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all of the items listed are for sale unless noted otherwise. Please get in touch through xmisfitx@gmx.de if you’re interested in any of these items and let me know how much you’re willing to pay for them. 
You can check out some of the pictures at http://s3.photobucket.com/user/FTW88/library/ebay


100 Demons – black holy land design shirt, XL
Alone In A Crowd – grey is anybody there design shirt, XL
Altercation – white flag design ringer shirt, 2013 reprint, XL
Animalhaus – black Häus 3:16 design shirt, XL
Beyond – black life´s not too fair design longsleeve, reprint, L
Bl'ast! - red wishingwell records design shirt, bootleg, XL
Borrowed Time – black euro tour design shirt, L
Brass City Boss Sounds – white lion logo design tank top, XL
Burn – black logo design shirt, XL
Burn – blue car design shirt, L
Chain Of Strength – white True Till Death design longsleeve, reprint, L
Chosen Ones – black gun design shirt, L
Damage Control - blue mesh shorts (green print), XL
Death Threat – grey baseball style logo design tank top, L
Descendents – white decaf design shirt, L
Descendents – white Hypercaffium Spazzinate design shirt, L
District 9 – white payback design shirt, XL
Dynamo – white logo design shirt, bootleg, XL
Empowerment – black sideprint logo design shirt, L
Empowerment – camo Stu York state of mind design shirt, XL
Empowerment – black AF rip off design tank top, XL
Floorpunch - grey Raw Deal rip off design crewneck, XL – for trade only
Hangin’ Tough – black drinking still sucks design hoodie, XL
Hangin’ Tough – red forever straight edge design tank top, XXL
Harsh Truth - blue sweat shorts, XL
In My Eyes – black New Era snapback hat
Insted – white bonds of friendship design shirt, bootleg, L
Invasion – black knuckles design crewneck, L – looking for the same sweatshirt in XL
Kid Dynamite – red sideprint skull design shirt, XL
Liferide – black forever lost design shirt, L
Look My Way – black 520 preorder design shirt, L
Look My Way – black champion mesh shorts, L
Madball – black ball of destruction design shirt, XL – original including autographs of the whole band
Maximum Penalty – black logo / NYHC design shirt, L
Maximum Penalty – black crest design shirt, XL
Maximum Penalty – black NYHC design shirt, XL
Maximum Penalty – black logo design shirt, L
Maximum Penalty – red basketball jersey, 42/44 – would prefer for the same jersey in 46-48
Mindset – grey varsity design tank top, XL
Mindset – blue collegiate design champion brand hoodie, L
Minority Unit – grey the straight edge design shirt, XL
Minority Unit – black the straight edge design tank top, L
No Warning – grey ill blood design champion crewneck, XL
Only Living Witness – black prone mortal form design shirt, reprint, XL
Positive Peer Pressure – red it’s OK not to drink design shirt, reprint, L
Redemption Denied – grey no love design shirt, XL
Release – heather blue the pain inside design shirt, bootleg, l
Right Idea – red smorgarsbord rip off design hoodie, L
Search – black between the lines design shirt, L
Sheer Terror – black drop dead and go to hell design shirt, L
Sick Of It All – detroit pistons colorway champion basketball jersey, XL – trade only for other champion jerseys
Soul Search – black Krakdown rip off design shirt, L
Stand And Fight – grey edge design zip up hoodie, XL
Step Forward Records – white shirt, bootleg, L
Step Forward Records – red shirt, bootleg, L
Stigmata – white the wounds that never heal design shirt, L
Stigmata – black winged brass knuckles design shirt, XL
Stop And Think - black 1-sided longsleeve, L and XL – will only trade either for a 2-sided Stop&Think longsleeve
Sydney Ducks – black esprit de corps design shirt, L
Take Offense – grey script design crewneck, XL
Terror – black you look like a fool design shirt, XL
Terror – white Inside Out NY rip off design shirt, L
The Bouncing Souls – blue hopeless romantic design shirt, XL
The Lovely Lads – black eagle design shirt, L
The Lovely Lads – white rat design shirt, XL
The Rival Mob – black mob rules all design tank top, L
The Wrong Side – black dumptruck army design shorts, L
Turning Point – blue hi impact design shirt, bootleg, L
Unit Pride – blue holding on strong design shirt, bootleg, L
Wishingwell Records – black logo design shirt, bootleg, L
World Collapse – black coffin design shirt, XL
World Eater / For The Glory – grey split design shirt, L


1134 – Nothing, clear vinyl
1134 – Dying, purple marble vinyl
1134 - Idle Regression, blue vinyl
2 Fatties – The American Dream, blue vinyl
454 Big Block – s/t, gold vinyl
7 Seconds - Skins, Brains&Guts	
Abandon Ship – Of Time’s Turning Wheel, clear vinyl, #/175
Aces & Eights – Stilsign shirt, XL
Alone In A Crowd – grey is anybody there design shirt, XL
Animalhaus – black Häus 3:16 design shirt, XL
Battle Rl A Threat
Afterlife - Enter The Dragon,clear vinyl
Agnostic Front - United Blood E.P., B9 repress, gold vinyl
Altercation – Demo, clear vinyl
Ambush – s/t, black vinyl
American Nightmare - The Sun Isn´t Getting Any Brighter, blue labels
American Nightmare - Demo, clear vinyl
American Nightmare – Demo, red labels, pink inlay
Ammunition - s/t
Amulet – Life On The Edge Of Chaos
Anger Regiment – Aces And Eights, red vinyl	
Anger Regiment – Aces And Eights, green vinyl, dollar labels
Any Last Words – s/t
A Poor Excuse - s/t
A Poor Excuse – Crashed Out, Wasted, Useless, Hated
Approach To Concrete - Drown
As We Let Go – Above The Clouds E.P., coke bottle blue vinyl
As We Were – Survival Songs, white vinyl
Atlas Shrugged – S,mile Songs, red vinyl
Atlas Shrugged – We Don't Stand A Chance, purple vinyl, #/153
Automatic - s/t	
Awake - Beliefs, Skene Records
AWOL - Another Way Of Living	
Bad Reaction – Plastic World
Bad Seed – Worldview Demo II
Battletorn – Burn Fast
Beat Down – Missing In Action E.P.
Betray - s/t	
Betrayed – Suffering, blue vinyl
Better Than A Thousand - Self Worth, german press, gold vinyl
Better Than A Thousand - Self Worth, picture disc
Better Than A Thousand - Self Worth, Japanese Press
Better Than A Thousand - Self Worth, swedish press
Better Than A Thousand / 28 Days - Split, blue vinyl
Better Than A Thousand / Face Of Change / 28 Days - Split, #/1000
Black SS / How We Are - split
Bleed Into One – s/t, red vinyl
Bleed Into One/Teamkiller – Split
Bleeding – The End?!
Blind Justice – Mischief
Blind Justice / Heavy Chains – split, clear vinyl
Blindside – s/t, red vinyl
Blood Red - Demo
Bold - s/t, blue cover
Born Annoying – Living How You’re Not
Born Low – The Hunger Within, clear vinyl
Born Low – Refuse To Beg, oxblood vinyl
Born to Expire – Soothsayer
Bottom Line - No One´s Safe, record release cover, #/50
Bottom Line - No One´s Safe, posi numbers press, #/75	
Bottom Line - No One´s Safe, gold vinyl 
Break And Enter – Caustic Age	
Breathe In - Nervous Breakdown, Limited to 300
Breathe In - s/t
Brick – s/t, brown vinyl
Brick – Benevolance Of Beasts
Bring It On – Only The Strong Survive
Build And Destroy – Map Of The Heavens, purple vinyl
Built To Last – s/t, grey vinyl
By The Grace Of God – For The Love Of Indie Rock
Carpenter Ant - Never Stop Skating	
Carpenter Ant/Race To Die - Split	
Carpenter Ant/Tornado Of Knives - Split	
Cast Aside - Overcome	
Caught In A Crowd – You’ve Lost
Caught In A Crowd – The Fight
Cheap Tragedies – Shepherd To Lost Sheep, grape vinyl
Cheap Tragedies – Shepherd To Lost Sheep, scrap vinyl
Cheap Tragedies – s/t, light purple vinyl
Cheap Tragedies – s/t, dark purple vinyl
Circles – s/t, clear red vinyl
Clarity – Unstoppable, blue vinyl
Clear – s/t, blue vinyl
Cloak And Dagger – s/t, white vinyl
Close Call - Too Close	
Close Call - Someone Talked, blue vinyl
Close Call - The Miller Sessions, yellow viny, picture on one side
Coalition - s/t,blue vinyl
Cold World / War Hungry – Split, black vinyl
Cold World / War Hungry – Split, red swirl vinyl
Cold World / War Hungry – Split, green swirl vinyl
Cold World / War Hungry – Split, yellow vinyl
Cold World / War Hungry – Split, 2nd press, black vinyl
Collision - s/t	, green vinyl
Confront - Payday, white vinyl
Consolation Prize – s/t
Coptic Times – Temptation, white vinyl	, youngblood showcase press, #/215
Countdown – Demo, yellow vinyl
Criminal Instinct – Demo
Criminal Instinct – Fever, orange vinyl
Criminally Insane - s/t, preorder version, pink labels
Crippled Youth - Join The Fight, german bootleg, #/500
Cross Me - Drug Free Zone	
Crucial Youth - We´re An American Band, white vinyl
Crucial Youth - Straight And Loud	
Crucial Youth - A Gig Too Far
Crumbler – Dirty Weeks
Damage I-D. / Elision – Split, orange vinyl
Damaged Goods – s/t, white vinyl
Damages – Unrequited, grey vinyl
Deadweight - NWHC
Dead End Path – Death Walks Besides Us, clear green vinyl
Dead Reckoning – s/t
Death Before Dishonor – Count Me In, red splatter vinyl
Death Is Not Glamorous – Undercurrents
Death Is Not Glamorous / Down And Outs – Split, clear vinyl
Death Threat – Lost At Sea, preorder cover, clear vinyl, #/100
Deep Sleep – You´re Screwed
Dispute – It´s Fucking Prime Time, 2nd press, white vinyl
District 9 – Southbronxmemoirs, clear/red splatter vinyl, #/100
Dogchains – Give / Take EP
Down and Outs – Forever Punk, red vinyl
Down In Flames / The Gate Crashers - Split	
Down Low – Slipping From Reality
Downslide – Unwired E.P., yellow labels
Drop It / The Starting Point – Split, maroon vinyl
Durango 95 – Another Day Spent, Another Life Lost
Earthquake / Gak Attack – Split
Efforts Made – Recollect
Embrace Today - ...For The Kids	
Embrace Today – FxYxIxE
Enforcer - s/t	
Enforcers – Demo, SMS Records
Enforcers – Demo, testpress
Ensign - Fall From Grace, green vinyl
Eternal Youth / Up In Arms - Split	
Eyeball	- Talkin´ Straight, white vinyl
Face Defeat – s/t
Face Up – s/t
Faded Grey - Army Of Kids
Failures - s/t		
Fastbreak - Don´t Stop Trying, 1st press, red letters
Fed Up / Condition - Split
Feeding The Fire / Spawn - Split	
Fell To Low – Sensible Sounds Of Men
Fields Of Fire	- Live At KCSB, #/500
Fields Of Fire	- The Kids Can´t Be Bought	
Fifty On Red – s/t
Fight For Change – The Demo Sessions	
Final Word - Fools Like You, red vinyl
F-Minus	- Sweating Blood, purple vinyl
Forced Order – Eternal War
Forced Order – Retribution, maroon vinyl 
Fortunate Son – s/t, green vinyl
Fortunate Son / High Stakes – Split, marble blue vinyl
For The Living	- Broken From The Start, clear vinyl
Genuine - the Pessimist Project, green vinyl
Get Down - s/t,	 yellow vinyl
Get Down - s/t, pink vinyl
Get Down – 2nd 7’’
Get It Away - s/t
Get The Most – Core Values, red vinyl
Get The Most – Common Goals, blue vinyl
Get The Most – Common Goals, red vinyl
Go! - Reactive
Go! - What We Build Together 
Goldust - Noir
Gone But Not Forgotten – Seattle Crew Demo, red vinyl, red cover
Growing Stronger – Toxic Fumes, gold vinyl
Guiding Line - Showdown EP		
H2O - Seveninch	, blue vinyl
Headfirst – Back In Control
Heavy Chains – s/t
High Hopes / ! - Split	
Hit The Lights – s/t, black yellow vinyl
I Rise – Down, grey/red vinyl
Impulse – Chula Violence
In Cold Blood – s/t, OCR repress, white vinyl
In Defence / Guns N’ Rosa Parks – Split, grey vinyl
In My Eyes - Demo, euro press
In My Way / And down Goes Frazier - Split
Indecision - Samaritan	
Inherit – The Crushing Wheels Of Samsara
Insurgency – s/t
Iron Curtain – Demo 2011
Iron Curtain – Year Of The Wolf
Jettison – The Neon Lights
Just Went Black - Balancing Reasons In An Unbalanced World
Knockdown - s/t, posi numbers press, yellow labels
Know Your Enemy  - s/t, white vinyl
Last In Line - s/t,purple marble vinyl
Last Item – Are You Really Down?, red vinyl
Last Option – Over Time
Last Warning - Blinded
Learn – Life and..., red vinyl
Let Down – Crossed Off, tour cover, maroon vinyl
Life Of Agony – Weeds
Life Sentence – s/t
Life Set Struggle - We´re Fucked, blue marble vinyl
Lights Out - Get Out, green vinyl
Little Rascals – Wig Out At ASAs, clear orange vinyl
Living Hell – Pavor Nocturnis, A389 Records, black/white vinyl
Look My Way – 5 2 0, blue vinyl
Losing Streak – Cracked, white vinyl
M.F.P. – s/t
Madball	- Droppin´ Many Suckers, red vinyl	
Madball	- Ball Of Destruction, bootleg
Madball - NYHC EP, blue vinyl
Madball - NYHC EP, clear vinyl
Madball - NYHC EP, white vinyl
Madball – The Real American HC, blue vinyl
Madball – The Real American HC, gold vinyl
Madball – The Real American HC, black vinyl
Magic Circle – Scream Evil
Malfunction – Finding My Peace, red vinyl
Mandown	 - Quicker Than Poison, green marble vinyl
Marvelous Darlings – The Swords, The Streets
Marvelous Darlings – Shoot The Piano Player
Meltdown – Demo
Meltdown – Demolition, green/black swirl vinyl
Meltdown – s/t, silver vinyl
Mental – 2nd Demo, black/pink vinyl
Minus – s/t, clear blue vinyl
Mizery – Survive The Vibe, gold vinyl
Missing 23rd - All For The Sake Of Almost, purple marble vinyl	
Moment Of Youth - s/t, clear vinyl
Moment Of Youth - Sometimes
Moment Of Youth / Shitfit - Split	
More to Pride – This Is Life, clear blue vinyl
Mother Of Mercy – Passing Through The Fire
Murder Weapon - Nervous Wreck, white vinyl
Mutiny - s/t		
My Rifle – s/t, clear vinyl
Names For Graves – Worst Kid Ever E.P.
Names For Graves - Version 2.1 7
Naysayer – No Remorse, multicolor vinyl
Naysayer – Down But Not Out, white vinyl
Necros – Ambionic Sound
Never Enough - Our will Is Done
New Morality / The Awake – Split
Next Step Up – Intent To Kill
Noi!se – The Real Enemy flexi postcard
Noose – It’s Your Time
Noose – The War Of All Against All
Noose – Depraved Indifference, red vinyl
No Apologies – s/t, european press, clear vinyl
No Contest - Fuck Everyone	
No Contest - s/t	
No For An Answer - You  Laugh E.P, yellow vinyl, 2014 repress
No Idols – s/t
Not Sorry – Moving On, clear red vinyl
NYC Headhunters – Demo, green vinyl
NY Hoods – Neutral ’86 Demo, white vinyl
Off! – First Four EPs box set
Off! – Live At Generation Records
Off! – Compared To What
Olde York – s/t, green vinyl, #/100
One Up - The Demo, clear vinyl
One Up - The Demo, white vinyl
One Up - The Demo, silk screened cover, white vinyl
One Up – The More Things Change, posi numbers cover
One Up – The Single, blue vinyl
On Thin Ice – All Hope Abandons
Our War	 - Tradition`s Dead
Outbreak - Eaten Alive	
Outbreak – You Make Us Sick, yellow/black vinyl
Outcrowd - Weathered	
Over And Out - s/t	
Over My Dead Body / Death Threat - Split, clear green vinyl
Over My Dead Body / Death Threat - split, red vinyl
Overstand – Kali Yuga
Paint It Black – Amnesia, clear vinyl
Paint It Black – Invisible, maroon vinyl
Paint It Black - Surrender
Palehorse / Under One Flag – Split, red vinyl
Panic Attack - Can´t Erase The Past, blue swirl vinyl
Pittbull – s/t
Plagued With Rage - s/t	
Poison Idea – Filth Kick EP, red vinyl
Poison Idea – Getting The Fear, RSD 2014 press, white/red vinyl
Positive Approach - Just Hang On
Poison Idea – Pick Your King, TKO Records, clear vinyl 
Praise – Growing, Changing, Healing, green/black transition vinyl
Process	- Steel Jaws	
Profound - Integrity	
Quicksand – s/t, blue vinyl
RAD - Dialed E.P.	
RDD - A Reason To Live	
Reality Returns – s/t, green vinyl
Rearranged – s/t, white vinyl
Rectify  - By Your Side
Red Death - Deterrence	
Red Handed – s/t, white vinyl
Reproach - Thrash Mayhem	
Ressurection - s/t
Reveal - Descent, orange cover, #/100
Revenge – Choke And Die, clear vinyl
Revenge Therapy / My War – split, white vinyl
Riff Raff – Lowlifer, blue vinyl
Right Idea – Demo, white vinyl
Right Idea – Demo, white vinyl, stamped, #/77
Right Idea – Our Way, blue vinyl, eu tour cover, #/50
Right Idea – Our Way, yellow vinyl
R´N´R - I´ve Had It Up To Here/Your Rules 
R’N’R / The A-Team - Split
R’N’R / The Suicide File – Split
R’N’R / Fit For Abuse – Split, white vinyl
Rude Awakening – The Awakening, gold vinyl
Said And Done – Feel It, euro tour cover, red vinyl
Said And Done – Weight Of The World
S.B.V. - s/t
S.B.V. – Carpet Burn, purple vinyl, #/340
S.B.V. / Feelin` Fine – Split
S.O.S. – I Owe You Nothing, black/gold vinyl
Scraps And Heart Attacks - s/t, red vinyl	
Shark Attack - Blood In The Water, bridge 9, 2nd press
Sheer Terror – Spite, green vinyl
Sheer Terror – Spite, pink vinyl
Sheer Terror – Spite, brown splatter vinyl
Sheer Terror – Spite, clear vinyl
Sheer Terror – Darkened Days, white vinyl flexi
Shell Shock – Comics, Transformers & Punk, grey vinyl
Sick Of It All – Death To Tyrants, clear vinyl
Sick Of It All – Death To Tyrants, white vinyl
Sidewalk - Time Spent, black vinyl, #/101
Siren - The Struggle Goes On	red sprinkled
Sirens – All Beauty Still Dies
Sledgehammer – s/t
Slipknot – s/t, gold vinyl
Slugfest - Live
So Be It – s/t, green vinyl
So Be It – The Wrath Of The Skies, gold vinyl
SOS - s/t, pink vinyl
SOS - s/t, white vinyl, tour press	
Soul Search – Intolerable Weight Demo, test press, #/20
Soul Search – Intolerable Weight Demo, Skrewdriver rip off cover
Soul Search – Bury The Blame, clear vinyl
Soul Search – Nothing But A Nightmare, grey vinyl, Revelation Records
Spirit - s/t, grey vinyl
Stand And Fight	 - s/t, posi numbers press
Stand Your Ground - s/t	
Standard Issue - As We Grow	
Standard Issue	- Incite
Steel Nation – The New Nation
Stick Together – No More Games
Stick Together – Surviving The Times
Stop At Nothing – Legends Never die E.P., green vinyl
Straight Ahead	- Spirit Of Youth, bootleg, yellow vinyl
Straight Razor – s/t
Street Sweeper – s/t
Street Sweeper – s/t, red vinyl
Strip The Threads – Won’t Hold Back, clear blue vinyl
Supreme Commander – 120 Years In The Business, grey vinyl	
Survival – Forged In Iron
Sydney Ducks  Esprit De Corps, white vinyl
Take Offense – Peace In Death, yellow vinyl
Tarpit / Victim – Split
Tear It Down – s/t
Tenfold - Vengeance Will Be Ours
Tenfold - Now Is Our Time	
Tenfold / Sum Of All Fears, Split	
Terror Zone – Self Realization..., red vinyl
Terror Zone – Lord Of Wrath
Test Of Time – The Price, clear w. smoke vinyl
The Aftermath - s/t, gold vinyl
The Aftermath - goodbye to washington, red vinyl
The Aftermath – Degenerate Fuck Crew
The Answer - s/t, red Vinyl
The Answer - You Had Your Chance, purple vinyl
The Change - s/t
The Change / Path Of No Return - Split	
The Control - Sidearm
The Disaster - With Years Left To Go	
The Distance – s/t, purple vinyl
The Distance / With Honor – Split, white vinyl
The Fight - Demo
The Fire Still Burns – s/t, yellow vinyl
The Frontline – Withstand, blue vinyl
The Hard Way – s/t
The Heist – Scraps And Heart Attacks, silk screened cover, white vinyl
The Kill Decibel – s/t
The Killing Flame - Back To Ash, red vinyl
The Killing Flame - Back To Ash, orange vinyl
The Killing Flame - The Dream Dies, yellow vinyl
The Last Stand – s/t, clear vinyl
The Little Rascals – Wig Out At Asas, orange vinyl
The Missing 23rd / Repeter 800 – split, grey vinylThe Mob – Back To Queens
The Oath - s/t	
The Platoon – Birth To Box
The Prowl – The First Room On The Left
The Scarlet Letter - Pure, Unadultered Adultery, Promo
The Setup - Nine Kinds Of Pain, red vinyl
The Sharpshooters / Lickity Split – Split	
The Third Degree - s/t	
The Vows – s/t, clear/red split vinyl
Thug X Life – Jungle Law, orange vinyl
Tim Timebomb – She’s Drunk All The Time
Tim Timebomb – 30 Pieces Of Silver
Tim Timebomb – Change That Song Mr. DJ
Title Fight – Kingston
Tolerate – s/t, blue vinyl
Trip 6 – No Defeat! No Submission! EP
Troops Of Tomorrow – T.W.W.L.
Trouble Is... – Tempest In A Teapot, green vinyl
Troublesome - s/t
Truth And Rights – Green Light, solid green vinyl
Try Harder - Come Out fighting, more age on stage preorder edition
Turn Cold – s/t, white vinyl
Turnover - s/t	
Turnstile – Step 2 Rhythm
Twitching Tongues – Preacher Man, black/clear vinyl
Unity - s/t, red vinyl, Indecision records
V/A - A Generation Of Hope, bootleg
V/A - Anger Management # 1, blue vinyl
V/A – Assault City
V/A - Coastal Flooding, green vinyl
V/A – Forever In Our Hearts
V/A - In Defense Of Old School 
V/A - Kingdom Of Fear
V/A – Light The Fuse 2005, #/400
V/A – Light The Fuse 2006
V/A - Look Out Below, white vinyl
V/A – Messageboard Mayhem, clear vinyl
V/A – Our City Is Burning, green vinyl
V/A - Power Of Ten	
V/A - Power Of Ten Vol. 2
V/A - Prevent This Tragedy, sprinkled vinyl
V/A - Stab And Kill Records 2003 7´´ Sampler, green vinyl
V/A - Stab To Kill Volume 1, Double 7-Inch
V/A – Swedish Hardcore Sampler
V/A - Sweet Vision Comp., glear vinyl
V/A – The Extermination, blue vinyl
V/A - The Return Of The X-Men	
V/A – To Us It Was So Much More, 2x7’’
V/A - X Marks The Spot	bootleg
V/A – Youth Crew 08, white vinyl
Vehement Serenade – s/t, white vinyl
Vehement Serenade – s/t, blue vinyl
Verbal Assault – Tiny Giants
Vietnom – Thru My Eyes
Vigilante – Quality Of Life
Violent Future – s/t
Violent Minds - Riot, preorder cover
Voicebox – Silent Lies, blue vinyl
Walk The Plank – s/t
War Hungry – Return To Earth
War Hungry / Bad Seed – Split, yellow vinyl
Waste Management – get your Minbd Right E.P.
Wasted Time – No Shore E.P.
Wear The Mark - Thrown To The Wolves, clear/black split vinyl
Welcome To Your Life - Let It Wash Away
What Feeds The Fire - Set Me Free
Wheelbite - s/t	
When Tigers Fight – s/t, white/black splatter vinyl
While We Wait – s/t
Young Republicans – Sabotage Your Cookout, red vinyl, cookout edition, #/150	
Youth Riot - Burn Glendor To The Ground, brown vinyl
Yuppicide – You’ve Been Warned

454 Big Block – Your Jesus
Adrenalin O.D. – Humungiusfungusamongus
Agnostic Front – To Be Continued, red vinyl, #/500
Agnostic Front – To Be Continued, pic. Vinyl, #/500
Amulet – The Burning Sphere
Amulet – Freedom Fighters
Anthem Eighty Eight - Define A Lifetime	
Between The Wars – Less We Believe, preorder cover, purple vinyl
Bleed Into One - Words Can´t Save Us Now, clear vinyl
Bleed Into One – Birth, Struggle, Death
Blink 182 – Dude Ranch, red vinyl
Break It Up – No Sides, gold vinyl
Breathe In - From This Day On	
Breathe In / Time In Malta - Split, 10-Inch
By The Grace Of God - Perspective
Carpenter Ant – I Still Have The Drive, gold vinyl
Carry On – It´s All Our Blood, red vinyl
Chosen Ones – They Called Your Number, clear vinyl
Chosen Ones – They Called Your Number, blue vinyl
Cold World – No Omega, orange splatter vinyl, SFU Records
Damage Control - What It Takes, euro tour cover, white labels, #/200
Damage Control - What It Takes, euro tour press, regular labels, #/200
Damage Control - What It Takes, clear vinyl
Damage Control - What It Takes, purple vinyl
Damage Control - What It Takes, dead and gone press, limited cover, red vinyl, #/100
Dead End Path – Blind Faith, white vinyl
Die 116 – Damage Control
Discipline – Street Rock Anthems, 4xpic LP, wood box	
Down And Outs – Friday Nights, Monday Mornings
Down In Flames	- s/t	
Enough – Common Visions, blue vinyl
Face Value – Kick It Over
Face The Panic – The Reclamation, black vinyl
Forced Order – Vanished Crusade, orange vinyl
Forced Reality – s/t, Taang! Records
Fury Of Five – At War With The World
Gang Green – You Got It/Older…, 2xLP
Gang Green – Living Loving Maid
Genuine	- A Bond Still Strong	
Give Up The Ghost - Year One, B9 Records, black/blue vinyl
Give Up The Ghost - Year One, B9 Records, black/white vinyl
Hardcore connection – s/t, green vinyl
In Control - Another Year	
In Control - The Truth Hurts, clear vinyl
In My Eyes - Nothing To Hide, white vinyl
In The Clear - Leave This City In Flames	
Integrity – Palm Sunday, red vinyl
Kingpin – Bad habits die Hard, 10-Inch
Life Sentence – No Experience Necessary
Look My Way – Mentality, green vinyl
Loud And Clear – s/t, gold/silver vinyl, US press, #/160
Madball – Empire, EU press
Magic Circle – s/t
Mental – Planet Mental, white vinyl
Mental – Planet Mental, blue vinyl
Mouthpiece – Can't Kill What's Inside, green vinyl
Naysayer – Laid To Rest, clear vinyl
Nervous Impulse – s/t, yellow vinyl
New Morality – Fear Of Nothing
Olde York – Shallow World
On – Double Vision
On – Double Vision, grey vinyl
On – Double Vision, clear vinyl, 2nd press
Onward - These Words Still Pray	
Out Cold - Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One
Outface – Friendly Green, red swirl vinyl
Pagan Babies - Next
Paint It Black	- CVA, blue vinyl
Palehorse – Amongst The Flock, grey vinyl
Poison Idea – Feel The Darkness
Poison Idea – Kings Of Punk, clear vinyl
Poison Idea – Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes, clear vinyl
Poison Idea – War All The Time
Prong – Beg To Differ
Purpose	- Alpha Omega
Ragmen - s/t, grey vinyl, posi numbers cover, #/117
Reason To Believe – when Reson Sleeps Demons Dance
Regret – Do You Remember Hardcore?
Right Idea – Our World, white vinyl
Ringworm – The Promise, clear red vinyl, A389 Records
Said And Done – Everyday, red vinyl, UK trip cover, #/30
Sai Nam – Crush, clear red vinyl
Shipwrecked – The Last Pagans, clear vinyl
Sinners And Saints – The Sky Is Falling, clear vinyl
Sinners And Saints – The Sky Is Falling, grey vinyl
Sirens – Calling, 108 rip off cover, #/108
Sirens – In Circles, blue vinyl
Skin Like Iron – Arrival, red vinyl
Skull Crusher – Blinded By Illusion, clear vinyl
Skull Crusher – Blinded By Illusion, orange vinyl
Soul Control – Involution, yellow/red swirl vinyl
Stay Hungry – No Beginning, No End
Street Trash - s/t, yellow marble vinyl
Sub Zero - Happiness Without Peace, Century Media Records	
Subject To Change - What Tomorrow Brings, white vinyl
Take Offense – Under The Same Shadow, clear vinyl 
The Abused – Loud and Clear, picture disk, Lost and Found Records
The Bars – Up To Our Necks
The Bruisers – Up In Flames
The Defense – From the Start
The Disaster - Black And White And Red All Over, Promo
The Lovely Lads – The Best You’ve Got, Lionheart Records
The Lovely Lads – Demo, 1-sided, red splatter vinyl
The Lovely Lads – Demo, eagle cover
The Prowl - Misery 10-Inch
The Target / Watch Out – Split
The Vendetta – Ultramatic, white marble vinyl
Think Twice - Unrealized	
Title Fight - Hyperview
True Head – s/t
Up Front - Spirit, white vinyl
Up Front - Spirit, blue vinyl
V/A – America’s Hardcore, blue/white marble vinyl	
V/A – America’s Hardcore Vol. 2, blue vinyl	
V/A - Another Shot For Bracken	
V/A - Black On Black, grey marble vinyl
V/A – Children In Heat
V/A - Histeria
V/A – New Breed, 2xLP, clear blue vinyl, wild style rip off cover, #/200
V/A - New York Hardcore - The Way It Is, repress 
V/A - New York Hardcore, Where The Wild Things Are, gold/black vinyl
V/A - New York Hardcore, Where The Wild Things Are, pic. disc, SJ records
V/A - New York Hardcore, Where The Wild Things Are, clear vinyl, NV records
V/A - New York Hardcore, Where The Wild Things Are, blue vinyl, NV records
V/A - No Borders
V/A - No Time To Kill	
V/A – NYC Takeover Vol. 1
V/A – NYC Takeover Vol. 2
V/A - One Track Mind, red vinyl		
V/A – Past Present, yellow vinyl
V/A - Share Common Ground	
V/A - The Philadelphia Sound, 10-Inch, clear vinyl
V/A - The Way It Was, bootleg with Antidote, Urban Waste, the Abused and the Mob 
Vengeance – Fools Follow Rules, testpress, pre-cover
Violent Reaction – Marching On, clear orange vinyl
Walk The Plank – s/t, blue/white vinyl
War Hungry – s/t
Youth Attack – Don’t Look Back, red marble vinyl
Youth Of Today	- Break Down The Walls, Revelation 2012 press, white vinyl
Youth Of Today - Take A Stand,	Lost And Found Records

3 D – Demo 2014
Absolute Madness - Demo
A Death In The Family – Demo
Anger Rises – Demo
Bastard / Nazmi Hoxha – Split
Beware – Demo 2011, 2nd press
Beware – What We Were / Live At CCAS
Bleed Into One	- Demo 2002
Blind Justice - Demo
Blood Red – Demo
Born In Hell – Demo
Burn Idols - Demo
Clear – Demo
Clear – Youth To Youth Promo 2015
Death Pact - Demo
Ego Trip – Demo, white vinyl
Envision – 1998-2009
Face It – Demo 2014
Force Fed – Demo 08
Forced Order – Demo #14
Full Speed ahead – The First Two Years
Get It Done – Demo, #/50
Growing Cold – Demo
Growing Stronger – Demo 2014
Hands Down - Demo	
In My Way – Demo 2004
Intent – No Rules Demo
Jaguarz	 - Jungle Jamz, the decline records
Jaws – Demo 2005
Jokes On you – Demo 2005	
Layin` It Down – Demo
Legit – The Legit Demo 2004, Get Used To It	
Lost Boys – Demo
MFP – Demo
Might – Demo 
Mind Trap – Demo
Neon Deads – Demo
New Lows – Paincave Sessions Vol. 1
New Vision – Demo 
Ordeal – Demo 2004
Overload – Demo 2008	
Paul Kersey`s Revenge – Demo
Police&Thieves – Blizzard Sessions ‘10
Reactor 4 – Demo 2014
RealityxReturns – Demo
Reveal The Truth – Demo 
Said And Done – Demo 08
SOS – Demo
Street Sweeper – Stylin’ On You Demo
Strip The Threads – Demo
The Missing shadows – Fresh Blood For Rotten Vampires
The Rumble - Demo
The Starting Point – Demo 2004
The Target – Null Problemo Demo
Time To Pay – Rock For Satan
To Each His Own	 - Demo	
Unified Right - #2
United Youth – Demo 2010
Watch Out! Demo 
Zero – Demo 
Zero – 7'' Promo Tape 
Zoom – Demo 
V/A – Youngblood Records 2011 Compilation   
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Chain Of Strength - TTD on clear, what holds us apart on white, confusion sleeve…
Dynamo – Police State, cop cover; Demo
Floorpunch – 7’’ on gold
M13 – demo
Our Turn - demo tape with limited cover
Straight Ahead – Breakaway EP, 3rd press + intact cover for the first press
The First Step - all test presses, OHACM pre-cover 7inch, WWK LP with TFS crew stamp/30
Underdog - 7inch on blue vinyl 

(L or XL)
Burn – champion basketball jersey
Floorpunch - Japan tour longsleeve + crewneck, Virginia Beach shirt, green Football Jersey, christmas shirt
Invasion – first dog fight design shirt, XL crewneck
Maximum Penalty – basketball jersey
Righteous Jams – zip up hoodies and tank tops
Stop And Think – tank top, 2-sided longsleeve
Suicidal Tendencies – champion basketball jersey
Underdog – any og shirts