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5" records                                                        
Extortion/Rupture split (black) (Hate ape/RSR)
Extortion/Rupture split 3rd press (white) (Hate ape/RSR)

7" records

Acrid/Bombs of death split (black) (No Idea)
Arms reach/Scalplock split (black) (Shortfuse)
Arms reach/Forward defence split (black) (Snapshot)
Black Sabbath �Paranoid� (black) (Essex)
Bring me the horizon "Drown" Picture disc (Sony)
Burning Love "S/T Demo� (red and white splatter) /200 (Thirty days of night)
Burning Love �S/T Demo� (black/grey/white mix) /300 (Thirty days of night)
Burning Love "S/T Demo� Limited Pre-order only (Black) /100 (Thirty days of night)
Burning Love "S/T Demo� 2nd press (transparent purple) /250 (Derranged)
Burning Love �S/T Demo� 3rd press (black) /700 (deranged)
Burning Love "Don�t ever change/Jack the ripper� (black) (Derranged)
Burning Love �Don�t ever change/Jack the ripper� (Light opaque blue) /200 (Derranged)
Burning Love "Black widow/love's my only crime" (orange and purple) (No idea)
Burning Love "Down So Long b/w Medicine Man" (White) /369 (Deathwish)
Burning Love "Down so Long b/w Medicine Man" (clear with White Smoke) /769 (Deathwish)
Burning Love "Down so Long b/w Medicine Man" (Grey) /1091 (Deathwish)
By the throat "S/T" (Black) (To many fucking label's)
California love �Post Morten emanations� (black) (Self released)
Choke "War of the suburbs" (Yellow Mix) (Splitting Headache)
Colossvs "Cleansed in blood/Reborn in sin" (Black) 145/150 (Self Released?) 
Countdown to oblivion �Brain surgery for beginner�s� (black) (Derranged)
Crosscheck/Captn my Captn split (Black) 39/200 (Darken/Goodtime/Plummel)
Crosscheck/Captn my Captn split (aboriginal flag) 39/100 (Darken/Goodtime/Plummel)
Crosscheck/Captn my Captn split (Clear with piss splatter) 39/140 (Darken/Goodtime/Plummel)
Culture Of Ignorance "s/t" (East Coast Tour 2015/Entombed Ripoff 5/25 (Transparent Red) (Viperdeathlock)
Cursed �Hell comes home� (Black) /1500 (Hex)
Cursed "Hell comes home" (white) (Hex)
Cursed "Hell comes home" (grey) (hex)
Cursed �Blackout at Sunrise� (Picture disc) /2000 (Goodfellow)
Cursed �The last session� (marble grey) (High Anxiety/No idea)
Cursed �The last session� 2nd press (red) /500 (High Anxiety/No idea)
Cursed �The last session� 2nd press (pink) (High Anxiety/No idea)
Cursed �The last session� 3rd press (white) (High Anxiety/No idea)
Deaththreat/Talk is poison split (black) (Prank)
Disfear/Doomriders split (beer/vanilla ice cream mix) /700 (Deathwish)
Extortion �Control� 2nd press (Salmon) (Deep six)
Extortion �Terminal cancer� (black) (Shortfuse/Waybackwhen)
Extortion/Agents of Abhorrence split (Clear) /500 (Deep six)
Extortion �S/T� Repress (black) (Fifth column/Stained circles)
Extortion/Septic surge split (black) (RSR)
Extortion/Septic surge split (blue) (RSR)
Extortion/Jed whitey split (black) (Distort)
Eyehategod �New Orleans is the new Vietnam� (Green) (A389)
Far left limit �Paint it black) (black) (Gash/Sixtwofive)
Faux hawks/Hard luck split (white) (Futile/1blood)
Hatred Surge �Isolated human� 2nd press (clear) (Painkiller)
His hero is gone �Dead of night in eight movements) (Black) (Prank)
Homewecker �On the rocks� (black) (Rhyme pays)
Hurt X unit �Demo� (Self released)
I exist �3 Nails and a book of flaws� screen-print pre-order (white) (Midnight funeral)
ILL brigade �The EP� (black) (Commonbond)
Infest �Not over yet� Bootleg (Grey) (Fan club release)
Integrity �Walpurgisnacht� (grey) /1000 (A389)
Integrity �VVe are the end� (black etched) (Magic bullet)
In name and blood/The collapse split (black) 176/300 (Trial and error/Sightline)
Jungle fever/The dead walk split (black) (Resist/Viperdeathlock)
Jungle fever "Last show" 26/120 ((black) (Viperdeathlock)
Left for dead/Ochre split (black) (Pyhte)
Left for dead "Volume:1 (black) 480/500 (Murder Contest)
Low threat profile �S/T� (black) (Deep six)
Masstruma �The adoration of the Devil�s ass� (black) (Endless blockades)
Mind eraser/Slang split (black) (540)
Mindsnare �The gasman� (Pink and black mix) (Shortfuse)
Mindsnare "Into Infinity" (Black) (Resist)
Mindsnare "The Holy Bull Rides Fast" (Black) (Resist)
Nailed down �Leak of deadly bacteria� (black) (Spiral objective)
No comment �Downsided� Reissue (black) (Deep six)
No comment �Common senseless) Reissue (black) (Deep six)
No reason �Someday� (clear red) 39/500 (Splattered youth symptom)
Off minor/St Albans kids split (black) darken freebie
Oneeyeopen �S/T� (black) (Diamond/Trial and error)
Ringworm/Terror split (Clear) (Deathwish)
Ringworm/Mindsnare �Australian/New Zealand tour 2011� 77/160 (black) (A389/Resist)
Ringworm/Mindsnare split with 8 page comic (Green glow in the dark) (Resist/A389)
Rot in hell/The process �works of fate� split (black) (Feast of tentacles)
Ruination �Dead horse (blue) /350 (No idea)
Ruination �Dead horse (blue) /350 (No idea)
Ruination �Dead horse (blue) /350 (No idea)
Seduction �Black cranes� screen printed pre-order (baby blue) (Midnight funeral)
Seduction �Black cranes� last show Misfits rip off cover hand numbered 27/50 (red with black haze) (Midnight funeral)
Shackles "Maunder" /96 (Kelly green) (Arrest)
Sorcery/Party Vibes "Skitzmix666" (Black) (Self released)
Suffer/Pathetic human split (black) /400 (No patience)
Taipan �S/T� (black) (Gata loco)
The collapse �S/T� (black) (Endless blockades)
The dead walk! �Hunting humans� (fluro green) 52/100 (Resist)
The endless blockade/Agoraphobic nosebleed split (black) /500 (Relapse)
The locust �Arab on radar� (green funny shape) (GSL)
The Neverending Story (Black) (EMI)
The swarm �Old blue eyes is dead� 1st press (clear red) (No idea)
The Swarm �Old blue eyes is dead� (opaque blue/w blank green label) /550 (No idea)
The Swarm "Old blue eyes is dead" 2014 repress (purple) (No idea)
The Swarm/Morser split (black) (Spirtfall/Per koro)
The Swarm/Force Fed Glass split (picture disk) (Spirtfall)
Tragedy/Totalitar split (black) (Armageddon)
Trap them �S�ance prime� (purple with black splatter) (Deathwish)
Un quarto morto �Australian tour 2010� (black) 78/150 (Goodtimes)
Violent abuse/Crosscheck split (clear) 38/300 (Snapshot)
Warthreat "S/T" (red) (Crucificados)
White male dumbinance �Forced vengeance� (black) /500 (Missing link)
White male dumbinance/Mass truma split (black) (Missing link)
Within blood �Captain blood� (black) (Resist)
World burns to death/Slang split (Transparent red) /650 (Prank)


10" records

Crossed out �Fuck Grindcore� Bootleg (black) (Fan club release)
bastardizer/whipstriker "strike of the bastard"(Black) (DVP)
Extortion �Loose screws� /100 (red) (Resist/Deep six)
Shackles "Lifeless Paradise" /400 (Black) (Resist)
The swarm �Parasitic skies� (grey) (No idea)
The swarm �Parasitic skies (black) (No idea)
The Swarm �Parasitic skies� (Green) (No idea)

12" records
Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath" Original English Pressing (Black) (Vertigo)
Black Sabbath "Paranoid" Re-issue (Black) (Warner bros)
Black Sabbath "Master Of Reality" Original Australian Pressing (Black) (Vertigo)
Black Sabbath "Master of reality" Re-issue (Black) (Warner Bros)
Black Sabbath "Vol 4" Original English Pressing" (Black) (Vertigo)
Black Sabbath "Sabotage" Re-issue (Black) (Sanctuary)
Black Sabbath "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" Original English pressing (Black) (WMA)
Black Sabbath "Technical Ecstasy" Original Australian Pressing (Black) (Vertigo)
Black Sabbath "Never Say Die" Original English Pressing (Black) (Vertigo)
Bring me the horizon "Sempiternal" (Black) (Epitaph)
Bring me the horizon "that's the spirit" (black) (Sony)
Bulletbelt "down in the cold of the grave" (black) (headless horseman)
Burning Love �Songs for burning lovers� (red) (Derranged)
Burning Love �Songs for burning lovers� (white) (Derranged)
Burning Love "Rotten thing to say" (Black) (Southern Lord)
Burzum �From the depths of darkness� 2xLP (white) (Black on black)
Burzum �Fallen� 2xLP (clear) (Black on black)
Converge " You Fail me Redux" /2035 (black with white splatter) (Deathwish)
Cursed �I� 1st press /650 (white) (Deathwish)
Cursed �I� 3rd press /500 (silver) (Trash art)
Cursed �I� 4th press reissue (Silver) (Deathwish)
Cursed "I" 4th press reissue (Red/White/Blue clear splatter) /300 (Deathwish)
Cursed �II� /300 (clear) (Goodfellow)
Cursed �II� (Black) (German bootleg)
Cursed "II" Repress (Clear with Multi Splatter) /315 (Deathwish)
Cursed "II" Repress ( Silver and black mix) /733 (Deathwish)
Cursed "II" Repress ( Silver) / 2023 (Deathwish)
Cursed �III: Architects of troubled sleep� (Black) /700 (Goodfellow)
Cursed "III: Architects of troubled sleep" Repress /296 (Clear with Brown splatter) (Deathwish)
Cursed "III: Architects of troubled sleep" Repress /693 (White/Black Mix) (Deathwish)
Cursed "III: Architects of trouble sleep" Repress /2058 (Silver) (Deathwish)
Cursed �The Rest� (German Bootleg)
Darkthrone "Transilvanian hunger" 120/2000 (black) (Peaceville)
Deafheaven �Roads to Judah� (cream) (Deathwish)
Death " Human" (Black) (Relapse)
Disfear �Live the storm� /500 (black) (Disfear/Relapse)
Disrupt "Unrest" Relapse Records 25th Anniversary Reissue (silver) /250 (Relapse)
Doomriders �Darkness come alive� (black and grey) /999 (Deathwish)
Dropdead �Discography� (black) (Armageddon)
Dropdead "S/T" (Purple) (Armageddon)
Emperor �Anthem to the melkin at dusk� 2xLP (black) (Black on black)
Every Time I Die " New junk ansethetic" (Black) (Epitaph)
Every Time I Die "From Parts Unknown" (Black) (Epitaph)
Extortion �Degenerate� 2nd press (black) (Deep six)
Extortion �Sick� 1st press (purple /1000 (Deep six)
Extortion �S/T� (7� Reissue with bonus live tracks) (Fifth column/Stained circles)
Found my direction �Burn all white flags� (black) (Resist/625)
From ashes rise �S/T� (black) (Skuld)
Full Of Hell "Trumpeting Ecstacy" (Black) (Profound Lore)
Gatecreeper  "Sonoran depravation" /400 (bronze and red merge with splatter (Relapse)
Haymaker �S/T� (black) (Derranged)
His hero is gone �The plot sickens� (black)
His hero is gone �Monuments to thieves� (black) (Prank)
Integrity �Systems overload (black) (Victory)
Integrity �2000� (black) (Victory)
Integrity �Those who fear tomorrow� Repress (brown) (Organized crime)
Iron Reagan "The Tyranny Of Will" (Black) (Relapse)
Iron Reagan "Crossover Ministry" (Black) (Relapse)
Jen Buxton �Don�t change your plans� /250 hand numbered (Poison city)
Judas Priest “Painkiller” (Black) (Sony) 
King Parrot "Bite Your Head Off" (Transparent Blood Red with splatter) (EVP)
King Parrot " Dead Set" (Black) (EVP)
Left for dead �Live� (black) /1000 (Derranged)
Left for dead �Live� (black) /1000 (Derranged)
Left for dead/Acrid "Hacked to pieces buzzsaw split" /104 (red) (No idea)
Left for dead/Acrid "Hacked to pieces buzzsaw split" (pink) (No idea)
Left for dead/Acrid "Hacked to pieces buzzsaw split" (grey) (No idea)
Left for dead/Chokehold split (Black) (Rhythm of sickness)
Left for dead/Chokehold split with black Jesus cover 9/100 (black) (Rhythm of sickness)
Left  for dead �Devoid of everything� 2nd press (Red) (A389)
Magrudergrind "II" (Black) (Relapse)
Mammoth grinder �Extinction of humanity� (Black) (Cyclopean)
Mayhem �De mysteris sathanas (Purple) (Black on black)
Mayhem �Chimera� (Picture disc) (Season of mist)
Mind eraser �Conscious/unconscious� (white) /500 (Clean plate)
Mindsnare �Credulity� (black) (Trial and error)
Mindsnare �The death� (black) (Resist)
Mindsnare "Unholy Rush" /200 (Black) (Resist)
Municipal Waste/Toxic Holocaust "Toxic Waste" (Clear with multi color splatter) (Tankcrimes)
Municipal Waste "The Fatal Feast (Waste in space) (yellow w/Green Splatter) (Nuclear Blast) 
Municipal Waste "Slime and Punishment" (Green with yellow splatter) /500 (Nuclear Blast)
Mindsnare �Disturb the hive� /400 (black) (Resist)
Nails " Abandon all life" (Black) (Southern lord)
Nails "You will never be one of us" 2nd press (Brown) (Nuclear Blast)
Noothgrush "Erode the person" (Black) (Parasitic)
Parkway drive "Killing with a smile" (black) (Resist) 
Parkway drive "Horizons" (Transparent Yellow with blue splatter) (resist)
Parkway drive �Deep blue� /500 (blue) (Epitaph)
Parkway drive "Atlas" (Black) (Epitaph)
Parkway drive "Ire" (Transparent Purple) (Resist)
Parkway drive “Reverence”’ (Black in Gold) /800 JB Hi Fi exclusive (Resist)
Pig destroyer "book burner" (White) /1000 (Relapse)
Pig destroyer "Mass and volume" (Kelly Green) /3100 (Relapse)
Post Truth “Post Truth” one sided limited Edition screenprinted 17/200 (WPGR)
Power Trip "Manifest Decimation" (Black) (S
outhern Lord)
Power Trip "Nightmare Logic" (Black) (Southern Lord)
Ringworm �The promise� Repress (black) (A389)
Sectxvx "Self Titled" (White with black splatter) (Self released/Resist)
Siege �Dropdead� Repress (grey) (Deep six)
Star Trek "The Motion Picture Soundtrack" (Black) (Colombia)
Suffer �Lone� /105 (orange) (Midnight funeral)
The Swarm "Parasitic skies" 12" Reissue (Olive Green) (No Idea)
The amazing Spider-Man: invasion of the dragon-men (black) (power records) 
The Twllight zone soundtrack (Black) (Warner Brothers)
The Neverending Story (Black) (EMI)
Tragedy �Nerve damage� Gatefold foil cover (black) (Tragedy)
Tragedy �Vengeance� (black) (Tragedy)
Thy Art Is Murder "Hate" (Bone olive Green/Heavy Swamp Green Splatter) /500 (Nuclear Blast)
Thy Art Is Murder "Holy War" (purple/Black Haze) (UNFD)
Trap them �Seizures in barren praise� /1000 (cream with black splatter) (Deathwish)
Vice massacre "expendable Human" (Black) (Gorilla the horse)
Wolves in the throne room "Malevolent grain" (black) (Southern lord)
Wolves in the throne room "Black cascade" 2XLP (black) (Southern lord) 
Young and in the way when life comes to death (opaque grey) (deathwish)

Coma lies �Demo 2005�
Crabclaw �Demo 2009�
Crosscheck �How Unaustralian are you?" Demo
Culture of ignorance "demo 2014" 59/100 (self released)
Cursed �demo 2002�
Dropsaw �Demo 2006�
Jack Napier �Demo�
Lie cycle �Demo�
Mark my words �Demo 2006�
Neck up �Demo 2006�
Negative reinforcement �Demo�
No second chances �Demo 2007�
Rort �Demo 2009�
The rains �Demo 2009�
The ventricle overflow �Demo 2005�
Worlds apart �True to our word Demo 2005�

Mini discs

The faux hawks �The rats�


Alien 3 soundtrack (MCA)
4dead �Anchors Promo tape� (Delayed response)
Behemoth “Evangelion” (Old school/Nuclear Blast)
Black Sabbath "Master of reality" Australian Pressing (Vertigo)
Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath" (Warner Bros)
Black Sabbath "Master of reality" (Warner Bros)
Black Sabbath "Vol 4" (Warner Bros)
Black Sabbath "Technical Ecstasy" (Warner Bros)
Black Sabbath "Heaven and hell" (Warner Bros)  
Black Sabbath "Mob Rules" (Warner Bros)
Black Sabbath " We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'n' Roll" (Warner Bros)
Burning love �Demo� /200 (Nerve hold)
Fattura Della Morte " Much Grease, Much Misery"  (self released?)
Caged Grave "Gutless" (420 Green) (Asbestos death records) 
Carcass "Swansong" (Earache)
Cursed �2002 Demo� white /50 (Night trap Recordings)
Douglas Quaid �Demo� 19/100 (Soul harvest)
Earthlings �Demo 2008� Limited Newcastle Ed 12/12
Extortion "Live At Reverence Hotel 2012" 45/100 (Asbestos Death Records) 
Extortion "Obsess" (RSR)
Integrity "Systems Overload (Remix)" (black) /100 (Holy Terror/GOTU)
Kicked in �Demo�
Mindshank " MMXIV"
Municipal Waste "The Fatal Feast (Waste in Space) (Nuclear Blast/Tank Crimes)
Municipal Waste " The Fatal Feast (Waste in Space) Ltd Yellow Edition /200 (Nuclear Blast)
Municipal Waste "Slime and Punishment" (Green) (Nuclear Blast)
Nails "You Will never be one of us" (Green) (Nuclear Blast)
Napalm Death "From Enslavement To Obliteration" (Earache)
Napalm Death "Harmony Corruption" (Earache)
Napalm Death " Utopia Banished" (Earache)
Napalm Death "Fear, Emptiness, Despair" (Earache)
Napalm Death "Diatribes" (Earache)
Napalm Death "Inside The Torn Apart" (Earache)
Napalm Death "Death by Manipulation" (Earache)
Napalm Death " Greed Killing" (Earache)
Nazi dentist "Demo 2012"(Delayed response)
Pig destroyer "book burner" tape /300 (relapse)
Rort �Demo 2009�
SCVM �Compilation� 74/200 (Destination failure/Magic crowbar)
Sectxvx "Self Titled" (Life.Lair.Regret)
Shackles �Demo MMX� 2/6 (SDR)
Shackles �Preliminary harm� (Delayed response)
Shiv "Demo 2016" (Pissfart)
Slaughter strike �Winters agony demo 2011� /50 (Delayed response)
Suffer "Raw Violent Assault demo 2011" (No patience)
Taipan �Sonic luggage: Volume 1� /50 (Disinfect)
Taipan �Sonic luggage: Volume 2� /80 (Disinfect)
The neverending story �Official movie soundtrack�
Xit woundX �Kvlt as fuck R.I.P� 3/10

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