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Holger Meyer

Some stuff is for trade/sale, Ceremony stuff not!



Ceremony - 6 Cover Songs - Bridge 9 Tape lim. 500

Ceremony - Ruined - Malfunktion Rec. 1 st lim.800 pale lime-yellow, red Cover 	 
Ceremony - Ruined - Malfunktion Rec. 2 nd lim. 1000 blk, blue Cover 	 
Ceremony - Ruined - Malfunktion Rec. 2 nd lim. 1000 blk, red Cover  	 
Ceremony - Scared people - Bridge 9 1 st lim. 400 blk 	 
Ceremony - Scared people - Bridge 9 1 st lim. 1000 blk/white halfs 	 
Ceremony - Scared people - Bridge 9 1 st lim. 1500 white 	 
Ceremony - Scared people - Bridge 9 3 rd lim. 1000 gray marble 	 
Ceremony - He god has … Bridge 9 1 st lim. 300 blk 	 	 
Ceremony - Sick E.P. - Bridge 9 2 nd lim. 500 blk 
Ceremony - Hysteria - Matador Rec. 1 st blk
Ceremony - Adult - Matador Rec. 1 st blk
Ceremony - Split/Titus Andronicus - Matador Rec./XL Rec. 1 st lim.500 blk


Ceremony - Violence Violence Malfunktion 3 rd lim. 1000 white/grey split 	 
Ceremony - Still nothing moves you Bridge 9 2 nd lim. 1500 white 	 
Ceremony - Still nothing moves you Bridge 9 2 nd lim. 900 grey 	 
Ceremony - Rohnert Park Lp Bridge 9 3 rd lim. 1000 blk 	 
Ceremony - 6 Cover Songs - Bridge 9 1 st lim. 1500 clear 
Ceremony - Zoo - Matador Rec 1 st lim. 300 clear blue
Ceremony - Zoo - Matador Rec 1 st lim. 1900 blk

97 a - It`s in our Power - Teamwork Rec. 1 st lim. 778 blk 
All Hype - Response - Mohawk Trail Rec. 1 st blk 	  	 
American Nightmare(GUTG)-Year One - Bridge 9 1 st 2x7“lim. 500 clear, yellow 	 
Anchor - Captivity Songs Drastic Actions 1 st yellow-red splatter 

Battery - s/t - Shattered Stone Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Battery - Split/Ignite - Lost and found Rec. blk, 	 
Battery - Split/Ignite - Lost and found Rec. clear red, black Labels 	 	 
Black SS - s/t - Third Party blk 	  	  	 
Brother´s Keeper - Self Fulfilling.. - Trust Kill Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Brother´s Keeper - Shadowcast - Lake Effect Rec. 1st blk 	 
Brother´s Keeper - Split/By the Grace - Standalone Rec. blk 	 
Brother´s Keeper - Sweet Revenge - Surpise Attack 1 st lim. 117/252 red 	 
Built To Last - s/t - Words Of War Rec.1 st lim.269 blk 	 	 
Burden - Whith every step forward Dead serious Rec. white 

Chokehold - Life goes on - Arms Reich Rec. 1 st clear red 	 
Chokehold - Split/ Crisis of Faith - Grinding Edge Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Chokehold - Instilled Bloodlink Rec. blk, copied cover 	 	 	 
Chokehold - Tooth & Nail - Jawk Rec. lim. 2000 blk 	 	  	 
Common Cause - Statement of Purpose - Powered Rec. 1 st lim.300 clear blue 	 
Coke Bust - Fuck Bar Culture Third Party Records blk
Coke Bust - Degradation EP Refuse Records blk
Count Me Out - What we build - Crap Chords 1 st blk 
Dead Empire - Riot Beat Shot - Open Letter Rec. white 	 
Death is not Glamorous - s/t - True north rec. blk 	 
Death is not Glamorous - Split/Another - Take the risk blk 	 
Death is not Glamorous - Undercurrents - Dead an Gone rec.1st lim. 700 blk 	 	 
Donnybrook - Split/ Peace by Peace - 1917 Rec. 1 st. lim 300 clear 	 
Donnybrook - Theres No Love For … - 1917 Rec. 1 st. #97/200 blk /US Tour Cover 	 
Down to Nothing - Split/On thin Ice Dead and Gone Rec. blk 	 
Dynamite Boy - Red Envelope - Las Olas Rec. red 
Egyatian Gay Lovers - Cazzo duro moto club - H`Artscum Rec 1 st #218/500 blk
Egyatian Gay Lovers - Split/So fucking Master rec. 1st #277/500 blk 	 
Ensign - Fall of Grace Indecision Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Ensign - Splt/ Reaching Forward Reflections Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Eyeless View - Split/From Us Boombatze Rec. red 
Fastbreak - Don`t Stop Trying Third Party blk 	 	 
Four Wheel Drive - s/t Hometown Caravan 1 st blk 
Get up Kids - Split/ Rocket from a Crypt Vagrant 1 st. lim 2000 white 	 
Go it Alone - Split/Blue Monday Rivalry Rec. 2 nd lim. 1525 white 	 
Good Clean Fun - Let`s have ../ Victory sucks Phyte rec. 1 st Pic	 
Good Clean Fun - Split/ Dead After Scool Cat N`Carky Rec. 1 st #326/500 blue, black splatter 	  	 	 
Good Clean Fun - Split/Throwdown Prime Dirctive Rec. 1 st lim.845 green 
Good Clean Fun - Who shares wins Phyte rec. 1 st lim.1040 green marble 	  
Good Clean Fun - Who shares wins Phyte rec. 4 th lim. 300 grey/purple labels 	 
Gorilla Biscuits - s/t Revelation blk, red Cover 
Groundwork - Lay Down	Break Even Point 1 st blk	 
Groundwork - Living in Fear Bloodlink Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Groundwork - Split/Mindwar Hearsay Rec 1 st blk 
Haymaker - Fuck America Derenged 2nd lim.500 red 	 
Haymaker - Lost Tribe Derenged 1st im.450 blk 	  
Haymaker - Love the Music, hate the.. Derenged 1st blk 	 
Haymaker - Split/ Oxbaker Deep Six Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Haymaker- -Split/Fuck Up Deep Six Rec. clear green 
Haymaker - Let them rot A389 Records 1st gold	 
Hello Bastards- -s/t Never healed Rec. blk 	 
Highscore - s/t La familia Rec. 1st blk 	 
Horror Show - Our Design Deathwish Rec. 1 st lim.1500 p
Infest - Not Over Yet Not on Label 1 st pink 	 
Intent to Injure - Habit of Thought Hostile Musik blk 	 
Iron Lung - s/t Self Release Tourpress red,red-Cover 	 
Iron Lung - Split/Brainoil Boredom Noise Rec. 1 st #227/300 blk, silver sprayed cover 
Jawbreaker - Whack & Blite E.P. Very Small Rec. blk 	 
Jawbreaker - Busy Shredder Rec. 3rd blk, red cover 	 
Just went black - Crossroads Assault Rec. 1 st blk 	
Lifetime - 2 Songs Fueled By Ramen 1 st lim.800 blk 	 
Lifetime - Dwell New Age Rec. 1st blk 	 
Lifetime - The boys no good Jade Tree 1 st blk 	 
Lifetime - Tinnitus Glüe 1 st blk 
Max Rebo Kids - Some Moments are … Blockbust Rec blk 	 
Modern Life is War - s/t Lifeline Rec. 3rd lim.1150 white, posed cover 	 
Modern Life is War - Split/Kill Your I.Lifeline Rec. 1 stMailorderVersion lim.300pink, red Sleeve 	 
Modern Life is War - Stagger Lee Equal Vision Rec.1 st lim.500 blk/red inside out 	 
Morning Again - Split/25 TA Life Good Life Rec 1 st clear 	
Mindset - Real Power React! Records blk
Nations on Fire - burn again Strive Rec. 1st 2x 7" blk 	 
Nations on Fire - Live at Vortn`Vis P.M.A. Rec. 1st blk 	 
Nations on Fire - Nothing but Fire Warehouse Rec. Repress #93/200 blk 	 
No turning Back - Rise form the Ashes Not just Words Rec. 1 st lim. 270 orange 	 
No turning Back - Rise form the Ashes Not just Words Rec. blk 	 
Not Astray - s/t Open Letter Rec. white 

OFF! - First 4 EP`s Vice Records 4x blk
OFF! - Learn to obey Vice Records blk 	 
On My Side - Redifinition Words Of War Rec.1 st #11/70 Releaseclear, RS-Cover 	 
One Man and his Droid - Better than... Remaining Thoughts Rec. blk 	 
Outbreak - Eaten Alive Think Fast Rec 3 rd lim.190 purple/white splatter 	 	 
Outlast - A Ramble in Passion Bridge Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Outlive - More than meets the eye positive & focused rec. clear 
Paint it Black - Amnesia Bridge 9 1st lim.1500 white 	 
Paint it Black - Goliath Self Release 1 st. lim #347/500 clear 	 
Paint it Black - Surrender Fat Wreck Chords blk 	 
Paint it Black - Invisible No Idea Records 1 st blk
Piebald - Just a Simple Plan Big Wheel Recreation 1 st white 	 
Propagandhi - Where quality is job nr.1Recess Rec. 2nd 2x 7 lim.200 1brown/1opace 	 
Proud Youth - Nothings Changed Keep it Alive Rec.1st blk 
Saves the Day - i`m sorry, i`m leaving Immigrant Sun Records 1 st lim.395 white, blue Butterfly Cover 	 
Second Combat - What has inspired us commitment rec. 1st blk 	 
Set your Goals - Reset panic rec. 1st orange 	 
Shook Ones - Split/ Easel Modern Alchemy Rec. 1 st lim. 250 yellow 	 
Shook Ones - Slaughter of the insole Revelation 1st lim. 330 pink 	 
Shook Ones - Split/ End of a Year Runner Up Rec. 1 st lim. 210 clear/green split 	 
Shutdown - Signs of Change Lost and found 1 st clear green 	 
Shutdown - Something to Prove Victory Rec. 1 st lim. 510 red 	 
Shutdown - Split/ Indecision Youth Crew 95 Back to Basic Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Shutdown - XdecideX Positive Face Rec.1 st clear 	 
Snake Eyes - s/t 1917 1st white 	 
Solid Ground - Demo self 1 st clear blue 	 
Solid Ground - Split/Never Enough Vendetta Rec.  
Some Kind of Hate - s/t Bridge 9 1 st lim.700 orange 	 
Something Inside - s/t 1st white 	 
Storm&Stress - s/t Cobra Rec. blk 	 
Strife - My Fire Burns On New Age Rec. 3 rd lim. 175 red & pink marble 	 
Swamp Thing - The Youth is sick 6131 Rec. 1 st lim. 93 solid grey 
The cable car theory - Split/Realign Voice of life/Rockemotions 1 st blk 	 
The Damage Done - Never Wash Away Western Front Rec. yellow 	 
The Truth - s/t self yellow 	  
Touche Amore - Split/ Title Fight Sea Legs Records grey
Touche Amore - Split/ Piano becomes Teeth Deathwish Inc. blue	 
Trash talk - East of Eden Holyroar rec. clear 	  
Trash talk - Awake True Panther Sound 1 st grey
True Colors - Consider it done Six Feet Under Rec.1st lim. 1019 white 	 	 
Unbroken - Split/Groundwork Bloodlink Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Unbroken - You won`t be back New Age Rec. 1 st blk 	
Under Bad Eyes - Small Apartments Amendmend Records 
Until the End - Let the world burn Think Fast Rec 1st lim.200 2x7" blk 	 
Until the End - s/t Equal Vision 1 st blue 	
V/A - Back to Back Lost and found blk 	 
V/A - For the Snakes of Dedic… Cobra Rec. 1st blk 	 
V/A - What Still Holds True Phyte rec. 1st blk 	 
Vitamin X - straight edge crew commitment rec. 1 st lim. 900 blue 	 
Vitamin X - straight edge crew commitment rec. 2 nd lim. 450 blk 	 
Vitamin X - once upon a time commitment rec. 1 st blk 	
Vitamin X - we came here for fun Underestimated Rec. 1 st lim.400 clear yellow, red Labels 	  
Vitamin X - people that bleed Havoc Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Vitamin X - rip it out Havoc Rec. 1 st blk 
Worlds Collide - s/t Victory Rec. 1 st blk 

XGraceX - The Calling Field Of Hope Rec.1 st blk


Endstand - Fire inside - Combat Rock Industry 1 st 10“ lim.500 llpurple
JR Ewing - The Perfect Drama Coalition Rec. 1 st 10“ maron/turquoise split 		 
Piebald - The rock revolution will be... Big Wheel Rec. 1st 10" white 	 


Dropdead - Discography Clearview Rec. 1 st 11“ lim.500 clear yellow 

97 a - Abonned Future E.P. Coalition Rec. 1 st lim. 1000 Pic 	 
97 a - Society`s Running on... Teamwork Rec. 1 st lim.97 white

Agent Attitude - First Two EP`s Monument Records blue	 
Always Outnumbered - When Potential outweighs ability Hometown cararvan 1 st blk 	 
Ambrose - The Grace of Breaking Moments Defiance Rec. blk 	 
Ambrose - Transatlantic Blues Defiance Rec. 1 st lim.500 orange 	 
American Nightmare(GUTG) - Background Music Burning Heart Repress blk	
Battery - Only the die hard remain Tidal Rec. 1 st US Press blk   	  
Battery - Until the End Conversion Rec. 1 st US Press blk 	  	 
Battery - Whatever it takes Revelation Rec. 1 st blk 
Best Coast - Crazy For You Mexican Summer Records blk
Best Coast - The Only Place Wichita blk
Best Coast - Fade Away Jewel City blk
Black Flag- Damaged SST Rec Repress blk 	 
Black Sabbath- We sold our Souls for … NEMS Rec. 2xLP blk 	
Black SS - Foreign Objekts - Reaper Rec./OCR 1 st lim 700 red
Bold - Looking Back Revelation Rec. blk
Boston Strangler - Primitive Fun with Smack 1 st blk	
Boston Strangler - Fire Fun with Smack 1 st blk 
Brotherhood - Words Run...Crucial Response Records blk
Brother`s Keeper - Fantasy Killer Kingfisher clear babyblue 	 
Brother`s Keeper - Split/Disembodied Good Life Rec. blk 	  
Brother`s Keeper - The Continuum Trustkill Rec. 1 st #1/100 white 	 
Brother`s Keeper - The Continuum Trustkill Rec. lim. 100 clear blue 

Capitalist Casualties - Split/Man is the Bastard Six Weeks Rec.	Repress	blk Chamberlain - The Moon my Saddle Doghouse 1 st lim.250 clear green 	 
Chokehold - Content with dying Bloodlink/Great American Steak... 1 st blk 
Chokehold - Prison of Hope Conquer the World 1 st lim. 1000 blk, blue Cover
Chokehold - Split/ Left for Dead Rhythm of Sickness Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Chuck Ragan - Los Feliz No Idea 1 st. lim 564 purple 
Chuck Ragan - Live at Hafenkneipe Zürich Leech Rec. 1 st lim. 500 white/blue splatter	 
Comadre - s/t Vitriol Records 1 st clear white	 
Coke Bust - Lines in the sand Six Weeks Rec. 1 st blk
Coke Bust - Confined Refuse Records blk
Crestfallen - s/t Seven Lucky Rec 1 st cream 	 
Crime in Stereo - is dead Bridge 9 1st lim.1000 blk with star 	

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables Cherry Red Rec.Repress blk 
Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust, INC. Static Records blk
Dean Dirg - For Successive Blast Prügelprinz 1 st blk 	 
Dean Dirg - Raus Six Feed Under Rec 1 st US lim.615 green 	  
Death is not Glamorous - Soft Clicks Dead & Gone Rec. blk 
Death is not Glamorous - Wide Eyes Cobra Rec. 1 st lim. 200 orange
Death is not Glamorous - Spring Forward	Cobra Rec. 1 st. blk	 
Deny Everything - Fire this tie Yo Yo Rec. clear yellow 	 
Destiny - The Tracy Chapter Beniihana Rec. 1 st green 	 
End Of A Year - You Are Beneath Me Deathwish Inc. 1 st blue 	 
Endstand - Never Fall Into Silence Combat Rock Rec Repress lim.100 clear 
Endstand - The Time is now - Combat Rock Industry 1 st lim. 800	blk 
For the Day - Love isn`t brains child… Rockstar Rec. blk 	 
For the Day - Sofa so good Rockstar Rec. 1st. #926/1000 blk 	 	 
Force Of Change - The Challenge Bushido Rec 1 st blk 	 
Fucked UP - Couple Tracks Matador Rec 1 st 2x LP blk 	 
Fucked UP - Glass Boys Matador Rec 1 st blk	
Gaslight Anthem - the 59´s sound Side one Dummy Rec. 1 st lim. 1000 blk 
Gavin Portland - Hand in Hand with Traitors... We deliver the guts 1 st lim. Edition white
Get up Kids - Four minute mile Doghouse 2nd lim. 1000 Opaque Blue 	 
Get up Kids - Red Letter Day/Woodson Split Defiance Rec. blk 	 
Get up Kids - Something to write home about Doghouse 1st blk 	  
Go Rydell - The Golden Age Black Numbes Rec. Testpress #29/30 blk 	   
Good Clean Fun - On the streets, saving the scene Reflection Rec.  blk, Hc Cover Red Letters
Good Clean Fun - Straight outta hardcore Defiance Rec. 1 st blk 
Good Clean Fun - Live in Springfield Phyte Rec. 1 st blk, 3D Cover, 3D Glasses
Good Clean Fun - Between Christian Rock and... Reflections Rec. 1 st blk	
Haymaker - s/t Deranged Rec. 1 st lim. 200 red 	 
Haymaker - Demo Regurgitated Semen Rec. 1 st. lim 500 blk 	 
Highscore - new fuel Deranged Rec. blk 	 
Highscore - new fuel Deranged Rec. Rec. Release # 59/106 blk 	 
Highscore - unsuspeting actors… Stereodrive blk 	 
Hounds of Hate - s/t Assault Records blk  
Horror Show - Notes from the Night that... Deathwish Inc. 1 st lim.900 blk 
Hot Water Music - Finding the rhythms No Idea lim. 200 lp & 7" Gray Mix LP/7" pink
Hot Water Music - Forever and counting No Idea 3rd lim. 280 lp Pale Grey
Hot Water Music - Fuel for the Hate Game No Idea 13th lim. 75 Pale Green
Hot Water Music - No Division No Idea 3rd lim. 80 lp Navy 	 
Hot Water Music - Split/Leatherface BYO Rec. 1st blk 	 
Hot Water Music - Till the wheels fall off No Idea 1 st 2 x grey marble 
Ignite - Past Our Means Revelation Rec. 1 st lim.323 clear blue 
Ignite - Call on my Brothers Revelation Rec.RSD 2012 lim. 538 purple	 
Infest - 1987 Demo Not on Label blk 	  
Infest - Slave + 2 nd 7“ Sand im Getriebe Rec Bootleg blk 	 
Iron Chic - The Constant One Bridge 9 Records 2nd blue
Iron Lung - Life. Iron Lung. Death. 625 Trash 1 st lim. 1700 blk 	 
Iron Lung - Split/Lana Dagales Boredom Noise Rec. 1 st blk 
Iron Cross - s/t Not on Label Bootleg clear yellow
Jawbreaker - 24 Hour Revenge Therapy Tupelo 1 st blk 	 
Jawbreaker - Bivouac Tupelo 1st blk 	
Jawbreaker - Dear You DGC 1 st, blue marble still sealed  	 
Jawbreaker - Dear You Black Ball Rec. Repress 2xLP lim.5000 blue marble 
Jawbreaker - etc. Black Ball Rec. 1st 2xLP lim 5000 blk 	 
Jawbreaker - Unfun Black Ball Rec. Repress clear 	 
Jawbreaker - Chesterfield King Black Ball Rec. Repress blk
Jets to Brazil - Orange Rhyming Dictionary Jade Tree 1st 2xLP blk 	 
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures repress Factory Records 180g blk

Kid Dynamite - Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems Jade Tree clear yellow 	 
Kid Dynamite - s/t Jade Tree 1st blk 	 
Kid Dynamite - Shorter, faster, louder Jade Tree 1st blk 
Latterman - Turn up the Punk... No Idea
Latterman - ...we are still alive No idea Records black grey swirled
Leatherface - Mush Not on Label blk 
Leatherface - Discography Part 2 Deranged Rec. 2nd lim. 1000, &7" blk 	 
Leatherface - Dogdisco BYO Rec. 1st blk 	 
Leatherface - Horsebox BYO Rec. 1st blk 	 
Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel Big Ugly Fish 1 st lim. 300 white still sealed
Lifetime - Background New Age Rec. 1st blk 	 
Lifetime - Hello Bastards Jade Tree 1st lim. 1000 blk 	 
Lifetime - Jersey`s Best Dancers Jade Tree 1st lim ? grey Marble 	 
Lifetime - s/t No Idea 2 nd lim.500 orange 	 
Lombego Surfers - full tank… Flight 13 blk 

Make do and mend - Discography - Holy Roar Rec.	2x LP lim. 300 blk
Max Rebo Kids - Cypher - Bushido Rec 1 st blk
Modern Life is war - My Love My Way Martyr Rec. 1st lim. 332 white 	 
Modern Life is war - Witness Lifeline 2 nd clear blue 	 
Modern Life is war - Midnight in America Reflection Rec. 1st lim. 500 blk 
Modern Life is War - Fever Hunting Deathwish Inc.1 st olive green
Morning Again - Hand of Hope Good Life Rec. 1 st clear blue 	 
Morning Again - Martyr Good Life Rec. 1 st lim.? brown 
Motörhead - Bastards Golden Core Rec. #865/1000 pic
Nations on fire - Death of the Pro-lifer Genet Rec 1 st blk 	 
Nations on fire - Strike the match Strive Rec. 1st blk 	 
Negative FX - s/t repress Reflex Records
Neglect - end it! We bite Rec. blk 	 
Nothing - Double dose of negativity Refuse rec  1 st red
Nothing - Embrace the hatred This charming man rec 1 st blk

OFF! - s/t Vice Records blk
OFF! - Wasted Years Vice Records blk  
Outbreak - Failure Think Fast/Bridge 9 1 st lim. 700 blk 	 
Outbreak - s/t Think Fast/Trustkill blk-white marble 	 
Outlast - As Sure As I Life Underestimated Rec 1 st blk 
Paint it black - CVA Jade Tree 1st lim 1300 blue 	 
Paint it black - New Lexicon Rivalry Rec 2nd lim.1030 blue 	 
Paint it black - Paradise Jade Tree 1st lim. 1000 clear green
Propagandhi - How to clean everything Fat Wreck Rec. 1 st blk
Refused - Songs To Fan The Flames … Victory Rec. 1 st blk 	 
Refused - The Shape of Punk... Epipath Rec. Repress 2x LP lim. 500 clear blue
Refused	- Rather be dead Epipath Rec. Repress lim. 1000 RSD EU blk
Relief - Split/Treadmill Hometown cararvan blk 	 
Reason to Care - Evyn Köpfen/Trough Love Records 
RVIVR - s/t YOYO Records blk
RVIVR - dirty water YOYO Records blk/screenprinted
RVIVR - the beaty between YOYO Records blk
RVIVR - bicker and breathe YOYO Records lim.100 white
Ruiner - i heard these Dudes are… Bridge 9 1st lim.500 blk 
Saves the Day - Through being cool Equal Vision Rec. 3rd lim. 3200 blk 	  
Shook Ones - Sixteen Endwell Rec. 1st lim. 300 brown/white split 	 
Shook Ones - Facetious Folly Feat Revelation Rec. 1 st lim. 400 red 	 
Shook Ones - The Unquotable A.M.H. Paper&Plastic Rec. 1 st clear orange 
Shutdown - Against all ods Victory Rec. 1st blk 	 
Shutdown - Few and Far Between Victory Rec. 1 st lim.650 blue 	 
Slapshot - 16 Valves Hate Lostandfound pic 	 
Slapshot - Olde Tyme Hardcore Taang! Records Repress clear green	 
Some Kind of Hate - Undisputed Bridge 9 1 st lim.300 purple 	 
SSD - the kids will have their say Ex-claim rec. Repress blk 	 	 
Sub Zero - Hppiness without peace Demons runs Amok Repress
Swamp Thing - In Shame 6131 Rec. Euro Tour Press lim.100 blk 	
Texas is the Reason - Do you know how you are Revelation Rec. 4 th blk 	 
The Saddest Landscape - After the Lights - Topshelf Rec. 1 st lim. 450 dark red
Title Fight - Shed Side one Dummy Rec. 1 st lim. 1400 blk 	 
Title Fight - Floral Green Side one Dummy Rec. 1 st blk
Touche Amore - Parting the Sea … Deathwish Inc. 1 st 	 
Touche Amore - Is Survived By Deathwish Inc opaque blue  
Until the end - Blood in the ink Alveran red 	
Verse - Rebuild Rival Rec 1 st lim.823 gold 	  
Verse - Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace Bridge 9
Vitamin X - See thru their lies Underestimated Rec 1st grey 	 
Vitamin X - Down the Drain Underestimated Rec 1 st lim. 125 purple	 
Vitamin X - Down the Drain Underestimated Rec 1 st lim. 300 orange 	 
Vitamin X - Down the Drain Underestimated Rec 1 st lim. 1065 blk	 
Vitamin X - Bad Trip Havoc Rec 1st lim.2400 blk 	  
Vitamin X - Full Scale Assault Tankcrime Rec. 1 st # 19/151 white/tan 	 
Vitamin X - Full Scale Assault Thrashbastard 1 st lim. 1700 blk
Vitamin X - About to crack Tankcrime Rec. 1 st lim. 350	white

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