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Kyle Niland
Email @ Kylexniland@gmail.com
Good Traders/Dudez  : Keith Freeman,Tom DeAngelis,Jake Miller,Alex Casey,Chris Luke,Brian Bailey,Cody Duvval,Rob Borgono, Andrew Budwey,Ron Pooper 

108-One Path..-Beige-XL (OG)
American Nightmare-B9 Flag shirt-Black-XL (OG)
American Nightmare-Sun Isnt Getting Any Bright / Hearts- Black-XL (OG)
basement-My most demanding dream..-White-Large
Breakdown-Causen Mad Trouble White ink - Black- 2XL (90s)
Beware-Insight rip-Blue-L
Brotherhood-Fuck Racism-Blue-L (Boot)(Bleach Stains)(Cut off)
Bush-Razorblade Suitcase-black-L (OG)
Catharsis-No Gods No Masters-Black /w Silver-XL (OG)
Chorus of Disapproval-Shirts for a Cure-White /w Blue "XCHORUSX"
Clear-Logo Pocket / Triple B Backprint-White-XL
Closed Casket Activities-TROY NY-Black-L
*Cornerstone - Connecticut X Hardcore - Maroon- XL (OG)
Cro Mags-AoQ-Red Ink / black shirt-XL
Cursed-Death at an Early Age-Black-L
Cursed-One (Wolf Eating other Wolf)-Black-L (Holes/light bleach staining)
Deathbed-Sumer Tour '11-Black-L
Deathbed-True Life Tour shirt-Black-L
Deathbed-For The Few-White-L
Dead Wrong-Raw Deal rip-Gray-L
Dead Up-Girls feet-White-L
Dismember-Like An Everflowing..-Black-L (OG)
Discharge-Hear Nothing..-Black-Large
*Dismay-New Decade...- Green w/ Black - XL (OG)
Forced Reality-Flag shirt-Army Green-XL (OG) 
The Distance-Logo-Black-L
Horror Show-DI6 Rip-Gold on Charcoal-XL 
*Madball-Set It Off Release shirt-Ash Gray-XL (OG, / 100 ,Lots of holes)
Merauder-Life Is Pain-Black-XL (Odd fit) (OG)
Mob Mentality-Last show spraypaint shirt-white-L
Nails-Gods Cold Hands-Black-L
New Brigade-Cali Slam-White-L
Our Side-Spent-Gray-L
Our Side-Nazi T-White-XL
Our Side-Tribe-Black-L
Our Side-SUCKS-White-BOOT
*Right Brigade-Spades logo-Gold ink/Black shirt-L (OG)
Rival Mob-Dont Fuck with the Eagle-Black-L
Slapshot-Mask-Black-L (OG Screen Stars)
Straight Ahead-Lion-Yellow on Blue-L
Straight Ahead-Spirit of Youth 87 Tour (Older Boot?)-Red-L
Straight Ahead-Lion ringer-White-L
Sworn Enemy-As Real As It Gets-Black-L
Take Offense-Tables Will Turn-Gray-L
Tear It up-Logo-Army green-L and XL (BOOT)
Uniform Choice-Straight / Alert-White-L (Boot)
Underdog-Chain / Guy -Red letters / White - L (Older) 
Warzone-Snake vs Lion-Hunter Green-XL
xoskeletons-Logo ( Black)-Brown-L 
xoskeletons-logo- white ink / purple shirt-L
Converge-Hatchet Demon-White /w Redsleeves-L (3/4 Sleeve)(OG)
In My Eyes-Boston SXE / Rev Star-White-XL
Path Of Resistance-Who Dares Win-Gray-XL (OG)
Quicksand-slip w/ walter silhouette-white-XL (OG) 
108-One Path..-Beige-XL (OG)
American Nightmare-Hide Your Heart-Black- 2X (OG)
Integrity-Box logo / Bats-Heather Gray /w Blue-L
Death Threat-Logo-Hunter Green-XL (OG)
The Hope Conspiracy-Winged Bomb-Black-L 
American Nightmare-A|N-Black-L (Reprint)
Cause for Alarm-Time Will Tell / Victory 4 Sided-Ash Grey-(2XL fits like)XL (OG)

Caught In a Crowd-Football jersey-L
Straight Ahead-Sweatpants-Navy/Gold-L (Boot) 

Sum of All Fears-White Logo/CTHC on back-Black-XL- (All of the words nearly pealed off / Tons of Rips)

Indecision-Logo Beanie 
Earth Crisis-Logo-Black Hat /w Silver Logo / Green under bill-Snapback (Broken Snap)
Terror-Warzone Rip-Camo-Snapback

Dead Black-Promo
World War 4 - Demo - Clear cassette no labels
Intent- Demo- Yellow Cover / Black cassette no labels 
Clear-Demo-Photocopy copy cover / hand labeled 
Rival Mob-Mob Justice promo-Highlighter green cover / numbered /500
Violence to Fade-Demo-Green cassette NOSE BLUNTZ RECORDZ #1
Texas is the reason-EP
Texas is the reason-Full Length
Suburban Scum-Beaten from Birth single
Deathbed-Last of the Few
Give-Voodoo Leather with Zine
Death Threat-98 Demo
Sum Of All Fears-Sin of Anger Demo
Mouthpiece- New Age Tape
Sam Black Church-Let in Life
Path of Resistance-Who Dares..
Sick of It all-We Stand Alone
Garbageman-Mad future
Life of Agony-Ugly
Life of Agony-RRR
Dog Eat Dog-All Boro Kings

Email: Kyle Niland -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 06/07/2015
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