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Agent-awake in their world(orange-run for cover) /300
Agitator-Enter Vice Lords (black-harvcore) /400
Agitator-Enter Vice Lords (black-harvcore) Dipset cover /50
Agitator-Enter Vice Lords (red-harvcore) /100
Approach-s/t (black-amendment)
Bad seed-st (white-6131) /100
Bane-Boston 6:58 (red-BBB) /700
Bane-Dublin 11:58 pm (orange-HUP)/300
Bane-Los Angeles 3:58 (green-6131) /300
Black Flag-Tv party (black-sst)
BLACKLISTED - Eccentrichine (yellow/red splatter-6fu)
Burn-s/t (yellow-revelation) Record Store Day
Celebrity Murders-the island of man eating rats (yellow-chainsaw safety)
Descendents-"Merican (black-fat wreck)
DoubleDealer- s/t (red-Harvcore) /30
Down To Nothing - Higher Learning (Green-rev) /500
Earth Crisis-Firestorm (red-Victory) RSD Exclusive
Ergs!-Hindsight is 20/20 my friend (black-Dirtnap)
Eventide, The- s/t(black-romance)
Fired up-when the lights go out(blue-youngblood) /250
First Step-Connection (red-Rivalry) 1st press /1030
Free Spirit-Free Yourself (clear-lockin out/bbb)
Get bent-Dead it (clear-its alive) /500
Give-I am Live (yellow-photobooth) /200
Give-I Am Love (clear-BBB) /200
Gorilla Biscuits-st (black-rev) 3rd press
Gypsy-st (black/grey-6fu) /100
Hands Tied-Through the Wreckage (red-livewire) /300
Harms Way-No Gods, No Masters (black/red-closed casket) /104
Harms Way-No Gods, No Masters (clear splatter-closed casket) /230
Harms Way-No Gods, No Masters (gold splatter-closed casket) /666
I Hate You- The Prime Directive (black-Reflections)
I Hate You-Prime Directive (blue-Punk Uprising)
In Cold Blood- s/t(clear pink-Organized Crime)
In My Eyes-demo (blue-big wheel)
In My Eyes-live in philly (black-significant)
Integrity-Walpurgisnacht (clear-A389)
Iron boots-demo 04 (black-Grave mistake)
Jerk City-s/t (splatter-panic state)
Judge-vivo en wnyu (black)
Justice - Up and Down (blue-lockin out)
Justice-Look alive (black-get wise)
Kill Your Idols-Something Started Here(discography) (various-get outta town)
Lifetime-All night long(black-decaydance)
Lifetime-All night long(blue-decaydance)
Meantime-S/t (gold/red-double or nothing)
MENTAL- DEMO II (black-6fu) /770
Mindset-R E A L P O W E R (black-react!)
Morrissey-Suedehead (black-His Masters Voice)
Not Sorry-Moving on (white-lifeline) /100
Off!-Compared to What (blue-Southern lord) Tour version
Remains to be Seen-Defined Identity (red-amendment)
Seahaven-Silhouette(Latin Skin)(black-Run for Cover)/1000
Shelter-Message of the Bhagavat (black-supersoul)
Shelter-No Compromise (black-equal vision)
Shelter-The Quest for Certainty (black) japanese bootleg
Shook Ones-Slaughter of The Insole (pink-rev) /330
Sick of it All-We Stand Alone (black-In Effect) /5000
Sinking Ships-Ten (white) /180
Slipknot-S/T (orange-Revelation) /1000 RSD Exclusive
Slumlords -Involuntary Skinhead (red-A389) #62/125 preorder
Slumlords-Demo 2003 (black-superhero) /100
Slumlords-Demo 2003 (white-superhero) /400
Slumlords-Drunk At The YOT Reunion (gold-a389) last show cover
Slumlords-Drunk at the YOT reunion (red-perfect victim)
Taylor Swift-Teardrops on my guitar (white) /45
ten yard fight-demo 95' (black-SOA)
Tigers Jaw-Acoustic #2 (black-run for cover)/400
Title fight-Kingston (gray/white-6fu) /97
Title Fight-Kingston (red/black-6fu) /408
Title Fight-Spring Songs (orange-rev)/1512
Title Fight-The last thing (yellow-rfc) /200
Troublemaker-Demo (black-Neutral Territory) /287
Troublemaker-Sons of no one (blue-neutral territory)
True Colors-Consider It done (olive green-six feet under) /104
Until your heart stops-We are not coming down (black-heart in hand) /87
Wide Awake-The End (black-mondo gillippie)
Wolf Whistle-Demo 2/WERS (red-BBB) /200
Wrong Side-Dumptruck Demo (black-Trip Machine)
xClearx-The Sickness Must end.. (black-xLSRx)
xClearx-The Sickness Must end.. (blue-xLSRx) #111/400
You And I-The First Seven Inch (black-Track Star)
Youth of Today-Live at CBGB's (black-reality)
Youth of Today-Live at Van Hall, Amsterdam (gray-commitment) /105
Youth of Today-s/t (Green-Revelation)
Youth of Today-s/t (white-Revelation)
Youth of Today-s/t(black-rev)
Youth of Today-s/t(red-revelation) Record Store Day


108-Holyname (black-equal vision)
Agnostic Front-Victim in Pain (red-b9)
American Cloud Songs-Aum (black-Dais) #47/300
Armalite-s/t (teal-no idea)
Bad Brains-i against i (black-sst)
Bad Brains-Live (black-sst)
Bad Brains-s/t (black-ROIR)
Bane-the Note(orange/black-equal vision) /500
Better Than a Thousand-Just one (black-rev)
Blacklisted-NODTBHMTM (Green w/ Purple splatterdeathwish) /719
Blood for Blood-Spit My Last Breath (red-victory)
Carry on-Its all our blood (red-react!) /250
Chain of Strength-The one thing that still holds true (black-rev)
Cro Mags-Age of Quarrel (black/orange swirl-Brass City) /100
Cro Mags-Best Wishes (black-profile)
Cure, The-Love Song TEST PRESS (Specialty)
Descendents- I don't want to grow up (black-sst)
Descendents-Cool to be you(black-FWC)
Descendents-Everything Sucks (black-epitaph)
Descendents-Hallraker Live (black-sst)
Descendents-Milo Goes to College (black-sst)
Down to Nothing-unbreakable (white-rev) /330
Floorpunch-New Jersey (orange swirl-SFU) 1/1 Plant Error
Floorpunch-Twin Killing (black-equal vision)
Fugazi-Repeater (black-dischord)
Get real-shore style (clear-broken glass)
GG Allin-Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies (black-awareness)
Give-Electric Flower Circus (black-Amendment) Latin American press #81/150
Give-Electric Flower Circus (black-Moonflower) /600
Give-S/t (gray marble-moonflower) /500
Give-Sonic Bloom (yellow-Revelation) /700
Gorilla Biscuits-Start Today (black-rev)
Gorilla Biscuits-Start Today (glow in the dark-Rev) /1000
Harms Way-Blinded (white-Deathwish)
Harms Way-Reality Approaches (pink-Crime Scene) /500
Harms Way-Rust (Rust-Deathwish)
HR-keep out of reach (black-sst)
Husker Du-New Day Rising (black-sst)
In My Eyes-The Difference Between (black-rev)
Indecision-Unorthodox (black/red-Bitter Melody) /250
Integrity-Systems Overload (black-organized crime) #118/365
Joy Division-Peel sessions (grey/purple-strange fruit)
Judge-No apologies (black-lost&found)
Judge-What it meant (black-rev)
Kid Dynamite-CSYA (gold-jade tree)
Kool & the Gang-Emergency (black-PolyGram)
Life of Agony-Ugly (black-Roadrunner)
Lifetime-Hello Bastards (white-no idea)
Lungfish-A.C.R. 1999 (black-dischord)
Lungfish-Pass and Stow (black-dischord)
Lungfish-Talking Songs for Walking (black-dischord)
Michael Bolton-s/t (black-columbia)
Mikey Erg-Heart Shaped 12" (Paper+Plastik) /300
Mind Eraser-Glacial Reign (orange-painkiller)
Mindset-Liveset (gold-upside down) /110
Mouthpiece-Cant kill what's inside (black-rev) /780
None More Black-Loud About Loathing (black-sabot)
Outkast-southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (black-LaFace) Record Store Day #0658/4000
Paint it Black- New Lexicon (white-jade tree)
Pee Wee Harman-Pee Wee Raps (black-Party crew)
Rival Mob-Raw Life (black-lockin out)
Shades Apart-Save It (black-revelation)
Shelter-Eternal (yellow-reality)
Shelter-When 20 Summers Pass (red-victory /520
Sick of It ALL-Death to Tyrants (black-TF!)
Sick of it all-just look around (pd-street justice) #52/500
Sick of it All-Live in a Dive (black-fat wreck)
Side By Side-You're Only Young Once (black-rev)/1109
Sinking Ships-disconnecting (clear green-rev) /523
Slapshot-Sudden Death Overtime (Black-Taang)
Slumlords- (red-Perfect Victim) (black cover/heart) /5
Slumlords- (red-Perfect Victim) (black/red cover/heart) /5
Slumlords- (red-Perfect Victim) (red cover/heart) /5
Slumlords-s/t (pic disc-perfect victim)
Smiths-Meat is Murder (black-Warner)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Soundtrack
Tegan and Sara-Closer remixed (black-Warner Bros)
The Ergs!-Jerseys Best Prancers (orange-don giovanni)
The Ergs!-That's It,Goodbye (black-don giovanni)
Tigers Jaw-s/t (black-Run For Cover)
Troublemaker-Moratorium (clear/black swirl-RTF) /100
Troublemaker-Moratorium (gold-RTF) /150
True Colors-Focus on the Light (orange/black/white-6fu) /150
Tyler, The Creator-Goblin
Type O Negative-Slow,Deep and Hard (black-Metal Blade)Record Store Day /1500
UltraMantis Black-s/t (blue/green-Relapse) /200
Uniform Choice-Screaming for Change (black-wishingwell)
Unit Pride-Then and Now (black-Mankind)
Up Front-Spirit (Red-Smorgasbord) Record Store Day
Wu tang-Enter the wu tang (black-rca)
Youth of Today-break down the walls (black-rev)97'repress
Youth of Today-Break Down the Walls (orange-rev) /217
Youth of Today-Break Down the Walls (red-rev) /700
Youth of Today-Can't Close My Eyes (black-caroline)
Youth of Today-Can't Close My Eyes (black-rev)
Youth of Today-Can't Close My Eyes (black-We Bite) Euro Press
Youth of Today-Can't Close My Eyes (clear-Revelation)
Youth of Today-Can't Close My Eyes (green-rev) /217
Youth of Today-Can't Close My Eyes (Purple marble-Revelation)
Youth of Today-Can't Close My Eyes (Red-Revelation)
Youth of Today-Can't Close My Eyes (yellow-rev)
Youth of Today-Take a Stand(live) (picture disc-lost&found)
Youth of Today-We're Not in This Alone (black-caroline)
Youth of Today-We're Not in This Alone (black-rev)
Youth of Today-We're Not in This Alone (sky blue-rev)
Youth of Today-We're Not In This Alone (white-rev)/700


Acrid/Bombs of Death (peach-no idea)
American Hardcore Comp (red/white/blue splatter-BBB)
Bones Brigade/DFA-split (black-Still Holding On) #48/110
Champion/Betrayed-split (clear-rivalry) /980
Down to nothing/50 lions split (black-6131)
Elvis Costello/armed forces split (black-riviera)
Ergs!/Modern Machine split (green-Salinas) /500
Foundation/meantime split (black-ghetto josh) #50/100
Go it Alone/Blue monday-split (white-rivalry) /1030
PC Deathsquad/Take Offense-Battle of Chula Vista (orange-ngs)
Tigers Jaw/Balance and Composure 12' split (green-rfc) /100
Transit/Man Overboard split (blue-pure noise) /200
Type-O Negative/Deep Purple (clear/purple-Roadrunner) RSD Exclusive
Youth of Today/Inside Out split (black-fan press?)


Agitator-Demo (white-rtf) /100
Can We Win-Demo 2k11
Excessive Force-In Your Blood (white/red-Blasphemour) /75
Frantic Onslaught-st #58/100
Give-Flowerhead (moonflower)
Title Fight-Kingston- United Blood demo #34/48
Troublemaker-Moratorium (black-RTF) /100
World War 4-Demo
Worlds-Demo Mix Vol II /50
Youth of Today-Break down the walls (revelation)
Youth of Today-Can't Close My Eyes (clear-Caroline)
Youth of Today/Bold-Live in Boston (clear-real people)
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Youth of Today-Disengage(clear)
Hands tied- s/t (Project X rip)