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13th Floor Elevators, The - "The Psychedelic Sounds Of..." (International Artists-2007-Black)

Abner Jay - "Folk Song Stylist" (Mississippi-2010-Black)
Abner Jay - "True Story Of..." (Mississippi-2009-Black)
Abused, The - "Loud And Clear" (Radio Raheem-2013-Black)
Amebix - "Monolith" (BOB-2010-Clear)
Annabelle's Garden - "Time’s No Measure: 1987-1993" (Dais-2013-Black)
Anne - "Dream Punx" (A389-2011-Clear)
Arizmenda - "Stillbirth In The Temple Of Venus" (Androgony Whore-2015-Blue)
Arizmenda - "Within The Vacuum Of Infinity" (Androgony Whore-2013-Grey Marble)
Asphyx - "Last One On Earth" (Century Media-2015-Black)
Asphyx - "The Rack" (Century Media-2015-Black)
Autopsy - "Awakened By Gore" (NWN-2010-Silver)
Autopsy - "Mental Funeral" (Peaceville-2010-Red)
Autopsy - "Severed Survival" (Peaceville-2013-Black)
Axeman - "Arrive" (Darkest Heavy-2012-Black)

Bad Brains - "Bad Brains" (ROIR-Black)
Bastard - "Wind Of Pain" (Feral Ward-2013-Red)
Bathory - "Bathory" (Black Mark-2010-Grey)
Bathory - "The Return" (Black Mark-2010-Brown)
Bathory - "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" (Black Mark-2010-Blue)
Beastmilk - "Climax" (Magic Bullet-2013-White/Red)
Black Sabbath - "Born Again" (Warner Brothers-1983-Black)
Black Sabbath - "Heaven And Hell" (Warner Brothers-1980-Black)
Black Sabbath - "Master Of Reality" (Warner Brothers-1971-Black)
Black Sabbath - "Paranoid" (Warner Brothers-1970-Black)
Black Sabbath - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (Warner Brothers-1974-Black)
Black Sabbath - "Technical Ecstasy" (Warner Brothers-1976-Black)
Black Sabbath - "Vol. 4" (Warner Brothers-1972-Black)
Blaze Foley - "Cold Cold World" (Lost Arts-2013-Black)
Blitz - "Voice Of A Generation" (PHR-2012-Black)
Bolt Thrower - "In Battle There Is No Law" (BOB-2011-Grey)
Bolt Thrower - "Realm Of Chaos" (Earache-2012-Black)
Bolt Thrower - "The IVth Crusade" (Earache-2013-Yellow)
Bolt Thrower - "War Master" (Earache-2013-Yellow Splatter)
Bolzer - "Aura" (Iron Bonehead-2013-Black)
Bone Awl - "Bowing Heads / Sunless Xyggos" (Iron Tyrant-2011-Black)
Bone Awl - "Magnetism Of War / Bog Bodies" (GoatowaRex-2006-Black)
Bone Awl - "Meaningless Leaning Mess" (NWN-2007-White-w/ 7")
Bone Awl - "Not For Our Feet" (Klaxon-2007-Black)
Bone Awl / Ashdautas - "Split" (Klaxon-2012-Black-w/ 7")
Boston Strangler - "Fire" (Fun With Smack-2014-Black)
Boston Strangler - "Primitive" (Fun With Smack-2012-Black)
Brainbombs - "Burning Hell" (Skrammel-2010-Black)
Brainbombs - "Genius And Brutality" (Skrammel-2011-Black)
Brainbombs - "Obey" (Armageddon-2011-Orange)
Brainbombs - "Singles Compilation" (Load-2010-Black)
Brainbombs - "Singles Compilation 2" (Armageddon-2013-Red)
Brainbombs - "Urge To Kill" (Load-2010-Black)
Breakdown - "Runnin' Scared" (540-2013-Black)
Burzum - "Belus" (BOB-2010-Black)
Burzum - "Burzum / Aske" (BOB-2008-Black)
Burzum - "Det Som Engang Var" (BOB-2008-White)
Burzum - "Fallen" (BOB-2011-Clear)
Burzum - "Filosofem" (BOB-2008-Black)
Burzum - "From The Depths Of Darkness" (BOB-2011-White)
Burzum - "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" (BOB-2008-Black)
Burzum - "Umskiptar" (BOB-2012-Grey)

Carcass - "Heartwork" (Earache-2002-White)
Carcass - "Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious" (Earache-2013-Blue)
Carcass - "Reek Of Putrefaction" (Earache-2013-Orange)
Carcass - "Surgical Steel" (Nuclear Blast-2013-White)
Carcass - "Swansong" (Earache-2013-Purple/White)
Carcass - "Symphonies Of Sickness" (Earache-2013-Red)
Carnage - "Dark Recollections" (Earache-2014-Red)
Celtic Frost - "Into The Pandemonium" (Combat-1987-Black)
Celtic Frost - "Morbid Tales" (Metal Blade-1985-Black)
Celtic Frost - "To Mega Therion" (Noise-1985-Black)
Charles Bradley - "No Time For Dreaming" (Dunham-2011-Black)
Charles Bradley - "Victim Of Love" (Dunham-2013-Black)
Chelsea Wolfe - "Apokalypsis" (Pendu Sound-2012-Black)
Chelsea Wolfe - "Pain Is Beauty" (Sargent House-2013-Black)
Chelsea Wolfe - "The Grime And The Glow" (Sargent House-2014-Black)
Chelsea Wolfe - "Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs" (Sargent House-2012-Black)
Chronic Sick - "Cutest Band In Hardcore" (No Way-2010-Blue)
Cock Sparrer - "Shock Troops" (Pirates Press-2010-White/Red)
Cold Sweat - "Blinded" (Manic Ride-2005-Black-w/Rejected Cover)
Cold Sweat - "Severed Ties" (Rock & Roleplay-2003-Black)
Comes, The - "No Outsider" (Hirohito-2009-Black)
Criminal Damage - "Call Of Death" (Feral Ward-2013-Black)
Cro-Mags - "The Age Of Quarrel" (Profile-1986-Black)
Crossed Out - "1990-1993" (Slap A Ham-1999-Black)
Crow - "Bloody Tear" (Prank-2006-Black)
Cult Ritual - "Cult Ritual" (Youth Attack-2009-Brown)
Cultes Des Ghoules - "Henbane" (HHR-2013-Green/Grey)
Cursed - "II" (Deathwish-2015-Silver/Black)

Darkthrone - "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" (Peaceville-2009-Black)
Darkthrone - "Panzerfaust" (BOB-2010-Grey)
Darkthrone - "Transylvanian Hunger" (Peaceville-2011-Black)
Darkthrone - "Under A Funeral Moon" (Peaceville-2002-Black)
Darvocets, The - "Are New Wave" (Fashionable Idiots-2008-Blue)
Darvocets, The - "Your Planet Sucks" (Painkiller-2006-Green)
Dead Boys - "Young Loud And Snotty" (Sire-1977-Black)
Dead Congregation - "Graves Of The Archangels" (NWN-2010-Clear)
Dead Congregation - "Promulgation Of The Fall" (NED-2014-Black)
Death - "...For The Whole World To See" (Drag City-2009-Black)
Death - "Spiritual Mental Physical" (Drag City-2011-Black)
Death [2] - "Leprosy" (Relapse-2014-Black)
Death [2] - "Scream Bloody Gore" (Under One Flag-1987-Black)
Death [2] - "Spiritual Healing" (Relapse-2014-Black)
Death [2] - "Symbolic" (Roadrunner-2007-Black)
Death In June - "Nada (Plus)" (New European-2011-Gold)
Death In June - "Operation Hummingbird" (New European-2000-Green)
Death In June - "The Corn Years" (Pylon-2014-Green)
Death In June - "The Guilty Have No Pride" (Drastic Plastic-2014-Black)
Death In June - "The Wall Of Sacrifice" (Pylon-2014-Red)
Death Of Lovers - "Buried Under A World Of Roses" (Deathwish-2014-Blue/Yellow Swirl)
Delfonics, The - "Adrian Younge Presents…" (Wax Poetics-2013-Red)
Destroyer 666 - "Unchain The Wolves" (HHR-2014-Black)
Discharge - "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" (Havoc-2010-Black)
Discharge - "Why" (Clay-1981-Black)
Disma - "The Vault Of Membros" (Detest-2012-Red)
Disma - "Towards The Megalith" (Doomentia-2013-Yellow/Green-w/ 7")
Dismember - "Like An Everflowing Stream" (Nuclear Blast-1991-Black)
Dismember - "Pieces" (Nuclear Blast-1992-Black)
Dropdead - "Discography" (Armageddon-2011-Green-/39)
Dropdead - "Dropdead" (Armageddon-2011-Green-/62)
Dropdead - "Dropdead (2nd)" (Armageddon-1998-Purple)
Dropdead - "Dropdead (2nd)" (Armageddon-2011-Green-/24)
Drudkh - "Blood In Our Wells" (Season Of Mist-2010-Black)
DYS - "Brotherhood" (Taang-Red)

Elder - "Spires Burn b/w Release" (Armageddon-2012-Black)
Electric Wizard - "Black Masses" (Rise Above-2010-Red)
Electric Wizard - "Come My Fanatics" (Rise Above-2011-Black)
Electric Wizard - "Dopethrone" (Rise Above-2010-Black)
Electric Wizard - "Let Us Prey" (Rise Above-2014-Gold)
Electric Wizard - "We Live" (Rise Above-2014-Gold)
Electric Wizard - "Witchcult Today" (Rise Above-2010-Black)
Emperor - "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk" (BOB-2009-Clear)
Emperor - "In The Nightside Eclipse" (BOB-2008-Black)
Entombed - "Clandestine"" (Earache-2013-Orange)
Entombed - "Left Hand Path" (Earache-1990-Black)
Entombed - "Wolverine Blues" (Earache-2014-Green/Brown)
EyeHateGod - "Dopesick" (Emetic-2004-Black)
EyeHateGod - "In The Name Of Suffering" (Emetic-2004-Black)
EyeHateGod - "Take As Needed For Pain" (Emetic-2011-Black)

F.U.'s - "Kill For Christ" (Taang-2012-Black)
Floor - "Floor" (Robotic Empire-2014-Electric Blue-w/ 7")
Flower Travellin' Band - "Satori" (Phoenix-2007-Black)
Framtid - "Under The Ashes" (La Vida Es Un Mus-2013-Black)
Funebrarum - "The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams" (Cyclone-2013-Black)

G.I.S.M. - "Detestation" (Bootleg-Black)
G.I.S.M. - "Military Affairs Neurotic" (Beast Arts-1987-Purple)
Gauze - "Fuck Heads / Equalizing Distort" (Bootleg-2012-Black)
GG King - "Esoteric Lore" (Rob's House-2011-Black)
GG King - "Last Of The Night Wiggers Ruff Demo" (Scavenger Of Death-2012-Black-Gonerfest /100)
GG King - "Unending Darkness" (Scavenger Of Death-2014-Black)
Glam - "Veneno En Sus Flechas" (La Vida Es Un Mus-2012-Black)
Grand Belial's Key - "Mocking The Philanthropist" (Drakkar-2012-Black)
Graveyard - "Graveyard" (Tee Pee-2012-Black)
Graveyard - "Hisingen Blues" (Nuclear Blast-2011-Blue)
Graveyard - "Lights Out" (Nuclear Blast-2012-Orange/Black Marble)
Gray Ghost - "Deep In The Shallow End" (Chainsaw Safety-2009-Grey)
Gray Ghost - "Deep In The Shallow End" (Chainsaw Safety-2009-Black-/5-Test Press)

Harvey Milk - "A Small Turn Of Human Kindness" (Hydrahead-2011-White/Grey)
Harvey Milk - "Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men" (Chunklet-2008-Grey Marble)
Harvey Milk - "Harvey Milk (The Bob Weston Sessions)" (Hydrahead-2010-Turquoise Marble)
Harvey Milk - "Life...The Best Game In Town" (Hydrahead-2009-White/Purple Haze)
Harvey Milk - "Live At Supersonic July 12 2008" (Capsule-2009-Yellow)
Harvey Milk - "My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment Of What My Love Could Be" (Chunklet-2007-Baby Blue)
Harvey Milk - "Special Wishes" (Troubleman-2006-Red)
Harvey Milk - "The Pleaser" (Chunklet-2007-Green/Yellow)
Harvey Milk - "The Singles" (Relapse-2009-Black)
Hellhammer - "Apocalyptic Raids" (BOB-2008-Clear)
Hellhammer - "Death Fiend" (Prowlin' Death-Black)
High On Fire - "The Art Of Self Defense" (Tee Pee-2001-Black-w/ 7")
High On Fire - "Blessed Black Wings" (Relapse-2013-Purple)
High On Fire - "De Vermis Mysteriis" (Relapse-2012-Clear)
High On Fire - "Death Is This Communion" (Relapse-2013-Red)
High On Fire - "Surrounded By Thieves" (Relapse-2002-Black)
Hoax - "Hoax" (Self Released-2013-Black)

Immortal - "Pure Holocaust" (Osmose-2013-White)
Impalers - "Impalers" (540-2013-Black)
In Cold Blood - "Hell On Earth" (Victory-1998-Black)
In Cold Blood - "Suicide King" (A389-2011-Black)
Incantation - "Diabolical Conquest" (HHR-2013-Blue Splatter)
Incantation - "Mortal Throne Of Nazarene" (HHR-2013-Brown)
Incantation - "Onward To Golgotha" (Relapse-2015-Black)
Inepsy - "R'N'R Babylon" (Feral Ward-2009-Black)
Infernoh - "7 Spar" (Distort Reality-2013-Black)
Inmates - "Assholes Unanimous Presents" (Painkiller-2006-Pink)
Inmates - "Inmates" (Painkiller-2014-Black)
Innumerable Forms / Blessed Offal - "Split" (Hell Massacre-2013-Black)
Integrity - "...And For Those Who Still Fear Tomorrow" (Toybox-1996-Black)
Integrity - "Detonate World's Plague" (Holy Terror-2011-Purple/Black)
Integrity - "Seasons In The Size Of Days" (Victory-1997-Black)
Integrity - "Suicide Black Snake" (A389-2013-Purple)
Integrity - "Systems Overload" (Victory-1995-Black)
Integrity - "Systems Overload (Remixed)" (Organized Crime-2013-Black)
Inquisition - "Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult" (HHR-2011-Splatter-Tome Edition) 
Inquisition - "Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan" (HHR-2014-Black-Tome Edition)
Inquisition - "Obscure Verses For The Multiverse" (Season Of Mist-2013-Black)
Inquisition - "Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm" (HHR-2011-Black)
Iron Lung - "Life. Iron Lung. Death" (625-2004-Black)
Iron Lung - "Sexless//No Sex" (Prank-2007-Blue)
Iron Lung - "White Glove Test" (Prank-2013-Black)
Iron Lung / Lana Degalas - "Split" (Boredom Noise-2004-Black-Tour)
Iron Lung / Shank - "Split" (625-2005-Black)
Iron Maiden - "Iron Maiden" (Harvest-1980-Black)
Iron Maiden - "Killers" (Harvest-1981-Black)
Iron Maiden - "Powerslave" (Capitol-1984-Black)
Iron Maiden - "Somewhere In Time" (Capitol-1986-Black)
Isis - "In The Absence Of Truth" (Robotic Empire-2007-Clear)
Isis - "Oceanic" (Robotic Empire-2011-Brine)
Isis - "Panopticon" (Robotic Empire-2005-Black)

Jesus And Mary Chain, The - "Darklands" (Plain-2010-Black)
Jesus And Mary Chain, The - "Psychocandy" (Rhino-2006-Black)
Joy Division - "Closer" (Rhino-2007-Black)
Joy Division - "Unknown Pleasures" (Rhino-2007-Black)
Judas Priest - "Turbo" (Columbia-1986-Black)

King Diamond - "Abigail" (Metal Blade-2014-Blue)
King Diamond - "Fatal Portrait" (Metal Blade-2014-Orange)
King Diamond - "The Eye" (Metal Blade-2014-Clear)
King Dude - "Burning Daylight" (Dais-2012-Black)
King Dude - "Fear" (Not Just Religious Music-2014-Black)
King Dude - "Love" (Van-2012-Black)
King Dude - "My Beloved Ghost" (Van-2012-Black)
Knelt Rote - "Trespass" (NWN-2012-Black)
Kromosom - "Nuclear Reich" (Distort Reality-2013-Black)

Led Zeppelin - "Physical Graffiti" (Swan Song-1975-Black)
Lee Fields - "Faithful Man" (Truth & Soul-2012-Black)
Lee Fields - "My World" (Truth & Soul-2009-Black)
Leviathan - "A Silhouette In Splinters" (Funeral Industries-2013-Clear)
Leviathan - "Howl Mockery At The Cross" (Funeral Industries-2013-White)
Leviathan - "Massive Conspiracy Against All Life" (Moribund-2008-Black)
Leviathan - "Tentacles Of Whorror" (Funeral Industries-2013-Red)
Leviathan - "The Blind Wound" (Southern Lord-2006-Green/Black)
Leviathan - "The Speed Of Darkness" (Viva Hate-2006-Green)
Leviathan - "The Tenth Sub Level Of Suicide" (Funeral Industries-2013-Black)
Leviathan - "True Traitor True Whore" (Funeral Industries-2014-Marble)
Life Of Agony - "River Runs Red" (Roadrunner-2006-Black)

Magic Circle - "Magic Circle" (Armageddon-2013-Black)
Masshysteri - "Masshysteri" (Feral Ward-2010-Black)
Master - "Master" (Doomentia-2013-Black)
Mayhem - "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" (Century Media-2009-Grey)
Mayhem - "Deathcrush" (BOB-2009-Clear)
Mayhem - "Live In Leipzig" (Peaceville-2010-Black)
Men, The - "Leave Home" (Sacred Bones-2011-Black-Preorder Cover)
Men, The - "Open Your Heart" (Sacred Bones-2012-Black-Preorder Cover)
Mercyful Fate - "Don't Break The Oath" (Combat-1984-Black)
Mercyful Fate - "Melissa" (Megaforce-1983-Black)
Metallica - "Master Of Puppets" (Elektra-1986-Black)
Metallica - "Ride The Lightning" (Megaforce-1984-Black)
Mgla - "With Hearts Toward None" (Northern Heritage-2012-Black)
Midnight - "Berlin Is Burning" (NWN-2009-Blue)
Midnight - "Complete And Total Fucking Midnight" (NWN-2006-Black)
Midnight - "No Mercy For Mayhem" (HHR-2014-Red)
Midnight - "Satanic Royalty" (Hell's Headbangers-2011-Blue)
Misfits - "Static Age" (Caroline-Black)
Morbid Angel - "Abominations Of Desolation" (Earache-1991-Black)
Morbid Angel - "Covenant" (Earache-2013-Clear/Red-w/ Slipmat)
Motorhead - "Ace Of Spades" (Mercury-2011-Black)
Motorhead - "Overkill" (BOB-2010-Black)
Motorhead - "Rock 'N' Roll" (GWR/Profile-1987-Black)
Mutiilation - "Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood" (Drakkar-2012-Black)
My Bloody Valentine - "Isn't Anything" (Plain-2003-Black)
My Bloody Valentine - "Loveless" (Plain-2003-Black)
My Bloody Valentine - "MBV" (MBV-2013-Black-w/CD)

Napalm Death - "Scum" (Earache-1987-Black)
Napalm Death - "Utopia Banished" (Earache-1992-Black)
Napalm Raid - "Mindless Nation" (Rust And Machine-2013-Clear)
Negative Approach - "Tied Down" (Touch & Go-Black)
Neurosis - "A Sun That Never Sets" (Relapse-2010-Red/Grey)
Neurosis - "Enemy Of The Sun" (Relapse-2012-Black)
Neurosis - "Given To The Rising" (Neurot-2007-Black)
Neurosis - "Honor Found In Decay" (Relapse-2012-Smoke)
Neurosis - "Souls At Zero" (Relapse-2012-Black)
Neurosis - "Sovereign" (Hydra Head-2011-Red)
Nifelheim - "Servants Of Darkness" (BOB-2008-Clear)
Nihilist - "Carnal Leftovers" (Southern Lord-2011-Gold-w/Entomed 7")
No Hope For The Kids - "No Hope For The Kids" (Kick 'N' Punch-2004-Black)
No Warning - "Ill Blood" (Bridge 9-2013-Red/Yellow)
Nothing - "Downward Years To Come" (A389-2012-Black)
Nothing - "Guilty of Everything" (Relapse-2014-White)
Nunslaughter - "The Devil's Congeries Volume 1" (HHR-2013-Clear Splatter)
Nunslaughter - "Hell's Unholy Fire" (HHR-2012-Brown/Black)

Obituary - "Cause Of Death" (Roadrunner-2010-Black)
Obliteration - "Black Death Horizon" (Relapse-2013-Silver/Red)
Om - "Advaitic Songs" (Drag City-2012-Black)
Om - "Conference Of The Birds" (Holy Mountain-2006-Orange)
Om - "God Is Good" (Drag City-2009-Black)
Om - "Pilgrimage" (Southern Lord-2007-Blue)
Om - "Variations On A Theme" (Holy Mountain-2005-Black)
Out Cold - "Will Attack If Provoked" (Deranged-2001-Black)
Out Cold / Vorhees - "Split" (Deranged-2001-Black)

Pagan Altar - "Judgement Of The Dead" (BBTAD-2013-White)
Pagan Altar - "Lords Of Hypocrisy" (BBTAD-2010-Black)
Pagan Altar - "Mythical & Magical" (BBTAD-2013-Gold)
Pallbearer - "Foundations Of Burden" (Profound Lore-2014-Black)
Pallbearer - "Sorrow And Extinction" (20 Buck Spin-2012-Black)
Pentagram - "Be Forewarned" (Svart-2011-Clear)
Pentagram - "Day Of Reckoning" (Peaceville-2012-Black)
Pentagram - "First Daze Here" (Relapse-2011-Green)
Pentagram - "First Daze Here Too" (Relapse-2011-Clear/Brown)
Pentagram - "If The Winds Would Change" (High Roller-2012-Gold/Black)
Pentagram - "Relentless" (Peaceville-2010-Black)
Pentagram - "Sub-Basement" (Emetic-2010-Gray)
Pissed Jeans - "Honeys" (Sub Pop-2013-Orange-w/ 7")
Pissed Jeans - "Hope For Men" (Sub Pop-2007-Black)
Pissed Jeans - "King Of Jeans" (Sub Pop-2009-Gold)
Pissed Jeans - "Shallow" (Parts Unknown-2005-Black)
Pixies - "Come On Pilgrim" (4AD-2004-Black)
Pixies - "Doolittle" (4AD-2004-Black)
Pixies - "Surfer Rosa" (4AD-2004-Black)
Poison Idea - "Feel The Darkness" (American Leather-1990-Black)
Poison Idea - "Kings Of Punk" (Taang-2012-Clear)
Poison Idea - "Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes" (Taang-2012-Clear)
Possessed - "Seven Churches" (BOB-2009-Red)
Power Trip - "Manifest Decimation" (Southern Lord-2013-Oxblood)
Prisoner Abuse - "Prisoner Abuse" (Painkiller-2012-Black)

Raspberry Bulbs - "Deformed Worship" (Blackest Ever Black-2013-Black)
Raspberry Bulbs - "Finally Burst With Fluid & Lone Gunman" (Personnel-2012-Black)
Raspberry Bulbs - "Nature Tries Again" (Hospital-2011-Black)
Raw Nerve - "Raw Nerve" (Youth Attack-2010-Clear)
Repos, The - "Hearts And Heads Explode" (Youth Attack-2006-Black)
Repos, The - "Live Munitions" (Youth Attack-2013-Blue)
Repos, The - "Live Munitions" (Youth Attack-2013-Clear)
Repos, The - "The Repos" (Youth Attack-2004-Black)
Repugnant - "Epitome Of Darkness" (Soulseller-2012-Purple/Black Splatter)
Ringworm - "The Promise" (Incision-1993-Black)
Rival Mob, The - "Mob Justice" (Revelation-2013-Black)
Rival Mob, The - "Raw Life" (Lockin' Out-2013-Black)
Roky Erickson - "Don't Slander Me" (Light In The Attic-2013-Black)
Roky Erickson - "Gremlins Have Pictures" (Light In The Attic-2013-Black-w/ 7")
Roky Erickson - "The Evil One" (Light In The Attic-2013-Black)

Saint Vitus - "Born Too Late" (SST-2009-Black)
Saint Vitus - "Hallow's Victim" (SST-2010-Black)
Saint Vitus - "Lillie: F-65" (Season Of Mist-2012-Purple/Black)
Saint Vitus - "Mournful Cries" (SST-2009-Black)
Saint Vitus - "The Walking Dead" (SST-2009-Black)
Sarcofago - "INRI" (Greyhaze-2013-Black)
Scapegoat - "Scapegoat" (Painkiller-2011-Black)
Scorpions - "Taken By Force" (RCA-1977-Black)
Sectarian Violence - "Upward Hostility" (Grave Mistake-2013-Blue)
Siege - "Drop Dead" (Deep Six-2004-Black)
Slayer - "Hell Awaits" (BOB-2013-Red/Orange)
Slayer - "Reign In Blood" (American-2013-Black)
Slayer - "Seasons In The Abyss" (American-2013-Black)
Slayer - "Show No Mercy" (BOB-2009-White)
Slayer - "South Of Heaven" (Def Jam-1988-Black)
Sleep - "Dopesmoker" (Southern Lord-2012-Green)
Slowdive - "Souvlaki" (Music On Vinyl-2011-Black)
Soul Swallower - "Devoured" (Painkiller-2011-Black)
Steve Young - "Honky Tonk Man" (Mountain Railroad-1975-Black)
Steve Young - "Renegade Picker" (RCA-1976-Black)
Steve Young - "Seven Bridges Road" (Reprise-1972-Black)

Teitanblood - "Seven Chalices" (NED-2013-Black)
Terrorizer - "World Downfall" (Earache-2013-Green)
Torche - "Torche" (Robotic Empire-2007-Blue/White)
Torture Chain - "Across Great Landscapes To A Legacy Of Blood" (Yersinia Pestis-2012-White)
Townes Van Zandt - "Delta Momma Blues" (Fat Possum-2007- Black)
Townes Van Zandt - "Flyin' Shoes" (Fat Possum-2007-Black)
Townes Van Zandt - "For The Sake Of The Song" (Fat Possum-2007-Black)
Townes Van Zandt - "High Low And In Between" (Omnivore-2013-Orange)
Townes Van Zandt - "Live At The Old Quarter, Houston, Texas" (Fat Possum-2009-Black)
Townes Van Zandt - "Sunshine Boy: The Unheard Studio Sessions & Demos" (Omnivore-2013-Clear)
Townes Van Zandt - "Townes Van Zandt" (Fat Possum-2007-Black)
Tragedy - "Darker Days Ahead" (Tragedy-2012-Black)
Tragedy - "Tragedy" (Tragedy-2000-Black)
Tragedy - "Vengeance" (Tragedy-2002-Black)
Tribulation - "The Formulas Of Death" (Anja-2013-Black)
Tribulation - "The Children Of The Night" (Century Media-2015-Black)
Trouble - "Psalm 9" (Cyclone-2010-Black)
Troubled Horse - "Step Inside" (Rise Above-2012-Red)

Ulver - "Nattens Madrigal" (Century Media-2010-Black)
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - "Blood Lust" (Rise Above-2012-White)
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - "Mind Control" (Rise Above-2013-White)

Venom - "Black Metal" (BOB-2010-Grey)
Venom - "Welcome To Hell" (BOB-2010-Clear)
Vernon Wray - "Wasted" (Sebastian Speaks-2011-Black)
Violent Reaction - "City Streets" (Painkiller-2013-Black)
Vlad Tepes - "La Morte Lune" (Drakkar-2013-Black)
Vlad Tepes - "War Funeral March" (Drakkar-2013-Black)
Vlad Tepes / Belketre - "March To The Black Holocaust Split" (Drakkar-2013-Black)
Volahn - "Aq'Ab'Al" (Ajna-2015-Blue/Silver)
Volahn - "Dimensiones Del Trance Kosmico" (Klaxon-2009-Black)
Von - "Satanic Blood Angel (NWN-2009-Black)

Warning - "Watching From A Distance" (Kreation-2012-Black)
Wetbrain - "Wetbrain" (Painkiller-2014-Pink)
Whirr - "Around" (Graveface-2013-Black)
Whirr - "Distressor" (Graveface-2013-Deep Purple w/ Splatter)
Whirr - "Pipe Dreams" (Tee Pee-2012-Black)
Whirr - "Sway" (Graveface-2014-Flesh)
White Medal - "Guthmers Hahl" (Legion Blotan-2013-Black)
Windhand - "Windhand" (Forcefield-2012-White)
Wipers - "Over The Edge" (Jackpot-2009-Black)
Wipers - "Youth Of America" (Jackpot-2007-Black)
Witchcraft - "Firewood" (Rise Above-2013-Purple-w/ 7")
Witchcraft - "Legend" (Nuclear Blast-2012-Yellow/Brown Splatter)
Witchcraft - "The Alchemist" (Rise Above-2012-Bone/Red)
Witchcraft - "Witchcraft" (Rise Above-2012-Red/White)
Witchfinder General - "Death Penalty" (BOB-2011-White)
Witchfinder General - "Friends Of Hell" (BOB-2010-Black)

Xasthur -"Telepathic With The Deceased" (Foreign Sounds-2013-Red/Black & Brown/Purple)

Zouo - "A Roar Agitating Violent Age" (Crust War-2011-Black)
Zozobra - "Bird Of Prey" (Hydra Head-2008-Black)
Zozobra - "Savage Masters" (Bloody Panda-2013-Clear)

V/A - "Pathological Compilation" (Pathological-1989-Black)


Abner Jay - "Last Ole Minstrel Man" (Mississippi-2011-Black)

Death In June - "The Snow Bunker Tapes" (New European-2013-Clear)

Gray Ghost - "Gray Ghost" (Copper Lung-2008-Black-/9-Test Press)
Gray Ghost - "Gray Ghost" (Copper Lung-2008-Brown)
Gray Ghost - "Gray Ghost" (Copper Lung-2008-Green)

Integrity - "Humanity Is The Devil" (Victory-1995-Black)
Integrity - "To Die For" (A389-2010-Red)

Midnight - "Farewell To Hell" (NWN-2008-Black)

Torche - "In Return" (Robotic Empire-2008-Mint Swirl)

V/A - "The Show That Ends The World" (A389-2011-Maroon)


Anne - "Power Exchange" (Running For Cover-2012-Black)
Anti-Cimex - "Anarkist Attack" (Nada-2013-Black)
Anti-Cimex - "Raped Ass" (Nada-2013-Black)
Anti-Cimex - "Victims Of A Bomb Raid" (Nada-2013-Black)
Antidote - "Thou Shalt Not Kill" (Bridge9-2010-White)

Bastard - "Controled In The Frame" (540-2011-Black)
Black Flag - "Nervous Breakdown" (SST-2011-Blue)
Bone Awl - "...So I Must Take From The Earth" (Hospital-2006-Black)
Bone Awl - "At The Ellipse's Arc" (Northern Sky-2006-Black)
Bone Awl - "Night Is Indifferent" (Klaxon-2003-Black)
Bone Awl - "Night's Middle" (NWN-2009-Black)
Bone Awl - "Undying Glare" (NWN-2007-Black)
Bone Awl / Furdidurke - "Split" (Klaxon-2007-Black)
Brainbombs - "Macht (Gun Court Series)" (Wabana Ore-1998-Black)
Brainwashed Youth - "The Trilogy" (Richie-2011-Black)
Breathing Fire - "Demo" (Painkiller-2007-Black)

Carbonas - "Blackout" (Shattered-2005-Red)
Chronic Sick - "Chronic Sick" (No Way-2010-Yellow)
Cider - "Out To Get Me" (My Mind's Eye-2014-Black)
Cider - "They Are The Enemy" (Painkiller-2004-Black)
Cider - "3rd Reichord In 19 Years" (SPHC-2011-Black)
Citizens Arrest - "A Light In The Darkness" (Off The Disk-2010-Black)
Citizens Arrest - "Soaked In Others Blood" (Painkiller-2012-Black)
Condition - "Bombed Out" (Rust And Machine-2013-Black)
Condition - "Deteriorating" (Rust And Machine-2013-Black)
Cult Ritual - "Cult Ritual (2nd)" (Youth Attack-2008-Clear)

Deep Wound - "Deep Wound" (Armageddon Shop-2013-Black)
Die Kreuzen - "Cows And Beer" (Barbarian-2007-Black)
Discharge - "Decontrol" (Clay-1980-Black)
Discharge - "Fight Back" (Clay-1980-Black)
Discharge - "Never Again" (Clay-1981-Black)
Discharge - "Realities Of War" (Clay-1980-Black)
Discharge - "State Violence State Control" (Havoc-2011-Black)
Doom - "Police Bastard" (Profane Existence-2011-Green)
Dropdead - "Dropdead" (Crust-1994-Black)
Dropdead / Converge - "Split" (Armageddon-2011-Clear Splatter)
Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh - "Split" (Armageddon-2004-Black)
Dropdead / Ruidosa Inmundicia - "Split" (Armageddon-2013-Black-Test Press-/100)
Dropdead / Systematik Death - "Split" (Armageddon-2013-Black-Test Press-/100)
Dropdead / Totalitar - "Split" (Prank-2002-Black)
Dropdead / Unholy Grave - "Split" (MCR-2003-Black)

Eternal Champion - "The Last King Of Pictdom" (Hell Massacre-2014-Black) 

G.I.S.M. - "Anarchy Violence" (Bootleg)
Gauze - "Gauze" (Prank-1997-Black)
GG King - "Adult Rock" (Douchemaster-2009-Black)
GG King - "Babbling Voices" (Local Cross-2009-Black)
GG King - "Drug Zoo" (Rob's House-2009-Black)
GG King - "Joyless Masturbation" (Total Punk-2012-Black)
GG King - "Two Track Party Pack" (Red Lounge-2011-Black)
Gray Ghost - "Succubus" (A389-2010-Grey Marble)
Gray Ghost - "Succubus" (A389-2010-"Mixed Vinyl")	 
Gray Ghost - "Succubus" (A389-2010-Black-/16-Test Press)	 

H100's - "Dismantle" (Bloodclot-1995-Black)
H100's - "Distort Cleveland" (Burrito-1995-Black)
H100's - "Texas Death Match" (Havoc-1995-Blue)
Harvey Milk / Wildildlife - "Split" (Volcom-2009-White)
Herpes - "Herpes" (Goblin Shark-2012-Black)
Hoax - "Hoax (3rd EP)" (Painkiller-2012-Black)

Inmates - "Government Crimes" (Bloodclot-1995-Black-Gas Mask Cover 1st Press)
Inmates - "Government Crimes" (Bloodclot-1995-Blue-Zouo Cover 3rd Press)
Inmates - "Now We Talkin’ Hardcore" (Even Worse-2008-Black)
Innumerable Forms - "Dark Worship" (Hell Massacre-2010-Green)
Integrity - "Harder They Fall Demo" (Organized Crime-2011-Black Flexi)	 
Integrity - "We Are The End" (Magic Bullet-2010-Pink)
Integrity / AVM - "Split" (Holy Terror-2009-Green)
Integrity / Creepout - "Love Is The Only Weapon" (Jukeboxxx-2009-Black)
Integrity / Gehenna - "Split" (Holy Terror-2012-Black)
Integrity / Mayday - "Les 120 Journees De Sodome" (Endgame-1992-Black)
Integrity / Psywarfare - "Split" (Victory-1996-Pic)
Integrity / Rot In Hell - "Black Hecksen Rise" (TDON-2011-Red)
Iron Lung - "Demonstrations In Pressure And Volume" (625-2001-Black)
Iron Lung - "Exposed" (Iron Lung-2009-Black)
Iron Lung / Hatred Surge - "Broken" (Iron Lung-2008-Black)
Iron Lung / Scurvy Bastards - "Split" (Enterruption-2004-Black)

King Dude / Chelsea Wolfe - "Sing More Songs Together" (Not Just Religious Music-2014-Black)
King Dude / Chelsea Wolfe - "Sing Songs Together" (Sargent House-2013-Black)
King Dude / Urfaust - "Split" (Van-2013-Black)
Knife Fight - "Knife Fight" (My War-2003-Black)
Koro - "Koro" (Sorry State-2006-Black)
Kromosom - "Paranoid" (Holy Terror-2012-Black)

Leviathan / Krieg - "Split" (Holy Terror-2014-Black)
Lip Cream - "Lonely Rock" (Dynamite-2013-Black)

Magic Circle - "Scream Evil" (Hell Massacre-2014-Black)
Man Is The Bastard - "Abundance Of Guns" (DP-1992-Black)
Man Is The Bastard / Aunt Mary - "Split" (DP-1992-Black)
Men, The - "Think" (Karmic Swamp-2011-Paper Cover-/77)
Mercy Killings - "Mercy Killings" (Beach Impediment-2013-Black)
Middle Class, The - "Out Of Vogue" (Frontier-2008-Blue)
Midnight - "Slay The Spits" (My Mind's Eye-2007-Black)
Midnight / Toxic Holocaust - "Split" (Relapse-2011-White)

Napalm Death - "Suffer The Children" (Earache-1990-Black)
Napalm Raid - "Trail Of The World" (Rust And Machine-2011-Black)
Negative Approach - "Negative Approach" (Touch And Go-2010-Black)
No Comment - "Downsided" (Deep Six-2011-Black)
No Fucker - "Conquer The Innocent" (No Real Music-2008-Black)
No Hope For The Kids - "Angels Of Destruction" (Backwards Masking-2006-Black)

Parasite - "Proof Of The Existence" (Holy Terror-2013-Red-w/ White Cover)
Parasite - "Sin" (Tadpole-2010-Black)
Pissed Jeans - "Demo" (Sub Pop-2013-Black)
Pissed Jeans - "Don't Need Smoke To Make Myself Disappear" (Sub Pop-2006-Black)
Pissed Jeans - "Throbbing Organ" (Parts Unknown-2004-Black)
Pissed Jeans - "Your Life Is Worth Pissed Jeans" (Sub Pop-2010-Yellow)
Poison Idea - "Darby Crash Rides Again" (American Leather-1989-Black)
Poison Idea - "Filthkick" (Shitfool-1988-Black)
Poison Idea - "Just To Get Away" (American Leather-1989-Pic w/ Blue A Side)
Poison Idea - "Pick Your King" (Fatal Erection-1983-Clear)

Raw Nerve - "Midnight" (Youth Attack-2011-Black)
Repos, The - "Armed And Using b/w Hole In The Hill" (Cowabunga-2013-Black)
Repos, The - "Rejoice In Ruin b/w Haunted Peace" (Organized Crime-2013-Black-RSD)
Repos, The - "Rejoice In Ruin b/w Haunted Peace" (Organized Crime-2013-Red)
Repos, The / Fourteen Or Fight - "Split" (Gloom-2004-Red)
Repos, The / Spine - "Split" (Bad Teeth-2013-Green)
Ropes, The - "Demo II" (Youth Attack-2012-Red)
Ropes, The - "The Ropes" (Youth Attack-2011-Red)
Running For Cover - "Human Ruins" (625-2004-Black)

Sectarian Violence - "Sectarian Violence" (Grave Mistake-2012-Black)
Sex Messiah - "Wish You Were Dead" (Criminal Trap-2008-Black)
Shin To Shin / Pulling Teeth - "Split" (A389-2010-Orange)
State - "No Illusions" (Havoc-2005-Black)
Suburbanite - "S/T" (Youth Attack-2011-Clear)
Sucked Dry - "Sucked Dry" (Pass Judgement-2011-Yellow)
Svart Framtid - "1984 EP" (Voltage-2011-Black)
Syphilitic Vaginas - "Black Motor Covenant" (Rescued from Life-2008-Black)	 
Syphilitic Vaginas / Doraid - "Split" (HSS-2011-Black)

Unreal City - "Masks" (Holy Terror-2014-Black-Test Press)
Unreal City - "Masks" (Holy Terror-2014-Flesh)
Upstab - "Somebody Threw A Gallon Jug Of Thunderbird Wine At Me" (WBW-2005-Black)
Upstab - "w/ Report" (WBW-2006-Black)
Urban Waste - "Urban Waste" (WBW-2012-Black)

Vaaska - "Condenado" (Heart First-2011-Black)
Vaaska / Skizophrenia - "Split" (540-2013-Black)
Violent End - "Violent End" (Lengua Armada-2013-Red)
Violent Future - "Violent Future" (Slasher-2013-Black)
Violent Reaction - "Violent Reaction" (Mind Rot-2013-Black)

Whirr / Anne - "Split" (Run For Cover-2013-White/Black)

Zouo - "Frustration" (Crust War-2011-Black)
Zouo - "The Final Agony" (Crust War-2011-Black)
Zouo - "The Final Agony" (Underwear On Trial-1998-Black)

V/A - "7.17" (Holy Terror-2010-Black)
V/A - "No Peace/War" (Organized Crime-2011-Red)
V/A - "Wake Up Dead Volume 1" (Bad Teeth-2013-Black)


Crossed Out / Dropdead - "Split" (Crust-1993-Black) 


Bone Awl - "All Has Red" (Stigmata-2007-Slip Case)
Bone Awl - "Almost Dead Man" (Klaxon-2007-Red)
Bone Awl - "Bog Bodies" (Black Abyss-2003)
Bone Awl - "By Ropes Through Dirt" (Worship-2003)
Bone Awl - "Not For Our Feet" (NWN-2005)
Bone Awl - "Up To Something" (Self Released-2004)
Bone Awl - "Vinland Vs. Finland" Comp (Northern Sky-2006)
Bone Awl / Ashdautas - "Split" (Crepusculo Negro-2011)
Bone Awl / Furdidurke - "Split" (Self Released-2006)
Bone Awl / The Rita - "Split" (Klaxon-2006)
Boston Strangler - "Joke's On You Promo 2013" (Self Released-2013)

Cider - "Zombie Proof Sessions" (Self Released-2011)

Grinning Death's Head - "Golden Dawn" (Youth Attack-2012)
Grinning Death's Head - "No Afterlife" (Youth Attack-2011)

Known Abuser - "Demo" (Self Released-2014)

Pallbearer - "2010 Demo" (Self Released-2011)

Repos, The - "Lost Nut" (Self Released-2014)
Repos, The - "Lost Still Losing" (Youth Attack-2013)
Repos, The - "The Repos" (Self Released-2013)
Repos, The - "Surrender" (Self Released-2014)
Ropes, The - "Always Nothing" (Youth Attack-2012)
Ropes, The - "Demo" (Spastic Fantastic-2011)
Ropes, The - "Demo II" (Self Released-2011)
Ropes, The - "Vietnam II" (Youth Attack-2012)

Unreal City - "Masks" (Self Released-2009)


H100's - "Far East Comp" (Profance Existence-1996)

V/A - "Worship Black Twilight" (Crepusculo Negro-2009)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
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