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Agnostic Front: (L) No Justice Just Us promo pic shirt (OG)
Agnostic Front: (XL) Agnostic Front on fron boots logo on back (90's bluegrape)
Agnostic Front: (XL) There's No Justice live shot (90's bluegrape)
Agnostic Front: (XL) STIGMA Today Tomorrow Forever live shot (90's bluegrape)
Backtrack: (XL) Euro LP Spoiler design 
Bad Brains: (M) Black Dots logo on white 
Barge: (M) Societies weapon of mass destruction  
Bastard: (L) Herion Punk Winds of Pain black   
Bloodkrow Butcher: (L) cop on a toilet 
Chain of Strength: (L) Puffy Ink TTD Navy Reprint 
Cold As Life: (M) CTYC Detroit Hardcore Dragon 
Cold As Life: (XL) Detroit's own brutal hardcore 
Conflict: (L) OG Conflict in the usa tour shirt 
Conflict: (L) OG Ungovernable Force (screen stars)
Cro Mags: (M) Age of Quarrel original art work on black w/ green 
Cro Mags: (L) Overpower overcome (early 2000's from harley)
Crucifix: (M) logo on black 
Floorpunch: (L) OG Raw Deal rip blue
Framtid: (M) Consuming Shit black
Freedom: (M) United States of Mind Shirt on white 
Freedom: (M) Pay The Price Smoking gun on black
Freedom: (M) Live Shot on red 
Freedom: (M) Dog bleach dyed 1/1
Freedom: (M) Detroit Straight Edge Handmade Stencil 1/2
Freedom: (L) United States of Mind Shirt burgundy on white 
Freedom: (L) United States of Mind yellow on black
Freedom: (L) The Only Way
Freedom: (L) Pay The Price guy on white 
Freedom: (L) Distressed live shot 
Freedom: (L) skull dagger 
Freedom: (L) Big Den Says Slam Demolition rip 
Freedom: (L) USA Hardcore Triple B records 
Freedom: (L) AF skinheads beating up cop rip
Freedom: (L) Cut You Down
Freedom: (L) UB 2015 AF Rip
Freedom: (L) 4 faces 
Freedom: (L) Cut You Down Smoking Gun 
Freedom: (L) Baby with gun 
Free Spirit: (M) Free Yourself light heather w/salmon print
Free Spirit: (M) Free Yourself heather grey w/ blue print
Free Spirit:(M) White Cali Winter Tour 2011
Hatebreed: (XL) OG Smorgasbord Pocket Print Connecticut Hardcore   
In My Eyes: (L) Thumbprint on light heather gray
Jawbreaker: (M) When it pains... navy 
King Nine: (L) Yellow Soccer Jersey 
Limp Wrist: (L) Fags Hate God 
New Brigade: (M) Sailing Club dark grey 
New Brigade: (L) Soul Search Demo Art Rip 
New Brigade: (L) NB red ink on white  
No Tolerance: (M) No Remorse, No Tolerance w/ pocket print yellow on black
No Tolerance: (M) No Remorse, No Tolerance w/ pocket print yellow on red
The Oppressed: (L) Oi Oi Music on black (OG)
The Oppressed: (L) OG Never Surrender on white
Operation Ivy: (L) OG Lookout Records Shirt 
Protex: (M) Logo promo pic with red print on white 
Rampage: (L) Heads In A Vice on white 
Rival Mob: (M) Hard Cold Real loc pocket print 
Shelter: (XL): OG First Shirt EVR Pocket Print No Compromise 1990 Tour 
The Smiths: (M) Boot - I Am Human...
Soul Search: (L) Blitz Rip United Blood 2012
Soul Search: (L) Outburst gun rip
Step Forward: (M) yellow logo on black 
Title Fight: (M) Spring 2010 tour shirt on light heather grey
Youth of Today:(M) Cali Weekend 2011 SSD rip white 
Youth of Today: (L) from reunion Break Down the Walls live shot 
Youth of Today: (L) OG beige go veg shirt w/ red print 
Youth of Today: (XL) OG go veg w/ gren print and rev star 
Waste Management: (L) Pocket shirt with artwork on back
Warzone: (M) It's Your Choice boot 
Warzone: (L) It's Your Choice boot 
Warzone: (XL) 1989 Superbowl of hardcore 

Long sleeves:
Bastard: (L) Truth 3 sided l
Cro Mags: (XL) Hard Times  (late 90's) 
Freedom: (L) Pay The Price dog
Intent: (L) All or Nothing 3 sided 
Murphy's Law (L) skull
Soul Search: (L) GISM / bastard rip 4 sided on black 

Cold As Life: (L) CTYC Born to land hard (og)
Freedom: (L) Detroit Straight Edge moshers delight 
Freedom: (L) Grey USA Hardcore 
New Brigade: (M) Join the brigade 
Soul Search: (L) Back 2 Back pocket w/ live shot on back hoodie
True Love: (L) Navy Stacked Logo 

Bane: (S) Mesh Navy w/ White Font Logo             

Freedom: (Hat) USA Hardcore Camo Mesh 


Champion - Count Our Numbers: White /384 
Energy - Walk Into The Fire: Orange
Energy - Walk Into The Fire: Purple /300
Face Reality - Positive Change: (Tour Press) Red /27 
Freedom - United States of Mind Test Press
The Golden Age - Time & Distance: Gold /200 
Have Heart - Demo 2003: 4th Press White with White Labels /?
Have Heart - Live at S&F: Black /500
Power Trip - S/t: Black 
Retribution - Consumed: burnt orange /15
Soul Search - Bury The Blame Outburst Rip Sound and Fury Cover: Black 24/50
Soul Search - Nothing But A Nightmare: Purple /100
Soul Search - Nothing But A Nightmare Record Release Cover 19/40
Strike Anywhere - Iron Front EP: Green
Title Fight - Flood of '72: Coke bottle clear 
Title Fight - The Last Thing You Forget: White /300
True Love - A Floral Note: Record Release Cover 
Turnstile - Pressure To Succeed pre order cover: clear /217
Youth of Today - S/T: Red 

The Early November - Acoustic EP: Clear /100 
The Early November - For All Of This: Clear /100
The Starting Line - Make Yourself At Home: White /100
The Starting Line - With Hopes of Starting Over: White /100

Blink-182 - Enema Of The State: White /500 	 
Dead End Path - Blind Faith Tour Press: Black /35
The Early November - This Room's Too Cold: White /1000 	 
Energy - Invasions of The Mind: Blue /500
Fireworks - Gospel: Clear /300
Foundation - When The Smoke Clears: Orange Splatter /300
Foundation - When The Smoke Clears: Red White Black /1000
Foundation - When The Smoke Clears: Grey Blue Red Splatter /700
The Gaslight Anthem: '59 Sound: Black 1st press /1000
The Gaslight Anthem: Handwritten: Blue
Have Heart - 10.17.09: 1st Press Clear /300 	 
Have Heart - Songs To Scream At The Sun: 1st Press, Blue /1000 	 
Hellmouth - Gravestone Skylines: White /333 
Minor Threat - Fist Two 7": (Yellow Cover) Black
The Misfits - Static Age: Black 
The Mongoloids - Time Trials: (Friends Press) Red, White, and Red /100 
Smoke or Fire - The Speakeasy: Orange /327

Agnostic Front: Live at CBGB's
The Clash: Combat Rock
Detroit Diamonds - Demo
Freedom: United States of Mind Demo - Red 
Freedom: 3 song promo - yellow cover
Freedom: Pay the Price EP -  red cover 
Morrissey: Your Arsenal 
Nancy: ST 
Shrapnel: demo
True Love: Promo tape
Violent Reaction: Demo - Red cover 
Wastoids - Live at Equalizing​-​X​-​Distort
Email: Mikey Petroski -- Ebay Name: thinkingstraight -- Last Updated: 04/23/2015
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freedom: pay the price record release cover 

Liberty and justice for.. era shirts
Urban Bight
Youth Defense League 
Youth of Today: GO VEG SHIRTS OR Anything OG