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Some colors might be wrong.

Stop And Think - Both Demos Regular Cover
AHC VOL.1 white marble
AHC VOL.2 clear blue
Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon
New Brigade - Join The Brigade
-Sticker cover(some fest ltd, i forgot)
Losin It - No Apologies test press
Justice - Demo+7' lp black
Justice - Elephant Skin black
Justice - Live and Learn grey
Righteous Jams - Rage of Discpline gold/clear yellow
Rotting Out - Street Prowl
-Clear Red
Boston Strangler - Primitive black
Creem - Creem black
Have Heart - The Things We Carry clear yellow
The Rival Mob - Mob Justice
Title Fight - Hyper View black

Bad Seed/War Hungry - Split orange?
Righteous Jams - Boston Straight Edge black
Warhound - Colder Than Ever demo maroon(Japan Tour cover)
Pushed Aside - St black
Diamond - st black
Alpha & Omega - Devils Bed clear
Bad - Odd One Out clear
PG99/Circle Takes The Square - Split black
Walk Proud - One More Time black
losin It - Danger Zone clear
Supertouch - What Did We Learn black
Release - No Longer black
Pushed Too Far - Lost Time black
RZL DZL - Demo black
Title Fight - Spring Songs orange
Canon - The Solution black
Our Side - Back To Reality black
Ancient Heads - Demos clear
Jaguarz - Survival orange
Violence To Fade Tug of War black white swirl
Caught In a Crowd - The Fight black
Wolf Whistle - Ma Glory clear blue
Youth Korps - 82 black
Look Alive - Both Feet on the Ground orange
Featherweight bucket list clear blue
Downcast - ST black
Risky Business - ST black
Uniform Choice - 2EP Demos black
Breakaway(OG) - ST black
Landmark - My Faith black
TouchxDown - Reach For The Top black
Down To Nothing/50 lions -Split clear green
Foundation - Hang Your Head black
Pressure Release - Prison of My Own black
Halfmast - Together black
Not Sorry - Our Choices black
Disengage - Look Back black(B2B Stamp cover)
Atari - Skate Tuff black
Ten Yard Fight/Fastbreak - Split clear blue
Outcrowd/Written Off - Split white
Desperate Measures - Its on Your Hands clear blue
Grudge - Project Ex clear red
Not A Chance - Demo purple
Face Reality - ST black
Step Forward - ST black
Rotting Out - This is just a Life
-Record release clear red
-friends press
-s&f 08
-tour press
Crunch Time - The Realness
-clear green
New Brigade - Demo
-Test Press
-clear blue
Minority Unit - Demo
-clear green
-clear red
Minority Unit - CMF
-white black swirl
-green marble
-red marble
Soul Search - Bury The Blame clear green
Rancor - Flip The Switch
-green cover black
-green cover clear green
-red cover black
-red cover clear red
Shark Attack - Blood in the Water
-my war press black
-b9 press black
Free Spirit - Free Yourself
-clear red
Our Turn - Catch Your Breath posi numbers 04 clear
Our Turn - Demo black
Standard Issue - As We Grow white
Standard Issue Incite clear
Justice - Up and Down black
Justice - Breakout Demo black
The First Step - Open Hearts and Clear Minds clear
Youth Attack - ST black
Youth Attack - Break The Ice clear
Turnstile - Pressure to Succeed clear
Turnstile - Step to Rhythm aqua blue
Attitude - Piss and Vinegar yellow
Attitude - Turn into Stone purple
No Justice - Still Fighting
-clear yellow
-tour press w/stamp
Bad Seed - World View black
Bad Seed - ST white
Title Fight - The Last Thing You Forget black
Title Fight - Kingston
-clear red
United Youth - Something 2 Prove
-triple B showcase black
-record release
Rotting Out - Vandalized
-clear blue
-white swirl
-s&f 09 black

New Brigade
Righteous Jams
Steppin Stone
Rad Summer 2012
Bad Seed - It's 2009 fuck it
Diamond - Dont Lose Your Cool
Disapproval/Losin It Split
Soul Search
Our Side
United Youth
Violence to Fade
Wardogs - US demo
The Rival Mob - If You Listen This Fools blue
Wild Side
Losin It
Title Fight - Floral Green
Rotting Out - demo red
United Youth - Collection
Shark Attack - Feeding Frenzy
Crunch Time
Wild Man Wild
Free Spirit - Figure You Out/Live in Tronto
The Rival Mob - Hardocore 4 Hardcore Promo
The Rival Mob - Mob Justice
The Rival Mob - Mob Justice Promo
Stick Together - Live in Tronto
Holding On
Minority Unit
Locals - Fences
Locals - Glazed
Nirvana - Bleach
Shades of Red
Our Fight
Email: Rei Nakamura -- Ebay Name: rayeighty -- Last Updated: 02/17/2017
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