torr – Le Film Est Trop Long. Mercury
The Middle Class- Out Of Vogue. Joke Records
Minute Minder- S/T. Short Fuse Records/No Deal Records (limited edition 15/70)
The Misfits- Bullet. Plan 9 Records
The Misfits- Halloween. Plan 9 Records
The Mob- Upset The System. Mob-Style Records
The Mob- Step Forward. Mob-Style Records (Red vinyl)
Modern Warfare- Dayglo Shadows Delivered. Bemisbrain Records
Modern Warfare- Modern Warfare #2. Bemisbrain Records (Alternate Cover)
Modern Warfare- Modern Warfare #2. Pederast Prophet Records
Mutiilation- Hail Satanas We Are The Black Legions. Not on label

Nasenbluten‎– Concrete Compressor (Live Mix) / My Stines Make Gas. Old Rope
Negative Approach-s/t. Touch & Go Records. (red and white labels)
Nihilistics- s/t. Visionary Records
No Apologies- S/T. Common Bonds Records/My Fist Your Face Records. (Last show 7"-Red) 
No For An Answer- You Laugh E.P. Revelation Records
N.O.T.A- Moscow. Unclean Records
N.O.T.A- Toy Soldiers. Rabid Cat Records
No Tolerance- Boston Straight Edge. 540 Records
No Trend- Teen Love. No Trend Records
No Warning- S/T 7". (tour cover underdog ripoff sleeve 115/150)

The Offbeats- Why Do You Hang Out? OOPS! Records
Oily Boys- Majesty. Disinfect Records
Old Funeral- Devoured Carcass. Thrash/P.A.I
Omegas- Sonic Order. High Anxiety records (purple)
Outburst- Miles To Go. Blackout! Records
Out Cold- Lost Cause. Fudgeworthy Records (blue)
Out Cold- No Eye Contact. Kangaroo
Out Cold- Planned Accidents. ACME Records
Outspoken- Survival. New Age/Conversion Records. (orange marble)
Ovaltinees- British Justice. Rebelles Europeens
Over My Dead Body- No Runners. Indecision Records

Pagan Babies. Immaculate Conception. Positive Force Records
Pagans- Street Where Nobody Lives/What's This Shit Called Love? Drome Records
Pagans- Dead End America/Little Black Egg. Drome Records
Peacebreakers- Every Day Battle. Rock 'N' Roll Disgrace
Psychic T.V- Roman P. Sordide Sentimental
Pinkeye- S/T. Slasher Records (pink)
Power Skins. Mittel Europa. Rebelles Europeens
Project X- S/T. Bridge 9 Records
Prolife. Overheated. Sacred Bones Records
Puncture Wound- Lee Oswald Grimaces As He Is Fed By Lunging Jack Ruby. Bloodclot Records/Human Stench

Quicksand- S/T. Revelation Records

Randy Uchida Group- Deathly Fighter. Dogma Records
Reckless Aggression- 7 Demo. Six Feet Under Records
Release- The Pain Inside. Axtion Packed Records
Resolute Immortal Partizan- Samurai Anthems. Discrete Records
Rest In Pieces- S/T. Incas Records
Repoman- Quality Time. Knifey Spoony Records
Rival Mob- Bitter Rivals For Life. Triple B Records
Rival Mob- Hardcore For Hardcore. Six Feet Under Records
Rixe- Les Nerfs  A Vif. La Vida Es Un Mus
Roach Motel- Roach & Roll. Destroy Records
Rort- S/T. Crucificados Records
Royal Headache- S/T. R.I.P Society
Royal Headache- Stand And Stare. Matador Records
Rupture- Righteousfuck. Off The Disk Records
Rupture- Baser Apes. Slap A Ham Records
Rupture- Soap Farm. Mortville Records

The Saints- Just Like Fire Wood. Mushroom Records
Scapegoat- S/T. Painkiller Records
The Scroungers- Weak As Pissed. Mortville Records
Septic Death- Burial Mai So. Pusmort Records
Septic Death- Kichigai. Pusmort
Shark Attack- Blood In The Water. Bridge 9 Records
Sheer Mag- Sheer Mag. Wilsuns Recording Company
Sheer Mag- II. Katorga Works/Wilsuns Recording Company
Sheer Mag- III. Static Shock/Wilsuns Recording Company
Shipwrecked- Arctic Nights. Anger Management Records
Shipwrecked- Arctic Nights. Brass City Brass Sounds
Side By Side- You're Only Young Once (2nd pressing)
Sick Of It All- S/T. Revelation Records. (5th pressing)
Sick Of It All- We Stand Alone. In-Effect Records
The Sickness- Caution. Stinky Bike Records
Siege- Lost Session 91. PATAC Records
Slapshot- Firewalker. Taang Records
Sledge Hammer- New Dawn Warriors. New Bleed/Tomorrow (grey vinyl)
Slipknot- S/T. Revelation Records
Smash N Grab- S/T &. Bash N Stab Records
S.O.A- No Policy. Dischord Records (2nd pressing)
Sommerset- Tour 7". Swell Records. (Blue 243/200)
Sportswear- It Runs Deep. Crucial Response Records
Sportswear- Keep It Together. Crucial Response Records
State- No Illusions. Havok Records. (Repress)
Stone Roses- What The World Is Waiting For. Silvertone Records
Stone Roses- Made Of Stone. Silvertone Records
Straight Arrows. Can't Count. Juvenile Records
Straightjacket- 8 song E.P. Gash Records
Straightjacket Nation- 6 song E.P. Gash Records
Strong Style- Akashi. Juke Boxxx Record
The Stimulators- Loud Fast Rules. Self Released
Supertouch- What Did We Learn. Combined Effort Records
Supertouch- Lost My Way. Reaper Records (Clear)

Taipan- S/T. Gatto Fucking Loco Records
Taipan- Ten Day Dawn. Disinfect Records (red)
Tax- S/T. No Patience Records
Think I Care- S/T. Dead Alive Records
The Thought Criminals- Hilton Bomber. Ascension Records
The Thought Criminals- Food For Thoughtcrimes. Ascension Records 
Toe To Toe- Fuck Seattle, This Is Sydney. Kangaroo Records
Toe To Toe- Forces. Kangaroo Records
Toe To Toe- Unanimous Points Decision. Punch Drunk Records
Toe To Toe- Southpaw. Beer City Records
Toe To Toe- Slap Of Reality. Punch Drunk Records
Token Entry- Ready Or Not, Here We Come!! Turnstyle Tunes
Tol- Survive/War Dream. No Patience Records
Tolbiac's Toads- Zera. Cranes Rases
Tolbiac's Toads- Et Ils Passaient. Tolbiac
Traces- S/T. Bleach Records (Yellow Vinyl)
Traces- Du Temps. Bleach Records (Blue Vinyl)
Trip 6- No Submission. Inner Spirit Records
Turning Point- S/T. Hi-Impact Records (First press hand stamped #137)

Ulsers- Remember Them. Wallaby Beat
Ultime Assaut- Paris. Rebelles Europeens
Underdog- S/T. New Beginning Records
Uniform Choice- 2x7" Demos. Nemisis Records
United Mutation- Fugitive Family. DSI/Discord Records
United Mutation- Rainbow Person. DSI Records
United Mutation- Kyo Ki. Lost And Found Records (Blue)
United Mutation- Götterdämmerung. Lost And Found Records
Urban Assault- S/T. Fowl Records
Urban Blight- S/T. Deranged Records
Urban Blight- Total War. Static Shock Records
UV Race- Malaria. S-S Records

Violent Minds- S/T. My War Records
Violent Minds- Riot. Parts Unknown Records
Voorhees- Everybody's Good At Something. Armed With Anger
Voorhees- Violent.. Armed With Anger
Voorhees- What You See Is What You Get. Crust Records
Voorhees/Insult- Split. Balowski Records

Waste Management- Get Your Mind Right. Pain Killer Records
Waste Management- Power Abuse. Pain Killer Records
White Cross. Fascist. Zero Degree Records
White Male Dumbinance- Forced Vengeance. Missing Link Records
White Pigs- S/T. Swinch Kwilsen Record Productions
Wide Awake- C.T Hardcore. Schism Records
Woollen Kits- Girl With Heart. R.I.P Society
Wrecking Crew- S/T. Vortex Records

X- Daily X Press. Zenith Records (hand made cover)
XL Capris- My City Of Sydney. Axle

YDI- A Place In The Sun. Blood Bubble Records
The Young And The Useless- Real Men Don't Floss. Rat Cage Records
Youth Defense League- American Pride. Oi! Core Records (blue vinyl)
Youth Korps- '82 Demo. Crucial Response Records
Youth Of Today- Disengage. Revelation Records (red vinyl)

Zero Tolerance- Bad Blood. Hi Impact Records

Arms Reach/Scalplock- No Face/Untitled. Shortfuse Records
A.V.O/The Blurters- Hated And Proud. Snapshot Records
A.V.O/The Runnamucks- The Zen Sessions. Kangaroo Records
Arms Reach/Forward Defence. Snapshot Records
Brutal Truth/Rupture. Deep Six Records
The Creeteens/Straight Arrow. Resistance A Go-Go Record
Dany Claude and Marie Francoise split. Disque Sahpir Records
Deadstare/Far Left Limit 7" Deplorable Records
ECSR/Deathwish. Distort Fanzine
Fucked Up/Haymaker. Deep Six Records (Clear)
Hardluck/The Faux Hawks. Futile Records
Lust For Youth & Croation Amor- Sister. Posh Isolation (/500)
Mid Youth Crisis/Sommerset- Split 7". Lifetime Records/Kafuey 
Nailed Down/Dismachine. Spiral Objective/Homegrown Records
Nihilistics/Rupture- ResErection/Slit, Slut, Slap. Haunted Hotel Records
Out Cold/Psycho Split. Butcher Shop Records/Ax/ction Records
Out Cold/Bratface. Bostons Finest/Devour Records
Out Cold/No Side- 3 Trax Hated True Sounds
Out Cold/Bill Bondmen. Schizophrenic Records
Out Cold/For The Worse. Kangaroos Records
Pathetic Human/Suffer. No Patience Records
Sledge Hammer/Ouka. Steve Priest Fan Club Records
Straightjacket Nation/ECSR. Self-Released
The Repos/Fourteen or Fight- Gloom Records (red)
Rupture/The Scroungers- Rupture Meet The Scroungers. Yeah Mate! Records
Rupture/Bristning- Total Hardcore ExtremP. Yeah Mate! Records
Theudho/Waelcyrge. Aurora Australia
Three Found Dead/ Dying Breed- Gash Records
Three Found Dead/ Dying Breed- Gash Records (clear red)
White Male Dumbinance/Masstrauma- Missing Link Records

V/A: V/A:  V/A: V/A:
Australia's Hardcore (Straightjacker Nation, Extortion, Insurgents, Benchpress, Hardluck, WMD, Bad Blood, Ill, Masstrauma, Smash)- No Policy Records (54/240
Brutal Supremacy (Iron Lung/Mind Eraser/Hatred Surge/Scapegoat)- Painkiller Records
Cleveland Confidential. Terminal Records (The Clocks, The Impalers, Pagans, Broncos, AK-47s)
Only The Strong (Life Cycle, Face Value, Insight, Confront, Meanstrak, Integrity). Victory Records
Process Of Elimination Compilation. Touch & Go Records (Necros,  Meatmen, Negative Approach, Youth Patrol, Toxic Reasons, Violent Apathy, McDonalds, The Fix)
This Is Australia (BLKOUT, 50 Lions, No Apologies, Parkway Drive)- Bloke Records (blue)
Reagans Regime Review (The Fix, The Meatmen, Toxic Reasons, McDonald's) Selfless Records
Remain On The Fringe (A.V.O, Arms Reach, Mugshot, Regular Boys Haircut). Youth Enrage Records
Words To Live By (Mouthpiece, Drift Again, Turning Point, Outspoken, Counter Punch, Undertow)

Noothgrush/Suppression- Split. Fuck Yoga/Blow The Reactor Records. (with puzzle 124/150)

Nailed Down- Honour And Glory. Six Weeks Records (8" flexi)

Cro-mags- Age Of Quarrel. No Label. (1984 Demo Bootleg- Green lettering 322/1500)
Death In June- The Rule Of Thirds 2x10".  NER Records
Death In June- Peaceful Snow 2x10". NER Records. (baby blue /300)
Get Fucked-S/T. Level Plane Records
Infest- Mankind. Draw Blank/Deep Six Records
Integrity- Humanity Is The Devil. Victory Records (Red Vinyl)
Nailed Down- Atrocious Damnation. Anarchy Violence Records
Upsidedown Cross- Witchcraft. Fatal Injection Records
Vothana- Hoàng Gia. Northern Sky Productions

9 Shocks Terror- Zen And The Art Of Beating Your Ass. Devour Records (Red Vinyl)

The A-Team- A Is For Asshole. Stab And Kill Records
Absurd- Grimmige Volksmusik. W.T.C Productions (grey vinyl /150)
AC/DC- Back In Black. Albert Productions
AC/DC- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Atlantic Records
AC/DC- Highway To Hell. Atlantic Records
AC/DC- Let There Be Rock. ATCO Records
AC/DC- Powerage. Atlantic Records
AC/DC- T.N.T. Albert Productions
Aftermath- Aftermath. Bloody Fist Records
Aftermath- The Final Showdown. Bloody Fist Records
Agent Orange- Living In Darkness. Posh Boy Records
Anti Cimex- Scandinavian Jawbreaker. Disciple/Vinyl Japan
Anti Cimex- Absolut Country Of Sweden. CBR Records
Agnostic Font- Victim In Pain. Rat Cage Records
Agnostic Front- Cause For Alarm. Combat Core
Agnostic Font- Live At CBGB. In-Effect Records
Anthrax- State of Euphoria. Mega Force Records
Antioch Arrow-S/T. Gravity Records (spray painted cover)
Aphex Twin- Selected Ambient Works 85-92. Apollo Records (2xLP)
Aphex Twin- Richard D. James. 1972 Records
Aphex Twin- Come To Daddy. Wrap Records
Aphex Twin- Syro. Wrap Records (3xLP)
Aphex Twin- Computer Controller Acoustic Instruments Pt 2. Wrap Records
Armour Group- Purge. It Records
Artumus Pyle- Civil Dead. Prank Records
Ash Ra Tempel- Ash Ra Tempel. Ohr Records
Ash Ra Tempel- Join Inn. Ohr Records
The Atlantics- Bombora. CBS Records
A.V.O- Domestic Violence Kept The Neighborhood Quiet. Even Worse/Kangaroo Records

Backtrack- Darker Half. Reaper Records. (pre order package, milky clear vinyl, limited to 400)
Bad Brains- I Against I. SST Records
Bad Brains- Quickness. Caroline Records
Baal Gadrial- Decade Of Intolerance. Goatowarex
Bathory- s/t. Black Mark Records
Battle Ruins- S/T. Rock N Roll Disgrace Records
Beastie Boys- License To Ill. Def Jam
Beastie Boys- Paul's Boutique. Capitol Records
Beastie Boys- Check Your Head. Grand Royal/Capitol Records
Beastie Boys- Ill Communication. Grand Royal Records (Green vinyl)
Beastie Boys- Hello Nasty. Capitol Records
The Beatles- With The Beatles. Parlophone Records
The Beatles- A Hard Days Night. Parlophone Records
The Beatles- Beatles For Sale. Parlophone Records
The Beatles- Rubber Soul. Parlophone Records
The Beatles- Yesterday And Today. Capitol Records
The Beatles- The White Album. Apple Records (Number 79778)
The Beatles- Abbey Road. Apple Records
The Beatles- Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Parlophone Records
Beyond- No Longer At Ease. Combined Effort Records
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs. The Hoax Is Over. Infinity Records
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs- Live! Havoc Records
Billy Thrope & The Aztecs- Live at Sunbury. Havoc Records
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs- More Arse Than Class. Atlantic Records
Biohazard- Urban Discipline. Roadrunner Records
Black Flag- Damaged. SST Records
Black Flag- My War. SST Records
Black Flag- Slip It In. SST Records
Black Sabbath- Paranoid. Vertigo Records
Black Sabbath- Master of Reality. Vertigo Records
Black Sabbath- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Vertigo Records
Blondie- S/T. Private Stock Record
Blondie- Parallel Lines. Chrysalis Records
Blondie- Plastic Letters. Chrysalis Records
Blondie- Eat The Beat. Chrysalis Records
Blondie- Autoamerican. Chrysalis Records
Blue Oyster Cult- S/T. CBS Records
Blue Oyster Cult- Tyranny And Nutation. CBS Records
Blue Oyster Cult- Secret Treaties. Columbia Records
Blue Oyster Cult- On Your Feet Or On Your Knees. CBS Records
Blue Oyster Cult- Agents Of Fortune. Columbia Records
Blue Oyster Cult- Some Enchanting Evening. Columbia Records
Blue Oyster Cult- Mirrors. CBS Records
Boston Strangler- Primitive. Fun With Smack
Brainbombs- Obey. Wabana Ore Limited
Brainbombs- Cheap. Load Records (Red vinyl)
Brainbombs- Singles Collection. Load Records
Brotherhood- Words Run.. Crucial Response Records
Buffalo- Dead Forever. Vertigo Records
Buffalo- Volcanic Rock. Vertigo Records
Buffalo- Only Want You For Your Body. Vertigo Records
Butthole Surfers- S/T. Alternative Tentacles Records
Buzzov*en- To A Frown. Allied Records

Capricornus/Der Sturmer- Polish - Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G. Death Squad Rex
Carcass- Reek Of Putrefacation. Earache Records
Carcass- Symphonies Of Sickness. Earache Records
Carnivore-S/T. Roadrunner Records
Career Suicide- S/T. Deranged Records
Cast Studies- This Is Another Life. Sacred Bones Records
Chantal Goya- Les Années 60. Magic Records
Christian Death- Only Theater Of Pain. Frontier Records
Christian Death- Catastrophe Ballet. LRS Records
Christian Death- What's The Verdict 12" EP. Jungle Records
Christian Death- Six Six Sixth Communion. No Label. (red vinyl 162/200)
Chistian Death- Live October 31, 1981. White Label. (59/100)
Christian Death- Church Of No Return. Normal Records
Church Of Misery- Vol. 1. Emetic Records
Citizens Arrest- Colossus. Wardance Records (with massive poster)
Cockney Rejects- Greatest Hits Vol. 3
Cold Cave- The Trees Grew Emotions And Died. Dais Records (141/500)
Cold Sweat- Severed Ties. Rock & Roleplay Records
Cold Sweat- Blinded. Manic Ride Records
Coloured Balls- Ball Power. EMI Records
Coloured Balls- Heavy Metal Kid. EMI Records
Coloured Balls- Summer Jam. Mushroom Records
Colosseum- Valentyne Suite. Fontana Records
Cosmic Psychos- Down On The Farm. Aaarght! Records
Cosmic Psychos- Go The Hack. Aaarght! Records
Cosmic Psychos- Cum The Raw Prawn. Desperate Records
Crass- The Feeding Of The Five Thousand. Small Wonder Records
Crass- Penis Envy. Crass Records
The Creation- How Does It Feel To Feel. Get Back Records
Crisis- Hymns Of Faith. Ardkor Records
Cro-mags- Age Of Quarrel. Profile Records (censored sleeve, Run DMC "Raising Hell" label)
Cro-mags- Age Of Quarrel. Profile Records. (censored sleeve)
Cro-mags- Age Of Quarrel. Profile Records (white promo, uncensored)
Cro-mags- Best Wishes. Profile Records
Cro-mags- Alpha Omega. Century Media
Cro-mags- Near Death Experience. Century Media
Cro-mags- Revenge. Cargo Records
Cross- Rise and Conquer. Rock-O-Rama
Crown Of Thornz- Mentally Vexed. Another Planet Records
Crown Of Thornz- Train Yard Blues. Equal Vision Records
Crypt Vapor- Erotik Maniac. Death Shadow Records (Purple)
Current 93- Dogs Day Rising. L.A.Y.L.A.H Antirecords

Darvocets- Your Planet Sucks. Painkiller Records (silkscreen cover 02/100)
Darvocets- Are New Wave. Fashionable Idiots Records
David Liebe Hart- David Liebe Hart Band. Evil Weevil Records
Dawn Of Humans- Slurping At The Cosmos Spine. Toxic State Records
Death- Leprosy. Combat Records
Death- Spiritual Healing. Combat Records
Death In June- Operation Hummingbird. NER Records (green)
Death In June- Not Guilt Not Proud. NER Records (picture disc)
Deathwish- S/T. Discaim Recordings
Deathwish- Loved Ones. Disclaim Recordings
Depeche Mode- Some Great Reward. Mute Records
Depression- Ultra Hard Core Mega Heavy Punk Metal Thrash. Cleopatra Records
Der Sturmer- The Blood Calls For W.A.R. Lancea Music
Der Sturmer/Totenburg- Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum. Death Squad Rex
Descendents- Milo Goes To College. SST Records
Descendents- I Don't Want To Grow Up. SST Records
Destruction Unit- Eclipse. Perfectly Round/FDH Records
Destruction Unit- Deep Trip. Sacred Bones Records
Devo- Duty Now For The Future. Warner Bros Records
Devo- Freedom Of Choice. Warner Bros Records
Devo- New Traditionalists. Warner Bros
Devo- On, No It's. WEA Records
Devoid Of Faith- S/T. Crust Records
Die Hard- Looking Out For #1. Conversion Records
Die Kreuzen- S/T. Touch & Go Records
Discharge- Why? Clay Records
Down By Law- All Scratched Up!. Epitaph Records
Draft Dodger- First Past The Last Post. Endless Blockades
D.R.I- 4 Of A Kind. Metal Blade Records
Dwarves- Horror Stories. Voxx/Coxx Records (white vinyl)
Dwarves- How To Win Friends And Influence People. Reptilian Records
D.Y.S- Brotherhood. X-Claim!

Earth Crisis- Destroy The Machines. Victory Records
Earth Crisis- Gomorah's Season End. Victory Records (marble vinyl)
Eastlink- S/T. In The Red Recordings
Eddy Current Suppression Ring- S/T. Dropkick Records (white vinyl)
The Effigies- Haunted Town. Autumn Records
The Effigies- We're Da Machine. Ruthless/Enigma Records
The Effigies- Ink. Enigma Records
Embolism- A Matter Of Convenience. Bloody Fist Records
Epsilon- Christ As Bath Toy. Bloody Fist Records
Evil Skins- Une Force, Une Cause, Un Combat. Evil Records

F.U's- Kill For Christ. X-Claim!
F.U's- My America. X-Claim
F.U's- My America. Classy Records (repress)
Fear- The Record. Slash Records
Flesh D-Vice- 12 Inches Of Hard Flesh! Jayrem Records
Flesh D-Vice- Some Bloodstained Morning. Jayden Records
Floorpunch- New Jersey. Six Feet Under Records (clear)
Flower Travellin Band- Satori. Atlantic Records
Flower Travellin Band- Made In Japan. Altantic Records
Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits- Collection I (2xLP. Skjold
Forward Defence- S/T. Snapshot Records (59/200)
Fortress-S/T. Rock-O-Rama Records
France Gall ‎– Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son. Phillips
France Gall- Les Sucettes. Phillips
Francoise Hardy- S/T. Disque Vogue Records
Francoise Hardy- The Warm Romantic Voice of Francoise Hardy. Disque Vogue Records
Francoise Hardy- J’ecoute De La Musique Saoule. EMI Records
Francoise Hardy- Francoise.. 4Corners Records
Fraughman- Fraughman. Bloody Fist Records
The Freeze- Land Of The Lost. Modern Method Records
The Freeze- Rabid Reaction. Modern Method
Fucked Up- Looking For Gold. Fucked Up Records
Fucked Up- Year Of The Dragon. TankCrimes Records. (plus bonus flexi 7")
Fucked Up- Glass Boys. Matador Records (2xLP Deluxe Edition)

Gang of Four- Songs of The Free. Warner Bros Records
Gash- G.A.S.H. Reactor Records
Gauze- Fuckheads. ADK Records
Gauze- Equalizing Distort. Selfish Records
Gauze- 限界は何処だ. Selfish Records
ガーゼ (Gauze) ‎– 面を洗って出直して来い. XXXX Records
Genocide Organ- Leichenlinie 1989/2009. Tesco Organisation (157/291)
Genocide Organ- Under-Kontrakt. Tesco Organisation (with number patch)
The Genral Foodz- Sick Of The World. Rave Up Records
Germs- (G.I). Slash Records
GG Allin & The Murder Junkies. Brutality & Bloodshed For All. Alive Records
Give- S/T. Moonflower Records
Give- Single Going Confetti. Deranged Records
Give- Electric Flower Circus. Moonflower Records (Green /300)
Give- Sonic Bloom. Revelation Records (Gold Vinyl /1087)
GISM- Detesation. Dogma Records
GISM- Military Affairs Neurotic. Beast Arts (with poster)
Godflesh- Slavestate. Earache Records
Godflesh- Streetcleaner. Earache Records
Godflesh- Cold World. Earache Records
Grong Grong- S/T. Alternative Tentacles
Gutter Gods- Inner Sense. Cool Death Records
Guyver- Divide & Conquer. Bloody Fist Records

H100s- Live. Non Commercial Records
H100s- Dismantle LP. S.Y.G Records/Stained Circles Records
Hammer and the Nails- Maxi E.P. Rock n Roll Disgrace (clear 57/100)
Happy Hate Me Nots- A Place To Live. Waterfront Records/ Festival Records
Harley Flanagan- Cro-Mag. MVD Records/171A Audio Records (signed)
Harley Flanagan- Cro-Mag. MVD Records/171A Audio Records
Hawkwind- Self Titled. Liberty Audio
Hawkwind- X In Search Of Space. United Artists Records
Hawkwind- Space Ritual. United Artists Records
Hawkwind- Warrior On The Edge Of Time. United Artists Records
Heart Attack- Keep Your Distance. Serious Clown Records
The Heartbreakers- L.A.M.F. Track Records
Hedonist- Hedonist. Bloody Fist Records
Hit List- S/T. Midnight Funeral
Holly and the Italians- The Right To Be Italian. Virgin Records

In Cold Blood- Hell On Earth. Victory Records
Infest- Slave. Off The Disk Records
Infest- No Mans Slave. Deep Six Records
The Inmates- Assholes Unimous Presents. Painkiller Records
Integrity- ..And For Those Who Still Fear Tomorrow. Toybox Records/Holy Terror Church Of Final Judgement (Purple Vinyl With Booklet 2215/4000)
Integrity- Systems Overload. Victory Records
Insted- Bonds Of Friendship. Wishingwell Records
Iron Mind- Hell Split Wide Open. Dead Soul Records (oxblood /100)

Jacques Dutronc- Jacques Dutronc. Disque Vogue
Jane Birkin- The Best Of Vol: 1. Mercury Records
Jane Birkin- The Best Of Vol: 2. Mercury Records
Jerry's Kids- Is This My World? X-Claim!
Judge- Bringin' It Down. Revelation Records (3rd Press)
Justice- Live and Learn. Lockin Out Records

Killing Time- Brightside. In-Effect Records
Killing Time- Three Steps Back. Dead City Records
Kilslug- Answer The Call. Taang! Records
Kilslug- Bringing Back The Dead: 20 Year Reunion Live. Limited Appeal Records
Kilslug- Sins, Tricks & Lies. Limited Appeal Records
Knife Fight- Crisis. Lengua Armada Records
Kraftwerk- Tour De France Soundtracks. EMI Records

Lakes- Winters Blade. Inverted Crux Records
Lakes- Blood On The Grove. No Patience Records
Lakes- Arms In Twilight. Beläten
Laughing Hyenas- You Can't Pray A Lie. Touch and Go Records
Leeway- Born To Expire. Profile Records
Left For Dead- Live LP. Deranged Records
Legion 88- Thulé. Rebelles Européens
Lip Cream- 9 Shocks Terror. Selfish Records/Dynamite Records
Lip Cream- Kill Ugly Pop. Captain Records
Lip Cream- Close To The Edge. Selfish/Dynamite Records
Lip Cream- S/T. Selfish/Dynamite Records
Lobby Loyde- Obsecration. Rainbird Records
The Locust- S/T. GSL Records (red vinyl)
The Locust- New Erections. Radio Surgery Records (splatter vinyl)
The Locust- Saftey Second, Body Last. Radio Surgery (marble vinyl)
The Lost Sounds- Memphis Is Dead. Bid Neck Records
Lovely Lads- The Best You've Got. Lionheart Records (/150)
Low Life- Dogging. Disinfect/R.I.P Society
Lust For Youth- International. Sacred Bones Records

Masshysteri- Var Del Av Stan. Feral Ward Records
The Mentors- Up The Does. Death Records
The Meatmen- We're The Meatmen And You Suck. Touch and Go Records
The Meatmen- We're The Meatmen And You Still Suck. Caroline Records
The Meat Puppets- Up On The Sun. SST Records
Memetic- Still More Fuckt Muzak. Bloody Fist Records
Merauder- Masterkiller. Century Media Records
Mid Youth Crisis- Happiness & Authority. Midnight Funeral
Mindsnare- Credulity. Trial And Error Records
Mindsnare- The Death. Resist Records
Mischa Pavlovski- Kapitel. Posh Isolation (/500)
Misfits- Walk Among Us. Ruby Record
Misfits. Static Age. Caroline Records
M.O.B- S/T. R.I.P Society Records
The Monks- Black Monk Time. Polydor Records
Motorhead- Iron Fist. Bronze Records
The Moving Sidewalks- Flash. Akarma Records
Morrissey- Viva Hate. Emi Records
Mortuary Drape- All The Witches Dance. Unisound Records
Mouthpiece- What Was Said. New Age Records
Muddy Waters- Electric Mud. Cadet Concept Records
Muddy Waters- After The Rain. Cadet Concept Records
Muddy Waters- Hard Again. Blue Sky Records
Muddy Waters- I'm Ready. Blue Sky Records
Murphy's Law- S/T. Profile Records (green)
Muslimgauze- Buddhist On Fire. Recloose Records
Muslimgauze- Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye. Limited Editions
Muslimgauze- Hajj. Limited Edition
Muslimgauze- The Rape Of Palestine. Limited Editions
Muslimgauze- Uzi. Parade Amoureuse
Muslimgauze- Syrinjia. Soleilmoon Recordings
Muslimgauze- Uzi Mahmood. Soleilmoon Recordings
Muslimgauze- The Unfinished Mosque. Staalplaat Records (Muslimgauze Subscription)
Muslimgauze- Lo-Fi India Abuse. BSI Records
Muslimgauze- Eye For An Eye. Staalplaat Records (Muslimgauze Subscription)
Muslimgauze- Izlamaphobia. Level Plane Records
Muslimgauze- Zuriff Moussa. Important Records (red vinyl)
Muslimgauze- Uzi Mahmood. Soleilmoon Records (2xLP +12" EP)
Muslimgauze- Damascus. Staalplaat Muslimgauze Archive
Muslimgauze- Madrass Sitar Burner. Staalplaat Muslimgauze Archive
Muslimgauze- Cobra Head Soup. Staalplaat Muslimgauze Archive
My Disco- Cancer. Numerical Theif Recordings

Napalm Death- Scum. Earache Records
Napalm Death- From Enslavement to Oblivion
Nailed Down- Perth Wolfpack. Power It Up Records
Nasenbluten‎– 100% No Soul Guaranteed. Bloody Fist Records (2XLP)
Nasenbluten‎– Not As Good As 100% No Soul Guaranteed. Bloody Fist Records (2XLP)
Nasenbluten- The Brick Shithouse E.P. Industrial Strength Records
Nasenbluten- Cheapcore E.p. Strike Records
Nasenbluten- Dog Control. Bloody Fist Records (3xLP)
Negative Approach- Tied Down. Touch and Go Records
Negative FX- S/T. Reflex Records
Negative Trend- We Don't Play We Riot. Subterranean Records
Nihilistics- s/t. Brain Eater Records. (with lyric booklet)
N.O.T.A- S/T. Rabid Cat Records
No Tolerance- You Walk Alone. Painkiller Records
NYC Mayhem- For Real. Radio Raheem Records
N.Y Wolfpack- S/T. Bomp Records

Obituary- Cause Of Death. Road Racer Records
Omar Souleyman- Leh Jani. Sham Palace (2xLP)
Omar Souleyman- Highway To Hassake. Sublime Frequencies (2xLP)
Omar Souleyman- Dabke 2020 (Folk And Pop Sounds Of Syria). Sublime Frequencies Records
Omar Souleyman- Jazeera Nights (Folk And Pop Sounds Of Syria). Sublime Frequencies Records
Omegas- Blasts of Lunacy. Parts Unknown Records
One Life Crew- Crime Ridden Society. Victory Records
Onslaught- The Force. Under One Flag Records
The Outcasts- Self-Conscious Over You. Good Vibrations Records
Out Cold- S/T. Kangaroo Records
Out Cold- Permanent Twilight World. Kangaroo Records
Out Cold- Live In Amsterdam. Kangaroo Records
Out Cold- Wrapped Sense of Right + Right. Kangaroo Records
Out Cold- Goodbye Cruel World. Mad At The World Records
Out Cold: Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One. Kangaroo Records
Out Cold- Will Attack If Provoked. Deranged Records
Out Cold- A Heated Display. Painkiller Records
Overcast- 3:P.M. Eternal. Bloody Fist Records (2XLP)

Pact- Boyd Rice And Friends (Douglas P And Albin Julius). NER Records (white vinyl and signed by Douglas P)
Pagan Babies- Next. Hawker Records
Pagans- S/T. Terminal Records
Paulblackout- The Number. Bloody Fist Records
Paul Revere & The Raiders- The Spirit Of '67. Columbia Records
Pisschrist. Nothing Has Changed. Yellow Dog Records
Poison Idea- Feel The Darkness. American Leather Records (hand written letter from Pig C)
Portishead- 3. Mercury Records (2xLP)
Positive Hated- S/T. Aberrant Records
Power- Electric Glitter Boogie. Cool Death Records
Power of the Spoken Word– The Language of a Dying Breed LP. Sacrificial Records
Puce Mary- Persona. Posh Isolation (/700)
Puce Mary- The Spiral. Posh Isolation

Quicksand- Slip. Polydor Records
Quicksand- Manic Compression. Island Records

Radio Birdman- Radios Appear. Shire Records
The Raped- Philes and Smiles. Pillaged/Iguana Records
Raw Nerve- S/T. Youth Attack Records (aqua vinyl)
Razors Edge- Flag Still Flies. Di-Al Records. (white vinyl)
Rest In Pieces- My Rage. One Step Ahead Records
Ringworm- The Promise. Incision Records/Dutch East India Trading. (Orange Vinyl)
Ringworm- Birth Is Pain. Victory Records
Rikk Agnew- All By Myself. Frontier Records (clear)
Rival Mob- Raw Life. Lockin Out Records
Rival Mob- Mob Justice. Revelation Records (gold vinyl)
Rival Schools- Pedals. Photo Finish Records
R'N'R- The Infamous And Notorious. Maniac Ride Records
Rocks- Final Assault. Waterfront Records
Roky Erickson- Gremlins Have Picture. Demon Records
Roky Erickson with Okkervil River- True Love Cast Out All Evil. Anti- Records
Rose Tattoo- S/T. Albert Productions
Rose Tattoo- Assault and Battery. EMI Records
Rose Tattoo- Souther Star. Albert Records
Royal Headache- S/T LP. R.I.P Society
Royal Headache- High. Distant And Vague
Rupture- Drugs, Sex And Rupture. Hate Ape Records
Rupture- Hate And Lust. SOA Records
Russell St. Bombings- S/t. Smartguy Records

Sadistik Exekution- We Are Death Fukk You. Kneel Before The Masters Throne Records (Picture Disc)
Sadistik Exekution- Fukk. Kneel Before The Masters Throne Records (Picture Disc)
Sadistik Exekution- Fukk II. Kneel Before The Masters Throne Records (Picture Disc)
The Saints- I'm Stranded. EMI Records
The Saints- Prehistoric Sounds. EMI Records
Saint Vitus- Born Too Late. SST Records
Saint Vitus- Hallow's Victim. SST Records
Sakevi + JoJo- Mammalia. ラジオたんぱ
Samhain- November Coming Fire. Plan 9 Records
Septic Death- Now That I Have Your Attention. Pusmort Records
Septic Death- Needs So Much Attention.. Acceptance Of Whom. Pusmort
Septic Death- Theme From Ozobozo. Toy's Factory
Sex/Vid- Communal Living. Dom US
Sheer Terror- Just Can't Hate Enough. Starving Missile
SFA- New Morality. DeMilo Records
Siege- Drop Dead. Deep Six Records
Shipwrecked- The Last Pagans (white). Crucial Response
Slayer- Show No Mercy. Metal Blade Records
Sleaford Mods- Austerity Dogs. Harbinger Sound
Sleaford Mods- Divide And Exit. Harbinger Sound
Slapshot- Back On The Map. Taang Records
Slapshot- Step On It. Taang Records
Slapshot- Sudden Death Overtime. Taang Records
Slaughter And The Dogs- Do It Dog Style. Decca Records
Slayer- Show No Mercy. Metal Blade Records
Slayer- Hell Awaits. Metal Blade/Combat Records
The Smith- The World Won't Listen. Rough Trade Records
S.N.F.U- ..And No One Else Wanted To Play. Better Youth Canada
S.O.D- Speak English Or Die. Road Runner Records
Soma Coma- Dust. Cool Death Records
Sonny & Cher- Greatest Hits. WEA Records
Spear Of Longinus- The Yoga Of National Socialism. Vinland Winds Records
Spear Of Longinus- Nada Brahma/Nazi Occult Metal. Death To Mankind
Soundgarden- Ultramega O.K. SST Records
Soundgarden- Badmotorfinger. A.M Records
Straight Ahead- Breakaway. I-Risk Records. (1st press die-cut sleeve. NO sticker on sleeve)
Straight Ahead-Breakaway. I-risk Records. (2nd pressing Lion cover)
Straightjacket Nation- Cheap Kicks. Shortfuse Records
SS Decontrol- Get It Away. X-Claim! Records
SS Decontrol- The Kids Will Have Their Say. X-Claim!/Dischord
SS Decontrol- Power. TAANG! Records
State Of Fear- Discography. Profane Existence. (green vinyl)
The Stalin- Sakahalin Smile. Absolute Power
Stop And Think- Both Demos. Painkiller Records
Sudden Impact- Rock N Roll Rebel. Rock O Rama
Sunn O))). Oracle. Southern Lord Records
Sun Ra & His Arkestra- Jazz In Silhouette. Dol Records
Supertouch- The Earth Is Flat. Revelation Records
Supertouch- Live On WNYU 1988. Horror Hotel. 309/500
Sylvie Vartan- Sylvie. Doxy
Sylvie Vartan- Twiste En Chante. Doxy (Clear vinyl)
Sylvie Vartan- 1962-1962. Doxy
Syndicate- Visions Of Death. Bloody Fist Records

Tar Babies- Face The Music. Bone Air Records
Tar Babies- Fried Milk. SST Records
Ted Nugent- Weekend Warriors. CBS Records
Terminal State- Your Rules. Deranged Records
Them- The Angry Young Them! Decca Records
Them- Again. Decca Records
13th Floor Elevators- Bull Of The Woods. International Artists
Toe To Toe- Threats And Facts. Kangaroo Records
Token Entry- From Beneath The Streets. Positive Force Records
Token Entry- Jaybird. Hawker Records
TSOL- Dance With Me. Frontier Records
Turning Point- It's Always Darkest..Before The Dawn. New Age Records
Tuxedomooon- Half Mute. Ralph Records
Twin Stumps- Seedbed. Fan Death Records

Underdog- The Vanishing Point. Caroline Records
Units- The Right Man. Up Roar Records
Uppercut- Four Walls. Blackout Records
Upsidedown Cross-S/T. Taang Records
Urban Blight- More Reality. Slasher Records
UV Race- S/T. AARGHT Records

The Velvet Underground- The Verve/MGM Albums (5xLP set- The Velvet Underground & Nico (Mono), Nico- Chelsea Girl (Mono), White Light/White Heat (Mono), The Velvet Underground (Mono), 1969 (Stereo). Sundazed Music/Universal Music Special Markets
Verbal Assault- Trial. Konkurrel Records
Violent Arrest- S/T. Deranged Records
Violent Minds- We Are Nothing. Deranged Records
Violent Minds- S/T. Deranged Records
Vile- Solution. Self-Released (signed by all members)
Vile- Solution. Parts Unknown Records
Virgin Prunes- Baby Turns Blue 12" E.P. Stunn Records
Virgin Prunes- If I Die, I Die. Rough Trade Records
Virus- Dark Ages. Rat Cage Records
Village Pistols- Big Money. Rave Up Records
Voorhees- Spilling Blood. Armed With Anger Records
Voorhees- 13. Six Weeks Records
Voorhees- Crystal Lakes Legacy. Six Weeks Records

Warzone- Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets. Fist Record
Warzone- Open Your Eyes. Caroline
White Noise- The First Assault. Rock-O-Rama
The Worst- Expect The Worst. Mutha Records (signed)
Wrecking Crew- Balance Of Terror. Hawker Records

X- Ain't Love Grand. Elektra Records
X- Los Angeles. Slash Records
X- Wild Gift. Slash Records
X- Under The Black Sun. Elektra Records
X (Australia)- Aspirations. X Records
X (Australia)- At Home With You. Major Records

Yaphet Kotto- The Killer Was In The Government Blankets. Ebullition Records
Yaphet Kotto- Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love. Ebullition Record
YDI- Black Dust. Blood Bubble Records
Youth Of Today- Break Down The Walls. Revelation Records
Youth Of Today- We're Not Alone In This. Caroline Records

The Zingers- S/T. Million Dollar Records
Zola Jesus- Conatus. Sacred Bones Records
Zola Jesus- Versions. Sacred Bones Records

Arm The Insane/Grunter- Do It! Dominator Records
Combat 84/The Last Resort- Death Or Glory. Link Records
Crux/The Crash- Keep On Running/Fight For Your Life. No Future Records
Elbow Deep/Three Found Dead split. Youth Enrage Records (glow in the dark vinyl)
Los Crudos/Spitboy. Ebullition Records
Merchandise/Destruction Unit/Milk Music- USA '13. 540 Records
Psychic T.V/Z'ev- Live in den Pankehallen. Berlin Atonal
Sean Price/Cold World- How The Gods Chill. TWGG Records
Sledge Hammer/Ikazuchi- Samurai Thunder. Steve Priest Fan Club Records
Toe To Toe/Mindsnare. Snapshot Records (etched B-side)

Choubi Choubi! Folk And Pop Songs From Iraq Vol. 2. Sublime Frequencies Records (2xLP)
Cleanse The Bacteria Compilation. Pusmort Records (blue vinyl with poster)
Cleveland Confidential. Terminal Records (Womanhaters, Severe, Menthol Wars, Defincs, The Dark, The Styrenes, Invisible, Lab Rats, Keith Matic, Jazz Destroyers, Offbeats, Pagans, Red Decade, John Lovsin, Easter Monkeys)
Dabke- Sounds Of The Syrian Houran. Sham Palace (Ahmad Al Kosem, Mohamed Al Ali, Abu Sultan, Abu Wafsi, Odieb Al Jum'aa, Faraj Kadah, Ashraf Abu Leil)
Down Under Nuggets: Original Australian Artyfacts 1965-1967. Warner Brothers Australia/Festival Records (2xLP) (The Master's Apprentices, The Elois, The Black Diamonds, The Atlantics, The Purple Hearts, The Missing Links, The Creatures, The Lost Souls, The Moods, Derek's Accent, The Bee Gees, Barrington Davis, The Decoys, The In-Sect, Steve And The Board, Toni McCann, Peter And The Silhouettes, The 5, Bobbie And Laurie, MPD Ltd, The Cherokees, The Loved Ones, Phil Jones And The Unknown Blues, The Throb, The Blue Beats, The Easybeats, Bobby James Syndicate, The Wild Cherries, The Sunsets) 269/1000
Holland Hardcore 2nd Attack. Abuse Records
No New York. Antilles Records. (Contortions, Teenage Jesus And The Jerks, Mars, D.N.A)
Keep On Babble On Sydney Compilation: An Oxford Babylon Radio Skid Row Benefit. Last Stand
Oi! The Resurrection. Link Records (The 4-Skins, Vicious Rumors, Skin Deep, Menace, Renegade, Condemned 84, The Business, Cockney Rejects, Section 5, The Magnificent, Accident, The Strike, Intensive Care, The Last Resort)
Outsider Compilation. City Rocker Records (G.I.S.M, Comes, Laughin Nose, Gauze, Mastervation, Fullx, Route 66, Madame Edwarda)
Pakistan- Folk And Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976. Sublime Frequencies Records (2xLP)
Stars Of Sunbury (Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Country Radio, Chain, Lobby Loyde, Phil Manning & Warren Morgan- Pilgrimage) Calendar Records
The Rhino Brothers Present: The Rhino Brothers Present The World's Worst Records. Rhino Records (The Novas, Edith Massey, Jimmy Cross, Heathen Dan, The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra, Gloria Balsam, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, The Seven Stooges, Barnes & Barnes, Ogden Eds, The Turtles, Johnny Meeskite, The Breakers, Wild Man Fischer)
Time To Pay Up. Snapshot Records. (Three Found Dead, The Blurters, Pride Of None, Corruption, The Shitmen, Grim Reality, One Step Ahead, Exhibit A, Blurred Vision, Odd One Out)
Tooth And Nail Compilation. Upsetter Records (Controllers, Flesh Eaters, U.X.A, Negative Trend, Middle Class, Germs (GI)
Ugly Things. Raven Records (The Missing Links, the Black Diamonds, The Elois, The Moods, The Easybeats, The Vince Maloney Sect, The Sunsets, The Wild Colonials, The Creatures, The Cult, The Atlantics, The D-Coys, Trevor Gordon & The Bee Gees, The Four Strangers, The In-Sect, The Jackson Kings, Running Jumping Standing Still, The Vacant Lot, The Hergs, Jeff St John & The ID
Werewolf: The Japanese Samurai Compilation. Vulture Rock Records (Bull The Buffalos, Cannons, Sledgehammer, Ouka, Bad Vultures, Ikazuchi) (2xLP black and red vinyl)

Morning Of The Earth. Warner Brothers (G. Wayne Thomas, Terry Hannagan, Tamad Shud, John J. Francis, Brian Cadd, Peter Howe)

Absurd- God's Death/Sadness. Self Released
Absurd- Death From The Forest. Not on label
Absurd- Sonnenritter. Wolftower Productions
Absurd- Thuringian Pagan Madness. Capricornus Productions
Adytum/Blood Ritual- The Blood Of Old Ceremonies. Crimson Ichor
Adytum/Darkness Enshrouded The Mist- The Realm Of Rats & Pestilence. Crimson Ichor
Age Coin- Hard Knit Part 1. Posh Isolation (/200)
Allegory Chapel Ltd- Codex Demi-Mode. Chondritic Sound (/100)
Alto Palo- Alto Palo. Self Released
Alto Palo- Nation Et Pouvoir. Self Released
Ancient Spirit- Through Heathen Eyes. Tour De Garde
Apocryphal Gate- Solitary Mass. Nocturnal Emissions
Armour Group- Live Assault. Trapdoor Tapes (/50)
Armour Group- Purge. Future Archaic

Big Moe- City Of Syrup. Wreckshop Records
Big Moe- Wreckchopped And Screwed. Wreckshop Records
Birthright- Slavespirit. Chondritic Sound (/100)
Black Jehovah- Dendrophallus. Fylfot Records
Blackline- Gurgling Mouthfuls Of Piss In The Face Of Death. Synthetik Assembly
Black Magick SS- Symbols Of Great Power. Infinite Wisdom Productions
Black Magick SS- Panzerwitch. Infinite Wisdom Productions
Black Magick SS- Hidden In Plain Sight. Infinite Wisdom Productions
Black Magick SS- The Owls Of Winter/ Talisman. Infinite Wisdom Productions
Bleak Solitude- Live 2007. Winterriech Production (14/33)
Bleak Solitude- Necroscrape Of Open Graves. Winterreich Productions (13/??)
Blood Ritual- Demo II & III. Australibus Tenebris
Blood Ritual- Demo V. Australibus Tenebris
Border Force- Human Resources. Posh Isolation (/123)
Border Force- Vedi Napoli E Poi Muori. Posh Isolation (/135)

Capricornus/Aryan Blood- Brennendes Jerusalem / Ortus Hominis Optimi Maximi. Wolftower Prodctions/Capricornus Productions
Carne Vaza- S/T. Strictly Synth
Carved Cross- Demo I. Not On Label
Carved Cross- Collection I. Nocturnal Emission
Carved Cross- Live Ritual. Down And Out
Carved Cross- Live Ritual II. Nocturnal Emission
Carved Cross- Rehearsal MMXIII. Winterreich Productions (/50)
Carved Cross/Phantom Feel. Dungeon Tapes
Carved Cross/Empire Of Hate. Not On Label
Carved Cross/Cave Ritual. Nocturnal Emission
Carved Cross- Rehearsal IX-VIII-XII. Down And Out
Carved Cross- Rehearsal May MMXIV. Down And Out
Carved Cross- Untitled. Overuse (3xCas /50)
Carved Cross- Demo III. Nocturnal Emission
Carved Cross/Chrysalis Live Collaboration
Carved Cross- Rehearsal December MMXVX. Nocturnal Emissions
Ceremony- Demo I. Winterreich Productions (10/333)
City Medicine- Specter North. Mazurka Editions
Claudia- Claudia. Synthetik Assembly (2x Cassette /40)
Cold Life- S/T. Trapdoor Tapes (/50)
Command- Sturmgriff. Gates To Valhalla
Contaminated- Pestilential Decay. Headsplit
Contaminated- Promo '15. Not On Label
Contour- Year Of The Hunter. Posh Isolation
Contour- Year Of The Hunter. Posh Isolation/Distort Subscription
Copremesis- Memory. Horrified Tapes
Cosey Fanni Tutti- Time To Tell. Flowmotion
Cosmic Weapons Of Thule- Aryan Unity. Lunar Heathen Front
Cripta Oculta- Ode Ao Metal. Winterreich Productions (29/500)
Croatian Amor- Mermaids Of Jadradsko. Posh Isolation (/76)
Croatian Amor- Brother, Sister. Posh Isolation (/88)
Croatian Amor- The Wild Palms. Posh Isolation (/327)
Cro-mags- Age Of Quarrel. Cro-Mag-Non Record and Tape Co (OG demo cassette)
Cro-Mags- The Age Of Quarrel. Profile Records/Rock Hotel Records
Cro-Mags- Best Wishes. Profile Records
Cro-Mags- Alpha Omega. Century Media
Cro-Mags- Near Death Experience. Loud Out Records
Crown Court- Trouble From London. Mind Rot Records
Crypt Vapor- Panic Night. Infinite Wisdom Productions

Dark Worship- Fullmoon Over My Castle. Nocturnal Emissions
David Liebe Hart and Adam Papagan- The Best Of David Liebe Hart and Adam Papagan. Cellar Hits
Dead Boomers- Half Windsor. Mazurka Editions
Dead Ends- Second Coming. Twisted Red Cross
Dead Skin Mask- Hunting Grounds. Nocturnal Emissons
Decadesthetique- Etallage. Strictly Synth
Der Sturmer- Europa Erwache! Demonion Produtions
Drowning The Light-To The End Of Time. Winterreich Productions (21/188)
Drowning The Light- The Serpents Reign. Zyklon-B Productions (47/66)
Drug Dogs- Demo Tape. Hardware Records
Dungeon Dave- Sword Fighter. Magik Crowbar

Empire Of Hate/Morthond. Heidens Hart
Empire Of Hate- Unsolicited Visitations. Self-Released
Empty Front- Empty Front. Strictly Synth
Empty Front- Cities Through Windows. the тide øf тhe εnd
Ensetzlich- Suicidal Reflections. Wolfsvuur Records (78/99)
Entsetzlich- Eternal Funeral Cries. Wolfsvuur Records
Ensetzlich/Wolfsduister- Melancholic Apparitions And Macabre Rituals. Wolfsvuur Records/Schaduw Records 
Entsetzlich- Blackened Moon Winter Decay. Wolfsvuur Records (28/80)
Entsetzlich/Tsathogguath- Australibus Tenebris (19/50)
Entsetzlich- Dungeon Rituals. The Throat (8/33)
Entsetzlich/Nachtlich- Echoes From The Void. Wolfsvuur Records
Entsetzlich/Herxsebet. Wolfsvuur Records
Entsetzlich- Sombre Doom Ceremony. Wolfsvuur Records (28/33)
Entsetzlich/Initiation- Hymns Of Death Triumphant. Morboso Macabro Grotesco (10/100)
Erotikens Historie- II (Jenna Talackova, Transgender Beauty Queen, Disqualified From Miss Universe Canada). Posh Isolation (/89)
Exotic Function- Demo

F.E Denning- Light And Dust. Posh Isolation (/150)
Fejhed- S/T. Chondritic Sound (/100)
Fetish Ritual- F&R. Synthetik Assembly (/100)
Fetish Ritual- Publik Display. Synthetik Assembly (/50)
Fetish Ritual- November Mixtape. Down And Out Newsletter Subscription
Fetish Ritual/Swallowing Bile- Intolerable Cruelty. Fetish Ritual Tapes
Fixation- Rehearsal Tape II. Nocturnal Emissions
Fixation- 04.15
Fixation- Trapped Inside My Head. Overuse
Floridian Winter/Night Falls Haunting. Primal Vomit Records
Folcriht- Law Of Sacred Ancestors. Tour De Garde
Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits- 2010-2012. Winterreich Productions
Foreplay- Salt Poisoning. Chondritic Sound (/100)
Fullmoon- United Aryan Evil. Isengard Distribution
Funerary Temple- Insidious Pale Ghost. Australibus Tenebris

Ganksta NIP- The South Park Psycho. Rap-A-Lot Records
Gaud- Idle Cycle. Future Archaic
Gaud- GP. Distort Subscription
Gaunt- Analogue Heroin. Strictly Synth
German Army- German Army. Trapdoor Tapes
Girlseeker- 1800-Greed. Endurance Records (/50)
Give- Voodoo Leather. Heart Worm Press
Goatblood- S/T. Australibus Tenebris
Gontyna Kry- Pusty Wieczor. Pagan Folk Productions
Gontyna Kry‎– Na Pohybel Chrześcijaństwu. Old Legend Productions
Graveland- In The Glare Of Burning Churches. Kolovrat
Graveland- Thousand Swords. Kolovrat
Graveyard- Onto '89. V.S International
Gutter Gods- 2015 Demo. Self Released
Guy And Marcus Blackman Experimentation Project- Country Pantry. Hidiotic

Hank Wood And The Hammerheads- Fatigue. Voice From Inside
Hell Eternal/Qassam- Combat-Ritual ReHEARSEal/Possession Into Exploding And Devastation. Self Released
Hvide Nætter ‎– Civilisationens Uniform. Blodrøde Floder

Ill Wind- S/t. Hideotic
Integrity- Grace Of The Unholy. Progression Records
Italianz- Forthright Delicatessens. Future Archaic

Knife Fight- Demo 2002. Self Released
Kulturkampf- White Pillars. Abysmal Sounds
Kulturkampf/Intolerant- Ride The Tiger/Totalitarian Blood. Abysmal Sounds

Lakes- A Knife To Send Your Veiled Dreams. Paradise Daily
Leather Lickers- Demo. Cool Death Records. (/30)
Leather Temple- Missing Children Part 1. Synthetik Assembly
Leer Ansturm- Leviathan. Strictly Synth
Lightless- The End Of Coexistence. Self Released
Lightless- Humanity Erased. Self Released
Lightless- Into The Haunted Heart Of The Backland. Self Released (86/100)
Lightless- Poetry For The Pessimist. Schattenkult Productions
Lightless- Funeral Music. Self Released
Lightless- Depraved Dimensions. Self Released (/50)
Lightless- Into The Haunted Heart Of The Darklands. Self Released (/50)
Lightless- The Dead Return/Old Spirits. Self Released (/50)
Lightless- The Demos. Self Released (/50)
Lightless- Phantom Circles. Self Released (15/25)
Low Life- Low Life. Paradise Daily
LR- The Fragility Of Happiness. Posh Isolation (/186)
Lucy Cliche- Picture Yourself
Lucid Castration- The Failure Of Masculinity. Future Archaic
Luke Holland- Stir. Trapdoor Tapes
Lust For Youth- Saluting Rome. Posh Isolation (/100)

Mark 'Vanilla' N* ‎– Rent Money Acquisition Exercise Vol. 6. Pure Acid Tapes
Mr. Mark N– This Is Really Hardcore Because It's Got Some Skulls On It. Pure Acid Tapes
Mark N- Stuck In Stallis. Distort Records (Nasenbluten, Lord Nord & DJ Sparky, Dom & Roland, Black Blood, Overcast, Doormouse, Statik Tremor, Paris, Celsius, Xylocaine, Embolism, Syndicate, Hedonist, Heretik, Animal Intelligence)
Memetic/Fraughman- Caution S4. Bloody Fist Records
Military Position- Genocidal Tendencies. Trapdoor Tapes
Military Position- Anti-Human. Trapdoor Tapes
Military Position- Black Noise. Trapdoor Tapes
M.O.B- Australiens 1, 2 & 3. Paralise Daily
Moonblood- Moonblood. Not On Label
Moonblood- Nosferatu. Unholy Baphomet Records
Moonblood- Blut & Krieg. Majestic Union/Sombre Records (160/666)
Moonblood- Rehearsal 1 The Evil Rules. Not on Label
Moonblood- Rehearsal 2 My Evil Sould. Not On Label
Moonblood- Rehearsal 3 Frozen Tears Of A Vampire. Not on label
Moonblood- Rehearsal 4. Not on label
Moonblood- Rehearsal 5 Under The Cold Moon. No on label
Moonblood- Rehearsal 7. Not on label
Moonblood- Rehearsal 8 Conquering The Ravenlands. Not on label
Moonblood- Rehearsal 10. Not on label
Moonblood- Rehearsal 11 Worshippers Of  The Grime Sepulchral Moon. Not on label
Moontower- Aryan Metal Terror. Under The Sign Of Garazel Productions
M.S.I- The Vault Of Horror. Not on label

Nasenbluten- We've Got The Balls. Bloody Fist Records
Nasenbluten- Live In Newcastle. Bloody Fist Records
Nicky Crane- S/T. Future Archaic
Night Falls Haunting- Demo I. Winterreich Productions
Night Fall Haunting- 3xCass. Midnite's Darkness
NS Ninja- Keep Facebook White. Winter Solace Productions
NS Ninja/Vinland Special Services- Occupy NSBM. Winter Solace Productions

Ohtar/Moontower- Split Eps '99. Glory To Hatred
Old Funeral- Abductions Of Limbs. Self Released
Order Of The Death's Head- Pogrom Ritual. Werewolf Promotion/Tour De Garde
Order Of The Death's Head- Hankenkreuz. Werewolf Promotion/Darker Than Black
Order Of The Death's Head- Antisémite. Sword Productions (245/500)
Order Of The Death's Head- Soldat Inconnu. Werewolf Promotion/Tour De Garde
Order Of The Death's Head- Rehearsal 2013. Final Agony Records

Papaphilia- Defeating The Animal. Future Archaic
Peacebreakers- Demo. Self Released
Order Of The Death's Head- Sous Le Signe Thulé. Darker Than Black
Peste Noire- Lorraine Rehearsal. Night Birds Records (/300)
Pestilential Shadows– Embrace After Death. GoatowaRex
Power- Promo. Cool Death Records
PSK-13- No Ordinary Aggin. Bigtyme Recordz
Puce Mary- The Great Panic. Freak Animal Records
Puce Mary- Ultimate Hypocrisy. Freak Animal
Puce Mary- Fear & Pleasure. Posh Isolation
Puce Mary- Success. Distort (Australian tour cass)
Puce Mary- Persona. Distort (Australian tour cas)
Puce Mary- Yours. Distort (Australian tour cas /100)

Qassam- Promo 2011. Self Released

Radical Creation- Outlaw Republican Morality. Trapdoor Tapes
Rattenkönig – Cult of Rats/ Australibus Telebris
Reckless Aggression- Demo. Combat Action Tapes
Reckless Aggression- 2nd Demo. SFR Hardcore
Reckless Aggression- 2nd Demo. Rain On The Parade Records
Rife- S/T. Legion Blotan
Roman Nails- Artificial Sense. Night People
Roman Nails- Tooms. Mazurka Editions
Rope Society- Dissolve. Trapdoor Tapes
Rose Alliance- Understanding And Appreciation: International Reforms In Sex. Posh Isolation (/89)

Scant- Contrary To Reason. Chondritic Sound (/100)
Scarface- Mr. Scarface Is Back. Rap-A-Lot Records
Scourge Of The Leper- Demo + Rehearsal (/500)
Scourge Of The Leper- Live March 2005. Midnite's Darkness
Seating Plan- S/T. Paradise Daily (/100)
SECAM Kino- Dilettante Recital. Chondritic Sound (/100)
Sewer Election & Puce Mary- Masks Are Aids. Total Black
Sexdrone- On What Draw. Posh Isolation (/250)
Shredded Nerve- Hanging In The Balance. Chondritic Sound (/100)
Snake- S/T. Hidiotic
Spear Of Longinus– ......And The Swastikalotus. Forgotten Wisdom Productions
SPK- Metal Field. SPK Club (29/50)
Striborg/Claustrophobia- Black Hatred In A Ghostly Corner.Finsternis Productions
Straightjacket Nation- Icons (x2)
Striborg- Black Hatred In A Ghostly Corner. Finsternis Productions (/33)
The Stimulators- Loud Fast Rules. ROIR Tapes
Sulphuric Night- Scorpio Acuelum. The Throat (17/50)
Swastyka- Prophecies Of Aryan Moon. Stellar Winter Records
Syndicate- Prisoners Of War. Bloody Fist Records
Syndicate- Realms Of Darkness. Bloody Fist Records
Syndicate- Deathtrap. Bloody Fist Records

Teuton- Promo. Not On Label
Tradework- Shah. Blodrøde Floder
Trial- Vessel. Heavy Chains Records & Tape
Tyrannamen- BMX. Cool Death Records
Tyrannic - Macabre Festival of Nosophutos. Aurora Australis

Unexamine- Property. Chondritic Sound (/100)

Vanessa Amara- Both Of Us. Posh Isolation (/150)
Velvet Whip- Bronze Medallion. Cool Death Records
Video Ezy- s/t. Paradise Daily (/100)
Vinland Special Services- The Articles Of Confederation. Winter Solace Productions
Volks-Front/Cheap Bombing- N.O.P. V.S International
Vothana- Trưng Trắc Trưng Nhị. Not on label (22/100)
Vothana- Chính Sách Vũ Lực Tàn Bạo Demo III. Not on label (03/100)
Vothana- Vua Quang Trung Demo IV. Not on label (53/100)
Vrag- Vrag. Winterreich Productions

WAR88- White Aryan Resistance. Dead Christ Commune (602/?)
Wasted Truth- S/T. Inverted Crux
White Seed- Family Violence. Sythetik Assembly
Wolfblood- A Victory To Echo Through Time. Not on label
Wolfblood- Banner Of Might. Infinite Wisdom Productions
Wolfnacht- Thor's Hammer. Truppe Orden Front
Wolfnacht- Kirchenbrand. Self Released
Wolfnacht- Fur Den Sieg. Self Released
Wolfnacht- Blut Und Ehre. Not on label (42/88)
Wolfnacht- Morgendammerung Der Heiden. Avalon Hellas
Wolves Eyes- Nostalgia In Our Souls. Tour De Garde

Xylocaine- Cluster Bombs. Bloody Fist Records

Yen Towers- Safety. Posh Isolation (/200)

Zero Figure- Bona Nox. Posh Isolation (/133)

New Breed! Urban Style Records
The Palermo Protocol. Posh Isolation (Puce Mary, Border Force, F.E. Denning, Arv & Miljö, Händer Som Vårdar, Rosen & Spyddet, Vanity Productions, Sansernes Rus, Vit Fana, Chrome Burden, Rose Alliance, Marcell, Klaus H Hansen, Hvide Nætter, Blodvite, Marching Church, Croatian Amor & Angeles) (/250)
Port Out, Starboard Home Compilation. Posh Isolation (Hvide Seji, Olymphia, Amphetamine Logic, Damien Durovnik, Assault Guard, Erotikens Historie, Croatian Amor, Iron Pillar, Alleypisser, Forza Albino, Puce Mary, War, Snatcher, Body League, Caucasian Colony, LR) (/200)
The Sound Of Hate: Volume 1. Lebensborn (Terre Blanche, Vidna Obmana, Sigillum S, Con-Dom, Intrinsic Action, The Grey Wolves)
The Sound Of Hate: Volume 2 . Lebensborn (Mutant Scab Death, Intrinsic Action, The Grey Wolves, Kapotte Muziek, The Horse Falls, Mysogyny, Con-Dom, The Hope Organisation, Big City Orchestra, 69)
The Sound Of Hate: Volume 3. Lebensborn (AX 66, Traitor, Pessary, MØHR, Enema Och Gejonte, Batchas, Allimentation Generale, Mindscan, factor X, The Grey Wolves)
Stomp-I-Lation Compilation. Stupid Records. (Boston Strangler, Waste Management, Peacebreakers)
Tasmania I. Overuse (Dysassociation, Fixation, Blackline, Carved Cross, Gaunt, Leather Temple, Parvo, Colour Sensory, Night Falls Haunting, Claudia, Fetish Ritual)

Miscellaneous (E.g CDs/DVDs/VHS/BOOKS):
Abramelin- S/T. Thrust
Absurd- Werwolfthron. Nebelfee Klangwerk
American Dream III- Bigtyme Recordz
Arms Reach- Death To Shallow Hardcore. Not On Label
The Anti-Matter Anthology: A 1990's Post-Punk & Hardcore Reader
Bigtyme Vol. 1 Still Afloat. Bigtyme Recordz
Black Magick SS- The Black Abyss. Infinite Wisdom Productions
Blut- Bound & Gagged. Trapdoor Tapes
Born Headless- Headless Henchmen. Life Fluid Productions
Capricornus- Alone Against All. Supernal Music
Cold As Life- Declination Of Independence. CTYC Productions
Cro-Mags- Cro-Mags. Century Media
Cruciform- Avavism/Paradox. Infernal Devastation
The Crypt- Disgusting Zombie Metal. EVP Recordings
Crypt Vapor- Tombe Della Città. Heavy Chains Records & Tapes
Damaged- Token Remedies Research. Rotten Records
Damaged- Passive Backseat Demon Engine. New World Records
Damaged- Purified In Pain. Rotten Records
Der Sturmer- A Banner Greater Than Death. Deathrune Records
Der Sturmer/Auschwitz Symphony Orchestra. Breath Of Pestilence
Dim Arcana- Ars Populi. Black Drone
Disgorge- Cranial Impalement. Extremities Productions
Disma- Towards The Megalith. Profound Lore Records
DJ Screw- Bigtyme Volume II All Screwed Up. Bigtyme Recordz
DJ Screw- 3 In The Mornin' Part 1. BigTyme Records
DJ Screw- 3 N The Mornin (Part Two). Bigtyme Recordz
DJ Screw- As The World Turns Slow. Wreckless Entertainment
DJ Screw- Sentimental Value. Wreckless Entertainment
Everybody's Scene: The Story Of Connecticut's Anthrax Club
Fistography- Bloody Fist 1994-2004
G.I.S.M- +R, Regicide Reverberration, Beast Arts (VHS)
G.I.S.M- SoniCRIME TheRapy. Beast Arts
G.I.S.M- Determination. Beast Arts
Integ2000- Project: Regenisis. East Coast Empire Records
Integ2000/Fear Tomorrow. East Coast Empire Records
Johnny Rebel- Complete Collection. Johnny Rebel Records
Last Call For Unity. Barcode The World
Mark McCoy: Manner Journal No.2. Youth Attack. Edition of 50
Mid Youth Crisis- One Inch Punch. Semaphore
Mid Youth Crisis- Discography. Trial And Error Records
Military Position + Spasmolop- Spectral Bloom. Magick Crowbar
Mindsnare/Congress. Trial And Error Records
Misery- Revel The Blasphemy. Warhead Records
Misery- Curses. Venomous Records
M.S.I- Dream The Serenade. Not on label
Muslimgauze- Intifaxa. Extreme
Muslimgauze- Bhutto. Extreme
Muslimgauze- Hamas Arc. Staalplaat
Muslimgauze- Infidel. Extreme
Muslimgauze- Hebron Massacre. Soileilmoon
Muslimgauze- Al-Zulfiquar Shaheed. T.4
Muslimgauze- Mort Aux Vaches. Mort Aux Vaches
Muslimgauze- Gun Aramaic. Soileilmoon
Muslimgauze- Gun Aramaic Part 2. Soileilmoon
Muslimgauze- Occupied Territories. Staalplaat
Muslimgauze- Arab Quarter. Soleilmoon Recordings (2xCD)
Muslimgauze- Beyond The Blue Mosque. Staalplaat
Muslimgauze- Farouk Enjineer. Soleilmoon Recordings
Muslimgauze- Azad. Staalplaat (includes currency)
Muslimgauze- Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass. Soleilmoon Recordings
Muslimgauze- Iranian Female Olympic Table Tennis Team Theme. Staalplaat
Muslimgauze- Red Madrassa. Staalplaat
Muslimgauze- Sarin Israel Nes Ziona. Staalplaat
Muslimgauze- Dar Es Saalam. Hidden Art
Muslimgauze- Iranair Inflight Magazine. Staalplaat
Muslimgauze- Speaking With Hamas. Staalplaat
Muslimgauze- Iran. Soileilmoon
Muslimgauze- Drugsherpa. Staalplaat
Muslimgauze- Armsbazzar. Essence Music (Boxset includes a CD in a 6-panel digisleeve, a poster, six cards, cloth insert and figurines 050/149)
Muslimgauze- A Putrid Oasis. Vinyl-On-Demand/Solielmoon Recordings (Book with CD)
Newcastle Hardcore Superbowl. Snapshot Records (Price Of Silence, Pitfall, Nihilist, Xclaim!, Forward Defence)
New Tools For The Hunter. First Blood Records
Noise In My Head: Voices From The Australian Underground
Offensive/Defensive: Hardcore Superbowl 2001. No Deal Records/Snapshot Records  (Rocks, Deadstare, Creeping Jesus, World War 24, Irrelevant, Within Blood, Sewer Cider, The Last Hemeroids, The Blurters, The Babyshakers)
One Inch Punch- Ignorant Bliss. Lifetime Records/Shock
One Inch Punch- Lost In What We Lack. Lifetime Records
Open Season- Front Line Fighters. NS Records
Order Of The Death's Head- Sous Le Signe Thulé. Darker Than Black
Peste Noire- L'Ordure À L'État Pur. La Mesnie Herlequin
Point Blank- N-Tha-Do. Bigtyme Recordz
PSK-13- Pay Like You Weigh. Nightstick Musick
PSK-13 & Da Shift- Somethin' To Lean To Pt. 3 (Da Trill-Ogy) . Nightstick Musick
Radio Silence: A Selected Visual History Of American Hardcore Music
The Rootsman vs Muslimgauze- City Of Djinn. Third Eye Music
The Rootsman vs Muslimgauze- Return To The City Of Djinn. Third Eye Music
The Rootsman/Muslimgauze- On-line Jihad. The Muslimgauze Preservation Society
The Rootsman/Muslimgauze- Fuck Israel. The Muslimgauze Preservation Society
Stanley Knife- Have A Go! Inner City Uprising
S.K.V- The War. Beast Arts
鐵槌 (Sledge Hammer) ‎– 日本狼. Real Life Recordings
Striborg- Nocturnal Emissions/Nyctophobia. Displeased Records
Striborg- Nefaria/A Tragic Journey Towards The Light. Displeased Records
Striborg- Black Desolate Winter/Depressive Hibenation. Asgard Musik
Striborg- Ghostwoodlands. Displeased Records
Striborg- Mysterious Semblace. Displeased Records
Striborg- The Foreboding Silence. Displeased Records
Striborg- In The Heart Of The Rainforest/Misanthropic Isolation. Displeased Records
Striborg- Autumnal Melancholy. Displeased Records
Striborg- Southwest Passage. Displeased Records
Striborg- Trepidation. Displeased Records
Striborg- This Suffocating Existence. Razed Soul Productions
Striborg- Spiritual Deprivation. Razed Soul Productions
Teicam Book Presents: Mr Pretty Puke
Throbbing Gristle- Gristleism. Industrial Records
Throwdown S.C.H.C- Old Ones And Reruns. Grindhead Records
Touch & Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine '79-'83
Violent Hornsby Straight Edge. Snapshot Records (Meataxe, Spastic Van, V.B.S, Fistfull, Nintendo Police
Vornat- Vornat. Breath Of Pestilence 
Wolfnacht- Night Of The Werewolf. Battlefield Records
Wolfnacht- Toten for W.O.T.A.N. Battlefield Records
Wolfnacht- Dawn Of The Heathens. Christhunt Records
Wolfnacht– Zeit Der Cherusker. Christhunt Productions
Wolfnacht- Heidentum/Night Of The Werewolf. Signal Rex
Wolfnacht- Project Ordensburg. Evil Rising
Xenophobic Ejaculation/Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes. Waffenbruderschaft/Aseveljeys / Untitled. Viva Angel Press                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
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The Abused- Loud And Clear. Abused Music **** 
Agnostic Front- United Blood ****
Aryan Disgrace- Faggot In The Family. Mystic Records****
Chronic Sick- S/T. Mutha Records **** 
Chronic Sick- Cutest Band In Hardcore. Mutha Records **** 
Coloured Balls- The First Supper Last Or Scenes We Didn't Get To See****
Deep Wound- S/t. Radio Beat **** 
Evil Skins- Docteur Skinhead. Intensive Prod Records****
Fatal Rage- S/T. Mutha Records****
Fear- I Livin In The City. Criminal Records
The Fix- Vengeance. Touch & Go Records ****
Germs- Forming. What Records (first pressing with "true mono" on label)
Germs- Lexicon Devil. Slash Records ****
Heart Attack- God Is Dead. Damaged Goods Records
The Hollywood Squares- The Hillside Strangler. Square Records **** 
Lanterne Rouge ‎– A L'aube Du Dernier Jour. Andre Records
Legion 88- Terroristes. Rebelles Europeen
Lockjaw- Dead Friends. Self Released **** 
Lobby Loyde- Plays With The Guitar. Infinity****
The Mad- Eye Ball/I Hate Music. Disgusting Records
Nasenbluten- The Nihilist E.P. Mouse Records
Nasenbluten- 500/600/1200 E.P. Bloody Fist Records
Necros- S/T. Touch & Go Records
Pagans- Six And Change. Neck Records ****
Poison Idea- Pick Your King. Fatal Erection Records ****
Public Disturbance- S&M. Mutha Records **** 
Public Execution- Methadone Slave/S.S Brigade. Sundown Records
Quick And The Dead-  Another Violent Night
Skin Deep- Football Violence. Skin Deep Records
The Stimulators- M.A.C.H.I.N.E. ROIR ****
Tolbiac's Toad/Snix-Split
Tolbiac's Toads- Manif
Toxin III- I Rock I Ran. Vinyl Solution Records ****
Urban Waste- s/t. Mob-Style Records **** 
The Worst- S/T. Mutha Records ****