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Kieran Hough

All records black unless otherwise noted

Good traders:
Anna Clark
Lee Peterson
Sam Knight
Willem-Jan Kneepkens 
Jordan "xYosefx" Tulin
Robert Forbes
Tim 'Bod' Dyson

Unusual sizes:

Hirs/Towers (Self Released) - Postcard


Hate Waves: The Tombs (A389/RSR)


Crossed Out/Dropdead (Posthumous/Selfless)
Deathcycle/The Holy Mountain (Gloom)
Deep/Yacopsae (Institut Fur Mentale Hygiene)

Extortion/Rupture (RSR)

Hummingbird Of Death/Goatmeal (Cowabunga)


DS-13: Thrash and Burn (Boy Useless/Enslaved) - gray marble

Capitalist Casualties: Planned Community (Six Weeks)

Stack: Selbstfindungsgruppe (Coalition)

Umlaut: Finland (CrimethInc)
Umlaut: Finland (CrimethInc)


4 Skins: One Law For Them (Clockwork Fun)
4 Skins: Low Life (Secret)
50/50: S/T (Agromosh/625)
7 Seconds: Blasts From The Past (Pazzafist)
7 Seconds: Committed For Life (Pazzafist)
86 Mentality: S/T (Minor Disturbance/Grave Mistake)
86 Mentality: Final Exit (Deranged)
86 Mentality: On The Loose (Grave Mistake)
999: Nasty, Nasty (United Artists) - No sleeve
9 Shocks Terror: S/T (My Minds Eye) - Green
9 Shocks Terror: S/T (Havoc)
9 Shocks Terror: Earth, Wind And The Sheik Throwing Fire (River On Fire)

Abandon Ship: S/T (Ghost City)
ABC Weapons: [japanese charaters for title] (Global Warning) 
Abolition: In The Grasp Of Tyrants (Carry The Weight) - Pre-order sleeve
About To Snap: Demo (Specimen 32) – One sided
Above All: S/T (Sure Hand)
Above All: Saviour (How We Rock/Sure Hand) - Flexi
The Abused: Loud And Clear (Abused Music)
Acephalix: S/T (Prank)
Acheborn: Demon Love (Defiance)
Active Minds: The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Active Minds) – Flexi
The Adverts: Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Anchor)
Afterlife: Enter The Dragon (Crucial Response) – Clear 
Again: Trainwreck (Donut Crew)
Age Of Reason: S/T (Hydrahead) - White label stampted "Age of Reason, Fuck You"
Agnostic Front: United Blood (Last Warning) - '89 reissue, clear red
Akka: 5 Songs (Hardcore Survives)
Allday: Cry For Help (Know)
Alone In A Crowd: S/T (Contrast)
American Cheeseburger (Rock Bottom)
Amoba: S/T (Hardware)
Amoba: En Dioende Varld (Hardware)
Anchor: Captivity Songs (Drastic)
Anchor: Relations Of Violence (Refuse) - Clear 
Ancient Shores: Step To The Edge (A389) - Clear red
Anger Burning: Warcharge (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Angry Samoans: Don't Change My Head (Bad Trip)
ANS: Heinous (T.X.O.S./Fort Liberty Industries/Gnarly Slaughter) Clear, one sided, other side printed
Anthrax: Capitalism Is Cannibalism (Crass)
Anthrax: They've Got It All Wrong (Small Wonder)
Anti-Pasti: Four Sore Points (Rondelet)
Anti-Pasti: Let The Free (Rondelet)
Apartment 213: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (Desperate Attempt)
Apartment 213: Nothing Is Over (Give Praise/Sit And Spin)
Apartment 213: Vacancy (Dark Empire)
Ark Of The Covenant: Demo - Blue/Green
Arma Contra Arma: Let No One Decieve You (Lengua Armada)
Arms Length: S/T (Reflection)
Army Of Jesus: Book Bomb (Criminal IQ)
Artimus Pyle: S/T (Life Is Abuse) - Marble
Artimus Pyle: Absence Of Life (Prank) - Pink
Artimus Pyle: Tonight Is The End Of Your Way (Insane Society/Too Circle)
Assfort: S/T (Prank) - Clear Red
Assfort: Bark Up The Wrong Tree (Nat) - Orange/Red
Assfort: P.K.O. (Nat)
Assfort: The Unlimited Variety Of Noise (Vinyl Japan)
Asshole Parade: Say Goodbye (No Idea)
Atari: Skate Tuff (Siton)
Atori: We'll Be Fighting (Teamwork)
Atentado: Todo Esta Oscuro (Discosenfermos)
The Attack: Mental Health (Dispossessed) 
Attack Vipers: Four Short Hymns To The Patron Saint Of Bare Knuckle Boxing (Rat Patrol)
Attak: Murder In The Subway (No Future)
Attak: Today's Generation (No Future)
Autistic Youth: Empty Eyes (Black Water)
Automation: S/T (Hater of God)
AVO: Solutions (Kangaroo)
Avon Ladies: Guns And Gold (Katorga Works)

Backdraft: The Stream... (Crucial Response)
Backlash: …once ago (1124/Tease/Chapter/Conquer the World)
Bad Brains: 1981 Sessions (Cleopatra Cafe)
Bad Dirty Hate: S/T (Irukandj)
Bad Dirty Hate: Hamikemo (Freedom Fighter)
Balance: Never Quit (Short Fuse) – Clear Blue
Barfight: S/T (Malfunction) 
Beef People: Pavlov's Dog (Artcore)
Besthoven: Just Another Warsong (Cries of Pain)
Betray: S/T (Crucial Response) - Live drumming cover
Betray: S/T (Crucial Response) - 'Weird' object cover
Better Off: S/T (Just For Fun)
Bickle’s Cab: Your Society (Town Clock) – Red, Black splatter
Birds of a Feather: Chapter 5 (Commitment) - UK tour sleeve 15/20
Birds of a Feather: Our Aim
Bjelke-Petersen Youth: S/T (Devastation) - Clear Gold
Black Flag: Louie Louie (SST)
Black Flag: Six Pack (SST)
Black Market Baby: Bloodstreet Boys (007)
Black Radio: No Frills No Spills (Self Released) - 99/500 Clear Red, Black Splatter
Black SS: S/T (Third Party)
Blank Stare: S/T (Refuse) European tour sleeve 22/150)
Blank Stare: S/T "White Waste" (Third Party) 
Blank Stare: S/T (Self Released)
Blatz: Cheaper Than The Beer (Life Is Abuse)
Blitz: All Out Attack (No Future)
Blitz: Never Surrender (No Future)
Blitz: New Age (Future)
Blitz: Warriors (No Future)
Blitzkrieg: Lest We Forget (No Future)
Bloodlet: Shell Cherubim (Stability)
Bloodline: The Waiting Game (Takeover)
Bludgeon: Body Lure (Area 51) 
Burden: Strength of Conviction (Badman)
Burning the Prospect: S/T (self released?)
Bookburner: S/T (16Oh)
Bookburner: S/T (16Oh) - Clear
Born Bad: S/T (Home Invasion/Mystery Punk/Tear Him Down)
Born Against: Industrial Relations Dept. Employment Office (Vermiform)
Boxed In: S/T (Crime Scene)
Boxed In: S/T (Crime Scene)
Boxed In S/T (Heart First)
Brain Dead: S/T (Perverted Taste) - Teal
Braindead: Priest Killer (Feast Of Tentacles)
Braindead: Priest Killer (Feast Of Tentacles) - Woodcut print sleeve
Braindead: S/T (Force Fed)
Brain Handle: Smiling (Iron Lung)
The Brat: S/T (?)
Bread and Water: Future Memories (Burrito) - Grey
Breakdown: Hangin' At WRSU (Special Forces)
Break It Up: Demo (Anger Management) - rejected test 12/15
Breathing Fire: S/T (Pain Killer)
Bristle: S/T (Havoc)
The Bristles: Boys Will Be Boys (Rockin' Rebels)
Broken Patterns: S/T (Six Feet Under) - Clear purple
Brothers Keeper: Sweet Revenge (Suprise Attack) - Grey
Bruise Violet: S/T (Emancypunx) - Clear blue slight black
Brutal Knights: Life Ain't Cool (Riff Raff)
Bukkake Boys: S/T (Sorry State)
Burial: S/T (Autodafe)
Burn: S/T (Revelation) - Tan
Burned Up Bled Dry: Cloned Slaves... For Slaves (Slap A Ham)
Burned Up Bled Dry: Kill The Body Kill The Soul (Dissonant Sound Industries/B.U.B.D)
Burning Love: S/T (Deranged) 
Burnt Cross: What Hope Tomorrow? (Active Rebellion/Tadpole)
Buzzcocks: Promises (United Artists)
Buzzcocks: Spiral Scratch (New Hormones)
Buzzcocks: Running Free/What Do You Know? (IRS)
By The Throat: S/T (Paralogy)

Caged Animal: S/T (Wart Hog Speak)
California Love: Post Mortem Emanations (Self Released) - Clear
Cane: Pure Self Contamination (Pop Gun)
Can I Say: Through So Many Others (In A Hearbeat) - Clear
Capitol Punishment: Glutton For Punishment (We Bite)
Capone: What We’ve Shared (Hear First)
Cardiac Arrest: Life's a dead end (Grave Mistake/No Way)
Career Suicide: Cherry Beach (Sewercide)
Career Suicide: Sars (Deranged)
Career Suicide: Signals (Slasher)
Cast Aside: Overcome (Malfunction)
Casualties: 4Q (Punkcore) – No Sleeve
Cattle Press: S/T (Devastating Soundworks)
Celia And The Mutations: Money Money (United Artists)
Chaos Days: Demo (Zone 6) – Clear Pink
Chaos Days: Demo (Zone 6) – Clear Pink
Chaos UK: Headfuck (Desperate Attempt)
Chaotic Dischord: Fuck The World (Riot City)
Chaotic Dischord: Never Trust A Friend (Riot City)
Charles Bronson: Demo (Privileged Cracker)
Charm: Shikami (625)
Cheerleaders Of The Apocalypse: Rock n’ Roll Self Destruction (Satans Pimp)
Chokehold: S/T (Pig Feed/Jawk)
Chokehold: Instilled (Bloodlink) - Card stock sleeve w/ small size glued on cover.
Christian Club: S/T (Get Revenge)
Chron Gen: Free Live E.P. (Secret)
Chron Gen: Jet Boy Jet Girl (Secret)
Chron Gen: Outlaw (Secret)
Chron Gen: Reality (Another Step Forward)
Cider: Declare Your Independence From Big Business (SPHC)
Cider: Out To Get Me (My Mind's Eye/Ultra Sonido)
Citizen Fish: Disposable Dream (
Citizens Arrest: A Light in the Darkness (Bootlet)
Citizens Arrest: A Light in the Darkness (Dead End/Off The Disk) - Clear Red
Citizens Patrol: Dead Children (Crucial Attack/No Way)
Citizens Patrol: Sick Routine (No Way) - Blue
Civil Disobedience: In a Few Hours of Madness (Havoc/Profane Existence) Clear yellow
Close Call: Someone Talked (Gloom) Clear Blue
Cockney Rejects: We Are The Firm (EMI)
Cold Ones: S/T (Ghost City)
Cold Ones: Stay Thirsty! (Zandor)
Code 13: S/T (Havoc)
Code 13: Doomed Society (Havoc)
Code 13: A Part of America Died Today (Havoc) - Clear red
Cold War: Bloody Nights (Deep Six) - Tan
The Collapse: S/T (Endless Blockades) - Punk As Fukk Tour Sleeve 10/100
The Collapse: S/T (Endless Blockades)
Collapsed Lung: Connection (Deceptive)
Colt Turkey: Christmas Sucks (Crucial Responce) - Poster insert
Combat Shock: Hospital Food (Weird)
Committed: The Pride We Share (Punk Uprisings) – Blue, light white splatter
Conflict: The Battle Continues (Mortarhate)
Conflict: The House That Man Built (Crass)
Conflict: The Serenade Is Dead (Mortarhate)
Conflict: This Is Not Enough Stand Up And Fucking Fight (Mortarhate)
Conflict: To A Nation Of Animal Lovers (Corpus Christi)
Congress: Euridium (Warehouse) - Pink
Connections: Can We Escape (What Remains)
Connections: Can We Escape (What Remains) - Australian Invasion sleeve 19/25
Conquest For Death: S/T (Wajlemac)
Conquest For Death: S/T (Self Released)  - W/ Obi Strip, Grey marble
Countdown to Oblivion: Brain Surgery for Beginners (Deranged)
Court Martial: Gotta Get Out (Riot City)
Cunt'n Bananaaz: S/T (H/C Hope) - Clear yellow
Curtainrail: Fast & First (Nat)
Cut Sick: S/T (Gash)
Cut The Shit: Bored To Death (Gloom)
Convinced: S/T (Words Of Wisdom)
C.R.: S/T (Reservoir) 
C.R.: The Floppy (Reservoir) - Flexi
Crash The Pose: S/T (Self Released) – 51/220 One Sided
Crass: Nagasaki Nightmare/Big A Little A (Crass)
Crass: Reality Asylum/Shaved Women (Crass)
Crass: Sheep Farming In The Falklands (Crass) - Clear flexi
Crass: You're Already Dead (Crass)
Crazy Spirit: I'm Dead (Mata La Musica
Creem: I Hate You b/w Good Riddance (Katora Works)
Crispus Attucks: Iyo Peho (Six Weeks)
Cross Me: Drug Free Zone (Commitment)
Crotch On Fire: Anarchist Panther (Sick Thought) - Green, 178/200
Crow: Flock Of Beast (Prank)
Crow: Neurotic Organization (Prank) - Grey
Crow: Occupied Japan (Prank) - Clear Blue
Crowd Control: S/T (Dispoable Culture) - Dispo Cult edition 7/10
X Crucial Attack X (Third Party) – First Press 80/200
Crude: Just Go Go Ahead (HC Fact)
C.S.S.O.: Diversion Of Former Customary Trite Composition (Relapse)
Cyborg: S/T (Deep Six) - Clear Red

Damage Control: The Losing End (Cycle/Dead and Gone)
Damage Deposit: Straight The Bottom (Havoc)
Dangerloves: Lipsmart (Fashionable Idiots)
Dangerloves: Young Pretender (Static Shock)
Danny Glover: Lethal Weapon (Sick Thought) - 165/300
Deadfall: Keep Telling Yourself It's Ok (Tankcrimes) White, Blue marble
Deadguy: Whitemeat (Dada/Popguy)
Deadguy: Work Ethic (Engine) - Purple
Dead Kennedys: Bleed For Me (Alternative Tentacles)
Dead Kennedys: Too Drunk To Fuck (IRS)
Dead Nation: The Cenk E.P. (Slaughter House) - 442/500
Dead Nation: Painless (Dead Alive)
Dead End: Killing The Messenger (625/Bridge/Unerestimated)
Deadlift: Tried & True (What Remains) - Clear blue, 51/50
Deadstare: S/T (Short Fuse) – Clear red, light black splatter
Dead Stop: S/T (Six Feet Under)
Dead Wretched: No Hope For Anyone (Hell)
Deaf Mutations: Crash The Clubs (Static Shock) 
The Deal: Sobermind)
Deal With It: My Body Is A Cage (Power Trip)
Deal With It: World Coming Down (Dead and Gone)
Dearborn S.S.: S/T (Council/Lengua) - White
Deathcage: From Despair To Where (Endless Blockades) - 
Deathcage: Tomorrow We Die (Sniper Fucker) - Meatdog artwork sleeve 49/50, alt inserts, clear
Death Evocation: S/T (Quality Control) - Blue
Death Evocation: S/T (Quality Control)
Death Is Not Glamorous: Undercurrents (Dead and Gone)
Death Mold: S/T (Spore)
Deathreat: S/T (Partners In Crime)
Deconditioned: Big Act (Beginning Era/Cowabunga) - Clear blue
Deconditioned: Overpopulation Begins And Ends With You (Banal Existence) – Solid Green
Deep Sleep: You're Screwed (Grave Mistake) - 1st press
The Defects: 3 Track EP (Casualty)
Defectors: Punk System Destroy (Crust War)
Degradation: S/T (Not Just Words) – Green w/ splatter
Degradation: Still Screaming (Siton)
Degradation: Still Screaming (Undertone) - Clear Gold
Delta 5: Alticipation/You (Rough Trade)
Delta 5 Mind Your Own Business (Rough Trade)
Despair: Despair Kill (Initial) 
Destructors: Religion! There Is No Religion (Kill)
Devour: Insect Circuitry (Headcount)
Devour: Insect Circuitry (Headcount) - Red
DiE: S/T (Sonic Terror Discs)
DiE: Vexed (Sonic Terror Discs)
Die Kreuzen: Cows and Beer (Barbarian)
Die Young: Lost (A389) - Purple
DIRT: Object Refuse Reject Abuse (Crass)
Dirty Girls: Murder Mountain (Prime Directive) 
Dirty Money: S/T (Dead and Gone) - Clear green w/ black splatter
Dir Yassan: Durchbrechender Geist (Thought Crime)
Dir Yassan: Hitpakchut (La vida Es Un Mus) - Test pres, 25/100
Dir Yassan: S/T (Lengua Armada) 
Discarga: Que Venha Abaixo (Peculio)
Discharge: Decontrol (Clay)
Discharge: Fight Back (Clay)
Discharge: Never Again (Clay)
Discharge: Realities Of War (Clay)
Discharge: State Violence State Control (Clay)
The Discreet Doll Band: Deny Everything (Rich Bitch)
Disorder: Complete Disorder (Disorder)
Disrupt Youth: S/T (Beer City)
Disrupt Youth: Will Not Be Served (Beer City)
Disorder: Kamikaze (Campary)
Distroy: S/T (Trend Ender)
Dive Into The Extreme: Life! (Mele Marche) - Blue
Don Austin: S/T (Rubber City)
Don Austin: Rust Belt Blues (or) It Serves Us Right To Suffer (Gloom) - Red/brown marble
Do Not Resuscitate: S/T (Self released)
Doppelganger: S/T (625)
Double-O: S/T (R&B)
Double Negative: Hardcore Confusion Vol. 1 (Sorry State) - Orange
Double Negative: Hardcore Confusion Vol. 2 (Sorry State) - Orange
Double Negative: Hits (Sorry State) - Clear Pink
Double Negative: Raw Energy (Sorry State) - clear
Down in Flames: S/T (Platinum)
Down in Flames: Start The Fucking Fire (Coalition/Gloom) - Blue
Downright: S/T (Asylum/Ratz)
Downset: No More Freedom In A Cage (ABS)
Draft Dodger: Guantanamo Bay Holiday (Endless Blockades)
Dread Yankees: Killer (Luv) - Flexi
Dromdead: Donde Esta Tu Dios (Moo Cow)
Dry-Rot: Subordinate (Painkiller)
Dry-Rot: Permission (Cold Vomit)
DS-13: Aborted Teen Generation (Havoc)
DS-13: For The Kids, Not The Business (Degranged) - Clear Blue, 42/600
DS-13: Thrash And Burn (Enslaved/Boy Useless)
DSB: Battle Into Invisible Zone (Kangaroo)
DSB: No Fight No Get (Deranged) - Clear pink
DSB: Pure Cultivation (Partners In Crime)

Earth Crisis: All Out War (Victory) - Green
Earth Crisis: Firestorm (Victory)
Ebola: S/T (Flat Earth/Refusenik)
Econochrist: Another Victim (Vermiform)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Demon's Demands (Iron Lung)
Egg Hunt: S/T (Dischord)
The Ejected: Have You Got 10p (Riot)
Eliminate: The Attrition (Muerte Negra Discos)
Endeavor: ...Of Equality (Phyte)
The Endless Blockade: S/T (Fuck Yoga) - 370/430
Endless Hate: S/T (Words From a Dead World)
Enewetak: S/T (Revolutionary Power Tools)
Entropy: S/T (625/ETY/Figure Four)
Even Score: S/T (Victory Fan Club) - White 369/500
Excruciating Terror: Live At Gilman (625)
Excruciating Terror: Respect (Pessimiser Theologian)
Exit Condition: S/T (Pusmort)
The Exploited: Attack b/w Alternative (Secret)
The Exploited: Dead Cities (Secret)
The Exploited: Dogs Of War (Secret)
The Exploited: Exploited Barmy Army (Exploited)
Extinction: What You Have Created... (Catalyst)
Extortion: S/T (Fifth Column/Stained Circles)
Extortion: Control (Deep Six) - Tan
Extortion: Terminal Cancer (Shortfuse/Way Back When)
Extreme Noise Terror: Are You That Desperate (Crust)
Eyeball: S/T? (Just Say) - no sleeve
Eye For An Eye: Omega Drone (Blackout)
Eye-Gouge: Fast Pissed Off & Proud (Who Cares) - 143/300
Eye-Gouge: Feel The Rage (Coffin Cut) - Flexi
X Eye of Judgement X: The War Has Begun (New Eden) - White
Eyes Shut: What It's All About (Dead Serious)

Face Defeat (Courage To Care) - One Sided
Face Down: War Of Survival (Perspective)
The Facet: Established watchers (Seven Lucky)
Face X Up (Courage To Care) 
Face Value: Coming Of Age (Conversion) - Clear
Face Value: V.M. Live presents (V.M. Live)
Faggot: S/T (?) - Red
Failure Face: S/T (Burrito) - 4th press
Failure Face: All Pain No Gain (Daybreak/Ebullition)
Fairfight: XXX (Commitment)
Fall Silent: Life: Beautiful, But Heartless (625)
False Face: Where it Ends (The Crab Song)
Far Cry: Story of Life (Crucial Response) - White
Far Left Limit: Paint It Black (625/Gash)
Fashion: S/T (Yibbidda Yibbidda)
Fast Point: Skateboards and Powercords (theaudaciousartexperiment)
Fear Tomorrow: Born In Blood (East Coast Empire) – Clear Green
Feeding The Fire: No Submission (Red Wax)
Fever Ses: S/T (16OH) - Grey marbel
Field Of Flies: Live @ KCBS (Break Even Point)
Fighting Shit: Tuned for Thrash (What We Do Is Secret)
The Filth F.C.: Stay In Bed Die Happy (1234)
Filthkick: Hand Crushed Heart (Desperate Attempt)
Final Exit: Too Late For Apologies (Third Party) 
Find Him And Kill Him: Is Fucking Dead (Old Guard) - Che Fest cover
Fires Of Wako: The Journey Slow (Poison City) - 234/300
Flesh Lights: Bummer Bitch (12XU)
The Flex: Scum On The Run (Milk Run/Video Disease)
Floorpunch: Division One Champs (In My Blood)
Flux Of Pink Indians: Neu Smell (Crass)
Flyin' Trichecos: S/T (Distort/Proud to Be Idiot/Non Commercial)
Folded Shirt: S/T (Self Release)
Folkeiis: Hell Kaaos Night (Answer)
Forced March: Wasted Existence (Self released?)
Force Fed: 5-song (Pain Killer) - 97/100, blank label
Force Of Change: A Thousand Times (School Bust)
Forced Expression: S/T (Reek Havoc)
For The Living: Broken From The Start (Punk Uprising)
Forward: Act Then Decide (BSR) 
Forward: Devil Is Cradle (540) - Clear Red
Forward: Feel The Care Of Self (HG Fact)
Forward: Feel The Care Of Self (HG Fact) - TEST PRESS
Forward: Failure B/W Absolutely (Break The Records) - Flexi
Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck: S/T (Give Praise)
Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck: S/T (Give Praise) - White sleeve
Fratellanza: A Quattro Inna Balla Morte (Cane)
Freedom Of Choice: It's Your Choice (No Help)
Free Spirit: Free Yourself (Lockin' Out/Triple B) - Clear
Free Spirit: Free Yourself (Lockin' Out/Triple B) - Clear red
Fucked Up: Crooked Head (Matador)
Fucked Up: Dangerous Fumes (Deranged)
Fucked Up: Generation (Slasher)
Fucked Up: Litany (Havoc)
Fucked Up: Police (Deranged)
Fucked Up: Triumph Of Life (Jade Tree) - Pink
Fucked Up: Year Of The Pig b/w Anorak City (Matador/Whats Your Rupture)
Fucked Up: Year Of The Pig b/w Mustaa Lunta (Matador/Whats Your Rupture)
.Fuckingcom: S/T (Prank)
Funeral Shock: S/T (Tankcrimes)
Fy Fan: S/T (Feral Ward)
Fy Fan: Ah Nej (Adult Crash)

Gacy's Place: Smells Like (Spiral Objective) 
Garrison: The Bend Before The Break (Revelation)
Gauze: S/T (Prank)
Gehenna: S/T "Covet Thy Crown" (A389) - White, 67/300
Gehenna: S/T "Disciple In My Own Image" (A389) - East Coast Tour 2012 28/125
Gehenna: O.D.R.I.E.P. flexi (A389)
Gehenna: The Birth of Vengeance (Revoltuionary Power Tools) - Red sleeve
Gehenna: The Birth of Vengeance (Revoltuionary Power Tools) - Photocopied "serpent" sleeve
Gehenna: Funeral Embrace (Dark Empire) - Clear smoke
Gehenna: Land of Sodom (Hit the Deck)
Gehenna: Land of Sodom (Hit the Deck) - Band edition, yellow sleeve
Gehenna: Land of Sodom (Hit the Deck) - Mail Order Edition, 8/20
Gehenna: Land of Sodom II (A389) - White
Gehenna: They Begged For A War (Human Double Face) - 30/40, Clear
Give Up: S/T (Peterwalkee) - Screened Cover
Glam: S/T (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Girls Living Outside Societies Shit: Demo 2015 (Sabotage)
G-Man: Youth Shock Brigade (Community Chest)
GO!: And the time is now... (Noo Yawk)
GO!: Your power means nothing (GO!/Guerilla/Honest for Truth/Refuse)
Godstomper: S/T (625/Cesspool/Open Wound)
Godstomper: Saturday Morning Powerviolence (Slap A Ham)
Government Issue: G.I.'s First Demo (Spontaneous Combustion)
Groundwork: Living In Fear (Bloodlink)
Growing Concern: Never Fades Away (SOA)
Grudge: Project-Ex (Jism) 'Beer' colour
Guidance: Age Of Vice (Anger Battery)
Government Warning: Arrested (Grave Mistake)
Government Warning: No Way Out (No Way)
Guidance: Age Of Vice (Anger Battery)

H100's: Dismantle (Coalition) - Clear Blue
H100's: Distort Cleveland (Burrito) 
H100's: Texas Death Match (Havoc) - Clear Red
H100's: Texas Death Match (Havoc) - Clear Blue
Half My Time: No More Lies (Youth Crew)
Half Off: Shoot Guns (New Beginning)
Hammer: More Hammer (Ugly Pop)
Hard Skin: Cocks and Cunts (E.G.) - 15/30 [Hoxton Cunts pt. 2]
Harry J All Stars: Liquidator (Harry J/Sunset)
Hatebreed: Under The Knife (Smorgasbord) 
Hated Youth: Hardcore Rules (Burrito)
Hatewaves: Taste The Beast (A389) - Clear
Hatred Surge: S/T (Painkiller)
Harmony As One: Stranger In Your Own Land (Short Fuse) – 50/500, White, Contains Band And Label Stickers
Harms Way: Imprisoned (Organized Crime/Tooth Decay) - Clear
Harry Balzagna and the Teenie Weenies: S/T (Snack Attack!)
Harvest: One Step Closer Than The Last (Trustkill) 
Hatred Surge: Servant b/w Bestial (Deer Healer)
Haymaker: Fuck America (Deranged)
Haywire: Mad Cow Disease (Blind Destruction)
Headless Horsemen: Unconscious On Arrival (Gash)
Heads Kicked Off: S/T (Spiral Objective)
Health Hazard: Not Just a Nightmare (Minstrel)
Heist: Pain Is Causeing Life (Havoc) - Purple
Hellhole: Uppers/Downers (Don Giovanni) Clear
Hell House: Burn For Peace (BOOT)
Hellnation: S/T (Punk/Spiral Objective)
Hellnation: Thrash or Die (MCR)
Hello Bastards (Never Healed Records)
Hepcat: Bobby And Joe (BIG/BYO)
Heretical Response: Envision (Goat Lord)
Hirs: Worship (Bastard Tapes) - Pink, 29/69
His Hero Is Gone: The Dead Of Night In Eight Movements (Prank) - Orange
Hogans Heroes: Uncle Ben (Mofo) Pale Yellow
Hogans Heroes: Uncle Ben (Mofo) Green / White Frosting
Hold X True: Nothing Can Destroy Me, Nothing Can Stop Me! (Third Party) - Pink
The Holy Mountain: Wrath (No Idea)
The Holy Mountain: Your Face In Decline (No Idea) - Light blue marble
The Homopolice: Ass Fucker (Heavy Leather/Rescued From Life)
Hot Lixx Hulahah: S/T (625/US Air Guitar/Wajlemac)
H-Street: S/T (La Familia) - Clear
Huasipungo: Canciones Para Una Casa Perida (Discos Sanjuancito) 
Human Mess: S/T (No Way)
Hunchback: Inside/Out (Don Giovanni) Purple, No Sleeve
Hunting Party: Sub Rosa With Whispered Pacts (Hesitation Wound)
Hurt x Unit: Demo (Broken Mind) - Brisbane Edge Day edition 25/25
Hygiene: Jan '09 (Dire)
Hygiene: Things That Dreams Are Made Of (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 240/383
Hysterics: S/T (M'lady's) - Clear Yellow

Ian Dury: Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Stiff)
Ian Dury: What A Waste! (Stiff)
Icon A.D.: Let The Vultures Fly (Backs Music)
Icons Of Filth: Not On Her Majesty's Service (Boot)
Icons Of Filth: Used Abused Unamused (Crass)
Identity: S/T "Clouds"(B-Core)
Identity: S/T "Where's Everybody" (Loony Tunes)
Ilegal: Error De Orden (Lengua Armada)
Ill Brigade: In This Age (Common Bond) - YOT sleeve, 31/34
Ill Brigade: The EP (Common Bond)
Imbalance: March Of The Yes Man (Household Name)
Immoral Majority: S/T (Green)
The Imperialist Pigs: Cork Screw Pork Sword (Fatal Erection)
Inanger: Reality Blind (Tribal War)
Infest: Days Turn Black (Draw Blank)
Inmates: Now We Talkin Hardcore! (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
Inner Strength: Time for Reality (Victory)
The Insane: S/T (Riot) 
The Insane: El Salvador (No Future)
Insight: Beyond The Circle (Stand As One)
Instant Agony: Think Of England (Half Man Half Biscuit)
Insted: We'll Make The Difference (Nemesis) - 1st press
Insted: We'll Make The Difference (Nemesis) - 2nd press
Intensity: Virtue Of Progress (Six Weeks)/Kick n Punch/Putrid Filth/Too Circle)
Intensity: Ruttna Bort (Instigate
Insterismo: Non Puo Sopprimere Il Mio Conflitto (Overthrow)
Insult: S/T (Balowski/Discontent/Goathead)
The Insults: S/T (Blue Swan)
The Insults: S/T (Reagan Era HC)
Insurance Risk: How Much More (Crucial Responce) - Raw Data sleeve
Insurgents: S/T (Endless Blockades) - Launch Cover 40/50
Insurgents: S/T (Endless Blockades) - 59/500
Insurgents: Fad Cash (Distort/Pederast Prophet)
Integrity: Septic Death covers (Victory)
Intense Degree: Released (Sound Pollution)
Intention: As It Stands (Looking Back)
Internal Affairs: Casualty Of The Core (Malfuction
Ire: S/T (Schema)
Ironclad: S/T (Dead & Gone) - blue
Ironclad: S/T (Dead & Gone) - blue, Dead and Gone/Dirty Money RIP sleeve 22/24)
Iron Boot: S/T (Grave Mistake)
Iron Lung: Cancer (Iron Lung)
Iron Lung: Exposed (Iron Lung) - Glow in the dark vinyl
Iron Lung: Exposed (Iron Lung) - Red
Iron Lung: Savagery (Iron Lung)
Iron Sausage: S/T (Deplorable) - Blue, 42/1000
Ironside: S/T (Stormstrike)
Ironside: Fragments Of The Last Judgement (Subjugation) 

Jacko: I'm An Individual (Raw Prawn)
The Jellyroll Rockheads: Intense And Mild (625)
Jewdriver: Hanukkah Hangover (Self Released?) Clear Blue, 2006 Hanukkah Tour
JFA: Blatant Localism (Placebo)
Jihad: Gods Forsaken People... (Schema)
Jud Jud: No Tolerance For Instruments (Schematics) - Clear
The Jury: S/T (EM/LBPR) - 171/500
Just Say Go!: Where It Ends (Resist)

Kieltolaki: S/T (Moo Cow)
Killjoys: Johnny Won't Get To Heaven b/w Naive (Raw)
Kito: Johnson, Mary:188897764 (Armed With Anger)
Knife Fight: S/T (My War)
Knife Fight: Burning Bridges (My War)
Knife Fight: Isolation (Painkiller)
Knockdown: Down for an eight (Shing)
Kriegshog: Hardcore Hell (Heart First)
Kronstadt Uprising - The Unknown Revolution (Spiderleg)
Krossa: S/T (D-Takt & Rapunk) - Clear yellow
Kungfu Rick: S/T (EA/Up Jumps The Devil)
Kungfu Rick: Statues To Stone, Soilders To Bones (Gloom) - White
Kuolema: Noise From The Sick City (Power It Up)

Landmark: My Faith (Fist City)
Larm: Destroy Sexism (Wicked Witch)
Larm: Nothing Is Hard In This World If You Dare To Scale The Heights (Deinite Choice)
Last Match: S/T (Insect)
The Last Resort: The Warriors (Visionary)
Lastsentence: Beginning Of The Close Mind... (Guerricca)
Lebenden Toten: Contamination (LTR) - Catapetic Noise Contamination Tour sleeve [coloured in]
Lebensreform: Licht, Luft, Leben (Per Koro)
Left Hand Path: The Wreckage (Orginized Crime) - Yellow, LHP Press 57/105
Leprosy: 5 Tracks (Hardcore Victim) - Clear Green
Let Down: S/T (Doppelganger) - Duncan Barlow sleeve, grey marble
Let Down: Negative Attitude (Self Released?) Euro tour (confront rip sleeve) 58/80 clear
Let Down: Sacrifice Me (Six Feet Under) Trashfest Sleeve /30
Lie: Why? (625)
Life's Blood: Defiance (Vermiform)
Life Crisis: Churchstate (Deep Six) - Gray marble
Life Trap: Bleak Reality (No Way)
Life Trap: Bleak Reality (No Way) - Clear
Life Trap: Solitary Confinement (No Way)
Limp Wrist: Wants Us Dead (Cheap Art/Lengua Armada)
Line Of Fire: Your Side (Unity Power)
The Locust: S/T (Gold Standard Labs) – Clear Red
Logic Problem: S/T (Sorry State)
Logic Problem: No Center (Grave Mistake)
Long Knife: Possession (Long Knife)
Look Back and Laugh: State of Illusion (Self Released)
Look Back and Laugh: Street Terrorism (Deranged)
Looking In: S/T (Trial And Error)
Lords Of Light: S/T (625)
Lords of Light: Dividing Up (Iron Lung) - 83/300
Lords Of Light: Doom (Enterruption)
Loser Life: S/T (Thrashbastard)
Loser Life: I Want The World (Lifes a Rape)
Losing Streak: Cracked (Not Just Words) – White
The Love Triangle: Boomerang Girl b/w Quick Joey Small
The Love Triangle: Splendid Living (Dire)
Low Threat Profile: S/T (Deep Six/Draw Blank)
Lunatic Fringe: Whos's In Control (Resurrection)

Madball: Droppin' Many Suckers (Wreck-age)
Madmen: S/T (Slasher)
Mainstrike: S/T (Crucial Response)
Mainstrike: Times Still Here (Crucial Response)
Major Damage: S/T (Major Music)
Manchurian Candidates: Double Crossed (Big City Bastards) 
Manhunt: Human Detritus (Life.Lair.Regret/One Brick Today) - TEST
Manics: Salute The Survivors (Pogar)
Manipulation: S/T (Fashionable Idiots) - Marble
Manipulation: 2 (Sorry State)
Man Is The Bastard: Uncivilized Live (Deep Six) - Clear
ManLiftingBanner: Myth Of Freedom (Crucial Response)
Massysteri: S/T (Feral Ward)
Mau Maus: No Concern (Pax)
Mau Maus: Society's Rejects (Pax)
Max Rebo Kids: Some Moments Are Longer Than Lifetimes (Blockbust)
Mayhem: Gentle Murder (Riot City)
Mega City Four: Awkward Kid/Cradle (Decoy)
Mega City Four: Clear Blue Sky/Distant Relatives (Decoy)
Mega City Four: Miles Apart/Running In Darkness (Mega City)
Melee: One Way Dead End (Lengu Armada) 
Meltdown: Demolition (Closed Casket Activities) – Pinky cream, Light green, Dark Green splatter
Meltdown: S/T (S.O.A.)
The Members: Flying Again (Virgin)
The Members: The Sound Of The Suburbs (Virgin)
Mens Interest: S/T (Home Invasion)
Men's Recovery Project: Immense Overy Reject (Walkabout)
Men's Recovery Project: Normal Man (Gravity) 
Methodist Centre: When You Love Your Job, Its Only Half A Day (Invisible Spies) - Red
Millenial Reign: Bones Dust Nothing (A389) - White
Mind Eraser: The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Young Blood)
Mindless Mutant: S/T (625/Dangerously Small)
Mihoen!: S/T (Trabuc) - Heavy card fold out sleeve
Miles Away: Brain Washed (Resist) - White
Milhouse: S/T (Reservoir)
MK Ultra: Melt (Lengua Armada)
The Mob: Step Forward (Mob Style) - Clear red, 48/63
Mob 47: S/T (Havoc/Inspelad)
Mob Rules: The Donor (SuperFi/Zandor) - Red
Mob Rules: The Donor (SuperFi/Zandor)
Moderat Likvidation: Kottahuve (Havoc) - Clear blue
Moderat Likvidation: Kottahuve (Havoc)
Moderat Likvidation: Marionett I Kedjor (Havoc)
Modern Warfare: #2 (Pederast Prophet)
Mohoramatta: S/T (Penguin Suit/Unholy Thrash)
Los Monjo: Cerdos (Todo Destruido)
Monster X: S/T (Ebullition)
Morning Again: To Die A Bitter Death (Immigrant Sun)
Morning Again: My Statement Of Life In A Dying World (Immigrant Sun) - Clear Green
Morpheme: Title in Japanese (Prank)
Mother of Mercy: No Eden (self released?)
Mourningside: Confessions Of Disbelief (Hard Press) 
Murder-Suicide Pact: Lobotomy Kit (Burrito) - Grey

Naked: One Step Forward Towards Reality (Bluurg/Fish)
Nameless: S/T (Triple X) Clear Gray
Nation of Finks: Fourteen Public Displays of Affection (Out Of Limits)
Nation of Finks: Fourteen Public Displays of Affection (Out Of Limits) - Clear green
Nation of Finks: Return of the pissed off bastards (Kangaroo)
Nation on Fire: Burn Again... (X-Mist)
Nation on Fire: The Demo Days (Stand as One)
Necros: Tangled Up (Psychomania)
Needles: S/T (Lengua Armanda)
Needles: Desastre (Legua Armanda) - Screened dust jacket
Needles: Desesperacion (Iron Lung)
Neglect: The Pain Principle (Stillborn) 
Nemesis: Dou-Koku (Solar Funeral)
Neo Cons: S/T (Deranged)
Neon Christ: A seven ince two times (f-king)
The Neos: Hassiban Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze (Rat Cage)
Nervous Wreck: Welcome To Hell (Keep Screaming Records) – Clear Red
Never Again: S/T (Carry The Weight/Hit Time/Worship)
Never Again: S/T (Carry The Weight/Hit Time/Worship) - Splatter
Never Conform: S/T (625)
Never Enough: Our Will Is Done (Firestarter/Vendetta)
Never Healed: S/T (Pain Killer) - Clear Red
Next2Nothing: ...To Have Courage, But... (+/-) - temp cover
Nig Heist: Walking Down The Street (Thermidor)
Nightstick Justice: S/T (Even Worst/Way Back When)
Nightstick Justice: Claustrophobic (Grabe Mistake) 
Nidiru: War Before Extinction (Rescued From Life) - 57/101
Nitad: S/T (Deranged)
NK6: S/T (Thrashbastard/Yellow Dog) - Clear green
No Action: Left Of The Year (Self released)
No Appolagies: S/T (Common Bond) - 54/100
N. O. F.: Non Smokers (Warehouse) – 500 copies
N.O.T.A.: Toy Soldiers (Rabid)
Noisecat: Title in Japanese (Detonate) - Clear red
None Left Standing: Laura (Rhetoric) 
None Remain: S/T (Another Day Of Nothing) 
No Parade: S/T (Partners in Crime)
No Reason: XXX (Immigrant Sun)
Noose: It's Your Time (React)
No Statik: S/T (Prank)
No Statik: We All Die In The End (Iron Lung)
No Time Left: Zero Effort Solution (Third Party)
No Tolerance: No Remorse, No Tolerance (Youngblood)
Not One Word: Daybreak (HeadXOn) 39/45
Not Sensibles: I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher (Snotty Snail)
Not Sorry: Moving On (Salad Days) - Yellow
Not Sorry: Moving On (Salad Days)
No Static: Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed (Iron Lung)
No Way: The Stength of Reason (Inaudito)
No Way Out: S/T (Straight Force) – Light Green, Light white splatter
X No Way Out X: Livin’ Today (Equality/XallianceX)
Nowhere Fast: No Escape (Mind Rot) - Pre-order cover 17/50
Nowhere Fast: No Escape (Mind Rot) - Final shows sleeve 46/75
The Nukes: Fascist Perverts (Man In Decline)
Nukkehammer: Coviet Rust Belt (Solar Funeral) - Clear, tour sleeve
N.Y. Hoods: '86 Demo

The Oath: S/T (Coalition, Gloom, Youth Attack) - Clear green
Obliteration: S/T (Disposable/NITA) - Clear Green
Obliteration: This is Tomorrow (DSP/NITA)
Ochre: Divedowndeep (Phyte)
Offenders: We Must Rebel (Reagan Era HC)
Omega Tribe: Angry Songs (Crass)
Omission: S/T (Reflections) – Clear Purple
On A Solid Rock: Where Kids Don’t Play (Commitment)
One By One: Fight (Flat Earth/Gern Blandsten/Nabate)
One Voice: Breakfree (Crucial Response) – Clear Blue
One X More: S/T (Commitment)
One Way System: This Is The Age (Anagram)
Onion Flavored Rings: S/T (Thrillhouse)
Only Way Out: S/T (Refuse)
On Thin Ice: Relentless (Dead and Gone) - Frozen Hellfest sleeve 1/6
Onward: S/T (Crucial Response)
Oil: S/T (Commitment)
Opposite Force: S/T (Cane)
Opposite Force: S/T (Cane) - Green
The Oppressed: Victims b/w Work Together (Oppressed)
Organized Sports: S/T (Hiv Town) - 1086/300
The Orphans: China town/Moscow Massage (Kapow) - Clear 
The Orphans: Electric S/W.W.W.D. (Vinyl Dog)
Otan: El Indomable (Muerte En Las Calles)
Otan: Sociedad Despreciable (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Our Turn: S/T (Self Released?)
Out Come The Wolves: S/T (Counter/Sell Our Souls)
Out Of Hand: The Dirty South (Hemlock 13)
Outraged: No Somos Igual (Lengua Armada)
Outraged: No Somos Igual (Lengua Armada) - Clear gold
Outspoken: Surivial (Conversion/New Age) - 77 Pressing
Out With A Bang: few beers left but out of drugs (Criminal IQ)
Out With A Bang: Im Against It (Vida Loca/Proud To Be Idiot)
Out With A Bang: Love My Life (Fashionable Idiots)
Oxbaker: Raped Ox (Sounds of Betrayal)

Pale Creation: S/T (A389) - Red
Pandamonium: S/T (1%)
The Partisans: 17 Years Of Hell (No Future)
The Partisans: Police Story (No Future)
Path Of Destruction: 1.00AM (Havoc) - Metal sleeve
Paxston Quiggly: S/T (Self Released?)
Peacebreakers: Every Day Battle (R'N'R Disgrace)
Penetration Panthers: Perpetual 80's (A389) - Clear splatter
The People’s War: S/T (Coalition) – 17/56
Perdition: S/T (Toxic State)
Permanent Ruin: Theme For Castration (Radical Punks Never Die) - Flexi
Perspex Flesh: Ona (Video Disease) - Grey marble
Pharaoh: S/T (A389)
Pig Heart Transplant: Nature b/w Nurture (Deer Healer)
Pilger: These Times (Peter Bower) Half Red, Half Black
Piscontent: Chance To Live (Round Flat)
Pisschrist: Total Fucking Pisslickers (Endless Blockades)
Pissed Off: Orgasm (RSR)
Plaid Retina: S/T (Lookout!)
Pog: Faces At The Window (Beat Bedsit)
Point of Few: Beneath the Surface (Coalition)
Point of Few: Silence (625)
Poison Girls: All Systems Go (Crass)
Poison Idea: Discontent b/w Jailhouse Stomp (American Leather)
Poison Idea: Pick Your King (Fatel Erection) -  2nd Press
Poison Idea: Official Bootleg (American Leather/Vinyl Solution) 
Policy Of 3: S/T (Bloodlink)
Political Asylum: Winter (COR)
Prahlad And The Krishna Kids: Mr. Gorbachev, Please Let Our Friends Go (EMI)
Primitive Tribes: While No One Was Looking (Self Released/201)
The Process: King Kill 33 (Burial/Atrocity Exhibition)
Profax: S/T "Living Without Cruelty" (Speed Air Play) - Clear Green
Profax: S/T "Presque Gentil" (Equality/No Man)
Profound: Integrity (Crucial Response) 
Profound: Integrity (Crucial Response) - Hammer and Sickle sleeve
Project X: S/T (Bridge 9)
Protagonist: Reasoning with Time (Stakeout) Black/Red
Protestant: S/T (Halo of Flies) - Grey Splatter
The Prowl: The First Room On The Left (Painkiller)
The Prowl: What Are You Doing (Gloom) - Orange
Psyched To Die: Scatter Brained (Dirtnap) - Tour test press
Psycho: Shrunken (Axction) - Clear purple
Psycholiday Project: Incompletodisordine (Goodwill)
Psycholiday Project: Incompletodisordine (Goodwill) - Red
Pulling Teeth: 2005 Demo flexi (A389)
Pulling Teeth: 2005 Demo flexi (A389) - Clear
Pulling Teeth: Lightning Strikes Twice Flexi (A389) - 11/250
Pulling Teeth: Lightning Strikes Twice Flexi (A389) - Clear, 111/250
Pulling Teeth: Witchs Sabbath Vol. 1 (Self released) One Sided
Pulling Teeth: Witchs Sabbath Vol. 2 (Self released) One Sided TEST PRESS - Rejected 8/10
Pulling Teeth: Witchs Sabbath Vol. 2 (Self released) One Sided
Pulling Teeth: Witchs Sabbath Vol. 3 (Self released) One Sided
Pulling Teeth: Witchs Sabbath Vol. 4 (Self released) One Sided
Pulling Teeth: Witchs Sabbath Vol. 5 (Self released) One Sided
Pulling Teeth: Witchs Sabbath Vol. 6 (Self released) One Sided
Punch: Eyeless (625) - Clear, Record Release cover 10/50
Punch In The Face: S/T (Lengu Armada) - Clear w/ Streaks
Punch In The Face: Dumb Hardcore (Highly Questionable)
The Purpose: Art As A Weapon (Underestimated) - Orange
Pushed Too Far: Lost Time (Teamwork)
Put To Death: S/T (DSP)
PX: Who Makes The Heroes (Commitment)

Ramparts: Whiteboys Love The Blues (Spiderghost)
Raid: Words Of War (Hardline)
Razzle Dazzle: Both (Lockin Out)
Reaching Forward: Shadows Of Emptiness (Element)
Ready to Fight: S/T (Cadmium)
Reagan SS: Hail the New Dawn (625)
The Real Enemy: Too Little... ...Too Late (Underestimated)
Reality: Altered States (Shutout) Pre-order cover 41/50
Rebirth: Instincts Of Suffering (Life.Lair.Regret) - Melbourne Edge Day edition
Rectify: By Your Side (Crucial Response) - Clear Red
X Rectify X: How We Feel (Crucial Response) – White
Red Alert: City Invasion (No Future)
Red Dons: Escaping Amman (Deranged)
Redrum: S/T (702) Blue
Redrum: Ghettoblaster (Self Released?)
Refrain: S/T (Suppression)
Refuse The Statement: S/T (Keep It Alive/Struggle Inside) - Release party DIY edition /30
Regress: Look Who's Pulling The Strings (Lengua Armada) - White
Replica: Beast (Prank)
Replica: Demo (Emancypunx) - White
Reproach: Is What It Is (Deep Six?) – Solid Green, "High Radiation Zip Lock
Reproach: Thrash Mayhem (Kid For Life) - Green
Reprobates: Stress (No Way)
Resolve: S/T (Commitment)
Restrain: Armageddon (Chapter)
Restrained: S/T (Glory Kid) - Brown, 3 sleeves
Revolucion X: S/T (Angrr/Inepte/New Wave/Toxic)
Revolucion X: Politica Y Esparcimiento (Lengua Armada)
Riff Raff: Lowlifer (Eating Rats)
Riotgun: Bound And Gagged (Mad Skull)
Riot Squad: There's No Solution (Rot)
Ripcord: The Damage Is Done (Raging) - Flexi
Rise Above: Beat It (Punk Ect)
Rise Above: B Is For Bootleg (Warehouse)
The Rites: Fuck Em If They Can't Take A Joke (Six Feet Under)
The Rites: Fuck Em If They Can't Take A Joke (Six Feet Under) - silkscreened cover, Addicts cover track ?/#60
The Rites: Fuck Em If They Can't Take A Joke (Six Feet Under) - silkscreened cover, Bikkini Kill cover track ?/#60
The Rites: Fuck Em If They Can't Take A Joke (Six Feet Under) - silkscreened cover, The Thamesmen cover track ?/#60
The Rites: Your Last Rites (Deadalive)
The Rival Mob: Bitter Rivals Demo (Triple B) - Clear red
Rudimentary Peni: S/T (Outer Himalayan)
Rudio: S/T (Six Weeks) - TEST
Ruidosa Inmundicia: Huellas De Odio (Heart First)
Running For Cover: Human Ruins (Out Of Limits/625)
Rupture: Baser Apes (Slap A Ham)
Rupture: Elektra Complex (Fudgeworthy) - Grey
Rush'N Attack: Donut/Hole (Crucial Attack)
The Ropes: S/T (Youth Attack) - Clear Red
Rorschach: Needlepack (Wardance)
Rose Tattoo: Calling (Mushroom)
Rose Tattoo: Get It Right (Mushroom)
Rot In Hell: Demo (Self Released)
Rot In Hell: Demo (Self Released) - Integrity sleeve
Rydeen: You are not me (Fade In)

Saber Tooth Zombie: Dent Face (Twelve Gauge) - White, no label
Said and Done: Endless Roads (Shield) - grey, UK tour sleeve #24
Sangraal: S/T (Rock Cocaine)
S.A.S.: Suave And Sophisticated (Self Released)
Satanic Threat: In To Hell (Gloom/Hells Headbangers) - Clear Red
Say No More: Restless (Outback)
Sawhorse: S/T (Ebullition)
Scalplock: Inclucate The Fear (Retribution)
Scalplock: S/T (Satans Pimp) 
Scapegoat: S/T (Painkiller)
Scared Straight: Born To Be Wild (Mystic) - Grey Marble
Scatha: Fuck The System (Anonymous)
The Sceptres: Childsplay B/W Job Centre Plus (Dire)
Schellar: S/T (Kiss of Steel)
Scrotum Grinder: S/T (Number Seven) - Clear red
The Sculptors: Get Nervous/Sitting Chair (Candle)
Search and Destroy: English Terror Boys (Endless Quest) - Red, 16/483
Search and Destroy: English Terror Boys (Endless Quest) - 253/483
Sectarian Violence: S/T (Grave Mistake7
Second Opinion: S/T (Cowabunga) - TEST PRESS 6/19
Second Thought: They Tore It Down (School Bust)
Seein' Red: Marinus (Ebullition)
Seein' Red: Trefwoord Punk (Raal)
Self Destruct: Not Your World (Dead and Gone)
Self Destruct: All My Friends Are Dead (Rumour Control/Zandor)
Selfish: The Joy Of The Industrial Society (Genet) - White
Septic Death: Kichigai (Pusmort)
Set To Explode: S/T (Grave Mistake)
Seventyeightdays: Revolution Through Anonymity (Trustkill) - White
Severed Head Of State: S/T (Communichaos)
Severed Head Of State: Black Blood World (Malarie)
Severed Head Of State: Charge Ahead (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Severed Head Of State: Jedem Das Seide (Ebullition)
Sex Complex Class: 2st Phonoseet (MCR) - flexi
Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen (Virgin)
Sex Pistols: Something Else (Virgin)
Sex vid: Nests (Dom America)
Sex vid: Tania (Dom America) - 3rd Press
Sex vid: Voyeur (Dom America)
SFA: Unclean (Wreck-Age)
SFN: S/T (625) - Clear Green
SFN: Itching (625/Drugged Conscience)
Shapeshifter: S/T? (Don Giovanni) - No sleeve
Shikari: S/T (Fingerprint/Level-Plane)
Shipwrecked: S/T (Anger Management)
The Shitty Limits: Espionage (Dire)
The Shitty Limits: Here Are The Limits (Static Shock)
The Shitty Limits: Here Are The Limits (Static Shock)
The Shitty Limits: Last Orders//Selling Point (La Vida Es Un Mus) 
The Shitty Limits: Limits Appear (Keep Screaming)
The Shitty Limits: Limits Appear (Keep Screaming) - 2nd pressing
The Shitty Limits: Straight Forward (La Vida Es Un)
The Shitty Limits: Straight Forward (La Vida Es Un) - 2nd pressing
The Shitty Limits: Yesterdays Heroes (Limits)
Shock Troop: Suck My Blood (Whisper In Darkness) - Clear red
Shoot to Kill: S/T (Rooker)
Shot Gun: S/T (Rampage)
Shortsight: Why spend time learning... (Conquer the World) - Orange
Show Of Hands: A New Day Not Forgotten (Smorgasbord)
Shredder: Damnit Riggs (High Five) - Yellow and Green streeks
Sick Fix: S/T (Third Party)
Sick Mormons: S/T (Angry Youth/Demonomania/Gummopunx)
Sick Of It All: S/T (Revelation) - 3rd press, 2nd press sleeve
Sick Of It All: We Stand Alone (In Effect) - No sleeve
Sick Pleasure: S/T (Subterranean)
Sick Terror: 43 Segundos (Na Und)
Sick Terror: Is A Pro Choice (Terrotten) - Clear Red
Sick Terror: Vida Mediocre (Undislessed)
Side By Side: You're Only Young Once... (Revelation) - 1st pressing w/ insert 
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Hong Kong Garden (Polydor)
Skitkids: Volkomna Till Paradiset (540)
Skitslakt: S/T (D-Takt & Rapunk) 
Skizophrenia!: Don't Give Up (Hardcore Survives) - White lable
Skizophrenia!: Freedomland (Hardcore Survives)
Skizophrenia!: Still A Raped Ass (Hardcore Survives)
Slag: Feed (Fetus)
Slapshot: Everything Wants To Kill You (Brass City Boss Sounds/Old School Cartel)
Sledgehammer: S/T (Specimen 32)
Slipknot: S/T (Revelation)
Sludgeworth: S/T (Roadkill
Slumlords: Drunk At The YOT Reunion (Perfect Victim)
Slumlords: Drunk At The YOT Reunion (Perfect Victim ) - Clear red, TIH sleeve 35/75
Smartut Kahol Lavan: Magnetic Storm (Lengua Armada) - Clear Blue
Smash Detox: S/T (HG Fact/Prank) - White
Snakebite: Every Bad Idea is a Good Idea (Don Giovanni)
Snakebite: Feel the Buzz (Don Giovanni)
Snake Run: Relax (Self released?)
Snake Run: Lies (Self released?)
The Snipers: Three Peace Suite (Crass)
S.O.B.: Leave Me Alone (Selfish) - Possible boot
Socialcide: Burn In Hell, Bundy (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
Socialcide: Sick Of The Pressure (Even Worse)
Social Circkle: Static Eyes (No Way)
Social Coma: S/T (Youth Attack)
Society Of Jesus: Dei Miracoli (SOA)
Society of Friends AKA The Quakers: S/T (Mortville)
Society of Friends AKA The Quakers: Vol. III (Twistworthy)
Sojourner: S/T (16OH/Animalstyle)
Solger: Live At Wrex (Velted Regnub)
Some Girls: S/T (Three.One.G) - Pink
The Spark: Bail out! (Rosewater) - White
The Spark: Less slow, more go! (Wallride Kid/Go Home)
Spawn.: S/T (Emblem)
Speak 714: The Scum Also Rises (Revelation)
Spine Wrench: S/T (Pulp) 
Spirit Of Youth: S/T (Crucial Response) 
Splinter: The End Of The Belief (Rubber City)
Splitting Headach: S/T (Collapse)
Sportswear: Keep It Together (Crucial Response) - Clear
Sqeeze: Cool For Cats (AMS) - Pink
SSS: S/T (Thrashgig/Dead And Gone)
SSS: Skate and Destroy (Earache)
Stab: S/T (Quality Control) - Clear Green
Stab: Blindness And Lies (Quality Control) - Clear Red
Stack: Mondonervaktion (Crust)
The Stalin: No Fun (Climax)
Stalingrad: S/T (Armed With Anger) - Picture disk
Stampin' Ground: Dawn Of Night (Days Of Fury)
Stampin' Ground: Starved (Too Damn Hype)
Stand Off: Worthless is the unity bought at the expense of truth (Crucial Response)
Statement: Prepare For Battle (Hardline)
Steadfast: S/T (Thinking Smart) - Blank labels
Stenmark: S/T (Badman)
STFU: Miserable Existence (Tankcrimes)
Straight Ahead: Spirit Of Youth (bootleg) - Grey
Straightjacket (Nation): S/T (Gash) - 2nd press
Straightjacket Nation: Cheap Kicks (Self released)
Strain: S/T (Heartfirst) 
Strain: Driven/Secondcoming (Heartfirst)
Strange Factory: Fukushima Nightmare (Hardcore Survives)
The Stranglers: Something Better Change (United Artists)
Street Trash: S/T (Way Back When/Kangaroo)
Street Trash: Five Dirty Fingers (My War)
Streetwalkers: Vile Thoughts (Six Feet Under) - White
Strength Approach: S/T (Surrounded)
Strength Approach: Keep The Standards High (Siton)
Striking Distance: S/T (Vicious Circle)
Strugle: S/T (Ebullition)
Subhumans: S/T (Spiderleg)
Subhumans: Demolition War (Spiderleg)
Subhumans: Evolution (Bluurg)
Subhumans: Religious Wars (Bluurg)
Subliminal Pressure: Humanity (Bent Edge)
Suffer: S/T (Flat Earth)
Suffer: S/T (Flat Earth)
Sunpower: Total Control (Still Holding On)
Superbad: S/T (Ragerizer)
Support: Can’t Leave It Behind (Breakthrough)
Supreme Commander: 120 years in the business! (A389)
Surrender: S/T (self released?)
Surrender: There Is No War (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Surrogate Brains: Surrogate Serenades (Lookout)
Syphilitic Vaginas: Black Moto Covenant (Rescued From Life)
The System: Is Murder (Spiderleg)
The System: The Warfare (Spiderleg)
Systematic Death: Systema Seven (Armageddon)
System Fucker: S/T (Crust War)

Talk Is Poison: S/T (Self Released)
Tarpit: Checkmate (Collapse)
Team Effort: The Third Age (Good News) - Clear Blue
Teargas: S/T (Hardcore Victim) - Red
Tear It Up: S/T (Havoc)
Tear Me Down: Terio (Angry)
Teen Cthulhu: S/T (Thin The Herd)
Ten Yard Fight: The Only Way (Equal Vision) - Clear Purple
They Live: Blurred (Tooth Decay)
They Live: A Taste of the Good Life (625)
Thingy: Sausages and Plants and Goldfish (Self Released?)
Think I Care: S/T (Deadalive)
Think I Care: Draw The Lines (Boiling Point) - Clear green
This Machine Kills: On The Move (Coalition/El Grito)
This World Rejected: S/T (Initial)
Thousandswilldie: A Carcass is Only Dead Once (RSR)
Thrak: S/T (Give Praise)
Threatener: S/T (625, Pilot Co-Pilot, Deer Hunter)
Threatener: S/T (625, Pilot Co-Pilot, Deer Hunter)
Throwdown: Drive Me Dead (Indecision)
Thumbnail: The Sound Of (file thirteen)
Thumbs Down: Going For Gold (Genet) - White
The Time Bombs: Kill Music (Flat Black) 
Time Has Come: S/T (Corrupted Image) - Clear Red
Time to Escape: S/T (Grave Mistake) 2nd press 241/500
Time to Escape: S/T (Grave Mistake) 3rd press 463/500 + 36/175 tour cover
Time to Escape: Cost Of Living (Grave Mistake)
Times Together: S/T (Anger Battery)
Times Together: the Changing Of The Leaves (Just Another Day) - TEST 5/22
Times Together: the Changing Of The Leaves (Just Another Day) - Record Release sleeve 26/30, Clear Purple
Times Together: the Changing Of The Leaves (Just Another Day) - Clear Purple
Times Together: the Changing Of The Leaves (Just Another Day) - Green
Times Together: the Changing Of The Leaves (Just Another Day) - White
Times Together: the Changing Of The Leaves (Just Another Day) - Clear Red
Tomorrows Gone: S/T (Element)
Torn Appart: Extermination (Life Sentence)
Torso: Community Psychosis (Adagio)
Total Fury: Live At Nile Studio (Self Released?)
Totsugeki Sensya: Change The Future (Self Released?)
The Transistors: Riot Squad (Open Circuit)
Tranzmitors: Bigger Houses, Broken Homes (Deranged) - Pink
Tranzmitors: Invisible Girl (Deranged)
Tranzmitors: Look What You’re Doing (Cat Call/Ugly Pop)
Tranzmitors: Some Girls (La-Ti-Da)
Triac: S/T (Forcefield/Reptilian) - W/ CD, white splatter, gatefold
Trial: Through The Darkest Days (CrimethInc) 
Trial By Jury: Ignite (Last Stand)
Tribute: S/T (Subjegation)
Truth Against Tradition: You're Nobody's Slave But Your Own (Self Released?) - Clear Green
Tuberculosis: Disfrasandose (Lengua Armada) 
Tumult: The Heroic Bloodshed (Defiance)
Turnover: S/T (Bushido)
Turn The Tide: What's Behind These Eyes (Commitment)
Toe To Toe: Fuck Seattle This Is Sydney (Kangeroo)
Toe To Toe: No Gods (Kangeroo) 
Toe To Toe: Slap Of Reality (Punchdrunk)
Toe To Toe: Southpaw (Beer City)
Toe To Toe: Unanimous Points Decision (Punchdrunk)
Torn Apart: S/T (Grot)
Total Abuse: Sex Pig (Deranged)
TouchXdown: Reach for the Top (Malfunction/YoungBlood) - Clear Red
Toxik Ephex: Punk As Fuck (Green Vomit)

Ulcer: S/T (Fetus)
Under Class: S/T (Refusenik/Tadpole)
Under Gang: Apocalypse... Now (Shelf Ornament/What We Do Is Secret)
Unholy Grave: Against Terrorism (Power It Up)
Unholy Majesty: S/T (A389) - Clear
Unruh: Friendly Fire (Abiology/Edema/King Of The Monsters)
X Unison X: S/T (Sing Dunum) - Clear Blue
Until Today: S/T (SOA/Break Even Point)
Until Today: In The Distance... (Third Party)
Upstab: Somebody threw a gallon jug of Thunderbird wine at me (Even Worse/Way Back When)
Ubran Blight: Total War (Static Shock) - Red
Ubran Blight: Total War (Static Shock)
Urban Waste (Bootleg)
Urko: Fast3chordhardcoremotherfuckingthrashcrustpunkshit (Disintegration)
Uruk-Hai: Give Up On God (Fetus)
Uzi Suicide: S/T (625)
Uzi Suicide: Comin' at cha (625/Unholy Thrash)
Uzi Suicide: We Steal Everything (Ratzyouth?)
The UV Race: S/T (S.S.)

Vaccine: Human Hatred (Painkiller) 
Vaccuum: S/T (Irukandji) - Clear Red, Screened Sleeve 49/100
Vaccuum: S/T (Lengua Armada) - Clear Red
Vaccuum: S/T (Lengua Armada)
Vapors: Turning Japanese (United Artists)
The Varukers: S/T (Tempest)
The Varukers: Die For Your Government (Riot City)
The Varukers: Nothings Changed (Sewage) 
Veins: S/T (Youth Attack) - Clear
Venom P. Stinger: Waling About (Drag City)
Thee Vicars: ...Let us play (Dire)
Vile Gash: Deluded (Youth Attack) - Red
Vice Squad: Last Rockers (Riot City)
Vice Squad: Resurrection (Riot City)
Violators: Gangland (No Future)
Violators: Summer of 81 (No Future)
Violent Arrest: S/T (Deganged)
Violent Reaction: S/T (Quality Control HQ/Static Shock)
Virgin Witch: S/T (Free Cake) - Grey, oneside printed
Vitamin X: People That Bleed (Havoc)
Vitamin X: Rip It Out (Havoc)
Vitamin X: Rip It Out (Havoc)
Voetsek: S/T (625)
Vogue: S/T (DIY)
Vogue: S/T (DIY)
Vogue: No Vogue (Holy Shit)
Voorhees: Everybody's Good At Something... (Armed With Anger) - flexi
Voorhees: Fireproof (Chainsaw Safety)
Voorhees: Violent (Armed With Anger)
Voorhees: What You See Is What You Get (Crust)

Waco Fuck: Slow Decay (Lifes A Rape)
Walls: Stare At The Walls (Iron Lung) - Clear Green
Walk The Plank: S/T (Zandor)
Walk The Plank: S/T (Zandor) - Night Of The Living Dead edition, 69/100
Walk The Plank: Pieces Of Hate 2.1 (Thrashgig) - Clear Blue
Walk The Plank: Pieces Of Hate 2.2 (Thrashgig) - Clear Green
Walk The Plank: Pieces Of Hate 2.3 (Thrashgig) - Clear Red
Walk The Plank: Pieces Of Hate 2.4 (Thrashgig) - Clear Green
The Wankys: Noise Punk (This Is Distortion Party)
The Wankys: Please For Fuck Me (Problem?) - Red flexi
Warcry: Harvest Of Death (P.I.C.)
Warkrime: Give War A Chance (No Way)
Warkrime: Tighten Up (No Way) - Clear Yellow, last show setlist #/2
Wasted Time: S/T (Brain Grenade/Grave Mistake)
Wasted Time: No Shore (Grave Mistake)
Waste Management: Get Your Mind Right (Pain Killer)
Waste Management: Power Abuse (Painkiller) 
Wear The Mark: B Sides Can Suck It (Straight On) - 88/90, White label
Weirdos: Destroy All Music (Bomp)
Weirdos: We Got The Neuron Bomb (Dangerhouse)
What Happens Next?: Ahora Mas Que Nunca (Lengua Armada) 
What Happens Next?: Brutiful Fearing (Six Weeks)
What Happens Next?: No Cash, No Thrash (Found And Lost)
What Lies Ahead: Failure Notice (Urgency)
White Cross: S/T (Zero Degree)
White Male Dumbinance: Forced Vengeance (Missing Link)
White Words: S/T (Iron Lung)
Whole In The Head: Reclaim Your Future (Opiate/Tadpole)
Whole In The Head: Them And Us (Active/Dogdown/Opiate/Tadpole/Warm Bath/Zandor)
Withdrawl: Faith, Flesh & Blood (A389)
World Burns To Death: Acid In The Face Of Human Rights (Fight) - White
World Burns To Death: Acid In The Face Of Human Rights (Fight)
World Burns To Death: Human Meat Tossed To the Dogs Of War (Prank)
World Burns To Death: Human Meat Tossed To the Dogs Of War (Prank) - Clear
World Burns To Death: No Dawn Comes... Night Without End (Hardcore Holocaust)
World Burns To Death: The Art Of Self-Destruction (Prank)
World Burns To Death: The Art Of Self-Destruction (Prank) - Clear Red
Wormeaters: In God We Thrust (Hardware) - Clear green, 42/100
Wretched: Finira Mai? (Autoproduzione)

YDI: A Place In The Sun (Reagan Era HC) - BOOT
Yeastie Girlz: Ovary Action (Lookout)
Yokel: S/T (Spiral Objective)
Young Offenders: S/T (Parts Unknown) - Tan
Youth Of Today: S/T (Revelation)
Youth Of Today: S/T (Revelation) - Red
Youth Strike Chord: S/T (Sprout)

Zetu: S/T (Hardcore Survives)
Zoe: From Hell (Crust War)
Zounds: Dancing (Rough Trade)
Zounds: Can't Cheat Karma (Crass)
Zounds: Singles box set (Broken)


1.6 Band/Rorschach (Chainsaw Safety)
46 Short/Mother Fucking Titty Suckers (Last Dollar) Blue
9 Shocks Terror/Devoid Of Faith (Gloom) - Grey
9 Shocks Terror/Killers (Gloom) - Green

Abandon Ship/The Permanent 
Abolition/Ark Of The Covenant (Carry The Weight)
Abolition/Ark Of The Covenant (Carry The Weight) - White/Black
Abolition/Ark Of The Covenant (Carry The Weight) - Red/Black
Abolition/Hang The Bastard (Break Through/Disposable Culture/Hit Time) - Pre-order sleeve
Abolition/Hang The Bastard (Break Through/Disposable Culture/Hit Time) - Kieran Hough edition 1/1
Abolition/Hang The Bastard (Break Through/Disposable Culture/Hit Time) - 2nd press
Abolition/Hang The Bastard (Break Through/Disposable Culture/Hit Time) - 2nd press, purple
Abuso Sonoro/Detestation (Six Weeks)
Acrid/Bombs Of Death (No Idea)
Active Minds/Urko (Direct Hit) - 498/630
Acts of Sedition/Surrender (End/PSR)
Acursed/Bonds of Trust (Putrid Filth Conspiracy/Sector 7G)
Agents Of Abhorrence/Extortion (Deep Six) - Clear, reversed labels
Agents Of Abhorrence/Iron Lung (Missing Link) - Grey
Agents Of Abhorrence/Roskopp (Crucificados)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Crom (RSR)
Ahriman/Vae Victis (702/Satan's Pimp)
AIDS/Idle Minds (Unwound)
Ajaxfree/Sick Terror (Deconstructed)
Amen/Short Hate Temper (Sound Pollution) - Grey
American Cheeseburger/Bukkake Boys (Vinyl Rites) - Clear
Anchor/The Kind That Kills (Monument) - White w/ Streaks
Anger Burning/Discover (Crime/Dis Is Dis/D-Tak & Rupunk/Magsjuka)
Antimob/Burial (Hardwear)
Apartment 213/Benumb (Stenchosaurus) - Orange
Apartment 213/Forced Expression (Clean Plate) - TEST, 5/13
Apartment 213/Forced Expression (Clean Plate) - Purple marble
Apartment 213/Gehenna (Area 51) - Hand drawn cover
Apartment 213/Gehenna (Area 51) - Acetate cover 
Apartment 213/Gehenna (Area 51) - Black and white insert
Apartment 213/Gehenna (Area 51) - Blue lettering on sleeve
Arabella/Bafabegiya (Service Industry/Spacement) - 054/666
Arms Reach/Forward Defence (Snapshot)
Arms Reach/Scalplock (Shortfuse Records)
The Assassinators/DSB (Alerta Antifascista/Halo Of Flies)
A-Team/R'n'R (Rocket Punch) - White label stamped "R'N'R on the west coast"
Auktion/Black Panda (Rust And Machine/Trabuc)
AVM/Integrity (Holy Terror) - 123/250

Bafabegiya/Greyskull Spacemen) - Clear green
Bastard Youth/Knifed (Control)
Battletorn/Double Negative (Volcom) - 462/500
Battle Unicron/Oxbaker (Sounds of Revolution) - White Label
XBleeding FaceX/Stamanech 6.40 (Rely On)
Bettercore/My Own Lies (Penulio) #393
Biff Tannen/Pilger (Self Release?)
Big Ups/Lighten Up (Upside Down) - Blue
Bjelke-Petersen Youth/Headless Horsemen (Gutless/Pcrecords/Set Fire To My Home/Shortfuse) - TEST 11/30
Bjelke-Petersen Youth/Headless Horsemen (Gutless/Pcrecords/Set Fire To My Home/Shortfuse)
Blind To Faith/Gehenna (A389) - Clear Gold
Blind To Faith/Gehenna (A389) - Grey
Blowback/World Burns To Death (HG Fact)
Bomben Alarm/Dean Dirg (Self Release?)
Bomb The Music Industry!/Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine (Asbestos) – Stencilled
Bones Brigade/DFA (Still Holding On) - Green
Born Against/Screeching Weasel (Lookout)
Born Against/Universal Order Of Armargeddon (Gravity)
Brain Dead/Crash The Pose (Keep Screaming/Ghost City/What We Do Is Secret)
Brain Dead/Hangover Heart Attack (Ghost City Records)
Brain Dead/Rot In Hell (Feast of Tentacles/Rumour Control/Vinyl Addict)
Bruce Banner/Sayyadina (Sounds of Betrayal)
Brother Inferior/N.O.T.A. (Havoc) - Lilac
B.S.E./Insult (Balowski)
Building/Up Front (Sober Mind)
The Burning Flames/Get Up And Go’ers (Euphony)

CAD/Unholy Grave (?)
California Love/Gehenna (A389) - Red
California Love/Gehenna (A389)
XCanaanX/Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon (Ignition)
Capitalist Casualties/Stack (Six Weeks/Dampfmachine)
Carol/Stack (Summersault)
Cathode/Sick Terror (Insane Society/Underground Punk Support/Trujace Fala) - mixed speed
Cause For Effect/Onanizer (Machismo)
Cease and Desist/No Class (Un-Yelliman)
Chaos Front/Winterswijx (Noise and Distortion)
Charcoal Human/Upside Down Flag (Deplorable)
Charles Bronson/Unanswered (Trackstar)
The Chineapple Punx/Urko (Burn)
The Chineapple Punx/Ciderfex (Duel Cabbageway) – Mixed Speed
Clensing Wave/Midnite Brain (Twerp)
Cold Ones/Mr. Miyagi (Peter Bower)
Cold Snap/Cornered (Carry The Weight)
Cold War/Voetsek
Code 13/DS 13 (Havoc)
Coercion/Milhouse (Struggle)
Conation/Mugshot (In Lague Wit Satan/Paranoise)
Conga Fury/George Harrison (RSR?)
Conga Fury/The Nitz (Chaotic Noise/Complete Distort)
Control De Estado/Draft Dodger (Fatal Apathy/John Becker)
Countdown to Oblivion/They Live (Ugly Pop)
CR/Milhouse (CI) - Clear
Crom/Despise You (Theologian)
Crossed Out/Man Is The Bastard (Slap A Ham) - 2nd press
Crow/See You In Hell (Insane Society/Phobia)
Crowd Control/Mob Rules (Suburban Mayhem Industries) - Apologies press 9/15
Crowd Control/Mod Rules (Suburban Mayhem Industries)
Crucial Unit/Rambo (Ed Walters)
Curtainrail/Kungfu Rick (625)
Cyness/PLF (RSR) - Clear Gold

Das Oath/Total Fury: Tour Split (The Tri-Lateral Cartel) – Clear, Pressing Of 75
Day of Mourning/Hardtime (Sounds of Revolution)
Day of Mourning/Hardtime (Sounds of Revolution) - Clear Green
D-Clone/System Fucker (Black Konflik)
D-Comp/Not Enough Bullets (Cool Kid Conspiracy)
Dead End/Get Up And Go’es (The Ringside Corporation/Bridge/Euphony/Armed With Anger)
Dead Sea Fucking Scrolls/Hangover Heartattack (Force Fed)
Deadstare/Far Left Limit (The Deplorable Recording Corporation Australia/Gash)
Deathcycle/The Spark (Complete Distort)
Deathreat/Talk Is Poison (Prank)
Desperate Corruption/Disgust (Morbid/Relapse)
Despise You/Suppression (Slap A Ham)
Despise You/Stapled Shut (Pessimiser/Theologian)
Devoid Of Faith/Mainstrike (Paralogy)
Dick Nasty/Thought Crime (Kickstart My Heart)
Dirty Money/Trapped Under Ice (Dead and Gone) - Clear red
Discharge/Off With Their Heds (Drunken Sailor) - Clear red
Disco Lepers/Kermit's Finger (No Front Teeth)
Doctor And The Crippens/Juntess (MCR)
Dropdead/Look Back And Laugh (Armageddon)
Dyingbreed/Three Found Dead (Gash)

E 150/Intensity (Thought Crime)
Ebola/Servitude (Clean Plate)
The Endless Blockade/Shank (Schizophrenic) - 33/100 extra art disk and sleeve
Envy/This Machine Kills (HG Fact)
Esteem/Strength Approach (Keep It Alive)
Extortion/Jed Whitey (Distort)
Extortion/Septic Surge (Clear Blue)

Facel Vega/The Sceptres (Dire)
Failure Face/Ulcer (Burrito)
Failure Face/Ulcer (Burrito) - TEST PRESS
Fallout/Last Warning (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
Fall Silent/Wellington (Fetus)
Fast Times/Tear It Up (Young Blood) White
Feeding The Fire/Spawn (Crucial Response) - Clear
The Fifty Two X/Millhouse (Reservoir)
The Filaments/Stockyard Stoics (Carnus/Concrete Jungle/Fight For Your Mind/Fistolo/Household Name/Roots Rock Rebel)
FMD/Unit 1174 (Spiral Objective)
Fourteen Or Fight/The Repos (Gloom) - Clear red
Forced March/Raiser (Humildad Y Honestidad/Hormigonera/Oxigeno)
Foward/Long Knife (Long Knife) - North America Tour 2014 158/500
Foward/Teargas (Hardcore Victim) - Clear Yellow
Framtid/Pisschrist (HG Fact)
Frightener/Pulling Teeth (A389/Ghost City) – TEST, 12/21
Frightener/Pulling Teeth (A389/Ghost City) – 1st pressing Clear with Splatter
Frightener/Pulling Teeth (A389/Ghost City) – 1st pressing Black, Gold
Frightener/Pulling Teeth (A389/Ghost City) – 1st pressing White with Splatter
Frightener/Pulling Teeth (A389/Ghost City) – 2nd pressing Black/Gold
Frightener/Pulling Teeth (A389/Ghost City) – 2nd pressing Silver
Fucked Up/Haymaker (Deepsix) - Grey
Fucked Up/Think I Care - Town of Hardcore sleeve
FuckHatePropaganda/Sick Terror (?) - 25/100 Clear Yellow, Green Splatter
FuckHatePropaganda/Sick Terror (?) - 35/100 Clear Yellow, Green Splatter
Fudge/Totsugeki Sensya (625)
Full Speed Ahead/Kill Your Idols (Hell Bent) - Clear red

The Gental Art Of Chokin'/Sick Terror (Shogun/Corrosion Cerebral/UPS/Abuse/Flowerviolence)
Gehenna/Vegas (Vedava) - Test 12/16
Gehenna/Vegas (Vedava) - 7.17.10 Edition 10/13
Gehenna/Vegas (Vedava) - 49/100
Glodal Hardcore Noise (Cities In Dust)
Godstomper/In Disgust (Unholy Thrash)
Grace Alley/Skin Like Iron (Blacksummer/Spiderghost) - Clear w/ splatter
Grace Alley/Skin Like Iron (Blacksummer/Spiderghost) - Clear w/ splatter, record release cover 6/20
Gray Ghost: Succubus (A389) - Clear Pink
Gritos De Alerta/Sick Terror (Filth-Ear, Power It Up, Underground Punk Support)
Groundwork/Unbroken (Bloodlink)

Hammer/Seein' Red (Armageddon/Hard-Core)
Hard To Swallow/Manfat (Enslaved/Flat Earth)
Hard To Swallow/Underclass (Days of Fury)
Hatewaves: Taste The Beast (A389) - Clear
Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare (RSR) - Clear Green
Hatred Surge/Iron Lung (Iron Lung) - Collab, censored sleeve
Hatred Surge/Iron Lung (Iron Lung) - Collab, us tour sleeve
Hatred Surge/Iron Lung (Iron Lung) - Collab, Clear Red #/170
Hatred Surge/Iron Lung (Iron Lung) - Collab, Clear Red #/170
Hellnation/Sink (Sound Pollution) - Grey marbel
Homewrecker/The Love Below (A389) - Green
Hordes/Rot In Hell (Rat Patrol) - Red and black
Hordes/Rot In Hell (Rat Patrol)
The Horror/War All The Time (Zandor)

Impact/Volunteers (Love Music Hate Racism/Repeat)
In Reach/Open Up (Jitsu)
In Disgust/Massgrave (Mangled Ankle)
In Disgust/Sidetracked (Feral Kid/Unholy Thrash)
Insult/Ruido (Know) - Clear
Integrity/Pale Creation (A389)
Ironclad/Never Again (Carry The Weight) - Ironclad release sleeve 19/30
Iron Lung/Lords Of Light (Self Release)
Iron Lung/The Process (AE/Ghost City/What We Do Is Secret) Screened sleeve Tour Split
Iron Lung/Teen Cthulhu (Rock & Roleplay/Satans Pimp)
I Shot Cyrus/Kriegstanz (Underground Punk Support)

Knifed/Limp Wrist (Control)
Kromosom/Isterismo (Hardcore Survives)
Kungfu Rick/Luke Skawalker (Ricky Schroeder Fan Club)
Kvoteringen/Pisschrist (Endless Blockades)

Lack Of Interest/Spazz (Deep 6) - White
Los Crudos/MK-Ultra (Legua Armada)
Lotus Fucker/Wankys (KW/SPHC)
The Love Below: S/T (A389) - Pink

Jimmie Walker/Spazz (Slap-A-Ham) - Clear

Magrudergrind/Sanitys Dawn (RSR)
Magrudergrind/Sanitys Dawn (RSR) - Clear Blue
Man Is The Bastard/UND (?)
Masstrauma/White Male Dumbinance (Missing Link)
Mighty Sphincter/Pulling Teeth (A389)
Migra Violenta/Sick Terror (Tons of labels) - Clear Red
Mihoen/Sick Terror (Underground Punk Support)
Mind Eraser/Slang (540) 
Mindsnare/Ringworm (A389/Resist) - Clear greenish, 34/160
Mindsnare/Ringworm (A389/Resist) - Purple 155/160
Minute Manifesto/Shank (Enslaved)
Mitten Spider/Unholy Grave (Agromosh)
The Motherfuckers/Worker And Parasite (Keep Screaming/What We Do Is Secret)

Narsaak/Stack (Per Koro)
Neanderthal/Rorschach (Vermiform)
Negative Step/Redrum (Satans Pimp)
Nightmare/Skitkids (Hate)
No Escape/Turning Point (Temperance)
The Now-Denial/Seein' Red (Tomte,Tumme,Tottx)
Nunslaughter/Syphalitic Vagnina (Rescued From Life)

Opstand/Spazz (Coalition)
Outo/S.O.B. (boot) - live #/200

Pandamonium/Total Fury: Tour 2007 (One Percent)
People Again/Sarjan Hassan (Deadmen On Holidy/Halo Of Flies)
Pulling Teeth/Shin To Shin (A389) - Clear Gold
Pulling Teeth/Shin To Shin (A389) - Grey
Positive Reinforcement/Outraged (Unholy Thrash)
Pretty Little Flower/Uzi Suicide (RSR)
The Process/Rot In Hell (Feast of Tentacles) - w/ Zine, #/100

Repulsione/Sick Terror (?)
Riistetyt/Sick Terror (Hardcore Holocaust)
Ruido/Sick Terror (Sin Fronteras)
Ruination/They Live (Deadlive)

Sawn Off/Unkind (Pathetique)
Scalplock/Shank (Retribution)
Seein' Red/Vuur (Day one)
See You In Hell/Systematic Death (Insane Society) - Screenprinted sleeve 48/200 w/ See You In Hell dvd
Separation/Serene (Genet)
Shank/Unholy Grave (Sterilized Decay) 
Short Hate Temper/Society Of Friends AKA Quakers (625/Open Wound)
Sick Terror/World Burns To Death (Terrotten) - Clear Blue
Slag/Thaw (Primary)
Stalingrad/Voorhees (Caught Offside/Thinking Smart)
Struggle/Undertow (Bloodlink) Tan sleeve
Struggle/Undertow (Bloodlink) Pinkish sleeve, Bloodlink stamp on sleeve
Suffer/Urko (Enslaved)

Whole in the Head/War All The Time (Crime Scene)

Tenth Dan/Toe To Toe (South Paw/Trial And Error) - White
TV Party/Volunteers (Tower Clock) – Clear Blue

Visual Offence/Volunteers (Tower Clock)


4 Ways To Hell (Filth-Ear/Terrotten) - Clear Red
7.17 Comp (Self Released)
7.17 Comp (Self Released) - Green, 5 badges, #51
7.17 Comp (Self Released) - Green, stamped 2/10
7.17 Comp (Self Released) - Test

Accidental Double Homicide! Volume Four (Satan's Pimp)
Adult Crash (Six Feet Under/Vicious Circle) - White
AHC:Australia's Hardcore Compilation (No Policy) - 100/300
Albany Style Hardcore (Gloom)
Anger And English (Frame Work)
Apathy = Self Destruction (F.F.T.)
Assimilate - Resistance Is Futile (Invertebrata)
A Tradition Of... (Fall)

Bands That Don't Give A Shit About Being God (Social Napalm)
Barbaric Thrash Detonation (625) - With CD
Barbaric Thrash Demolition Vol. 2 (625)
Barbaric Thrash Demolition Vol. 3 (625) - With CD's
Barbaric Thrash Demolition Vol. 5 (625) - Socal Thrash Demolition
Bare Faced Hypocrisy Sells Records “The Anti-Chumbawamba ep” (Propa Git) 353/1000
Belgiums Burning (Deviant)
Blleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! A Music War (Slap-A-Ham)
The Boredom and the Bullshit (Refusenik)
Break the Silence (PFC) - out of covers sleeve 17/43
Brutal Supremacy (Painkiller) - Clear green

Chicago Hardcore Compilation (C.S. Productions)
Chicago's on Fire Again (Lengua Armada)
Circlestorm (No Deal)
Closure/Mouth/Torn Apart/Bonestorm (Crucificados/Hit Time)
Complete Aural Turmoil (Hardcore Survives)
Consolidation: A UK Hardcore Compilation (Armed With Anger)
Counter Cultre 1 (Coalition)

Deadly Encounters (Agitate 96/Kill Music)
The Division Has Begun (East Coast Empire) - Clear
Drum Machine Madness (Robotic Empire) - Green

Every Twenty Seconds (Active)

Forever in our Hearts (Commitment)

Go For It! (Reflections Records)

Hardcore 1990 East Meets West (Nemesis)
Hardcore vs. Hunting (Muppet Vision)
Hibachi Omnibus Volume 2 (Fourteegee/Hibachi)
Homo Homini Lupus (Farewell/Mac Gyver/Ui-Jui-Jui)
Hustler (Hustler Music) - 59/300

Inside Front #10 - No Sleeve or Zine
International Blast Fight (Torture Garden)
Internationally Pist 2 (Punx Before Profit) 
In The Spirit Of Total Resistance (Profane Existance)

Kangaroo Records, Loved by few... Hated by Most (Kangaroo)
Kangaroo Records (Kangaroo)
Kangaroo Records (Kangaroo) - Skull cover comp
Kingdom Of Fear (Dog Head)

Let Back/Let Down (Pessimiser)
Louder Than God Tour (MCR)

Mandatory Marathon (Amendment)
Messageboard Mayhem!!! (Good News) coke bottle blue
Murders (Vermiform)

Neder Thrash In Opkomst! (?) Skin Head cover
Neder Thrash In Opkomst! (?) Explosion(?) cover
Never Break The Spirit (Face Reality) 
The New Wave Of Close Shave (Damaged Goods)
No Bullshit (No Way)
No Bullshit Vol. 2 (No Way)
No Bullshit Vol. 3 (No Way)
No Need for Wiseguys (Spanking Herman Records)
No Peace/War (Organized Crime) - Yellow, 147/185
No Sleep ‘Til Guildford (?)
Nothing New, New Nothing (Armed With Anger/The Kwyjibo Corp)
Not Proud To Be French (Frederique Perrotin)
Now Is The Time (Radical East)

Only The Strong (Victory)
Our Voice Pro Choice (Hands On)

Pasta Power Violence (S.O.A.)
Perversas Desviadas Invertidas (Sebo) - White
Polka Slam/Crisis Point (Sisters Of Percy)
Power of Ten (1,2,3,4 GO!!!/Excursion)
Prevent This Tragedy (Element) - Grey marble
Prototype (Clean Plate) 
Punx Don't Drink (Third Party) - Grey Marble
Pusmort (Pusmort) - Flexi

Reality (Deep Six)
Regress No Way! (Warehouse)
Released Emotions Sampler (Released Emotions) - flexi
Reproach (Ugly Pop)
Revive Us Again (Machination)
Revolution Inside 14 (Revolution Inside)
Run Your Mouth (Rumour Control)

Same Day Different Shit (?) – Green Marble
Seven One Seven (Seven One Seven)
Shadow Of A Decaying Future (Dry Retch)
Songs From The Gutter (Kangaroo) - TEST, black, poster
Songs From The Gutter (Kangaroo) - TEST #36, Clear light blue
Splitting Headache On A Sunday Afternoon (Loony Toons)
Sound Waves 1 (Sounds)
Stab & Kill 2003 Sampler (Stab & Kill) - Posi Numbers Only 192/300
Stab to Kill vol. 1 (Stab & Kill) - Clear pink
Still got something to prove... a tribute to the spermbirds (Peter Bower/Town Clock)
Stonehenge (Bluurg)
Strictly Ballroom (Caught Offside)
Suck My Life Suck My Death (MCR)

Taking Liberties (Not sure, ABC benefit)
The Return Of The X Men (Commitment)
There's Still A Lot To Say (Give It A Voice Recordings/X-Files
The Sisterhood (Emancypunx)
The Time Is Now (Tension Building)
This Is Kangaroo Not Berkeley (Kangaroo)
This Is Kangaroo Not Berkeley: Sailin' On With Kangaroo (Kangaroo)
Thrash Revenge On Skull Island (Wajlemac) - TEST
Thrash Revenge On Skull Island (Wajlemac)
Thrash War (Keep Screaming)
Times Still Here (Best Times)
Tomorrow Will Be Worse (Sound Pollution) - 4x7" box set
Trust (Remedy/X-Mist)

Under The Influence (Vicious Circle) 
Under The Sign Of The Lousy Tree (Common Cause)
Under The Sign Of The Lousy Tree (Common Cause) - Test press, 14/30

We Can't Help It If We're From Florida (Destagy)
Welcome To The Golden State Vol. 1 (Cowabunga)- Final covers edition #/50
We Shall Fight In The Streets (Area 51)
What Still Holds True (XHoldstongX)
What Still Holds True (Phyte)
Wild In The Streets (Element)
Will Evil Win? (Peaceville) - flexi
Wishing for the Days…. Minor Threat Tribute (Envelope/Keep It Alive) – Clear Green

Yokosuka City Hard Core (MCR) - Flexi
Youth Crew 08 (Behind You/Monument/Positive and Focused/Up Side Down) White label 14/88
Youth Crew 08 (Behind You/Monument/Positive and Focused/Up Side Down) Yellow
Youth Crew 08 (Behind You/Monument/Positive and Focused/Up Side Down) Clear
Youth Crew 08 (Behind You/Monument/Positive and Focused/Up Side Down) White
Youth Crew 09 (Upside Down) - Clear Orange
Youth Crew 09 (Upside Down)


Lebenden Toten: Death Culture Deprivation (Overthrow)

The Wankys: Weapons Of Musical Destruction (La Vida Es Un Mus)


Das Oath: S/T (Coalition)


A389 Records 6th Anniversary Comp (A389) - Marble w/ DVD
Antisect - 4 Minutes Past Midnight (self released)

Catweazle/Seein' Red (Wicked Kangaroo)
Chainsaw/Conga Fury/Voetsek (625)
Charles Bronson: Youth Attack (Coalition)
Cold Snap: Glacies Incarnate (Southern Rise) - pre order artwork 24/50 w/ cdr

Dean Dirg: Three Successive Blasts (Six Feet Under)
Discarga: Sem Remorso (625/Laja/Liberation)
DIY’s Not Dead: Comp (Town Clock) – Clear Orange, Black Splatter

Gordon Solie Motherfuckers!: Power Bomb Anthems Vol. 1 (625)

Harsh/Short Hate Temper/Quill (TVG)
Health Hazard: S/T (100% Recycled/Flat Earth)
The Horror: First Blood (Chainsaw Safety)
The Horror: First Blood part 2 (Coalition) - Gate fold

In Disgust: Reality Choke (16oh) - Clear
Indecision/Shai Hulud (Crisis/Revelation)
Infest: Mankind (Deep Six/Draw Blank)
Integrity: Humanity is the Devil (Victory) - 1410/1419

J Church: Travels In Hyper-Reality (Panic)

LARM: Campaign For Musical Destruction (Hard Cow)

Moloch: S/T (Feast Of Tentacles/Shifty Shifty)
The Murder City Devils: Thelema (Subpop)

Negative Step: Conquering Punk (Deep Six)
No Time Left: S/T (625)

Price Of Silence: S/T (Punk/Spiral Objective)
Pulling Teeth: Vicious Skins (A389) – TEST PRESS 12/30
Pulling Teeth: Vicious Skins (A389) – Silver
Pulling Teeth: Vicious Skins (A389) – Green w. Haze
Pulling Teeth: Vicious Skins (A389) – Yellow w. Haze
Pulling Teeth: Vicious Skins (A389) – Clear
Pulling Teeth: Vicious Skins (A389) – Picture disk
Possessed to Skate: Volume two (625)

Saber Tooth Zombie: Dance (Twelvegauge) - Clear, no lable
Seein Red/Shikari (Deadlock)
Sic Kidz: S/T? (Psychoacoust Sounds?) - One sided side b etched, no sleeve
Skin Like Iron: S/T (Self Released?) Spring Tour 2008 Sleeve 13/60

Teargas: Demo 'bootleg' (No Patience) - Clear, lathcut

What Happens Next?: Hollow Victory (Not A Problem)


The 2 Live Crew: Me So Horney (Skywalker)
The 4 Skins: The Good, The Bad, The 4 Skins (Secret)
7 Seconds: The Crew (Better Youth Organization/Southern Studios) – Red Lettering on Sleeve
7 Seconds: Walk Together Rock Together (Positive Force)
9 Shocks Terror: Paying Ohmage (Sound Pollution) - Test
9 Shocks Terror: Paying Ohmage (Sound Pollution)
9 Shocks Terror: Zen and the Art of Beating your Ass (Havoc)
9 Shocks Terror: Zen and the Art of Beating your Ass (Devour) - Red

Abandon Ship: 'Till I Burst (Ghost City) - One sided
ABC Weapons: Process Of Decay (Endless Blockades)
A Chorus Of Disapproval: Truth Gives Wings To Strength (Nemesis)
The Addiction: Punk Alien Razar (MCR)
Abolition: S/T (Holy Roar) - Clear red
Adolescents: S/T (Frontier)
Adrenalin OD: Theme From An Imaginary Midget Western (Buy Our)
Agent Orange: Living In Darkness (Posh Boy)
Agents of Abhorrence: Character Dissection (Crucificados) - Gate fold, one sided b side etched
Agnostic Front: Cause For Alarm (Combatcore) 
Agnostic Front: Live At CBGB (In-Effect)
Agnostic Front: Victim In Pain (BOOT) - BOOT, Ratcage lables and cover
Agnostic Front: Victim In Pain (Combatcore)
All Systems Fail: S/T (Alert Antifascita) - Red Marble
Amebix: Arise! (Cartel) - First press
Anchor: The Quiet Dance (Refuse) - White
Angels: The Angels Greatest (EMI)
The Anti-Nowhere League: Long Live The League! (Head)
Antisect: In Darkness, There Is No Choice (Spider Leg)
Anti-System: No Laughing Matter (Anti Society)
Anti-System: No Laughing Matter (Reconciliation)
The Anti Troppau Council: A Way Out (Pegasus)
ANS: The Pool LP (Cowabunga)
ANS: The Process of Stoking Out (Cowabunga/Feral Kid/Gharly Slaughter/Thrashbastard) - Clear orange, 46/50
Antrax: One Last Drop (Happy)
Armitage Shanks: Takin' The Piss (Damaged Goods)
Army of Flying Robots: Life is Cheap (Feast of Tentacles) - Gate fold
Articles Of Faith: Give Thanks (Reflex)
Artimus Pyle: Civil Dead (Prank)
Arts: Thousand Wounds Of War (Youth Attack) 
Assfort: Complete Assfort (Discipline/Vinyl Japan) - Picture Disk
Assfort: Ejaculation (Boy/Vinyl Japan)
AVO: Domestic Violence Kept The Neighbourhood Quiet (Even Worse/Kangaroo)

The Bags: All Bagged Up (Artifix)
The Bangles: Differnt Light (CBS)
Bayete: III (BOA)
The Beez: Do The Suicide (Crash)
Beyond: No Longer At Ease (Combined Effort)
Beyond Pink: Jedan Dva, Jebla Te Ja (Emancypunx) - No sleeve
BGK: Nothing Can Go Wrogn! (Vogelspin)
Big L: Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous (Sony)
Bill Bondsmen: Swallowed By The World (Dead Beat)
Black Sabbath: S/T (Vertigo)
Blank Stare: S/T (Refuse)
Blank Stare: S/T (Refuse) - Photo sleeve 93/100
Bl'ast: It's In My Blood (SST)
Bl'ast: The Power Of Expression (SST)
Blind To Faith: S/T (Holy Terror) - Clear, 123/250, w/ patch
Blitz: Voice Of A Generation (No Future)
Bloodlet: Entheogen (Victory)
Blues Brothers: Best Of The... (Atlantic)
Bones Brigade: Focused (Coalition) – 18/100, Gray, Black Splatter
Bones Brigade: Focused TEST
Born Against: Battle Hymns Of The Race War (Prank)
Born Against: Nine Patriotic Hymns For Children (Vermiform)
Boston Strangler: Primitive (Fun With Smack)
Boxed In: S/T (Crime Scene)
Boxed In: S/T (Crime Scene)
Breakfast: 3rd & Army (625/Ed Buuutos Skate Amigos/Play Loud/One Week)
Breakfast: Vertigo (625/Play Loud/One Week)
Broken Needle: S/T (Lengua Armada)
Brotherhood: S/T (Crucial Response)
Bruce Banner: I've had it w/humanity (625)
Bruce Springsteen: Born In The USA (CBS)
Bruce Springsteen: Darkness On The Edge Of Town (CBS)
Brutal Knights: Feast Of Shame (PTrash)
Burial: Never Give Up... Never Give In (Hate/Instigate/La Vida Es Un Mus)
Burial: Speed At Night (Self Released?)
Burnt Cross: Carcass Of Humanity (Tadpole)
The Business: Official Bootleg (Syndicate)
The Business: Saturdays Heroes (Harry May)
The Business: Suburban Rebels (Secret)
The Bus Station Loonies: Mad Franks Zonal Disco (Ruptured Ambitions)
Buzzcocks: A Different Kind Of Tension (IRS)
Buzzcocks: Another Music In A Different Kitchen) (United Artists)
Buzzcocks: Singles Going Steady (Liberty-United)

California Love: Cant Waste Death (Self Released) – Clear Blue
California Love: Reaping the Whirlwind (Youth Attack) – TEST 
California Love: Reaping the Whirlwind (Youth Attack) – Winter Tour 2007 Sleeve, Turquoise Marble, Poster  
The Candy Snatchers: S/T (Safe House)
Can't Decide: S/T (Raging)
Capitalist Casualties: Subdivisions In Ruin (Deep Six)
Career Suicide: Attempted Suicide (Deganged)
The Casualties: On The Front Line (Side One Dummy) - Clear
Caulfield: S/T (A389)
Charged G.B.H.: City Baby Attacked By Rats (Clay/Combat)
Chaos UK: The Singles (Riot City)
Chokehold: Content With Dying (Bloodlink)
Chokehold: Prison Of Hope (Conquer The World)
Chokehold: A Window In A Prison Of Hope (Conquer The World) - Clear and Red
The Chosen Few: The Joke's On Us! (Going Underground)
Christ On A Crutch: Spread Your Filth “The Doughnut And Bourbon Years” (New Red Archives) 2 x LP One Clear Red, One Clear Green
Chron Gen: Chronic Generation (Secret)
Chumbawamba: Never Mind The Ballots... (Prop)
Chumbawamba: Pictures If Starving Children Sell Records (Chumbawamba)
Cider: They Are The Enemy! (Painkiller)
Circle Jerks: Group Sex (Frontier)
Citizens Arrest: Colossus (Wardance)
Citizens Arrest: "Colossus" Discography (Fortress/Old Hardcore) - Clear Red Splatter, w/ patch and sticker
Citizens Partrol: S/T (Sorry State)
Civil Dissident: Menzis' Crack (Prank)
Civil Terror: Surrounded By Assholes (Demonomania) - Nazi Shouldn't Drive Edition 10/1488
The Clash: The Story Of The Clash Volume 1 (CBS) 2 x LP
Clorox Girls: S/T (Smartguy)
Coldsweat: Blinded (Manic Ride)
Coldsweat: Severed Ties (Rock and Roleplay) - Tour cover 23/24
Coldsweat: Severed Ties (Rock and Roleplay)
The Comes: No Sides (Hirohito Era Hardcore) - BOOT
Coming Correct: One Scene Unity (Good Life)
Conflict: The House That Man Built (Corpus Christi)
Conflict: Increase The Pressure (Mortarhate)
Conflict: It's Time To See Who's Who (Mortarhate)
Conflict: The Ungovernable Force Single (Mortarhate)
Conga Fury: Chaotic Noise (Six Weeks)
Congress: Angry With The Sun (Good Life)
Corrosion of Conformity: Animosity (Roadrunner)
Corrosion of Conformity: Eye For An Eye (Corrosion) - Red sleeve
Countdown To Armageddon: Eater Of Worlds (Aborted Society) - Clear red
The Coup: Kill My Landlord (Wild Pitch)
C.R.: The John Lisa LP (Reservoir)
Cracked System: Religious War (Hardcore Holocaust/Mind Control)
Crass: Christ - The Ablum (Crass)
Crazy Spirit: Demo (Quality Control) 
Crazy Spitit: S/T (Toxic State)
Criminal Damage: S/T (Feral Ward)
Crisis: Hymns Of Faith (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Crispus Attucks: Destroy the Teacher (Soda Jerk)
Crow: The Beating Of The Wings Of Destruction (Prank) - Picture disk
Crown Roast: A Nose Has Many Jobs (Unclean)
Crucifix: Dehumanization (Corpus Christi)
Crude: Attitude '00 (Feral Ward)
Crude: Immortality (Deranged)
Crumbsukers: Beast On My Back (Combat) sleeve stamped "loaned for promotion only"
Culo: Life Is Vile... And So Are We (Deranged) - Grey marble
Culture Shock: All the Time (Blurg)
Cut The Shit: Harmed and Dangerous (Gloom)
Cut Throat: S/T (Partners In Crime)

The Damned: Machine Gun Etiquette (EMI)
Dangers: Messy, Isn't It? (Penguin Suit/Vitriol) - Red
Darvocets: Are New Wave (Fashionable Idiots) - Flying saucer cover
Das Oath: S/T? (Monorhetorik) - One sided, clear, screened b side
Das Oath: Transatlantic Blood (Coalition) – 47/100, Black, Brown
The Dead Boys: Twistin On The Devils Fork (Bacchus Archives)
Deadfall: Destroyed By Your Own Device (Six Weeks) – Poster
Dead Kennedys: Frankenchrist (Alternative Tentacles)
Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables (Cherry Red UK pressing)
Dead Kennedys: In God We Trust, Inc. (New Rose)
Dead Kennedys: Plastic Surgery Disasters (Alternative)
Dead Language: S/T (Iron Lung)
Dead Nation: Dead End (Dead Alive/Slaughter House)
Dead Nation: Passing Phase (Six Feet Under)
Dead Stop: Done With You (Deranged)
Dead Stop: Live For Nothing (Havoc)
Deal With It: End Time Prophecies (Dead & Gone) - Clear purple
Deal With It: End Time Prophecies (Dead & Gone) - Europe, Let Down Can Suck It cover 64/105
Dean Dirg: The Last Kid on the Block (Green Hell)
Death Comes Along: Japanese title (Mangrove) - Obi strip
Death Sentence: Ryan Exhumed (Thought Crime)
Deep Wound: S/T (Damaged Goods)
Degradation: Homeward Bound (Crap Chord Competition)
De Hoje Haele: Skai Vi Aidrig Videre? (Hjernespind)
Depression: S/T (Reactor) - 1st Press
Depression: S/T (Reactor) - 2nd Press
Descendents: Liveage (SST)
Despise You: West Side Horizons (Forest Moon) - 449/500
Destino Final: Atrapados (La Vida Es Un Mus) 
Destrucktions: S/T discography (Hardcore Holocaust/Hohnie/Zerga)
Devo: New Traditionalist (Warner Bros) - bonus 7" 'Working In The Coal Mine'
Devour: S/T (Sorry State)
Die Kreuzen: October File (Touch and Go)
Die Young: Graven Images (Teenage Disco Bloodbath) - White with blue spray
Die Young: The Message (Suprise Attack) Grey, Screened Sleeve
Digging In The Crates Crew: Way Of Life (Promo)
Direct Control: You're Controlled (Feral Ward)
Discharge: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Clay)
Discharge: First London Show Live Recording (Boot)
Discharge: Warning:- Her Majesty's... (Clay)
Disembodied: Diablerie (Lifeforce) 
Diskonto: Freedom Is Out Of Sight (C.A.F.)
Disorder: Under The Scalple Blade (Aargh)
Disorder: Perdition (Puke N Vomit)
Double Negative: Daydream Nation (Sorry State) - Blue w/ streaks
Double Negative: The Wonderful And Frightening World Of Double Negative (No Way)
Down in Flames: S/T (625 Thrashcore)
Draft Dodger: First Past The Last Post (Endless Blockades) 
Dr. Dooom: First Come First Served (Copasetik)
Dr. Octagon: Blue Flowers (Bulk)
Dr. Octagon: Earth People (Bulk)
Dry-Rot: Philistine (Parts Unknown)
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles: Dirty Rotten LP (Radical Records)
Dropdead: S/T (Armageddon)
Dropdead: Japanese title (Armageddon)
DS13: Killed by the kids (Havoc) - Green Marble
DSB: Kill The Phantom City (Hardcore Holocaust) - 180gram 82/103

Earthmover: Death Carved In Every Word (Genet)
Ebola: S/T (Flat Earth)
Econochrist: Trained To Serve (Vermiform)
Effluxus: 8 Track EP (Radical Punks Never Die)
The Endless Blockade: Primitive (20 Buck Spin) - Limited of 100 sleeve
The Endless Blockade: Turn Illness into a weapon (SuperFi)
Endpoint: In A Time Of Hate (Conversion)
Enewetak: Guns. Elvis Loved Them (Kiss Of Steel)
The Exploding Heart: Shattered (Green Noise)
Extinction: Hypocrisy Breeds Traitors (Eblood/Impression/Value Of Strength)
Extortion: S/T
Extortion: Sick (Deep Six) - Grey Marbel
Extreme Noise Terror: Peel Session 1987 (BOOT)

Failure Face: Discography 1993-1996 (Give Praise)
Fall Silent: No Strength To Suffer (Revolutionary Power Tools) - W/ outer envelope)
Fall Silent: Superstructure (702/Satans Pimp)
Fast Forward: S/T (King Of The Monsters)
The Fiend!: Remember Who We Are (Destroy)
The Filaments: Land Of Lions (Abracadaboum/Burnout/Maniac Attack/Mass Productions) - Clear Red
Fimeza 10: El Grito De La Tiebra (Self Released?)
Final Conflict: Nineteen Eighty-Five (540) - 62/200, White
Find Him And Kill Him: Cut Them To Pieces (16OH)
Fires Of Wako: Old Ghosts Never Sleep (Poison City) 
Floodgate: Troubles A Brewin (Ebullition/Youth Strike Chord)
Floorpunch: Disography (Six Feet Under) - Clear
Flux Of Pink Indians: Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible (Spider Leg)
Folded Shirt: S/T (Fashionable Idiots)
Forward: Burn Down The Corrupted Justice (HG Fact/Partners In Crime) - Clear Splatter
Forward: Just Go Forward To Death (Prank) - Clear Green
Forward: War Nuke And Death Sentence (HG Fact/Prank) - Tour Cover
Forward: Whats The Meaning Of Love? (Prank) - Clear Red
Forward: While You Alive (HG Fact)
Framtid: Consuming Shit And Mind Pollution (540/Crust War)
Framtid: Defeat Of Civilization (Black Water/Crust War/La Vida Es Un Mus)
Framtid: Under The Ashes (La Vida Es Un Mus) - Clear
Frightener: Guillotine (Ghost City/A389) - TEST 4/10
Frightener: Guillotine (Ghost City/A389) – UK Pressing
Frightener: Guillotine (Ghost City/A389) – US Pressing, Red/Black
Frightener: Guillotine (Ghost City/A389) – US Tour Sleeve
Fucked Up: Generation (Slasher)
Fucked Up: Year Of The Pig (Whats Your Rupture?)

Garrnonbozia: S/T (Profane Existence)
Gas Chamber: S/T (Warm Bath)
Gash: S/T (Reactor)
Gastunk: Deadsong (Love)
Gauze: Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte (Prank)
Gauze: Equalizing Distort (Selfish)
Gauze: City Rockers/Outsiders/Fareweel To Arms/Trash Till Death (Boot)
Gehenna: Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris (Crawlspace)
Gehenna: The Hope Guzzo Bootleg (A389) - Test
Gehenna: The Hope Guzzo Bootleg (A389)
Gehenna: Upon the Graven Hill (King of the Monsters) - 1st press
Gehenna: Upon the Graven Hill (King of the Monsters) - 2nd press, purple, 66/110
Gehenna: War of the Sons of Light and the Suns of Darkness (A389) Test Press
Gehenna: War of the Sons of Light and the Suns of Darkness (A389) Orange
Gehenna: War of the Sons of Light and the Suns of Darkness (A389) Green
Gehenna: War of the Sons of Light and the Suns of Darkness (A389) Red
Geriatric Unit: Nuclear Accidents (Cargo/Network Of Friends/Plastic Bomb/Violent Change) - Clear
Geriatric Unit: Permethrin Blues (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Germs: (GI) (Slash) - 80's press
Geto Boys: The World Is A Getto (Noo Trybe)
GO!: Existence meusings on the need to be (Epistrophy)
Gomorrha: S/T (Hater Of God) - Clear and Orange split
Gomorrha: As Good As Dead (Anomie/Bastardized
Government Warning: Paranoid Mess (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Gravehill: Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery (A389) - Red
Grinding Halt: Sprookjeshof (De Graanrepubliek/Shove/React With Protest)

H100's: Dismantled (Stained Circles/Stomp Yer Gonads)
H100's: Live (Non Commercial/Stomp Yer Gonads)
Half Off: The Truth (New Beginning)
Hang The Bastard: Hellfire Reign (Holy Road) - Record Release sleeve
Hard Skin: On The Balls (Feral Ward)
Hard Skin: Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear (Feral Ward)
Harms Way: Reality Approaches (Organized Crime)
Haters: S/T (At War With False Noise/Heidenwut) - #/300
Haymaker: Demos (RSR)
Hellnation: Control (Sound Pollution)
The Helm: S/T (Rome Plow) - Gate fold
Henry Fiet's Open Sore: Mondo Blotto (Alien Snatch!)  
Henry Rollins: Short Walk On A Long Pier (Fringe Product Inc)
Hepcat: Scientific (BYO) 
Heresy: 13 Rocking Anthems (In Your Face)
Heresy: Voice Your Opinion Disography Part One (Lost And Found)
Heresy: Vision Of Fear Disography Part Two (Lost And Found)
Hogan’s Heroes: Built To Last (Straight On)
Hogan’s Heroes: S/T (New Red Archives) – Clear Gold
Holding On: Just Another Day (1%/Havoc/THD)
Holier Than Thou?: The Hating Of The Guts (Six Weeks)
The Holy Mountain: Bloodstains Across Your Face (No Idea) - White
The Horror: The Fear, The Terror, The Horror (Crimescene)
The Horror: Spoils Of War (Zandor) 

Icons Of Filth: Onward Christian Solders (Mortarhate)
Ilegal: El Aire Libre Fuera De Los Dientes Del Monstruo Tirano Y Canibal (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Ill Repute: What Happens Next (Mystic) - Bonus 7"
In Cold Blood: Hell On Earth (Victory) - Red
In Decades Decline: Year Zero (Lawgiver)
Infa-Riot: Still Out Of Order (Secret)
Infernoh: 7 Spar (Distort Reality)
Infest: No Mans Slave (Deep Six/Draw Blank)
Initial State: Abort The Soul (Clearview)
Inner Terrestrials: S/T (Mass Productions/Maloka)
Insect Warfare: World Extermination (625 Thrash/RSR)
Insomnio: Happy Loneliness (No Way) - TEST 12/20
Instigators: Nobody Listens Anymore (Bluurg)
Instigators: Phoenix (Bluurg)
Insurance Risk: Violence In Our Minds (Crucial Response) - Clear Red
Intense Degree: The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
Intensity: The Ruins Of Our Future (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
In The Clear: Leave This City In Flames (Dead And Gone/Zandor)
Invasion: S/T (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Iron Lung: Life. Iron Lung. Death (625/Prank) - Clear Gold
Iron Lung: Sexless // No Sex (Prank) - Clear Blue, tour sleeve
Iron Lung: White Glove Test (Iron Lung/Prank) - double lp version
Iron Maiden: 2 Minutes To Midnight (EMI)
Iron Maiden: Aces High (EMI)
Iron Maiden: Can I Play With Madness (EMI)
Iron Maiden: Maiden Japan (EMI)
Iron Maiden: Piece If Mind (EMI)
Iron Maiden: Powerslave (EMI)
Iron Maiden: Somewhere In Time (EMI)
Iron Maiden: The Evil That Men Do (EMI)
Iron Maiden: The Number Of The Beast (EMI)
Iron Maiden: Wasted Years (EMI)
Iron Maiden: Women In Uniform Invasion (EMI) – Ltd. Maggie Sleeve
I Shot Cyrus: Tiranus (625/Laja/Liberation)
Isterismo: Tokyo Crusties (540)

The Jam: Setting Sons (Polydor UK) 
JBA: Who fucked the culture up? (Gloom) - White
Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers (RCA)
Jello Biafra W/ DOA: Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors (Alternative Tenacles)
Judge: What It Meant (Revelations) 

Kaiboushitsu: title in Japanese (HG Fact) - Red
Kill The Man Who Questions: Cleptocracy (Rescued From Life)
Kill the Man Who Questions: Sugar Industry (Coalition)
Knife Fight: Crisis (Lengua Armada) – Screened Sleeve, 109/150
Knife Fight: Crisis (Lengua Armada)
King Generator: S/T (Tankcrimes) - Blue
Kriegshog: S/T (HG Fact/La Vida Es Un Mus)
Kromosom: 8 Tracks (D-Takt & Rapunk/Hardcore Victim/Havoc)
Krum Bums: The Sound (Muerte Negra Discos) - Green w/ Streaks
Kungfu Rick: Coming To An End (625)
Kvoteringen: Samballets Forradare (Feral Ward)

Larm: Extreme Noise (Independent Outlet) - 710/1500
Lash Out: The Darkest Hour (Stormastrike)
Last Chaos: Only Fit For Ghosts (SPHC)
Lawnmower Deth: Billy (Earache)
Lawnmower Deth: Ooh Crikey It’s… (Earache)
Lawnmower Deth: Return Of The Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns
Leather Uppers: Ok, Don't Say Hi (Past It) - TEST
Let Down: We're in this alone (Six Feet Under) - Black and gold
Let Down: Antholagy lp (Coalition) Euro tour screened cover 93/100
Libyans: S/T (Narshardaa)
Lie: A man die and become a legend (625)
Limp Wrist: S/T? (Self released) - One sided, white label, US/Japan tour version
Limp Wrist: S/T + Want Us Dead (La Vida Es Un Mus) - White
Lion If Judah: Universal Peace (Youngblood)
Lip Cream: Kill The I.B.M. (Terror Shock)
Logic Problem: S/T (Abuse)
Long Knife: Meditations On Self Destruction (Long Knife) - Red
Long Knife: Wilderness (Feral Ward) Tour TEST version
Look Back And Laugh: 1 (Lengua Armada) – TEST
Look Back And Laugh: 1 (Lengua Armada) – Clear Red
Look Back And Laugh: 2 (Lengua Armada) – TEST
Look Back And Laugh: 2 (Lengua Armada) - Release Show Version
Look Back And Laugh: State of Illusion (Self Released) - Clear orange, one sided, b side screened)
Lords of Light: Energy (625/Life is Abuse/Little Deputy)
Lotus Fucker: S/T (RSR)
Lotus Fucker: Forever My Fighting Spirit (Katorga Works/RSR/SPHC)

Madmen: Demos ("bootleg")
Mainstrike: No Passing Phase (Crucial Response) 
Malkovich: A Criminal Record (Reflections) – Clear Red, Gate Fold
Mallorkaos: Not Without Your Support (AC/Punkaway/Sell Our Souls) - White
Man Is The Bastard: Sum Of The Men "The Brutality Continues" (Vermiform)
ManLiftingBanner: The Revolution Continues (Crucial Response) - Clear Red
ManLiftingBanner: Red Fury (Crucial Response) - Clear Red
Meatlocker: S/T (RSR)
The Meatmen: We Are The Meatmen And You Suck! (Touch And Go) - Red sleeve
Meltdown: Demolition + Demo (Dead Serious) – Clear Green
Mind Eraser: Glacial Reign (Painkiller)
Mindset: Leave No Doubt (React) - Clear Red
Mindsnare: Disturb The Hive (Resist)
Minor Threat: Out Of Step (Dischord) - 5th Press
MK-Ultra: Discography (Youth Attack) - White
Mob Rules: The Donor (Grot/Zandor) - Red
Mob Rules: The Donor (Grot/Zandor)
The Mongoloids: Assorted Music (Six Feet Under) - Grey
The Mongoloids: Time Trials (Six Feet Under) - Yellow
Mos Def: The Edge (Promo)
Mos Def: The Edge (Draft)
Mouthpiece: Can't Kill What's Inside (Revelation) - Teal

Nailbiter: Faded Brain Age/Abused (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Nailed Down: Perth Wolfpack (Power It Up)
Napalm Death: From Enslavement To Obliteration (Earache)
Napalm Death: The Peel Sessions (Acarm)
Nations On Fire: Death Of The Pro-Lifer (Genet)
Nations On Fire: Strike The Match (Strive)
Necros: Conquest For Death (Tough & Go)
Necros: Disog (Bootleg) - double lp
Needles: Twisted Vision/Desastre (Needles) - Blue Marble
Never Healed: S/T (Parts Unknown)
Newtown Neurotics: Beggars Can Be Choosers (Razor)
Nihilistics: S/T (Mad At The World) 
Night Birds: The Other Side Of Darkness (Grave Mistake) 
Nightstick Justice: S/T (Even Worse/Way Back When)
No: S/T (Static Shock) 
Nomeansno: 0 + 2 = 1 (Wrong)
No Statik: Everywhere You Aren't Looking (Prank) - Pink
No Statik: We All Die In The End (Prank)
N.O.T.A.: S/T (Rabid Cat)
No Turning Back: Holding On (Reflections) - Gatefold
No Use For A Name: Incognito (New Red Archives) – White, Gate Fold
Nukkehammer: End It All Now (Hardware)
Nu-kle-ar Blast Suntan: Blot Out The Worthless Sun (SPHC)

Offenders: Endless Struggle (Kangaroo)
One Blood: The Efficiency of the Free Enterprise System (Gern Blandsten)
Onward: These Words Still Play (Crucial Response) - Clear gold w/ slight black haze
The Orphans: Everybody Loves You When You're Dead (Unity Square) - Clear yellow
Our Gang: Uprising (Jack Roy)
Out Cold: S/T (Kangaroo)
Out Cold: Goodbye Cruel World (Mad At The World)
Out Cold: Live In Amsterdam (Kangaroo)
Out Cold: Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One (Kangaroo)
Out Cold: Will Attack If Provoked (Kangaroo)
Outcry: S/T (Positive Force) 
Outlast: As Sure As I Live (Under Estimated)
Outspoken: A Light In The Darkness (Conversion/New Age)

Paintbox: Relicts (HG Fact)
Paintbox: Singing Shouting Crying (HG Fact/Ugly Pop)
Palatka: The End of Irony (No Idea) - Grey marble
Permanent: Sink|Swim (6131) – Clear Purple
Peter And The Test Tube Babies: Pissed And Proud (No Future)
Pick Your Side: Let Me Show You How Democracy Works (A389)
Pig Heart Transplant: Hope You Enjoy Heaven (What We Do Is Secret) - lp + 7"
Pignation: You Would Hate To Know (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
Pink Eye: S/T (Slasher)
Pisschrist: Victims Of Faith (Yellow Dog)
Pointing Finge: Milestone (Goodwill) - #232, Green
Poison Idea: Feel The Darkness (American Leather)
Poison Idea: Kings Of Punk (Pusmort)
Poison Idea: Latest Will And Testament (Farewell/Network Of Friends)
Poison Idea: Punish Me (Vinyl Solution)
Poison Idea: Record Bootleggers Are Potential Millionaires (Boot)
Poison Idea: Your Choice Live Series (Your Choice) - Pink
Poison Planet: Ugly Truths Vol. I (Carry The Weight)
The Proletariat: Soma Holiday (Non/Radiobeat)
The Process: I Tego Arcana Dei (Ghost City)
Pulling Teeth: Funerary (A389)
Pulling Teeth: Funerary (A389) - Double lp, gatefold
Pulling Teeth: Funerary (WD Sound)
Pulling Teeth: Martyr Immortal (A389) - TEST PRESS
Pulling Teeth: Martyr Immortal (A389) Blue Pre Order with foil
Pulling Teeth: Martyr Immortal (A389) Red Pre Order with foil, sealed
Pulling Teeth: Martyr Immortal (A389) White, sealed
Pulling Teeth: Martyr Immortal (A389) Copper
Pulling Teeth: Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions (A389) - TEST PRESS
Pulling Teeth: Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions (A389)
Pulling Teeth: Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions (A389) - Blank art error sleeve #5
Pulling Teeth: Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions (A389) - Hologram sleeve, Red Splatter
Pulling Teeth: Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions (A389) - Hologram sleeve, Green Splatter
Pulling Teeth: Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions (A389) - Hologram sleeve, clear blue, record release version
Pulling Teeth: Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions (A389) - Blue Clear Splatter, Deathwish press
Pulling Teeth w/ Dwid: The Blackest Curse, 01/13/2007 (A389) - TEST PRESS
Pulling Teeth w/ Dwid: The Blackest Curse, 01/13/2007 (A389) - Grey marble, 31/125
Pulling Teeth w/ Thor: Thors Teeth (A389) - White
Pulling Teeth w/ Thor: Thors Teeth (A389) 
Punch: S/T (625/Discos Huelga) - Black
Punch: S/T (625/Discos Huelga) - Pink
Punch: S/T (625/Discos Huelga) - Clear
Punch: Push Pull (625/Discos Huelga) - Grey
Punch: Push Pull (625/Discos Huelga) - Smokey Clear
Punch In The Face: At War With Everybody (Lengua Armada)
PRF: Days Of Davey Jones (YxD) - 37/300

Rambo: Bring It! (Havoc)
Rappresaglia: 1982-1983 (Agipunk)
Raw Power: Screams From The Gutter (Toxic Shock)
Reagan Youth: Volume 1 (New Red Archives) - Clear, Gate Fold
Reality Crisis: Open The Door And Into The New Chaotic World (Whisper In Darkness)
Reality Crisis: Scissors For Lunatics Howling Noise For Us (MCR/Prank) - Clear
Red Alert: We've Got The Power (No Future)
Red Dons: Death To Idealism (Wasted Sounds)
The Repos: S/T (Fork Burn/Youth Attack)
Reproach: S/T (Deep Six/Holy Shit)
Reproach: The Bitter End (Deep Six) - Pink marble
Ringworm: The Promis (A389) - Red W/ demo 7"
Ripcord: Disography Part III (Epistrophy/Skuld) 
The Rites: S/T (Dead Alive)
The Rites: There shall be no encore (Mono/Rhetorik) - White, onesided b side printed
The Rites: Wish You Never Knew (Even Worse/Way Back When)
The Rival Mob: Mob Justice (Revelation) - Clear Red
The Rival Mob: Raw Life (Lockin' Out)
RKL: Keep Laughing (Mystic) 
Rollins: Short Walk On A Long Pier (Fringe/Lone Wolf)
Rondos: Destroy The Entertainment (King Kong/Red Wig)
Roses Never Fade: Fade To Black (A389) - Orange
Rot In Hell: Niu (A389)
Rot In Hell: Pearls Before Swine (A389) - Release sleeve
Rouse: 16 Song EP (Shortfuse)
R'N'R: The Infamous and Natorious (Manic Ride)
Rudimentary Peni: Cacophony (Booboo)
Rudimentary Peni: Deathchurch (Corpus Christi)
Rudimentary Peni: Echoes Of Anguish (Booboo)
Rudimentary Peni: The EPs Of RP (Corpus Christi)
Rudio: S/T (Know) - Blue
Running For Cover: Dark Well (625/Art of the Underground/Unholy Thrash)
Rupture: Lust And Hate (Zombo)

Sacrilege: 1985 Demos (Radio Raheem/Wardance)
Sairaat Mielet: The Extended Plays (Kamaset/Passing Bells)
Sangraal: Wolves Of Armageddon (Wicked Witch)
Sawn Off: The Album (Macgyver)
Scalplock: On Whose Terms? (Sound Pollution)
Scapegoat: S/T (Painkiller) - Clear yellow
Schifosi: Ill Winds From Outopia (Appliances & Cars/Broken Rain/Endless Blockades)
Scream: Still Screaming (Dischord)
See You In Hell: Umet Se Prodat (Insane Society/Ultima Ratio)
The Separation: No Exit (Glory Kid) - Clear gold
Severed Head Of State: Anathema Device (Hardcore Holocaust)
Severed Head Of State: Power Hazard (Havoc)
Sex Vid: Communal Living (Dom America)
Sick On The Bus: Punk Police (Data) - Orange
Sick Terror: Eu Me Vendo Por Bem Menos Do Que Voce Imagina (Terrotten) - Clear Red
Sin Dios: 1991-1997 Anos De Autogestion Parte I (Skuld) – 2 Lp Gate Fold
Sin Orden: Arte, Cultura Y Resistencia (Original Sound)
Shipwrecked: The Last Pagans (Crucial Response) - Clear
The Shitty Limits: Beware The Limits (La Vida Es Un Mus) - White
The Shitty Limits: Beware The Limits (Sorry State) - TEST PRESS 18/20
Skin Like Iron: All Human Failings (Free Cake) - Record Release Sleeve 22/40, blue marbel
Skin Like Iron: Arrival (React) - Record Release Sleeve 24/50
Skitkidz: Besoket Vid Krubban (Hate) - Gatefold
Skitkidz: Onna For Pleasure (Adult Crash/Not Enough)
Slapshot: Back On The Map (Taang)
Slices: Cruising (Iron Lung) - Gold
Smack Down: See My Asshole (Coalition) – 57/100, Pink w/ White
Smash Your Face: Dirty, Nasty & Fuckin' High Energy (Mangrove/Ride On)
SOB: Don't Be Swindle (Selfish)
Society of Friends AKA Quakers: Growing up Moving away (625 Thrashcore)
Sofa Head: Pre Marital Yodelling (Meantime/Doublea)
Sons Of Ishmael: Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice (Manic Ears)
Sore Throat: Never Mind The Napalm Here's... (Manic Ears)
Spazm 151: S/T (Mind Control)
Spazz: Crush Kill Destroy (Slap A Ham)
Spazz: Romantic Gorilla (Sound Pollution)
The Spikes: 6 Sharp Cuts (Greasy Pop)
Splitting Headache: Night Terror (Collapse) - Red and black splatter
Splitting Headache: Night Terror (Collapse) - Red
SS: The Original SS (Bootleg)
SS Decontrol: The Kids Will Have Their Say (Boot)
SS Decontrol: Power (Taang)
SSS: S/T (Dead and Gone/Thrashgig)
SSS: The Dividing Line (Earache) - White, #/100
Stack: S/T (Six Weeks)
The Stakeout: On The Run (Deranged)
The Stalin: Sakhalin Smile (Absolute Power)
The Stalin: Sakhalin Smile (Absolute Power) - Clear Red
Stalingrad: Patty We Kind Of Missed You On Your Birthday (Armed With Anger)
The Stanglers: No More Heroes (United Artists)
Starkweather: Into The Wire (Edison)
State Run: S/T (Self released)
The Stipjes: Out To Lunch (Rip Off) 
Strange Tenants: Take One Step (Blue Beat)
Stiff Little Fingers: Nobody’s Heroes (Chrysalis)
Straightjacket Nation: Cheap Kicks (Shortfuse)
Straightjacket Nation: Live On PBS 8/3/07 (No Patients)
Streetlight Manifesto: 99 Songs Of Revolution: Volume One (Pentimento/Risc)
Street Trash: Into the wasteland (No Class)
Stupids: Peruvian Vacation (Cor)
Stupids: Retard Picnic (Cor)
Stupids: Van Stupid (Vinyl Solution)
Subhumans: The Day The Country Died (Spider Leg)
Subhumans: Rats/Time Flys (Bluurg)
Subhumans: Time Flies (Bluurg)
Suffer: Lone (Midnight Funeral) - Tour edition 26/52, Clear yellow splatter
Suicide Nation: S/T (King of the Monsters)
Sunpower: Bondage (Crapoulet/Crucial Attack/Dirty Faces) - White
Sunpower: Pain For Profit (Filth-Ear, Holy Shit!, SHO) - Record Release Cover 11/100
Sunpower: Say Something (Deviant/Peter Bower/Still Holding On) - Clear yellow
Surrender: Paper Thrones (Thrill House)
Symarip: Skinhead Moonstomp (Trojan)
Systematic Death: Systemania Volume 1 (Parners In Crime) - Double LP
Systematic Death: Systemania Volume 2 (Parners In Crime) - Double LP
Systematic Death: Systemania 6 (Feral Ward)

Talk Is Poison: Condensed Humanity (Prank) - TEST 13/25
Taste Of Fear: S/T (SOA)
Teargas: The Way Of All Flesh (Hardcore Victim/Narm Discos) - Missprinted centre label
Teargas: The Way Of All Flesh (Hardcore Victim/Narm Discos)
Tear It Up: Just Cant Stand It (Deranged) – Clear Blue
Tear It Up: Taking You Down With Me (Havoc)
Tear It Up: Taking You Down With Me (Havoc) Thrash fest sleeve with knife
Tenpole Tudor: Eddie, Old Bob, Dick And Gary (Stiff)
Terveet Kadet: The Horse (Power It Up)
They Live: S/T (625)
Thrashington DC: To Live And Die In B.M.O. (Le Fee Verte
The Timebombs: Belong In Hell (Cowabunga) 
The Toasters: Thrill Me Up
Toe To Toe: Threats and Facts (Kangaroo) - Clear Red
Total Abuse: Mutt (PPM)
Total Fury: Ears Go Deaf (self released?) - 141/500
Toys That Kill: Shanked! (Recess)
Tranzmitors: S/T (Deranged)
Trial: Are These Our Lives? (Equal Vision)
Trial: Through The Darkest Days/Foundation (Panic)
The Trouble: Nobody Laughs Anymore (Painkiller)
True Colors: Rush Of Hope (Powered) - Gatefold
Typhus: Insect Terrorist (Absolute Power)

Ulcer: Indignation (Bovine)
Unbroken: Triple lp discography (Indecision)
Uniform Choice: Screaming For Change (Wishingwell)
Unit 21: Brainshred (Yellow Dog)
Unruh: Misery Strengthened Faith (King Of The Monsters)
Unruh: Setting Fire To Sinking Ships (Pessimiser)
Urban Blight: More Reality (Slasher)

Vae Victis: S/T (Satan's Pimp)
Vae Victis: Ugly Reglection (Back Thedraft/Moral Atrophy) - Clear Red 58/100
Vaginors: Nuclear Papsmear (Hardcore Victim/No Patience)
Vile: Solution (Parts Unknown)
Violent Arrest: S/T (Deranged)
Violent Minds: We Are Nothing (Deranged)
Violent Uprising: 4 Track EP (Demo) 
Visions Of Change: My Minds Eye (Big Kiss)
Vitamin X: Bad Trip (Havoc)
Vitamin X: Down The Brain (Havoc)
Voco Protesta: Vojo Al Libereco (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Voetsek: The Castrator Album (Six Week Records)
Vogue: Dickface (Holy Shit) - Clear
Vogue: Pomp Shit (Hardware) - White, silkscreened sleeve
Vomitchapel: Damnatio AD Bestias (Analog Worship) - TEST PRESS 7/10
Vomitchapel: Damnatio AD Bestias (Analog Worship) - White
Voorhees: 13 (Armed With Anger) - TEST
Voorhees: 13 (Six Weeks)   
Voorhees: Crystal Lakes Legacy (Six Weeks)
Voorhees: Spilling Blood Without Reason (Armed With Anger)
Voorhees: Spilling Blood Without Reason (Grot) - Clear W/ red splatter
Voorhees: Spilling Blood Without Reason (Grot) - Red
Voorhees: Spilling Blood Without Reason (Zandor)

Waco Fuck: Paranoia Is Total Awareness (Lifes a rape)
Walk Proud: RIP (Nemesis)
Walk The Plank: Dead Weight In Hostile Waters (Dead And Gone/Thrashgig) – “Black Spot” Record Release Show Edition
Walls: S/T (Iron Lung)
Wasted Time: Futility (La Familia) - Blue
Weekend Nachos: Punish and Destroy (Cowabunga)
Weekend Nachos: Worthless (Deepsix)
What Happens Next?: Stand Fast Armagenddon Justice Fighter (Sound Pollution)
Wipers: S/T (Enigma)
Witch-Lord: Atomized In The Black Solarian (A389) - Green)
World Burns To Death: The Graveyard Of Utopia (Prank)
World Burns To Death: The Sucking Of The Missile Cock (Hardcore Holocaust)
World Burns To Death: Totalitarian Sodomy (Hardcore Holocaust)
Wrecking Crew: Balance Of Terror (Hawker)

X - Aspirations (Now!) - Red

Youth of Today: Break Down The Walls (Wishingwell)
Youth of Today: Break Down the Walls (Revelation)

Zounds: The Curse Of Zounds (Rough Trade)
Zyanose: Noise Philia (540/Todo Destruido) - Tejas Philia Obi strip, 176/200, salmon


Abigail/Syphilitic Vaginas (Rescued From Life)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Despise You (Relapse) - Blue
Asshole Parade/Palatka: The network of friends project 2 (Coalition)
Asshole Parade/Palatka: The network of friends project 2 (Coalition) - screen printed sleeve

Bizarre/Pretty Little Flower (Mass Suicide Society Conspiracy/Tower Violence/Useless/Vulgar)
Bloodpact/Varsity (?)
Born Dead/Consume (Yellow Dog)

Challenger Crew/Everything Falls Apart (?)
Children Of God/Seven Sisters Of Sleep (A389)
Code Of Honor/Sick Pleasure (Subterranean)
Coleman/Three studies for a crucifixion (?)
Crash/Crux (No Future)
Cripple Bastard/Suppression (Bovine)

Depression/Gash (Flip Side)
Devoid Of Faith/Voorhees (Coalition/Gloom) - White
Devoid Of Faith/Voorhees (Coalition/Gloom) - TEST PRESS
Direct Control/Strung Up (No Way/Tankcrimes)
Discarga/I Shot Cyrus (Peculio)
Disgusted/Mistake (Fight 45/Pogopunx) 

Graf Orlock/Greyskull (Dood) – Clear, “Backpack” Sleeve

The Engless Blockage/The Bastard Noise (Deep 6) - Orange
The Endless Blockade/Iron Lung (Fuck Yoga) - #/300

Hated Youth/Roach Motel (Burrito) - Purple marble

Iron Lung/Lana Dagales (Boredom Noise/Cryptological Research)
Iron Lung/Shank (625/Out Of Limits)

Knifed/Scientific Bong (?) - Clear green, w/ 'fisting glove'

Los Crudos/Spit Boy (Ebullition)

Mass Grave/Stormcrow (Mangled Ankle)
Mindsnare/Toe To Toe (Snap Shot)
Minute Manifesto/Urko 
Minute Manifesto/Violent Arrest (Boss Tuneage/Tadpole)
MK Ultra/Seein' Red (Coalition)

Out Cold/Voorhees (Deranged) 

Perdition/Vicious-Circle (Flipside)

Restrained/The Separation (Glory Kids) - Screened cover
Romantic Gorilla/Spazz (Sound Pollution)

Seein' Red/The Judas Iscariot (The Mountain Cooperative)
Short Hate Temper/Slight Slappers (Sound Pollution)
Surf Or Die/Tribes Of The Second Sun (Swan)


5 Bands That Changed The World (Funhouse)

A Country Fit For Heroes (No Future)
A Country Fit For Heroes Volume 2 (No Future)
A Farewell To Arms (Nuclear Blast)
All Systems Go! (Open Handed/Under Estimated)
A Means To An End (Armed With Anger)
Amnesia (Ebullition)
Animal Rights Comp (Tribal War Asia)
Anti Racist Compilation (Green/S.O.A.)
Artcore Fanzine Issue 23, 20 Anniversary Comp (Artcore) – Comes with Zine

Bands That Could Be God (Radiobeat)
Battle Of The Worst Bands (Noncommercial)
Benefit Compilation For Maloka (Maloka)
Bloodstains Across Sweden (Salming Sounds)
Bullshit Detector (Crass)
Bring Beer (12XU) - Clear Blue

Casual Victim Pile II (12XU) - White
City Limits (High Anxiety) - Grey Marble
Cleanse The Bacteria (Pushead) – BOOTLEG

DC Demo’s (Spic and Span)
Demo-Lition Blues! (Insane)

Eat Your Head (No Masters Voice)
El Guapo (625, Same Day)
Eye Of The Thrash Guerrilla (Selfish)

Fiesta Comes Alive! (Slap A Ham)
Four Corners (625/Bushido/Discontent/Stereodrive)
Four Dollar Ohio Kings (?)
For The Sake Of Dedication (Cruical Responce)
Fuck Rock: ABC No Rio (Artcore/Boss Tuneage/Wardance)

Game Of Death (Slice)
Give Me Back (Ebullition)
Gods Chosen People (Old Glory)
Godzilla (Harakiri Psycho)
Great Punk Hits (BOOT)
Grind Crusher (Earache)

Hardcore Unlawful Assembly (BOOT)
Histeria 2 (

Illiterate (Ebulition) - No Sleeve
Intifada (Konkurrel)
In Our Time (Crimethinc) - Clear White

Killed By Death #5 (Redrum) - Clear yellow
Killing Fields (Snap Shot)

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; Out, Out, Out (Anagram)
Maximum RocknRoll Presents: Public Safety (Maximum RocknRoll)

Nagoya City Hard Core (Agipunk/Prank)
Nobody's Fault - Sulais Omnibus Vol. 1 

Oi! Chartbusters Vol. 1 (Link)
Oi! - The Resurrection (Link) - trashed sleeve

Peace War (Radical) - 1st press w/ booklet
Possessed To Skate (625/Pessimiser)
Punk Revival (Music World/No Future)
The Punx (BOOT)

Reality Part #2 (Deep 6) - Clear Green
Reality Part #3 (Deep 6) - Grey Marble
Reality Part #4 (Deep 6) 
Reno City Comp (Sedition)

Screams From Belgium (Filth-Ear)
Share Common Ground (Crucial Response)
Step Into The Light (Ningen-Do)
Supersabado (625/Prank/Six Weeks) - One sided

The Not So Lucky Country (Reactor)
This Is Boston Not L.A. (Modern Method)
Thrash of the Titans (Know)
Thrash of the Titans II (Know)
Tomorrow Will Be Worse Volume 2 (Sound Pollution)
Toronto City Omnibus (Schizophrenic)

Utarid/Am I Dead Yet/The Mock Heroic/A Fine Boat That Coffin (Nimbus Module/React With Protest)

Viva Umkhonto! (Mordam/Stichting)
Voice Of The Voiceless (Smorgasbord)
Voice Of Thousands (Conversion)

Wargasm (Pax)
Weeds In The Garden Volume Two (Paco Garden)
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I'm after a ton of stuff, far more than possible to list, tons of 80's USHC, Dutch Red Edge, 70's/80's Buckinghamshire (primarily South Bucks) punk, Riot City Records, Spiderleg Regocrds, Crass Records and associated bands.

I would prefer to pay cash but can trade unless its something I really want to keep.