Email: jad ryan -- Ebay Name: jd_word -- Last Updated: 04/07/2017
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jad ryan

GOOD traders/sellers: gil sayfan, john scanlon, jonathon cendrowski, mitchell kraeling, robert borgono, taylor paredes, tom deangelis, 
hernik vasdeva, christopher luke, brian murphy, matt botvin, austin parker cook, sammy yarmuth, graham hopper

BAD traders/sellers: 
jimmie harvey (b9: jimmiexxx) - ripped me off on a lockin out tank top
shane tyrer (b9: negativepollution) - ripped me off on a rival mob shirt

in the mail/pending:

shirts are medium unless otherwise noted


alexisonfire - bird on skull
between the buried and me - hardcore live shot
bracewar - get sick owl (small)
ceremony - heather bailey roses (large)
chain of strength - rev 25 whua design (large)
chain of strength - rev 25 ttd design
cold world - deathwish graffiti logo (grey/white on black)
converge - jane doe
converge - jane doe pocket print
converge - snakes
cursed - the omen
dead end path - tattoo design w/loc (white)
dead end path - polo bears w/loc
dead end path - i and i survive world
disengage - logo/live shot (white)
free spirit - statue of liberty
hope conspiracy - greed taught skeleton
integrity - deathwish skull logo
integrity - crossed bats (red)
iron age - logo/snakes
invasion - strength team
in my eyes - boston straight edge (red)
justice - skinheads in mouth w/loc (grey)(large)
justice - title fight rip
lockin out records - loc flipping bird
mental - and you know this
mental - eu 04 basketball (purple on white)
mind eraser - the thing
minority unit - the final mosh
minority unit - the straight edge (black)
minority unit - the straight edge (white)
nails - scum will rise
new lows - hatchethead w/loc (white)
no tolerance - giant x logo 
orchid - chaos is me (og)
reign supreme - straight ahead rip
rival mob - another day in the raw life (white)
rival mob - hardcore for hardcore tiger (black)
rival mob - hunter/raw life w/eagle on loc
rival mob - raw life w/loc (blue)
shipwreck a.d. - abyss pre-order dragon
step forward - logo (green on white)
step forward - loud & clear usa w/loc
step forward - pocket print/boston skyline (large)
stick together - crowd
stick together - x'd fist (black on white)
stick together - x'd fist (white on black)
stop and think - eagle (grey)
this is hell - this is england
title fight - pennsylvania
title fight - bear
title fight - kingston pa deer and mountain (grey)
trap them - bird on skull
united youth - live circle

tank tops:

backtrack - streets of rage rip
bad seed - i am the judge (grey)
cold world - hoyas bulldog w/loc (x2)
cold world - stacked logo (navy)
cold world - raiders rip (x2)
comeback kid - skull
converge - jane doe
dead end path - graffiti logo (grey)
free spirit - cartoon token entry rip 
harms way - usa dream team
harms way - bulls rip (white)(large)
iron age - logo
justice - leeway rip w/loc
justice - maze w/loc tank top
naysayer - ns Richmond
lockin out records - camo print loc
minority unit - the straight edge (large)
new lows - hatchethead w/loc
power trip - jagermeister rip (white)
power trip - space lady w/loc
rival mob - barbarian w/loc (large)
rival mob - mob rules all w/eagle on loc
stick together - x'd fist(blue)
tigers jaw - bookhouse boys (large)
true colors - x'd alligator
true colors - x'd alligator (large)


cold world - raiders shorts
judge - ny crew reunion zip-up hoodie
minority unit - cali crew hoodie
shipwreck a.d. - owl hoodie
true colors - sweatpants (large)
x-rated swatch

Email: jad ryan -- Ebay Name: jd_word -- Last Updated: 04/07/2017
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shirts (large):

cold world - ice grillz/goin' back to cali
free spirit - snoopy w/loc


cold world - ice grillz
righteous jams - def jam rip tank top (grey)